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Thomas Shipp and Jedidiah Moore

Deed Contract

Thomas Shipp and Jedediah Shipp to Richard Shipp-convey 70 acres it being in part of survey bought by said Thomas Shipp of John Robertson Made Dec 23, 1801 and bought and recorded 25 July 1804.

Thomas Shipp made deed of gift to his son Richard Shipp of 70 acres in South Carolina. And since that Thomas Shipp made a deed of gift to Richard Shipp and since that said Thomas Shipp sold 70 Acres to John Cox. Now if Richard make a lawful rights to said 70Acres to said Cox whenever Richard Shipp is 21 years old if demands, then the deed conveyed to Richard Shipp to be a simple right-if not complied with to be void-
Signed Thomas Shipp
Jedediah Moore


Columbia County, Georgia
Deed book N .page 373
Thomas Shipp and Jedediah Moore---------marriage contract
Recorded Jan 1807
State of Georgia}

County of Columbia} To all people, etc,-----

I Thomas Shipp of Columbia County Send Greetings:

Whereas there was a contract of marriage between Thomas Shipp and Jedediah Moore and my self appearing that the end of the institution is not fully complied with, we being mutually satisfied agreed to terms and articles[viz] for many good terms and services rendered to me by said Jedediah, I will and do by these things and presents give and make over to said Jedediah all that parcel of land containing estimation 100 Acres, adjoining James Wright, Richard Shipp, and Abslom Farrar, and further be instrument of writing shall answer all the purposes of a deed in simple fee from me to sake Jedediah, and I do for all the purposes of a deed in a simple fee from me to Jedediah three notes of hand that I have never received value and make over to said Jededediah for[viz] one on Charles Pope Williams, one on John Epsey, two notes Wiley Epsey, one piece of paper the amount of the foresaid note is $145.00 and do by these presents endorse and make over to the said Jededaih the above mentioned notes to her only use. And I also give Jedediah four beds and furniture, as well as the rest of the household furniture. Includes four poster beds as well as the rest of the household furniture. That is in this dwelling Jedediah now lives in and possess.
Signed Thomas Shipp
Jedediah Shipp
Date 29 October 1802 Teste: Agram Farrar James Sanders.


Noted: Thomas Shipp abandoned his family and went to Halifax County where it is said that he took up with a young widow and had SEVERAL children with her before he returned to Georgia,

Notes say that Thomas Shipp was born ca 1784 Caroline Co Va. And died ca 1808/1807? Halifax County Va, married before 20 Feb 1774 Goochland County Va {d Douglas Register] and is said to be buried in the Shipp Cemetery near the Little River Lincoln, Ga. Said that Thomas served First Battalion of the Militia And may have also served in some capacity at Yorktown.

Thomas and Jedediah Children:

1. Lemuel Shipp born 15 Oct 1776 Goochland
2. .Thoms Shipp Jr born----12 Sept 1777
3. .Daniel Shipp---born 1778/9 Mecklenburg Co, Va
4. Marcus Moore Shipp -born 1780 Mecklenburg Co Va.
5. Richard Shipp-----born Feb 10, 1783 Mecklenburg Co Va,
6. John Cromwell Shipp- born 1785 Mecklenburg Co Va.
7. Martha Shipp----born abt 1786 Columbia Co Ga ma Daniel Hardin issue with Sarah
8. Son Shipp------------born 1790 Census died infancy
9. Daughter Shipp 1790 Census possible Hancock Ga, And died Infancy

Will of Josiah Shipp
Written January 24, 1705


I Josiah Ship being very sick and weak yet of perfect sense and memory to make, and constitute, and appoint this to be my Last Will and Testament, revoking all other Will or Wills by me formerly made either verbal or otherwise. Imprimis . I give my Soul into the hands of God that gave it in hopes of a Joyful Resurrection, my body to the Earth decently to be interred with such Christian Burial at this time and place will afford.

As for my worldly wealth I give and bequeath as followeth:
Item- I give my Plantation with all ye Land and Appurtenances and there unto my well beloved wife Jane And son Richard Ship, during their natural life equally to be divided between them, and if my said wife should now be with Child that then her part fall to the said child and its heirs lawfully begotten in body and my son Richard and his heirs. Lawfully begotten in wedlock forever. But further if my wife should not now be with child my will is that after her decease the Land and Plantation fall holy to my son Richard and his heirs forever as above said. But if son Richard should die without issue that then the said Land and Plantation forever mentioned to be equally divided betwinst my son Josiah Ship and my son Thomas Ship to them and their heirs
Lawfully begotten in wedlock.

And further my will is that if either of them should die without issue that the whole fall to ye survivor.

As my Goods and Chattels I give unto my wife Jane one Gray Mare and Mare Colt with all their increase and one black stared horse and three cows-one called Pookat. One Cherry, one Jackpot, and one bull and one pied steer

Item- I give to my son Thomas one young Mare with her increase that I had of John Heale.

Item- I give my wife Jane one feather bed & furniture and six plates and four pewter Dishes and one great bason,one iron pott, about six gall and six plates more and one Tankard the biggest of ye two and the biggest of ye looking glasses and one warming pan and one pewter Chamber pott and one great chest and one small table and six rush bottom chairs. One Table Cloath and Six Napkins and one Cattaile bed with two Ruggs.

Item- I give to my son Thomas one feather bed with furniture belonging to it and one pied heifer of one mare and one red heifer with a star in her forehead and one yearling heifer and three pewter dishes and one flore bed on blanket one chest and a Rugg.

Item-I give my son Richard one two year old steere and to my son Josiah one cast iron pott and my son Thomas also one iron pott and small table.

And therefore it is my will that my beloved friends Thomas.Meador & William Garnett be joint Exectre of this
My last will and testament as witness my hand and Seale.


Josiah I S Ship---------Seale

William Davis
Richard Harmon
Elizabeth Green[x] her mark

Proved by the oaths of William Davis , Richard Harmon and Elizabeth Green the Witnesses here To in Essex County Court 12 th day of February 1705/6 and Recorded
Deed book 12 -page 176-7 Essex Co VA

Source of Information the Shipp Family Genealogy Book last revised 1985Gateway Press Baltimore Press .Inc.
Compiled by Ralph D. Shipp

Georgia Cherokee Land Lottery, 1832 about Richard Shipp
Name: Richard Shipp
Number: 37

County: Walton
Comment: granted previous to the first day of January, 1838


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