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We welcome you to visit both the families of BARKLEY and BRUCE. There Is little known on the two families. It is important to know that they link to the Lindsey/Lensey families and perhaps as we continue our search we will confirm more than that link to each family.

So remember that this Is still under construction and check back often to see If we have added any futher news, as you know genealogy is never ending.

1850 Census District 11, Wilson County Tennessee

You will find Benjamin G. Barkley, born 1797 In Virginia, Ann E. born 1860 In Virginia . This is the wife of Benjamin G. Barkley. The following are the children of the Barkley's: Joseph H. Barkley, born 1820 Tennesse

Luncinda Barkley, born 1822 Tennessee

Martha Ann Barkley, born 1823 Tennessee

Artemisia born 1823 Tennessee

James D.Barkley born 1835 born Tennessee[ this Is Measey's father].

1850 Census District 6 WilsonCounty Tennessee

Bruce, Charles born 1805 Virginia

Sarah born 1816, Virginia

Mary J. Bruce, born 1836 Tennessee[Measey's Mother]

Darthula Bruce born 1838, Tennessee

John Bruce ,male born 1840 Tennessee
Frances Bruce ,female born 1842 Tennessee

Ann Bruce, female born 1843 Tennessee

William Bruce, male age 13 born 1846 Tennessee.

1860 Census District 10, Wilson Co Tennessee Household # 1106

Bruce, Charles male age 63

Sarah Bruce . Female age 43

John Bruce, male age 19

Frances Bruce, female age 18

Ann Bruce, Age 16 female

William Bruce, male age 13

George Bruce, male age 9

Turner Bruce, male age 8.

Noted that parents of Mary Jane Bruce, proven by 1850 census lives 4 houses from James D. Barkley . In 1870 Measey lives with this family.

1860 Census District 10 Wilson Co Tennessee Household # 1109

Barkley, B. G. age 62 male

Ann Barkley age 53, female
*Note This is James D. Barkley's parents proven by 1850 census

1860 Census District 10, Wilson County Tennessee Household #1110

Barkley, James D, age 25 male

Jane age 23 Female

George. male age 5

Thomas, age 4 male

James, age 3 male

Measey age 10 1/2 months

1870 Census District 3, Wilson Co ,Tennessee

Bruce, Charles age 75 Virginia

Sarah, age 48 Tennessee

Ann, age 20 Tennessee; this is the Ann That I have a letter from that was in my father's family information. She lived in Atlanta, Texas at the time she wrote to my father.

William , male 21 Tennessee,
George, male age 18, Tennessee, note Barkley,

Mary female age 6, Barkley Measy? age 8 Tennessee.

1880 Census District 21 Wilson Co Tennessee

Owen, M age 50, born North Carlonia-head household. Initial C.age 49 Tennessee listed as wife

John Owen, age 18, born Tennessee son

Measey, age 19, Daughter in law. Measey married John Owen on 04/04/1880

Peyton age 12, male born Tennessee

P.L. Owen age 12 female, born Tennessee.

1870 Census District 21 Wilson Co,Tennessee

Owen Marvell, born 1831 North Carlonia, head household. Catherine 1831, female born Tennessee,wife

Marinda, born 1853 , female Tennessee

Ellen, born 1856, Tennessee

John born 1861 , Tennessee son of Measey by first-husband. Peyton Owen, 1867 twinTennessee

Patience Owen 1867 Twin, born Tennessee.


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