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William Downs and Elizbeth Craig, are found In the Bowie County Census. It Is believed that according to the census that they lived in today known as Liberty Eylau Area , of today's Texarkana, Texas.

William Downs, born in Indiana and married Elizebeth Craig , she was born in Illinois.

William and Elizebeth had the following children.
1.Alva Downs, born in llonois, 1883
2.James L. Downs, born Ilonois, 1886
3. Myrtle Downs, born Kansas, 1889
4.Nellie Downs, born Missouri, 1890
5.Fred Downs, born Missouri, 1892
6.Omer Downs, born, Missouri, 1896
7.Grace Elizabeth Downs, born Missouri 1898

Let us note thatWilliam Downs, father and mother were all born in Illinois. Elizbeth Craig was born 1858 in Illinois; father and mother were born in Ohio.

The Downs family listed in the 1900 Bowie census Prect. 1 South of TT&P Railroad,

Gives William as being a farmer and age 46 yrs old at this time.

William, Elizebeth, James, Bess, and Grace are all buried in the Downs Plot at Eyalu Cemetery, hwy 59 South Texarkana, Texas.

William, was listed as a share cropper farmer, Elizebeth, keeping house and the remainder of The Downs
Children as attending school.

What is not clear is that Bess Downs, is either left off by Census Taker which would not be uncommon in Bowie County and her age would indicate as being old enough to be married, and being under a married name. This is a hard family to follow because they apparently moved alot or missed being counted in the census, either would be likely.
Iam told that at one time that they did live in the Pleasant Grove Area, in The Ole Baker Homeplace, and inLiberty Eylau Area with Omer Downs and wife Marschneile Downs in the Area Of Rose Hill Cemetery. Although this is not proven fact. The shady side of the census shows Fred Downs and Dee Shipp living in New Boston Texas on the Jail House Census. It is said that they were arrested and time served for moon shine. I cannot prove at this time where they served their sentence at.

1930 Census William Downs and Elizebeth Downs age 71, living on what is known as East Preceint Road.
Notes of possible links Harrison County Indiana. William M. Downs has a land grant of 40 Acres-but not proven to be our William Downs, of interest also Indannapolisn Ind, Elizebeth Craig ,40 acre land patent.

This Is a strong possibility that this Is the mother of ElizebethCraig. According to the census records were destroyed and may have been in Arkansas and Texas. Also, as well as many states.

Note Grace Elizabeth Downs, was one year old the day she, and her parents and siblings crossed Red River, just below where we live today, known as Old Richmond Road ended in Red River. A ferry brought the Wagons ad other things across the river. They camped in Wagons at a spring once they crossed the Red River.

Bowie County Texas
Souviner of
Grace Elizabeth Downs

1. Scahool Colors
Red and Gold
Motto Aim High
Letitia R, Nash Teacher,Trustees
I.S. Few

Clark Shipp- Namoni Morse, Minnie Hutsell, Green Hevalow,Mildred Williams, May Balrhrop, Edward Perry, Mary Perry, Artie Brandenburg,
Bertie Brandenburg, Seward Hargis, Tommy Markham, Nellie Downs, Stanley Teal, Frank Tyl, John Kirby, Kristinia Kubitza, Joe Krobot, Lucious Morphew, Lester Coleman, Joseph Hooper, Willie Hooper, Grace Downs, George House, Irene Giles, Charlie House, Annie Morphew,PamMaxey, Montie Gibson, Wiley McDaniel, Alberta--?, Corley Stevens, Sallie Moran, Carmen Morse,Omer Downs, James Balthrop,Janais Morphew, Frank Nezhoda, Lonnie Tyl, Wasdin Kirby,Louis Kubitzda, James Morphew, Frances Morpehw, Pearl Hooper, Fred Downs, Ruby House, Georege Dee Fees, Ruthy House, Pat Gibson, Ruth Arrington, Willie Arrington, Annie Manor, Georgie Eaglin, Walter Manor, Rolla Maaor, George Arrington.




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