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This page links to our family genealogy. As most of you know, genealogy is a never ending search for our family's roots. Some are very hard to find. I have spent hours in Census Pages, the library, old bits and pieces of family handed down pages. Please check to make sure that these are the correct lines and find any mistakes. Please share your findings with ours. This was a difficult family to trace and establish family roots. So be patient and understand if there are errors. Thank You.

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William Henry Robinson born 26 November 1850 and died 30July, 1904. He was the son ofArchibald Robinson and Mary Jane Smith.

Children of Alcie B Stark and William Henry Robinson are
1.:Lola Robinson was born Oct 1879 and died abt 1973. possible? 1880?

2.Walton Robinson was born March 1881 and died abt 1971?

3.James Robinson was born abt 1874 and died abt 1964?

4.Oscar Robinson was born abt May 1884 and died 1974?

5.Frank Robinson was born Feb 1886 and died abt 1976 Married Minnie Smith, she was born abt 1882- and died abt 1976?

6.Mary Robinson was born abt July 1888 and died abt1982?

7.William Robinson was born October 1890 and died abt 1980?

8.Eva Robinson, was born abt 1892 an died abt 1893?-1986?

9.Nellie Robinson was born 1894 and died unknown

10. Samuel Robinson, was born abt Jan 1896 an died 1897? 1986?

Archibald M.[Archie] Robinson was born abt 1825 ands died abt 1859. He was the son of JohnRobinson and Eliza J. Harris.
Mary Jane Smith born abt 17 December 1827 and died abt 1864-1922. She was the daughter of Nicholas Smith and Sarah Compton.

Children of Mary Jane Smith and Arichabald[Archie] Robinson are:
1.William Henry Robinson was born abt 26 November 1850 and died July 30, 1904. He married Alice B. Stark. 8 Jan 1878 and she was born5Feb 1861 and did 15 March 1938.

2. Charlie Robinson was born abt 1845-1860 and died abt 1846-1935?

John Robinson, was born 27,Jan 1798 Nashville Tennessee and died Abt 16 Oct 1877. He was the son of Stephen Robinson Sr. And Elizabeth Holland.

Eliza J,Harris born abt 1802 inVa. and died abt 21 Jan 1881 DeKalb Co Tennessee.

Children of Eliza J.Harris and JohnRobinson are:
1.Alexander Robinson was born abt 1814-1829 and died abt 1848. He married Sarah Louise Reynolds, 1840. She was born abt 1792-1823- and died abt 1845? 1891?

2.Archibald M.[Archie] Robinson born abt 1825 and died abt 1859? married Mary JaneSmith ,May 1849.daughter of Nicholas Smith and Sarah Compton, She was born abt 17 Dec 1827 and died abt 1864-1922.

3.William B.Robinson, was born abt 28, July 1828 a in Temperance Hall TN. He married Elizabeth Paralee Robimson 1847-1873 daughter of Peter Reynolds and Matilida Strohter.She was born 15 Jan 1834. and died abt 13 Jan 1892.

4.John Ebert Robinson born abt 31 Oct 1832 TemperanceHall Tennessee. and died abt 25 March 1894 inTemprance Hall Tennessee. He married Margaret E.Smith born abt 1847-1877 daughter of Nicholas Smith and Sarah Compton born abt 8 Nov 1831 and died abt 9 Feb 1895.

5.Mary J.Robinosn born abt 1836 and died abt 1870-1930? She married James Reynolds on 10th Dec 1854. He was born abt 1809-1836 and died abt 1858 - 1901.?

6.Louisa J.Robinson born abt Apr 1837 and died unknown? married Morgan Lawrence 1849-1873? born 1824 an ddied 1880 .2 she married Marion Reynolds 26, Sept 1954 , son of John REynolds andMary Driver. he was born abt 1834 -1864-1925.

Nicholas Smith born abt 2 Dec 1881 Carter Co Tennessee and died 14 Feb 14, 1875 DeKalb Co Tn. he was the son of Daniel Smith and Mary Grandstaff.

SallyCompton, was born abt 1768-1881 died abt 1833- 1881 daughter of Charles Compton and Peggy.

Children of Sarah Compton and Nicholas Smith
1. Elizabeth Smith born abt 1825 and died agt 1833.

2. Mary Jane Smith born abt 17, Dec 1827 and died abt 1864-1922 She married Archibalid Archie Smith 23 May 1849, son of John Robinson and Eliza Harris , born abt 1825-died 1859. ,She married A.L.Redman 1 March he was born abt 1809-1839? and died 1862? 1901?

3. Martha Smith, born abt 3 September 1899. married FrankWest 11 Feb. 1850 and he was born abt 1804-1831 died abt 1854? 1896?

4. Margaret E.Smith born abt 8, Nov 1831 and died 9 Feb 1895 marriedJohn Ebert Robinson est 1847-1877 son of John Robinson and Eliza Harris.born abt 31 Oct 1832 Temperance Hall,Tennessee. and died abt 30 march 1894 Temperance Hall.Tennessee.

Stephen Robinson, Sr , was born abt 1750 Cumberland Co Va. and died 1835 in Smith Co,Tn. He was the son of Edward Robinson and Judith?

Elizabeth Holland was born abt 1755 and died 1838 Smith Co Tenn, She was the daughter of George Holland and Sarah Ford.


Elizabeth Holland and Stephen Robinson Sr children are:
1. George Robinson was born 1775 in Cumberland Co.Va. and died abt 1850 DeKalb Co Tn. He married Jercuy Williams abt 1798 She was the daughter of William Williams abd Lucreita She was born 1786 Va. and died abt 1822 He Married+2 Leron Williams abt 1828, born abt 1786 Va.And died in 1850 DeKalb Tn.

2. Polly Robinson, was born 1776 in Cumberland Co,Va and died abt1870 Married Fredick Uhls, born abt 1760 ans died abt 1792.

3. Stephen Robinson was born 1778 inCumberland Co,Va. and died abt 13 January 1846 in Jackson CO Tennessee. Married Mary Lancaster born abt 6 June 1798 daughter of William Allen Lancaster and Judith,She died abt 1846. He Married+2 Martha Meador . dauhgter ofJesse Meador and Martha.She was born 6,June 1775 an died 1863?

4. James Robinson was born abt 1780 in Va, and died October 1853 inWilson Co, Tn. He married Elizabeth Fite born abt 1783 in N.J. and died abt 1864 Wilson Co Tennessee/

5. Jane Robinson, was born abt 1782 and died 1828 .SheMarried Williams born abt 1785 and died abt 1856.

6. Edward Robinson born abt 1784 Cumberland Co Va. and died 1812 in New Orleans La, Married +2 Elizabeth born abt 1811 and died abt 1863.

7. Sally Robinson born abt 1790 and died abt 1808? married James Simpson, born abt 1779 and died abt 1822?

8. Augustin Robinson born abt 1795 and died abt 1828 Married Rachel Simpson born abt 1779 inKY. and died abt 1894 MS.

9. Nancy Robinson born abt 1796 and died abt 1828 married Bostick born abt 1799. and died abt 1870.

10. John Robinson born abt 1798 Nashville Tn, and died abt 1877 Married Eliza Harris born abt 1902 In Va.died abt1881 DeKalb Co, Tn.

11. Archibald Robinson born 1799 and died abt 1846 married Elizabeth born abt 1810 and died abt 1847.

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