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Who We Are

Our family is made up of descendants of two Shalvoys:  Owen Shalvoy (who married Margaret Scollin) and Rose Shalvoy (who married Henry Scollin).  Owen and Rose Shalvoy were brother and sister, as were Margaret and Henry Scollin.  The Shalvoy family emigrated to Danbury CT about 1850 from County Meath, Ireland.  The Scollin Family also emigrated to Danbury CT from County Leitrim, Ireland at about the same time.  

The Owen and Margaret Shalvoy Family Tree is divided into four main branches: one for each of their children who married and had children of their own. 

The Major Sections Of This Site

Articles:  To help make sense out of some of the information we've uncovered, the Research Committee has "taken pen to hand"  (or at least the New Millennium equivalent thereof) and jotted down the thoughts contained in this section.  We've also collected here articles written by others that helped us in understanding our family's history.

Cemeteries:  Our journeys have taken us to many places, including two cemeteries in Danbury CT where our ancestors are buried.  This section shows the graves contained at both the Old Catholic and New Catholic Cemeteries.

Family Associates:  This sections contains various facts we're learned about the families of the spouses of our 1st Generation family members.  Specifically, this contains information on the parents and siblings of Annie Costello, Julia McGeehan, Jennie Reardon, and John Joseph Culhane.  This section also contains information on the Hugh Shalvoy family, a second Shalvoy family group we found in our investigation of the Shalvoys in 19th Century County Meath Ireland.

Family History:  The Research Committee has written two articles summarizing our knowledge of the early ancestors of our family.  These are located in this section to make it easy to find them.  Other related articles are located in the Articles section.

Family Trees:  As they say in Baseball, you can't tell the players without a scorecard.  Here's ours, at least for the 1st generation.  And a Who's Who in the Shalvoy and Scollin families.

Links: Here are some links that we, at least, find interesting.  See if you agree.

Maps:  We've found that our understanding of our family's history is greatly aided by knowing where things are.  These maps of County Meath Ireland and Danbury CT show where our early ancestors lived.

Memories:  We particularly enjoy collecting old letters and notes written by our family members and uncovering the memories they contain.  Give these a try... they are all a really good read.

Newspaper Clippings:  This page provides links to articles on our extended family that we've found in various newspapers.

Picture Gallery: This contains several collections of pictures of our ancestors.

Research Documents: Here's all those documents and facts that we've dug out of, in many cases, some pretty dusty places.  These include: Danbury CT City Directory Entries Reports on Irish Research sponsored by the Research Committee Obituaries Marriage Notices Vital Record Transcriptions Census Records Emigration Information Naturalization Records A Map of the Shalvoy's Lane Area

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