William J Murphy and Margaret Shalvoy family


The William J and Margaret Shalvoy Murphy Family
(February 21, 1949)


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Back row from the left are Richard Murphy (1,4,6), Robert Murphy (1,4,9)

Middle row from the left are Raymond Whittaker, Daniel Lynch, Jerome Murphy (1,4,10), Evelyn Duryea Murphy, Lorraine Lehman Murphy , Jack Murphy (1,4,7), William J Murphy Jr (1,4,1)

Front row from the left are Marita Murphy Whittaker Mulroy (1,4,8), Marge Lynch (1,4,4), William J Murphy Sr and Margaret Shalvoy Murphy (1,4), Mary Lou Murphy Church (1,4,2,1), Helen Murphy and Raymond G Murphy (1,4,3)