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The Early Gregorys of Connecticut - Part 1

taken from the book Ancestors and Descendants of Henry Gregory compiled by Grant Gregory

The founder of the Gregory clan in America (or at least in New England) was Henry Gregory, who came to New England some time between 1633 to 1635.

The children of Henry Gregory are:

  1. John I

  2. Judah

  3. Elizabeth

  4. Elizaphatt

  5. Anne

  6. Triphosa

  7. William

  8. Abigail

We will follow the John Gregory I branch of this family, as the Gregorys of Chestnut Hill Avenue Norwalk CT are the descendants of John I.

John Gregory I

John I is thought to have been born in Nottinghamshire, England about 1612 to 1615 and emigrated to America with his father Henry.  At one point, he moved to New Haven CT. and worked as a shoemaker.  This is an occupation that will be pursued by a number of his descendants.

In 1640, Roger Ludlow purchased from a local Indian tribe the land that would soon become Norwalk.  Roughly ten years later, on June 19, 1650, Roger Ludlow contracted with fourteen men for the original planting or settlement of Norwalk.  One of these fourteen men was Richard Webb, whose wife Elizabeth was the fourth child of Henry Gregory, as shown above.

In his book Ancestors and Descendants of Henry Gregory, Grant Gregory states his belief that John Gregory was induced to join in the planting of Norwalk by his sister and brother-in-law, Elizabeth and Richard Webb. 

Norwalk CT was officially founded on September 11, 1651.  John Gregory I lived in the East Norwalk section of Norwalk, along what is now East Avenue.  As shown in a map of the Ancient Home-Plots of Norwalk, his plot was at the very Southern end of "The Towne Street", being lot #1.  I believe that The Towne Street ultimately became East Avenue. He was an active member of the community, holding office almost continuously during his life in Norwalk.  John Gregory I also took a leading role in the founding of Newark NJ.

The children of John Gregory I are:

  1. John II

  2. Jachin

  3. Judah

  4. Joseph

  5. Thomas

  6. Phebe

  7. Sarah

The first permanent settlement of Danbury CT was made in the spring of the year 1685 by eight families, seven of whom came from Norwalk and one (James Beebe) who came from Stratford. The names of the men were, Thomas Taylor, Francis Bushnell, Thomas Barnum, John Hoyt, James Benedict, Samuel Benedict, James Beebe and Judah Gregory. Six of these were related to one another.

Judah Gregory and his sister Sarah Gregory Benedict were part of the eight families who settled Danbury CT in 1685.  Judah was married to Hannah Hoyt, whose brother John was one of the original settlers.  And James Beebe married a sister of the Benedicts. Judah is buried in the First Burial Grounds on Wooster Street in Danbury. Other Gregorys of this generation were part of the original settlers of Bridgeport CT. The story of the Gregorys in early Connecticut continues with John Gregory II in The Early Gregorys of Connecticut (Part II)