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KEARNEY, Sergeant William Craig, of Ardmore, died of wounds, was a son of Mr. D Kearney and had long been associated with military affairs, being sergeant major in the Franklin Mounted Rifles before the territorial scheme came into force. [AWN 16.09.1915]

KEASBERRY, Private John Compton, a member of the Wellington Infantry Battalion, whose death in action at the Dardanelles was reported, recently, was the only son of Mr. W H Keasberry of Pungarehu, Taranaki. He was born in 1893 and educated at Wellington College and previous to enlisting was engaged in farming. [AWN 22.07.1915]

KELLEWAY, Lance Corporal Percival H, 5th, Australian, Battalion, who is reported to have been wounded, is the eldest son of Mrs. Cecilia Kelleway, Albert Street. [AWN 16.09.1915]

KELLY, Private Charles Stuart, Otago Infantry Battalion, who has been wounded, is the third son of Mr. J Liddell Kelly of Devonport. He was born in Auckland 33 years ago and was on the literary staff of the Stratford Post when he enlisted, being subsequently transferred to the Otago Battalion. [AWN 07.10.1915]

KEMP, Corporal William D, who was killed in action on August 13, was the eldest son of Mr. & Mrs. David Kemp of Roto-o-rangi. He was born in Hawera 23 years ago and was one of the first to volunteer with the main expeditionary force. He was with the first NZ land forces at the Dardanelles and fought for nearly four months. [AWN 09.09.1915]

KENNEDY, Private Richard - The death of another Aucklander, Private Kennedy, formerly a solicitor, was another striking example of nobility and courage, which Sapper HOY narrated. "Dick KENNEDY was with us in the Engineers. He was ill with dysentery, practically dying, but insisted on taking part in the big advance on the left wing in the battle of Sari Bair early in August. He would not stay behind. We had to dig a reserve trench for ourselves and the Gurkhas. We had two sandbags each and started to dig in behind them. KENNEDY was remarking what a good time he was going to have when he got back to Auckland and was resting in the sap. He turned round on his elbow to talk to someone when a bullet struck him in the head and he died in 30 seconds." [AWN 11.11.1915]

KENNEDY, Private Clyde, Wellington Battalion, killed in action, was 22 years of age and was educated at the Inglewood public school. [AWN 02.09.1915]

KENNEDY, Sapper W, killed in action at the Dardanelles on August 10, was the only son of Mr. Kennedy, postmaster at Waihi. [AWN 02.09.1915]

KERR, Trooper Frederick William, CMR, who died of wounds, was a well known amateur boxer and he possessed a degree of cleverness unusual among amateur boxers but on several occasions injuries which he received while playing Rugby football prevented him going for the highest amateur boxing honours in Australasia. He was, however, ex New Zealand amateur featherweight champion. [AWN 01.07.1915]

KERR, Lance Corporal Stanley Forbes, who has been admitted to Abassia Hospital, Cairo, is aged 21. He is a carpenter by trade and went from Opotiki to Gisborne, where he enlisted with the main expeditionary force. [AWN 12.08.1915]

KERSALL, Captain V A of the Wellington Mounted Rifles, wounded, is a member of the NZ Staff Corps, being adjutant of the 6th, Manawatu, Mounted Rifles, when he was posted to the Wellington Mounted Regiment of the main expeditionary force. When the territorial scheme first came into operation Captain Kelsall was appointed area group officer at Christchurch. He was engaged with the New Zealanders in the South African war from 1900 to 1902 and he received the Queen's Medal with four clasps and the King's Medal with two clasps. In 1906 he took part in operations against the Zulu rebels and for his services received the Zulu Medal. [AWN 26.08.1915

KETTLE, Lieutenant Desmond F, son of Mr. C C Kettle, S.M., Auckland, has been killed in action at Gallipoli on August 28. Lieutenant Kettle, who was in practice as a dentist in Auckland for some time, enlisted shortly after the outbreak of the war and joined the Auckland Mounted Rifles section of the fourth reinforcements. Lieutenant Kettle was married to Miss Gladys Nathan, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. N Alfred Nathan of Auckland, shortly before leaving for the front. [AWN 09.09.1915]

KETTLE, Lieutenant Ferdinand von Tempsky, killed in action was 32 years of age and the eldest son of Mr. & Mrs. N Kettle of Napier. On the outbreak of war he joined the Samoan expedition and on his return to the Dominion he was given a commission as Lieutenant with the fourth reinforcements. While at Trentham he acted as musketry instructor. He had only recently been transferred to the Dardanelles from Egypt, where he had been left in charge of a mounted camp. [AWN 09.09.1915]

KEVEN, Private James H, who has been wounded in the fighting at Gallipoli, is the third son of Mr. Thomas H Keven, Waihi, and is 23 years old. He was educated at the Waihi High School, and before enlisting in the 6th Haurakis he was employed by the Waihi Gold Mining Company. [AWN 01.07.1915]

KINGDON, Private Roy Rayner, killed in action on June 16, left NZ as a member of the Wellington Battalion in the fourth reinforcement draft. He was about 24 years of age and lived for many years with his mother at Lower Hutt. For some three years he was engaged in farming pursuits in West Australia and returned to NZ about a year ago. A brother is with the Australian force. [AWN 15.07.1915]

KINGI, Corporal Teira Mete, of the Maori contingent, killed in action, is a son of Mr. Hoani Mete Kingi of Putiki. He was 26 years of age and was employed on a farm on the Wanganui River when he joined the first Maori contingent, together with his two younger brothers. They came from a great fighting stock and of a family well known among the natives throughout the Dominion. They were grandsons of that well-known fighting chief, Mete Kingi Paetahe, who was the leader of the natives who fought against the Hauhaus at the Moutoa Island battle on the Wanganui River. [AWN 02.09.1915]

KIRK, Gunner Edward Richmond, No.2 Battery, Field Artillery. Mr. & Mrs. R C Kirk of Wellington, have received a further cable that their son died on the hospital ship Sicilia and was buried at sea on July 21. [AWN 19.08.1915]

KITTELTY, Private William Leslie, Auckland Infantry Battalion, killed in action on August 10, was a son of Mrs. A Kittelty of Eglinton Road, Mt Eden. Born at Greymouth in 1885, he arrived in Auckland about two years ago and up to the outbreak of war was engaged in the building trade. He left with the main body and was in the firing line only two days when he was wounded in the right forearm. He returned to Gallipoli after spending five weeks in hospital and was at the front continuously until his death in action on August 10. [AWN 09.09.1915]

KNIGHT, Trooper Frank, whose name is included in the list of those wounded on August 8, left for the front with the main body of the Auckland Mounted Rifles. He is 27 years of age and is the son of Mr. A Knight of Waiuku. [AWN 16.09.1915]

KNIGHT, Private Eric William Gordon, Auckland Infantry Battalion, who has been killed in action, was the third s/o Mr. A Knight, of Burton on Trent, England. Private Knight was born in England and is 27 yrs of age. He came to Auckland five years ago and went to the front with the fifth reinforcements. [AWN 02.09.1915]

LAMBERT, Sergeant Roy Wilson - of the Auckland Infantry Battn, who was killed in action on May 24, was the youngest son of Mr. William Lambert, district secretary in Auckland of the Mutual Life & Citizen Assurance Co. and was 26 years of age. He was a member of the staff of Macky, Logan, Caldwell Ltd. [AWN 17.06.1915]

LANGRIDGE, Corporal F R, who was killed at the Dardanelles on May 8, was the son of Mrs. Elizabeth Langridge of Riverbank, Wanganui, and a brother of Mr. J W Langridge of Christchurch. [AWN 01.07

LATTIMORE, Private G P - Canterbury Infantry Battalion, killed in action, was 23 years of age and was a son of Mrs. Lattimore of 65 Aikman's Road, St Albans. [AWN 24.06.1915]

LAWRY, Lieutenant R A R, who has been wounded a second time, was previously reported wounded on June 7. He is a son of the Rev S Lawry, is 23 years of age and was educated at the Christchurch Boys' High School. [AWN 19.08.1915]

LAWSON, Sergeant Francis George, who is reported to have been wounded, was well known in Auckland. He was for many years with the firm of Messrs Smith & Caughey Ltd. [AWN 01.07.1915]

LEARY, Lance Corporal Edwin Bernard, who is amongst the missing, did not follow the ordinary routine of enlistment when he joined the OIB. He is 19 years of age and when war broke out he was stationed at Fort Dorset, Wellington. When the main expeditionary force was on the point of sailing, a request came to the fort for volunteers for one of the batteries. Lance Corporal Leary applied and, after practically being informed that he had been accepted, was advised that sufficient men had already come forward for the battery. He then sought a vacancy in the ASC but was unsuccessful. When the second reinforcements left he boarded the tender and subsequently the transport, without arousing suspicion as he was wearing his uniform. He was told he would be sent back when he reported himself on board but eventually he was enlisted in the OIB with which he went into action. He has a brother with the Australian troops at the Dardanelles and another is with the fifth NZ reinforcements. [AWN 01.07.1915]

LEE, Private Edward, killed in action on August 10, was the youngest son of Mr. & Mrs. E Lee of Opunake. He was 21 years of age. He left in the Auckland Infantry Battalion of the third reinforcements and on arrival at the front was drafted into the 6th, Hauraki, Regiment. His father is an army veteran, having served in the Indian Mutiny and through the Maori war with the 68th Light Infantry. [AWN 16.09.1915]

LE GALLAIS, Private Leddra, of the fourth reinforcements, who was killed in action at the Dardanelles, was a nephew of the late Colonel Le Gallais, who was killed in South Africa and is a cousin of the wife of Major Bosworth of Palmerston North. [AWN 12.08.1915]

LE GALLAIS, Private Leddra, Auckland Infantry Battalion, who was recently reported to have been killed in action on July 23, was the second son of Mr. H N Le Gallais of Mangakura. Private Le Gallais was born in Clevedon, Wairoa South. He was a teacher by profession and for about five years prior to the outbreak of war he taught at the Mangakura and Glorit schools. Deceased's youngest brother, Owen Le Gallais, has enlisted and is now undergoing training while his only sister is a nurse on the hospital ship Maheno. [AWN 19.08.1915]

LEMOTTEE, Lieutenant Jack Beaumont, 13th, North Canterbury, and Westland Company of the Canterbury Infantry Battalion, who has been wounded, joined the Royal Navy in 1895 as a midshipman. He was present on the occasion of the Boxer rising in 1900 and participated in the operations in the Yangtze Valley and at Pekin and Taku. He was promoted to sub-lieutenant but resigned from the navy in 1904. In 1912 he was a captain in the NZ defence force and in 1912 he passed the examination for the rank of major. In May 1912 he resigned his captain's commission to join the NZ Defence Permanent Staff and for 18 months prior to the outbreak of the war he was stationed in Christchurch and Westport. He left with the main expeditionary force as a sergeant major. [AWN 22.07.1915]

LIVERMORE, Trooper Percy S, son of Mr. E Livermore, returned on the Willochra, was twice wounded at Gallipoli, the second time in the Suvla Bay advance. He has made an excellent recovery and is fit and well, in spite of months of hardship in the trenches. [AWN 11.11.1915]

LLOYD, Trooper George, 3RD, Auckland, Mounted Rifles, who is reported to have been slightly wounded was, previous to enlisting, a mail clerk at the Auckland Post Office. He is 29 years of age and the only son of Mr. & Mrs. G Lloyd, Breakwater Road, Napier. [AWN 29.07.1915]

LLOYD, Corporal George James, Auckland Infantry Battalion, who has been reported, killed, was the son of Mr. A W Lloyd of the Auckland Club, Shortland Street. Corporal Lloyd was born in London 29 years ago. He came to Auckland when three years of age and spent nearly all his life here. [AWN 02.09.1915]

LLOYD, Trooper George, whose death removed a foremost athlete, was the only son of Mr. G Lloyd of Napier. He was in the NZ Post & Telegraph Dept and was stationed in Auckland when he enlisted. He was a prominent member of St George's Rowing Club, Auckland, and had held the running championship of both the Auckland and Wellington Civil Service Clubs. [AWN 09.09.1915

LLOYD, Trooper W E, 3rd, Auckland, Mounted Rifles, main body, was wounded in the first week in August. He has arrived in England suffering from a severe wound in the leg and is progressing favourably. [AWN 16.09.1915]

LOGAN, Sergeant Donald Munro, Auckland Infantry Battalion, wounded on August 8, is the third son of Mr. F Logan, engine driver on the public works staff at Tauranga, but formerly of Taumarunui. He is 22 years of age. [AWN 16.09.1915]

LONG, Private F S, of the Otago Infantry, who is reported as having been killed in action in the Dardanelles on July 6, was a son of Mr. Long, formerly postmaster at Hamilton. He attended the Hamilton East School and later was apprenticed to Mr. A E Manning, chemist, of Hamilton. Upon the completion of his apprenticeship he went to Fiji, where he remained for some years. He returned to Auckland to enlist and went forward with the fourth reinforcements. [AWN 29.07.1915]

LORD, Trooper E J, who has been reported wounded at the Dardanelles, is 20 years of age. He is the youngest son of Mr. Samuel Lord of Howick, a Maori war veteran. Trooper Lord was educated by the Sisters of the Mission and latterly attended the Howick public school. He is a keen sportsman and an athlete of some note. He enlisted in the Auckland Mounted Rifles and left with the third reinforcements. [AWN 23.09.1915]

LORKING, Corporal Sidney Ernest, Wellington Infantry Battalion, who was reported to have been wounded in the shoulder, is a son of Mr. W H Lorking of Hinemoa Road, Grey Lynn. Corporal Lorking is just 26 years of age and when he enlisted he was headmaster of the Kakahi School near Taumarunui. [AWN 26.08.1915

LORNIE, Private A P, Was reported wounded a week ago but now reported killed in action on June 5. He was the fourth son of Mr. Andrew Lornie, Emma St, Mt Roskill and was born in Kirkcaldie, Scotland. He came to NZ with the other members of the family in December 1908. During the past two years he was engaged in farming with his brother at Orini until he enlisted in October and joined the third reinforcements for the Auckland Company. [AWN 08.07.1915]

LOVE, Private W T - Otago Infantry Battalion, who was reported killed in action on April 27, was working in Sargood's boot factory at Dunedin, when he enlisted. He was a noted soccer player. [AWN 24.06.1915]

LOWE, Lieutenant Frank Augustus the death has been announced in the naval operation at the Dardanelles of Lt Lowe, son of Mr. J H Lowe, who for many years was chief engineer for the NZ Railways. [AWN 05.08.1915]

LOWRY, Private Samuel Thomas Alexander - 6th Hauraki Regt, reported to have been killed in action on May 8, was the 2nd son of James Lowry, farmer, Hikutaia. He was 35 years of age and was born near Londonderry Ireland, coming to NZ in 1901. He was a member of the old Victoria Rifles, Auckland. His single brother, Corporal Andrew John Lowry, reported dangerously ill, received his wound at about the same time. Private Lowry was the first to enroll in the Hikutaia district. [AWN 24.06.1915]

LOWRY, Private D J - reported missing since May 1, joined the main expeditionary force and was attached to the South Otago section. He was born at Auckland and was for some time a member of the 'A' Battery. He was a bookbinder by trade and served his apprenticeship at the Auckland Weekly News Office, after which he was for some time employed in the Govt Printing Office at Wellington. His next of kin is his brother, Mr. C A Lowery, of Cumberland St, Christchurch, and another brother is Mr. J Lowry of Auckland, printer. [AWN 24.06.1915]

LOWTHER. SIMILAR NAMES IN CASUALTY LISTS. A recent list of men of the Auckland Infantry Battalion killed in action contained the name of Corporal G W Lowther and his next of kin was officially stated to be his father, Mr. Edward Lowther, Mt Eden, Auckland. On the same date, the wife of Corporal William George Lowther, Auckland Infantry Battalion - who is Mrs. Zalma V M Lowther and who resides in Rotorua - was officially advised that her husband had been killed in action. The name of the latter soldier, however, has not been given in the casualty lists. It has not yet been ascertained whether confusion has arisen between two names, which are very similar, or whether the two men were killed in action about the same time. [AWN 09.09.1915]

LUCAS, Trooper F W, who has been killed in action, was a member of the second reinforcements for the Auckland Mounted Rifles. He was the eldest son of Mr. Frederick Lucas of Pukekohe and was 32 yrs of age. Trooper Lucas was for a time manager of the NZ Dairy Association's creamery at Whangarata and afterwards managed Messrs Ambury & English's creamery at Kaukapakapa. He then removed to Hawkes Bay but returned to Auckland to enlist. [AWN 02.09.1915]

LUXFORD, Chaplain Major, reported wounded, left NZ with the main expeditionary force and has been at Gallipoli since the landing in April. The chaplain was born in Wellington and was educated at the school of the late Rev W Fell and afterwards at the Wellington Grammar School. In 1875 he entered the Wesleyan Methodist Church as a probationer and was ordained for the ministry in Dunedin in 1880. Now he is one of the best-known NZ clergymen, having held charges in nearly every province and city. Chaplain Major Luxford's son, Trooper F M Luxford, of the Auckland Mounted Rifles, was wounded at the Dardanelles a few weeks ago. [AWN 19.08.1915]

LUXFORD, Chaplain Major - A private cablegram has been received in Wanganui stating that Major Luxford, who was recently reported to have been wounded at the Dardanelles, has had his leg amputated. He is now out of danger. [AWN 26.08.1915]

LUXFORD, Chaplain Major, who was wounded while serving with the Otago Infantry Battalion, has cabled to Mrs. Luxford, who is at present residing in Christchurch, that he is in a hospital in England and is doing well. Chaplain Major Luxford received a bullet wound in the knee and subsequently had to have the leg amputated. [AWN 30.09.1915]

LYES, Trooper Harry Campbell, Auckland Mounted Rifles, reported wounded, is the youngest son of Mr. & Mrs. Albert Lyes, Newton Road, Auckland. He is 22 years of age. Trooper Lyes was employed by the Northern Steamship Co as a saloon waiter on the steamer Rarawa, running between Onehunga and New Plymouth, when he enlisted. [AWN 14.10.1915]

LYNCH, Gunner Alfred Patrick, NZ Field Artillery, who was reported to have been wounded in the head on August 6, is a son of Mrs. C Lynch of Bellevue Rd, Mt Eden. He was born at Mua, Tongatabu, Friendly Islands and was educated at Sacred Heart College, Auckland. [AWN 02.09.1915]

LYNCH, Private N, of Auckland, who went to Egypt and the Dardanelles with the 3rd Australian Battalion, arrived at Wellington from Sydney by the Ulimaroa last week. He was wounded in the left foot early in May, a few days after the landing, and now is enjoying three months' furlough before returning to the front. [AWN 25.11.1915]

LYONS, Private Bernard F, OIB, who is missing is the eldest son of the late Mr. J W Lyons of Papanui, who died only a few weeks ago. Private Lyons was for some time in the Railway Dept and before his departure for the front was employed by Messrs Weeks Ltd, Christchurch. [AWN 01.07.1915]

LYONS, Lance Corporal Herbert, who was reported wounded for the second time, is the eldest son of Mrs. H Lyons, Brown St, Ponsonby. He was born in Stratford, England, 34 years ago and had resided in NZ for 25 years. He was educated at the Albany Street School, Dunedin. He saw active service in South Africa with the NZ ninth contingent. He was wounded at Achi Baba in May and had been in the firing line for six weeks when he was put out of action for the second time. [AWN 26.08.1915

LYTTLE, Lieutenant D J A - who was at first reported wounded and then reported missing, is now reported to have been killed. Lieutenant Lyttle was a native of Gore and was a teacher on the staff of the Kaitangata Public School when he volunteered for active service. [AWN 24.06.1915]