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Betteridge Family

In a small countryside village of Derbyshire, England lived a family of butchers and farmers by the name of BETTERIDGE.

First Generation

*William born 1691 Derbyshire, England married Mary WOOLFE 21 May 1716 Holy Trinity, Coventry, Warwickshire, England. They had four known children:
Mary born 1719 Shustoke, Warwickshire, England
*William born abt 1720 Shustoke, Warwickshire, England
Alice born 1724 Shustoke, Warwickshire, England
Catherine born 1726 Shustoke, Warwickshire, England

Second Generation

*William BETTERIDGE (b.abt1720) married Martha 20 Sep 1750 St Johns, Coventry, Warwickshire, England.
They had a five known children.

Ann born 1750 Maxstoke, Warwickshire, England
Mary born 1752 Maxstoke, Warwickshire,England.
Martha born 1755 Maxstoke, Warwickshire, England
*William born 1758 Maxstoke, Warwickshire, England
Samuel born 1760 Maxstoke, Warwickshire,England

Third Generation

William BETTERIDGE (b.1758) married Mary Elizabeth BARRASS 31 May 1782 Over Whitacre Derbyshire. Their children:
Sarah born 1782 Nether, Whitacre, England.
*William BETTERIDGE born 17 April 1783 Nether, Whitacre, England.
Thomas born 1785 Nether, Whitacre, England.
Elizabeth born 1788 Nether, Whitacre, England.
John born 1791 Nether, Whitacre, England.
Mary born 1799 Nether, Whitacre, England.

Fourth Generation

*William BETTERIDGE (born 1783) married Elizabeth EVANS 24 April 1821 Hartshorne, Derbyshire, England. Elizabeth was born 1795. Elizabeth passed away on 15th Sept 1838 at Hartshorne, Derbyshire, England. They had five children.

Jane BETTERIDGE chr. 7 Jan 1822 Hartshorne, Derbyshire, England.
Eleanor BETTERIDGE chr. 16 Mar 1823 & passed away 15 Feb 1824 Hartshorne, Derbyshire England.
James BETTERIDGE chr. 15 Dec 1824 Hartshorne, Derbyshire England.
Joseph BETTERIDGE chr. 25 Dec 1826 & passed away 26 Feb 1830 Hartshorne, Derbyshire England.
*George BETTERIDGE born 1831 Hartshorne,Derbyshire England.

Fifth Generation

*George BETTERIDGE, married 13 May 1861 Hartshorne Derby England, Hannah BARNEY born c1838 Shenton Leicester England. They had eight children.

*William Charles BETTERIDGE chr 22 Dec 1861 Hartshorne Derbyshire England.
Ellen BETTERIDGE Born 1864 Hartshorne, Derby, England, married Jesse LEE 17 Nov 1884 Holy Trinity Coventry Warwick England
George Frank BETTERIDGE chr 25 Feb 1866
Elizabeth BETTERIDGE chr 18 Aug 1867 Hartshorne, Derby, England.
Joseph BETTERIDGE chr 31 Jul 1870 Hartshorne, Derby, England.
Arthur Edward BETTERIDGE chr 14 Jul 1872 Hartshorne, Derby, England.
Elizabeth BETTERIDGE chr 4 Feb 1877 Hartshorne, Derby, England.
George BETTERIDGE chr 7 May 1882 Hartshorne, Derby, England.

Sixth Generation

*William Charles BETTERIDGE (ggrandfather) sailed from England, date and ship unknown, to Australia where he met his future wife Elizabeth GILBERT who had left Scotland on board the S.S.AUSTRALASIA', arriving in Sydney Australia on 21 August 1884. She was listed as a single 19 year old Presbyterian from Aberdeen who could read and write, with friends in Sydney. Her passage out on the ship cost two pounds. Elizabeth was my ggrandmother and it must have taken great courage to come from Scotland to Australia in those days to start a new life. While she was living in New Zealand, family lore says that her sister Olivia GILBERT (STUART) visited but I cannot find any record so far.
On the 7 June 1887 at Balmain Pyrmont Sydney Australia William Charles BETTERIDGE married Elizabeth GILBERT born 10 Mar 1866 Saint Nicolas Aberdeen Scotland, daughter of George GILBERT and Elizabeth FRASER.

They then moved to Bourke N.S.W. where most of their six children were born.

Charles BETTERIDGE born 18 July 1888 Bourke N.S.W. Australia, died 26 Feb 1889 Wanaaring Australia.
Henry BETTERIDGE born 7 Feb 1890 Bourke N.S.W. Australia.
Rose BETTERIDGE born 7 April 1892 Bourke N.S.W. Australia.
*Ellen BETTERIDGE born 12 June 1894 Bourke N.S.W. Australia.
Charles BETTERIDGE born 10 Nov 1896 Orange N.S.W. Australia
Elizabeth BETTERIDGE born 1898 N.S.W. - died 1899 N.S.W. Australia.

The family them moved to the mining town of Broken Hill South Australia, from there to Adelaide South Australia. It is believed they then caught a ship to Auckland New Zealand - name and details unknown - the family was next found in Huntly New Zealand where the children attended school. From there it was believed they went south to Rotorua before returning to north of Auckland to the farming community of Kaukaupapa.

Elizabeth passed away on 4 May 1925 and is buried in the Church cemetery at Kaukaupapa.

William remarried another Scots lass Jean Garrett NISBET from Gourock Scotland on 10 Mar 1928 St Andrews Presbyterian Church Henderson Auckland.

William passed away on 13 August 1943 at the Auckland Hospital, he is buried at Waikumete Cemetery Auckland.

Seventh Generation.

Henry/Harry BETTERIDGE, though only about 17-19 years old remained in Australia when the rest of the family came to live in New Zealand. He enlisted in Melbourne for the Australia Army during WW1, married Mildred May MOORE (known as May), 1917 Melbourne, they were not blessed with any children. It appears Henry and Mildred parted company some time after he returned from overseas. Some time about 1923 he headed up north to Queensland, where he met up and married Maud Elizabeth HOULAHAN (b. abt 1905). They then moved to Coonamble N.S.W.where he was a master of trades - drover - market garden - cook - motor driver, to mention a few. They had the following children;

Charles Henry born ? N.S.W.
Ethel May born 1928 Coonamble N.S.W.
Still alive born 1930 Coonamble N.S.W.
James Kenneth (Jimmy) born 1932 Coonamble N.S.W.
Still alive born 1934 Coonamble N.S.W.
George born 1936 Coonamble N.S.W.
Still alive born 1942 Coonamble N.S.W.
Still alive born 1945 Coonamble N.S.W.

Henry never saw his parents or sisters again, except his younger brother Charles when they met up N.S.W. at the end of the War, both in their different countries uniforms. After moving to N.S.W. the family in NZ lost track of him.
Henry passed away on 16th Feb 1952 and is buried in Coonamble Cemetery NSW Australia.
Maud Elizabeth passed away in Sydney.
For reasons known to the author, this line will not be continued.


Rose BETTERIDGE married 17 June 1920 John Butler Parnel CARRUTHERS born 28 Oct 1890 Wellington New Zealand, son of John Butler CARRUTHERS and Adelaide Elizabeth DANIEL. They had one child who is still alive.
Rose passed away 5 Mar 1981 at Masterton New Zealand.
John passed away 18 Feb 1973 at Masterton New Zealand.


Ellen BETTERIDGE married 16 April 1919 John (Jack) Charles COOPER born 26 Jan 1896 Kensington England, son of John Charles COOPER and Mary Anne WITHASON.
They had two children,
Gordon Charles COOPER born 20 Jan 1920 Hamilon New Zealand, passed away 5 July 2009 Hamilton New Zealand,cremated and placed in his parents grave in the Hamilton Lawn Cemetery. Married 1950 Joyce LITTLE
Pauline Francis Maie COOPER born 19 Sept 1922 in Ngongatoha Rotorua, passed away 27 April 2001 at Te Puke, cremated and placed in her parents grave in the Hamilton Lawn Cemetery. Married 26 Dec 1942 George Frederick STRONG.
Ellen passed away 2 May 1945 Hamilton New Zealand, buried in the Hamilton Lawn cemetery.
John passed away 19 June 1965 Auckland Hospital, cremated and placed in his wife's grave at the Hamilton Lawn cemetery.


Charles BETTERIDGE married 1933 Mary Irene ROUNDTREE (nee JEFFERIES) in Auckland and had one child
Sally Elizabeth BETTERIDGE born 1935, passed away 25 Oct 2007. Married (1) Kenneth Hector MACQUARRIE, (2) (...?...) (3) Richard TATE
Charles passed away 28 May 1974 Foxton, New Zealand.
Mary Irene passed away 21 February 1988 Foxton, New Zealand
Both are buried in the Foxton Lawn Cemetery.