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William STRONG born abt 1745, married 19th October 1771 St Johns Hornsleydown Surrey England Judith (Judath)EWINS(EWINES) born abt 1753 Surrey England. They had nine children:
Elizabeth STRONG born 13th January 1773 Bermondsey Surrey England.
George Allarcott STRONG born 11th January 1775 Bermondsey Surrey England.
William STRONG born 28th September 1776 Bermondsey Surrey Enland. Died as an infant.
James STRONG born 8th August Bermondsey Surrey England
William STRONG born 1781 Bermondsey Surrey England. Died as an infant.
Robert STRONG born 1784 Bermondsey Surrey England. Died as an infant.
Robert STRONG born 1788 Rotherhithe England married 1st August 1813 Parish of Hornsey Middlesex England, Margaret FISHER born abt 1790 Norwich.
William Henry STRONG 20th October 1790 Bermondsey Surrey England.
Mary Ann STRONG born 2nd May 1793 Bermondsey Surrey England.
John Blane STRONG born 2nd December 1796 Bermondsey Surrey England.

Robert STRONG born 1788 Rotherhithe England, died 6th July 1849 Silver Street Rotherhithe, buried 10th Jul 1849 at St Mary's Church (died of cholera), married 1st August 1813 Parish of Hornsey Middlesex England Margaret FISHER born abt 1790 Norwich. died 16th January 1867 Silver Street Rotherhithe. They had eight known children.
John William 1815 - 1st Feb 1824 St Mary's Rotherhithe England.
Robert Arthur born May 1817 Rotherhithe England - left England for NZ 1856.
Rosina (Roseanna) born 1819 Rotherhithe England - stayed in England with her mother.
Charles born August 1823 Rotherhithe England - Left England for NZ 1856.
George born 1826 Rotherhithe England - left England via Ireland to NZ October 1847.
Margaret born 1827 Rotherhithe England - stayed in England with her mother.
Sarah born 1831 Rotherhithe England - left England for NZ 1865.
Susannah 1833 - Jul 1849 Rotherhithe England, buried the 7th Jul 1849 at St Mary's Church (died of cholera).

Two of the daughters stayed behind in England.
Rosina married David SMITH from Somerset in 1853 Stepney Middlesex England, she passed away 1861 Rotherhithe. From what has been found Rosina and David were not blessed with children. David remarried again after a couple of years.


Margaret married 1846 France Bywater ASHWOOD, he passed away in 1856. Margaret and France had four children.

France ASHWOOD born 1848,died 1907 Surrey England, married Isabell YATES 1889 Tundia India, married Lucy MORRIS 1895 Surrey England.
Charles ASHWOOD born 1850, married 1872 Mary Ann TURNER in Greenwich England.
Robert ASHWOOD 1852, married 1875 Priscella Rebecca TAYLOR in St George in the East, East Stepney England.
Nathaniel ASHWOOD born 1853, married 1879 Eleanor (Lenora) BLACKMAN in Stepney Middlesex England.


Margaret married 1859 George Frederick STEWART and they had six children:

George Albert STEWART born 1860, married 1884 Louisa Jessie WOOD in Greenwich England.
Margaret Eliza STEWART born 1861, married 1882 Alfred NEWMAN in Stepney Middlesex England.
William STEWART born 1862, as yet not found to have married.
James Edward STEWART born 1863, married 1885 Mary FIELDING in St Olave Southwark England.
Samuel Robert STEWART born 1866, married 1886 Elizabeth Harriett BENNETT in St Mary Rotherhithe England.
William A. STEWART born 1869, married Martha E. DANDY/DENBY in Greenwich England.

In October 1847 at Plymouth, a young sailor George STRONG from Rotherhithe joined the crew of a 801 ton barque called "ANN", it had been hired by the Government to bring Fencible Soldiers from England, Ireland and Scotland to protect the citizens of Auckland New Zealand against the Maori's. The barque "ANN" left Ireland on 25th December 1847 after picking up the rest of the 73 soldiers, their wives and children. The soldiers had been promised a house, an acre of land and a pension in return for their help in defending Auckland, though on their arrival they found their promised homes had not been built and it took many months of hardship living in Raupo houses before their homes were completed. During the voyage they ran out of salt, they had three fires on board, there were twelve deaths and four births. The barque sailed up the Rangitoto Channel on 16th May 1848, seven months after leaving England, to disembark her passengers onto the shores of Auckland Harbour.

Michael MCMULLEN from Charlemont, County Armagh, a Fencible Soldier of the 69th Regiment joined the barque "ANN" at Belfast in December 1847 with his wife Ellen MCEVOY and his four daughters - Mary, Margaret, Roseanne and Ellen. Also on board was Hugh MCMULLEN from County Down, as yet have not been able to established as to whether he was related to Michael or not. During the six month voyage out through the wide open seas, beautiful sunsets, sunrises, storms and calm seas, romance blossomed between some of the passengers. My gggrandmother Margaret MCMULLEN fell for the handsome sailor George STRONG, and her sister Mary MCMULLEN for the English Soldier Henry MITCHELL. The girls were married in Onehunga Auckland on 9th July 1848 and 16th July 1848 respectfully.

George and Margaret started their married life in a Raupo house with a mud floor on the Northshore Auckland, it was here that their first son Robert (1849) was born, he was followed by an only daughter Hellen (Ellen) (1851) and six more sons George (1853 my ggrandfather) Charles (1855), Edward (1857), Alfred (1859), John (1862 stillborn), Frederick (1863). Later George became a very well known Waterman on the Auckland Harbour, he was the personal boatman for HRH. Duke of Edinburgh Prince Alfred on his visit to New Zealand in 1869. After retiring from the strenuous job of a Waterman, George took over the first seawater baths in Auckland as caretaker, Margaret helped him with the ladies side of swimming. George passed away in 1896 and Margaret rejoined her husband in 1911.


George's children married the following.

Robert (1849) married Jane Margaret CLEAVE 6th June 1873 Auckland NZ
Hellen (Ellen) (1851) married Henry (Harry) JONES 30th October 1873 Auckland NZ
George William (1853) (ggrandfather) married Emma Jane FULLJAMES 21st Dec 1875 Auckland NZ.
Charles John (1855) married Sarah Ann JAMES 12th October 1876 Auckland NZ.
Edward (1857) married Elizabeth (NEILSON) NELSON 2nd May 1878 Auckland NZ.
Alfred (1859) married Eliza Ann MARTIN 12th Dec 1883 Thames NZ.
John (1862 passed away after two days.
Frederick Septimus (1863) married Eliza Mary Agnes CONNOP Auckland NZ

It must have been a joyous occasion in Auckland with the arrival of the ship 'The Lord Burleigh' on 18th August 1856. On board were George's two older brothers and their families, whom he had not seen since leaving England in 1847.

Robert Arthur STRONG and his wife Sarah Ann Charlotte SELF and six of their children - Mary Ann - Robert Charles - Rosina Elizabeth - Margaret Jane - Susannah Emily - Helen Christina. There were three more children born in Auckland New Zealand - Emily Jane - William Charles - Florence Louisa.

Charles STRONG and his wife Mary Ann ROSS and their only child Mary Ann.

Both Robert and Charles joined their little brother as waterman on the Auckland Harbour, they also all joined the Coast Guards for which George was awarded a medal. Charles had lived all his life either by the sea or on the sea and it was the sea that claimed his life on the 19th April 1885.
Robert eventually left the life of the sea for the land where he became a sawyer and carpenter, he passed away on 29 October 1909 at the home of his daughter.

In May 1865 the brother's baby sister Sarah arrived on board the 'Empress' from England. Sarah STRONG born c1830 England arrived with her husband George LEWIS and five daughter's - Sarah Ann c1854 - Susannah Martha c1856 - Eleanor Margaret c1859 - Rosina Emma c1863 - Eliza Louisa c1864 and settled in Auckland.


Robert's children married the following.

Mary Ann (1842) married Thomas COLEBROOK 17th Feb 1863 Auckland NZ
Robert Charles (1845) married Maria Wright MURPHY 16th Jan 1973 Auckland NZ.
Rosina Elizabeth (1850) married John BAIN 16th Dec 1876 Auckland NZ
Margaret Jane (1852) married Benjamin SKEEN 19th May 1874 Auckland NZ
Susannah Emily (1854) married Walter SMITH 30th Mar 1875 Auckland NZ
Helen Christina (1856) married John Carrick HEWSON 12th July 1877 Auckland NZ.
Emily Jane (1858) married Adam Chandler THOMSON 20th July 1880 Auckland NZ
William Charles (1860) married Mary Ann BIDLAKE (nee GRIFFIN) 29th April 1885 Auckland NZ
Florence Louisa (1862) passed away 1875


Charles's daughter married the following.

Mary Ann (1846) married Edward WINTHROP 13th May 1865 Auckland NZ.

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