Part of Shasta, Trinity, and Tehama Co.
Map Surveyed in 1882-3-4
As far north as Delta about 30 miles north of Redding.
Includes Weaverville (Trinity Co.) to the West,
and Red Bluff and Tehama (Tehama Co.) to the South

It is scanned in four parts:
Upper left includes 1-A, 1-B, 2-A, 2-B 
Trinity & Shasta
Upper right includes 3-A, 3-B, 4-A, 4-B
Lower left includes 1-C, 1-D, 2-C, 2-D
Trinity, Tehama, Shasta
Lower right includes 3-C, 3-D, 4-C, 4-D
Shasta, Tehama
This is the list of places on the map.
For a list for each section go to the desired section.
Aiken Gulch {2C}
Allen {2C}
Allen {3A}
Anderson {3C}
Antelope Creek {4D}
Arbuckle Mountain {1C}
Ash Creek {4C}
Back Bone Creek {3A}
Bald Hills {2C}
Ball's Ferry {4C}
Basin Hollow {4B}
Battle Creek {4C}
Bear Creek {4C}
Bee Creek {2C}
Beegum Creek {1C}
Beegum Peak {1C}
Blood Island {4C}
Boulder Creek {2B}
Boulder Creek #2 {2B}
Boyce {4B}
Brandy Creek {2B}
Bridge {2A}
Bridge {3A}
Bridge {3B}
Bridge {3C}
Brown's Creek {1B}
Brown's Creek {1B}
Brown's Mountain {1B}
Bryon Creek {2C}
Buck Horn Station {1B}
Buckeye {3B}
Buckeye Creek {3B}
Buckeye Creek {1A}
Bully Choop Mountain {2B}
Bully Hill {4A}
Cabin {1D}
Cabin {2D}
Campbell {4A}
Centerville {3B}
Chanchelolla Mountain {1C}
China Gulch {3B}
Churn Creek {3B}
Churntown {3B}
Clear Creek {2B}
Clement {1B}
Clough {4B}
Clover Creek Valley {4B}
Cold Fork Cottonwood Creek {2D}
Collins {1B}
Colyer's Springs {2D}
Combs {1B}
Cone {4C}
Cone {4D}
Copper City {4A}
Copper Mine {4B}
Cottonwood {3C}
Cottonwood Creek {3C}
Coyote Creek {3D}
Crow Creek {2C}
Cummings {1A}
Day {1A}
Deadwood Creek {1B}
Delta {3A}
Democrat Gulch {1B}
Dibble Creek {3D}
Digger Creek {1A}
Dodge Creek {2A}
Dog Creek {3A}
Doney {3A}
Douglas City {1B}
Dry Creek {4B}
Dry Creek {2C}
Dryden {3B}
Duncan Creek {1C}
Dutch Gulch {2B}
Dutton Creek {1B}
Eagle Creek {2B}
East Fork of Stuart Fork {1A}
East Fork Clear Creek {2A}
East Fort Weaver Creek {1A}
Elder Creek {3D}
Elim {2D}
Ellis {4B}
Feeny {2A}
Ferry {3A}
Ferry {3B}
Ferry {4A}
Fiddler Creek {2C}
Flat {4A}
Ford {1B}
Fort Reading {4C}
French Gulch Town {2B}
French Gulch {2B}
Furnaceville {4B}
Garden Gulch {1A}
Gas Point P.O. {2C}
Grass Valley Creek {1B}
Greasewood Hills {2D}
Grizzly Gulch {2B}
Hensley's Mineral Spring {2D}
Hoadley Peak {2B}
Hobert {1A}
Hogtown {3B}
Hooker {3C}
Hooker Creek {3C}
Horsetown {3B}
Hotel {1B}
Howell Valley {2D}
Hulen Creek {2C}
Humbolt Trail {1D}
Igo {2B}
Indian Creek {1B}
Indian Creek Town {1B}
Inks Creek {4C}
Iron Spring {1D}
Jelley's Ferry {4C}
Jerusalem Creek {2B}
Jones {2D}
Joseph {4B}
Kenshaw Spring {1C}
Lamb {2D}
Lassen Trail {4D}
Lewiston {1B}
Little Antelope Creek {4D}
Little Cow Creek {4B}
Logan's Ferry {4C}
Lowden {1B}
Lowry {2D}
Martin {2C}
McCloud River {3A}
Middle Salt Creek {3A}
Middleton {1B}
Mill Creek {4D}
Millsaps {2C}
Millville {4B}
Minersville {1A}
Mt. Linn {1D}
Mule Creek {1A}
Muletown {2B}
Myer {4B}
Nelson Creek {3B}
Nine Mile House {3C}
North Fork Cottonwood Creek {2C}
North Fork Read's Creek {3D}
North Fork Cow Creek {4B}
North Fort Elder Creek {2D}
North Yolla Bolly Mountain {1D}
Norton Gulch {4B}
Oak Run {4B}
Oat Creek {3D}
Olney Creek {3B}
Olsen {2A}
Ono {2C}
OR Div Central Pacific RR {3B}
Paine's Creek {4C}
Panwauket Creek {1B}
Petty John {2D}
Philip's Gulch {1B}
Piety Hill {2B}
Pit River {4A}
Potter Creek {3A}
Poverty Gulch {2C}
Powell {4A}
Read's Creek {3D}
Red Bank Creek {3D}
Red Bluff {4D}
Redding {3B}
Redding Creek {1B}
Rio de Los Berrendos {4D}
Road to Callahan's {2A}
Roaring River {2C}
Rock Creek {3B}
Rush Creek {1A}
Sacramento River {3B}
Salt Creek {3A}
Salt Creek {2C}
Saw Mill {1A}
Sawmill {2B}
Sesma {4D}
Shasta {3B}
Shasta Bally {2B}
Sherman {4D}
Sidney Gulch {1A}
Spring {1C}
Spring {2A}
Spring Branch {3D}
Spring Gulch {1B}
Spring Sulfer {1D}
Squaw Creek {4A}
Squaw Creek {2C}
Stella P. O. {2B}
Stillwater Creek {3B}
Stillwater P.O. {3B}
Stoney Creek {1A}
Strope Creek {1A}
Stuart Fork of Trinity River {1A}
Sugar Pine Gulch {4B}
Sulphur Spring {1C}
Swedes Creek {4B}
Swift Creek {2A}
Tehama {4D}
Toll Road {1B}
Tom's Head  {1D}
Tower House {2B}
Trinity River {1A}
Tuscan Buttes {4C}
Tuscan Springs(hot sulpher) {4C}
U.S. Fishery {3A}
Valley Blossom {3D}
Watson Gulch {2C}
Weaver Creek {1B}
Weaverville {1B}
West Fork Weaver Creek {1A}
Whiskey Gulch {2B}
Whitney {2A}
Whitney {3B}
Whitney #2 {3A}
Williams {3B}
Willow Creek {2B}
Woodman {4B}
Yolla Bolly Mountains {1D}
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