1885 Lassen Co. Directory
Lassen County, CA
1885 Directory
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This most important town of the northern part of the county is situated seventy-five miles northwest of Susanville, via Hayden Hill.  Its location is an admirable one, lying a little west of the center of the Big Valley, of which scope of country it is the business metropolis; it commands an unbroken view of some twelve miles of sandy upland to the east; to the south and west four miles of level, black adobe land, and to the north, looking over the same character of rich land, the town of Lookout, six miles distant, can be seen.  The people of this town, relying upon these fine agricultural surroundings, have pushed with commendable energy the improvement and development of the place, and are only awaiting the time when railroad connection will establish the place as the commercial center of Northeastern California.  Two miles northeast of the town are found a series of hot sulphur springs, the waters of which, thrown out in large quantities, are always above the boiling point in temperature, and are said to possess great curative qualities.  The town has good school facilities, fair hotel accommodations and possesses a bright, lively newspaper in the Mountain Tribune, published by Mr. Thomas P. Ford, which enjoys considerable influence and circulation.  It has post and express offices, and has outside connections by stage routes to Susanville, and via the Redding, Bieber, Alturas and Lake View route to a railroad connection for San Francisco and other points.
Apple, J. H. - farmer 160 acres
Arnett, W. C. - farmer 160 acres
Avala, Matthew J. - farmer
Avala, Joseph - farmer 160 acres
Babcock, Andrew - farmer
Babcock, Chester - farmer/stockraiser 160 acres
Babcock, William - farmer 320 acres
Bassett, I. W. - farmer 320 acres
Bassett, J. M. - farmer 156 acres
Bean, George H. - farmer/stockraiser
Bieber, N. - gen mdse, agent, Wells Fargo & Co., postmaster
Boyd, Archibald - J. T. Boyd & Bro.
J. T. Boyd & Bro. - farmer/stockraisers  800 acres
J. T. Boyd - J. T. Boyd & Bro.
Brown, F. J. - farmer
Brown, Levi H. - cooper
Brownell, Dewitt C. - Attorney at law, - stockraiser, 480 acres
Calavan, J. J.  - farmer
Calavan, W. L. - stockraiser 160 acres
Carmichael, M. A. - sawmill 320 acres
Carroll, Charles W. H. - machinist
Clark, Samuel - farmer
Clark, William R. - farmer
Coats, Amos - farmer
Cook, Albert W. - farmer
Cook, William - farmer
Covell, Frank - farmer
Covell, James - farmer
Crowley, J. L. - engineer
Crowley, Randolph - farmer
Crowley, Robert L. - farmer
Curry, J. D. - stockraiser  322 acres
Davis, S. E. - farmer 310 acres
Dowell, Elisha - farmer
Dunlap, L. A. Miss - school teacher
Earle, Charles F. - farmer
Elliott, G. W. - farmer/stockraiser
Elliott, George W. - compositor Mountain Tribune
Estell, George J. - stockraiser
Estell, W. K.  - farmer/stockraiser  680 acres
Etzenbrouser, Elias - farmer 520 acres
Eustis, F. W. - manager C.L. Holley's Estate
Finley Bros.  - farmer 160 acres
Finley, James - Finley Bros.
Finley, John - Finley Bros.
Ford, Edward S. - compositor Mountain Tribune
Ford, Thomas P. - editor &   proprietor Mountain Tribune
Frazier, A. F. - farmer
Fulcher, David - farmer
Fulcher, F. G. - farmer
Fulcher, J. C. - farmer
Fulcher, R.W. - stockraiser  800 acres
Fulcher, Thomas J. - stockraiser
Gibbins, E. H. - farmer
Gibbins, John T. - Gibbins & Page
Gibbins, Joseph R. - sheepraiser
Gibbins, L. A. Miss - school teacher
Gibbins & Page - proprietor of Steam Planing mill
Goerig, Antone - stockraiser/dairyman  128 acres
Goerig, Charles - Goerig & Parker, livery stable  240 acres
Goerig, William - stockraiser  880 acres
Goerig & Parker - tollroad
Green, Lemuel T. - stockraiser
Green, Wright F. - blacksmith
Gummer, Joseph - stockraiser  320 acres
Hansen, Christian - farmer 160 acres
Hansen, Lewis J. - farmer 160 acres
Hardin, Henry - farmer
Hardin, James H. - farmer
Hensley, J. G. - teamster
Herrick, A. C. - farmer/stockraiser  640 acres
Herrick, Elsie - farmer/stockraiser  470 acres
Hockman, Jacob - farmer
Holcomb, Charles A. - farmer
Holcomb, Isaac W. - farmer
Holcomb, James H. - farmer
Holcomb, J. W. - farmer 160 acres
Holcomb, Stephen N. - farmer
Holcomb, W. H. - farmer
Holland, William A. - farmer
Holley, C. L. - F.W. Eustis manager estate, stockranch, 320 acres
Huber, Antone - hostler with Goerig & Parker
Jacks, T. H. Mrs. - milliner  160 acres
Jackson, G. W. - farmer/stockraiser  600 acres
Jones, Henry  - stockraiser  320 acres
Jones, J. M. - stockraiser  360 acres
Jones, Wm. R. - stockraiser
Kennedy, Edward - stockraiser
Kenyon, C. M. - stockraiser  320 acres
Kenyon, Lewis - stockraiser  320 acres
Kenyon, W. H. - stockraiser
Knox, G. W. - farmer
Knox, Noah - sheepraiser
Kruze, August - farmer 160 acres
Lamburth, C. M. - farmer
Lamburth, William F. - blacksmith, wagon maker,  farmer,  co. supervisor 160 a.
Lampton, James L. - farmer
Leonard, Charles - farmer
Leroy, William - farmer
Loomis, Martha Mrs. -  proprietor Hill Side Stage Station 320 acres
Maynard, Rufus S. - farmer
McCrary, James - teamster
McGinness, Frank - steam sawmill
McWilliams, James - farmer
Minthorn, Hiram P. - farmer
Monroe, Dennis D. - horse trainer
Mountian Tribune - weekly Thomas P. Ford Editor/ proprietor
Murphy, E.T. - saloon & billiards
Myers, Frederick - farmer/stockraiser  480 acres
Nichols, Frank A. - farmer
Nix, John T. - butcher
Packwood, J. K. - farmer/stockraiser  800 acres
Packwood, William - clerk
Page, H. O. - Gibbins & Page
Parker, William H. - Goerig & Parker  160 acres
Paulk, S. H. - teamster  640 acres
Perkiss, Arthur R. - Perkiss Bros.
Perkiss Bros. - cheese factory
Perkiss, C. W.  - stockraiser  320 acres
Perkiss, S. E. - Perkiss Bros.
Peterson, Peter - farmer/stockraiser  160 acres
Philliber, Clinton - farmer
Powers, George A. - farmer/stockraiser
Powers, Lewis - stockraiser  520 acres
Powers, Samuel - farmer
Ralls, Alexander - farmer
Ralls, L. L. - county assessor
Ralls, Morgan - farmer
Reavis, J. J. - stockraiser  320 acres
Reeves, Halsey - farmer 160 acres
Richardson, Joseph - farmer
Ricketts, R. A. - stockraiser  320 acres
Rogers, William L.  - blacksmith, horseshoer
Roney, W. H. - Justice of the peace,  school teacher, farmer 160 acres
Rucker, Richard S. - farmer
Schafer, Ernst H. - farmer/stockraiser  160 acres,  proprietor stallion Bismarck
Schooler, W. R. - school teacher, county supervisor 154 acres
Shiber, Joseph D. - shuke and rail maker
Shirer, Joseph - dairyman
Smith, Agustus - stockraiser  160 acres
Smith, Green M. - farmer
Smith, J. W. - teamster
Smith, M. G. - stockraiser  160 acres
Smith, William L. - farmer
Southard, James W. - farmer
Southard, T. W. - lumberman/ shakemaker 146 1/2 acres
Stainbrook, Hiram - farmer 160 acres
Stonebreaker, W. N. -  farmer/stockraiser,  proprietor Hot Springs,  360 acres
Summers, Perry - farmer
Summers, Thomas - stockraiser  160 acres
Swigard, George - butcher
Swigard, John T. - farmer
Symonds, H. K. - millwright, engineer  160 acres
Thompson, George - farmer/stockraiser  320 acres
Thompson, Samuel - farmer
Thompson, William - physician & surgeon
Vansickle, Egbert  E. - farmer 160 acres
Volcklandt, John - painter, clerk with N. Bieber
Walker, Joseph - stockraiser  160 acres
Walsh, John - stockraiser
Walsh, Peter - stockraiser
Watson, Archibald - farmer
Watson, David - farmer/stockraiser  1160 acres
Watson, Milton - farmer 160 acres
Watson, S. N. - farmer 440 acres
Wilson, T. W. - stockraiser  480 acres
Woodin, James - sawyer
Woodin, M. P. Mrs. - school teacher
Woodmansee, S. A. Mrs. - farmer
Zwyssig, John - stockraiser  640 acres

BIG VALLEY (See Bieber)

BUNTINGVILLE (See Janesville)

CEDAR RUN  (See Bieber)

CENTRE (See Bieber)

A small town, with post office, situated about midway between Prattville and Susanville, sixteen miles from the latter place.  It has a tri-weekly stage route each way between these two points.  Mountain Meadows, in which the town is located, has an area of twelve thousand acres, principally devoted to stockraising and dairying.  Over seven thousand acres of the meadows are on the market, for which liberal arrangements can be made.

Anthony, John D. - stockraiser & dairymam 160 acres
Charles, -- - sawyer & millwright With P. Cowles
Chipman, Frank - miner
Chipman, George A. - miner
Cowles, P. - sawmill
Cronan, Patrick - stockraiser, hotel 1000 acres
Dennem, Thos. - hotel 160 acres
Faleger, J. A. - stockraiser  600 acres
Goodrich, C. C. - postmaster, hotel keeper,  stockraiser  7640 acres
Hendricks, Thomas T. - Ricketts & Hendricks
Holladay, -- - stockraiser  160 acres
McCoy, Levi - stockraiser
McIntosh, L. H. - stockraiser  1200 acres
Miller, -- - sawyer with P. Cowles
Monroe, James - miner
Pond, Wash. - horse raiser
Ricketts & Hendricks - stock & sheep raiser  1600 acres
Rider, Eldridge C. - miner
Sibley, Joseph - miner
Williams Bros. - Sheep raisers
Williams, John J. - Williams Bros.
Williams, Wm. - Williams Bros.


A small mining town situated fifty-five miles nouthwest of Susanville.  The town has two hotels, a schoolhouse, and a postoffice.  It is supported entirely by the mines which, in this locality, yeild readily and largely in decomposed quartz, easily worked, and realizes good profits.  The population ia about 100 over 60 being employed directly in the mines.

Anderson, Harmon - miner
Anderson, N. A. Mrs. - widow
Banks, John - miner
Blue Bell Mining Co. - Preston, Howard, & Dillion
Bradshaw, B. S. - miner
Burgett, W. H. - miner
Cady, Frank - stockraiser  400 acres, res San Joaquin Co.
Cady, Frederick R. - stockraiser
Castro, Mansel - miner
Castro, Morris L. - miner
Daniels, Francis M. - miner
Dillion, N. B. - Blue Bell Mining Co.
Dunbar, William A. - miner
Evening Star Mine & Mill - G. F. Hoes  proprietor
Fluent, James S. - miner
Golden Eagle Mine & Mill - Hopkins, Nash & Co. proprietors
Hall, James G. - stockraiser  160 acres
Hall, Charles C. - miner
Harbert, W. F. & Co. - miners
Harrold, James P. G. - miner
Highet, Edgar F. - miner
Highet, Samuel M. - miner
Highet, William W. - miner
Hoes, G. F. -  proprietor Evening Star Mine & Mill 40 acres
Holland, John R. - stockraiser
Hopkins, L. H. - Hopkins, Nash & Co. 24 acres
Hopkins, Nash & Co. -  proprietors Golden Eagle Mine
Hopkins, W. H. - Hopkins, Nash, & Co. res Calistoga
Howard, W. C. - Blue Bell Mining Co.
Juniper Mine - John McFailing superintendent
Knight, George H. - Roseberry, Harvey & Co. res Adin, Modoc Co.
Lacert, Aimee - miner
Lake, T. H. - farmer/stockraiser
Lee, William M. - miner
Lewis, S. S. - miner
Lewis, J. C. - Roseberry, Harvey & Co. res Adin, Modoc Co
Lonkey, Xavier - farmer/stockraiser  160 acres
Loveland, Simeon - farmer
Loveland, C. F. - stockraiser  320 acres
Massingill, W. A. - Roseberry, Harvey & Co.
McBride, W. M. - farmer/stockraiser
McBride, W. P. - blacksmith
McCurdy, Norton V. - miner
McDonnell William - Don't Care Mine, res Calistoga
McFailing, John - superintendent Juniper Mine, res Oakland
McFarling, George W. - miner
McFarling, Johnston H. - painter
McKean, West H. - miner
McLaine, Daniel - miner
Nash, C. H. - Hopkins, Nash & Co. res Calistoga
Nebineker, E. F. Mrs. - Roseberry, Harvey & Co. res Adin, Modoc Co
Nelson, John C. - miner
Norton, Eben - miner
Parrish, I. B. & F. P. - stockraisers
Parrish, A. - stockraiser
Peck, J. L. - Roseberry, Harvey & Co.
Perrault R. - stockraiser
Preston, R. - stockraiser
Preston, E. B. - Blue Bell Mining Co.  160 acres
Ritchey, Alonzo P. - miner
Rose, Jerry - miner, hotel keeper
Roseberry, Thomas A. - Roseberry, Harvey & Co. Adin, Modoc Co.
Roseberry, Harvey & Co.- gen mdse
Sain, Homer J. - laborer
Saling, Richmond - miner
Shelby, John C. - miner
Smothers, Jacob C. - farmer
Snider, Michael - stockraiser  160 acres
Spaulding, Ida Miss - school teacher
Stearns, William G. - miner
Summers, William T. - hotel & stable
Trout, J. S. - stockraiser
West, Samuel D. - farmer
White, John - stockraiser
Willis, Clara Mrs. - postmistress

HORSE LAKE VALLEY (See Merrillville)


A small town, with post office, twelve miles south of Susanville, in Honey Lake Valley, and is surrounded by fine grain, fruit and dairy lands.  It has a hotel and a steam flouring mill of 30 barrells per day capacity.  Daily connections by stage to Susanville and Reno are had each way daily.

Alexander, Abraham - Blum & Alexander
Arnold, John D. - farmer
Ashley, Augustus F. - mechanic
Babcock, C. M. - 120 acres
Bailey, George B. - farmer
Bailey, Ira E. - teamster
Bailey, J. R. - hotel, fruit raiser, gardener, 80  acres
Bailey, Walter - farmer
Bailey, W. R. - farmer
Baldwin, Henry D. - farmer
Baldwin, Jerry - farmer
Bandy, William J. - laborer
Barham, Charles - Conger & Barham
Barham, T. M. - farmer 210 acres
Barnett, David - farmer
Barry, J. N. - farmer 400 acres
Barry, N. J. - school teacher
Bass Bros. - stockraisers
Bass, Ed. - Bass Bros.
Bass, John E. - farmer
Bass, R. D. - farmer 840 acres
Bass, Richard - 559 acres
Bass, Stephen S. - Bass Bros.
Bass, Wm. B. - farmer
Bird, Albert D. - Eustice, Bromby & Co.;  school teacher
Boggs, J. Robert - blacksmith, wagon maker  160 acres
Bond, Jeremiah - farmer, teamster,  320 acres
Boody, Rachel - widow
Bouchard, Alexander - miller
Broadwell, Jacob - farmer
Bromby, Albert - Eustice, Bromby & Co.
Brubeck, L. W. - farmer 311 acres
Buchard, Alexander - miller
Byers, J. D. - cattle raiser
Cain, Geo. M. - farmer
Clark, Charles - farmer
Clark, N. & Son - 235 acres
Clark, Wm. H. - farmer
Clinton, Duncan - laborer
Conger & Barham -  farmers
Conger, Joseph - Conger & Barham
Cornelison, Wiley - saw mill  320 acres
Dakin, H. H. - Dakin & McClellan
Dakin & McClellan -  proprietors Honey Lake Mills
Davie, G. B. - dairyman
Day, Lewis A. - teamster
Decious, J. W. - farmer 174 acres
DeForest, Clinton - farmer 160 acres
Dill, Andrew - farmer 600 acres
Dukee, Joseph - farmer
Duncan, Clinton - teamster
Dunn, James - farmer
Dunn, J. R. - farmer  650 acres
Dunn, John T. - farmer
Dunn, Lizzie Miss - school teacher
Dunn, W. D. - farmer 160 acres
Elledge, Millard F. - farmer
Epley, T. R. - farmer 320 acres
Eustice, Bromby & Co. - farmers
Fairfield, A. N. - school teacher
Fairfield, E. W. - farmer 160 acres
Faringer, J. - laborer
Faulkner, Jacob A.- engineer
Fisher, J. L. - farmer 160 acres
Foley, R. E. - physician & surgeon
Foot, Alfonso - farmer
Foot, Lorenzo - farmer
Frazier, Samuel - farmer 200 acres
French, T. J. - farmer 348 acres
Fry, G. W. - farmer 640 acres
Gaddy, Collins - farmer
Gamron, Vincent - farmer
Gray, A. Mrs. - farmer 80 acres
Haley, E. E. - teamster
Haley, H. N. - teamster
Haley, James L. - farmer
Hallett, Isalah E. - farmer
Hartson, Charles - farmer
Hemler, Oscar - McMurphy & Hemler
Hicks, Leonard - farmer 880 acres
Hoffman, Floyd B. - farmer
Hoffman, Samuel - farmer 560 acres
Holmes, Edgar B. - farmer
Honey Lake Mills - flouring, Dakin & McClellan  proprietors
Hostetter, F. M. - farmer 160 acres
Hostetter, Frank M. Jr. - teamster
Hudson, A. J. - farmer
Hudson, E. - miner  320 acres
Hudson, J. - miner  60 acres
Hudson, James M. - farmer
Hughes, John - laborer
Hughes, Thomas W. - carpenter
Ingram, John J. - farmer
Jellison, John E. - carpenter
Johnson, John - farmer
Kelley, J. D. - Kelley & Winchell
Kelley & Winchell -  farmers/stockraisers
Kirby, Henry - farmer
Kirby, N. - farmer 212 acres
Lane, Andrew - wagon maker
Lane, A. W. - carpenter
Lane, Louis L. - laborer
Lax, S. - farmer 160 acres
Leitch, Peter - farmer
Leitch, William - farmer 295 acres
Lowe, Alonzo - farmer 80 acres
Lowe, John - farmer 218 acres
Lybarger, Geo. R. - farmer
Lynch, Peter - farmer
Madden, Geo. W. - mason
Masten, J. T. - farmer 400 acres
Masten & Ramsey - farmers 400 acres
McClellan, H. E. - Dakin & McClellan
McGranahan, G. B. - hotel
McMurphy, Abner - farmer
McMurphy, Harry H. - McMurphy & Hemler  357 acres
McMurphy & Hemler - stockraisers  400 acres
McShane, David - laborer
Meylert, G. W. -  proprietor stage lines, mail contractor, farmer, gen msde 3920 acres
Meylert, H. W. - manager with G. W. Meylert and postmaster
Moe, H. M. - farmer 325 acres
Moore, Cornelius A. - lumberman
Moyer, Hiram - laborer
Moyer, James T. - farmer
Moyer, N. - farmer
Moyer, Peter - farmer 160 acres
Moyer, Samuel - farmer
Moyer, Urias - farmer
Mulroney, T. J. - farmer 320 acres
Myers, Ed. - blacksmith
Nett, Frank - farmer
Painter, S. H. - teamster
Parker, Frank L. - farmer 160 acres
Parker, Sarah Mrs. - farmer
Parks, Fred. W. - farmer 45 acres
Parks, Hiram B. - farmer
Parks, Myra Miss - school teacher
Sharp, J. P. - farmer 271 acres
Sifford, Alexander - farmer
Smith, George M. - farmer
Smith, James M. - farmer
Smith, J. D. - farmer 320 acres
Smith, Jonathan A. - farmer
Smith, J. W. - sheepraiser
Smith, J. P. M. - farmer 120 acres
Spencer, Moses T. - farmer
Spoon, A. J. Rev. - farmer 360 acres
Spoon, Preston J. - farmer 158 acres
Stinger, Frank P. - laborer
Summers, Francis M. - farmer
Tanner, Martin - farmer
Tatum, S. C. - farmer
Terrill, George P. - laborer
Thompson, Richard - farmer
Tyrrell, Henry - farmer
Wales, G. R. - farmer 292 acres
Winchell, F. N. - school teacher
Winchell, Hiram - Kelley & Winchell
Woodruff, Benjamin C. - farmer
Yanner, J. M. - engineer

JOHNSTONVILLE (See Susanville)

JUNIPER (See Bieber)

LAKE (See Susanville)

A Post Office, situated at the extreme southeastern part of the county.

Bacon, F. W. & Bros. -  400 acres
Bennett, T. D. - hotelkeeper, farmer 320 acres
Black, A. D. - miner
Booard, C. M. - farmer
Bryan, Richard C. - hotelkeeper
Calligan, W. H. - farmer 200 acres
Cameron, D. - farmer 320 acres
Cameron, David Jr. - farmer 320 acres
Church, Charles G. - laborer
Clark, Charles B. - stockraiser
Craig. John S. - farmer
Crowder, Thomas P. - laborer
Cutting, W. B. - 160 acres
Dalton, Ed. - farmer
Dooley, Charles - farmer 160 acres
Dooley, R. M. - farmer
Doyen, H. J. - mechanic
Doyle, John W. - farmer 400 acres
Farley, Thomas - farmer 185 acres
Ferris, E. - farmer
Greeno, George - farmer 158 acres
Harwood, Charles A. - farmer
Harwood, John T. - farmer 40 acres
Hartery, Thomas - farmer 320 acres
Hopkins, W. S. - laborer
Ingram, Hugh L. - farmer
Ingram, Robert - farmer 80 acres
Jones, Charles E. - farmer
Jones, W. E. - farmer 120 acres
Leonard, Samuel - laborer
McKissick, Jacob - stockraiser  4780 acres
McNamara, Mary Mrs. - farmer 538 acres
McQuarrie, Malcolm - farmer
Miller, James - stockraiser
Miller, Robert - stockraiser
Rhodes, J. M. - farmer 1640 acres
Rhodes, Lloyd B. - farmer
Riley, William - farmer 320 acres
Robert, Joseph L. - farmer
Roberts, J. C. - farmer 160 acres
Roberts, Jonathan B. - farmer
Robinson, John - farmer
Robinson, J. H. - farmer
Robinson, William J. - farmer
Ross, A. E. - farmer 1580 acres
Rowland, F. M. -  280 acres
Steinberger, J. M.  - stage station  400 acres
Talbot, Basil H. - teamster
Templar, James A. - stockraiser
Thompson, George A. - teamster
Tipton, Jasper J. - farmer
Trudell, Charles - laborer
Waltz, William - farmer 320 acres
Ware, D. W. - farmer
Williams, J. F. - farmer
Williams, Joseph - farmer
Wilson, Addison N. - laborer
Wood, Iris C. - farmer

A small town with post office, twenty miles from Susanville, located on Willow Creek, in the valley of the same name.  Hurlbut's sawmill at this place has a capacity of 3000 feet per day.  A large hotel is now in process of erection.

Blair, A. V. Mrs.
Blair, J. J. - farmer 320 acres
Blair, Robert - farmer
Blunck, J. H. - farmer
Buchannan, Ervin - farmer
Burris, Frank V. - stockraiser
Cramer Bros. - stockraisers 1980 acres
Cramer, Charles - Cramer Bros.
Cramer, Daniel - Cramer Bros.
Cramer, David - farmer
Davis, J. H. - farmer/stockraiser  160 acres
Davis, William S. - farmer/stockraiser  483 acres
DeFanti, Pasquale - dairyman
Dow, William - stockraiser  160 acres
Eicher, Wm. B. - farmer
Fairhead, James - stockraiser
Fluery, Frank M. - saloon, stockraiser  160 acres
Fluery, Firman - farmer
Folsom, M. O. - stockraiser  2438 acres
Folsom, Olsen - stockraiser  480 acres
Fox, Albert A. - laborer with Wm. S. Davis
Frilter, James W. - farmer
Gaerig, William - dairyman
Gattleman, Herman - laborer
Gerking, David - laborer
Grass, Leonard - farmer
Hallstead, James - cook
Healey, Matthew - stockraiser  1400 acres
Heavy, John - sheepraiser 330 1/2 acres
Henry, Lucas - farmer
Hoagland, Henry L. - farm overseer
Hurlbut, Charles E. - farmer
Hurlbut, Timothy J. - farmer
Hurlbut, P. D. - postmaster,  proprietor sawmill, 600 acres
Jacobs Bros. - farmers 320 acres
Jacobs, Adam - Jacobs Bros.
Jacobs, John - Jacobs Bros.
Jacquis, Alfred - carpenter
Jones, Newton - Jones & Summers
Jones & Summers
Knudson, Louis - farmer 660 acres
Lake, John - farmer
Legalle, John T.  - farmer
Loveland, Anderson - stockraiser
Loveland, Frank - stockraiser
Losey, Allen - farmer
Mawer, William - farmer
Menefee, Breckenridge - laborer
Menefee, James B. - farmer
Menefee, N. W. - farmer
Newhouse, Benjamin  - farmer/stockraiser
Penman, John T. - laborer
Penman, William F. - miner
Prime, Henry S. - laborer  160 acres
Rankin, Andrew J. - laborer
Richards, Reese - farmer
Ridgeway, E. W. - laborer
Rogers, William B. - farmer
Shumway, B. E. - stockraiser  520 acres
Shumway, George - farmer
Shumway, M. Mrs. - 640 acres
Shumway, Nathan - farmer
Siebert, Charles - laborer
Small, John - farmer
Summers, J. H. - Jones & Summers
Thibault, E. Mrs.
Tuneson, A. L. - stockraiser  960 acres
Vadney, Milton - dairyman
Vallier, Alfred A. - farmer
Williams, W. R. - 160  acres
York, J. C. - hotel,  stockraiser,  farmer,  dairyman
Young, John P. - mechanic

A post office, in the southeastern part of the county.  Freight for this point is shipped to Reno, Nev.  Express matter to Janesville.

Adams, Wellington - laborer
Andrus, W. F. - stagedriver
Bass, Ed. - stockraiser
Bell, J. C. - farmer 240 acres
Bennett, Richmond - farmer
Benoist, John - farmer
Boyd, George - lumberman
Bull, Benjamin - sheepraiser
Cannon, Wm. M. - carpenter
Cashman, Samuel - 640 acres
Cole, Amos J. - laborer
Crosby, James - laborer
DeWitt,  K. A. Mrs. - school teacher
Disch, Henry - farmer 320 acres
Downing, Samuel - gardener 160 acres
Downing, Samuel N. - farmer
Doyle, James - farmer 440 acres
Doyle, John E. - farmer
Doyle, S. A. - gen mdse & postmaster
Doyle, Thomas B. - stockraiser
Epstein, A. G. - farmer
Epstein, Joseph M. - machinist
Forkner, Albert - sheepraiser
Forkner, Charles A. - sheepraiser
Glasscock, George W. - farmer 160 acres
Grass, Leonard - farmer 160 acres
Hay, Addison J. - laborer
Hay, Colwell J. - farmer
Hostetter, Frank - farmer
Lawson, Wade - laborer
Lindsey, F. H. - stockraiser  160 acres
Loomis, C. A. - sawmill
Marty, C. - dairyman 244 acres
McCarthy, John H. - stage driver
McDermott, James - stockraiser  577 acres
Monahan, Patrick C. - laborer
Nowells, Addison G. - laborer
Parker, George F. - 327 acres
Parker, William - 400 acres
Post, L. B. - farmer
Ragen, Patrick - laborer
Raker, George - farmer
Raker, William - farmer
Renfrow, Jasper - laborer
Rice, C. S. - farmer
Rice, George - farmer
Rice, Joshua B. - farmer
Roberts, S. M. - hotelkeeper
Sifford, W. H. - farmer 80 acres
Skinner, Homer - farmer
Skinner, M. - physician,  farmer
Squires, Robert L. - laborer
Stevens, James - farmer
True, Thaxter - blacksmith, wagon maker
Tyler, Jerry - farmer 320 acres
VanCleave, Arthur M. - laborer
Vannetter, Frank - carpenter
Washburn, H. I. - painter 160 acres
Washburn, L. B. - farmer 258 acres
Wemple, Joseph C. - farmer, county supervisor,  500 acres
Whiting D. P. - apple raiser 320 acres
Wilbur, F. A. - farmer 120 acres
Williams, E. A. - superintendent schools
Williams, E. A. Mrs. - school teacher
Woolen, J. R. - farmer 240 acres

MISSOURI BEND (See Susanville)


OAK GROVE (See Milford)


Post Office, Adin, Modoc Co.

Brown, Charles  - farmer
Chase, John G. - farmer
Hendricks, Henry C. - stockraiser
Hoyt, Robert C. - farmer/stockraiser
Parault, A. - farmer,  sheepraiser
Parrish, Frank P. - stockraiser
Parrish, Joseph F. - farmer
Parrish, William B. - stockraiser
Purdham, F. - farmer
Robb, John A. - mechanic
Sains, Lewis M. - teamster
Stratton, Charles M. - laborer
Witt, Thomas  - stockraiser

RICHMOND (See Susanville)

RIVERSIDE (See Susanville)

SECRET VALLEY (See Susanville)

SOLDIER BRIDGE (See Janesville)

The county seat of Lassen county, is situated about one hundred and fifty miles northeast from Sacramento, and ninety- five miles northwest from Reno, Nevada.  The location itself is a peculiarly attractive one, lying as it does just at the base of the Sierra Nevadas, where the mountains give way abruptly to a comparatively level plateau and an unobstructed view over thirty miles is obtained, including almost the entire expanse of the Susan River Valley.  The river itself rises in the mountains west of the town, flows past on the south side, thence in a southeasterly direction to its mouth, some twenty-five miles distant where it empties into Honey Lake.  For about half of this distance (that part adjacent to Susanville) the land is thickly settled; small farms, well built and attractive residences, and large and commodious barns and outbuildings being the rule.  The remaining portion of the valley will, with irrigation, unquestionably develop as well.  The United States Land Office, located at this place, shows a record of 1694 cash, 1279 final homestead and 73 final desert entries, and there still remains within the limits of this district much valuable timber lands open to claimants, as well as so rated desert land which only needs irrigation to bring it up to a standard in fertility which will compare favorably with any land of the State.  Susanville has one newspaper, The Lassen Advocate, weekly, which is the official county paper.  It is ably conducted by Messrs, McKinsey & Hayden,  proprietors.  The school facilities of the town are fully up to the times; the Methodists and Congregationalists have fine and commodious church buildings, and the organizations are well sustained.  Its hotel accommodations are amply provided for in two hotels, the Johnston House, a well conducted establishment, kept by Messrs, Dowling & Myers, being worthy of special mention, and among its business interests may be specially noted the Lassen Mills, with a capacity of forty-five barrels of flour per day, which is kept constantly running.  Outside communications are had by daily stage line to Reno, twenty miles of this route on the end next to Reno being by rail.  Two other lines are run during seven months of the year, one to a connection with the California and Northern Railroad to Oroville, and the other to Chico, connecting at that point with rail to all parts of the State.  It has a money order post office, and Wells, Fargo & Co's Express.

Able & Archibald - farmers
Able, Lansing J. - Able & Archibald
Adams, Isaac - farmer 160 acres
Adams, Napoleon B. - laborer
Adams, William W. - laborer
Alexander, John T. - farmer
Alexander, Julius - Blum & Alexander
Alexander, Abraham - Blum & Alexander res Martinez
Alexander, Samuel G. - farmer 320 acres
Alverson, Cary S. - County Surveyor, & U.S. Deputy Surveyor
Antelope Gold & Silver Mining Co.
Anthony, John D. - miner
Archibald, Charles H. - Able & Archibald
Armstrong, Daniel D. - butcher with J. W. Glasscock
Armstrong, E. Mrs. - farmer 160 acres
Armstrong, James A. - laborer
Armstrong, John A. - hostler with D. Houk
Armstrong, Thomas J. - farmer
Arnold, Alexander T. - proprietor Water Works, fruitraiser 79 acres
Arnold, Isaac N. - with A. T. Arnold
Arnold, Leroy D. - planing mill
Arnold, Leroy N. - miner
Arrowsmith, Henry - clerk
Asher, Morris - Greehn & Asher
Asher, Wm. - clerk with Greehn & Asher
Bagin, Patrick - farmer 188 acres
Bagwell, James W. - woodchopper
Bangham, E. G. - farmer 187 acres
Bantley, Antone - farmer 760 acres
Barber, Joseph B. - laborer
Basil, George - carpenter
Baxter, George W. - farmer
Baxter, John - horseraiser
Benjamin, Charles  - farmer
Benjamin, F. J.  - farmer 80 acres
Benjamin, W. M. - farmer
Bennett, Herbert - barber with Benjamin Hamilton
Bereman, Henry- saloon & billiards
Bergstrom, John - miner
Bird, Cecil - architect
Bishop, M. C. - farmer 320 acres
Blake, J. C. - Justice of the peace, farmer, gardener 160 acres
Blakesley, Charles W. - laborer
Blum & Alexander - gen msde, stoves, & tinware
Blum, Simon - Blum & Alexander res Martinez
Bogard, John J. - sheepraiser 160 acres
Bonyman, Edward - stockraiser  22 1/2 acres
Borette, John S. - farmer
Branham, James - agent Wells, Fargo, & Co., notary public, insurance agent
Branham & McDow - quartz mill & mine
Brashear, W. S. - road overseer
Bridges, Joseph M. - carpenter
Brockman, William - farmer 280 acres
Brodwell, Jacob - farmer 320 acres
Brophy, Charles C. - saloon
Brown, Samuel A. - teamster
Buck, John W. - sheephearder
Burges, Thomas L. - laborer
Burnie, Alexander - saloon
Burnie, C. N. - saloon
Burris, W. - farmer 320 acres
Bynon, Jos. R. - miner
Cadle, J. F. - foreman Lawrence & Nelson sawmill res Greenville
Cahlan, John - Scholl & Cahlan
Cain & Glasscock - butchers
Cain, J. R. - constable & cattle dealer
Cain, Mollie Miss - school teacher
Cain, W. M. - farmer 525 acres
Carter, Oscar L. - laborer
Cavanaugh, Michael - herder
Chamberlin, Philander - Chamberlin & Titherington, & physician
Chamberlin & Titherington - bee raisers
Chapman, George W. - laborer
Clark, Walker B. - farmer
Coalman, James C.
Cohn, Bros. - gen mdse
Cohn, Jacob - Cohn Bros.
Cohn, Simon - Cohn Bros.
Coldthruth, Isaac - farmer
Cole & Clark - farmers
Cole, Conrad - miner
Cole, Jesse - Cole & Clark
Coleman, Jane Mrs. - seamstress with Mrs. J. H. Slater
Collins, Charles C. - laborer
Conkey, Albert - farmer
Conkey, Amos - laborer
Conkey, Elizabeth Mrs. - farmer 160 acres
Cooper, J. F. - farmer
Copple, D. E. - barber
Connell, H. C. - farmer 42 acres
Coulthirst, Isaac - farmer 130 acres
Coulthirst, M. J. Mrs. - farmer 70 acres
Cowles, Harlan P. - lumberman
Craig, Milton - teamster
Craig, Rulif - laborer
Cummins, A. B. - carriage & sign painter
David, F. L. - farmer
Davie, John L. - farmer
Davis, John C. - farmer 160 acres
Davis, Richard L. - school teacher
DeForest, A. E. - farmer 320 acres
DeForest, G. E. & C. - farmers 320 acres
DeForest, Henry L. - farmer
DeMars, Isaac - miner
Dempster, James - dentist
Detrick, Edward L. - tinner with Blum & Alexander
DeWitt, Arthur F. - farmer
Dexter Stable - D. Houk proprietor
Dibble, S. C. - supervisor
Dobbins, Frank - bartender Johnston House
Dobyns, M. A. Mrs. - farmer 160 acres
Dodge, E. R. - District Attorney
Dornin, Franklin B. - laborer
Dowling, David A. - Dowling & Myers
Dowling & Myers -  proprietors Johnston House
Doyle, Otis - school teacher
Drenon, Jackson C. - laborer
Duncan, John W. - teacher music
Dungan, Elmer - laborer
Dungan, James - laborer
Dunn, Daniel - farmer
Durkee, Joseph - farmer
Eaves, Ambrose - physician & surgeon
Edwards, D. A. - farmer
Edwards, William H. - farmer
Elledge, Frank M. - carpenter
Elledge, James - laborer
Elledge, John R. - sheepraiser
Elwood, Robert - sheepraiser
Evans, Morgan E.
Fischer, Fabian - clerk with Cohn Bros.
Fiske, Solon H. - laborer
Fitzell, Henry G. - farmer
Forkner, Charles - deputy Sheriff
Fox, Charles L. - laborer
Fox, Samuel - teamster
Freeman, J. C. - farmer
Frost, L. L. - correspondent
Gardner, Wm. C. - sheepherder
Garrett, Charles L. - blacksmith
Garrett, John P. - farmer 240 acres
Gaskill, Caleb - laborer
Gates, R. F. - sheepraiser 320 acres
Gehring, John P. -saddler with C. M. Stoll
Gilman, Jerome A. - furniture & bedding, 80 acres
Glasscock, J. W. - butcher
Glasscock, J. W. Mrs. - millinery & dressmaking
Goering, Henry - cooper
Goumaz, P. J. - farmer/stockraiser  483.23 acres
Gowenlock, Robert - real estate
Grabel, Joseph T. - lumberman
Graham, Byron - hostler Empire Stables
Grass, F. S. - farmer
Grass, Josiah - farmer
Greehn & Asher - gen msde, stoves, & tinware
Greehn, Hattie Miss - dressmaker with Mrs. J. H. Slater
Greehn, William - Greehn & Asher 320 acres
Greenville Bottling Works - J. R. Murray proprietor branch at Susanville
Gross, Franklin - speculator
Groton, W. D. - physician & surgeon
Hale, Joseph - saloonkeeper
Haley, James - farmer
Hall, C. E. - butcher
Hall, Ezra B. - farmer
Hall, Joseph - speculator
Hall, Samuel R. - farmer
Hall & Snyder - proprietors Lassen Mills
Hall, S. R. - gen mdse
Hall, William H. - Hall & Snyder, 160  acres
Hall, Wright P. - register U. S. Land Office, farmer/stockraiser, wooldealer 932 acres
Halpine, John - painter
Hamilton, Benjamin - barber shop & baths
Hanson, John A. - photographer
Harbin, J. B. - teamster
Harbin, Wm. - teamster
Harris, Wm. A. - blacksmith
Harrold, Josiah - miner
Harrison, Dennis A. - stockraiser
Harrison, Geo. W. - carpenter  271 acres
Harrison, S. N. - musician
Harrison, W. R. - speculator
Hart, C. F. - farmer 160 acres
Hart, Jefferson - teamster
Hayden, E. W. - McKinsey & Hayden
Heckart, Frank A. - laborer
Heaps, Mary - widow, realestate
Heller, David - bookkeeper with Blum & Alexander
Hendrick, J. W. - farmer 362 acres
Higgins, John A. - laborer
Hines, Fred. - farmer
Holmes, Nathaniel - farmer
Horne, Frank E. - farmer/stockraiser  1529 acres
Hosselkus, John W. - farmer, stonemason, 320  acres
Houk, D. - proprietor Dexter Stable
Howell, Oscar - carpenter
Hughes, Henry - farmer
Hulsman, Frederick W. - painter
Hulsman, John F. - farmer 800 acres
Huntsinger, Benjamin F. - farmer
Huntsinger, Wm. C. - laborer
Hyer, D. C. - books, stationary, & varieties, asst. postmaster, Co. Treasurer
Jennison, Albert B. - miner
Jensen, Jurgen - farmer
Jensen, Judd - farmer 160 acres
Jenison, William H. - T. N. Long & Co.
Johnson,  David - farmer 130 acres
Johnson, Florence - domestic Steward House
Johnson, Samuel - painter
Johnston, Chester - farmer
Johnston, Frank - farmer
Johnston House - Dowling & Myers proprietors
Johnston, Martha M. Mrs. - farmer 160 acres
Johnston, Robert - farmer 160 acres
Jones,  Mrs. - boarding
Jones, Isaac M. - farmer
Kelley, Clarence G. - attorney at law 160 acres
Kelley, G. F. Mrs. - widow farmer 880 acres
Kelley, John D. - Kelley & Winchell
Kelley, Seth - farmer
Kelley & Winchell - stockraisers
Keyes, Jerome - farmer
Kingsbury, Edward - farmer 160 acres
Knoch, David - capitalist  690 acres
Langley, H. C. Rev. - pastor Congregational Church
LaPoint, Frank - laborer
Lassen Advocate - weekly, McKinsey & Hayden  proprietors
Lassen County Land & Cattle Co. - John H. Marker superintendent
Lassen Mills - flouring Hall & Snyder  proprietors
Lawrence, C. H. - Lawrence & Nelson
Lawrence & Nelson - sawmills, & 10,000 ft capacity, 7mi w. Susanvanville
Lawrence, Thomas K. - sheepraiser
Lawson, Charles - farmer, teamster  340 acres
Lawson, George W. - painter
Lawton, Benjamin F. - stockraiser
Leakey, Jeremiah M. - Sheriff
Leavitt, Benjamin  H. - farmer 480 acres
Leonard, J. G. - dentist, branch office Quincy
Litch, Joseph - farmer
Liter, Abram L. - farmer
Littlejohn, Thomas J. - farmer
Loder, John W. - carpenter & stockman
Long, Allen J. - farmer
Long, George B. - farmer
Long, John T. - farmer, sheepraiser
Long, M. E. Mrs. - farmer 192 acres
Long, Thomas N. - T. N. Long & Co.; County Supervisor
Long, T. N. & Co. - hardware, groceries
Long, W. B. - farmer
Lowe, Stephen B. - farmer
Lute, Nicholas - farmer 170 acres
Luther, Nathan P. - moulder
Lynch, Joseph - miner
Lysinger, E. L. Mrs. - school teacher
Lysinger, H. C. - farmer 160 acres
Maltby, J. E. - bartender with C. W. Burnie
Mapes, Ira C. - farmer
Marker, John H. - superintendent Lassen County Land & Cattle Co.
Marker, Julius P. - bookkeeper
Marsteller, Massillon - attorney at law, collector & Superior Judge
Mason, Robert B. - miner
Masten, John  - farmer
Masten, W. T. - County Clerk
Maxwell, Jefferson H. - farmer 280 acres
McClellan, W. M. - farmer, fruitraiser, 150 acres
McColm, James D. - millhand, Lassen Mills
McCormick, Wm. D. - laborer
McCrimmon, Alexander - blacksmith, wagonmaker
McDiamid, Chauncey - farmer
McDow, L. D. - Branham & McDow,  16 acres
McElroy, Frank C. - farmer
McElroy, John J. - farmer
McGlinchey, Mamie Miss - school teacher
McGranhan, Geo. L. - laborer
McKinsey, Andrew J. - farmer
McKinsey & Hayden -  proprietors Lassen Advocate
McKinsey, Samuel N. - McKinsey & Hayden
McKissick, Howard - stockraiser
McKissick, John B. & Daniel - farmers/stockraisers  600 acres
McKissick, John P. - farmer
McLeod, D. - bootmaker
McLeod, Kenneth - carriage painter & wagonmaker
Merrill, A. P. - teacher music
Merrill, Charles A. - farmer
Merrill, Charles H. - laborer
Miles, Thomas R. - stockraiser
Miller, Andrew - farmer 46 acres
Miller, Orlando C. - farmer
Miller, Philip - tinner with Greehn & Asher
Minckler, William D. - postmaster
Moll, Herman - farmer
Montgomery, Thomas - capitalist
Moody, Daniel R. - master mariner
Moody, Robert F. - physician, watchmaker, jeweler, & druggist
Moore, Charles W. - farmer 260 acres
Morgan, C. H. - sheepraiser
Moulton, D. L. - stockraiser
Moyer, David - laborer
Murray, James - fruitraiser
Murray, J. R. - soda manufacturer, branch of  Greenville Bottling Works, res Greenville
Myers, Albert - farmer
Myers, Cyrus R. - blacksmith with A. McCrimmon 160 acres
Myers, Jacob - Dowling & Myers
Myers, Philip - farmer 640 acres
Myers, Zebulon M. - farmer
Nathan, Marcus - Nathan & Schmidt
Nathan & Schmidt - gen mdse
Nathan, Sol. - clerk with Nathan & Schmidt
Neely, Walter - laborer
Neff, Henry - miner
Nelson Bros. - farmers 120 acres
Nelson, George J. - Nelson Bros.
Nelson, Larsen - Lawrence & Nelson res Greenville
Nelson, Luis - miller
Nelson, William H. - Nelson Bros.
Newhouse, Henry - 300 acres
Newington, J. H. - teamster
Newton, Eli - farmer
Nixon, Charles - druggist
Northrop, Edwin C. - clerk with Blum & Alexander
Norton, James L. - laborer
Osterman, Peter H. - painter
Otto, Albert - A. Otto & Son
Otto, Anthony - blacksmith
Otto, A. & Son - blacksmiths & wagon makers
Otto, Fred. - blacksmith with A. Otto & Son
Page, John S. - blacksmith
Partridge, H. E. Mrs. - widow, real estate
Pedroni, Philipo - watchmaker & jeweler
Peregoy, Bernard P. - bricklayer
Perkins, J. R. - farmer & sheepraiser, 280 acres
Peyser, Abraham L. - D. Peyser & Brother
Peyser,  D. & Brother - gen Variety Bazar, furnishing goods, etc.
Peyser, David - D. Peyser & Brother
Peyser, Samuel -  proprietor Steward House
Phillips, M. - variety peddler
Pickard, Edward - compositor Lassen Advocate
Pollard, J. D. - laborer
Pollard, John G. - miner
Postmaster - William D. Minckler
Powers, William P. - woodcutter, 40 acres
Pyle, Thomas - carpenter
Raker, George F. - miner
Raker, John E. - student with E. V. Spencer
Ramsey, Thomas A. - farmer
Ranker, Otto P. - farmer
Richardson, E. Mrs. - farmer
Richter, L. E. - sewing machine agent
Riddle, George - farmer 320 acres
Ridenour, David W. - sheepraiser 292  acres
Ridenour, Timothy D. - farmer
Ridgeway, C. C. - farmer 140 acres
Ridgeway, James D. - farmer
Riley, George - sheepraiser
Robertini, James - brewer
Roby, Joshua C. - surveyor
Rodman, Asa B. - laborer
Rountree, Jane Mrs. - restaurant
Ruff, John - dairyman
Runge, Frank -  proprietor Susanville Brewery
Rupert, Henry - farmer
Sampson, C. A. - steamfitter
Sanders, F. Mrs. - varieties
Sanders, J. B. - fruitraiser
Sanders, L. - gen mdse
Sanders, Plumas - compositor Lassen Advocate
Sanders, T. B. - carpenter
Sayles, George W. - farmer 181 acres
Schmitt, Jacob W. -  proprietor Schmitt's Hotel
Schmidt, Joseph - Nathan & Schmidt res San Francisco
Scholl, Peter D. - farmer
Scholl & Cahlan - farmers 280 acres
Scholl, Wallace W. - Scholl & Cahlan  360 acres
Scottini, Innocent - farmer 320 acres
Sellick, James - farmer 240 acres
Shaw, Clarence W. - farmer
Shepperd, Charles C. - farmer
Sherer, Josiah - farmer, dairyman 1400 acres
Shinn, A. L. - District Attorney
Shinn, Allen - farmer
Shinn, John W. - farmer
Shirley, Thomas L. W. - farmer
Shuler, Adolph R. - farmer
Shumway, Emerson B. - farmer 160 acres
Sirley, Jos. - wagonmaker
Sifford, H. - farmer 240 acres
Skadan, H. A. -  proprietor Empire Livery Stable
Slater, J. H. - deputy County Clerk
Slater, J. H. Mrs. - millinery & dressmaking
Smith,  A. A. - land agent, conveyancer & surveyor
Smith, C. E. - farmer
Smith, Isaac - stockraiser
Smith, Jacob W. - brewer
Smith, Jessie Miss - school teacher
Smith, J. M. - stockraiser
Smith, L. S. - money order clerk post office
Snadan, Geo. - vaquero, farmer 160 acres
Snyder, Henry - Hall & Snyder 210 acres
Soule, E. P. - Arnold & Soule
Spalding, John B. - Z. N. Spalding & Son
Spalding, Z. N. & Son - druggists
Spalding, Z. N. - Z. N. Spalding & Son,   physician
Spencer, Edgar - carpenter
Stenzel, August - gardener
Spencer, E. V.- attorney at law
Stevens, Abijah M. - farmer
Stewart, Isaac M. - farmer
Stifford, Henry - farmer
Stifford, Thomas F. - farmer
Stiles, Alice Mrs. - school teacher
Stiles, L. C. - capitalist,  stockraiser  40 acres
Stinson, Walter C. - stockraiser
Stoll, Charles M. - manufacturer & dealer, harness & saddles, carriage trimmer
Stout, Cornelius - carpenter
Stout, Daniel B. - laborer
Stout, Neil - carpenter
Stresly, Madison - miner
Strong, Frank S. - butcher with J. W. Glasscock
Sugro, Michael - farmer
Sultan, Hyman - clerk with Greehn & Asher
Susanville Brewery - Frank Runge  proprietor
Sylvester, Azel U. - farmer
Taylor, Edmund J. - farmer
Theodore, John - farmer 1500 acres
Thibault, Louis - teamster
Thomas, David E. - laborer
Thomas, Thurston - butcher
Tithrington, Al. - farmer
Tithrington, David - Chamberlin & Tithrington
Todd, John B. - farmer
Todd, John F. - farmer
Todd, Joseph B. - farmer
Trotter, Samuel B. - blacksmith
Trussell, James - farmer
U.S. Land Office - W. P. Hall register, F. G. Ward receiver
Utterback, Jefferson - teamster
Valentine, Charles A. - mechanic
VanLoan, Elmer - farmer/stockraiser  320 acres
VanNorton, Joseph - farmer
Vickers, Edward L. - school teacher
Vogt, Henry - lumberman
Vogt, John H. - farmer 160 acres
Vogt, Peter H. - farmer, sawmill  520 acres
Ward, Frank G. - receiver U.S. Land Office
Ware, Andrew J. - farmer
Watson, Thomas - capitalist,  real estate, farmer 960 acres
Weisenberg, Bemoist - farmer
Wells, Fargo, & Co's Express - Jas. Branham agent
West, Wm. H. - farmer
Wheeler, D. C. - farmer, sheepraiser 160 acres
Wheeler, Wm. P. - farmer
White, John N. - farmer,  teamster
Willard, Edwin - laborer
Willard, Georgie Miss
Williams, Jefferson L. - farmer
Williams, Morgan - carpenter & joiner
Williams, S. S. - farmer 172 acres
Winchell, Hiram - Kelley & Winchell
Winchester, Elliott - farmer 160 acres
Winchester, Lorenzo E. - farmer, teamster
Winslow, Asa C. - farmer
Winters, George - farmer/stockraiser  450 acres
Wisenburg, Benjamin  - laborer
Wood, Allen - farmer 120 acres
Wood, Benjamin - Wood Bros.
Wood Bros. - farmers 80 acres
Wood, Dennis - stockraiser
Wood, James - Wood Bros.
Wood, James H. - cattle dealer
Wood, Jeremiah - hotelman
Wood, John C. - stockraiser & dealer
Wood, Thomas F. - cattle dealer
Woods, B. B. - farmer
Woodstock, Loyal - farmer 160 acres
Wooldridge, Jesse - farmer 300 acres
Worm, A. W. - bootmaker 9 acres
Worthen, William - farmer 160 acres
Wright, C. A. Mrs. - farmer 160 acres
Wright, Isaac S. - farmer
Yanner, George - laborer
Zaspel, Rudolph T. - farmer
Zimmerman, Fred W. - laborer


WILLOW CREEK (See Merrillville)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
History of Lassen County, CA From 1885 Directory

This county is situated in the northeastern part of the State, being the second county from the north in the eastern tier.  It is bounded on the north by Modoc county, on the east by the State of Nevada, on the south by Plumas, and on the west by Shasta and Plumas counties; contains an area of about five thousand square miles, and ranks in this respect as the eighth county of the State.  The topography is uniform in character with the mountain counties of the State; flanked on the sough and west by the main chain of the Sierra Nevadas, the surface of the country gradually becomes less rugged and broken as it falls away to the east, detached mountain ranges, smaller in character, breaking away from the range proper, together with isolated mountains, cuts the county into many valleys, large and small.  Intersecting these valleys fine streams of cool, clear water exist, rising from mountain springs in which fish, principally the California trout, are found in abundant numbers.  Numerous lakes dot the surface, some of which are large enough to deserve distinctive notice.  Honey Lake, the largest, situated in the southeastern part of the county, is fully one hundred miles in circumference, and has an average depth of about eight feet.  The water of this lake is alkaline, and uninhabitable for trout, although certain species of white fish of an eatable quality are quite plentiful.  The lake has no apparent outlet, and the disposal of the great volume of water it receives still remains a mooted question, the advocates of the evaporation theory being strongly contested by others who forcibly assert the existence of a subterranean outlet.  To the northwest of Honey Lake and about twenty-five miles distant, Eagle Lake is found, entirely different in character from Honey Lake, its waters being cool, clear and fresh, abundantly stocked with splendid fish of all descriptions, and the home of many species of wild fowl.  It is fifteen miles long by about seven and a half wide.  Like Honey Lake, it has no apparent outlet, but about a mile from it to the southeast large springs, which continually pour forth great quantities of water, are logically thought to derive their supply from the lake.  Horse Lake, an alkaline sheet, about three miles long by two wide, lies about twelve miles northeast of Eagle Lake.  The Swan or Feather Lakes, a group in all about eight miles in length by four in width, situated forty miles northwest of Susanville, and Lassen Lake, in the extreme northeastern part of the county, completes the list of the most important.  The last two are of fresh water, and well stocked in fish.

In climate, Lassen challenges comparison with any part of the State or of the country at large.  The lowest of its vallies lies at an altitude of from thirty-five hundred to four thousand feet above the sea, insuring perfect immunity from all malarial impurities, and although the temperature occasionally reaches to nearly 100 degrees, which is its extreme limit, the dryness of the atmosphere enables one to endure it as easily as a temperature of 75 or 80 degrees in the Eastern States.  In the winters, the snow falls to a considerable depth in the mountains, and remains on the ground in many places to even as late as July, but in the vallies and foothills scarcely a winter occurs, in which for the whole season stock is able to range at will, requiring no feed save that which they find for themselves.

The mining developments have thus far only given an index of the possibilities within the reach of an enterprising and comprehensive investment of capital.  Up to the present time but three districts, known as the Antelope in the extreme southern, the Lassen in the southwestern, and the Hayden Hill districts in the northern central portion of the county, have been worked to any considerable extent, and these only upon the capital taken from the mines themselves, not a dollar, it is said, having come from the outside.  The Hayden Hill district, by far the leading locality of the county, yielded a gross product for the years 1881 and 1882 of $260,00, and when it is remembered that the companies are still using the most primitive milling processes, by which the owners are claiming that a loss of at least 40 per cent. occurs, it will be at once apparent that in these mines a profitable source of investment may be found.

In its agricultural growth, Lassen county may be said to be  yet in its infancy; in 1880, out of a total of 200,000 acres of arable land, as shown by the assessment rolls, but 20,800 acres were under cultivation.  A large part of all the vallies are susceptible of cultivation, and with irrigation the whole can be made available.  To this end various irrigating schemes have been projected, the principal of which, the Lassen Flume and Land Company, is now well under way.

The timber supply of the county, which is most abundant, consisting principally of pine, spruce and fir, has as yet been scarcely tapped, there being at present no market, save that made by home consumption, but with the completion of the Nevada and Oregon Railroad, which is now in process of construction, a market can be reached in Nevada which will prove a wonderful stimulus to this industry.

The population of the is now about four thousand.  The total value of all the property of the county, according to the assessment rolls of 1883, was $1,833,540, of which real estate and improvements amounts to $836,266, city and town lots and improvements $114,215, and personal property $880,659.

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