Modoc County, CA
1885 Directory
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This town, having post and express offices, is situated in the east end of Big Valley, in the southwestern part of the county, forty miles southwest of Alturas, the county seat, and one hundred and twenty-four miles northeast of Redding, its nearest railroad connection.  It is business center for the trade of the northern end of the valley, or rather all that part which lies in Modoc, and is making permanent progress in the erection of substantial buildings.  The principal interests are farming, dairying and stockraising.  The two boasts of one newspaper.  The Adin Argus (weekly) a hotel, flouring mill, planing mill, livery stable, drug store and several establishments of other characters, and in all of its aspects is a bright and enterprising a town as can be found in Northeastern California.  Stage connections are had daily with Alturas and Redding.  The flouring mill here, built at a cost of $8000, is run by water power, and has a capacity of forty barrels per day.  It manufactures a superior quality of flour, feed, etc.  The planing mill, also a water power, has improved machinery and manufactures most of the doors, sashes, etc., used in the vicinity.

Abernethy, Paschal - laborer
Adin Argus, The -  proprietor S. A. Wilson
Arnett, John W. - teamster 320 acres
Ashbaugh, Andrew J. - farmer
Auble, Montgomery - gen mdse
Ballewig, John G. - farmer
Barber, Jonathan W. - wood chopper
Barnes, John W. - carpenter
Barrett, Charles - hostler
Bath, Benjamin - stockraiser
Bath, John - stockraiser  360 acres
Bath, John F. - farmer
Bedford, J. M. - saloon
Bennefield, Willis W. - farmer
Bennett, David J. - teamster
Bennett, G. W. - farmer
Bennett, J. M. - agent Stage Line
Berkley, Lewis W. - blacksmith
Bigham, Lewis S. - saloon keeper
Blake, John B. - butcher
Blaske, A. - druggist, dealer gen mdse,  160 acres
Bofinger, Charles A. -  Bofinger & Kilian
Bofinger & Kilian -  Adin brewery & saloon
Bouchard, John - Bouchard & Lapoint  80 acres
Bouchard & Lapoint - Adin Flour mills
Boxall, Nellie Miss - dressmaker
Briscoe, W. J. - stockraiser  600 acres
Brown, John A. - attorney at law
Buckhorn Saloon - George S. Henderson proprietor
Burrill, W. H. - Stevens & Burrill
Cady, Frederick R.
Cannon, Mahlon - stockraiser
Cantrell, William - farmer
Cantrell, W. C. - bookkeeper with Roseberry, Harvey, & Co.
Cantrell, William H. - school teacher
Carpenter, Lucius C. - farmer
Chase, James M. - painter
Chilson, Benjamin T. - jeweler
Chisholm, Grace Mrs. - stockraiser  160 acres
City Hotel - J. C. McCowan  proprietor
Clampitt, Richard - money lender
Clark, Richard B. - butcher
Clenford, John M. - laborer
Cohen, Louis - Capitalist
Cook, Hezekiah - laborer
Cooper, Thomas B. - stockraiser
Depp, John - stockraiser
Dibble, S. C. - stockraiser  600 acres
Dobbs, Enoch - farmer
Dunbar, William A. - laborer
Dunn, John W. - farmer
Dyson, William J. - farmer
Eades, Andrew J. - farmer
Eades, Isom - farmer
Finegan, David - farmer/stockraiser
Fite, Frederick L. - blacksmith with A. C. Starr
Folston, J. H. - stockraiser  400 acres
Freeborne, A. D. - stockraiser
Fuller, Henry H. - blacksmith
Gerlack, Adam - farmer
Griffith, Nathaniel - farmer
Groves, Elsley W. - carpenter
Gregg, Andrew  - stockraiser  320 acres
Groves, Jerome C. - Groves & Wilson
Groves, John R. - farmer
Groves & Wilson - planing mill, manufacturers doors, sash, furniture, etc
Gutznam, Edward A. H. - laborer
Gutznam, Frederick S. - farmer
Haines, George W. - wagon maker
Hall, Calvin H. - millman
Hall, H. F. - physician & surgeon
Harbert, William F. - farmer
Harper, R. A. - farmer
Harris, Lewis W. - teamster
Harvey, Thomas J. - teamster
Harvey, Thomas M. - blacksmith, wagon maker
Harvey, William Z. - blacksmith
Hatton, Augustus C. - farmer
Hatton, C. Techmaker - farmer
Hatton, Odon G. - farmer
Henderson, George S. - proprietor Buckhorn saloon
Higgins, Curtis A. - farmer
Hill, George - farmer
Hill, H. G. - school teacher
Hill, Thomas D. - farmer
Hill, Thurston - farmer
Hill, William O. - stockraiser
Hillman & Co.  - stockraiser  880 acres
Hillman, Isaiah - Hillman & Co.
Hillman, Robert - Hillman & Co.
Holbrook, John - stockraiser
Holbrook, Jonathan - farmer
Howard, James A. - postmaster
Howell, George W. - farmer
Hubbard, Bela C. - carpenter
Hubbard, Stephen R. - farmer
Huston, John C. - farmer
Iverson, I. - Knudson & Iverson
Johnson, Eli B. - farmer
Johnson, Eli B. Jr. - farmer
Johnson, John H. - laborer
Kasper, Frederick - farmer
Kelley, C. W. - farmer
Kellogg, E. - farmer 160 acres
Kennedy, Martin - farmer
Kesselring, Francis M. - farmer
Kilian, Joseph - Bofinger & Kilian
Knight, George H. - Roseberry, Harvey, & Co. & deputy Co. clerk
Knight, Joseph W. - clerk with Roseberry, Harvey, & Co.
Knudson, Andrew - Knudson & Iverson
Knudson & Iverson - farmers
Kranish, Anna Mrs. - stockraiser
Lapoint, Fernand - lumberman
Lapoint, Gonzague L. - Bouchard & Lapoint,  proprietor steam sawmill 160 acres
Lewis, J. C. - Roseberry, Harvey, & Co.
Lind, Charles E. - boot maker
London, John M. - constable
Lonkey, Xavier - mill hand with Bouchard & Lapoint
Lorans, Christian - farmer
Lowry, D. Homer - laborer
Marple, Robert W. - stockraiser  309 acres
Massingill, William A. - Roseberry, Harvey, & Co.
McClellan, C. P. - farmer/stockraiser  320 acres
McClellan, I. C. Rev. - stockraiser  160 acres
McCluer, James T. - farmer
McCluer, Thomas - farmer
McCluer, Thomas H. B. - farmer
McCluer, W. H. - farmer
McCluer, William A. - farmer
McClure, Charles A. - farmer
McCowan, James C. -  proprietor City Hotel & Livery Stable
McCoy, Joseph W. - farmer
Metzler, John A. - school teacher
Mitchell, J. H. - groceries
Monwell, Harry - barber
Monwell, H. M. - blacksmith with A. C. Starr
Mooers, Stephen C. - miner
Morgan, James B. - farmer
Morgan, Jesse A. - farmer
Nash, L. A. - farmer
N(F)ave, Martin - paperhanger
Nebeker, Jasper  - teamster
Nebeker, George C. - stockraiser
Nebeker, E. F. Mrs. - Roseberry, Harvey, & Co.
Nelson, Ambrose - farmer
Nelson, Thomas J. - farmer
Nichols, Evert - farmer
Ogden, John - sheepherder
Olmstead, William N. - carpenter
Osborn, Orris M. - farmer
Osborn, Thomas W. - farmer
Osborn, William T. - farmer
Packwood, William - clerk with M. Auble
Peck, John L. - Roseberry, Harvey, & Co. res Hayden Hill
Postmaster - James A Howard
Reid, Alfred - farmer
Reid, James H. - farmer
Reid, John M. - farmer
Renner, Theodore - farmer
Rice, Charles W. - farmer
Rice, George F. H. - farmer
Rice, Thomas J. - farmer
Richardson, John W. - laborer
Robertson, Greenleaf N. -  proprietor hotel & feed stable
Roseberry, Harvey, & Co. - gen mdse & agents Wells, Fargo, & Co
Roseberry, Thomas A. - Roseberry, Harvey, & Co.
Schminck, Hugo - stoves, tin. hardware, plumber
Seybold, George H. - farmer
Seybold, Jesse C. - farmer
Sheldon, Darwin M. - farmer
Sleeper, George W. - auctioneer
Smith, Charles A. - farmer
Southard, Larkin W. - blacksmith
Southard, William H. - blacksmith
Spooner, M. E. - stockraiser
Starr, A. C. - blacksmith, wagon maker, Justice of the peace
Stevens & Burrill - farmer/stockraisers  618 acres
Stevenson, William T. - laborer
Stone, Norton - stockraiser  440 acres
Strarron, G. M. - 840 acres
Studley, B. F. - stockraiser  280 acres
Talbot, Thomas J. - farmer/stockraiser  400 acres
Taylor, James M. - dentist
Totten, Jefferson - farmer
Wadley, Azariah B. - farmer
Waite,  F. M. - teamster
Walker, J. M. - stockraiser  160 acres
Walsh, John E. - stockraiser  160 acres
Waltermire, E. W. - hotel clerk
Warner, William - laborer
Wayman, B. M.  & Bro. - stockraiser  360 acres
Wayman, Benjamin M. - Wayman & Bro.
Wayman, Homer - Wayman & Bro.
Wayman, James D. - stockraiser
Wells Fargo & Co's Agency - Roseberry, Harvey, & Co.
Wheeler, John H. - farmer
Whitley, James W. - farmer
Williams, Henry - farmer
Williamson, Harry S. - dairyman
Wilson, E. M. - editor, The Adin Argus
Wilson, Joseph - stockraiser
Wilson, S. A. - Wilson & Groves, publisher  The Adin Argus
Woodward, Alba S. - laborer

This town, the county seat, is located at the east end of Hot Spring Valley, at the confluence of the north and south forks of the Pitt River.  The location is practically the center of the county and is reached from the east and west by daily stage lines from Redding and Reno, Nev., the distance from Redding being one hundred and sixty-four miles, and from Reno two hundred and seven miles.  The general interests of the surroundings are altogether agricultural, which with the importance given to the place on account of its being the capital of the county has stimulated it into a very material progress.  It business interests are included in three general stores, a large and commodious hotel, and several small mechanical and business establishments.  The town is tastefully laid out and improvements as they are inside are carried on with reference to the future possibilities in Alturas’ career.  A weekly newspaper, The Modoc Independent, published by Mr. D. C. Slater, is the official organ of the county, and is well supported.  The population numbers about 500.

Alturas Lodge No. 222 - A.O.U.W., H. G. Payne M. W.
Alturas Meat Market - Hufford & McLeod  proprietors
Alturas Sash & Door Factory - George O.  proprietor
Baird, Walter L. - laborer
Bangle, Paul M. - farmer
Barnum, Americus V. - farmer
Bayley, Oliver E. - Deputy Sheriff
Bayley, Thomas S. - farmer
Bennett, J. M. - division agent P. C. Stage Co.
Betancourt, Joa - laborer
Bosley, Otto D. - farmer
Bowman, Andrew J. - Combs & Bowman
Bowmer, John C.- attorney at law
Boxall, Nellie Miss - dress maker
Branch Saloon - Jesse D. Spray  proprietor
Brandt, John D. - laborer
Brown, Charles H. - laborer
Brown, H. S. - County Supervisor
Brown, John H. - farmer
Brown, Philander H. - farmer
Brown, Pulaski - farmer
Brown, R. B. - school teacher
Bucher, John - County Supervisor
CA, OR, NV, Stage Line - Eager & Co.  proprietor
Chapin, F. W.- County Supervisor, school teacher
Chapman, F. S. - County Clerk
Claflin, C. L. - Ewing & Claflin, notary public
Colby, George G. - engineer
Cole, William E. - saloon keeper
Coleman, William R. - trader
Combs & Bowman - horse shoers & blacksmith
Combs House - Cook & Olinger proprietors
Combs, W. J. - Combs & Bowman
Congregational Church - Rev. Griffith Griffiths pastor
Conner, Richard L. - farmer
Cook & Olinger - proprietors Combs House
Cook, W. D. - Cook & Olinger
Cooper, Wm. H. - stockraiser
Corcoran, Matthew - laborer
Cox, Alexander - farmer
Cox, Crawford J. - stockraiser
Cox, Milton - farmer
Culver, John B. - proprietor Delta saloon
Cummings & Estes -  proprietors Eureka House
Danhauser, Joseph - farmer
Davis, William - laborer
Day,  John W. - farmer
Day, Richmond - laborer
Dean, Frank E. - farmer
Dean, Thomas R. - stockraiser
Deisenroth, Charles C. - laborer
Delta Saloon - John B. Culver proprietor
Denson, John C. - teamster
Dorris, Vernill T. - laborer
Dotson, James - laborer
Drouillard, Edward - blacksmith
Dunham, M. B. Mrs. - school teacher
Dunn, Charles P. - laborer
Dustin, Fanatus A.  - farmer
Dygert, Wm. G. - mechanic
Eager & Co. -  proprietor CA, OR, NV, Stage Line
Eastin, A. - school teacher
Edwards, Charles R. - laborer
Elmore, Commodore P. - carpenter
Epperson, Daniel B. - laborer
Epperson, J. H. - dentist
Estes, A. B. - school teacher
Eureka House - Cummings & Estes  proprietors
Ewing & Claflin - attorneys at law
Ewing, F. W. - Ewing & Claflin, District Attorney
Ewing, H. Mrs. - milliner, sewing machine agent
Farmers' Feed Livery & Sale Stables - Pratt & Myers  proprietors
Finch, William - stable keeper
Finnegan, D. - stockraiser  154 acres
Fitzgerald, N. - Rine & Fitzgerald
Fitzhugh, Cyrus - laborer
Flournoy, George R. - farmer
Flournoy, Wm. S. - stockraiser
Flournoy, Wm. S. Jr. - farmer
Forrest, J. M. - physician
Frank, Andrew J. - broker
Frank, Joe - Oyster saloon
Frawley, Thomas - farmer
Freed, David - hard finisher
Furguson, A. H. - carpenter
Gault, Thomas L. - mechanic
Gearhart, Clement - trader
Giroux, Abraham - blacksmith
Goodwin, J. D. - Goodwin & McDonald, res Quincy
Goodwin & McDonald - attorney at law
Gooch, E. A. Mrs. - school teacher
Goodrich, George W. - laborer
Greiner, Andrew J. - farmer
Griffths, Griffin Rev. -  pastor Congregational Church
Grubbs, E. P. - school teacher
Guler, Peter - laborer
Hanscom, G. T. - school teacher
Hanson, -- - photographer
Harnett, M. E. Miss - school teacher
Harris, G. F. - Superior Judge
Harris, Lafayette - laborer
Hawkins, Joseph - farmer
Heard, Wm. A. - laborer
Howard, Robert - laborer
Hufford & McLeod -  proprietors Alturas Meat Market
Hufford, Sol. - Hufford & McLeod
Ingels, F. A. - laborer
Isigkeit, Robert - farmer
Jammeson, William - machinist
Jopp, H. O. - Jopp & Martin
Jopp & Martin - gen msde, agricultural implements
Kennedy, Alfred H. - school teacher
Kibbee, Clark - hostler
Kistler Bros. & Co. - gen msde
Laird, J. T. - agent P. C. Stage Co. , druggist
Lauer, Benjamin - clerk
Lauer, Emanuel - flour mill, gen msde
Lauer, Isaac - clerk
Lorenson, Peter - farmer
Loughry, Edward - laborer
Martin, Henry G. E. - Jopp & Martin
Masters, Henry - blacksmith
May, J. J.- attorney at law
McCarter, Jesse L. - farmer
McDonald, J. M.- Goodwin & McDonald
McGrue, Jesse M. - laborer
McKay, G. O. -  proprietor Alturas Sash & Door Factory & coroner
McKinstry, Lee - laborer
McLeod, J. D. - Hufford & McLeod
McMaken, George - laborer
Meyers, A.J. - County assessor
Miller, Maud Miss - school teacher
Mills, D. T. - varieties
Miskel, Michael - teamster
Modoc Independent, The - (weekly) D. C. Slater publisher &  proprietor
Modoc Stables - Ewing & Kemble  proprietors
Moore, William H. - laborer
Morris, George F. - mechanic
Mosher, William R. - printer
Mowberg, August - farmer
Myers, Joseph S. - laborer
Nash, W. D.
Newlin, William T. - stockraiser
Newport, Jesse - farmer
Noah, William R. - farmer
Norcross, William A. - farmer
O'Brien, Dennis - saloon keeper
Olinger, Archibald A. - Cook & Olinger
Overstreet, John A. - laborer
Owen, J. M. Mrs. - milliner, dress maker, sewing machine agent
Pacific Coast Stage Co. - J. M. Bennett division agent, J. T. Laird agent
Parker, Chester R. - farmer
Patterson, George L. - farmer
Payne,  H. G. - County Treasurer
Payne, H. W. - M. W. Alturas Lodge A.O.U.W.
Peck, James R. - horse trainer
Pepperdine, Silas W. - clerk
Pleasants, G. W. - school teacher
Porter, James C. - stockraiser
Pratt & Myers -  proprietors Farmers' Feed, Livery & Sale Stables
Price, Ira W. - hostler
Rachford, C. C. - Sheriff
Renfro, William A. - farmer
Richardson, James
Rine & Fitzgerald - gen mdse
Rine N. B. - Rine & Fitzgerald
Ruse, Aaron H. - stone mason
Russell, Richard M. - engineer
Sapper, J. V. - shoemaker
Schminck, H. - tinner
Schultz, E. - dentist
Sholes, Theodore - machinist
Sigler, Arthur J. - lumberman
Slater, D. C. - publisher &  proprietor The Modoc Independent
Slippey, Jacob - laborer
Smith, Albert A. - surveyor
Smith, Thomas - farmer
Smith, Wilton A. - farmer
Spinck, Halleck - farmer
Spray, Jesse D. -  proprietor Branch Saloon
Stiner, Jessie Mrs. - school teacher
Stone, F. Mrs. - Jeweler
Tanner, Gray W. - mechanic
Terney, Michael J. - horse trainer
Thomas, John B. - stone cutter
Thomason, Michael H. - laborer
Todt, A. F. F. - stockraiser
Trickell, William A. - laborer
Trumbo, George H. - farmer
VanCleave, Solomon M. - teamster
Waddams, Caleb - gunsmith
Wade, James E. - laborer
Wanzer, James A. - dairyman
Warner, Charles S. - blacksmith
Welch, Alice Mrs. - Superintendent Public Schools
Wells, Charles W. - laborer
Whitley, Satchel C. - livery stable
Whittier, W. A. - County Supervisor
Wiley, George F. - laborer
Willeford, Charles A. - farmer
Williams, Fred. - tailor
Willis, Belle Miss - school teacher
Wolf, John - carpenter
Wood, Archibald - stockraiser
Wood, John - wagon maker
Wylie, James - County Supervisor


BIG VALLEY  (See Adin)

A post Office

Collins, John - farmer
Dean, William - laborer
Hess, John M. - farmer
Kane, Martin - laborer
Kelley, Levi S. - stage driver
Pope, Fred. L. - farmer
Reynolds, William C. - laborer
Witcher, William V. - stockraiser

This the most important town of Surprise Valley, is located twenty miles north of the county line, at about the center of the valley.  At this place the main road from Reno divides, one branch passing through a low mountain divide to Alturas, the other continuing north through the valley to Fort Bidwell.  It is supported by a rich and fertile neighborhood, and carries on over half the trade of the valley.  Its business establishments are flourishing and more numerous than are ordinarily found in towns of its size.  Daily stage connection is had with Reno.  Population about two hundred.

Addington, Isaac - teamster
Addington, Jesse L. - farmer
Addington, Joseph W. - farmer
Adkins, Albert - farmer
Alcock, Robert W. - carpenter
Aleshire, Harry F. - clerk
Allen, James C. - farmer
Allenwood, Francis F. - J. M. & F. F. Allenwood
Allenwood J. M. & F. F.  -  proprietors Golden Eagle Hotel
Allenwood, Joseph F. - teamster
Allenwood, Joseph M. - J. M. & F. F. Allenwood
Anderson, Middletown - farmer
Austin, George - laborer
Bachelder, Luther C. - clerk
Barnett, Wilson C. - farmer
Bassett, Fred. G. - watchmaker
Best John C. - farmer
Betts, J. L. Mrs. - milliner
Bidwell, Charles J. - farmer
Bingham, John W. - cabinet maker
Boht, John - saddler
Bonner, John H. - Cressler & Bonner
Bowers, Alfred B. - laborer
Brim, J. C. - farmer
Brim, Josephus C. - farmer
Brooks, C. N. - laborer
Brown, Charles J. - farmer
Brown, George L. - laborer
Buck, Norman - farmer
Burley, Henry - laborer
Cambridge, Henry - farmer
Cannon, John C. - sheep raiser
Cantrell, Robert - farmer
Cantrell, Thomas R. - farmer
Clark, George W. - farmer
Cloud, James B. - farmer
Coddington, James S. - laborer
Colburn, George - farmer
Coleman, Wm. L. - carpenter
Collins, Gus. - laborer
Conn, Calvin - carpenter
Cook, John R. - farmer
Couch, George W. - farmer
Courtright, Reece J. - horse breaker
Cressler, Wm. T - Cressler & Bonner
Cressler & Bonner - gen msde
Dewitt, Samuel - farmer
Drennan, Vallark - farmer
Dodge, Clarence H. - well borer
Dodson, Thomas J. - farmer
Dodson, Wm. T. - farmer
Doudon, Joseph - farmer
Drouillard, Joseph W. - saddler
Drouillard, Joseph W. - vaquero
Drouillard, Silas G. - vaquero
Drouillard, Simon R. - butcher
Drouillard, William - laborer
Dungan, James A. - farmer
Dunham, Orley W. - accountant
Eagar, Harry T. - stage  proprietor
Eagar, Thomas C. - clerk
Ede, Walter H. - laborer
Estes, Clarence A. - farmer
Estes, Ely - vaquero
Fegsly, Mathias N. - school teacher
Fleener, James H. - farmer
Fletcher, Jesse D. - farmer
Flinn, Silas - engineer
Flook James T. - hotel keeper
Gaby, Wm. P. - gambler
Golden Eagle Hotel - J. M. & F. F. Allenwood  proprietors
Gooch, Eugene C. - farmer
Gooch, Oswald - farmer
Green, James R. - farmer
Green Wm. A. - miner
Grentert, Jacques - farmer
Hackett, K. R. - farmer
Hansen, Christ. L. - farmer
Hapgood, George B. - stockraiser
Hawkins, John H. - miller
Haynes, Matthew D.
Haynes, Wm. B. - clerk
Herron, William - farmer
Hill, Daniel E. - farmer
Hill, Edmund - farmer
Hill, George F. - farmer
Hironymous, Henry - stockraiser
Hironymous, Jesse - stockraiser
Hobbs, Horace - farmer
Hollar, Edward E. - laborer
Holton, David - farmer
Howe, Wm. E. - farmer
Ingram, C. A. - engineer
Jackey, R. P. - painter
Jaquist, Jeremiah N. - teamster
Johnson, Norman - laborer
Johnson, Wm. B. - farmer
Johnston, T. H. - manager Cressler & Bonner
Jones, Abraham - laborer
Jones, Emmet R. - saloon keeper
Jones, Leroy A. - hostler
Jones, Rileous E. - farmer
Joseph, Albert - carpenter
Kaufman, Gustave - butcher
Kirbley, Michael H. - farmer
Kistler, Amandus C. - clerk
Kistler, Oliver P. - clerk
Kuhl, Richard - stage agent
Kyle, Wilson - farmer
Lighty, David H. - farmer
Linscott, Alfred B. - laborer
Linscott, John S. - stableman
Long, Andrew K. - Justice of the peace
Long, Harry W. - farmer
Loughlin, Edgar E. - laborer
Lunaburg, Fred. - shoemaker
Martin, Frank - farmer
Martin, John L. - dairyman
McWilliamson, Harry H. - lecturer
Merry D. B. - surveyor
Messier, Nazaire - farmer
Metzker, James T. - farmer
Metzker, William - farmer
Minter, R. R. - farmer
Monchamp, Julien - farmer
Monchamp, Finnelow J. - farmer
Moore, Jonas L. - farmer
Morgan, Miles Q. - carpenter
Norton, Marion L. - miner
O'Hara, John - block maker
Page, Absalom L. - farmer
Parman, Wiley - farmer
Patterson, Wm. H. - physician
Pearson, Charles - tinsmith
Phelps, Thomas A. - farmer
Phillips, James - laborer
Pierce, John E. - herder
Pierson, James S. - farmer
Pope, George W. - farmer
Postmaster - Wm. R. Smith
Reidy, James - laborer
Renshaw, Robert H.
Rice, John S. - farmer
Richardson, Andrew - farmer
Rinehart, Aden - teamster
Romero, Charles - saloon
Roy, Dwight - farmer
Russell, Robert D. - stage driver
Rutt, Charles B. - drug store
Sawyer, Almond M. - laborer
Scammon, Willis E. - farmer
Schaffer, James - carpenter
Schmaltz, Charles A. - machinist
Schmaltz, Emile B. - machinist
Shaw, Francis R. - laborer
Shubert, James - stage driver
Smith, Layton D. - teamster
Smith, Wm. R. - postmaster, jeweler
Stephens, John - stockraiser
Stephenson, Abraham - farmer
Stewart, Jos. H. - school teacher
Stowe, George E. - farmer
Street, James A. - stockraiser
Street, James M. - farmer
Street, John Jr. - farmer
Street, Joseph - farmer
Street, Thomas - farmer
Sutton, Willard P. - farmer
Tannehill, F. L. - carpenter
Taylor, Alfred H. Rev.
Thrope, Reuel - farmer
Unwiller, James - farmer
Unwiller, William - saloon
Wallace, Wm. M. - laborer
Walls, Edmond - wood sawyer
Walls, Thomas - stockraiser
Ware, Silas E. - shoemaker
Waters, James - blacksmith
Waters, James W. - barber
Welcome, Jacob C. - stockraiser
Williams, George - farmer
William, Samuel M. - sheep raiser
Willis, Willard P. H. - hostler
Woldenberg, Louis - merchant
Wood, Charles - farmer
Wood, Rufus - farmer
Wylie, James - blacksmith
Young, Alexander C. - farmer


A Post Office

Amick, Alvin - farmer
Austin, James T. - farmer
Bacher, William A. - carpenter
Barney, Philander A. - farmer
Berry, C. - farmer
Billick, Charles P - farmer.
Blurton, John - farmer
Blurton, William H. - farmer
Boydston, Joseph L. - carpenter,  stockraiser
Briles, John - farmer
Brown, Mordecai - farmer
Brown, Richard - stockraiser
Cantrell, George L. - farmer
Cole, Samuel - farmer
Craft, Peter - farmer
Crawford, Alvin C. - farmer
Dawson, Thomas - farmer
Dean, Charles - stockraiser
Edgar, William - farmer
Fender, Hugh - stockraiser
Franklin, Albert B. - farmer
Furber, Richard O. - farmer
Groves, William - farmer
Harlerode, Adam - laborer
Hayton, George W. - farmer
Hayton, Joseph B. - farmer
Hayton, William J. - farmer
Henderson, Carroll D. - farmer
Henderson,  Martin - farmer
Hotchkiss, Luther H. - farmer
Hotchkiss, Rufus A. - farmer
Howard, David - laborer
Hutzell, George P. - farmer
Hyde, William - farmer
Jacques, Mathias A. - blacksmith
Johnson, John - laborer
Johnson, John C. - laborer
Kinsey, William H. - laborer
Kirkpatrick, James M. - stockraiser
Kirkpatrick, John D. - stockraiser
Largent, John C. - farmer
Lee, Rollin H. - farmer
Lee, Theodore - farmer
Leonard, George W. - stockraiser
Leonard, John E. - farmer
Linville, Jonathan H. - stockraiser
Linvelle, Lewis G. - stockraiser
Longville, Robert H. - laborer
McCulley, John - farmer
McCulley, Matthew - farmer
McGilton, William - farmer
McKenney, C. F. - McKenney & Ramer
McKenney & Ramer - gen msde
Melick, James J. - farmer
Mulkey, Edward D. - farmer
Mulkey, James L. - farmer
Mulkey, Jefferson D. - farmer
Mulkey, Luke - farmer
Odbert, Richard - farmer
Page, William - stockraiser
Poindexter, Jefferson D. - stage driver
Poindexter, Lawrence - farmer, carpenter
Postmaster - Geo. S. Ramer
Ramer, George S. -  McKenney & Ramer and postmaster
Roberts, James - farmer & cooper
Ross, Joseph - farmer
Royce, Spaulding M. - dairyman
Shrum, Commodore P. - farmer
Smith, Vernon L. - farmer
Standlee, Isaac - stockraiser
Stevens, Stephen - farmer
Sullivan, Alphonso M. - farmer
Sullivan, Calvin L. - farmer
Varner, Robert D. - farmer
Watkins, Jacob - stockraiser
Watkins, James - farmer
Weston, George - farmer
Whitten, Alvin - farmer
Whittier, William A. - farmer
Wilder, John T. - laborer
Wilson, Everett R. - stockraiser

This town is the first of the series of towns in Surprise Valley, being at the lower end, and has the usual postal facilities of the valley:  the Reno stage line passing here daily.  It is located on Eagle Creek, and surrounded by a fine farming community.  Population about one hundred.

Anthone, Lewis H. - farmer
Bordwell, John M. - farmer
Bosworth, Marcus B. - farmer
Boyd, William F. - farmer
Buzan, John - farmer
Christensen, Christian - farmer
Coppersmith, William - farmer 520  acres
Green, Barnett M. - farmer
Himes, William - farmer
Johnson, James L. - stockraiser
King, George W. - farmer
Maybrier, Loren M. - farmer
Murphy B. F. - farmer
Murrer, Jacob - dairyman
Myers, William F. - farmer
Myrtle, George A. - farmer
Nichols, Lahira - farmer
Perry, Ablert - farmer
Perry, Henry - farmer
Polander, John H. - farmer
Polander, Joseph - farmer
Polander, Joseph R. - farmer
Price, Julius C. - farmer
Rankin, Alexander - laborer
Raser, James - stockraiser
Raser, John - stockraiser
Rasmussen, John - farmer
Reynolds, James F. - stockraiser
Rogers, George - laborer
Sanders, Jacob - stockraiser
Sherman, Wm. W. - stockraiser
Smith, George R. - farmer
Smith, James - laborer
Smith, John H. - farmer
Smith, Wilburn F. - farmer
Spears, James J. - saloon keeper
Stanley, Albert T. - school teacher
Stevens, Ward S. - farmer
VanFossen, David H. - farmer
Vaughn, James V. - farmer
Vaughn, Jesse N. - farmer
Wade, Robert V. - farmer
Ward Brothers - farmers 440 acres
Williams, John - laborer
Yager, Michael J. - farmer

This town located at the head of Surprise Valley, is the most northerly settlement of the county.  The Fort itself is splendidly located upon a Government reservation one mile square, and contains large and commodious frame buildings.  The town lies to the east of the Fort, just off the reservation.  It possesses the usual business interest, and has nearly the same number of people as Cedarville, upon whom it draws for patronage.  The Reno stages  run daily to this point, where connection with the Alturas line is made which passes on into Oregon.

Aldrich, Charles H. - machinist
Anderson, Colin Rev.
Ayers, Irwin - merchant
Baty, David - farmer
Baty, John R. - farmer
Baty, Robert - farmer
Bennett, Alvin N. - farmer
Bourn, William D. - Constable & miner
Boyd, Amos - stockraiser
Boyd, Silas S. - farmer
Brodenstein, Carl H. - clerk
Brower, Franklin E. - laborer
Brown, John H. - farmer
Brown, Pardon - farmer
Bruce A. L. - bookkeeper
Bucher, Douglass - miller
Bucher, John - miller
Calderwood, James E. - miner
Casey, Charles P. J. - farmer
Church, James M. - teamster
Clough, Noah - farmer
Combs, Jacob - engineer
Conlan, Edward W. - farmer
Conlan, Hugh - blacksmith
Crane, James - laborer
Crocker, M. B. - carpenter
Crockett, Joseph - laborer
Dickinson, Henry - laborer
Fee, James - farmer
Fee, Robert - farmer
Foster, John M. - laborer
Foster, Joseph - teamster
Foster, Robert - laborer
Foster, Thomas J. - laborer
Freeman, George - farmer
Fulcher, Max - brewer
Gallagher, John - laborer
Giran, Henry C. - farmer
Graham, Augustus - farmer
Graham, James - farmer
Graham, John A. - laborer
Graham, John M. - farmer
Hall, George W. - school teacher
Hanson, Charles H. - laborer
Harbert, Thomas - laborer
Haskins, Henry S. - physician
Hendricks J. W. - farmer
Henderson, T. A. - laborer
Herrington, Jeremiah - laborer
Hesse, Richard - shoemaker
Hickerson, Fines W. L. D. E. - farmer
Hilderbrand, Selkirk - carpenter
Jefferson, Warren - carpenter
Johnson, Perry L. - clerk
Jones, Hiram - sheep raiser
Kafader, Christian - blacksmith
Kafader, John - blacksmith
Kallenback, Ernst H. - laborer
Kelley, W. H. - blacksmith
Kennedy, C. W. - butcher
Lachman, Benjamin - merchant
Laramore, George C. - farmer
Lieberman, Paul - shoemaker
Light, Wm. G. - Wright, Light, Murphy & Co.
Lowell, Albert C. - merchant
Lowell A. G. & Co. - gen msde
McCready, Frederick A. - carpenter
McCready F. H. - carpenter
McCready, John G. - carpenter
McConnaughy, Martin - farmer
McConnaughy, Robert F. - farmer
McKinniss, Charles - blacksmith
McMannus, Hugh - farmer
Mellon, Samuel B. - hotel keeper
Messner, Jacob - saloon keeper
Miller, David - laborer
Moore, Samuel - farmer
Morrison, William A. - stage driver
Morrow, John W. - laborer
Morrow, Joseph A. - laborer
Morrow, Joseph L. - laborer
Murphy, James - Wright, Light, Murphy & Co.
Neasham, John P. - laborer
Newman, John G. - farmer
Olley, William - farmer
Peterson, Columbus - farmer
Phillips, Jacob N. - laborer
Poindexter, Marcellus W. - farmer
Poor, Frank B. - clerk
Poor, James W. - clerk
Quick, John L. - saddler
Rice, Eli - lumberman
Rinn, Thomas - barber
Sanders, John M. - farmer
Seits, Josiah - laborer
Sessions, Charles D. - laborer
Sessions, Edward P. - stockraiser
Short, Thomas H. - blacksmith
Shrirer, Charles - laborer
Smith, Charles - shoemaker
Smith, James B. - blacksmith
Smith, James B. - hotel keeper
Spalsbury, Anson J. - farmer
Sprague, Henry L.- attorney at law
Strief, Emanuel P. - farmer
Taylor, E. P. - farmer
Thompson, William P. - horse raiser
Thorp, John T. - laborer
Tonningsen, John H. - farmer
Tonningsen, Nis P. - farmer
Tucker, Weston W. - mason
Vancoughnet, Charles E. - wagon maker
Vancoughnet, James M. - painter
Vollgraff, George - upholsterer
Wall, John - laborer
Willey, Nollie - vaquero
Williams, James - farmer
Woodson, Henry - musician
Wright, Light, Murphy & Co. - boarding, lodging house & barber shop
Wright, Edward - Wright, Light, Murphy & Co.
Zeigler, Samuel - laborer

GOOSE LAKE (See Davis Creek)

HOT SPRINGS (See Alturas)

JESS VALLEY (See Alturas)

This place is situated on Mill Creek, near the upper shore in Surprise Valley.  It is ten miles north of Cedarville and six miles south of Fort Bidwell.  It has the usual postal facilities of the valley, and is surrounded by a long stretch of low meadow land which cannot be surpassed in fertility.

Allen, Felix A. - farmer
Anderson, Charles - farmer
Barclay, Hugh - farmer
Bare, Thomas - farmer
Bissell, Fred. - clerk
Brown, Ezra - farmer
Brown, William - farmer
Brundridge, Willis F. - farmer
Cannon, Thomas B. - laborer
Cratty, John W. - carpenter
Daniels, Hubert - farmer
Daniels, Sylvester - farmer
Dawson, William A. - farmer
Day, William H. - farmer
Dees, Joel W. - farmer
Dodson, Elisha - farmer
Dodson, John - farmer
Dodson, John N. - farmer
Dodson, Thomas G. - farmer
Dougherty, J. D. - farmer
Dry, Nathan - miller
Duckworth, Pulaski A. - farmer
Dunn, William - farmer
Ewing, George - farmer
Fine, Fred. F. - butcher
Garrett, John C. - farmer
Hall, Edward D. - laborer
Hall, Edwin S. - stockraiser
Hamlin, Alfred M. - merchant
Hanks, Abner - farmer
Hanks, Lewis C. - laborer
Hanks, Mahlon - farmer
Heard, Fulton S. - farmer
Heard, K. G. - farmer
Heard, K. G. Jr. - farmer
Heard, Porter - farmer
Hooper, S. A. - horse trainer
Johnson, Charles - farmer
Honson, George W. - hotel keeper
Kirk, Jesse J. - blacksmith
Lamb, Charles H. - brickmaker
Long, Napoleon B. - farmer
McDaniel, John - laborer
Milton, William - farmer,  teamster
Moore, Andrew J. - farmer
Pease, Clarence A. - school teacher
Peters, William H. - blacksmith
Philbrook, George H. - farmer
Phillipps, Ira P. - farmer
Powjape, Frank - sheepherder
Church, Alva W. - engineer
Clark, Richard C. - farmer
Conn, John F. - saddler
Couch, Jesse - farmer
Powley, Neil - farmer
Quirk, Peter - farmer
Rudo, Jules - miller
Shuman, Allen - farmer
Spargur, H. L. - attorney at law
Spencer, Emerson - miner
Talbert, Henry - miner
Taylor, William - farmer
Taylor, William C. - farmer
Thacker, Mecca J. - farmer
Thacker, Stephen D. - farmer
Toney, George W. - farmer
Toney, James P. - farmer
Traver, Eugene A. - farmer
Utterback, Samuel - farmer
Vermon, Anderson P. - farmer
Weilmuster, George - farmer
Wilkerson, Ennias - stockraiser
Wilson, Joel W. - saloon keeper
Wilson, Oliver A. - carpenter
Wimer, George - fruitraiser
Wimer, George - vaquero
Wimer, Jacob A. - farmer
Wimer, William A. - saloon keeper
Woods, Henry A. - farmer


A Post Office

Baker, H. H. - farmer/stockraiser
Ballertuor, Aleane - laborer
Beasley, Turner - farmer
Bradshaw, Benjamin - farmer/stockraiser
Brown, Hiram S. - farmer/stockraiser
Brown. J. W. - farmer/stockraiser
Brown, Rufus B. - school teacher
Brownell Bros. - gen msde  320 acres
Brownell, D. R. - Brownell Bros. & postmaster
Brownell, Lester G. - Brownell Bros.
Brownell, Russell G. - stockraiser
Bunnell A. - stockraiser
Bunnell, Albert F. - farmer
Butts, Robert J. - farmer
Camicia, L. S. - dentist
Cannon, J. S. - farmer/stockraiser
Cannon, M. - farmer/stockraiser
Carmichael, Joseph A. - laborer
Carmichael, M. A. - saw mill
Carpenter, L. C. - farmer
Cornell, Hiero K. - stockraiser
Cornell, John H. - stockraiser
Cox, Edward J. - farmer
Craig, Edward H. - farmer
Craig, John R. - farmer
Craig, Robert A. - stockraiser
Craig, William P. - laborer
Crowley, James - farmer
Cummins, Albert D. - farmer
Donell, Francis M. - blacksmith
Dunlap, Thomas - farmer
Eades, A. - laborer
Eades, Granville G. - blacksmith
Eades, Wm. W. - farmer
Etzenhouser, Elias - school teacher
Fleener, Samuel T. - stockraiser
Gibbons, Ector H. - mechanic
Graves, Hiram E. - laborer
Green, Lewis M. - farmer
Guthrie, Francis A. - farmer
Hewett, James - farmer/stockraiser
Hulbert, Alfred N. - farmer
Huntington, Clark A. - farmer
Jamieson, Thomas S. - laborer
Johnson, Clark - farmer
Johnson, John A. - millman
Johnson, Park W. - farmer
Kresge, John - farmer
Laird, Walter L. - mail carrier
Lampton, James L. - stockraiser
Large, Upton T. - farmer
Leventon, Joseph W.
Lookout Lodge No. 211 - A. O. U. W.
Marcus, John W. - carpenter, farmer
McCarthy, Florence F. - laborer
Miller, J. P. - farmer/stockraiser
Moore, S. C. - saloon
Morris, Leander C. - farmer
Morris, W. D. - school teacher, farmer
Noble, Thomas - farmer
Osburn, T. W. - farmer
Page, Wm. E. - farmer
Page Wm. H. - farmer
Potter, Richard R. - engineer
Powers, L. - farmer/stockraiser
Robert, F. H. - farmer/stockraiser
Shaw, Jasper - miner
Shearman, Albert - farmer
Showalter, Benj. F. - engineer
Smith, Benjamin - saw mill
Taylor, Francis M. - farmer
Thrasher, N. M. - farmer
Turner, George R. - stockraiser
Wagstaff, Andrew J. - farmer
Ward, J. C. - hotel and stables
Welch, Matthew - farmer
Wheeler, John - farmer
Wheeler, Nathan D. - farmer
Whittall, William - teamster
Williams, Abel - farmer
Williams, Ed. - blacksmith
Williams, Jeremiah - farmer
Williams, Melville - stockraiser
Williams, Oliver G. - farmer/stockraiser
Wood, Walter N. - farmer

PITT RIVER (See Eagleville)

SOUTH FORK (See Alturas)

SURPRISE VALLEY (See Eagleville)

TULE LAKE (See Adin)

A Post Office

Anstead, J. H. - harnessmaker
Bland, Joseph D. - laborer
Bland, W. M. B. - farmer
Boggs, Lilburn W. - school teacher
Bonner, James D. Rev.
Bonner, Walter P. - farmer
Boyse, Alexander E. - farmer
Bunting, Alexander J. - teamster
Button, Lysander C. - farmer
Cannon, Joseph L. - farmer
Chinn, Joseph M. - farmer
Cloud, Benjamin F. - farmer
Cloud, William - farmer
Cloud, William J. - farmer
Colby, Frederick - laborer
Conger, Claiborn - farmer
Cormack, Samuel - farmer
Cowan, James H. - farmer
Crawford, Archibald B. - farmer
Crawford, James T. - farmer
Drennon, Thomas J. - farmer
Follett, Archie - painter
Follett, Eliphalet - mechanic
Gallagher, Edward M. - carpenter
Gillett, J. S. - laborer
Harrington, James M. - packer
Harris, C. Z. - farmer
Harris, Farnum E. - farmer
Harris, J. W. - farmer
Harris, Martin E. - farmer
Henderson, Henry M. Rev.
Henderson, Wm. A. - farmer
Lee, Ossian J. - farmer
Kelley, Robert - farmer
Lynch, George - farmer
Lyon, B. B. - laborer
Marker, James - blacksmith
Marsh, Judson A. - carpenter
Mason, Eli C. - farmer
Mason, Wm. C. - farmer
Mikel, John W. - farmer
Moran, Michael - laborer
Mulkey, Thomas - farmer
Perkins, John H. - farmer
Pleasants, G. W. - postmaster
Postmaster - G. W. Pleasants
Reed, Abel - stockraiser
Reed, Alexander - farmer
Robinette, Isaac - farmer
Shedd, S. A. - farmer
Smith, Arthur M. - farmer
Vineyard, William H. Rev.
Washburn, William D. - lumberman
Williams, May Miss - school teacher
Wilson, Parker - sawyer

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
History of MODOC CO. as of 1885

This, the northeastern county of the State, is bounded on the north by the State of Oregon, on the east by the State of Nevada, on the south by Plumas County, and on the west by Siskiyou.  It is rectangular in shape, measures nearly one hundred miles east and west, by nearly sixty north and south, and contains 2,750,000 acres.  It was originally a portion of Siskiyou but was erected into a separate county by an Act of the Legislature of 1874, receiving its name from the celebrated Indian tribe whose fierce resistance to the progress of the whites in their settlement of the country made this section notorious over the while United States, the theatre of the famous “Modoc War” being in the northwestern part of the county and the adjoining part of Oregon.  The lava beds lying at an altitude of about four thousand feet, in the western part, cover nearly its entire width, thence stretching to the east they narrow until the lines of their territory in California come to a point at Goose Lake, in the northeastern part of the county.  The vast waste is absolutely barren and uninhabitable, strewn thickly with scoria and all the evidences of former volcanic action.  The southern border of this formation is abruptly defined by a perpendicular wall of rock, causing a drop of about one hundred feet from the level to the plateau into Hot Spring Valley, and extending its while length to Goose Lake.

The north fork of Pitt River, rising in Goose Lake, running southwest unites at Alturas with the south fork which comes up from Lassen County; thence the river flows on in a southwesterly course to the upper Sacramento in Shasta County.

The valley formed by Pitt River in its passage from Goose Lake to its junction with the south fork is known as Hot Spring Valley.  It is about fifty miles in length by about six in width.  The tillable land of this valley is confined to the river and creek bottoms, and crops are somewhat precarious owing to the early and late frosts to which they are subject.

In the southwestern part of the county Big Valley (lying partly in Lassen) includes an area of about twenty-five miles in diameter.  It is drained by Big River, one of the main tributaries of the Pitt, and although only settled about thirteen years,  has gathered within its confines a population, inclusive of the prosperous towns of Adin located here, of about 1,000.  This, considering its remoteness from rail or river connection, must be esteemed substantial progress.

Goose Lake Valley, on the east side of the lake of the same name, in striking contrast with the lands of the opposite shore, is wonderfully fertile, abundantly watered by numerous creeks, and produces as plentifully and as easily as any part of the State.  To the east of the valley, and within immediate reach, the mountains are heavily timbered with cedar and pine, thus rendering
wood and lumber comparatively cheap.

Passing on to the east over the warmer range of mountains which separates it from Goose Lake and Hot Springs, Surprise Valley is found, which is the largest of all the vallies of northeastern California.  The valley extends from the northeastern corner of Modoc south through the eastern part and far into Lassen.  It is about eighty miles in length by about thirteen in  width, and is settled with but short intervals for the while distance, although in a comparative sense its development is yet in its infancy.  The soil is as rich as can be found anywhere in the State or out of it, with an abundance of water for all purposes of irrigation or machinery.  One the eastern side of the valley a chain of lake varying from two to four miles in width extends through the county.  These lakes are quite shallow, uninhabitable to fish, owing to the alkaline character of their waters, and are frequently dried up entirely by evaporation during the summers.  The arable lands all lie west of these lakes.  All the cereals are cultivated with success, and wheat and barley produces from forty to sixty bushels to the acre, while in the adjoining foothills the abundance of wild clover and red top makes it the Utopia of stockraisers, large numbers of beef
cattle being driven from here to Reno for the San Francisco and Nevada markets.

The early settlement of Surprise Valley, which dates from 1864, was much retarded by Indian depredations, and it is only within the past eight or ten years that any progress has been made.  The valley now numbers about 3,200 in population.  There is a good wagon road extending through the valley and thence to Reno, over which a daily stage line plies, and three wagon roads cross the mountains through easy passes to the west, giving perfect communication with the balance of the county.

The climate of Modoc is exceedingly healthy.  The summers are pleasant, and in the vallies during the winters the snow rarely falls to over a foot in depth.

In material wealth Modoc showed, according to the Census of 1880: Real estate, $582,985; personal property, $684,319 - total, $1,267,304, with a population of 4,399.  At present her population doubtless  exceeds five thousand.

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