Plumas County, CA
1885 Directory
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ARGENTINE (see Quincy)

A pleasant post office town of about one hundred inhabitants, lying at an altitude of about 5,000 feet, and situated in the northwestern extension of Sierra Valley, forty-two miles from Quincy.  It possesses a general store, blacksmith, wagon and harness shops, and a comfortable hotel conducted by Mrs. J. E. Smith.  The surrounding country is principally devoted to farming, including stockraising and dairying.

Arms, William - dairy ranch 1000 acres
Babcock, Charles M. - laborer
Bagley, George - farmer
Barker, Charles F. - saddler, harness maker, & carriage trimmer
Barker, Allie J. Mrs. - postmistress
Bates, Jarard - farmer
Beall, Reason
Beckham, Lizzie Miss - school teacher
Beckwith Hotel - John E. Smith proprietor
Black, James - farmer 394 acres
Black, Thomas - T. Black & Co.  394 acres
Black, Timothy - farmer
Black T. & Co. - Black & Cook gen mdse
Blakeslee, Charles - hostler with J. E. Smith
Boleson, Adelbert E. - farmer/stockraiser
Brake, John B. - farmer
Bringham, Marron C. - farmer 340 acres
Bringham, William C. - carpenter
Burney, Charles C. - laborer
Burney, George W.  - farmer 160 acres
Burney, John - farmer
Burney, William A.T. - farmer
Burney, A. Y. - farmer
Burney, Carson P. - farmer
Cambell, Frank - bookkeeper 280 acres
Cambran, J. E. - farmer 640 acres
Campbell, Amelia E. Miss - school teacher
Campbell, Francis H. - farmer
Campbell, Frank M. - farmer
Cates, Putnam M. - farmer
Caudill, J. H. - farmer 160 acres
Chandler, M. E. Mrs. - school teacher
Chase, Moses - farmer
Clark, Daniel E. - sawyer
Clark, William M. W. - farmer
Cole, M. W. Mrs. - widow
Coleman, Joseph - farmer
Cook, Samuel H. - Black T. & Co.
Cordel, James - farmer
Crocker, Henry - laborer
Crow, John L. - farmer
Cutting, Walter B. - farmer 160 acres
Debnam, F. P. - farmer 320 acres
Dedmon, John W. - Dedmon Bros.
Dedmon, Allen C. - farmer
Dedmon Bros. -  farmers 360 acres
Dedmon, Henry P. - farmer
Dedmon, Henry W. - farmer
Dedmon, James S. - Dedmon Bros.
Delany, James - farmer
Derbeyshire, Carrie - widow
Doyle, James - farmer 440 acres
Duncan, Peter - farmer 160 acres
Ede, Abraham - farmer 1120 acres
Ede, Hampton - farmer 400 acres
Ede, Walter - farmer 1600 acres
Ede, William A. - farmer
Edwards, John - farmer 160 acres
ElDorado Wood & Flume Co.  3120  acres
Gailord,  John - farmer
Gassner, Harry D. - farmer 160 acres
Gibson, William G. - blacksmith
Gibson, William H. - blacksmith
Gillard, J. M. - farmer 160 acres
Guidici, Leopold - farmer
Guidici, D. - dairyman
Hall, A. J. - stockraiser
Hall, James A. - stockraiser
Harrigan, John - farmer 160 acres
Hathaway, J. B. - farmer
Henderson, Frank W. - laborer
Herriot, John - farmer
Herriot, Robert - farmer
Huntley, A. B. - farmer 1280 acres
Jacquel, Julien - bartender with J. E. Smith
Jones, Benjamin - miner
Jones, B. L. - farmer 160 acres
Jones, D. T. - farmer 160 acres
Jones, Robert A. - farmer 160 acres
Jones, Thomas - miner
Kelly, Annie - 320 acres
Kelsey, Jonathan - carpenter
Kerby, Alexander - dairyman 560 acres
Laffranchini, Charles - dairyman
Landers, H. J. - farmer
Lathrope, Solomon - farmer
Lawton, Benjamin F. - farmer
Lawton, Lee N. - farmer 480 acres
Leister, Harvey - stage driver
Mapes, George W. - capitalist 3360 acres
Marble, Solomon M. - farmer
Marble, Edgar M. - farmer
Marble, Hector L. - farmer
Mathews, David - farmer
Matthews, E. H. - farmer
McCauley, Daniel - farmer
McFarlane, Donald - wagon maker 160 acres
McNeill, W. E. - carpenter
McReynolds,  Thomas A. - farmer
Mercer, Edward - farmer/stockraiser  1120 acres
Merkle, Michael - farmer
Meyers, George - farmer
Miller, D. E. - farmer 962 acres
Mitchell, Frank - laborer
Mitchell, Orlando F. - farmer
Moffatt, James - farmer
Morgan, John C. - farmer 160 acres
Mullen, Alfred - laborer
Otis, Solomon - miner
Parish, Benjamin F. - farmer
Parish, Peter - farmer 320 acres
Pauley, Singleton P. - farmer
Perry, Charles  - farmer 800 acres
Postmaster - Mrs. Allie J. Barker
Raymond, D. - 720 acres
Riley, Joseph - farmer
Ross, Albert E. - farmer 1240 acres
Ross, Elmer E. - stage driver 120 acres
Ross, James A. - farmer
Ross, John B. - farmer
Ross, J. L. - farmer
Scolari, Pietro - farmer 2360 acres
Sharkey, James - farmer
Sharkey, Miles - farmer
Sigler, Edward - farmer
Sigler, Jerome - blacksmith with Donald McFarlane
Sigler, T. Mrs. - farmer 320 acres
Sigler, Miles F. - farmer 160 acres
Sigler, William - miner
Slipner, Henry  - farmer 160 acres
Smith, John E. - proprietor Beckwith Hotel,  livery, & stage stable
Smith, Charles E. - farmer
Smith, Charles E. Jr. - farmer
Sperry, William A. - farmer
Summers, William D. - farmer
Summers, John - farmer 320 acres
Sweetman, Henry T. - 160 acres
Templar, James A. - farmer 160 acres
Thomas, Gustave - stock dealer
Thomas, Sylvester A. - stock dealer
Tognazzini, F. Mrs. - farmer 480 acres
Tognazzini, Mansareth - farmer
Totton, John G. - sawyer
Trimble, Allen - farmer 640 acres
Trimble, Charles E. - farmer  160 acres
Turner, F. M. - logger & hostler
Wagner, John - laborer
Wagner, Louis - laborer
Webster, John - farmer
Wherity, Peter - 640 acres
Whitcraft, John - Justice of the peace
Whittaker, R. W. - farmer 160 acres
Whittaker, William R. - farmer
Wilson, John S. - farmer
Wood, Edward J. - farmer

BELLS BAR (See Quincy)


BIG MEADOWS (See Prattville)

BLACKHAWK (See Quincy)

BUTTERFLY (See Quincy)

Post Office, Prattville

Buffington, Jeff. - miner
Buffington, Joseph  - miner
Gardner, J. W. - money lender
Hieronimus, George  - miner
Hoffer, Franz - miner
Jones, John - miner
Keep, Henry  - miner, fruitraiser
Lienhart, Joseph  - miner
Mather, Raymond - miner
Nisson, Lawrence  - miner
Orton, Thomas P. W. - miner
Peck, William  - miner, fruitraiser
Pollard, Samson - miner
Targuson, C. - miner
Titterman, A. - miner
Wilson, William  - miner


CLEAR CREEK (See Quincy)

CLOVER VALLEY (See Beckwith)

COOKS CANYON (See Greenville)

Post, express and telegraph offices.  Population one hundred.  Elevation 3,540 feet.  Distance from Quincy nineteen miles.  Situated in Indian Valley, and dependent upon farming and mining.  The Green Mountian Mine has six tunnels aggregating 3,150 feet in length.  It is  a New York corporation, employs seventy-five men, and runs a sixty-stamp mill (built at Greenville Works), which crushes from ninety to one  hundred tons  per day, working all the year.  This company also works a farm of two hundred and fifty  acres.

Ariasi & Donati - saloon
Ariasi, Joseph - Moni & Ariasi
Ariasi, Philip - Ariasi & Donati
Atherdon, Philip - laborer
Atherdon, Filmer - miner
Bacher, A. - farmer 384 acres
Bacher, Frank - farmer
Baker, James E. - miner
Bamrick, Robert - miner
Becraft, Charles E. - laborer
Becraft, James S. - teamster
Becraft, James T. - miner
Biddick, Josiah - miner
Buchanan, James R. - carpenter
Buchanan, Wm. A.  - farmer
Burns, Thomas - miner
Carter, Josiah S. - physician, dealer drugs, varieties, liquors, hotel keeper
Cellano, Domenico - miner
Collier, James M. - laborer
Corcoran, Timothy - miner
Cozzaglio, Guan B. -  proprietor Garibaldi Saloon
Crawford, Wm. - miner
Crescent Mill & Mining Co. - Geo. P. Cornell superintendent
Davis, John L. - carpenter
Davis, Robert T. - saloon keeper
Davis, Thomas - miner
Delaini, Giuseppe - miner
Doherty, George - hostler with Dr. J. S. Carter
Doherty, Geo. A. - clerk
Donati, John - Ariasi & Donati
Donnenworth, George - miner
Elkins, Geo. A. - laborer
Epley, Jacob M. - farmer
Epperson, Ephraim - manager Dr. J. S. Carter's Variety & Liquor's
Flynn, William - engineer
Fradiger, John - miner
Fralich, Matthias - stone mason
Franc, Wm. - millhand
Frediker, John - laborer
Fritsch, Charles - farmer
Fritsch, Martin - farmer 106 acres
Froelick, Matthew - farmer 40 acres
Garibaldi Saloon - Guan B. Cozzaglio  proprietor
Geiss, Annie - widow
Ghidotti, Domenico - miner
Gott, Robert - miner
Goft, Robert L. - stage driver
Green Mountain Gold Mining Co. - Charles G. Rodgers superintendent  50 acres
Hall, Joseph S. - Hall & McMillan
Hall & McMillan - gen msde, agents Wells, Fargo, & Co.
Hedrick, Duskin - farmer 120 acres
Hendee, Charles -  saloon
Hemler, James C. - clothing
Hoffman, Adam - miner
Hood, Geo. - miner
Hufner, Henry - miner
Hurley, Patrick - miner
Keane, Thomas - amalgamator
Keener, James P. - carpenter
Keheo, James - lumberman
Kehser, John - blacksmith
Kelley, Tryon - teamster
Kelley, Wm. W. - laborer
Kilbride, John - farm hand
Knoll, Matthew Mrs. - widow, brewery,  farmer  620 acres
Koebler, John - gardener
Koebler, John V. Jr. - farmer
Lachman, J. - carpenter
Lacy, Michael - laborer
Lamb, Willis G. - bookkeeper with Green Mountain Gold Mining Co.
Laufman, Cyrus A. - farmer 310 acres
Laufman, Edwin - farmer
Laufman, Jacob B. - farmer
Laufman, Juan F. - farmer
Lawson, Geo. W. - miner
Leek, W. H. - school teacher
Lemihan, Patrick - shift boss with Green Mountain Gold Mining Co.
Leonesio, J. - miner
Loughry, Edward - miner
Lowery, John - farmer 398 acres
Lukey, Robert - miner
Mahon, Martin - miner
Martin, Robert - miner 148 acres
McLaughlin, J. F. - farmer
McLennon, Finley - carpenter
McMillan, A. D. - Hall & McMillan
McNally, Morris - blacksmith
Merkle, Thomas - dairyman
Moni, Jacob - Moni & Ariasi
Moni & Ariasi - saloon
Mullin, Hugh - foreman with Green Mountain Gold Mining Co.
O'Toole, Henry - blacksmith with Green Mountain Gold Mining Co.
Pattani, Cherubino - farmer
Reed, Walter J. - laborer
Reed, Wm. H. - laborer
Regner, Leopold - miner
Robinson, M. W. - miner
Robinson, W. H. - miner
Rocker, William - engineer 40 acres
Rodde, Wm. - miner
Rodgers, A. T. - laborer
Rodgers, Charles G. Green - superintendent Green Mountain Gold Mining Co.
Rodgers, Daniel E. - carpenter
Rodgers, George W. - miner
Rocekers, Wm. - engineer
Rowett, Joseph  - miner
Saine, Harrison - carpenter  4 acres
Sealight, C. J. - laborer
Short, Laura - donestic with Dr. J. S. Carter
Skinner, William - blacksmith, wagon maker
Smith, John - miner
Sobrero, John - miner
Stampfli, Nicholas - farmer 467 acres
Stampfli, William - farmer
Standard, George - superintendent Taylor-Plumas Mine
Steigler, Andrew - farmer
Stevens, Henry - teamster
Tansey, William - miner
Taylor-Plumas Mine - George Standard superintendent
Taylor, W. E. - laborer
Terrill, Orrin - teamster
Tormey, George - miner
Trezise, Thomas - miner
Uren, Richard - miner
VanTassel, Charles B. - clerk
White, Michael - miner
Whittier, George - millhand
Williams, John H. - miner
Wing, Ellis - miner  160 acres
Young, R. W. - carpenter

A Post office

Dow, John - with L.V.N.Tefft
Langhorst, Gerhard A. - merchant
Langhorst, William - farmer
Smith, C. U. - miner
Tefft, Leander V. N. - farmer
Traynor, Pitt - superintendent Consignee Mine


EAGLE GULCH (See Meadow Valley)

EDEN TOWNSHIP (See Eureka Mills)


EUREKA MILLS (See also Johnsville)
Post and express office.  Population, including Johnsville (which town lying about one mile distant and 300 feet below, it overlooks), about five hundred.  Elevation 5,300.  The Plumas-Eureka Mine at this place is operated by the Sierra- Buttes Mining Co. of Sierra City (an English company), and employs two hundred and twenty men.  The mine is worked by tunnels (five in number), some of which are over one mile in length.  The company's mill has sixty stamps and crushes 150 tons of ore per day.

Abraham, Henry - miner
Abraham, John - miner
Armstrong, J. - shoemaker
Arthur, Charles W. - clerk
Bacher & Co. - gen mdse
Balten, Joseph - miner
Basse, Nicola - laborer
Blewett, Charles - miner
Blewett, Joseph - miner
Bope, Sim - Chinese laundry
Brandy City Mining Co.
Carter, Benjamin - miner
Chapman, W. C. - miner
Chapparal Hill Mining Co.
Click, Daniel - miner
Cock, James - miner
Coffee, James M. - stone cutter
Cook, George E. - Justice of the peace
Cooper, E. T. - millhand
Cooper, Henry S. - blacksmith
Coyle, James - hotel keeper
Creighton, John - laborer
Creighton, William J. - engineer
Cristofani, Egidio - mechanic
Daly, A. H. - gen mdse
Daly, Patrick - clerk
Dawson, Riley - miner
Dearborn, Ira L. - teamster
Delbridge, Thomas - blacksmith
Delton, Peter - laborer
Dolly, O. B. - gen mdse
Dunn, Henry S. -  proprietor Eureka Hotel & Feed Stable
Dunn, James - miner
Dusumbre, John - laborer
Eden, James - miner
Ellery, John - miner
Eureka Hotel - Henry S. Dunn  proprietor
Fletcher, Joseph H. - druggist
Flores, Marguerite
Glasson, John H. - miner
Gold Gravel Hydraulic Mining Co.
Grazer, August - brewery
Gribble, John - miner
Hill, C. M. - physician
Hill, John W. - laborer
Hollingreen, Jogn - laborer
Hosking, John - superintendent Plumas-Eureka Mining Co.
Hosking, Richard  - miner
Hosking, William - foreman
Houghton, Henry B. - butcher
Houghton, James F. - butcher
Hunsinger, Augustus C. - butcher
Inch, Thomas B. - bookkeeper Plumas-Eureka Mining Co.;
          manager W. U. Tel. Co.; postmaster;  agent Wells, Fargo, & Co.
Jenkins, Absalom - laborer
Jenkins, Athanesius - miner
Jenkins, Josiah - farmer
Jope, Henry - miner
Kemp, Richard - miner
Kitto, Edward - miner
Ladd, S. W. - carpenter
Lanthier, Benjamin - miner
Levano, Stephen - miner
Lewis, William
Liddecoat, John - miner
Lorenzi, P. - saloon keeper
Magazin, Agort - barber
Maguire, Edward - miner
Mandich, Louis - miner
Martin, Michael E. - engineer
Mathews, Isaac - miner
Maxwell, George A. - carpenter
Mechan, Timothy - miner
Meffy, Frank - laborer
Menzies, James - miner
Neville, John - contractor
Nicholls, John - miner
O'Brien, James - laborer
O'Brien, Thomas - miner
Owen, Samuel F. - amalgamotor
Pearce, Samuel - blacksmith
Pearce, William O. - miner
Peller, Wm. H. - miner
Perrano, John - miner
Perrano, Joseph - arrastraman Eureka Mills
Phillips, James - amalgamator
Phipps, John A. - superintendent machinery Eureka Mills
Phoenix Mining Co. - claims at Fir Cap Mountian
Pierce, Henry Jr. - miner
Postmaster - Thos. B. Inch
Preston, James A. - miner
Pulaski, August - miner
Rafferty, Daniel
Richards, James - miner
Rickert, Fred. D. - pressman
Roberts, John H. - miner
Roberts, William - teamster
Rooney, John - miner
Roscoe, R. H. - miner
Rossetti, Caesar - booker Eureka Hotel
Russi, Nicola - miner
Sandry, James - miner
Serand, Paul - miner
Sheehan, James -  80 acres
Shorett, Francis N. - miner
Sierra Butte Gold Quartz Mining Co. -  1047 acres
Smitheram, Wm. H. - miner
Soracco, John - miner
Soracco, Stephen - saloon keeper
Stratton, Wm. T. - blacksmith
Stump, Pleasant - miner
Swallow Mining Co. - claims at Monte Cristo
Swan, John - miner
Symons, Moses - miner
Thomas, Alphonso - hotel
Thomas, John - miner
Thomas, Merrill - hotel
Thomas, W. H. - miner
Tionan, P. - saloon
Tippett, Joseph - miner
Veronich, Spiro - miner
Vincent, Thomas - miner
Vivian, Benjamin  G. - blacksmith
Wade, Richard W. - laborer
Ware, Silas W. - millman
Warmington, Henry - miner
Williams, Joseph - miner
Willoughby, M. - hotel keeper 160 acres
Winn, Joseph - miner
Wold, John T. - carpenter
Wolfe, J. W.
Woodward, George - carpenter
Woodward, Geo. F. - teamster


A small mining town of considerable prospective importance, situated in the LaPorte District, in the southern part of the country.  It has a post office, receives its freight and express via LaPorte.  Three important and valuable mines located here, which furnished employment for all the labor of the place.

Antelope & Bulletin Mining Co.
Brandt, George - superintendent Centennial Quarta Mining Co.
Brickwell, Henry - miner
Centennial Quartz Mining Co. - Geo. Brandt superintendent
Clark, N. - 280 acres
Cosmopolitan Copper Mining Co.
Dann, J. S. - miner
Davies, John - farmer 120 acres
Donnewirth, G. - farmer
Emerson, Daniel - miner
Flournoy, R. S. - farmer 438 acres
Genesee Gold Mining Co. - J. Gruss superintendent
Gruss, J. - superintendent Genesee Gold Mining Co.
Hinchman, A. L. - mechanic 160 acres
Hosselkus, E. D. - farmer 1533 acres; postmaster
Ingals, Harvey - farmer 160 acres
Ingraham, J. S. - molder
Johnson, Samuel - miner
Kendall, C. S. Mrs. - school teacher
Kloppenburg, Henry - miner
Lovejoy, Isaac - farmer
Lovejoy, Moses - farmer 640 acres
Markley, Josiah W. - miner
McShane, Allen - miner
Mead, Alonzo - farmer
Reeves, Amos L. - farmer
Robertson, Charles - farmer
Sanger, --  - miner
Sargent, J. C.
Single, Solomon - miner
Stewart, O. - miner
Tutt, Barney - miner
Ulsh, Jacob H. - miner
Wheaton, J. L. - carpenter  160 acres
Wheeler, Mark C. - 360 acres
Wheeler, Orel M. - engineer

Post, express and telegraph office.  Situated at an extremity of the beautiful Indian Valley, twenty-eight miles from Quincy.  Dependent upon mining and farming.  Population 600.  Elevation 3544 feet.  It possesses an enterprising weekly newspaper (The Bulletin) a good hotel (The Greenville), a large foundry, brewery, bottling works and soda factory, a flour and shingle mill and several other business houses.  The Greenville race track is pronounced by horse men one of the best in the state.  The Greenville Foundry, owned by Messrs, Bidwell & Watson, is a large establishment with unusual facilities and employs about twelve men.  The works has undertaken and completed several large contracts, chief among which is the Green Mountain Company's mill (sixty stamps.)  All the manufacturing business and quartz mills of Greenville are run by water power.  The Round Valley Water Company's reservoir covers an area of seven hundred acres, and the ditch therefrom traverses eight miles, in which distance it furnishes water for six mills, aggregating one hundred and seventy-five stamps.  The Greenville Water Works furnishes the town water supply, and under such pressure that, with the well organized hose company, the town is fully protected against fire.  Mr. Bidwell has  constructed a telephone from Crescent Mills to Big Meadows, Bidwell's Bridge (where he has a hotel for summer visitors to the fishing grounds.)  The line is twenty-two miles long, and touches the principal mines of the neighborhood.  The large amount of capital invested in and about Greenville indicates great faith in the locality.  The neighborhood is replete with pretty landscapes and the town is only two hours' ride from the most famous trout fishing grounds on the Pacific slope.

Adams, W. E. - Justice of the Peace, clergyman
Anderson, Alexander H. - molder Greenville Iron Works
Arcadian Mine
Atwood, E. D. - mechanic
Austin, Levi E. - miner
Aylesworth, George W. - cabinet maker, carpenter, undertaker, & furniture manufacturer
Ballard, Wm. P. - blacksmith
Barham, Thomas L. - Barham & Spring
Barham & Spring - saloon & billiards
Barron, John E. - miner
Barry, Silas T. - farmer
Barstow, O. L. Rev. - clergyman
Basham, Thomas L. - laborer
Bean, Thomas A. - farmer
Bechtole, A. George - butcher
Bellas, Mary Ann Mrs. - dressmaker
Berry, S. T. - engineer Southern Eureka Mine
Bidwell, Augustus R. - Bidwell & Watson
Bidwell Bridge House - summer resort, A. R. Bidwell proprietor
Bidwell & Watson - proprietors Greenville Iron Works
Billings, Francis - miner
Bishop, Melvin C. - barber
Blake, John - laborer
Blood, Ellen Mrs. - farmer 811 acres
Boland, C. J. Mrs. - dressmaker & milliner
Bowden, Edward - miner
Bradford, William - bookkeeper
Branley, Michael - miner
Bransford, J. S. - gen mdse, agent Wells, Fargo & Co, insurance agent
Bremmer, C. P. - mechanic
Bressler, Charles - miner  20 acres
Brinkman, Henry - teamster
Brown, George - teamster
Brown, John - miner
Brown, Samuel A. - laborer
Brown, Willard C. - miller with Patch & Lawrence
Buddle, John - miner
Bull, John W. - cooper
Bull, Moses - attorney at law, notary public
Burge, Thomas - millhand with Lawrence & Nelson
Buss, Charles W. - saddler
Byers, J. D. & Co. - butcher
Cadle, John F. - teamster
Cadle, J. M. - farmer 227 acres
Cadle, William H. - farmer
Campbell, J. L. - laborer
Campfield, Matthew - miner
Carter, Edward - laborer
Carty, John - roadmaster
Case, Alphonzo - laborer
Cayuse Saloon - Frank St. Mary  proprietor
Chamberlain, A. W. - laborer  160 acres
Chapin, T. R. - painter
Chappuis, Edward H. - laborer
Christie, John A. - constable
City Of London Ins. Co. - J. R. Murray agent
Clark, James A. - farmer
Clark, John - farmer 160 acres
Clark, Mary Miss - dressmaker
Cole, George W. - farmer
Compton, George M. - miner
Compton, John D. - merchant
Conlin, James - miner
Continental Ins. Co. - J. R. Murray agent
Cope, E. F. - widow
Cope, Frank M. - druggist with Williams & Tramm
Corkhill, Thomas - miner
Cornell, G. P. - superintendent Indian Valley Mining Co.
Coulter, John - farmer
Coulter, Sidney D. - miner
Cowgill, William - farmer
Cully, James - miner
Davidson, R. M. - gardener
Davis, Isaac E. - farmer
Davis, John L. - farmer 160 acres
Davis, L. B. - farmer 120 acres
Day, I. Albion - laborer
DeSombre, John - miner
Desroches, Moses - miner  160 acres
Drumm, Andrew J. - farmer
Drury, Charles O. - engineer
Drury, John E. - millman
Drury, J. R. - miner  23 acres
Drury, Sanford - laborer
Drury, William S. - laborer
Dwenger, Ernst - bootmaker
Eaton, Joseph B. - miner
Ellis, John - miner  20 acres
Emmons, Theodore F. - Justice of the peace
Federal Saloon - B. Scudelari  proprietor
Fireman's Fund Ins. Co. - J. S. Bransford agent
Firmstone, Harry T. - saloon
Firmstone, James - miner
Firmstone, Samuel - miner
Fisher, John J. - carpenter
Fletcher, Westley D. - jeweler
Floyd, William - miner
Forest, King Mine - Joseph Rowett superintendent
Forgay, N. B. - farmer 388 acres
Fortiner, Theodore - saddler, harness maker
France, William - miner
Galvan, Manuel C. - millman
Gansir, Haler - miner
Gentalan, Baptista - L. M. Kaiser & Co.
Gleeson, Peter - miner
Goeway, John - farmer
Gold Stripe Gold Mining & Milling Co. - George Standart superintendent  640 acres
Gowen, Samuel M. -  proprietor sawmill
Gowen, William H. - lumberman
Gramer, Louis B. - miner
Grant, Angus D. - laborer
Grant, James - laborer
Green, Edward E. - miner
Greenville Bulletin - weekly, Felix G. Hale editor,  proprietor
Greenville Bottling Works - J. R. Murray  proprietor, mfg. Soda, Water, etc.
Greenville Hotel - R. Tremain & Son  proprietors
Greenville Iron Works - Bidwell & Watson  proprietors
Greenville Livery Stable - Jonathan Lovell proprietor
Guliver, George W. - butcher
Hail, Felix G. - editor  proprietor Greenville Bulletin & Job Printing Office
Hall, Howard G. - farmer
Hall, Isaac - farmer 1453 acres
Hall, Julius P. - blacksmith
Hall, Samuel - miller with Patch & Lawrence
Halloran, Martin - miner
Hammon, Atwood - miner
Hanson, Thomas J. - engineer
Haselton, James H. - miner
Hathaway, Hiram J. - stockraiser, sawmill
Hensler, John O. - butcher
Hickerson,  Andrew J. - farmer 40 acres
Hickerson, J. A. Mrs. - farmer 160 acres
Higbie, C. H. - civil engineer
Hobart, Reuben - miner
Holmes, W. M. C. - butcher
Horgan, S. M. - carpenter
Horsington, Simon E. - farmer
Hunt, Bertha R. Miss - school teacher
Hunt, Levi - farmer 208 acres
Indian Valley Mining Co. - G. P. Cornell superintendent
Irving, Benjamin N. - machinist
Jameson, Elliott W. - teamster
Jaquith, Jonathan S. - carpenter
Jarvis, Henry W. - farmer
Joseph, Anthony - barkeeper, brewer with C. Schmitt
Kaiser, L. M. - L. M. Kaiser & Co.
Kaiser, L. M. & Co. - butchers
Kavannaugh, Thomas - miner
Keeth, Michael - laborer
Kener, J. P. - contractor
Ketchum, John A. - sawyer
Killbride, John - saloon res Crescent Mills
Kim, Chung Sing - merchant
Knox, Charles - miner
Kruger, Frank - farmer 471 acres
Kunnik, Otto - butcher
Kusick, Adolph O. - butcher
LaBarre, John - physician, surgeon
Lawrence, Charles H. - Patch & Lawrence 1735 acres
Lawrence, Charles S.- proprietor Race Track, grist mill, sawmill at Big Meadows
Lee, Lydia Mrs. - farmer 80 acres
Lisk, Reuben C. - foundryman
Liverpool & London & Globe Ins. Co. - J. S. Brandford agent
London & Lancashire Fire Ins. Co. - J. R. Murray agent
Lounder, Henry - saloon
Lovell, Jonathan - proprietor Greenville Livery Stable
Lowery, Joseph F. - teamster  160 acres
Lowry,  Edmund G. - farmer
Lowry, Frank E. - laborer
Lowry, John - farmer
Manson, William -  machinist
Marcies, George - farmer
Markley, John - miner
Markley, Joseph - laborer
Marshall, William B. - engineer
Martin, Charles H. - farmer
Mawer, William - laborer
Mayhew, George - miner
McBeth, John - merchant, postmaster
McBride, Reuben R. - teamster
McCarthy, James W. - miner
McDonald, Dougald - miner
McDougall, A. L. - bookkeeper
McGill, Robert L. - proprietor Palace Saloon
McGrath, John  - miner
McIntosh, Donald - foundryman
McIntyre, Angus D. - merchant
McIntyre, John - miner
McKay, John - miner
McKenzie, Alexander A. - miner
McKenzie, Donald A. - miner
McKenzie, D. W. - teamster
McKinnon, William A. - laborer
McLellan, J. H. - laborer
McLeod, Kenneth - carriage manufacturer and painter
McManus, John - miner
McMillen, Dugal H. - boarding
McMurtry, Thomas - miner
McNelly, Morris - teamster
McPherson, Henry C. - clerk
McPherson, Thomas W. - laborer
McQueen, Thomas - farmer
Merrilees, John M. - engineer
Miller, Henry - lumberman
Miner, Eda Miss - school teacher
Moni, Jacob - blacksmith
Monitor Mine - 7 miles from Greenville
Morrill, Erastus - sawyer
Moyle, Thos. Mrs. - carpet weaver
Murphy, Thomas A. - miner
Murray, J. R. - clerk with J. S. Bransford, gen insurance agent
Murray, W. E. - manager Greenville Bottling Works
Nave, Martin V. B. - teamster
New York Mine - T. Treleaven superintendent
Nilson, Lars - miner
Northrop, Edward - mechanic
Odett, Charles  - carpenter
Odett, Charles Jr. - carpenter
Odett, Frank - carpenter
Old Henry - bartender John Killbride
O'Toole, James - miner
Palace Saloon - R. L. McGill  proprietor
Pardee, John E. - painter
Parks, Robert - carpenter
Patch, Isaac C. - Patch & Lawrence
Patch & Lawrence - flour mill & machine shop
Pearcy, Cyrus - miner
Peck, J. S. - farmer 268 acres
Penman, Robert - farmer 160 acres
Percy, Cyrus - miner
Perkins, Wm. A. - physician
Perry,  Geo. - farmer 285 acres
Perry, James E. - farmer 285 acres
Phoenix and Home Ins. Co. - J. S. Bransford agent
Pierce, George M. - manufactuter tin & sheet ironware
Plumas National Gold Mining Co. - 140 acres
Pollard,  John G. - miner
Pollard, Sampson - miner
Postmaster - John McBeth
Proctor, E. L. Mrs.
Putman, John D. - farmer
Ranker, Edward - blacksmith
Redhead, Harry O. - blacksmith
Remualdo, Amandona - miner
Richards, John - miner
Richards, R. - miner
Riffle, A. - laborer
Roby, J. C. - engineer
Rodgers, W. B. - miner
Rosencrans, Eli - carpenter  12 acres
Round Valley Water Co. - A. R. Bidwell superintendent
Rowett, Joseph - superintendent Forest King Mine
Royal, Norwich, Union, & Lancashire Ins. Co.s - J. R. Murray agent
Rull, Henry - blacksmith
Rush Creek Mining Co. - 7 miles from Greenville
Russell, Brooks D. - engineer
Savercool, Reuben - miner
Scalmano, Frank - miner
Schmith, Caspar - beer hall & brewery
Scott, Frederick - farmer
Scott, George H. - farmer
Scott, J. E. - farmer 246 acres
Scudelari, Baptiti - proprietor Federal Saloon
Scurr, George - miner
Sealight, Wm. W. - laborer
Senn, George - butcher
Seward, John H. - miner
Sheiser, Joseph - farmer 185 acres
Short, Wm. - teamster
Skinner, Wm. - miner
Smith, Henry C. - laborer
Smith, James H. - millman
Smith, John H. - farmer 448 acres
Scuth British & National Ins. Co. - J. R. Murray agent
Southern Eureka Mine - George Standart superintendent
Spring, Frank D. - Barham & Spring
Springate, J. A. - stage driver
Stampfli, Theodore - engineer at Southern Eureka Mine
Standart, Geo. - superintendent Cherokee Gold Mining Co.
Stanley, Walter - miner
Stevens, Charles W. - Stevens & Son
Stevens, Henry N. - laborer
Stevens & Son -  blacksmiths
Stevens, Wm. - Stevens & Son
Stevens, William - butcher with L. M. Kaiser & Co.
St.Mary, Frank - clerk
St.Mary, Frank - proprietor Cayuse Saloon
Sun Fire Ins. Co. - J. R. Murray agent
Swan, Amos - miner
Sweetman, Henry T. - farmer
Sweris, John W. - farmer
Tanner, Miles - miner
Tarbox, Frank - carpenter
Taylor, Charles - manager Western Union Tel. Co.
Taylor, John - foreman Southern Eureka Mine
Taylor, John C. - telegraph operator
Taylor, Wm. E. - laborer
Terrill, Benjamin F. - teamster
Terrill, John M. - teamster
Terrill, Frank - teamster
Terrill, Henry C. - teamster
Terrill, Rose May Miss - dressmaker
Thompson, David - farmer
Tracey, David L. - machinist
Tramm, Henry W. A. - Williams & Tramm
Treleaven, Thomas - superintendent  New York Mine 80 acres
Tremain, Joseph M. - R. Tremain & Son
Tremain, Robert - R. Tremain & Son
Tremain, R. & Son -  proprietors Greenville Hotel
Tremain, Wm. - clerk Greenville Hotel
Tribble, Neal - laborer
Tronell, Benjamin F. - laborer
Uren, Richard - miner
Viacava, Emanuel - gen mdse
Wade, Wm. H. - farmer
Walraven, Wm.- clothing, furnishing goods, & varieties
Walter, Charles - printer
Wardlow, John T. - farmer
Wates, George - 40 acres
Watson, Irving - Bidwell & Watson
Wells, Fargo, & Co. - J. S. Bransford agent
Welsh, Thomas - mason
Wheelock, Fred. Y. - farmer
White, Asa - hotel keeper
Whitehead, Joseph L. - stockraiser
Whitney, Frank E. - laborer
Whittier, George - miner
Whitney, Hamilton I. - butcher
Williams, Arthur B. - compositor Bulletin
Williams, Harrison - Williams & Tramm 160 acres
Williams & Tramm - drugs, toilet articles, etc.
Wilson, George W. - engineer
Wing, Elbridge - farmer
Winters, Antoine - miner
Young, Robert W. - farmer
Young, William R. - carpenter
Zimmerman, Joseph - machinist

JOHNSVILLE (See also Eureka Mills)
Post and express office, situated five miles from Mohawk Valley post office and twenty-eight miles from Quincy.  Elevation about 5,000 feet.  Population (Johnsville, Eureka Mills and vicinity) five hundred.  Dependent upon Plumas- Eureka Mine and Mill and some private claims for support.

Armstrong, James - shoemaker
Babb, Peter - teamster
Babb, Solomon - constable
Bacher, Joseph F. - J. F. Bacher& Co.
Bacher, J. F. & Co. - gen mdse
Belemeceh, Walter - miner
Bennett, Thomas - miner
Belavir, Anton - miner
Blewett, Charles - miner
Blewett, Joseph H. - miner
Buck, John - teamster
Bulamsky A. - millhand
Butson, William - miner
Castaquetta, Giusseppi - miner
Chegwin, James - miner
Collins, Thomas - miner
Conley, James W. - butcher with John Nevill
Cooper, Edward T. - carpenter
Coyle, James -  proprietor Miners' Arms Hotel
Cristofani, Egielio - barber
Curtis, Antone - miner
Daly, Andrew H. - manager Daly's Store
Daly, John -  proprietor Daly's Store
Daly's Store - John Daly  proprietor
Dawson, S. R. - laborer
Delbridge, Thomas - blacksmith
Dolley, O. B. - gen mdse
Dunn, Henry S. -  proprietor Eureka Hotel
Dyer, William - miner
Fletcher, Joseph H. - drugs & varieties, agent Wells, Fargo & Co., postmaster
Gallagher, W. R. - laborer
Grazer, August - brewery
Grondona, Louis - arrastraman
Grove, L. Mrs. - school teacher
Harland, H. L. - amalgamator
Harry, John - miner
Hightower, A. - carpenter
Hill, Charles M. - physician & surgeon
Hosking, Humphrey - miner
Hosking, William - foreman
Houghton, Harvey - farmer
Houghton, Henry B. - butcher
Houghton, James F. - butcher
Hunsinger, Cass - teamster
Ingram, Joshua - miner
Johns, James T. - blacksmith
Jones, Thomas G. - farmer
Jose, Edward - miner
Kerr, Mrs.
Ladd, Truman W. - carpenter
Lawrenzi, Peter - brewery & saloon
Lennis, Louis - saloon, gen mdse
Liddecoat, William - miner
Malcolm, N. E. - school teacher
Manuel, Spero - miner
Marshall, Benjamin B. - carpenter
Mathews, William B. - clerk with O. B. Dolley
McGuire, Edward - miner
Menzies, James - carpenter
Miners' Arms Hotel - James Coyle proprietor
Mitchell, Edward - miner
Mountian House - Matthew Willoughby  proprietor
Nevill, John - wood contractor, butcher
O'neil, Austin - miner
Pascoe, Henry C. - miner
Paseto, Matteo - miner
Peacello, Lorenzo - saloon
Pearce, Henry - miner, clergyman
Perano, Giovanni - miner
Phipps, John A. - foreman
Postmaster - Joseph H. Fletcher
Powning, John W. - miner
Preston, James A. - carpenter
Richards, John F. - blacksmith
Ricker, Frederick - millman
Rivers, Chester O. - blacksmith
Roberts, John H. - miner
Roberts, Wm. - miner
Roberts, W. C. - miner
Smitheran, Henry - amalgamator
Sobrero, Francisco - miner
Sobraro, Louis - miner
Sorocco, August - saloon keeper
Swan, John - miner
Thomas, John - steward
Thomas, Thomas - miner
Thomas, W. H. - miner
Thorning, E. T. - miner
Tippett, Joseph - clerk with John Daly
Tippett, Thomas - miner
Tivnan, Peter - saloon keeper
Tork, Charles - miner
Trathen, Wm. - miner
Trazona, Thomas - miner
Trengove, Samuel - miner
Vanzini, Frank S. - laborer
Vicovich, Nicholas - miner
Wallace, John - teamster
Ware, Silas W. - miner
Whitford, W. H. - miner
Whitiken, Wm. - blacksmith
Willoughby Bros. - gen mdse
Willoughby, Henry - Willoughby Bros.
Willoughby, John - Willoughby Bros.
Willoughby, Matthew -  proprietor Mountian House & feed stable
Wilson, Frank M. - teamster
Woodward, Geo. F. - laborer
Zarpas, Demetrius - miner
Zollinger, Jacob L. - J. F. Bacher& Co.

This town is situated in the southern border of the county, adjoining Sierra on the ridge which divides Yuba and Feather Rivers, and is forty-five miles distant from Oroville, with which place it is connected by stage.  It has a population of about three hundred, which depends entirely upon mining for its existence and support.  La Porte is the center of a large mining district lying in both counties, and has the reputation of being one of the best bullion producing districts of Northeastern California.  It has a bank, fair hotel accommodations, general store, and all of the business facilities incident to mining towns of its class.  It is a post and express office.

Alturas Lodge, No. 80, Independent Order Odd Fellows, John Hillman secretary
Archer, Joel B. - miner
Archer, Joseph  - miner
Babb, Geo. - livery stable
Badger, Alonzo - miner
Bald Mountain Mining Co. - James Lillie superintendent
Bank Of LaPorte - Dixon Brabban cashier
Barnes, B. W. - deputy U.S. Internal Revenue Collector
Barris, Charles E. - miner
Beauvis, Hypolite - cook
Berry, Edward G. - miner
Blanchard, John - miner
Black, Francis - carpenter
Blue Gravel Gold Mining Co. - James Lillie superintendent
Boheme, Charles  - miner
Brabban, Dixon - cashier bank of LaPorte, agent Wells, Fargo & Co.
Brice, Maurice - blacksmith
Buckley, Henry - hotelkeeper
Bustillos, Jesus - teamster
Campbell, George - miner
Canny, Charles - Canny & Co.
Canny & Co. - meat market
Canny, John - Canny & Co.
Canny, Michael - miner
Cascade Mining Co. - P. R. Walsh superintendent
Cayot, Francais -  proprietor Union Hotel
Chamberlain, B. H. - saloon
Chindinn, Clara A. Miss - school teacher
Colwell, Andrew W. - laborer
Comstock, Mark - carpenter
Cooper, Edward - miner
Coppock, Sampson H. - miner
Corderoy, Joseph W. - miner
Cinningham, James - laborer
Cutler, Elihu - laborer
Dallin, T. Jefferson - variety store
Devar, Edward - miner
Dubugue, Alphonzo - miner
Evans, Edward - laborer
Fall River Mining Co. - N. Gard secretary
Feeney, James -  proprietor Winthrop House 160 acres
Gale, Ed. H. - miner
Gambois, Louis - hotel
Garcia, Jesus - miner
Gard, Charles A. - miner
Gard, N. - superintendent Gibsonville Union Mining Co.
Gareid, A. J. - miner
Gibsonville Union Mining Co.  - N. Gard superintendent
Gillis, Arthur E. - miner
Gillis, James S. - miner
Gold Gravel Hydraulic Mining Co. - L. L. Myers superintendent
Goodwin, Francisco - miner
Goza, Louis A. - stage driver
Graham, Arthur - miner
Grandbois, Louis - hotel
Harris, Aaron - tinsmith
Harrold, John - miner
Heil, Charles M. - miner
Hendel, C. W. - civil engineer, deputy U.S. Surveyor
Hilands, Jacob W. - road overseer
Hillman, John - constable
Hillman, John H. - miner
Hillman, Louis L. - laborer
Hillman, William J. - miner
Hoare, Michael - farmer
How, William - miner
Jefferson Lodge No. 97 - F. & A. M., Dixon Brabban secretary
Jones, James - clerk
Kavanagh, James - miner
Knapp, Isaac N. - engineer
Laplant, Dennis - miner
LaPorte Lodge No. 381 - I.O.G.T., Miss Clara Chindinnin secretary
Leach, & Wolters - Diamond Spring Saw Mill
Lee, Alonzo - miner
Lewis, Henry - miner
Lillie, James - superintendent Bald Mountain & Blue Gravel Gold Mining Co.s
Lillie, Robert - miner
Lowry, Cornelius - carpenter
Makin, George H. - miner
Mason, Harry - merchant
Mason, William W. - miner
Mauer, H. R. - blacksmith
McAdam, James - miner
McClellan, Julius - miner
McGinity, Patrick - miner
McGuigan, Francis - peddler
McIntosh, Alexander - farmer 160 acres
McLaughlin, Charles E. - miner
McLaughlin, John - teamster
McMahon, George F. - miner
McMahon, Timothy - miner
McMartin, T. A. - miner
McNeil, Hugh - shoemaker
McNeill, Willis - shoemaker
Melody, Patrick - miner
Meyers, Lester L. - superintendent Gold Gravel Hydraulic Mining Co.
Mullen, Charles - miner
Mullen, James W. - laborer
Mullen, John F. - miner
Mullen, Neil - miner
Murray, James - miner
Mussey, J. M. - physician
O'Donald, James - miner
O'Rourke, John - laborer
Packer, Albert M. - lumberman
Packer, W. S. - saw mill
Paulin, Paulian F. - miner
Philip, William R. - miner
Pike, C. M. - carpenter
Pike, J. H. - carpenter
Plumas Consolidated Gold Mining Co. - J. H. Thomas superintendent
Plumas Council No. 44 - Order Chosen Friends, G. Reed, C. C.
Pond, James M. - miner
Postmaster - Henry Washington
Primo, Moses - miner
Quigley, A. J. - carpenter
Quigley, Fred. S. - miner
Quincy & LaPorte Stage Line - J. G. Berg  proprietor
Reed, George L. - miner
Riley, James - miner
Rinehart, M. - physician
Roblee, Thomas - miner
Rosenberg Brothers - gen mdse
Rosenberg, Jacob - Rosenberg Brothers res Taylorville
Rosenberg, Julius - Rosenberg Brothers
Russell, S. S. - merchant
Ryan, Charles - farmer 160 acres
Shaw, Charles H. - miner
Shay, William - miner
Smailer, John R. - president Bank of La Porte
St.Louis Consolidated Mining Co.
Steward, I. F. - carpenter
Stone, Myron H. - surveyor
Tebeuf, Maximillian - miner
Thomas, J. H. - superintendent P. C. G. Mining Co.
Thomas, Salis W. - miner
Thompson, Fred B. - laborer
Thompson, J. W. - farmer/stockraiser
Thompson, Rollo - teamster
Tregaskis, Thomas - teamster
Turner, Ann Mrs. - Slate Creek Bridge
Walsh, P. R. - superintendent Cascade Mining Co.
Washington, Henry - postmaster, drug & variety store
Wells, Fargo & Co.'s Express Co. - Dixon Brabban agent
Welsh, Jeffrey - miner
Westwood, John I.  - miner
Williams, John - miner
Williams, John M. - miner

LINCOLN (See Greenville)

LONG VALLEY (See Quincy)

A post office, thirty-one miles northwest of Quincy, and is the business point for Humbug Valley.

Anderson, D. E. - 280 acres
Bogliolo, Rowe
Brooks, B. S. -  160 acres
Gifford, Robert
Hartery, Thomas - farmer
Hibbitts, Henderson - miner
Jackson, Moses - miner
Lansing, Robert
Lazzier, Jean - miner
Swan, John - miner
Wagner, Lewis
Wallack, Elias - farmer 320 acres
Ware, Edwin - farmer
Waters, A. H. -  160 acres
Windrem, Samuel - miner

A small town, with post office, situated about ten miles west of Quincy, on the main road from Quincy to Oroville.  Spanish Peak, near by, which overlooks the valley, depends upon it for supplies.

Andrus, W. H. - hostler with Jacob Stephan
Atwood, Peter - blacksmith
Bell, John B. - miner
Bogliolo, Rodolph M. - miner
Bone, Robert - miner
Boswell & Co. - miners
Brinters, John H. - miner
Brooks, A. - miner
Brooks, C. - miner
Brown, John - jeweler
Brown, Sarshel - miner
Carr, Samuel - miner
Challen, J. H. - miner
Cook, Samuel - miner
Cress, Frank - stockraiser  320 acres
Daniels, W. J. -  160 acres
Dean, D. H. - miner
Delapp, A. J. - miner
Edman, John A. - miner  365 acres
Ellis, George S. - miner
Folsom, D. C. - secretary Plumas Mining & Water Co.
Forman, William - stockraiser
Gariepy, L. L. - stockraiser  320 acres
Gass, John - miner  160 acres
Goodwin, Samuel McL. - miner
Graves, William - miner
Halsted, Alanson A. - saloon
Hanson, P. - miner
Hickman, Joseph C. - miner
Hughes, Thomas - hotelkeeper, farmer 300 acres
Jacks, E. B. - miner  71 acres
Jacks, Richard - sawmill, miner, farmer 340 acres
Jolly, Thomas - miner
Kellogg, H. W. - Thompson & Kellogg
Klumb, Jacob - miner
Lake, W. H. - engineer, blacksmith
Lavasseur, J. B. H. - miner
Leak, George -  capitalist
Lee, James - miner
Massey, Eleanor Mrs.
Maurer, Caspard - miner
Maurer, S. Mrs. - farmer 120 acres
McElroy, John - butcher 80 acres
McPherson, William - millwright
Miller, Phillip - miner
Moore, C. M. - miner
Mumford, James - miner
Phelps, E. E. - farmer
Phelps, J. C. - miner
Plumas Mining & Water Co. - D. C. Folsom secretary 1748 acres
Robinson, Andrew - miner
Rutherford, J. T. - stockraiser  160 acres
Schneider, B. - farmer 320 acres
Schneider, B. Jr. - clerk 240 acres
Schneider, Charles - miner
Siebert, S. J. - miner
Snoyers, Charles - miner
Stephan, Jacob - stockraiser
Stevenson, J. F. - stockraiser  360 acres
Stevenson, W. H. - stockraiser  160 acres
Taylor, Stillman S. - miner
Thompson, R. - Thompson & Kellogg
Thompson & Kellogg - gen mdse 620 acres
Tryborn, C. A. - miner
Tucker, John - miner
Wagner, William - farmer 1494 acres
Weaver, E. L. - miner
White, A. P. - miner
Yager, Jacob - miner

MOHAVE CITY (See Eureka Mills)

A post office town, situated twenty-seven miles from Quincy, on the Sierra Valley and Reno roads, in the pretty Mohawk Valley, which is traversed by the east fork of Feather River.  The town possesses a saw mill, store, comfortable hotel and livery stable.  This is a favorite stopping place between Sierra Valley, Reno and Quincy.  Good hunting and trout fishing in the vicinity. Gold Lake is six miles, Smith's Lake three miles and Long Lake four miles distant.  Mohawk is the nearest point for these lakes.  The valley is eight miles long and averages one mile in width.

Babb, Solomon - constable
Black, David A. - miner
Bonta, Charles A. - farmer 480 acres
Carman, Alonzo - farmer 160 acres
Connelly, James - farmer
Connor, Robert E. - blacksmith, wagon maker
Dean, Marshall - carpenter
Delaney, James - farmer 320 acres
Denton, W. C. - farmer,  dairyman
Emmitt, Kate Mrs. - farmer 480 acres res Reno, NV
Fehling, John - miner  120 acres
Frank, John - miner
Garbani, G. - miner
Gard, Herman - laborer  with Knickram, Sutton & Co.
Goshen, Samuel - head sawyer with Knickram, Sutton & Co.
Greer, Frank - miner
Hanson, Charles - miner  320 acres
Hardgrave, Frederick - farmer
Hill, John W. - miner  160 acres
Jackson, John - mining superintendent
Knickram John C. - Knickram, Sutton & Co., civil eng., bridge builder, contractor
Knickram, Sutton & Co. -  proprietors saw mill and shingle mill
Knott, William - Knickram, Sutton & Co.,  proprietor hotel & livery stable, postmaster
Langhorst Bros. - farmers 480 acres
Langhorst, H. F. - farmer 80 acres
Langwish, Louis - laborer
Lannes, Lewis - saloon
Lister, Harvey D. - stage driver
Lister, Samuel D. - farmer, gardener
Little, Alfred - farmer
Mayne, John - Totton, Otis & Mayne
McCamley, Harrison - farmer 166 acres
McCrllum, Humphrey - farmer 160 acres
McCollum, John W. - farmer
McKenzie, John - farmer 169 acres
Merkle, Michael - miner  320 acres
Moreno, Randolph - laborer with Knickram, Sutton & Co.
Neseman, Fred. J. - farmer
Neseman, Henrich - confectioner
O'Neill, Austin - miner
Otis, Solomon - Totton, Otis & Mayne
Parlin, Tilson H. - farmer
Postmaster - Wm. Knott
Sanders, Charles - laborer with Knickram, Sutton & Co.
Sierra Iron Co. - 3560 acres
Smith, Charles E. - farmer 400 acres
Smith, Charles E. Jr. - farmer
Smith, Norman - logger with Knickram, Sutton & Co.
Stratton, Daniel - miner  160 acres
Stroud, Charles - teamster with Knickram, Sutton & Co.
Stroud, Charles E. - miner  160 acres
Sutton, John B. - Knickram, Sutton & Co., gen mdse, deputy postmaster
Tefft, L. V. - farmer 240 acres
Thomas, Frank - sawyer with Knickram, Sutton & Co.
Totton, John - Totton, Otis & Mayne
Totton, Otis & Mayne - saw mill
Trevethick, John D. - laborer with Knickram, Sutton & Co.
Turner, F. M. - farmer
Turner, Harvey - miner
Vann, F. M. - logger with Knickram, Sutton & Co.
Walt, Isaac - farmer
Webster, James - logger
Webster, J. W. - farmer
Whearty, Peter - farmer
Woodward, Geo. - wheelwright


A mining town, situated about eight miles southeast of Quincy, on the road to La Porte.  It has about one hundred and seventy-five inhabitants which find employment in mining and lumbering, there being two important saw mills located here.  It has a hotel, general store, blacksmith shop, and is an established post office.  Freight is shipped to this point via Marysville and express to Quincy.

American Mine - John Kiefer superintendent
Anderson, G. P. - miner
Berg, Charles - miner
Berg, John G. - mail carrier
Blair, Samuel P. - miner
Boss, Edwin H. - miner
Brinkmeyer & Co. - miners
Brinkmeyer, Henry - Brinkmeyer & Co.
Buckeye Mine - August Holtz superintendent
Burgess, H. G. - miner
Cassady, Henry - miner
Cavanaugh, Edward - miner
Childress, H. H. - school teacher
Church, John - 110 acres
Coleman, J. C. - miner
Coleman, Willis B. - carpenter
Dennis, William  - miner
Dilks, William L. - miner
Durrill, Orrin - miner
Eaves, Thomas
Eddelbrittel, J. C.
Egbell, Henry - miner
Egbert, Pauley
Ellerman, A. C. - miner
Evans, William R. - miner
Fields, Edwin A. - miner
Gansner, Benjamin E. - sawmill 160 acres
Gansner, Florian - sawmill 640 acres
Garbani, Gaspero - miner
Garbani, Giuseppi - miner
Gaubert, Charles H. - miner
Haffenger, Henry B. - miner
Hamer, John - Brinkmeyer & Co.
Hammerman, George H. G. - miner
Hampson, Henry C. - miner
Harknis, Patrick - miner
Harrington, George - superintendent Hopkins Creek Gold Mining Co.
Harris, Orrin C. - miner
Holm, John H. - miner
Holtz, August F. W. - miner
Hopkins Creek Gold Mining Co. - George Harrington superintendent
Hubbell, Eura S. - saloon
Jackson, Uric - miner
James, William J.
Johnson, Frank
Jolly, Thomas - miner
Jones, David - miner
Kain, Frank - miner
Kealy, John - miner
Kelley, Bernard - miner
Kelley, Marshall - miner
Kiefer, John - superintendent American Mine
Knowles, Williams H. - miner
Lawrence, Thomas F. - miner
Lawson, Peter - miner
Legan, Louis - miner
Lemieux, Paul - miner
Long, William - miner
McCauley, George - miner
McMahon, Michael - miner
McMartin, Finley A. - miner
Mechling, Jacob J. - tinsmith
Melvin, John - miner
Metcalf, Peter - miner
Metcalf, Samuel - miner
Metcalf, William -  superintendent Plumas Blue Gravel M. & L. Co.
Miller, W. F.
Moller, Peter C. - miner
Mountaineer Mining Co. - N. Mullen  superintendent
Mullen, Nathaniel - superintendent Mountaineer Mining Co.
Muller, Joseph - miner
Nelson, Andro - laborer
Nelson, John - miner
O'Brien, Edward - saloon keeper
Oliver, George - miner
Oliver, Richard - miner
Olsen, Magus - miner
Olsen, N. M. - miner
Page, Joseph - miner
Pauly, Nicholas O. - hotel
Pierce, John H. - miner
Plumas Blue Gravel Mining & Lumber Co. - William Metcalf  superintendent
Red Slide Mining Co. - P. V. Turner  superintendent  160 acres
Rees, William - miner
Roche, Frank - miner
Rosenburg, Julius - merchant
Schubert, Henry - 160 acres
Silva, Manuel - miner
Smith, George - miner
Snyder, Francis - miner
Spencer, Walter W. - miner
Tead, Edward L.
Thomas, D. R. - mining  superintendent
Tip Top Mining Co.
Trembath, Thomas - miner
Turner, N. J. - miner
Turner, Plumas T. - superintendent Red Slide Mining Co. 340 acres
Turner, Thomas A. - miner
Urie, Jackson  - miner
Waterworth, James W. - miner
Williams, Dennis  - miner
Williams, Peter V. - miner
Winters, Gauke R. - miner
Wood, William - miner
Yist, August - miner

ONION VALLEY (See Nelson Point)

POOR MAN'S CREEK (See Nelson Point)

SAW PIT (See Nelson Point)

PIONEER (See Nelson Point)
A post, express and telegraph office, and the county seat of Plumas county.  Connected by stage with Oroville, tri- weekly, and also with Central Pacific Railroad at Reno, Nev., daily.  Population six hundred.  Elevation 3,416 feet.  Quincy is situated in the fertile American Valley where all the small grains and fine fruits are raised.  The valley is also a great stock and dairying country, and is peculiarly adapted to the development of fine horses.  There are several large mines and saw mills which are actively worked in the vicinity.  The town itself is a beautiful place, tastefully laid out, and substantially built in the business quarter, while its residences, as a group and individually, look bright, cosy and elegant.  There are tow fine hotels in the town-the Plumas House and the Quincy.  The former is a favorite place with travelers in the northeastern portion of the State, who, availing themselves of its comfortable accommodations, generally indulge in a resting spell at Quincy.  The Quincy Hotel is also well up in favor and enjoys a good share of public patronage.  The Plumas National (weekly) is published here by Mr. Halstead, a gentleman well acquainted with the resources and possibilities of the county.  It enjoys a good circulation and patronage.

Agassiz & Shaw - (of Boston) James E. Mills Agent
Alexander, Joseph G. - miner
Ambros, Herbert G. - miner
Anderson, E. M. - miner
Anderson, Peter - miner
Annear, James C.
Arkansas Gold Mining Co. - S. Goodwin superintendent
Arnspiger, Andrew J. - farmer
Baldwin, E. H. - acting agent Wells, Fargo & Co., druggist with Wood & Co.
Barker, Charles F. - harnessmaker
Barker, Elle - teamster
Barker, John - stagedriver
Barret, John - miner
Barret, W. M. - Wood & Co., physician & surgeon
Barstow, Hollen- attorney at law
Baugh, Benjamin B. - hotel keeper
Becraft, James - laborer
Bell, John B. - miner
Bell, Lewis - miner
Bell, Richard L. - miner
Bell, Walker - teamster
Bell, Walter J. - compositor The Plumas National
Bellas, George - mining
Bennett, John E. - bartender
Betterman, A. W. - miner
Betterton, E. S. Mrs. - 36 acres
Betterton, James L. - farmer 160 acres
Billups, R. E. - miner
Bishop, W. H. - plasterer
Bissell, Edward L. - miner
Bixler, Henry S. - miner
Blakesley, W. A. - harnessmaker & saddler
Blewett, Annie Miss - school teacher
Blunt, Charles E. - teamster
Blunt, David D. - farmer
Bowen, Abram B. - miner
Boyle, C. C. - farmer 80 acres
Braden, Joseph - bartender with Hall & Howard
Bradley, Frederick W. - farmer
Bradshaw, Lewis - machinist
Bransford, M. B. - bookkeeper
Brown, George C. - farmer 160 acres
Brown, G. F. - miner, wood contractor 157 acres
Brown, Henry M. - miner
Brown, Michael - miner
Brown, Prior L. - miner
Brown, S. C. - farmer
Brown, William F. - miner
Broyles, John A. - miner
Bryant, John - laborer
Buchanan, William - miner
Bull, D. M. - saloon keeper
Burrell, Moses - miner
Bushman, David - miner
Butler, James M. - painter
Burg, J. G. - stage contractor and driver
Byers, W. T. - manager Plumas House
Campbell, William - miner
Cameron, Samuel - teamster
Cameron, S. W. - teamster
Capitol Saloon - Hall & Howard proprietors
Carlton, O. B. - laborer
Casey, Charles C. - farmer
Cate, D. R. - farmer 700 acres
Cate, Lafeyette - physician & surgeon
Chandler, Benjamin F. - miner, farmer
Chandler, G. W. - miner, farmer 337 acres
Chapin, Alexis B. - miner
Chapman, John C. - manager Mill's Feed and Livery Stable
Chapman, John M. -  proprietor Little Gem Saloon
Chapman, J. M. - farmer
Chase, Moses - stockraiser
Chatfield, L. G. - miner, farmer 320 acres
Chaty, John M. - miner
Christy, S. M. - carpenter
Chruch, Frank R. - mechanic
Church, J. C. - farmer
Clark, B. W. - farmer 120 acres
Clark, Daniel R. - miner
Clinch, John - farmer
Clinch, William - farmer
Clough, Greenleaf G. - Superior Judge
Cohn A. - Cohn, Levy & Co.
Cohn, Levy & Co. - gen mdse
Cohn, Blanche Miss - Cohn, Levy & Co.
Cold, William H. - mechanic
Colter, George - miner
Concannon, John - miner
Connor, James - butcher with Senn & Ulch
Cooke, Samuel - farmer 80 acres
Cornwell, Matthew M. - miner
Coulter, George - miner
Coyne, Tim. - miner
Cronin, Thomas - miner
Daub, Edmund A. - gardener
Davidson, Isaac W. - miner
Davis, William - miner
Dawson, Samuel R. - miner
Day, Peter M. - teamster
Day, Samuel H. - foreman J. E. Mills Ranch
Day, Wm. M. - teamster
Dean, Andrew - miner
Dean, Wilson S. - Sheriff & Tax Collector
Debmen, Henry - teamster
Dempsey, James - teamster
Dickinson, Samuel J. - miner
Dorothy, Samuel - miner, carpenter
Dorsch, Henry G. - tin & hardware
Douglass, Cora Miss - dressmaker
Dow, John L. - butcher
Doyle, Patrick J. - blacksmith
Doyle, Wm. - farmer
Drew, Aaron W. - carpenter
Drew, Wm. G. - farmer
Drollinger, John H. - bartender Plumas House
Drumgold, James H. - miner
Duesler, James W. - miner
Eaton, Edward - laborer
Eckel, Otto - miner
Edwards, Jane Mrs. -  proprietor Plumas House 49 acres
Edwards, W. J. - butcher 21 acres
Eisner, David - clothing & furnishing goods
Ellis, Geo. S. - miner
Ellis, John W. - miner
Emerson, Daniel - miner
Emerson, L. Mrs. - dressmaker
Engles, Henry A. - tinsmith
Erickson, Peter - helper with Wm. Schlatter
Evans, Chris. C. - miner
Fields, Edward - miner
Finlayson, Donald R. - farmer 349 acres
Finnegan, Peter J. - carpenter
Fitch, Edwin R. - carpenter
Flannigan, Timothy - farmer
Fleener, Obanion - laborer
Fogarty, John - hostler
Foren, M. W. - miner
Foss, Benj. R. - school teacher
Francart, John - carpenter
Galbraith, Samuel - miner
Galpin, Curtis - miner
Gansner, Henry R. - teamster
Garland, R. E. - stage driver Greenville and Quincy line
Garner Ed. - painter
Gibbs, David A. - engineer
Gill, Joseph - farmer
Gill, Robert W. - carpenter
Gokey, Alexander - miner
Goodwin & Jenks- attorneys at law
Goodwin, John D. - Goodwin & Jenks 685 acres
Goodwin, Samuel - superintendent Arkansas Gold Mining Co.
Gould, Andrew J. - wheelwright
Graves, Wm. H. - stonecutter
Grouper, Geo. - miner
Grove, Albert - clerk with C. Lee & Sons
Grove, Eldridge - clerk with C. Lee & Sons
Grubbs, Elisha - miner
Gundry, Geo. W. - laborer
Haggard, Thomas L. - County Treasurer
Hall, Andrew - Hall & Howard
Hall & Howard -  proprietors Capitol Saloon
Hall, David C. - civil engineer & deputy County Clerk
Hall, J. S. - Supervisor Third District, Plumas Co.
Hall, Julius P. - miner
Hallanan, Michael H. - miner
Hallsted, P. L. - editor &  proprietor  Plumas National
Halstead, E. A. -  proprietor Oroville Stage Line
Hapgood, N. H. - manager Plumas Subscription Agency, Coroner, Administrator
Harold, Joseph - miner
Harper, Sylvester - miner
Harrison, Wm. - tailor
Harrison, Wolf - tailor
Hartley, Jeremiah - farmer
Hartwell, E. H. Mrs. - farmer, sawmill 256 acres
Hartwell, Wm. B. - farmer
Hartwell, Louis  - manager saw mill
Hartzell, Cyrus K. - farmer
Haun, David - farmer
Haun, David L.- attorney at law
Haun, James H. - teamster
Haun, James J. - farmer
Haun, John J. - farmer
Haun, Mary F. Miss - school teacher
Heath, Charles - miner
Heath, Charles G. - farmer
Heath, E. A. - superintendent Heath Mining Co.
Heath Mining Co. - E. A. Heath superintendent
Hegard, Charles - saloon keeper
Hepner, Charles Y. - miner
Hertley, Jeremiah - laborer
Hewitt, Henry W. - miner
Higgins, John B. - miner
Hill, Taylor - miner
Hinkle, George B. Rev. - pastor M. E. Church
Hite, B. F. - miner
Hobart, Ruben -  superintendent Providence Hill Mining Co.
Hobart, S. L. - miner
Hogan, Edmond T. - Attorney at law
Hooper, Thomas S. - teamster
Houck, James H. - carpenter
Houghton, George E. - County  Superintendent Public Schools
Houghton, Geo. E. Mrs. - principal Quincy Primary School
Howard, Peter - Hall & Howard
Howell, David W. - miner
Howells, Julius M. - civil engineer
Hughes, Nettie M. Mrs. - Meylert & Hughes
Hull, Melancthon - miner
Hungarian Hill Gravel Mining Co. - Peter Orr  superintendent
Hungarian Hill Mine - Henry W. Orr  proprietor 6 mi w of Quincy on Rock Creek
Huskinson, Edward - clerk Plumas House
Irving, Alexander - miner
Jenks, D. W. - Goodwin & Jenks, secretary Rockwell Park Assoc
Johnson, Charles C. - miner
Johnson, Thomas J. - miner
Johnson, William - farmer 600 acres
Johnston, William - laborer
Jones, Charles - carpenter
Jones, D. W. C. - carpenter
Jones, J. B. - carpenter
Juhl, Matz M. - miner
Karn, Jacob - laborer
Keddie, Arthur W. - civil engineer
Keeler, Edwin, H. - lumberman
Keeney, John - miner
Kelley, Charles - miner
Kelley, Joseph - miner
Kellogg, W. W.  - State Senator 26th District, Attorney at law
Kelly, Charles - farmer
Kelly, Daniel - miner
Killen, Edward - miner
Kilton, V. B. - miner
Kingsbury, Calvin - farmer
Kingsbury, Henry M. - blacksmith
Kinsey, William - undertaker
Kinsley, Jacob P. - farmer
Kinyon John - teamster
Kirby, Charles - farmer
Kiser, P. C. - farmer 160 acres
Kiser, Philo W. - farmer
Kniseley, Jacob P. - 263 acres
Koesler, Peter - winemaker
Kringle, Reginald - laborer
Kuhn, George - shoemaker
Lake, William H. - blacksmith
Lamkin, George A. G. - miner
Larison, James H. - farmer 192 acres
Larison, James W. - Wilson & Larison
Larsen, A. - miner, farmer
Leavitt, A. E. - Loring & Leavitt
Lee, Clark J. - C. Lee & Sons
Lee, Corydon - C. Lee & Sons 320 acres
Lee, C. & Sons - gen mdse, clothing
Lee, Samuel - farmer 540 acres
Lee, Thomas C. - C. Lee & Sons
Lee's Saw Mill - C. Lee & Sons  proprietors
Leonard, J. G. - dentist home office Susanville
Levy, M. F. - Cohn, Levy & Co.
Levy, Sol. - clerk with Cohn, Levy & Co.
Libby, Stephen H. - miner
Liggan, Michael - miner
Light, M. S. - general blacksmith, machinist
Little Gem Saloon - John M. Chapman  proprietor
Lorich, Ben C. - steward hospital
Loring, Charles E. - miner
Loring, John H. - Loring & Leavitt  480 acres
Loring & Leavitt - miners
Lowell, James M. - miner
Luman, F. M. - teamster
Luman, Henry - teamster
Lurison, J. H. - Supervisor
Mack, James - miner
Maddon, William B. - mason
Madsen, Christian - farmer
Malumpy, Luke - miner
Mann, Louis S. - farmer
Marden, Thomas - miner
Martin, John P. - miner
Martin, Robert - hotel keeper
Martin, Thomas A. - carpenter
Mathews, Patrick - miner
Mathewson, Malcolm - miner
Mathewson, William - miner
Matson, James R.. - laborer
Mawer, Louis B. - teamster
Maxwell, J. G. - miner, farmer 160 acres
Mayot, Joseph F. - miner
McBride, W. G. - carpenter
McCarthy, John - miner
McConathy, Sameul R. - laborer
McDermott, Patrick - miner
McDonald, Alice Miss
McDonald, Nathan - farmer
McGuigan, Frank - farmer
McLaughlin, John - farmer
McLenan, Kenneth C. - engineer
McLenan, Malcolm - miner, engineer
McLennan, Charles J. - bookkeeper with Hall & Howard
McLennan, Duncan S. - bartender Little Gem Saloon
McLennan, F. A. - carpenter
McMullen, John - miner
McNichol, Thomas - miner
Mead, Charles - miner
Meikle, Adam E. - miner
Meikle, Donald A. F. -  proprietor Quincy Hotel
Meikle, John C. - blacksmith
Meikle, William - miner
Merrellies, William - miner
Metzler, Charles - butcher
Meyer, Rudolph - farmer
Meyers, Jacob A. - miner
Meyers, John M. - farmer
Meylert, G. W. - Meylert & Hughes
Meylert & Hughes -  proprietors Reno & Quincy Stage Line
Miller, George W. - bookkeeper Crescent Mill & Mining Co.
Miller, James - miner
Miller, William J. - clerk Quincy Hotel
Mills, James E. Prof. - superintendent Mills' Shaft, agent for Agassiz & Shaw of Boston
Mills' Feed & Livery Stable - John C. Chapman manager
Mills' Shaft - Jas. E. Mills  superintendent
Misenheimer, Miles - teamster
Mitchell, John E. - deputy Sheriff
Moraine, Charles - miner
Morton, George W. - farmer, miner
Mosley, John R. - miner
Moupetit, Oliver - miner
Muncy, Fred H. - miner
Murdock, R. - miner
Murdock, William - miner
Musick, Theodore - miner
Myers, Joseph D. - laborer
Myers, Walter - farmer with J. W. Thompson
Nash, Nelson P. - miner
Neal, Thomas - stage driver
Neale, Clark - clerk with C. Lee & Sons
Niswender, Eli - plasterer, brick layer
Noack, Gus R. - barbershop, baths, opp Plumas House
Northrop, Edmund - mechanic
O'Conner, James - butcher with Senn & Ulch
Olson, Henry - miner
O'Neil, John B. - miner
O'Neill, Richard M. - miner
Orr, Charles P. - music teacher
Orr, Edwin H. - deputy County Clerk
Orr, Henry W. -  proprietor Hungarian Hill Mine
Orr, James A. - County Clerk, miner
Orr, Peter -  superintendent Hungarian Hill Gravel Mining Co.
Palmer, George W. - carpenter
Pardee, J. E. - painter
Parker, Carrie Mrs.
Parker, P.  - teamster with J. H. Whitlock
Parker, Ross E. - farmer
Parsons, Isaac - miner
Patrick, Matthew - miner
Peterson, Matt. - miner
Phipps, A. J. - miner
Pippin, Joseph - miner
Plumas County Hospital - B. C. Lorich steward
Plumas House - Mrs. Jane Edwards  proprietor, W. T. Byers manager
Plumas National, The - weekly, P. L. Hallsted, editor &  proprietor
Porter, Hugh S. - District Attorney
Porter, John C. - painter
Postmaster - Jas. H. Whitlock
Potter, Richard E. - farmer
Powning, John W. - miner
Price, Alexander L. - foreman Plumas National
Prince, Thomas B. - miner
Providence Hill Mining Co. - Reunen Hobart  superintendent  71 acres
Quenell, E. W. - farmer 160 acres
Quincy Hotel - D. A. F. Meikle  proprietor
Radley, John - miner
Rasmussen, Niels - physician
Raymond, Mary Miss - with Mrs. Jane Edwards
Reynolds, Joseph - miner
Rice, Calvin J. - miner
Richards, John - janitor Court House
Richards, John P. - miner
Richards, Thomas M. - laborer
Richards, William M. - farmer
Rider, William - miner
Rider, W. M. - farmer
Ritchie, John A. - farmer
Riverdale Mine - 120 acres
Roberts, Valentine - miner
Robinson, Andrew - keeper tollgate
Robinson, Charles L. - farmer
Robinson, Duncan - farmer
Robinson, James - teamster
Rockwell, Calvin W. - miner
Rockwell Park Association - D. W. Jenks secretary
Rodgers, L. S. - carpenter
Roe, Henry - miner
Rogers, Charles W. - miner
Rogers, Lester - farmer
Rollins, Alma S. - miner
Rupert, Charles - cook Plumas House
Ryder, Myron W. - laborer
Schlatter, Wm. - brewery 200 acres
Schneider, Bernhard - clerk with J. H. Whitlock
Schneider, Walter - butcher with Senn & Ulch
Scott, John S. N. - miner
Scott, Louis N. - miner
Senn, Frank E. - butcher with Senn & Ulch
Senn, George - Senn & Ulch
Senn & Ulch - butchers
Shafer, Wm. - miner
Shattuck, W. H. - driver Reno & Quincy Stage Line
Shaw, Wm. B. - steward Plumas House
Shipman, Geo. W. - miner
Siler, Robert - miner
Simpson, John - miner
Smith, Charles W. - farmer, miner  160 acres
Smith, D. R. - horse shoer with M. S. Light
Smith, Horace W. - miner
Smith, John R. - sawyer
Smith, Joseph - machinist
Smith, Morris - farmer, miner 160 acres
Smith, Robert N. - farmer
Smith, Thomas M. - harness maker
Smith, Wm. - miner
Smith, Wm. C. H. - miner
Smith, Wm. E. - lumberman
Somner, Francisco G. - surveyor
Somner, Geo. B. - builder
Spindler, Peter - brewer with Wm. Schlatter
Stark, Lewis - Justice of the peace
State Creek Mining Co.
Stephan, Jacob - livery stable 330 acres
Sterrell, John W. - miner
Stevens, Wm. H. - miner
Stickney, Joseph - farmer
Stinson, Lewis J. - artist
Strickland, Charles F. - telegraph operator Western Union Tel. Co., deputy Postmaster
Swiggart, John J. - miner
Taggart, Neil - farmer
Tarbox, Frank - carpenter
Taylor, George F. - surveyor
Taylor, Ross M.
Taylor, Samuel - superintendent cemetery
Tebbetts, David - farmer
Teglown, Thomas - miner
Terry, Frances C. - miner
Thomas, Thomas - miner
Thompson, Alexander - carpenter
Thompson, Chris. - carpenter
Thompson, John W. - farmer, capitalist 1143 acres
Thompson, James - miner
Thompson, Matthias - miner
Thompson, Richard - merchant
Tierney, Joseph - miner
Toole, Arthur P. - miner
Tregaskis, J. W. - farmer, teamster  120 acres
Turner, T. H. - farmer
Tutt, Barney - farmer
Ulch, Jacob H. - Senn & Ulch
Underwood, James - miner
VanNorden, T. A. - watchmaker, jeweler
Variel, Joshua H. - wagon maker, millwright, carpenter, contractor
Variel, R. H. F. - attorney at law, notary public
Vere, Frank - miner
Wade, W. H. - miner
Wagner, Wm. - Supervisor 2nd District Plumas Co.
Wallace, John - miner
Warren, Job E. - carpenter
Watson, William - chief assistant  superintendent Mills Shaft
Weldon, A. J. - farmer 305 acres
Wells, Fargo & Co.  - Wm. M. Barrett agent, E. H. Baldwin acting agent
Wells, Walter F. - miner
Welsh, Charles B. - miner
Welsh, Thomas - mason
West, Jeremiah R. - miner
White, Henry - farmer 211 acres
Whiting, Fenton B. - Attorney at law, searcher records
Whiting, Fenton P. - County Recorder
Whittey, James W. - farmer
Whitlock, James H. - gen mdse, Postmaster, manager Western Union Tel. Co.
Wiegand, John - miner
Wiggins, Thomas - miner
William, James C. - physician
Williams, C. C. - teamster
Wilson, A. - constable
Wilson, George - Wilson & Larison
Wilson & Larison - horseshoers & gen blacksmith
Wilson, William A. - confectionery & fruits
Wood & Co. - drugs & varieties
Wood, George - Wood & Co.
Woolsey, Card H. - teamster
Woolsey, F. E. - teamster
Wormley, Henry P. - shorthand reporter
Yeates, James H. - farmer 132 acres

RED CLOVER (See Taylorville)

Post Office Spanish Ranch

Ballow, Samuel - miner
Beaty, Thomas  - miner
Beatty, William  - miner
Buvinghausen, A. - hotelkeeper
Carr, Samuel  - miner
Chaplain, Jaques - miner
Chaplain, Y. M. - miner
Eyrand, Francis - miner
Gale, Charles  - miner
Gallager & Co. - miners
Gamble, Robert - miner
Gansner, Benjamin  - brewery, miner
Gornett, Edmond H. - farmer
Herman, Moses - miner
Indian Hill Mining Co.
Langlais, Pierre M. - miner
Licardis, Bertrand - miner
McDougall, Peter - miner
Micheldich, John - miner
Mori, Frederick  - miner
Mori, George  - gen mdse
Osier, Jack - miner
Prigan, Loran - miner
Rabe, John - miner
Robert, Vincent - miner
Sarazin, Andrus - miner
Scott, Loring  - miner
Smith, Horace - miner
Thomas, Walter M. - miner
Willow Bar Mining Co.
Workman, Robert  - miner
Yellow Creek Canal Mining Co.

SAW PIT (See Nelson Point)

SODA BAR (See Greenville)

SPANISH PEAK (See Meadow Valley)

SPANISH POINT (See Meadow Valley)

A small town of about one hundred inhabitants, situated about eight miles west of Quincy and fifty-seven miles northeast from Oroville.  The principal industry is provided for by the works of the Plumas Mining and Water Company, which are located here.  It has post and express offices, and is connected with Quincy and Oroville by stage.

Andrus, Wm. H. - miner
Belden, Charles  - miner
Bell, Walker - laborer
Bolyar, A. - miner  120 acres
Bone, Robert G. - miner
Brooks, A. H. - farmer
Burton, Fielden - miner
Cambron, James E. - miner
Casley, Michael - miner
Challen, James H. - miner
Challen, John K. - miner
Cowen, Robert - miner
Coyot, Jacques - miner
Crawford, William - miner
Crowell, William E. - miner  70 acres
Dickerson, Asa E. - miner
Dunn, William H. - millman
Easter, J. Coon - miner
Folsom, Daniel - miner
Freese, A. J. Jr. - school teacher
Gamble, C. E. - school teacher
Garrett, Henry - miner
Gifford, Robert - miner
Goodwin, Samuel - mining  superintendent  480 acres
Graves, W. C. - miner
Hager, James C. - miner
Halsted, Asa -  superintendent Halsted Mining Co. 30 acres
Halsted, Joseph - miner
Halsted Mining Co. - Asa Halsted  superintendent
Hambly, D. W. - farmer 600 acres
Hambly, Thomas W. - miner
Hambly, W. D. J. - miner
Hambly, David F. C. - farmer
Hard, Ezra C. - laborer
Hight, John - miner
Hill, Frank - miner
Huntsman, Thomas J. - miner
Hyde, Mrs
Jacks, Richard - miner
Jenkins, James T. - miner
Juares, Reyers - laborer
Kellogg, --- - Thompson & Kellogg
Kniewel, Mathias - miner
Massey, R. W. - miner
Meads, William H. - blacksmith
Morales, Rosario - miner
Mulcahy, Daniel - miner
Nipher, S. F. - miner
O'Brien, John - miner
Perley, Jacob P. - mechanic
Phelps, James C. - farmer
Phelps, Edwin E. - miner
Postmaster - R. Thompson
Riddle, John H. - miner
Roberts, Valentine - sawmill
Schneider, Louis - farmer
Shafer, John - miner
Silva, Joseph - miner
Strite, George A. - miner
Strite, John H. - miner
Sugars, John - laborer
Thompson & Kellogg - R. Thompson & Kellogg
Thompson, R. - Thompson & Kellogg, agent Wells, Fargo & Co., Postmaster, gen mdse
Turner, Charles W. - laborer
Wampler, William G. - miner
Wilson, John P. - miner

SHOE FLY (See Quincy)


A post office

Feeney, James -  proprietor Winthrop House
Malmlund, Albert E. - miner
Nelson, L. Mrs
Nelson, Neals - miner
Postmaster - Charles T. Prindle
Prindle, Charles T. - Postmaster
Williams, John A. - miner
Winthrop House - James Feeney  proprietor

SULPHUR SPRINGS (See Wash; also Mohawk)

A post office and town situated on the summit of the main road from Plumas County to Reno, Nevada, in Beckwith Pass.  This pass lying at an altitude of 4,875 feet, is the lowest of all the passes through the Sierra Nevadas.  It is fifty- four miles southeast from Quincy, and twenty-eight miles from Reno.  It is one of the oldest settlements and is in the midst of a grazing valley.

Agostini, Angelo D. - farmer
Anderson, Andrew J. - farmer
Anderson, Elijah M. - farmer
Bigelow, Edward C. - blacksmith
Bourret, Oliver - physician
Bringham, William C. - farmer
Brown, C. H. - farmer
Brundridge, A. S. J. - laborer
Cunningham, G. H. - farmer 320 acres
Daniels, William H. - farmer
Defanti, Anselmo - farmer, dairyman 600  acres
Diehl, Thomas R. - farmer
Dodd, Albert M. - farmer
Dolta, Godovico - farmer
Dolta, John - farmer
Dyson, Joe - farmer 320 acres
Ede, Alice L. Miss - school teacher
Ferrasci, Antonio - dairyman
Finnegan, Martin J. - laborer
Galeppi, Guigliemo - dairyman
Gergentasch, Henry - shoemaker
Goble, James E. - farmer 640 acres
Guidici, Alex. - dairyman, farmer 520 acres
Guidici, Bernardi - dairyman, stockraiser  440 acres
Guidici, M. - farmer 480 acres
Guidici, Philip E. - dairyman, farmer 320 acres
Guileppi, William - dairyman, stockraiser  1160 acres
Haag, Frank - farmer
Heistand, Asa - farmer
Horton, Charles - farmer
Horton, Charles E. - farmer
Horton, L. E. - farmer 800 acres
Huntley, Alonzo B. - miner
Jones, Griffith - farmer
Jones, Robert F. - farmer
Jones, William E. - hotel
Lathrop, Sullivan - farmer
Lothrop, Lynn - farmer
Lyons, Peter - laborer
Machomich, D. T. - farmer
Marsh, Wilbur F. - farmer
Martin, Richard - gen mdse, Postmaster
McCann, James H. - teamster
Moffitt, David - farmer 820 acres
Moffitt, James - farmer 420 acres
Postmaster - Richard Martin
Ross, Elmer E. - farmer
Seaman, J. B. - farmer
Seltier, C. F. - farmer 320 acres
Smith, Robert N. - manager saw mill
Smith, Charles M. - farmer
Steiner, Henry - farmer
Sharkey, James - miner
Terrasce, Antonio - farmer 319 acres
Tiffin, Miles - blacksmith
Trosi, Charles - farmer, dairyman 1440 acres
Trosi, John - farmer
Trosi, Joseph - laborer
West, J. R. - farmer
Wherity, Eugene P. - farmer
Williams, J. F. - farmer
Wilson, A. N. - blacksmith
Wiltse, Bros. - farmers, dairymen 1120 acres

Post and telegraph office.  Situated at the south end of Indian Valley, on Indian creek (branch of Feather river), twenty- two miles, by an excellent wagon road, from Quincy.  Population, three hundred.  Elevation, 3,479 feet.  Indian Valley is a beautiful locality.  It comprises 17,000 acres of rich land, whereon all the small grains and fine fruit is raised.  Taylorville was settled by the late Job T. Taylor, in 1852.  The log cabin, which he then built, still stands as a monument of the pioneer days.  Beside it stands a commanding structure, now being conducted by his widow as a first-class hotel.  The Vernon House, kept by Mr. Hardgrave, is situated in the center of town, and affords good accommodations.  The surrounding country offers both mining and agricultural advantages.

Adams, William H. - miner
Anthony, Lewis - farmer
Bacher, Andrew - farmer
Ball, John - farmer
Banta, Stephen C. - farmer
Bicknell, Henry  - miner
Blades, Jasper N. - teamster
Blothen, Andrew W. - miner
Blough, William - miner
Boyden, Carl F. - farmer
Boyden, George W. - Boyden & Smith
Boyden & Smith - blacksmiths, wagonmakers
Brown, George - farmer
Burge, James P. - deputy Sheriff, gardener, fruit raiser
Cantlori, Michael - miner
Chapman, Albert R. - teacher
Chapman, Denis H. - stage driver 40 acres
Chipman, Frank S. - miner
Church, James S. - farmer
Church, J. C. - Justice of the peace, gardener
Church, John L. - farmer
Clunnie, George A. - laborer
Coffee, Wyatt - laborer
Collier, George F. - laborer
Colvin, William  - dairyman
Conyers, S. H. - bricklayer, dealer lime, etc.
Cooksie, James S. - farmer
Cottingham, James W. - Graham & Cottingham
Cottingham, William  - farmer 262 acres
Cox, Levi - cooper
Cunningham, John - farmer
Dickey, Samuel M. - farmer
Doneworth, G. M. - gardener
Doneworth, M. - 80 acres
Doyle, P. J. - Kincart & Doyle
Drake, Charles T. - farmer
Droge, Adam - farmer 311 acres
Dulin, P. L. - farmer
Dunlap, Jackson L. - farmer
Engels, C. H. - miner
Engels, Henry - miner
Engels, William  - miner
Evans, J. F. - farmer 791 acres
Fant, Thomas - miner
Ford, A. J. - farmer 307 acres
Ford, James - farmer 295 acres
Ford, Walter J. - farmer
Foreman, J. W. - laborer
Foreman, Lewis A. - farmer
Foreman, William  - farmer 285 acres
Fox, A. E. Mrs. - widow
Frohlick, G. D. - miner
Gaspar, Frederick - miner
Gee, Andrew M. - carpenter, gardener
Gee, John - miner
Genty, J. C. - farmer 100 acres
Genty, Roger E. - farmer
Goodman, Harris - gen mdse
Grabel J. L. - shingle maker 160 acres
Graham, William D. R. - Graham & Cottingham, manager Indian Valley Flour Mill
Graham & Cottingham - proprietors Indian Valley Saw Mill
Grammer, Oliver S. - laborer
Green, E. E. - carpenter
Hallock, Robert S. L. - mining engineer
Hardgrave, John - proprietor Vernon House 920 acres
Hardgrave, William  - farmer
Harding, Charles - miner
Harris, Julius - farmer 120 acres
Harvey, A. B. -  superintendent Lucky, S. Gold Mining Co.
Hinchman, A. L. - carpenter
Hodgkins, George W. - farmer, notary public
Hodgkins, George W. - artist
Hosselkus, Frank B. - farmer
Hough, Jeremiah - farmer
Hough, Levi F. - farmer 314 acres
Hough, R. W. - farmer 545 acres
Hudson, Pliny P. - farmer
Hunt, A. E. - farmer
Huntington, Henry - farmer, gardener
Indian Valley Saw Mill - Graham & Cottingham proprietors
Indian Valley Flour Mill - J. W. Thompson proprietor
Jackson, R. G. - miner
Johnson, Frank - miner
Kaeding, Theodore E. - miner
Kelley, James - laborer
Kincart, Frank E. - farmer
Kincart, John W. - Kincart & Doyle
Kincart & Doyle - blacksmiths, wagonmakers
Kline, M. - hostler Vernon House
Landers, Patrick - miner
Laufman, Julien - carpenter
Lewis, John W. - blacksmith
Light, A. C. - farmer, miner  205 acres
Light, Eleazer - miner
Light, Eugene S. - miner
Light, Theodore A. - miner
Lingle, Solomon - miner
Lucky, S. Gold Mining Co. - A. B. Harvey  superintendent
Macalister, Wm. - dairyman
Martin, Albert E. - miner
Martin, Samuel L. - miner
McCutcheon, Hugh - farmer 319 acres
McMinn, James W. - farmer
Mead, Allen - laborer  160 acres
Morton, Wm. B. - miner
Mosi, Louis - miner
Munroe, James - miner
Notson, William W. - butcher
Nye, Israel - farmer
Pacific Mining Co. - Lewis Parker & Co.  proprietors
Pattam, C. - dairyman 240 acres
Peters, W. T. - farmer 425 acres
Pierce, Alexander - miner
Postmaster - J. C. Young
Price, Wm. S. - billiard saloon
Prime, David - harness maker
Prime, E. M. Mrs. - widow
Pushor, Timothy - teamster
Remick, R. B. - laborer
Remus, Peter - laborer
Reynolds, W. C. - miner
Rollins, Almon S. - miner
Rollins, Trustum H. - miner
Rosecrans, Eli - carpenter
Rosenbaum, Jacob - clerk with Harris Goodman
Rosenberg, Jacob - merchant
Routson, Elmer E. - saloon
Sheldon, Thomas - laborer
Spellier, George - laborer
Simpson, Thomas - farmer, gardener 80  acres
Smith, Chipman G. - Boyden & Smith
Smith, Erastus P. - butcher, County Assessor 40 acres
Smith, P. G. - butcher
Smith, William  - miner
Stark, John W. - farmer 348 acres
Sweringen, Samuel - miner
Taylor, James T. - Taylor, S. A. H. Mrs. & Son, stockraiser, miner
Taylor, S. A. H. Mrs. & Son -  proprietor Taylor House
Taylor House - Taylor, S. A. H. Mrs. & Son, for tourist and travelers
Taylor, S. A. H. Mrs. - Taylor, S. A. H. Mrs. & Son 707 acres
Thompson, J. W. -  proprietor Indian Valley Flour Mill res Quincy
Thompson, Richard - farmer 871 acres
Thompson, Robert A. - farmer
Torrey, A. E. - 560 acres
Troger, Henry - laborer
Troger, Louis - laborer
Veeder, E. P. - school teacher
Vernon House - John Hardgrave proprietor
Very, John M. - printer
Walker, Frederick - school teacher
Walker, J. W. - laborer
Walker, Thomas B. - miner
Walsh, Henry G. - miner
Walsh, Ernest - laborer
Wardlow, Benjamin F. - farmer
Western Union Telegraph Co. - J. C. Young agent
Wheaton, James L. - carpenter
Wheeler, Martin S. - farmer
Young, A. E. Mrs. - widow
Young, George W. - telegraph operator
Young, J. C. - gen mdse, Postmaster, agent Western Union Telegraph Co.


Barker, Joseph  - miner
Cole, William  - miner
Corser, Henry H. - miner
Jackson, Francis - miner
Halsted, Asa D. - miner
Halsted, Charles R. - miner
Lugefsky, C. Frederick  - miner
Rising, Jacob - miner
Stickney, Joseph  - miner

UNION (See Taylorville)

WASH (See also Mohawk)
A post office, in the southern part of the county, on the border of Sierra and twenty-five miles distant, in a northeasterly direction, from Downieville in that county.  It is the location of some mineral springs, which bid fair to make in the future a reputation for the place as a summer resort.

Barton, W. C. - farmer 190 acres
Davis, James - miner
Dean, Marshall - farmer 190 acres
Denton, J. W. - farmer 190 acres
Elkins, George A. - miner, farmer 160 acres
Fhielbar H. - farmer 240 acres
Hapgood, Joseph - miner  160 acres
Hapgood, N. - farmer 166 acres
Jackson, Abel - miner  80 acres
Jackson, Andrew - miner  160 acres
Jackson, John - mining   superintendent  120 acres
King, Rebecca Mrs. - Postmaster farmer
King, R. Mrs. - farmer 640 acres
McCamly, H. C.  - insurance agent, farmer
McLear, George S. -  proprietor Sulphur Springs 520 acres
McLear, George S. - proprietor Springs Hotel,  farmer
Miller, R. - contractor 135 acres
Neseman, Henry - farmer 240 acres
Neseman, Frederick - miner
Neseman, Henry W. - farmer
Parlin, T. H. - laborer  320 acres
Poe, John - miner  40 acres
Postmaster - Mrs. Rebecca King
Wright, A. P. Miss - school teacher
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~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
History of PLUMAS CO. as of 1885

This county is situated in the northeastern part of the State, and is the third from the north on its eastern border.  It is bounded on the north and east by Lassen, on the south by Sierra and Yuba, and on the west by Butte and Tehama counties, and contains an area of 1,511,040 acres.  In the original formation of the county a great part of the present area of Lassen, which was not then in existence as a county, was included, but the troubles arising from the undefined boundary line between the States of California and Nevada, incidental to which was the refusal of the Honey Lake settlers to recognize Plumas county's right of jurisdiction over them, and which culminated in the "Sage Brush" was of 1863, induced the authorities of the state, after California's right to the disputed ground was definitely settled, to separate if from Plumas, and accordingly in 1864, the Legislature erected the county of Lassen as at present constituted.  Plumas is bisected by the main chain of the Sierra Nevadas, and the county, from its situation, is entirely of a broken and mountainous character, its altitude varying from 3,000 to 10,430 (Mount Lassen) feet above the sea; despite this fact, the numerous vallies of greater or less extent, formed by the Feather river and its tributaries which rising in the eastern part of the county pierces it from east to west, and the fertile lands of the American valley, lying in the southern part of the county, completely overthrow the idea which its broken character may create in the minds of those unacquainted with its topography, that its capacities in an agricultural point of view are but limited.  On the contrary within the range of the vallies so formed, which comprises no inconsiderable portion of the area of the county, no more prolific soil can be found within the State than is here presented, and although as yet the agricultural development has not gotten entirely out of the old primitive methods, enough has been done to justify in the returns received from the work, Plumas' right to share with the rest of our great west in that trite old aphorism, "You have but to thickly the soil and the harvest laughs."
 In its mining industries the county has made great progress.  The large districts included in the Johnsonville, Crescent Mills, Greenville and La Porte locations, situated in the central portion of the county from north to south, have already attracted great attention and secured the investment of considerable outside capital.  The yield from these mines, much as it has already shown and justifying in all cases, where fair tests have been made of their capacity for profit is but a tithe of the product which they are destined to present in the near future, as facilities and communications become more available.  Abundant water power for crushing purposes or for general mining use is had all the year, and it only awaits the time for its capabilities to become thoroughly known to enterprising capitalists for Plumas to assume a position in the vanguard of the various counties of the State in the production of precious metals.  At present this industry engages directly about two-thirds of its population.

But it is to the possibilities of the country in the realizing upon its immense wealth of timber possessions that Plumas must expect the greatest results in the future.  Aside from the vallies the county is entirely and thickly grown with the most valuable timber belt in the Sierras, consisting chiefly of sugar pine.  This particular growth is so well appreciated, that notwithstanding it has to be teamed extraordinary distances and over mountainous roads to Reno, Nevada, the nearest accessible railroad point, it finds a ready market as far east as Utah.  Immense tracts of this land, yet unclaimed, is open for entry, and stands here with open bounteous hands inviting the hardy pioneer to anticipate the time when increased means of marketing will induce large capitalists, by purchase, to remove it all from within the reach of entry under the beneficent provisions of our Homestead and Timber Land Acts.

In salubrity of climate the county partakes of the usual healthful character of our mountain counties.  Its streams are cool and pleasant, its springs large and plentiful, and it has already developed summer resorts where health, pleasure and rest can be sought and obtained, which compare favorably and secure patronage equally with all of the other established resorts of the State.

The system of roads maintained is of the highest character as compared with other mountain counties, all important towns being connected, and the condition of the roads is zealously watched and repairs promptly made.

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