Shasta County, CA
1885 Directory
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ADAMS FERRY (See Cottonwood)

A post office town situated in the central part of the county, surrounded by and dependent upon an agricultural community.  It receives its freight via Redding and express matter from Millville. Population seventy.

Albertson, William A. - farmer 80 acres
Bieber, Ernst - laborer
Benton, L. T. - farmer/stockraiser
Coffman, A. - fruit grower
Doolittle, Walter A. - farmer
Goodnough, A. M. - farmer 640 acres
Gilliam, C. - farmer 80 acres
Gibbons, M. F. - farmer 160 acres
Hayes, F. Miss - teacher
Lefevre, D. - farmer
Lefevre, H. - farmer
Manchester, M. K. - stockraiser  320 acres
McCutcheon, A. A. - farmer
Melvin, H. A. - farmer 160 acres
Montgomery, Frank - farmer
Morrow, Matthew - freighter
Phillips, A. M. Mrs. - school teacher
Phillips, Isaac - farmer 480 acres
Roberts, B. F. - Postmaster
Redeker, William - farmer, fruit grower, hotel
Rhodes, L. Miss - school teacher
Roberts, B. F. - gen mdse, hotel, feed corral, postmaster
Stevens, A. B. - farmer 240 acres
Schnell, George - farmer 80 acres
Sadler, H. J. - farmer 160 acres
Tripe, Frank - farmer
Woodman, Louis - farmer, hotel
Wilson, John J. - farmer 320 acres
West, E. - hostler

ALLEN'S STATION (see Redding)

AMERICIAN RANCH (see Anderson)

Post, express and tlelphraph office, situated on the California and Oregon Railroad, 156 miles from Sacramento and eleven miles south of Redding.  Mr. J. P. Wright was the first settler of the town site, which dates from the advent of the railroad in 1872.  It has enjoyed a steady growth until it is now an important trading center, and on of the shipping points for the northern portion of the State.  The trade of Anderson extends to Modoc and Lassen Counties, and Lake County, Oregon, which traffic is encouraged by a good system of roads.  The above counties are more convenient to Anderson than to any other town on the railroad.  Stages and freight teams run daily.  The principal industries of this locality are farming, stockraising and lumbering.  There are six saw mills (one bveing a planing mill, sawmill and sash and door factory combined) within a radius of thirty miles of Anderson.  Several of them are of large capacity; two of them are run by steam power and four by water.  The town possesses a weekly newspaper, edited by Mr. J. E. McGarrey, which enjoys a large circulation in the surropunding country; a flouring mill of fifty barrels per day capacity, and many important business houses.  At present writing a large and handsome brick school house is nearing completion.  It is intended to accommodate 250 children.  Its cost will be about $10,000.  The hotels are three in number

Alcorn, Frank A. - farmer
Aldersley, Edward - manager R. Klotz & Co.'s Lumber yard
Anderson, Elias - farmer
Anderson Enterprise - J. E. McGarrey editor &  proprietor
Anderson Flouring Mills J. G. Lovell  proprietor
Anderson, George - stockraiser
Anderson, George H. - farmer
Anderson Hotel - Mrs. Julia Burtt  proprietor
Anderson, William S. - agent Central Pacific R. R. & Western Union Tel. Co.
Appel, Charles F. - farmer 88 acres
Arnett, Frederick - painter
Arnett & Hall - painters
Baker, George - farmer 150 acres
Baker, Harvey E. - farmer
Baker, Mancy E. Mrs. - farmer
Baldwin, James - farmer 160 acres
Barber, Andrew J. - farmer
Barber, J. A.  - farmer 80 acres
Barnes, Arthur - carpenter  34 acres
Barnes, L. J. - hostler with Lee Powers
Bedford, Charles J. - salesman with John F. Bedford
Bedford, James F. - bookkeeper & salesman with John F. Bedford
Bedford, John F. - gen mdse
Beecher & Crumbaugh - gen mdse
Beecher, James H. - Beecher & Crumbaugh
Bell, J. N. - physician & surgeon
Bell, Thomas B. - farmer 406 acres
Berger, R. - principal public school
Berkley, L. W. - blacksmith with S. Wolf
Bernard, Warren - S. Elmore & Bernard
Blakesley, C. L. - farmer
Bourne, George J. - bookkeeper
Brambridge, J. P. - laborer
Bray, Charles S. - farmer 550 acres
Broadhurst, Charles - farmer
Broadhurst, L. F. - farmer
Broadhurst, Theodore F. - apiary
Brown, Chas. W. - saloon keeper
Brown, J. C. - harness maker
Buffum, M. P. - farmer 1920 acres
Burke, A. C. - harness maker & saloon keeper
Burke, B. W. - Burke & Ridley
Burke & Ridley - saloon
Burtt, Julia Mrs. -  proprietor of  Anderson Hotel
Buss, E. F. - varieties & groceries
Callaway, C. M. - teamster
Castro, Jonathan S. - cooper
Castro, M. L. - farmer 180 acres
Central Pacific R.R. - C. & O. Div., W. S. Anderson agent
Chadwick, George - clerk, tinner with Beecher & Crumbaugh
Chambers, J. C. - sawmill
Coffer, Elliott V. -  lumber dealer
Comer, John - engineer Anderson flouring mill
Cook, Reuben N. - farmer
Crawford, Charles - laborer
Crocker, M. Miss - school teacher
Cromwell, Oscar - photographer
Crumbaugh, Peter - Beecher & Crumbaugh res Red Bluff
Cruse, Milton - farmer
Curtiss, C. F. - farmer
Dales, George B. - manager Anderson Hotel
Dales, Hosea A. - laborer
Dammon, S. D. - section boss CA&OR R.R.
Darrah, J. S.
Davis, J. S. - auctioneer & lunch room
Davis, Josiah P. W. - printer
Davis, N. E. Mrs. - widow
Dersch, Frederick - farmer
Dersch, George - farmer
Dias, Joseph - farmer 80 acres
Dodson, A. Mrs. - school teacher
Dodson, Harry P. - farmer
Dodson, Zachariah T. - R. S. Roycroft & Co.  physician & surgeon
Dozier, Alvin - farmer 598 acres
Drake, Edward N. E. - clerk with Beecher & Crumbaugh
Drenan, George - teamster, Anderson Flouring Mill
Duggan, Alexander - laborer
Eby, David - feed stable
Eby, William B. - farmer
Elkins, Stephen B. - farmer
Elmore & Bernard - farmers/stockraisers
Elmore, W. W. - Elmore & Bernard
Enterprise, The - J. E. McGarry editor &  proprietor
English, Geo. O. - school teacher
Everett, W. J. - boarding house
Farrell, John J. - barber shop & baths
Fay, Hiram -  proprietor Union House
Fellows, Charles - laborer
Finley, M. E. Mrs. - farmer 560 acres
Fox, Sylvester - farmer
Fratus, Joseph - stockraiser
Frisbie, E. - farmer 1200 acres
Frisbie, Edward -  proprietor Redding Grant  2742 acres
Frisbie, E. G. - farmer
Frisbie, George C. - farmer
Furgurson, Algernon C. - physician & surgeon
Gibbons, Charles - farmer
Gibson, Samuel C. - R. S. Roycroft & Co.  physician & surgeon
Giles, John - packer Anderson flouring mill
Gilman, Andrew J. - shoemaker
Gover, Daniel L. - Middlemas & Gover
Gray, J. D. - stableman
Habich, Theodore - merchant
Hadley, Willis - laborer
Hales, William T. - butcher with G. S. Ingle
Hastenplug, P. J. -  proprietor Western Hotel
Hawse, William - farmer 50 acres
Hayes, S. L. - farmer 520 acres
Heaton, Albert - farmer
Henderson, Winfield - compositor Enterprise
Hendricks, Whitley F. - attorney at law
Hensen, Peter - farmer
Herzinger, H. L. - compositor Enterprise
Hunt, Mary Mrs. - farmer, real estate
Hoffman, Edward - carpenter
Houghton, Charles - laborer
Howard,  E. L. - sheep raiser
Howard,  James F. - carpenter
Howard,  M. V. Rev. - pastor M. E. Church South
Iby, Isaac - farmer
Ingle, George S. - butcher
James, R. R. - farmer
James, Thomas - sheep raiser
James, W. M. - Kirkpatrick & James
Jessen, Andrew - farmer
Johnson, Bradford M. - farmer
Johnston, Frances L. - dress maker
Johnston, W. M. - farmer 32 acres
Keeler, R. B. - painter
Kesler, John C. - forwarding & commision merchant
Kimble, George W. - farmer
Kimble, Wilhelmine - farmer 614 acres
King, E. A. Mrs. - school teacher
Kingsley, A. W. - blacksmith
Kirkpatrick & James - saloon
Kleckkert, Bernard - farmer 170 acres
Klotz, Rudolph - R. Klotz & Co.
Klotz, R.  & Co. - dealers lumber, doors, sash, etc. Ed. Aldersley manager
Kooser, H. B. - farmer 176 acres
Kralzer, Charles - farmer 74 acres
Lambert, George A. - bartender with Burke & Ridley
Lawless, Frank B. - salesman with Beecher & Crumbaugh
Leer, D. E. - house, sign, & carriage painter
Leslie, Charles W. - barber shop
Lewis, J. M. - farmer
Lookabill, Wm. -  proprietor Gem  Saloon
Lovell, John G. -  proprietor Anderson Flouring Mill
Lowe, J. R. - farmer 640 acres
Loyd, Samuel - farmer
Ludwig, Wilhelmina Mrs. - farmer 255 acres
Lutzelberger, Christ. - saloon
Marlow, J. R. - sheepraiser
Marsh, W. M. - farmer 530 acres
McAfee, Charles E. - farmer 320 acres
McCoy, M. J. Mrs. - farmer 780 acres
McCracken, Frank - clerk with J. P. Wright
McCray, M. A. - Straight & McCray
McFarland, Wm. M. - teamster
McGarrey, James - saloon
McGarrey, J. E. - editor,  proprietor Anderson Enterprise
McKinnon, Wm. L. - laborer
Meyers, G. W. - farmer 165 acres
Middlemas & Gover  - blacksmiths & horse shoers
Middlemas, James - Middlemas & Gover
Mills, Wm. R. - restaurant
Moore, Louis - teamster
Munley, H. H. - farmer 134 acres
Murray, John H. - bartender with Straight & McCray
Music, C. A. - sheepraiser
Nagler, Wm. - butcher with G. S. Ingle
Peters, C. M. C.- attorney at law, office Enterprise Bldg
Pettigrove, Harrison K. - farmer
Pleisch, Theodore - feed stable
Postmaster - Charles W. Richardson
Powers, Leander - livery stable
Prater, Frank
Presley, H. W. - farmer 343 acres
Pring, Ernest - physician & surgeon
Redding, W. A. agent Singer Mnfg. Co.
Redding, W. A. Mrs. - millinery & dressmaking
Rednall, Charles F. - saddler & harnessmaker
Reed, D. C. - school teacher
Richardson, Charles W. - watches & jewelry, postmaster
Ridley, Lafayette - Burke & Ridley
Robertson, J. A. - laborer
Robinson, Daniel - farmer
Rohm, Calvin - miller Anderson Flouring Mill
Root, Edgar F. - farmer
Rowles, John - farmer
Roycroft, Robert S. - R. S. Roycroft & Co.
Roycroft, R. S. & Co. - drugs & varieties
Salinas, German M. - saloon keeper
Sanders, Henry - harness maker with C. F. Rednall
Sanders, John - gen mdse
Schleigh, J. L. - laborer  72 acres
Schooling, Campbell H. - sheepshearer
Shaw, L. Miss - school teacher
Sierra Lumber Co. - R. Klotz & Co. principal office Red Bluff
Smilee, Wm. - wagonmaker
Smith, Wm. G. - paper hanger
Snow, Charles - clerk with J. P. Wright
Spann, J. W. - Justice of the peace, notary public, conveyancer
Sparling, Joseph - farmer 149 acres
Stark, Addison M. - farmer 160 acres
Starr, Fred. W. - wagonmaker with Wm. H. Starr
Starr, William H. - wagonmaker
Story, A. T. Mrs. - widow
Straight, J. T. - Straight & McCray
Straight & McCray - White House Saloon
Strange, James H. - farmer
Stull, Wm. - real estate
Thatcher, E. F. - teamster, farmer
Thompson, Ira S. - farmer 150 acres
Tomlin, Wm.  - trader
Totten, Peter - nursery man
Tull, Francis M. - farmer
Ulry, Irwin -  proprietor ferry
Ulry, Jesse - farmer
Union House - Hiram Fay proprietor
Usher, James - farmer, real estate
VanVrankin, Eber - capitalist
Walker, Henry C. - miller Anderson Flouring Mill
Western Hotel - J. Hastenplug proprietor
Williamson, Dean S. - laborer
Wolf, Samuel - blacksmith, wagon maker
Wright, J. P. - gen mdse
Young, Hanibal - farmer
Zumwalt, Daniel - stockraiser
Zumwalt, John E. - farmer
Zumwalt, Joseph A. - clerk


A post office town, and Salmon Breeding Station of the U. S. Fish Commission.

Armstrong, Aaron - sheepherder
Blumb, M. Miss - school teacher
Day, Joseph - teamster
Frates, Antone - stockraiser
Madison, Charles - farmer
Miles, J. O. - stockman
Murphy, W. - sheepraiser
Popjoy, J. M. - miner
Popjoy, John - miner
Postmaster - R. Radcliff
Potter, Alvin - miner
Powell, R. - stockraiser
Radcliff, R. - postmaster
Stewaet, W. R. - woodchopper
Tetrix, Anderson - gen mdse
Williams, L. - hotel

A small town with post office, situated on the east bank of the Sacramento River, near the southern line  of the county, and about six miles east of Cottonwood, from which place it receives its supplies.

Asbury, P. B. - cattle raiser
Bainbridge J. Miss - school teacher
Clark, Hamilton H. - farmer
Dersh, Fred - farmer 320 acres
Dersh, Fred Jr. - farmer
Exley, John T. - blacksmith
Foster, A. S. - school teacher
Goldberg, C. H. - Harris & Goldberg,  postmaster
Gooch, James - farmer 160 acres
Gray, Augustus H. - merchant
Grun, Charles - farmer
Hall, W. M. - teamster, farmer
Harris, I. - Harris & Goldberg
Harris & Goldberg - gen mdse
Herbert, H. - teamster, farmer
Holtsman, S. - farmer
Lack, John W. - laborer
Larry, Edwin J. - farmer
Leschinsky, Gus. - miller
Logan, Alfred J. - farmer 833 acres
Logan, Richmond - farmer
Love, F.  - school teacher
Miller, Henry - farmer
Munsey, Aurelius N. - farmer
Munsey, Giles W. - teamster
Munsey, Wm. - farmer
Osborn, John H. - logger
Owens, T. J. - cattleraiser
Pharo, Frank - capitalist
Pharo, Wm. F. - stockraiser
Postmaster - C. H. Goldberg
Richardson, D. C. - farmer
Rogers, J. M. - farmer
Schuler, George F. - farmer
Smith, W. W. - farmer 1487 acres
Spencer, John R. - laborer
Thatcher, A. - farmer 200 acres
Thatcher, Ezekiel T. - farmer
Thacker, Henry M. - farmer
Troendle, Peter - farmer 280 acres
Tuggles, W. H. - farmer
Wheatley, John - farmer 167 acres
Wilcock, Wm. S. - farmer
Wilcox, Sardis - farmer 2176 acres
Winsell, James F. - physician

BELL'S BRIDGE (See Redding)

BIG BEND (See Shasta)

BIG VALLEY (See Shasta)

BLAIR [P. O.] (See Whisketown)

A post office, mining camp, and stage station, six miles from Redding.

Allison, James - miner
Armstrong, James - farmer
Bain, Robert - miner
Battams, S. A. Mrs. - widow
Beard, Edward - gen mdse
Beard, James P. - farmer, postmaster
Berg, Henry - capitalist
Brascoe, Thomas - miner
Bullock, Zimri F. - farmer
Cochran, James D. - miner
Covert, George P. - miner
Cronin, Dennis A. - blacksmith
Cunningham, William - miner
Dennis, Nathaniel - farmer
Eastwood, William - farmer
Fleming, George W. - miner
Harrison, Thomas J. - miner
Heath, George J. - miner 160 acres
Hiatt, William T. - miner, farmer 30 acres
Higgs, Mary Mrs. - farmer
Hughes, Charles M. - teamster
Houston, Thomas J. - farmer
Johnson, Edward - miner
Johnson, Henry - mail carrier
Jones, Charles S. - miner
Jones, John A. - miner
Kah, K. J. - farmer
Kelly, John A. - farmer
Laffory, W. D. - miner
Mahon, John - miner, farmer
Marks, P. W. - farmer 117 acres
Massie, James A. - farmer
McCabe, Peter - miner
McKnight, John T. - farmer
Medink, George - farmer
Meek, Edward E. L. - miner
Meek, Stephen A. - miner
Meeker, Isaac W. - farmer 240 acres
Meyers, Charles  - miner
Montgomery, William P. - farmer
Moody, J.  - miner
Nelson, Lars C. - farmer
O'Neal, Daniel - miner
Osborn, DeWitt C. - farmer
Phal, Martin - miner
Piper, Adam - farmer
Postmaster - James P. Beard
Pringle, George A. - miner
Reynolds, Enoch S. - miner  40 acres
Rusk, John - miner
Seamans, Porter - farmer
Senti, Joseph M. - farmer
Sikes, E. R. - miner  45 acres
Smith, Frederick - farmer
Solon, John - miner
Stewart, Joseph C. - laborer
Stroud, Isaac  - farmer 680 acres
Wentworth, Frank D. - carpenter
Wheeling, Peter - miner
Young, Frank E. - miner

BUNKER HILL (See Shasta)

A post office town with some agricultural surroundings and the most important mining town in the extreem eastern part of the county, is situated about eighteen miles northwest of Fall River Mills, and has a population of about 100.

Archer, Charles E. - farmer 320 acres
Babcock, C. Jr.
Barnes, Busley E. - laborer
Blay, Thomas - farmer 160 acres
Bosworth, Nathaniel C. - farmer
Boyes, Elmer D. - farmer
Boyes, Ethan W. - farmer
Brown, Francis R. - farmer
Brown, William D. - painter
Callison, William L.  - farmer
Campbell, Ira - farmer
Chase, Albert B. - carpenter
Clark, Morgan - farmer
Conery, John W. - farmer
Cox & Clark - farmers 480 acres
Craig, John
Creighton, John R. - farmer
Curtis, Andrew J. - farmer
Curtis, James H. - clerk
Dickson, Nathan - farmer
Dickson, William B. - farmer
Dollarhide, Benjamin P. - laborer
Dollarhide, John C. - laborer
Dollarhide, Wm. H. H. - farmer
Downing, C. E. - school teacher
Dunn, John  - farmer 200 acres
Dunn, Seth - farmer
Farmer, John A. - farmer
Gilbert, David W. - farmer
Hill, Alexander C. - farmer
Hill, Charles W. - farmer
Hull, Sylvester - farmer 290 acres
Johnson, G. W. - farmer 480 acres
Kirk, Daniel H. - farmer
Kirk, Joseph A. - farmer
McArthur, Robert A. - laborer
Montgomery, John J. - laborer
Montgomery, Richard C. - farmer
Moores, J. E. - gen mdse, postmaster 320 acres
Moores, Meander O. - carpenter
Moores, Charles E. - farmer
Moores, Florence A. - merchant
Morgan, C. D.
Moss, Frank - farmer 213 acres
Nary, William - farmer
Nicholson, S. P. - farmer
O'Brian, K. C. Miss - school teacher
Pierce, Peter F. - farmer
Postmaster - J. E. Moores
Powell, Lyman H. - farmer
Reynolds, Amasa - farmer 480 acres
Reynolds, Wesley W. - farmer
Rock, G. M. - farmer 310 acres
Rock, James W. - farmer
Rock, Samuel T. - farmer 480 acres
Rogers, James A. - farmer
Ross, David C. - farmer 120 acres
Sampson, S. S. Mrs. - farmer 160 acres
Sears, Benjamin  - farmer
Silvester, Abraham - laborer
Silvester, William C. - farmer
Sorrenson, James - farmer 120 acres
Start, Benjamin H. - farmer
Sylvester, A. J. - farmer 560 acres
Taylor, John  G. - stockraiser
Treanor, James H. - farmer
Warner, Ebenezer L. - carpenter
Warren, John G. - farmer
Whipple Fred G. - farmer
Williams, Allen - farmer
Winkel, Jeremiah - teamster
Wise, Andrew J. - machinist

Post office, situated in Burney Valley, on the junction of the four main roads leading to Redding, Anderson, Red Bluff & Lakeview, Alturas & Adin.  Distances - sixty-one miles to Redding, Sixty-five miles to Anderson, ninety-six miles to Alturas, and one hundred and sixty miles to Lakeview.  Burney Valley is well watered and possesses a rich soil, all cultivated.  The cereals raised are wheat, barley, oats, and hay.  The locality is also fovorable to the groweth of fruit and vegetables.  The average elevation of the whole valley is 3,000 ft. Population, 175.  There is a belt if timber in the surrounding mountains.  Two sawmills of an aggregate capacity of 4,000 ft. per day are in operation in the vacinity.  Burney Valley is ten square miles in extent.  Goose Valley nine square miles, and Hat Creek Valley, 5 square miles, are adjoining Burney Valley.  The prospect for a town at this point is very good, the fertility of the contiguous country being such as to command prominent favor among new comers to the county.

Ayers, Alfred - farmer
Bidwell, Christopher C. - blacksmith
Branstadter, Daniel V. B. - stockraiser
Brauer, John - farmer 80 acres
Carberry, Aaron -  proprietor Spring Valley Hotel
Cornez, Julian F. - farmer
Crews, Robert - gen mdse, hotel
Desmond & Kentner - gen mdse
Desmond, Dennis - Desmond & Kentner
Fitzpatrick, James H. - farmer
Fitzpatrick, John W. - County Surveyor
Fitzpatrick, Peter - farmer 160 acres
Guptill, William N. - physician
Hall, James W. - carpenter
Hays, Thomas K. - carpenter
Hulsey, Charles - farmer
Hulsey, James A. - blacksmith
Hutzler, Frederick - farmer
Kentner, J. - Desmond & Kentner
Kirk, John D. - farmer
Littrell, John J. - farmer
Pierce, C. W. - proprietor Burney Valley Hotel & Stage Station
Postmaster - Chas. A. Teel
Price, Robert - farmer
Rank, John K. - farmer
Ray, I. P. - sawmill 7 mi east of Burney Valley
Ray, James - farmer
Robinson, William B. - farmer
Rowles, F. M. - stockraiser
Spring Valley Hotel - Aaron Carberry proprietor, 6 mi w. Burney Valley
Teel, Charles A. - postmaster, agent Wells, Fargo & Co., gen mdse
VanNorman, D. N. - farmer/stockraiser
Wilcox, Charles W. - stockraiser
Wilson, John D. - farmer
Wilson, Wm. H. - farmer



CHURNTOWN (See Buckeye)

CLAYTON (See Fall River Mills)

COPPER CITY (See Shasta)

Post, express and telegraph offices, situated on the California Oregon division of the Central Pacific Railroad, 152 miles from Sacramento.  The trade of southwestern Shasta and northwestern Tehama drifts to Cottonwood, and quite a lively merchandise business is done there by the houses of Becker & Forster and W. F. Price & Co.  Two of the largest and best hotels in the county are situated there, and in that respect the town is very well off.  Cottonwood is near the county line, between Tehama and Shasta, five miles southwest of Anderson.  Large quantities of cattle and wool are shipped from this station, and it is the business town for quite a rich agricultural surrounding.  The present population is about 150.

Addison, Emsley - blacksmith
Bahney, Eugene W. - merchant
Baker, Andrew J. - laborer
Baker, Wm. - farmer
Becker, Charles J. - Becker & Foster
Becker, Frederick W. - farmer
Becker & Foster - gen mdse
Belshe, Thomas J. - farmer
Billups, Charles  - farmer
Burch, Wm. E. - farmer
Burr, H. - school teacher
Campbell, Thomas J. - farmer
Campbell, Wm. - clerk
Carpenter, Richard  - farmer
Central Pacific Railroad - John H. Forster agent
Cook, Constant H. - farmer
Cook, E. A. - proprietor Mountain House
Cooley, Ralph B. - painter
Crowley, Florence - farmer
Ebele, John - bartender Forster Hotel
Eubanks, John W. - farmer, miner
Forster Hotel - Peter Reifenrath proprietor
Foster, John H. - Becker & Foster, agent C. P. R. R., West. Union Tel Co., Wells, Fargo & Co.
Foster, Charles
Foster, Daniel D. - farmer
Foster, Jacob - farmer
Foster, Nathaniel B. - farmer
Finch, Zeba - farmer
Gallagher, Martin - bartender Forster Hotel
Granger, Wm. J. - mason
Giles, James K. - farmer
Hardman, Wm. F.
Hemphill, Maurice - farmer, laborer
Hemphill, Valentine - farmer, laborer
Horton, Wm. - stableman
Jones, Elias - wagonmaker
Jones, John A. - farmer
Knowlton, William - Postmaster, gen mdse
Knowlton, W. H. - compositor
Kreuzer, Charles - hostler Forster Hotel
Lean, Joseph G. - farmer
Leonard, J. Miss - school teacher
Ligett, James E. - farmer
Logan, P. D. - saddler, harness maker
Logan, Robert - harness maker
McAlester, O. Miss - housekeeper
Miller, Hartman - farmer
Mountain House - E. A. Cook  proprietor
Nave, John C. - farmer
Nickolas, Elmus - farmer
Oliphant, Henry - farmer
Oliphant, Horace M. - farmer
Parker, Johnson - sheepraiser
Peery, Wm. - livery stable
Postmaster - Wm. Knowlton
Price, William F. - W. F. Price & Co.
Price, W. F. & Co. - gen mdse
Reifenrath, Peter - proprietor Forster Hotel & livery stable
Reynolds, A. J. - barber Forster Hotel
Richardson, Wm. F. - blacksmith
Runkel, Peter - farmer
Schneider, Valentine - blacksmith
Schulz, Richard S. - physican
Scovel, Jerome B. - blacksmith
Shadley, Henry  - farmer
Shadley, Matthew P. - farmer, laborer
Shuman, A. - W. F. Price & Co.
Smith, James O. - physican, 2560 acres
Smith, John E. - laborer
Smith, Otis - farmer
Stone, Welcome G. - farmer 159 acres
Stovall, W. W. Rev.
Syman, Henry  - merchant
Taylor, Hiram - laborer
Thompson, John R. - farmer
Tupker, Adolphe - carpenter
Wells, Fargo & Co. - John H. Forster agent
Western Union Tel Co. - John H. Forster agent
Westlake, Emery - farmer
Westlake, Hiram - farmer
Westlake, Richard  - farmer
White, Elvira Mrs. - domestic Forster Hotel
Woodcock, Thomas T. - teamster
Wright, John E. - farmer


Barker, Harvey - waiter
Blair, H. P. - carpenter
Blumberg. W. C. - gen mdse
Brink, Harry - laborer
Butler, F. K. - laborer
Conroy, D. C. - agent Central Pacific R. R. Co.; Wells, Fargo, & Co.
Crigler, William - manager Fader's Corral & Stable
Delta Hotel - Henry C. McClure proprietor
Dunn, John J. - Dunn & Whiting
Dunn & Whiting - saloon
Emerson, John - barber
Fader, L. J. - corral & feed stable
Flanigan, Edward - laborer
Gibson, Reuben P. - Justice of the peace
Hubbard, Macmillin - laborer
Kimbrell, Jos. P. - hotel keeper
Kirch, James M. - Frank Klemstine  & Co.
Klemstine, Frank - Frank Klemstine  & Co.
Klemstine, Frank & Co. - saloon
Leary, Daniel - carpenter
Levy, Alexander - McCormick, Saeltzer,  & Co.
Lowden, George B. - blacksmith
McClure, Henry C. -  proprietor Delta Hotel
McCormick, Saeltzer,  & Co. - Branch of Redding House
McDowell, James E. - McDowell & Morrison
McDowell & Morrison - saloon
Morrison, John - McDowell & Morrison
Smith, William - laborer
Summers, James E. - miner
Stone, Hamden S. - boarding house
Whiting, William C. - Dunn & Whiting
Williams, Horace - agent CA & OR Stage Co.

DOG (See Redding)


Post and express office, situated in Fall River Valley, eighty miles northeast of the railroad at Redding, and eighty-seven miles from Shasta, the county seat.  The town was established in 1872, and  has now a population of 250.  Elevation, 3,100 feet.  Supported by stock interests -- cattle and horse raising principally.  The country within a radius within thirty-five or forty miles is supplied principally with flour and grain from Fall River Valley, and the extensive area of fine land in the valley is capable of a much larger production.  The town possesses a hotel, general store, flouring mill, livery stable, door and sash factory, wagon shop, saw mill, at the head of the valley, and several smaller businesses.  The flouring mill is of eighty barrels per day capacity and has a market for its flour in three counties.  The cost of the mill was $20,000.  The water power at this point is very great, being, as Mr. Winter, the mill owner says, capable of running all the factories in California.  The river here has a fall of fifty feet in nine hundred.  The trout fishing here is excellent, especially in the spring and summer.  The traveling public and fishing excursionists will find the hotel at the Mills a comfortable place to stop at.  It is newly furnished and provides a good bill of fare.  The planing mill manufactures doors and sash extensively, at San Francisco prices.  This establishment is a boon to new settlers and builders in this section.  The mill is ran by water.  A furniture department is contemplated.

Adams, Charles B. - blacksmith
Adams, F. F. - miller with I. H. Winter
Allen, John B. - farmer
Andresen, J. E. - bootmaker
Bidwell, Lee M. - tinner with Dennis & Fitzwater
Blay, Thomas - farmer
Bosworth, Edward A. - farmer
Bowman, James F. - farmer
Brackett, Edward - stage driver
Brown, John C. - farmer 160 acres
Bunyard, William H. - carpenter, contractor, stone mason
Contermash, Paul - laborer
Cox, A. J. - farmer with I. H. Winter
Cox, George W. - miller with I. H. Winter
Cox, Henry - mill hand with I. H. Winter
Davidson, William - farmer
Dennis, L. M. - Dennis & Fitzwater
Dennis & Fitzwater - gen mdse, agents Wells, Fargo, & Co.
Dickson, James - farmer
Dollarhide, Isreal S. - farmer
Dungan, Isaiah - farmer
Dungan, James - physician
Estep, Alfred - farmer
Estep, James - farmer
Fairbanks, Henry A. - carpenter
Fairbanks, J. H. - school teacher
Fall River Mills - flouring  I. H. Winter  proprietor
Fall River Mills Hotel - David Ripley proprietor
Fall River Planing Mill - Florin Bros. proprietors
Fitzwater, Charles E. -  proprietor Fall River Stable
Fitzwater, George A. - farmer
Fitzwater, S. F. - Dennis & Fitzwater
Florin Bros. - proprietors Fall River Planing Mill, 17 mi N. Fall River Mills
Florin, Ernst - Florin Bros.
Florin, Frederick  - Florin Bros.
Florin, Louis - Florin Bros.
Foster, W. D. - farmer
Fuller, Harrison L. - farmer
Garrison, Anderson - farmer
Garrison, Francis E. - farmer
Garrison, Justus E. - farmer
Gates, James  - farmer
Goodrich, Charles G. - farmer
Greenlee, J. A. - M. P. Rose & Co.
Grummett, Charles  - blacksmith
Hamnar, Samuel  - miner
Heaney, Daniel - farmer
Hildreth, Jeffry - farmer
Hollenbeck, James A. - farmer
Hollenbeck, John T. - farmer
Hopkins, Alfred - farmer
Himes, W. H. - farmer 180 acres
Joiner, Armstead W. - carpenter
Joiner, Wm. J. - farmer
Jensen, Johannes M. - farmer
Kesselring, Emanuel B. - farmer
Kester, Wm. - farmer
Kuney, Wm. G. - farmer
Lansing, Edgar W. - farmer
Lansing, James E. - farmer
Leonard, S. J. Mrs. - school teacher
Long, George W. - farmer
Manning, Charles A. - farmer 200 acres
Manning, Mitchell S. - farmer
Maps, Joseph K. - farmer
Mason, James  - carpenter
McArthur, Archibald - clerk with John McArthur
McArthur, Hugh - Postmaster
McArthur, John - gen mdse
McArthur, John Jr. - farmer
McArthur, R. - farmer
McClelland, Isaiah C. Rev.
McCoy, Francis M. - farmer
McDonald, Ezekiel M. - merchant
Millett, Arthur  - laborer with I. H. Winter
Millett, Hiram G. - farmer
Morgan, Charles D. - farmer
Morgan, Edward E. - farmer
Moss, Franklin P. - farmer
Moss, Marcellus - farmer
Murcken, Diedrich - farmer
Lippincott, Joseph W. - capitalist
Nichols, A. Miss - school teacher
Opdyck, A. J. - farmer
Painter, Harmon - bartender with Nathan Schofield
Palmer, Frederick Z. - farmer
Parker, Nathan N. - stockraiser
Patton, Wm. - carpenter
Payne, Wm. T. - farmer
Peck, Albert - farmer
Peterson, Edlef - farmer
Peterson, Martin - farmer 160 acres
Postmaster - Hugh McArthur
Powell, L. M. - gen mdse
Price, Wm. S. - farmer
Proctor, James C. - laborer
Ray, James  - farmer
Rhodes, James  - farmer
Ripley, David - proprietor Fall River Hotel
Rose, M. P. - M. P. Rose & Co.
Rose, M. P. & Co. - blacksmiths, wagonmakers
Rowley, M. M. - physican & surgeon
Schofield, Nathan - saloon
Short, E. - stockraiser
Smith, James F. - farmer
Smith, John W. - blacksmith with M. P. Rose & Co.
Smith, William J. - farmer
Snell, James H. - farmer
Spaulding, DeForest W. - farmer
Stephenson, Wm. C. - farmer
Stewart, Henry Y. - farmer
Straub, William  - farmer
Sutton, Jesse - laborer
Sutton, William  - farmer
Sutton, William A. - farmer
Tarter, Laban V. - merchant
Tyrill, D. G. - farmer
VanAlstine W. - farmer
Vestal, William  - laborer
Whitelaw, Charles M. - farmer
Wilbur, John S. - carpenter
Wilderman, John M. - laborer
Winter, Isaac H. -  proprietor Fall River Mills (flouring), farmer/stockraiser   1110 acres
Wooden, John - teamster

FLAT CREEK (See Shasta)

FORT CROOK (See Burgettville)

This place, the leading mining camp of the county, is situated fifteen miles north of Shasta, on the Redding and Yreka stage route.  The approach from Shasta is over one of the best roads in the county, the first twelve miles being a toll road, owned by Mr. Charles Camden.  French Gulch, although one of the oldest mining towns in Northern California, represented only a shadow of its former importance up to about five years since, when a revival in quartz mining took place, since which time and at present it is the scene of great activity, subsidiary to the town, at a distance of about eight miles, are the famous Deadwood mines.  The town has post and telegraph offices, one hotel, two general stores, three saloons, a school house and a church.  Population about three hundred.

Alexander, Samuel D. - hostler
Baker, George H. - millman
Baker, Harry - miner
Baker, Robert C. - miner
Baker, Stephen F. - miner
Bell, Charles  A. - miner
Boswell, Joseph Q. - miner
Bouchet, Ernest - miner
Brown, Adin S. - farmer
Brown, C. N. - farmer, teamster
Brown, Morrill C. - farmer
Brown, William L. - butcher, farmer
Brown, Zenas L. - farmer
Browning, Robert - miner
Brunswick Mill & Mining Co. - Thompson Plumb  superintendent
Buckley, John - laborer
Burk, Patrick - miner
Butler, Charles M. - miner
Butler, Mortimer D. - miner
Camden, Charles -  proprietor toll road
Chauncey, Alfred G.  - farmer
Clayman, Benjamin  - laborer
Cusick, A. - miner
Cusick, Peter - miner
Desmond, Dennis - miner
Dorr, Henry  - miner
Empire Hotel - Mrs. Electa J. Mosher
Fielding, James  - miner
Foley, Henry - hostler
Foley, Michael - farmer, miner
Foley, Timothy - laborer
Foley, William C. - saloonkeeper
Franck, Charles J. - miner
Franck, E. & Co. - gen mdse
Franck, Frederick W. - miner
Franck, Fritz - E. Franck & Co.
Franck, Henry  - miner
Franck, Ignatz - E. Franck & Co.
Franck, John C. - miner
Franklin, John - miner
Gainer, Michael  - miner
Gartland, Bernard - miner, Justice of the Peace
Green, Horace W. - miner
Green, Thomas  - miner
Harrigan, Daniel - farmer
Harrigan, Daniel Jr. - stockraiser
Harrison, John W. - miner
Henry, Thomas  - miner
Higgins, John - miner
Hooper, John - miner
Hunter, Grant - miner
Hunter, John - teamster, stockraiser
Jackson, Homer - farmer, miner  80 acres
Joseph, Charles - blacksmith
Kipling, John P. - mining engineer
Kise, Abraham - teamster station
Lawton, John  - miner
Lawton, Joseph  - miner
Lawton, Morris - miner  70 acres
Lielow, Ferdinand - miner
Loeffler, John J. - miner
Lowden, George  - miner
Lowden, Thomas  - farmer, Justice of the Peace
Madden, John - miner
Madden, Timothy - miner
Madden, Timothy Jr. - millman
Mathewson, Eliza Mrs. - boarding house
Maguire, P. Mrs. - widow
Maguire, Wm. W. - miner
Mani, John - telegraph operator
McCarty, Michael  - farmer
McCarthy, Patrick  - miner
McDonald, Barney - miner
McDonald, Luke - miner
McDonald, Thomas  - miner
McLaughlin, John - miner
McVicker, Hugh - miner
Meyers, G. W. - miner
Mitchell, C. P. - farmer, miner
Morrell, John - butcher, saloon keeper
Mosher, Electa J. Mrs. -  proprietor Empire Hotel
Murray, Timothy - miner
Murray, Timothy F. - blacksmith
Newberg, Julius - miner
Nourse, Steward N. - miner
Odell, Isaac - farmer
Orr, John - miner
Orr, John P. - farmer
Orr, Oliver - miner
Parkhurst, Hiram - miner
Peterson, Neil P. - miner
Plumb, Charles S. - clerk with Thompson Plumb
Plumb, Mayne - clerk with T. Plumb
Plumb, Sylvester - engineer
Plumb, Thompson - physican, Wells, Fargo & Co. agent,  gen mdse
Postmaster - Thompson Plumb
Prince, Jude - miner
Reinhart, George F. - miner
Savage, Kenton - miner
Sebastin, Wavin - miner
Shafter, M. - miner
Shea, Michael - miner
Shed, John - hotel
Shaneheifer, Theodore - stockraiser
Smith, Charles E. - miner
Smith, Joseph E. - miner
Souter, John - miner
Sprowl, John - miner
Sutherland, John - miner
Syme, John -  superintendent Washington Quartz Mining Co.
Thompson, James - miner
Trembath, James - miner
Trounce, John - miner
Washinton Quartz Mining Co. - John Syme  superintendent
Watson, C. V. Mrs. - farmer
Wattle, Benjamin - miner
Westlake, George - teamster
Westlake, Hiram - teamster
Westlake, Welling - laborer
Wheeler, Francis W. - miner
Whitney, A. J. - hotel, farmer 160 acres
Whitney, W. A. - farmer
Whitney, Walter - miner
Williams, Jesse - miner
Williamson, W. T. - farmer

FURNACEVILLE (See Millville)

GAS POINT (See also Pinkney)
A Post office town in the southwestern part of the county, sixteen miles west of Cottonwood and eighteen miles south of Shasta.  Supplies are received via Cottonwood.

Bolton, S. Miss - school teacher
Davis, Enoch - farmer, miner
Davis, Millard F. - miner
Dexter, John - stockraiser
Dickerson, Calvin - farmer
Dickerson, Melvin N. - farmer
Drew, James S. - farmer 280 acres
Elam, William B. - farmer
Fitzhenry, Enoch - farmer
Frank. E. Miss - school teacher
Fratis, John C. - hog raiser, miner 480 acres
Groom, Elijah - farmer
Henriques, Francisco R. - stockraiser
Hoover, Charles - laborer
Jordan, William - saloon
Jordan, William H. - mailcarrier
Kyle, Matthew P. T.
Leschinsky, Jacob - farmer
Leschinsky, John - farmer 200 acres
Leschinsky, John Jr. - farmer 160 acres
Marshall, John - farmer 160 acres
Moon, George C. - farmer 160 acres
Moon, Archibald - farmer
McAllister, George - farmer
Peterson, J. M. - farmer 360 acres
Rabbit, Frank - hog raiser
Rader, Isaac - farmer
Regan, James - farmer, water ditch
Schultz, Charles - miner
Schutz, Richard J. - physican, farmer
White, Benjamin - farmer, sheepraiser
Wilder, John C. - blacksmith

HAPPY VALLEY (See Anderson)

A post office.

Baker, Hiram H. - farmer
Bambridge, Eugene B. - farmer
Brown, Charles, H. - farmer
Brown, David A. - farmer
Brown, F. F. - Brown & Sons
Brown, Jay - laborer
Brown, J. A. - Brown & Sons
Brown, W. W. - Brown & Sons
Brown & Sons -  proprietors saw mills, farmers, stockraisers
Brownlee, A. A. - farmer
Brownlee, William E. - farmer
Hays, Walter S. - postmaster, dealer gen mdse
Hutzler, Fred. - farmer 200 acres
Kinter, Jacob S. - saloonkeeper
Opdyke, Andrew J. - farmer
Postmaster - Walter S. Hays
Rowlee, Francis M. - farmer
Simpson, Lawrence - farmer 160 acres
Southern, S. F. - farmer 160 acres
VanNorman, D. N. - farmer 600 acres
VanNorman, Nathaniel - farmer
Wilcox, C. W. - dairyman, farmer

A post office and stage station on the Delta and Yreka stage road, about seventeen miles north of Delta.  The Oregon United States mail passes here each way daily.

Autenrieth, Frederick - overseer toll road
Bailey, Washington -  proprietor Soda Springs, farmer
Clark, E. - farmer
Cramer, James - stockraiser
Farren, Edward - farmer
Farren, William - farmer
Foster, Robert - miner
Garrett, Benjamin F. - miner
Graham, James B. - miner
Hanlon, Robert - hotel keeper
Hayes, Thomas - farmer
Huffacer, C. C. - farmer
Hunter, James - miner
Ibbs, John - farmer
Ingle, John R. - miner
Keeten, John - miner
Keeten, Thomas - miner
Lower Soda Springs - W. Bailey proprietor
Miller, John - miner
Olipe, William - farmer
Postmaster - S. F. Southern
Southern, Simeon F. - postmaster, dealer gen mdse,  proprietor Southern's Hotel
Southern, William F. - farmer
Tyler, E. - laborer
Williams, H. F. - farmer


HUGHES' FERRY (See Redding)

A mining town, ranking second in importance to French Gulch, is situated in the western part of the county, nine miles southwest of Shasta City.  It is the location of the noted Hayward mines and ditches, and embraces a number of smaller mines and locations within a radius of seven or eight miles as part of its constituency.  It has express and post offices, and receives its freight via Cottonwood.

Abbott, Henry L. M. - miner
Adkins, Henry W. - farmer
Adkins, John T. - stockraiser
Akins, James - farmer
Akins, Robert - stockraiser
Anderson, John - miner
Baker, Almareane W. - miner
Baker, Elijah D. - miner
Baker, George - miner
Baker, Prince T. - saw mill
Baker, Willis D. - stockraiser
Ballou, Edward L. - miner
Balloy, John B. - miner
Banks, Samuel E. - farmer
Barnes, James - farmer
Barnett, F. M. - farmer
Barr, George A. - miner
Barsolen, Joseph - farmer
Batchelor, Joseph B. - District Recorder
Beebe, Day - farmer
Beebe, Delvin R. - farmer
Beebe, Perry A. - farmer
Beeves, Nicholas A. - miner
Blank, George W. - laborer
Blank, Jacob - machinist
Blair, Robert - miner
Boquet, Frederick - miner
Boyd, Benjamin F. - clerk
Boyd, Charles - miner
Boyd, Robert - miner
Boyd, William - miner
Boyd, William Jr. - miner
Brigham, John A. - miner
Brigman, Andrew C. - farmer
Brigman, Kelly - farmer
Durgess, Madison M. - farmer
Burns, Charles F. - lumberman
Bunker, Daniel G. - miner
Burke, John - miner
Butler, David - miner
Cabaneke, Charles - miner
Caswell, Henry - farmer
Champenois, Joseph - farmer
Chapman, Henry - miner
Chestnut, James M. - farmer
Cooper, Charles H. - miner
Couey, George - farmer
Coughlin, Jeremiah - miner
Criss, John W. - teamster
Cristison, Colin - sheepraiser
Crow, Isaac - miner
Crow, James - farmer
Curran, J. A. - miner
Cushman, James E. - laborer
Davis, Enoch - carpenter
Davis, Jasper N. - farmer
Davis, Levi - carpenter
Davis, Willard F. - miner
Dexter, John W. - stockman
Dickerson, James H. - miner
Dickerson, Horace F. - miner
Dixon, Cornell A. - laborer
Dixon, George W. - miner
Dixon, Hosea - miner
Doll, Valentine - farmer
Donaldson, William - farmer
Downer, George C. - clerk
Downing, Madison J. - farmer
Drew, James - blacksmith
Driscoll, Michael - farmer
Dry Creek Tunnel & Flume Co. - 1797 acres
Dunham, Hazel - miner
Dunham, Warren - Dunham & Leiter
Dunham & Leiter - gen mdse
Eddy, C. Miss - school teacher
Elliot, William - miner
Engle, Alonzo - farmer
Engle, Lindsay D. - farmer
Evers, William - miner
Everst, George - miner
Fann, George - laborer
Farlow, Jonathan - farmer
Field, Joseph C. - lumberman
Fitzhenry, Enoch - carpenter
Flowers, Lemuel S. - farmer
Forschler, William - 160 acres
Frank, James M. - farmer
Fratus, Joseph - miner
Frazer, Samuel - laborer
Frazier, William S. - sheepraiser
Freitas, John C. - sheepraiser
Gage, Herschel - farmer
Gage, Watrous - farmer
Gardner, William F. - stockraiser
George, James W. - miner
Gillson, Eleazer - farmer
Gillson, James A. - farmer
Gillson, John G. - farmer
Gilstap, Owen, B. - laborer
Glasser, Frederick - miner
Gleason, James - laborer
Gleason, John - miner
Goodall, William - carpenter
Gons, George  - farmer
Grimm, L. K. - farmer
Groner, Ferdinand - miner
Groom, Elijah  - engineer
Hall, Robert - farmer
Harbison, Hohn A. - farmer 200 acres
Harvey, R. G. - miner
Hattman, Thomas  - farmer
Henschel, Ernest J. - farmer
Hillsman, Herman - farmer
Hoover, Charles H. - farmer
Hottman, Thomas  - miner
Howard, Thomas J. - stockraiser
Hubbard, Dayton H. - miner
Hull, Charles T. - farmer
Hull, Cyrus B. - millwright
Ingham, William M. - miner
Jamison, Isaac A. - herder
Johnston, William H. - farmer
Jones, Edward R. - stockraiser
Jones, Evans L. - farmer
Jones, Thaddeus A. - ditch tender
Jordan, Robert H. - trader
Kalbskopff, George - miner
Kidder, William S. - clergyman
Kingsbury, Chas. N. - carpenter
Kingsbury, John P. - miner
Larkin, John - stock driver
Larkin, Thomas  - farmer
Leiter, Alexander - Dunham & Leiter
Leschinsky, Jacob - farmer
Leschinsky, John - farmer
Lockhart, James T. - carpenter
Lockhart, Samuel  - farmer
Loeffler, Gottlieb - blacksmith
Long, William L. - farmer
Longmire, Leonard  - laborer
Lozado, Antonio - miner
Ludwig, Alexander - farmer
Mahoney, William F. - farmer
Marshall, John - farmer
Marwick, Edwin - carpenter
Maupin, David D. - farmer
Maupin, Thomas H. - farmer
Mavity, William C. - farmer
McAllister, George  - farmer
McConnel, F. - blacksmith
McCormick, Irwin - farmer
McCormick, William  - farmer
McFarland, George  - farmer
McFarland, George W. - blacksmith
McFarlin, Andrew J. - miner
McFarlin, John T. - farmer
McKenzie, Moses E. - laborer
McMinn, Jehu - miner
Mertz, Valentine - miner
Millsap, Andrew J. - farmer
Millsap, Francis M. - laborer
Missner, George  - miner
Moncrief, Ephraim - miner
Moon, Archibald  - farmer
Moon, George C. - farmer
Moon, James L. - laborer
Moore, Benjamin F. - miner
Moore, Hugh - miner
Morales, Ramon - miner
Morgan, Harvey - miner
Morton, John  - farmer
Murphy, William V.  - miner
Murphy, Jacob - merchant
Nixon, A. H. - farmer 340 acres
Noble, Don - farmer
Nordyke, James T. - farmer
Nordyke, William F. - farmer
Oates, Elisha - miner
Ohliger, Wendell - miner
Ormsby, John D. - miner
Owens, Calvin - miner
Park, William  - merchant
Payne, Joseph - laborer
Peterson, Jacob M. - farmer
Peterson, James  - farmer
Peterson, Martin Jr. - farmer
Peterson, Rasmus - farmer
Petty, John A. - blacksmith
Phelps, Frederick  - farmer
Philbrick, John C. - miner
Philpot, Alexander C. - miner
Pierson, Frank - sheepraiser
Plumb, Charles  - miner
Post, John M. - farmer
Postmaster - G. K. Willard
Poute, Manuel - laborer
Purcell, Joel Jr. - farmer
Quinn, David - miner
Quinn, Timothy  - merchant
Rabbit, Frank A. - stockraiser
Rabbit, Manuel - miner
Rader, Isaac N. - farmer
Rader, John L. - laborer
Raglan, James  - farmer
Rains,  Isaac - laborer
Rains, Rollin - laborer
Ramus, Pedro B. - miner
Rathwell, Henry  - miner
Reagan, John - miner
Rector, Alonzo H. - miner
Rios, Thomas  - miner
Richie, Joseph  - laborer
Richie, Samuel  - laborer
Robinson, Frederick B. - laborer
Robinson, Frederick D. - farmer
Robinson, Mallard - miner
Robinson, Samuel S. W. - miner
Rossle, Charles G. - blacksmith, farmer 340 acres
Rothwell, Henry  - miner
Rule, John W. - miner
Russell, Cave J. - farmer
Ruster, John - farmer
Ruster, William  - miner
Schneider, Gregor - miner
Scott, William  - laborer
Shaw, Bartlett - miner
Shaw, Robert - farmer
Shelton, Francis M. - laborer
Shelton, Freeman J. - laborer
Shelton, John H. - laborer
Shelton, Martin - farmer
Shelton, Stonewall J. - barkeeper
Shirland, Henry R. F. - miner
Shoemaker, Simon - farmer
Shuffleton, Hugh H. - farmer
Silvest, Joseph  - farmer
Smith, Amos B. - blacksmith
Smith, Calbourne J. - miner
Smith, Daniel L. - merchant
Smith, T. O. - farmer
Smith, William B. - laborer
Souza, Antonio F. - farmer
Sowle, James  - miner
Spears, William  - miner
Stevens, Chas. H. - saloon keeper
Stewart, Samuel  - farmer
Stiller, August - farmer 83 acres
Story, John C. - farmer
Strong, Jason B. - farmer
Stuck, Andrew J. - sheepraiser
Stuck, Jehu - farmer
Stuck, Mathias F. - farmer
Sullivan, Cornelius - miner
Sullivan, William  - miner
Taylor, Alanson - farmer
Terbush, George F. - clerk
Thomasson, William R. - merchant
Thompson, B. W. - miner
Thompson, George W. - farmer
Turner, P. H. - laborer
VanTyne, Theodore - wheelwright
Voss, Carl - farmer
Voss, Carl G. - farmer
Voss, Emile G. - teamster
Voss, Theodore  - laborer
Wade, John W. - hunter
Ward, George W. - miner
Wells, Richard H. - stockraiser
White, Benjamin F. - farmer
White, Thomas  - miner
Wiedenbach, Frederick  - saloon keeper
Willard Bros. - gen mdse
Willard, Charles F. - Willard Bros.
Willard, G. K. - Willard Bros.
Williams, A. L. - farmer 240 acres
Williams, Kenneth S. - farmer
Wills, Louis F. - miner
Wilson, Elijah A. - blacksmith
Woodfill, Charles D. - farmer
Woodfill, George P. - farmer 80 acres
Woodfill, John C. - farmer
Wray, James
Wright,   John P. - laborer
Wright, William P. - farmer
Wynne, Peter - miner
Yeakey, George R. - miner


KLOTZ MILLS (See Cottonwood)


LUDWIG'S BRIDGE (See Cottonwood)

MIDDLETON (See Shasta)

Post, express and telegraph offices, situated in the foothills, on the forks of Cow and Clover Creeks, eleven miles by county road from Anderson, on the California and Oregon Railroad, with which point it has daily stage connection and regular freight teams.  The town is in a healthy location, with an abundant water supply and drainage, and water power of enough volume to run all the manufactures of the State.  A flouring mill of two stone capacity is all that utilizes the water at present, but an endeavor is being made to start a woolen mill, for the running of which there would be no lack of material in this vicinity.  There are a number of saw mills back in the hills.  The population of Millville is about five hundred.  The Millville and Anderson Telegraph Company, a company of Millville gentlemen have built a line ten miles long to Anderson, costing $1,200.  It is a convenience not enjoyed by many towns of the railroad in this part of the country.  Millville possesses a weekly newspaper, and a good hotel kept by Messrs. Pullen & Long, whose experience enable them to anticipate the wants of the traveling public.  The newspaper here is conducted by Mr. Leonard W. Kidd, long connected with the San Francisco press.

Asbell, Joseph M. - farmer, grape grower 184 acres
Atkins,  Quintus N. - farmer
Bagley, Samuel J. - student
Bailey, Horace P. - stockraiser
Baker, L. Edward - Webb, Baker & Co., Postmaster, operator Millville & Anderson Tel. Co.
Baker, Reuben - farmer
Bales, W. M. - farmer
Barklay, J. G. - school teacher
Beals, Thomas J. - farmer 160 acres
Beckett, Henry  - farmer
Bell, J. L. - school teacher
Bidwell,  William J. - blacksmith, wagonmaker
Blodgett, Joseph H. - farmer
Bosworth, Curtis D. - farmer
Boycroft, Stephen - farmer
Burner, George W. - blacksmith
Canterbury, Andrew H. - farmer
Carr, Francis - Attorney at law, notary public, real estate agent
Carr, William B. - watch maker
Clark, John J. - farmer
Connelly, Frank - carpenter, cabinet maker, undertaker, wagonmaker
Connelly, Jefferson I. - carpenter
Connelly, Joseph  - house & carriage painter
Coots, Albert M. - bartender
Covey, Benjamin  - farmer
Crabb, James N. - physican
Crabb, Joseph  - farmer
Crasby, Richard P. - carpenter
Crighton, Charles W. - farmer
Cromwell, Oscar - photographer
Cummings, D. H. - farmer
Cutter, Henry H. - miller
Daily, Owen - farmer
Davis, George W. - blacksmith with Wm. J. Bidwell
Davis, Jasper - laborer
Davis, Marvin D. - mechanic
Dersh, Frederick  - farmer
Disney, Theodore G. - farmer
Disney, William A. - farmer
Draper, William  - farmer
Duhig, Louis J. - farmer
Dunham, Almon N. - farmer
Dunham, Charles P. - farmer/stockraiser  800 acres
Dunham, Jonathan - farmer
Dunham, Levi H. - farmer
East Side Times, The - weekly Leonard W. Kidd editor, publisher
Eaton, E. W. - farmer, laborer  38 acres
Eby, David - farmer
Edington, James S. - farmer
Eldred, Stephen J. - farmer
Ellis, L. N. estate of -  ErastusWagner manager
Elwood, DeWitt - laborer
Esrey, John - farmer
Farrel, Milton - farmer
Fisher, Peter - farmer
Fitzwater, Joseph H. - farmer
Forrester, George W. - farmer
Garner, Charles C. - farmer 378 acres
Garner, John - farmer 60 acres
Gibson, E. Miss - school teacher
Gilson, Alfred H. - farmer
Gimblin, J. S. - laborer
Gipson, Edward - farmer 160 acres
Gipson, Martin S. - farmer
Gipson, Wm. T. - musician
Gordon, J. H. - boot maker
Gover, Charles F. - farmer
Graham, Arnold A. - student
Graham, Samuel  - physican
Guill, Stephen E. - farmer
Guptill, Wm. N. - physican
Hardy, J. H. - cigars, tobacco, varieties
Harrington, Morgan S. - harness maker
Harrington, M. S. Mrs. - millinery & dress maker
Harrington, Thomas  - blacksmith with Wm. J. Bidwell
Harris, Jacob - gen mdse
Harvey, Ferdinard - farmer
Hathway, John W. - farmer
Hawes, John L. - farmer
Hawes, William  - farmer
Helfrick, John - farmer
Hereford, Aaron M. - farmer
Hereford, Clemens R. - farmer
Hereford, John M. - farmer
Hereford, Thomas J.  - farmer
Hicks, Berry - Hicks & Simpson
Hicks, Green B. - laborer
Hicks & Simpson - saloon & billiard room
Hinkley, Robert - laborer
Hoener, William - laborer
Hoffmaster, Godfrey - butcher  157 acres
Hufford, Charles - clerk
Hufford, John - miner
Hufford, Joohn W. - miner
Hufford, Peter - farmer
Hufford, Solomon - miner
Hufford, Solomon J. - laborer
Hunt, Daniel G. - farmer/stockraiser
Hunt, Joseph R. - farmer
Huston, Robert G. - farmer
Jones, M. F. Mrs. - widow, real estate
Joseph, Frank - farmer
Karr, Thomas - carpenter
Keeling, William E. - farmer
Keeney, C. M.  - clerk with Jacob Harris
Kem, J. J. - Constable, deputy sheriff, fruitraiser
Kennedy, James R. - farmer
Kennedy, William K. - laborer
Key, Thomas C. - farmer
Kidd, Leonard W. - publisher The East Side Times
King, David - blacksmith, wagonmaker
Lanfear, Carlos - farmer
Lanfear, Otis D. - farmer
Lee, William C. - farmer
Leonard, B. D. - farmer
Lippold, Charles A. G. - miner
Long, E. O. - Pullen & Long
Losaw, William - farmer
Malgin, Thomas F. - farmer
Mallory, Eldridge L. - farmer
Mallory, John L. - farmer
Manchester, M. R. - land owner, stockraiser, etc.
March, Daniel P. - farmer
March, William F. - farmer
Marshel, Samuel P. - farmer
Martin, Edward A. - merchant
Martin, E. C. - clerk
Martin, George W. - teacher
Martin, Henry L. - laborer
Martin, Rufus F. - farmer
McBride, Thomas L. - farmer
McClendon, Charles W. - farmer
McDaniel, James A. - laborer
McMullen, Thomas - farmer
Mears, James - farmer
Mears, John K. - farmer
Melvin, Harrison A. - farmer
Mendenhall, William  - farmer/stockraiser  2480 acres
Merrill, Mark L. - farmer
Millar, John F. - stockraiser
Millville Flouring Mills - Ross & Wilkinson proprietors
Millville Hotel - Pullen & Long proprietors
Millville & Anderson Tel. Co. - H. F. Ross pres., J. L. Nichols treasurer, L. E. Baker operator
Montgomery, Hugh - stockraiser
Moore, Joseph - real estate
Morrow, William - farmer
Munsey, William - farmer
Nichols, James L.  - J. L. Nichols & Co.
Nichols, J. L. & Co. - drugs, varieties
Nixon, John W. - laborer
Nunes, Manuel R. - farmer 200 acres
Overmeyer, Jacob D. - blacksmith
Overmeyer, S. C. Mrs. - hotel
Parsons, Eugene S. - farmer
Perham, Daniel - farmer
Perry, Joseph R. - farmer
Phillippi, Isaac - farmer
Postmaster - L. Edward Baker
Pottle, Benjamin N. - farmer
Pullen, William - Pullen & Long, Justice of the Peace
Pullen & Long -  proprietors Millville Hotel & Livery Stable
Rawlings, E. E. - J. L. Nichols & Co.
Reed, W. R. - farmer 101 acres
Reuchon, Frederick - carpenter
Richards, Allen C. - stockraiser
Rochon, Fred - carpenter, joiner
Rogers, James M. - farmer
Rogers, Joseph - farmer
Rolison, Francis D. - farmer
Rose, Thomas Z. - farmer 620 acres
Rose, Zachariah T. - farmer
Ross, Herman F. - Ross & Wilkinson, president Millville & Anderson Tel. Co.
Ross, Albert F. - miller
Ross, Harold M. - miller
Ross & Wilkinson -  proprietors Millville Flouring Mills 400 acres
Sargent, Charles - barber
Shaw, Samuel R. - farmer
Shearin, Alfred A. - stockraiser  800 acres
Shearin, Daniel T. - farmer
Shearin, Mark H. - farmer
Shearin, Mark S. - farmer
Sheridan, Calvin W.  - engineer
Short, Irwin G. - stockraiser
Simmons, James C. - farmer
Simmons, Shelby H. - farmer
Simpson, T. G. - Hicks & Simpson
Smith, L. C. - engineer
Smith, Steven B. - farmer
Snow, Nathaniel D. - tanner
Stacher, Henri - sheepraiser
Stanley, Charles B. - farmer
Stevens, Alvin B. - farmer
Stevenson, S. Mrs. - widow, music teacher
Strayer, Charles O. - farmer
Strayer, Lawrence O. - student
Strayer, Martin - farmer
Stroud, S. E. - stockraiser
Tabournal, John J. - farmer 40 acres
Taylor, M. G. - teamster
Taylor, Sarah Mrs. - stockraiser  160 acres
Taylor, Thomas B. - stockraiser
Thomas, George H. - farmer
Thomas, John W. - farmer
Toepel, Charles - tinner
Tracy, Wlater D. - farmer
Trondle, Peter - blacksmith
Wagner, Erastus - manager L. N. Ellis estate
Webb, Abraham L. - salesman with Webb, Baker & Co.
Webb, Baker & Co. - gen mdse
Webb, Henry L. - farmer
Webb, John P. - Webb, Baker & Co., farmer, sheepraiser
Webb, M. W. Mrs. - school teacher
Webb, Thomas J. - farmer
Webb, William Nelson - Webb, Baker & Co., agent Wells, Fargo & Co.
Welch, John H. - mason
Welch, John W. - stockraiser
Welch, Newton E. - stockraiser
Welch, Willard C. - farmer 160 acres
Welch, William W. - teamster
Wells, Fargo & Co. - William Nelson Webb agent
Wheatly, John - merchant
Whitmore, J. H. - school teacher
Whorton, John M. - school teacher
Wilkinson, Henry W. - Ross & Wilkinson, stockraiser
Winsell, M. Miss. - school teacher
Witherson, S. N. - school teacher

A post office town in the center of the county, distant thirty-seven miles from Redding and forty-four miles from Shasta.  A good mountain toll road connects this point with Burney Valley.  Stock raising is carried on extensively in this vicinity.

Bass, Herbert - gen mdse, hotel, farmer
Bass, Herbert - Postmaster
Broadhurst, John - engineer
Brock, J. N. - farmer/stockraiser
Caton, Peter S. - farmer
Fender, Andrew J. - laborer
Halcomb, Jonas - laborer
Jackson, John -  proprietor Millville & Burney Valley Toll Road
Johnson, William J. - farmer
Johnson, Richard M. - laborer
Kramer, G. L. - toll keeper Millville & Burney Valley Toll Road
Loy, M. V.
More, Henry T. - millman
Morse, Henry C. P. - laborer
Morse & Co. -  proprietors saw mill, 5 mi from Montgomery Creek
Overmyer, C. E. - blacksmith, wagonmaker
Postmaster - Herbert Bass
Smith, Sarah - farmer/stockraiser
Stayn, Martine - farmer 160 acres
Storer, James L. - farmer
Wilsey, Charles  - farmer
Wilsey, William O. - farmer
Zetzsche, Adolph H. - farmer

MOUNTAIN HOUSE (See French Gulch)

MULE TOWN (See Shasta)

A post office town on the Fall River Mills road, thirty-one miles northeast of Redding.

Arthur, Thomas - farmer
Draper, William - farmer 160 acres
Hathaway, John - farmer 215 acres
Hunt, Daniel - farmer 1631 acres
Hunt, Joseph - farmer 266 acres
Hunt, John Mrs. - farmer 160 acres
Marshall, S. P. - farmer 160 acres
Malgin, T. F. - farmer 240 acres
Morley, William - postmaster, farmer, commission merchant
Pearson, Frank - farmer
Postmaster - William Morley
Roberson, William - farmer
Simmons, S. H. - farmer 280 acres
Simmons, A. Miss - school teacher
Theocroft, Joseph - 160 acres
Wilkinson, H. M. - farmer/stockraiser

A post office.

Brigman, Andrew J. - farmer 160 acres
Coey, George - farmer 40 acres
Davis, J. P. W. - farmer 158 acres
Dodson, N. Miss - school teacher
Doll, Valentine - farmer 273 acres
Driscol, Michael - farmer 120 acres
Frank, James M. - farmer 160 acres
Gilson, Eleazer - farmer 240 acres
Gray, Thomas - blacksmith
Hall, Robert - farmer 160 acres
Jordon, Irby H. - stockraiser
Kidder, W. S. - farmer 320 acres
Labud, August - farmer
Marverty, John - farmer 20 acres
Miller, William Mrs. - farmer 10 acres
Morton, John - farmer 20 acres
Post, J. M. - farmer 160 acres
Postmaster - Charles D. Wheelock
Rector, A. W. - farmer 160 acres
Rois, Thomas - miner
Sharp, William L. - miner
Shumaker, S. - farmer 124 acres
Silvery, Frank - gardener
Smith, J. O. - miner
Spencer, J. E. - miner
Stevens, Charles - farmer 120 acres
Wheelock, Charles D. - gen mdse, postmaster
Wheelock, John J. - farmer
Wood, Joseph - farmer

PARKERVILLE (See Cottonwood)


PINCKNEY (See also Gas Point)
A post office town in the southern part of the county, and near Gas Point, with which town, although both have post offices, it is almost identical.  The interests are principally agricultural.

Anderson, John - stockraiser
Baker, A. D. - farmer
Baker, George - carpenter
Beam, James A. - sheepraiser  640 acres
Bell, B. F. - gen mdse, Postmaster
Bouquet, Frederick - farmer, miner
Criss, John W. - miner
Christison, Colin - sheepraiser  1278 acres
Davidson, George W. - farmer
Davidson, Kenneth - physician 156 acres
Dingman, George N. - farmer
Duggins, Moses - farmer
Fisher, Charles E. - farmer
Fitzhenry, Edward - farmer
Grummons, James H. - laborer
Hayden, C. M. Miss - school teacher
James, Henry J. - farmer
Machado, A. F. - miner
Marshall, David - farmer
Montford, E. - farmer
Newcomer, Louis - farmer 240 acres
Owings, J. M. - farmer
Ponte, Manuel - hog raiser
Postmaster - B. F. Bell
Radick, Hiram - miner
Regan, James - miner  360 acres
Rockhold, H. M. - farmer
Roberts, William T. - clerk
Shuffleton, Edward T. - farmer
Shuffleton, H. H.  - Justice of the Peace, notary public,  160 acres
Souza, Antone F. - hog raiser
Steward, Elizabeth Mrs. - farmer
Storey, J. C. - farmer 80 acres
Street, William R. - farmer
Taylor, C. W. - laborer
Tustin, Harold - sheepraiser
Webster, Thomas - miner
Williams, Kenneth - farmer

PITT RIVER (See Pittville)

PITTSBURG (See Shasta)

A small post office town in Fall River Valley, in the northeastern part of the county, distant by wagon road ninety-two miles from Shasta and eighty-five miles from Redding, its railroad point.  Its surroundings are agricultural, considerable attention being given to stockraising.

Allen, Charles R. - farmer 1025 acres
Allen, Emmet - farmer
Allen John - farmer
Angling, Elmer E. - farmer
Augusta, Joseph - farmer
Augusta, Peter J. - farmer
Bass, Berbert - farmer
Brown, Charles - farmer
Beal, Truxton - farmer 160 acres
Bulware & Guthrie - farmers 680 acres
Burton, J. F. - farmer
Coen, William R. - farmer
Collett, Stephen - farmer
Conrad, George - farmer 160 acres
Davison, William - farmer 320 acres
Day, Samuel - farmer
Dixon, Albert F. - farmer 160 acres
Dixon, Elra E. - farmer
Dollarhide, Lawrence - farmer
Downing, F. Miss - school teacher
Dutton, C. H. - farmer
Dutton, G. W. - farmer
Earl, E. - farmer
Earle, C. F. - 160 acres
Eldridge, J. P. - stockraiser  360 acres
Fairbanks, Harold M. - school teacher
Fines, Benjamin - farmer
Freeman, Nicholas - stockraiser
Fulton, J. H. - farmer 160 acres
Garrison, Andrew - farmer
Garrison, Ellis - farmer
Garrison, Frank - farmer 160 acres
Garrison, J. E. - farmer
Gaspar, Antone - farmer
Gassaway, Robert - farmer
Grummet, Charles - farmer 80 acres
Guthrie, George - stockraiser
Hall, Calvin - farmer
Holabird, Sarah F. - 160 acres
Hollinbeak, Asa M. - farmer 480 acres
Hollinbeak, James - farmer
Hollinbeak, John - farmer 160 acres
Hollinbeak, Melinda - widow, farmer 280 acres
Hollinbeak, William - farmer
Hopkins, George B. - bartender with George F. Pegden
Hurlburt, E. Miss - school teacher
Hurlburt, Isaiah - farmer 280 acres
Joiner, Armstrong W. - farmer
Joiner, William - farmer
Jones, Robert D. - farmer
Kuney, Michael - farmer
Keefer, John - farmer
Keefer, Sol. - farmer
Kemp, Joseph W. - farmer
Kester, Homer - farmer
Kester, William - farmer
Kuney, Griffith - farmer
Lorenzen, Peter - farmer
McClellan, George B.
McClellan, Joseph - farmer
McCoy, Frank - farmer
McCoy, P. M.A 360 acres
McGhan, Martin E. - farmer
McNeamer, John H. - hotel
McWarren, -  - farmer
McWilliams, J. P. - farmer
McWilliams, Thaddeus - farmer
Moss, James C. - farmer
Moss, James M. - farmer
Moss, John J. - farmer
Moss, M.  - farmer 160 acres
Moss, Richard - farmer
Mullen, John - stockraiser  599 acres
Murdock, Agnes Miss - school teacher
Murdock, E. Mrs. - 280 acres
Nichols, Benjamin, T. - blacksmith
Plamer, Frank C. - farmer
Parker, N. N. - farmer
Parker, William - farmer
Pegden, George F. - saloon
Penrose, Cyrus - gen mdse, Postmaster
Perry, Robert - farmer
Postmaster - Cyrus Penrose
Rodgers, John - farmer
Rogers, John W. - farmer
Sawyer, Nathan - farmer
Shaw, David - farmer 160 acres
Shepherd, Samuel B. - farmer
Spaulding, D. - farmer
Stanley, Charles A. - farmer
Stanton, J. B. - agent Cox & Clark, Sacramento 820 acres
Stephenson, William - farmer 160 acres
Stewart, William - stockraiser  840 acres
Strobe, William - farmer
Sylvester, A. J. - farmer
Sylvester, James - farmer
Tull, William W. - farmer
VanSickles, E. E. - farmer
Vanderbilt, Louis - farmer
Vestal, Isaac N. - farmer
Vestal, James W. - farmer
Vestal, Thomas H. - farmer 320 acres
Vestal, William - farmer
Wise, Preston R. - laborer
Worthington, Joshua - farmer
Wright, W. C. - 160 acres
Young, Charles R. - farmer
Young, David - farmer
Young, Thomas B. - farmer


This, the second town in size in the county, is situated about twenty miles from the southern boundary, on the California and Oregon Railroad, thirty-five miles north of Red Bluff and two hundred and fifty-five miles from San Francisco.  From 1872 up to last year it was the northern terminus of the line, and under the stimulus given by this fact, as well as the favorable agricultural character of the surrounding country, Redding advanced rapidly into importance as a shipping point.  The cessation of railroad construction for so long a period at this point naturally resulted in the building of a series of roads radiating from it to all points in Northern and Northeastern California, the advantages so gained to the town will in a great measure remain, notwithstanding the railroad's further extension north.  Freights for Weaverville, all points in Trinity, Modoc and the whole of northeastern Shasta will continue for years to come to make Redding their railroad point.  The town has many flourishing business houses, including a bank, four good hotels, school and a commodious public hall.  In its newspaper interests Redding is particularly well served, three weekly papers being published here, receiving a generous and hearty support from the people of Northern California.  The town has complete postal, express and telegraphic communications.  Population about seven hundred.

Alexander, John J. - teamster
Anderson, Charles O. - cook
Anderson, O. - tinner
Anderson, Oliver H. - fisherman
Anderson, Otto - furniture & bedding
Andrews, James D. - bookkeeper with McCormic, Saeltzer & Co.
Archibald, George W. - druggist with Gilbert, Miller & Eaton
Ashfield, Nora Mrs. - carpet weaver
Autenrieth, Frederick A. - merchant
Averill, George W. - dentist
Bahney, L. E. - clerk Stump Ranch Hotel
Bailey, Charles M. - tinner
Bailey, Joseph F. - laborer
Bailey, J. H. - bartender
Bailey, William M. - Bailey & Parker
Bailey & Parker - stoves, tin, hardware
Bank Exchange - L. S. Barnes proprietor
Bank of Shasta County - C. C. Bush president, Frederick Grotenfend cashier
Barnes, L. S. - proprietor Bank Exchange and Shasta County Democrat
Bassett Bros. - proprietors Gem Saloon
Bassett, Charles - Bassett Bros.
Bassett, Charles A. - farmer
Bassett, Eugene - bartender Gem Saloon
Bassett, George - Bassett Bros.
Bassett, George F. - printer
Batcheller, Joseph B. - canvasser
Bates, Lafayette - miner
Batis, Tognini - miner
Baxter, George W. - miner
Bayliss, Abraham M. - miner
Beach, William E. - farmer
Bergman, Axel H. - druggist with O. J. Lawry
Benvie, George P. - blacksmith
Blodget, M. Miss - school teacher
Blodget, Philip - miner
Boardman, Charles M. - painter
Boland, Anthony - miner
Bosworth, C. Miss - school teacher
Bourne, George J. - bookkeeper
Brackett, Edmund W. - laborer
Brackett, John W. - compositor Shasta County Democrat
Brackins, Samuel E. - miner
Bradbury, Benjamin R. - miner
Breslauer, D. & Co. - gen mdse, groceries, dry goods
Breslauer, Daniel - D. Breslauer & Co.
Breslauer, Isidore - D. Breslauer & Co.
Breslauer, Nathan - D. Breslauer & Co.
Brown, Charles - farmer
Brown, George - hotel keeper
Brown, Joseph - waiter Stump Ranch Hotel
Brown, John W. - hostler
Burk, E. H. - Garber & Burk
Burnett, Noah M. - miner
Bush, C. C. - Bush & Johnson, president Bank of Shasta County
Bush & Johnson - forwarding and commission merchants
Cahalan, Michael - teamster
Cain, Lawrence - engineer Central Pacific R. R.
Camp, Alexander - teamster
Camp, Benjamin F. - laborer
Campbell, Jeremiah B. - farmer
Cannon, Thomas F. - printer
Carmer, Beuben O. - miner
Castle, Alfred S. -  proprietor Chicago Saloon
Cavanaugh, John - miner
Cecil, Joseph M. - farmer 90 acres
Chaney, E. W. - fireman Central Pacific R. R.
Chappell, J. M. - merchant
Chenoworth, Simon - farmer
Chenoworth, Zenis - farmer
Chicago Saloon - Alfred S. Castle proprietor
City Hotel - N. J. Pehrson proprietor
Clark, Robert T. - miner
Clawson, Charles - stockraiser
Clineschmith, Henry - merchant
Clipper Chop House - William N. Dickers proprietor
Clipper Saloon - Hill Bros. proprietor
Close, Robert - blacksmith
Cochran, George H. - laborer
Cochran, H. - carpenter
Conroy, Bernard -  proprietor Redding Hotel
Cook, Henry - miner
Cooper, John G. - farmer 23 acres
Cooper, John H. - J. H. Cooper & Co.
Cooper, J. H. & Co. - publisher The Redding Independent
Cooper, Thomas - farmer
Coughlin, Daniel W. - salesman with McCormick, Saeltzer & Co.
Coullard, Charles W. - carpenter
Craddock, John - livery stable
Crane, Moses B. - miller
Creek, Lewis C.  - farmer
Croney, Patrick - blacksmith
Crosby, Richard - miner
Crowley, Charles P. - miner
Croy, J. V. - salesman with McCormick, Saeltzer & Co.
Culverhouse, Jerry - stage line and mail contractor
Curtiss, David - stage driver
Dack, George R. - miner
Deistelhorst, Gottlieb F. - farmer
Deistelhorst, J. G. J. - farmer 120 acres
Denner, John B. - miner
DePugh, John - conductor
Derby, Elkanah P. - blacksmith
Derby, Hiram G. - stonemason
Derby, Nettie Miss - milliner
Dersh, B. Mrs. - farmer 444 acres
Dezamand, Armand - miner
Dickers, William N. - proprietor Clipper Chop House
Dickey, Robert - miner
Dickinson, Edward - warehouseman Central Pacific R. R.
Dickinson, Erastus - Justice of the Peace
Dickinson, Joe E. - baggage master Central Pacific R. R.
Dickinson, Theodore - carpenter
Dinsmore, John W. - farmer
Dinsmore, Joseph F. - farmer
Doney, Harry L. - miner
Doney, Stephen L. - farmer
Doney, William K. - farmer
Downing, Andrew E. - laborer
Downing, Isaac - clerk Redding Hotel
Doyle, Joseph - miner
Dunham, Alfred - carpenter
Dunn, Richard G. - agent Wells, Fargo & Co.
Durfor, Edwin T. Jr. - laborer
Dyer, William M. - painter
Eaton, James P. - Gilbert, Miller & Eaton
Eaton, James S. - clerk with Willard & Weil
Eaton, Samuel J. - miner
Eckles, S. A. - drayman
Edler, Charles A. - miner
Edwards, John F. - miner
Elson, Azariah - miner
Estes, John M. - trader
Ettring, Henry - laborer
Fabre, Francis A. - miner
Fader, L. J. - corral and feed stable
Fakes, Leroy - miner
Falke, William - farmer 6 acres
Farhner, John G. - wagonmaker
Farleigh, Augustus W. - farmer
Farleigh, Gilbert W. - farmer
Farren, Edward - farmer
Farren, William - farmer
Finley, Walton B. - carpenter
Fitzpatrick, Kate Miss - waitress Redding Hotel
Fitzpatrick, Nellie Miss - dress maker
Flake, John R. - clerk City Hotel
Flinn, P. H. - butcher with Peter Hoff
Foster, Robert W. - miner
Fox, Andrew J. - brickmason
Francis, Joseph - laborer
Fraizer, Thomas L. - baker
Free Press, The - Frank M. Swasey editor &  proprietor
Frisbie, Lewis W. - Attorney at law, notary public
Garber, J. C. - Garber & Burk
Garber & Burk - hotel
Garrett, Benjamin F. - miner
Gallera, Freitas - miner
Gem Saloon - Bassett Bros. proprietors
George, John -  proprietor Pennsylvania House
Gibson, Reuben P. - farmer
Gilbert, Frank W. - tinner with Gilbert, Miller & Eaton
Gilbert, Miller & Eaton - druggists, dealers in hardware
Gilbert, Samuel J. R. - Gilbert, Miller & Eaton
Gill, Charles - car repairer Central Pacific R. R.
Glaszier, Peter -  proprietor Pioneer Blacksmith Shop
Gleaves, J. M. - civil engineer
Gochie, Jennie Miss - domestic Redding Hotel
Gordenier, Christopher W. - capitalist
Graham, James A. B. - miner
Graham, William C. - miner
Grasell, Charles - butcher
Greenwood, Joseph - boot & shoemaker
Gregory, E. C. - watchmaker
Gressell, Charles - butcher with Peter Hoff
Griffith, Benjamin A. - clerk with Gilbert, Miller & Eaton
Grittner, Frederick H. O. - baker
Grotenfend, Frederick - cashier Bank of Shasta County
Groves, George -  proprietor Paragon Hotel
Gruettner, Oswald - proprietor Redding Bakery & Saloon
Grun, John T. - farmer
Hall, J. R. - newsdealer
Haskell, Daniel N. - stage messenger Wells, Fargo & Co.
Haskins, George - miner
Hatch, Justus R. - laborer
Hedrick, Jacob - miner
Heller, Joseph - farmer
Henderson, Milton F. - carpenter
Hickey, Minnie Miss - dressmaker
Hill Bros. - proprietors Clipper Saloon
Hill, Harry - Hill Bros.
Hill, Mark - carpenter
Hill, Thomas - Hill Bros.
Hirz, Christian - miner
Hochuli, Rudolph - butcher with Peter Hoff
Hoff, Peter - butcher  40 acres
Hoffsisz, William A. - farmer
Houston, Albert - clerk
Houston, Albert - merchant
Houston, Thomas - merchant
Houston, Thomas J. - farmer
Howell, John - clerk Paragon Hotel
How, John C. - laborer
Hubbell, Frederick - agent Central Pacific R. R.
Hughes, J. M. Miss - school teacher
Hughes, Thomas L. - farmer
Hume, Edward - miner
Hume, George T. - laborer
Hume, Matthew - engineer
Hunt, Heman S. - laborer
Hunter, James - miner
Hunter, Joseph H. - salesman with Frank Miller
Huston, William N. - dairy
Jackson, Herbert B. - machinist
Jewett, George P. - laborer
Johnson, H. F. - Bush & Johnson
Johnson & Love -  proprietors White Bear Saloon
Johnson, Peter - Johnson & Love
Kane, Julia Miss - cook Stump Ranch Hotel
Keyley, Valerian G. -  proprietor brewery
King, C. J. Mrs. - school teacher
Klaus, Benjamin - agent L. Sloss & Co.
Klaus, Samuel - agent
Kempton, Charles J. - carpenter
Kempton, John L. - miner
Larsen, Louis - miner
Lawry, O. J. - physican & surgeon,  proprietor City Drug Store
Leach, Martin - salesman with McCormick, Saeltzer & Co.
Lemm, Charles & Bro. - farmers 1192 acres
Lendermann, Isaac E. - carpenter
Lewis, William - miner
Ley, Frank A. - watchmaker, jeweler
Livengood, Francis M. - wagonmaker
Logan, E. Miss - school teacher
Logan, J. N. - farmer
Love, Lamont A. - Johnson & Love
Lovell, William H. - waiter city Hotel
Lowden, John R. - salesman with McCormick, Saeltzer & Co.
Lynch, Bias - laborer
Madison, John H. - barber
Magoon, William - teamster
Mahoney, William - miner
Majors, John N. -  proprietor Redding Stables
Mallally, Ellen Mrs. - cook Stump Ranch Hotel
Manchester, M. R. - land owner, stockraiser, etc., 6 mi E of Redding
Mark, Perry W. - carpenter
Mason, Edward - wheelwright
Mason, William M. - miner
May, James D. - miner
McCabe, Henry E. - foreman
McConnell, Charles -  proprietor Redding Saloon
McCormick, James - McCormick, Saeltzer & Co., Postmaster, agent CA & OR Stage Co.
McCormick, Saeltzer & Co. - gen mdse
McCoy, Albert S. J. - farmer
McFall, William  - blacksmith
McFarland, George  - miner
McKean, L. Mrs. - school teacher
McLane, Nathan P. - farmer
McLaughlin, Daniel R. - farmer
McLaughlin, Orcenuth F. - farmer
McMullen, James  - miner
McNeill, James J. - railroad foreman
Mead, James L. - stage driver
Mead, Selden H. - hostler
Menzel, George  - blacksmith
Menzel, William  - blacksmith
Michaelson, Frederick  - capitalist
Miller, Frank - gen mdse, dry goods, clothing
Miller, John H. - Gilbert, Miller & Eaton,  physican & surgeon
Miller, Louis G. - farmer
Mitchell, Marshall A. - laborer
Mitchell, M. A. Mrs. -  proprietor of the leading and most fashionable millinery & dressmaking parlors in the city
Morris, Benson R. - harnessmaker
Morris, John E. - laborer
Mott, Joseph - railroad foreman
Mullen, James  - farmer
Nason, Edward - millwright
Negus, Joseph B. - teamster
Neilsson, John - farmer
Neilsson, L. C. - farmer 760 acres
Oliver, Benjamin  - farmer 589 acres
O'Neal, A. Mrs. - milliner
Olsen, Holver
Palmer, Herman C. - stage driver
Paragon Hotel - George Groves  proprietor
Parker, C. A. Mrs. - saloon
Parker, Harry E. - Bailey & Parker
Parker, Martin - teamster
Peck, George W. - tinsmith
Pehrson, N. J. - proprietor City Hotel
Pennsylvania House - John George  proprietor
Perham, Hiram M. - teamster
Peters, William  - miner
Petze, Christopher H. - farmer
Pfeifer, John - miner
Philbrook, Frank M. - laborer
Pioneer Blacksmith Shop - Peter Glaszer proprietor
Pioneer Meat Market - Peter Hoff  proprietor
Pool, Jesse J. - carpenter
Postmaster - James McCormick
Primm, Franklin P. - Attorney at law
Quinn, Daniel P. - waiter
Redding Bakery & Saloon - Oswald Gruettner proprietor
Redding Hotel - Bernard Conroy proprietor
Redding Independent, The - J. H. Cooper & Co. publishers
Redding Saloon - Charles McConnell proprietor
Redding Stables - John N. Majors proprietor
Reed, E. A. -  proprietor Cow Creek  Toll Road
Richards, Annie - domestic
Richards, Samuel C. - blacksmith
Richmond, O. Miss - school teacher
Richter, Louis E. - sewing machine agent
Riley, Patrick  - laborer
Ringiron, Michael  - miner
Ripley, Richard  - County Treasurer Shasta Co.
Robinson, Wellington - drayman
Rouse, Philip - miner
Ruggle, J. R. - merchant tailor
Rutherford, Walter - blacksmith
Ryan, Maggie - chambermaid
Saeltzer, Rudolph M. - McCormick, Saeltzer & Co.
Sampson, Thomas W. - farmer
Sanders, Edward - stockraiser
Saunders, W. H. - carpenter
Scammon, George  - wagonmaker
Scammon, J. F. - carpenter, wagonmaker
Schneider, Louis - farmer 95 acres
Schooner Saloon - Gus. Walden proprietor
Scott, W. R. - carpenter
Schroter, Gunther C. - saddler & harnessmaker
Schroter, Gunther C. Jr. - harnessmaker
Sears, George C. - saloon keeper
Sebring, Anson - laborer
Sebring, William H. - stage driver
Shaw, M. M. - teamster
Shaw, Paschal H. - farmer
Shea, Michael  - miner
Shepherd, Andrew J. - harnessmaker
Shoemaker, Stephen  - laborer
Simon, Isaac - M. Simon & Sons
Simon, M. - M. Simon & Sons
Simon, M. & Sons - dry goods, clothing, boots, shoes
Simon, Samuel  - M. Simon & Sons
Simonds, Frederick B.  - farmer
Simonds, Frederick B. Jr. - bartender Bank Exchange
Skootsky, T. - peddler
Smith, A. M. - teamster
Smith, George W. - carpenter
Smith, Harry - laborer
Smith, James C. - Attorney at law
Smith, Martha Miss - housekeeper with Mrs. A. O'Neal
Smith, Samuel H. - miner
Smith, Sarah Mrs. - boarding house
Smith, William A. - blacksmith
Smith, W. L.  - McCormick, Saeltzer & Co.
Smith, Theodore  - teamster
Smithson, James S. - farmer
Southern, Simeon F. - miner
Speed, M. E. Mrs. - teacher music
Sperry, Sheldon - miner
Stelman, John - proprietor barber shop
Stickley, Silas S. - agent
Stump Ranch Hotel - Frank Thompson  proprietor
Swasey, A. Miss - school teacher
Swasey, Frank M. - editor &  proprietor  The Free Press
Taylor, Charles  - clerk with D. Breslauer & Co.
Taylor, Oscar L. - farmer
Taylor, William  - laborer
TenEyck, John F. - corralman
TenEyck, Marcus L. - capitalist
TenEyck, T. C. - teamster
Thompson, Frank - proprietor Stump Ranch Hotel
Thompson, Philip C. - laborer
Tiffin, Frank C. - County Supervisor, miner
Tiffin, John E. - miner
Townsend, James L. - farmer
Twine, Charles A. - blacksmith
Twine, Elias - cook
Vanderveer, Francis P. - miner
Vaughn, L. W. - teamster
Vickers, William  - saloon keeper
Walden, Gus -  proprietor Schooner Saloon
Walden, Jerome B. - farmer
Walden, Jerome Jr. - salesman with Frank Miller
Wall, August - brass moulder
Walton, John - laborer
Warren, Alexander B. - bartender with A. S. Castle
Waterman, D. N. Rev. - pastor Presbyterian Church
Way, Willard C. - boot and shoe maker
Weil, Charles  - clerk with Willard & Weil
Weil, Sigismond - Willard & Weil
Weir, Robert - laborer
Welborn, John L. - farmer
Welch, John O. - photographer
Welsh, John W. - stableman
Welsh, R. F. - laborer
Wells, James R. - jobber
Wells, James S. - farmer
White Bear Saloon - Johnson & Love  proprietors
Whitten, Oliver P. - saloon keeper
Wickert, Emile - baker
Wilburn, Fieldin P. - laborer
Wiley, Harley R. - teacher
Wiley, Intrepid M. - farmer
Wilkenson, Wm. J. - carpenter
Willard, Nathan - Willard & Weil
Willard & Weil - gen mdse
Williams,  Charles - compositor
Williams, H. A. - stockraiser
Williamson, Daniel R. - telegraph operator
Willis, O. J. - school teacher
Wilson, John - miner
Wilson, John S. - cook
Wood, William A. - teamster
Woodward, George P. - miner
Woodrum, Henry C. - farmer
Wright, Franklin L. - blacksmith
Wright, Horace C. - butcher
Wriker, Emra - teamster
Yeakey, M. M. Mrs. - widow
Young, Albert F. - miner
Young, Thomas C. - brakeman
Zinn, Isaac - laborer

A post office town, situated on the Redding and Modoc Stage Road, thirty-five miles from Redding.  Some farming and stockraising is carried on in the vicinity.  Reed's toll road, an excellent highway extends from Round Mountain along Cow Creek, twelve and one quarter miles toward Redding, Millville and Anderson.  The distance is ten miles less to Redding over this road than by any other route.
Campbell, J. B. - farmer 160 acres
Coffer, N. H. - farmer 240 acres
Ensign, Lewis - gen mdse, Postmaster
Fender, Aaron - farmer 196 acres
Fite, A. C. - gen mdse, stockraiser
Helfich, John - farmer 80 acres
Hunt, D. C. - farmer 320 acres
Nichols, Stacy - farmer 160 acres
Reed, E. A. -  proprietor Toll Road
Nordyke, Thomas  - farmer
Ogburn, J. W. - farmer 520 acres
Postmaster - Lewis Ensign
Reynolds, John E. - deputy Sheriff
Ruth, Andrew - farmer
Rynerson, J. H. - blacksmith, wagonmaker
Scammon, Frank - farmer
Sornberber, Martin M. - stockraiser
Townsley, W. S. B. - farmer
Tracy, John S. - teamster
Turner, Joseph  - farmer 520 acres
Wilkinson, H. N. - farmer 1000 acres
Wright, Henry - toll keeper Reed's Road


This place, the county seat and the largest town, is situated in the southwesterly part of the county, on the main road leading from Redding to Weaverville and Yreka.  It is seven miles distant from Redding, which is the present shipping point, although the railroad approaches within about two miles farther north, and arrangements are in progress for a more immediate connection.  The road from Redding, as well as beyond Shasta, is an excellent turnpike, with easy grades.  The town is prettily laid, and lying as it does in the foothills of the mountains surrounding the Sacramento Valley at an altitude of 1160 feet, above the sea, is as attractive a town as can be found in the mountains, and in a sanitary point of view is excelled by none.  The place was settled in 1850, and was originally known as "Reading's Springs", being afterwards changed to Shasta in honor of the grand mountain peak which overlooks this entire region.  The U. S. Land Office for northern California is located here.  Shasta possesses full and complete telegraph, daily mail and express facilities.  The Shasta Courier (weekly) is published here and ranks in age as the third weekly newspaper of the State.  It has safely weathered the periods of depression under which the county has heretofore suffered, at times, until now partaking of the renewed prosperity which has been assuredly accruing of late years, it has become a flourishing and well sustained sheet.  The principal public and larger buildings are comprised in the Court House, two churches, two hotels, and the halls of the Masons and Odd Fellows.

Abrams, Thomas  - miner
Albro, George - janitor Court House
Albro, George T. - miner
Allen, M. C. - hostler
Anderson, Addison - miner
Anderson, Jack - blacksmith
Andrews, Alexander R. - Attorney at law, notary public
Armand, Emile - miner
Armstrong, Aaron - farmer
Baird, Albert - stage driver
Baker, Reuben - farmer
Bass, Seymore S. - butcher
Batcheller, H. V. - harnessmaker
Bauer, Frederick  - miner
Beaty, Milo - laborer
Behrens, Charles H. - dry goods, clothing, boots, shoes
Behrle, Louis - brewer
Bell, Aaron - Judge Supreme Court
Bemis, George A. - engineer
Benton, Thomas H. - teamster
Berg, Robert - miner
Berkley, Lewis W. - blacksmith
Bicking, George J. - clerk with Frank Litsch
Bickford, William H. - miner
Blake, George S. - farmer
Blue, Samuel  - miner
Blue, Samuel S. - amalgamator
Blumb, Henry  -  proprietor  saloon & bakery
Blumb, Henry C. - baker with Henry Blumb
Blumb, M. Miss - school teacher
Bock, Frederick  - laborer
Boell, Angele Mrs. - widow
Boitel, Louis - miner
Bolton, Edward - miner
Booth, Reuben H. - carpenter
Bossyns, John - miner
Boswell, William A. - teamster
Bottel, Louis - miner
Bouname, Pierre - miner
Boyd, Charles  - miner
Boyd, William Jr. - miner  5 acres
Briceland, James  M. - physican & surgeon
Brincaid, J. S. - Minville & Brincaid
Brock, James  - miner
Brown, James  - laborer
Bruint, Sarah Mrs. - widow
Brumfield, Samuel B. - miner
Brumfield, William A. - miner
Bruning, S. Mrs. - widow
Bryner, George  - farmer
Buddle, John - miner
Bunnell, Henry J. - ditch agent
Burr, David T. - farmer
Bystle, David P. - carpenter, wagonmaker, undertaker, furniture dealer
Cady, J. J. - farmer
Camden, Charles  - farmer 140 acres
Campbell, James D. - miner
Campbell, Robert A. - miner
Campbell, Sylvester J. - carpenter
Campbell, William D. - farmer
Carter, Ella Miss - agent Western Union Tel Co.
Carter, William L. -  proprietor weekly Shasta Courier
Castaingts, Jean - miner
Castelli, George  - miner
Censor, Charles  - miner
Champlin, A. R. - laborer
Charter Oak Hotel - G. C. Schroter  proprietor
Chenoweth, George W. - miner
Clark, Elijah H. - miner
Clark, John R. - hostler
Clark, William - miner
Clay, Henry  - miner
Clinton, William H. - miner
Cloudy, Alfred - butcher
Colman, D. M. Mrs. - Superintendent Public Schools
Combs, Charles - laborer
Cone, Charles - miner
Conklin, Timothy - merchant
Coughlin, Jerry - miner  64 acres
Cox, George W. - Cox & Gourley
Cox & Gourley - Geo. W. Cox & F. A. Gourley
Cox, James K. P. - farmer
Cox, John - farmer
Craddock, Charles A. - clerk with John Craddock
Craddock, John -  proprietor livery stable
Creeks, Andrew J. - farmer
Crews, Robert - merchant
Crocker, Evert - laborer
Crocker, E. F. - miner
Crowley, Timothy - miner
Crume, Littleton T. - farmer
Crum, William M. - miner
Crystal Spring Saloon - Len. O. Enochs proprietor
Culverhouse, Jeremiah - stage driver
Dack, Eli F. - butcher with Dunn & Dack
Dack, Elish R. - Dunn & Dack
Daniels, William - miner
Darioli, Giovanni - miner
Davis, Jonathan R. - miner
Daymon, William M. - laborer
Delgardo, John - teamster
DePray, Paul - miner
Dickinson, Harvey F. - miner
Dingee, Charles A. W. - farmer
Dixon, Elijah M. - deputy Assessor, miner
Doblin, John - miner
Dobrowsky,  Adolph L. - Hopping & Dobrowsky, Receiver U.S. Land Office
Dobrowsky, Ernest - watchmaker, gunsmith, postmaster
Donnes, John - fruitraiser
Driscoll, John - miner
Driscoll, Joseph - miner
Driscoll, Timothy - miner
Ducos, Antoine - miner
Dunn & Dack -  proprietors City Market
Dunn, John - saloon keeper
Dunn, Kate - widow
Dunn, S. H. Mrs. - dressmaker
Dunn, William - Dunn & Dack
Dunn, William H. - butcher
Durfor, Harry L. W. - laborer
Eames, Charles W. - blacksmith
Edwards, Richard - miner
Elder, James W. - farmer
Eldridge, A. R. Mrs. - school teacher
Eldridge, Millard S. - Constable, deputy Sheriff
Ellis, Armington C. - miner
Ellsbury, William - miner
Elmore, Waldo - miner
Empire Hotel - John V. Scott proprietor
Enochs, Len O. -  proprietor Crystal Springs Saloon
Everhard, M. - teacher music
Farrenbach, George - laborer
Fellni, George - miner
Ferguson, Jeremiah F. - mechanic
Fife, Charles - teamster
Fitzpatrick, John W. - county surveyor
Flamer, Edmund  - cook
Fordham, Charles W. - painter, paperhanger
Forster, Martin - harnessmaker
Foster, Jacob Jr. - brewer
Foster, John - teamster
Fowler, George W. - clerk
Fowler, William B. - boot, shoemaker
Fowler, Willie H. - shoemaker
Freitas, Manuel - stockraiser
French, John A. - hostler
Fuller, Daniel - farmer
Gage, A. J. Mrs. - widow 120 acres
Gage, Frank I. - miner
Garcia, Marcelino - miner
Garden, John W. - register U.S. Land Office
Garrecht, Lorence - saloonkeeper
Gartland, John W. - miner
Gary, Henry - miner
Geer, John - teamster
Gersten, August - miner
Giraudt, Jean - miner
Gleason, James - miner
Gleason, John - steward County Hospital
Gloyd, John F. - manager McDonalds Saloon
Golley, James - carpenter
Goodall, William - carpenter
Gorley, James - laborer
Gourley F. A. - Cox & Gourley
Goty, Joseph - carpenter
Graciot, David - miner
Gratton, John - farmer/stockraiser
Gregory, Jesse J. - miner
Grotefend, Augustus - banker
Grotefend, Augustus Jr. - tinner
Grutsch, Henry - stonemason
Guth, Adam - laborer
Hagans, William R. - farmer
Haight, George  - farmer
Hall, George W. - miner
Hare, Isaac - miner
Hargrave, Alfred - miner
Hartley, M. D. - school teacher
Hartman, W. P. - barber
Hathaway, Lysander - miner
Hayden, John F. - blacksmith
Hayman, Thomas - farmer
Heffelfinger, William C. - blacksmith
Hethey, Edward - miner
Hickey, Michael  - laborer
Hillyer, Nathan - miner
Hinterlang, Barnabus - farmer/stockraiser
Hoffman, Elias M. - laborer
Hoskins, Charles  - miner
Howard, William  - laborer
Hudson, Smith B. - farmer
Huffacre, Christopher C. - farmer
Hull, Sylvester  - speculator
Hume, John - hostler
Hume, John F. - engineer
Hummell, Sebastian - miner
Hoey, John - miner
Hopping & Dobrowsky - agents Wells, Fargo & Co.
Hopping, William E. - Hopping & Dobrowsky & sheriff
Horr, C. A. - miner
Ingle, John R. - miner
Irwin, Albert M. - clerk U. S. Land Office
Isaacs, James E. - Attorney at law
Isaacs, Joseph  - clerk
Isaacs, Samuel  - blacksmith
Jackson, John - stockraiser
Jackson, William  - County Treasurer
Jenkins, James W. - miner
Johnson, Charles  - teamster
Johnson, Edward - cook
Johnson, Edward W. - laborer
Johnson, Giles - cook
Johnson, William  - steward
Johnson, William  - merchant
Jones, Henry  - farmer
Jones, Joseph  - laborer
Jugean, Reni - miner
Kelner, William  - miner
Kemble, John - miner
Kennedy, James  - timberman
Kennedy, Robert - miner
Kennett, Wm. H. - miner
King, Joseph - miner
Klay, Henry  - miner
Knox, George R. - proprietor Knox's Reading Rooms & Billiard Parlors,  Justice of the Peace, notary public
Knox's Reading Rooms & Billiard Parlors - George R. Knox  proprietor
Kohler, Frank - dentist
Lake, Peter - miner
Lamb, Jacob - farmer
Lavery, John D. - miner
Lawlar, William  - miner
Leary, James  - miner
Leferbe, Joseph  - miner
Lentz, Constantine - music teacher
Leschinsky, August - teamster
Lewin, Emanuel - Emanuel Lewin & Co.
Lewin, Emanuel & Co. - jewelers, gen insurance agents
Lewis, Antone - miner
Lewis, Joseph  - farmer 21 acres
Litsch, Charles  - brewer
Litsch, Fannie Miss - milliner
Litsch, Frank - gen mdse, dry goods
Litsch, Joseph  - clerk
Litsch, Josie Miss - teacher music
Litsch, Julia - widow
Litsch, Mrs. - proprietor Shasta Brewery
Lord, Ulysses R. - miner
Lost Confidence Mine - 8 mi N of Shasta, James Sallee  superintendent
Lowrey, Andrew P. - miner
Lucac, William  - miner
Lutz, Benjamin  - stableman
Lutz, John W. - laborer
Lynch, Daniel - gen mdse, grain
Lynch, George - clerk with Daniel Lynch
Magee, William - civil  engineer
Markert, Christ. - merchant tailor
Martin, David - miner
Maxwell, James  - miner
McBroom, A. - school teacher
McCarthy, Thomas  - miner
McConnell, Albert - fruitraiser  160 acres
McCormick, James E. - compositor with J. H. Cooper & Co.
McDonald, M. F. Mrs. - saloon
McEwen, Robert A. K. - miner
McKeag, William  - miner
McLaughlin, James B. - laborer
McMillen, Alexander B. - laborer
Meyer, Valentine - carpenter
Miles, David P. - engineer
Minville, Adolph I. - Minville & Brincaid
Minville & Brincaid - merchants
Monahan, L. C. - miner
Montgomery, William A. - stockraiser
Moore, George W. - miner
Moore, Thomas  - farmer
Mountain, James  - blacksmith
Munchmore, N. S. - miner
Murray, Perry - miner
Murray, William  - miner
Myers, Stanley L. - feed & livery stable
Myers, Susan E. B. - farmer 108 acres
Nelson, George W. - miner
Newman, Guatavus O. - engineer CA & OR R. R.
Nichols, W. W. - miner
Nicolet, Madame - saloon keeper 20 acres
Noyes, Clark - miner
Nunes, Frank C. - farmer
Owens, Silas E. - miner
Paige, Charles L. - merchant
Paige, James E. - teamster
Paige, Matilda J. Mrs.
Palmer, Merrick - miner
Palmer, Wm. W. - miner
Parsons, Charles K. - woolgrower
Peterson, Christian - miner
Peterson, William  - miner
Pfiel, Christopher  - farmer
Phelps, Ira M. - physican & surgeon
Pittoc, Lewis - carpenter
Popejoy Theodore  - miner
Porsain, Jules L. M. - miner
Postmaster - Ernest Dobrowsky
Potter, Alvin - miner
Powell, Kellum - carpenter
Prackel, Charles H. - butcher
Prehn, Carl - teamster
Prehn, Frederick - Frederick Prehn & Son
Prehn, Frederick & Son -  gen mdse, dry goods etc.
Prehn, Louis - Frederick Prehn & Son
Price, John - miner  70 acres
Price, Thomas  - miner
Propst, Benjamin H. - tinner
Propst, Henry  - plumber
Pryor, William A. - druggist
Pullham, Bradford - miner
Pullham, Fielding - miner
Radler, John G. - miner
Ratchford, Michael  - miner
Reese, Edward L. - miner
Reese, George  - miner
Reynolds, John E. - deputy Sheriff
Rich, Jacob - miner
Richardson, Elkanah W. - farmer
Robinett, Edward - miner
Robinson, Henderson - miner
Rodgers, Charles  - printer
Ruth, Henry L. - gardener
Ruth, Louis - gardener
Salisbury, Charles J. - laborer
Sallee, James - superintendent Lost Confidence Mine
Salort, Gabriel - miner
Satterlee, Frank P. - miner
Schallock, Henry  - farmer
Scheurer, Bernard - miner
Schmidt, William  - laborer
Schroter, Arthur A. - harnessmaker
Schroter, Gunther C. - proprietor Charter Oak Hotel,  harnessmaker
Schroter, Wilhelm - waiter
Schumann, N. - laborer
Scott, Charles H.
Scott, John V. - proprietor Empire Hotel
Scott, Wm. A. - boot, shoe maker 12 acres
Shasta Brewery - Mrs. Litsch proprietor
Shasta City Market - Dunn & Dack proprietors
Shasta County Democrat - L. S. Barnes publisher
Shasta Drug Store - William A. Pryor proprietor
Sherwood, Charles  - miner
Shurtleff, Nathaniel B. - printer
Silva, John F. - miner
Simmons, J. M. - teamster
Skillen, H. K. - miner
Skillen, George  - miner
Slut, James  - miner
Smith, James  - miner
Smith, Thomas B. - County Clerk
Smith, William - bartender with Louis Garrecht
Southern, William F. - laborer
Spaulding, Kirk - miner
Spencer, Jesse - laborer
Springer, A. C. - miner
Sprague, Arthur H. - carpenter
Stafford, William  - miner
Stanley, Edward P. - lumberman
Stoll, Thomas  - miner
Strickler, William  - millwright
Stroud, John - miner
Stowell, John H. - miner
Sudbrock, Henry - miner
Swann, Henry  - stockraiser
Swasey, Benjamin  - photographer
Sweeney, Edward - District Attorney
Taylor, Clay W. - Attorney at law, State Senator
Taylor, Edward - miner
Terry, Mary G. - widow
The Weekly Shasta Courier - Wm. L. Carter proprietor
Tiffin, Frank C. - deputy County Clerk
Treenwood, Artell - compositor Shasta County Democrat
U. S. Land Office - John W. Garden register, Adolph L. Dobrowsky receiver
Vannoy, Jasper N. - miner
VanRiper, William  - miner
Veid, Frederick - clerk
Veid, Jacob - carpenter
Vigaud, Jean - gardener
Voluntine, Edward - plumber, dealer in hardware, stoves, etc.
Walsh, Michael K. - fruitraiser
Walsh, William  - miner
Warren, William J. - farmer
Waters, David J. - farmer
Watson, James  - miner
Waugh, Joseph  - ferryman
Way, Jonathan R. - farmer
Wells, Russell J. - carpenter
Welsh, Miss M. - school teacher
Welsh, Michael  - miner  170 acres
Welsh, William N. - blacksmith
West, B. - painter
White, Sanford H. - miner
Whiting, Marion K. - laborer
Wilcox, Jonathan F. - miner
Wiley, H. R. - school teacher
Willett, Peter P. - miner
Williams, John W. - teamster
Winne, Timothy  - miner
Wiser, H. A. - fruitraiser, distiller, 160 acres
Witzel, Julius A. - barber
Wright, Charles - printer
Young, Denton - miner

A post office, twenty-six miles east of Cottonwood, near the southern boundry of the county. It is supported mostly by farming.

Adams, James H. - laborer
Aldridge, David R. A. - farmer 320 acres
Aldridge, James K. P. - laborer
Aldridge, John C. B. - teamster
Aldridge, William  - farmer
Armstrong, John W. - farmer
Armstrong, Thomas B. - laborer
Armstrong, T. O. - farmer 804 acres
Ashbury, Pressly B. - farmer
Bailey, Joel C. - farmer
Baker, Andrew T. - butcher
Baker, Charles  - laborer
Baldwin, J. H. - farmer 160 acres
Ball, Charles J. - laborer
Ball, Irwin L. - farmer
Bennett, Francis - mechanic
Benton, John H. - farmer
Boatman, James W. - clerk
Boots, Jesse - miner
Brand, Stephen E. - hograiser
Butler, Charles  - blacksmith
Campbell, James S. - farmer
Chapman, Calvin N. - laborer
Chapman, William R. - carpenter
Clark, H. L. - farmer
Clark, Rufus A. - teamster
Collier, James W. - farmer
Cooper, Jacob - laborer
Crook, George H. - farmer
Cunningham, Abraham - farmer
Cunningham, George  P. Rev.
Cunningham, Joel W. - millman
Cunningham, John H. - laborer
Daily, John W. - photographer
Daily, Perry F. - farmer
Darr, George  - farmer
Darrah, Joseph S. - lumberman
Darrah, Simon H. - teamster
Fankell, George L. - carpenter
Fisher, William V. - farmer
Forward, Walter - farmer
Fremont, John - laborer
Gamback, Philip - butcher
Garnier, John - farmer
Garrison, Isaac S. - farmer
Goeller, Peter - laborer
Greene, C. H. - farmer
Grider, N. J. - laborer
Groret, William H. - farmer
Groul, Frank H. - farmer
Grove, Commodore P. - farmer
Hall, Joseph R. - blacksmith
Hart, Philip B. - teamster
Herrick, Emerson - farmer
Hill, John - farmer
Holmes, Lafayette - farmer
Holubar, Anton - carpenter
Holubar, John - tailor
Huster, Louis F. - cabinetmaker
Johnson, John - farmer
Keeran, William V. - laborer
King, Charles F. - laborer
King, James M. - blacksmith
King, Jesse - miner
King, Oscar M. - laborer
Klomroth, Louis - farmer
Klotz, John Y. - clerk
Klotz, Rudolph - mill owner
Lack, Demascus F. - farmer
Latour, James C. - farmer
Loomis, Addison J. - farmer
Loomis, Benjamin F. - farmer
Martin, Richard E. - clerk
Maxwell, Horace M. - mechanic
McCarty, John L. - school teacher
McClain, Franklin P. - laborer
McClain, James W. - farmer
McHose, John - teamster
McManus, William W. - farmer
Merritt, S. J. Miss - school teacher
Myers, Joseph P. - blacksmith
Nedrow, Lewis B. - laborer
Nedrow, Mark C. - laborer
Null, John M. - farmer
Null, William  - farmer
Ogburn, Charles E. - farmer
Ogburn, Jefferson D. - farmer
Ogburn, John W. - farmer
Peterson, Alvah - carpenter
Pool, William V. - laborer
Postmaster - A. F. Smith
Powers, Carmack - farmer
Pritchard, Thomas J. - farmer
Richardson, Reuben B. - teamster
Rupert, George  - teamster
Rupert, Jacob - laborer
Rupert, Wilson - laborer
Sheridan, Adelbert O. - farmer
Sheridan, George W. - farmer
Smalley, Elijah - laborer
Smith, Albert F. - Postmaster
Smith, Harvey - carpenter
Smith, John - laborer
Smith, William F. - carpenter
Stokes, George W. - farmer
Stone, Albert C. - lumberman
Swanson, John T. - teacher
Sydney, Charles - saw mill owner
Taylor, John H. - farmer
Taylor, Thomas B. - farmer
Thatcher, Alexander G. - farmer
Thatcher, George W. - farmer
Tisdale, Carson - farmer
Townsley, William S. B. - farmer
Tuggle, William H. - farmer
Turner, Joseph  - farmer
Vilus, Marcellus B. - saw mill owner
Ward, John - farmer
Weed, David F. - painter
Weigart, William  - farmer
Wilmer, Samuel L. - dairyman
Wilson, Manson H. - lumberman
Wimmer, James M. - millwright
Witherson, Samuel S. - school teacher
Wright, George  - sawyer

A post office about five miles north of Delta, a railroad terminus, and a stage station on the California and Oregon mail route.

Ames, Charles - laborer
Andrews, L. G. - miner
Autenreith, Frederick - road overseer
Autenreith, Louis Jr. - gen mdse, farmer
Brown, Manly M. - saloon keeper
Burke, E. R. - Garber & Burke
Cahow, Abijah - stockraiser
Clark, Robert D. - miner
Denner, J. B. - miner
Doherty, John - miner
Ferren, Edward - farmer
Garber & Burke - miners
Garber, J. C. - Garber & Burke
Gordon, R. Miss - school teacher
Jackson, & Co. - miners
McClure, Henry C. - miner
Miller, Louis - miner
Mitchell, Frank - laborer
Packer, William S. - miner
Postmaster - F. M. Whitlow
Rose, John
Rouse, Philip - miner
Sanders, Edwin - miner
Sanford, Alexander - miner
Sears, George  - saloon keeper
Shoemaker, Milton - miner, blacksmith
Slate Creek Hotel - Francis M. Whitlow proprietor
Smith, C. W. - laborer
Sperry, Sheldon - miner
Whitlow, Francis M. - Postmaster,  proprietor Slate Creek Hotel
Whitlow, Richard - deputy Postmaster
Wilson, Toliver A. - miner
Wilson, William A. - laborer

A post office station on the California and Oregon Railroad, thirty miles north of Redding.

Bruce, John - farmer
Creeks, L. C. - farmer
Doney, A. E. - farmer
Doney, Ed. W. - farmer
Doney, Harry - Constable
Doney, Lester - farmer
Doney, W. K. - farmer
Elmore, Walds - farmer 157 acres
Farleigh, G. W. - farmer
McKenzie, James - stockraiser
Miller, Louis - farmer
Petze, C. H. - farmer
Postmaster - William C. Whiting
Ringeron, Michael - farmer
Sutherland, John - farmer
Townsend, A. M. - lumberman
Whiting, Pelham - farmer
Whiting, William C. - Postmaster, stockraiser  40 acres
Wiley, J. M. - stockraiser
Young, Albert - hotel

SOUTHERN'S (See Shasta)

SPRING CREEK (See Anderson)

SQUAW CREEK (See Redding)

Post office, better known as Basse's, and stage station, twelve miles northeast of Redding, on the Millville Road.

Bass, John S. P. - farmer
Bass, Joseph L. - farmer
Boswell, George W. - farmer
Bruce, Wallace Rev. - pastor Presbyterian Church
Butler, -- - Butler & Ney
Butler & Ney - farmers
Corick, Frederick - farmer
Cox, John H. - farmer
DeBretteville, A. - poultry
Dunning, Day H. - farmer
Dunning, J. H. - farmer
Fish, Frank W. - farmer
Gagnon, Joseph  - farmer
Haines, L. C. - farmer
Hardenbrook, Frank - farmer
Hitts, Thomas  - farmer
Jordan, George  - farmer
James, Joseph  - laborer
Leighton, L. - school teacher
Montgomery,  W. A. - farmer
Montgomery, W. T. - farmer
Ney, John - Butler & Ney
Parient, M. - laborer
Peppers, John - farmer
Peterson, L. - farmer
Postmaster - Mary Price
Price, Mary - Postmaster
Reynolds, Thomas B. - ferryman
Stewart, Charles  - farmer
Stewart, H. N. - blacksmith
Stewart, John - farmer
Walker, William B. - farmer
Williams, James  - farmer


TOWER HOUSE (See French Gulch)


WELLS FERRY (See Anderson)

Post Office at Blair

Allen, Benjamin F. - miner
Althouse, J. - laborer
Andrews, William  - miner
Arnett, David - miner
Banghart, George W. - miner
Banghart Mine - John H. Carmany  superintendent  44 acres
Biegle, William D. - miner
Blair, James  - miner, saloon keeper 20 acres
Blair, James D. Mrs. - Postmaster
Byrnes, Edward - miner
Camden, Charles  - miner
Carmany, John H. -  superintendent Banghart Mine
Collins, William  - miner
Cusick, Andrew - miner
Cusick, Peter - miner
Darrough, James  - hostler
Desmond, D. - hotel keeper
Desmond, John - laborer
Driscoll, Joseph  - miner
Driscoll, Timothy  - miner
Ellis, Augustus - miner
Gaynor, Michael  - laborer
Green, H. W. - miner
Griffin, Lawrence C. - miner
Harris, Thomas  - miner
Harrison, John - miner, fruitraiser  148 acres
Hughes, Andrew - laborer
Humphrey, -- - gardener
Jackson, Homer - miner
Johnson, George  - laborer
Jones, Robert V. - miner
Jurey, Richard  - miner
Kesler, William  - gen mdse
Ketcham, R. B. - miner  140 acres
Kise, A. - teamster
McDonald, Patrick  - miner  40 acres
McKeag, William  - miner
McNeil, Josiah - laborer
Melbourne, A. P. - miner
Mitchells, George  - miner
Morgan, -- - miner
Murdock, William B. - miner
Murphy, A. - toll house keeper Weaver Road
Nelson, Charles N. - miner
Nurse, Stewart N. - miner
Parkinson, Charles E. - school teacher
Postmaster - Mrs. James D. Blair
Prince, James  - miner
Roberts, John - miner
Rymer, P. J. - miner
St. Auborn, William T. - miner
Schnabel, Adolph H. - miner
Schnabel, Augustus H. -  superintendent Shasta Mill & Mining Co.
Sebring, William  - stage driver
Shasta Mill & Mining Co. - A. H. Schnabel  superintendent
Shed, John - proprietor Tower House
Shoemaker, Howard - hostler
Smith, Jasper E. - miner
Smith, Joseph  - miner
Strode, George C. - miner
Strode, John S. - miner
Taylor, Charles W. - miner
Taylor, James W. - miner
Tower House - John Shed  proprietor
Tucker, Francis T. - farmer
Warfield, Robert - miner
Williams, George F. - laborer
Williams, Henry C. - miner
Williams, James  - laborer
Williams, John K. - miner  100 acres
Williams, Llewellyn - blacksmith
Woodward, Oliver P.  - hotel, gen mdse
Woodward, Oliver P. Jr. - clerk with O. P. Woodward
Young, George B. - miner
Zent, Chase - clerk with William Kesler
Zent, Isaac W. - miner

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
History of SHASTA CO. as of 1885
This county, the second from the north in the central tier of the State, is bounded on the north by Siskiyou and Modoc, on the east by Lassen, on the south by Tehama, and on the west by Trinity Counties.  Its average dimensions are about sixty miles north and south by about seventy miles east and west, the total area included within its boundaries being a little over two and a half million acres.  In its natural characteristics Shasta is akin to its sister counties of Northern California the same grand development of nature's upheavals being prominent, although not so completely absorbing its surface as the more compactly grouped ranges of the Sierras to the southeast, in Plumas, Sierra and Nevada Counties.  Nature here seems to have in some measure relinquished her close grasp on the giants of hill and mountain, and by permitting their straggling wider from the main column provided for the introduction of a larger proportion of tillable land; but, as if in order to recompense herself for this leniency; in the ranges of the Sierras coming up from the southeast she brings up another towering line upon the county's western border, in the coast range; which, running a little east of north, is gradually converges to fraternize with its stalwart brother of the east.  The county may be properly said to be included between these two ranges, and the land mountainous, though very materially lessened in its abruptness as it falls away to the vallies of the Sacramento, Upper Sacramento and McCloud Rivers.  These vallies, together with the additional vallies lying upon the smaller tributaries of these streams, afford a much larger proportion (and mostly of a better quality) of farming land than is found in the other mountain counties.

Fall River Valley, the principal valley of the county, containing over one hundred and eighty quare miles, lies in the eastern part of the county; about one tenth of it is under cultivation.  In this valley about twenty per cent. of the land is swamp land, easily susceptible of reclamation, which is being done gradually.  The smaller vallies have all first- class bottom land.  Unimproved lands range from $5 to $12 per acre.  Along the line of the Sacramento, on its western shore in the southern part of the county, the old Redding grant includes about all of the good land - it is what is known as first-class bottom, and has been largely sold in small parcels to settlers, the balance being held by its owners for similar disposal.  There is also, among the various vallies, much public land yet open for entry, particulars of which can be fully ascertained both at the land office in Shasta, the county seat and the office of the Immigration Association of California, 10 California street, San Francisco.

In its mining interests Shasta's history is similar to the balance of Northern California.  Her streams and old channels were all thickly spread with that gravel cap which contained the rich bonanzas of the placer era, and until these were exhausted she presented the same marvelous yield as the other diggings; since that time comparatively little was done in mining until about six years ago, when the attention of experts began to be attracted to Shasta, and already important advances in quartz mining have taken place, and although this industry is yet in its infancy, sufficient developments have been made to ensure a permanence of results, when capital in sufficient strength takes hold.  In a smaller disjointed way mining is still followed by large numbers, and it remains, as in days of old, the chief occupation of the people.

Shasta's remoteness from commercial points up to 1872 was a material drawback, in that year the California and Oregon Railroad was opened to Redding, in the southern part of the county, materially relieving that hardship.  There the line halted until last year, when a further extension was made to Delta.  The greater part of the way through the county is now covered, and although the gigantic obstacles to be overcome in the gap yet remaining between the two termini will require much time, too much has already been done by the parties in interest for them to stop where they are, or even to permit the work to languish long.

In a sanitary point of view the county takes rank equally with any county in the State.  Its atmosphere is dry and pure, and in the vallies where the thermometer frequently rises even as high as 110 degrees no corresponding debilitation is felt, and in winter 30 degrees is about the limit.  Catarrhal and chest diseases are very infrequent, and a stay in Shasta for a time long enough to give it an opportunity to show results will satisfy the skeptical, if such there be.

In its scenic attractions Shasta also takes first rank.  On its northern line the quaint Castle Rocks would, if no other attractions offered, be sufficient to repay the toil and time required to visit them.  Seen from a distance, they show castellated battlements, with bastions, scarp and counterscarp, the embodiment of military strength; from another view they seem to tell the same story, only with centuries of age piled upon its first appearance.  Lower Soda Springs, Crystal Lake, the various waterfalls, of which there are many, and the beauties surrounding Tower House might all be cited with effect in this connection.

There are in the county about fifty school houses in as many districts.  Population nearly 11,000.  Taxable property, $2,000,000.

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