Sierra County, CA
1885 Directory
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A mining town of considerable importance located near the middle of the southern boundary of the county, nine miles southwest of Downieville by train, and fourteen miles by wagon road.  It is situated tow miles from Forest City, with which town, from its proximity and identity of industries, it practically forms one community.  The mining interest although there are a number of individual miners and small mines, is principally represented in the works of the Buckeye Gravel Mining Company and the Gold King, which furnish employment for most of the labor of the town.  Both mines have been very productive, the Buckeye having "panned out," for a time, over two hundred ounces per week.  The Buckeye's tunnel has now penetrated over thirteen hundred feet, and the Gold King's tunnel five hundred and twenty-seven feet.  Communications with rail are made by excellent wagon roads, one route being via Camptonville to Marysville and the other to Nevada City.  Alleghany has a population of about three hundred, has the usual store facilities and tow good hotels.  The Golden Anchor, kept by Mr. D. E. Thompson, being worthy of especial notice; the Alleghany Hotel, by W. N. Hooper, is also well sustained.  It has post and telegraph offices.

Alleghany Hotel - W. N. Hooper proprietor
Angove, William - hotel keeper
Ayer, A. - miner
Barnhart, Frederick - miner
Barrett, William - miner
Barrett, William Jr. - miner
Bennett, Richard - miner
Binning, Charles - miner
Binning, Henry - miner
Bixby, A. M. - proprietor Essex Saloon
Boles, Isaac - miner
Bonhan, Perry - miner
Booth, John - miner
Booth, William H. - miner
Bovee, James F. - miner
Bowers, John - miner
Bradbury, Ernest T. - miner
Bradbury, James S. - teamster
Bradbury, J. F. - butcher
Bradbury, Theodore - butcher / J. F. Bradbury
Brainard, Charles - deputy Assessor
Briggs, J. Q. - miner
Brown, Horace H. - miner
Buckeye Mining Co.
Bull, Arthur - farmer
Burgen, A. - miner
Clifford, Isaac A.
Clinton, James - miner
Clute, John H. - West & Clute
Conner, George - miner
Cooper, William - miner
Cox, John V. K. - miner
Crafts, Ezra L. - Crafts & Son
Crafts, Samuel S. - Crafts & Son, postmaster
Crafts & Son - gen mdse
Current, Hugh - miner
Currieux, Charles - miner
Docile Quartz Mill & Mining Co. - Kanaka Creek, 3 miles E. of Alleghany
Dowers, John - miner
Edwards, T. M. - miner
Ellis, Martin - miner
El-Dorado Quartz Mine - John Fessler proprietor on divide bet Kanaka Creek & middle Yuba
Essex Saloon - A. M. Bixby  proprietor
Fessler, John - agent Gold Bullion Quartz Mill & El Dorado Quartz Mine
Flynn, Peter - miner
Freeborough, James - miner
Gibbs, Edward - miner
Glavin, Daniel - miner
Gold Beater Quartz Mining Co.
Gold Bullion Quartz Mill - John Fessler agent
Gold Canyon Mining Co. - Yuba River nr Minnesota
Golden Anchor Hotel - D. E. Thompson  proprietor
Golden Star Mining Co. - Rapp's Ravine 2 mi. w of Alleghany 160 acres
Haas, Brouder - miner
Hanley, W. A. - superintendent Rainbow Gold Quartz Mining Co.
Hanley, William F. - miner
Harlem Mill & Mining Co. - Kanaka Creek
Harriman, M. S. - miner
Hauber, F. J. - miner
Hauber's Quartz Mine - on divide nr Kanaka Creek
Higgins, M. E. Mrs. - widow
Hilderbrand, Geo. W. - miner
Hockelberg, Bernard - miner
Hooper, W. N. -  proprietor Alleghany Hotel
Independence Quartz Mining Co. - Wolf Creek
Irelan, William
Ireland, Samuel B. - miner
Isreal, Samuel - farmer
Jeffrey, J. R. - engineer
Jeffrey, Robert - miner
Johnson, J. W. - miner
Kinseldack, Frank - miner
Kuhfield, Frederick - miner
Laughlin, Michael - miner
Lawler, M. R. - miner
Lee, B. J. - miner
Lefevre, Josephine J. Miss - school teacher
Lefevre, Josiah - physician
Lohman, D. - miner
Mahan, Peter - miner
Malone, Frederick - miner
Malone, R. C. - farmer 160 acres
Matthewson, Daniel T.
McCormick, J. E. - miner
McLaughlin, T. - miner
McNulty, John - miner
McNulty, Charles - miner
McNulty, John W. - miner
Mitchell, Benjamin - miner
Montgomery, B. - miner
Morgan, Thomas J.
Murphy, J. - miner
Murphy, Wm.G. - hotel keeper
Murta, Thomas - miner
Nealison, H. - miner
Nihill, A. - miner
Nihill, J. - miner
Nihill, Martin - miner
Patton, James L. - miner  160 acres
Penberthy, I. - miner
Peterson, Charles - miner
Post, M. - miner
Postmaster - S. S. Crafts
Power, Marvin - school teacher
Prescott, L. E.
Pritchard, Owen - miner
Quong, Ty Chung - merchant
Rainbow Gold Quartz Mining Co. - W. A. Hanley Superintendent
Riley, James D. - lumberman
Ringenberg, Albert - farmer 160 acres
Roberts, Mayhew - bar keeper with West & Clute
Rohrig, M. - miner
Ross, Jeremiah A. - miner
Roussan, Charles A. - wood cutter/ timberman
Sager, Harry - miner
Saul, James - miner
Schumacher, Henry - miner
Shook, William - miner
Smith, John - miner
Smith, Theodore H. - miner
Stilck, Henry - miner
Thompson, D. E. -  proprietor Golden Anchor Hotel
Treckleberg, Hans - miner (John Smith)
Waters, Robert McC. - miner
West, John T. - West & Clute
West & Clute - Alleghany saloon & billiard parlor
Wilkinson, Captain J. - miner
Wirth, H. - miner
Wright, William  H. - miner
Young, Frederick E. - carpenter
Young, John C. - miner

ANTELOPE (See Downieville, also Loyalton)

Post office, Camptonville, Yuba Co.

Ackley, Henry A. - gen mdse
Alexanderson, Andrew - miner
Arnold, Edward - miner
Arnott, James - miner
Arnott, Mary R.
Arnott & Co. - miners
Baird, Isabella
Bavouset, George  - gen mdse
Bavouzet, George - miner
Bingham, Herbert N. - miner
Bowman, Andrew - miner
Brandy City Mining Co. - E. S. Goldstein & Mrs. E. Hastings
Camp, Charles - miner
Cortez, Michael - miner
Danuser, Matt. - miner
Dierker, Joseph  - miner
Fendingham, Alexander - miner
Fendingham,  Philip - miner
Ferrin, W. D. - miner
Forbes, J. C. - miner
Gerwerner, Casper - miner
Goldstein, E. S. - Brandy City Mining Co.
Grant, W. O. - miner
Haley, Frank W. - miner
Hastings, E. Mrs. - Brandy City Mining Co.
Hobby, D. A. - miner
Jackson,  Andrew - miner
Jones, G. T. - miner
Kramer, George  - hotel
Kramer, George - miner
Lawrence, C. A. - miner
Lemon, A. J. - miner
Lewis, Lewis - miner
Macphee, Dugal A. - school teacher
McLellan, Charles - miner
Mendada, Peter - miner
Roach, James  - miner
Rowland, Matt.
Selkirk, William - miner
Sharp, Alexander - miner
Sharp, Thomas - miner
St. Clair, R. M. - miner  640 acres
Stinson, H. A. - miner
Strandburg, Peter - miner
Walton, T. H. O. - saw mill
Williams, J. J. - miner
Winkler, Clark - miner
Yore, Peter - president Sierra Turnpike Co., res Sleighville House

BUNKER HILL (See Port Wine)

BUTTE (See Sierra City)

CEDAR GROVE (See St. Louis)


CHARCOAL (See Sierra City)

CHINA FLAT (See Downieville)

CHIPP'S FLAT  (See Alleghany)


COX'S BAR (See Downieville)

This town, the county seat of Sierra, is situated a short distance south of the center of the county and is distant from Sacramento, by legal route, 119 miles, from Marysville sixty-five, and from Nevada City fifty.  Its location is particularly pleasing, lying as it does at an altitude of 3,000 feet.  It is surrounded on all sides by precipitous mountain ranges, which enclosing the canon in which it is located, has the effect of mitigating the severity of the climate so completely as to entirely rob it of the usual severity of the winters in our mountain towns.  This canon, with Downieville as its center, was the scene, in the exciting days of the first fierce California rush of '49-50, of perhaps the greatest results gathered by the placer miners of that era.  In 1851 the population, in the short space of less than eighteen months, had grown to over 5,000 and over $15,000,000 taken from the river bed and flats in this canon.  With the exhaustion of this source of wealth it fell away almost as rapidly as it had grown, until scarcely a fragment of the town was left.  In the years since that era of mushroom growth and decadence it has slowly gathered itself together under the stimulus of investments in the way of drift mining, which here have taken this industry entirely out of the range of speculative uncertainties, and the town now presents the spectacle of a community in the enjoyment of a reliable and permanent prosperity, less glittering, perhaps, than in those old days of phenomenal and exceptional fortunes, but more healthy from the general and equal diffusion of the fruits of labor employed.  The town is supplied with water by over five miles of flumes and ditches, water privileges being sold by the month.  There are two volunteer fire companies, with 500 feet of hose, which, with a 30,000 gallon reservoir lying at an elevation of 150 feet, is the town's provision against fire.  Those portions of the town lying on Durgan and Jersey Flats are connected with the main portion by substantial bridges, and all parts of the town are united by a local telephone line.  The roads to Marysville and Nevada City are owned and maintained in first-class order by the Sierra Turnpike Company, while good wagon roads connect the town with Sierra Valley, in the eastern part of the county.  Tri-weekly stage service to Marysville and Nevada City all the year.  Downieville possesses two weekly newspapers-the Sierra County tribune, especially devoted to the mining interest of the county, and the Mountain Messenger, a paper widely quoted for many years, and familiar to all mining communities in the State.  The Tribune is published my Messrs, Calkins & Sweetmon, and the Messenger by Messrs, Downer & Vaughn.  Its business interests include also a bank (H. Scamman's), brewery, foundry, brickyard, saw mill at China Flat, five miles distant, and several heavy business houses, besides many smaller ones, and two hotels-The St. Charles and the Capitol.  the  proprietor of the Capitol, Mr. George Lawrence, has been for many years in the business and has a happy faculty for making everybody comfortable.  The China Flat Saw Mill above mentioned was established fourteen years ago and enlarged in 1883; it is now one of the largest in the county, having a capacity of 6,000 feet per diem, and employing fifteen men.  The post office, express and telegraphic communications are carefully served during the entire year, necessary repairs upon connecting routes being promptly made, so that no break in either service is permitted an any time of the year.

Ackley, David
Allen, William A. - miner
American Hill Quartz Mine - Mrs. H. A. Van Clief owner, Wolf Creek, 5 mi. E of Forest City American Hill Hydraulic Mining Co. - American Hill
Anderson, Frank - Attorney at law
Armory Hall Livery Stable - M. H. Mead proprietor
Attwood, Charles W. - miner
August, Michael
Averill, William H.
Baker, Samuel - miner
Bald Mountian Mining Co. - Henry Parkman pres., James McGregor sec., Henry Pichoir tres., W.   Wallis  superintendent
Bald Mountian Extention Mining Co. - on ridge bet. Rock & Kanaka Creeks
Baldwin, Daniel J. - miner
Ball, William - miner
Barnhardt, Louis - miner
Bartel, Antonio - miner
Barton, George
Bassing, Henry - miner
Bates, Alfred - laborer
Bates, Philander - laborer
Beaver, Frank - saloon, Sierra City Rd. 7 miles from Downieville
Berry, James E. - school teacher
Bessler, Thomas - Constable, night watchman
Big Boom Mining Co. - head of Secret Canyon
Billings, John - miner
Birthright, William - miner
Black Jack Quartz Mining Co. - 7 miles NE Forest City
Blake, Frank F.
Blem, Lars L. - laborer
Blohn, John August -  proprietor Sierra Brewery Saloon, opp livery stable
Boller, C. Mrs. - widow
Born, Sereit G.
Boman, Andrew - laborer
Bosch, Ferdinand -  proprietor Downieville Brewery
Bostwick, George A. - miner
Bracken, Charles
Brendel, George - miner
Brennan, Thomas - clerk with B. Latreille, deputy Postmaster
Briggs, Henry T. - manager Scamman's Bank
Brilliant, Abraham - miner
Brodess, Nelson - miner
Brown, David - laborer
Brown, Joseph - secretary Eclipse Gold Mining Co.
Brown, Joseph W. - stoves, hardware, & tinware
Burman, John - miner
Burns, James E. - miner
Burns, William - laborer
Burton, John - miner
Butler, William H.
Buzenet, Louis - saloon
Byington, Lewis - butcher
Byington,William - butcher with Lewis Byington
Byrne, Charles - miner
Byrne, John L. - miner
Calkins, Charles L. - printer Sierra County Tribune
Calkins, Thomas D. - Calkins & Sweetmon
Callaghan, John - tinner with J. W. Brown
Callis, Albert - barber
Callis, John - laborer
Callison, Thomas - laborer
Campbell, David - farmer
Campbell, Jason C. - hospital steward
Capitol Hotel - George Lawrence  proprietor
Carbury, Peter - miner
Carlsen, John - miner
Carman, Charles W.
Carney, Jesse J. B.
Carpenter, Henry - miner
Carter, James - miner
Castagnetti, Biago - miner
Cazes, John - miner
Chapman, Thomas - laborer
China Flat Saw Mill - D. L. Whitney proprietor 5 mi east of Downieville
Chung, Sing - (Chinese) merchant
Cohen, Peter
Cohn, Adolph - A. Cohn & Co.
Cohn, A. & Co.  - gen mdse
Cohn, Simon - A. Cohn & Co.
Cordona, George B. - miner
Costa, Anton - vegetable dealer
Costa, Anton Jr. - packer with John Costa  & Bro.
Costa, August - butcher with John Costa  & Bro.
Costa, John - John Costa & Bro., Costa & Watson
Costa, John & Bro. - butchers
Costa, Michael - John Costa & Bro.
Costa & Watson - Sweetwater Mining Co.
Cover, Geo. W. - Big Boom Mining Co.
Cowden, James A. - miner
Cowden, Mrs. - widow
Craig, Andrew J.
Crignon, Andrea - saloon
Culp, Jacob - miner
Cunningham, Alexander
Dabernaldi, Jacob - carpenter
Davidson, Ed. - porter St. Charles Hotel
Davidson, S. B. - Attorney at law, owner Golden Gate Quartz Mine
Davis, George - miner
Davis, George W. - miner res Sierra rd. 2 1/2 miles from Downieville
Davis, Isaac - miner
Davis, L. D. - County Surveyor
Deidesheimer, Philip - mining  superintendent
DeLong, Parley
Demartini, Ferinand - farmer
Demartini, Paul - farmer
Denmire, Aden - miner
Dewitt, Engelbert - miner
Dewitt, Thomas - miner
Dirks, John
Dodson, Theodore - farmer
Dodson, V. - farmer 200 acres
Dolan, Timothy - farmer 160 acres
Donahue, Patrick - laborer
Doud, W. C. - miner
Douglass, George - dentist
Downieville Brewery - F. Bosch proprietor
Downieville Brewery Depot - Charles Spanseil manager
Downer, Eugene K. - Vaughn & Downer
Downieville Foundry - Taylor & Forbes  proprietors
Dubordier, Desir - farmer
Dubuque, Taliaferro - miner
Early, James H. - moulder
Eclipse Gold Mining Co. - Jo. Brown secretary
Egan, Peter - janitor Court House
Elliott, Jeremiah - carpenter
Engel, Christian - miner
Engel, Frederick - miner
Eschbacher, F. A. Mrs. -  proprietor St. Charles Hotel
Evans, Evan - miner
Farley, M. - Attorney at law
Feely, Michael - farmer
Fennell, John
Fish, N. B. - miner
Flynn, Michael - miner
Forbes, Robert - Taylor & Forbes
Fourenier, Felix - truck tender China Flat Saw Mill
Four Hills Quartz Mining Co. - L. M. Moody proprietor, 16 mi N, of Downieville
Frecke, Charles
Fries, George - miner
Fries, John G. - miner
Gager, Charles - miner
Gale, John - Gale & Soward res San Francisco
Gale & Soward - Attorneys at law
Gardner, Joseph - packer
Gardner, Willis - miner
Garibaldi, Antonio - real estate
Garibaldi, Joseph - groceries
Garibaldi, Lewis - miner
Garther, Josepha - packer
Germania Mining Co. - J. A. Blohm & others proprietors, on Alabama Hills
Gibson, John
Gilson, James - miner
Gilson, Michael - miner
Gilson, Owen - miner
Gold Bluff Quartz Mining Co. - Van Slaack & others proprietors 1 1/2 mi. N Downieville
Golden, James - miner
Golden Gate Quartz Mine - S. B. Davidson owner, Wet Ravine
Good hope Quartz Mine - Adam Knox of San Francisco owner 1 mi N Downieville
Goodland, John - laborer
Gordon, Charles - laborer Whitney's Saw Mill
Grand Prize Mining Co. - 12 mi. N. Downieville 1700 acres
Green Mountain & Mount Vernon Gravel Mining Co. - head of Slug Canon
Haines, John - carpenter
Haines, J. W. - carpenter
Haitz, Joseph - carpenter
Hansen, James - lumberman
Hansen, Louis - lumberman
Hansen, L. P. - miner
Hansen, Niel - laborer
Hardy, George - laborer
Harland, Francis - miner
Hart, Amos - carpenter
Hartling, Benjamin  - blacksmith
Hartling, Charles
Hartling, Valentine - shoemaker
Haverson, Wm. - swamper China Flat Saw Mill
Hays, Patrick - miner
Hendel, Charles W. - U.S. deputy Mineral Land Surveyor
Herman, Moses - farmer
Hill, Harvey D. - miner
Hill, S. D. - miner
Hoeing, B. H. - miner
Holm, Voctor
Holmes, Wm. J. - Spaulding, Mowry & Co., mining
Homstead Consolidated Gravel & Quartz Mining Co. - Rock Creek Mining District
Hong, Wa - (Chinese) merchant
Hovey, William P.
Howe, A. J. - Superior Judge, Sierra Co.
Howe, John M. - stenographer, official reporter  Superior Court Sierra Co.
Hueta, Juan - miner
Hughes, Edward
Hughes, John - foundryman
Hughes, Thomas E. - miner
Ift, George - blacksmith
Isum, Thomas E. - farmer
Jenkins, George - farmer
Jenkins, L. Mrs. - dressmaker
Johnson, Andrew - laborer
Johnson, J. B. - miner
Johnson, J. W. - barber
Johnson, John R. - miner
Johnson, P. C. - miner
Jones, J. G. Mrs. - school teacher
Jones, Mary - widow
Jones, Robert - miner
Jones, William
Jump, Alemby - County Physican
Kaiser, Fritz - saloon
Kelly, Charles - miner
Kelly, Daniel - miner
Kelly, Peter - saloon
Kelly, Thomas P. - sawyer China Flat Saw Mill
Kemm, Ella Miss
Kendall, John M. - miner
Kennan, Justus G.
Kennedy, James - carpenter China Flat Saw Mill
Keystone Quartz Mining Co. - on Keystone Ravine
Kimball, W. B. - druggist
Kimball, Walter B. - Justice of the Peace
King, John W.
Klimmer, Joseph A.
Kolb, Jacob
Labarree, Albert
LaCore, James - carpenter
Landy, John
Larien, E. Mrs. - dressmaker
Latreille, B. - clothing, furnishing goods, boots, shoes
Lavizzola, John T. - farmer 780 acres
Lavizzola, M. - farmer
Lawrence, George  - proprietor Capitol Hotel
Lawrence, George H. - teamster
Lawrence, Washington J. - butcher with L. Byington
Lawrence, William E.
Leary, Thomas - teamster China Flat Saw Mill
Leonard, Samuel - miner
Lewis, Jacob - miner
Lewis, John D. - miner
Lewis, Richard - miner
Lewis, Robert W. - miner
Lewis, Thomas - miner
Lewis, Samuel W. - miner
Lewis, William - miner
Lichtenberg, Fanny Miss - school teacher
Limprict, Joseph - miner
Limprict, Peter - miner
Lind, Christian - Sailor Mining Co.
Lobi, Antonio - miner
Loring, Daniel - miner
Lopez, Randolph - miner
Loveland, Geo. B. - saloon Capitol Hotel
Lund, Frederick - miner
Lund, Martin H. - miner
Lusk, Samuel - driver Sierraville Stage
Luther, W. T. - Assessor Sierra Co.
Maguire, A. J. - carpenter, builder, proprietor Armory Hall
Maltard, A. - miner
Manchester, Myron - stage driver
Marshall, Richard - miner
Martin, George C. - painter
Mason, John F. - miner
Maxon, Matthew
Mayers, William - miner
Mayo, Orrin G.
McCarthy, Wm. - blacksmith
McClelland, A. P. - miner
McDonough, Myron A.
McGarrity, Owen
McGregor, -- - secretary Bald Mountain Mining Co.
McGuire, A. J. - carpenter
McHatton, John G. - farmer
McKinnon, John
McMillen, John N.
Mead, M. H. - sheriff Sierra Co.,  proprietor Armory Hall Livery Stable
Meaden, Daniel - miner
Meany, Charles P. - deputy County Clerk
Meany, Nathan H. - saloon & billiards
Mears, William J.
Meroux, A. J. - clerk with J. M. B. Meroux
Meroux, H. J. - clerk with J. M. B. Meroux
Meroux, H. J. R. - foundryman
Meroux, J. M. B. - gen mdse
Merritt, John H. - miner
Meserve, Wm. N.
Meyer, Albert A.
Meyer, John - laborer
Meyer, William T.
Miller, George W. - miner
Miller, P. - Sailor Mining Co.
Mills, Henry - laborer
Montpelier Water Co. - J. Hughes  superintendent
Moody, L. M. - Four Hills Quartz Mining Co. res San Francisco
Mort, David - miner
Moser, Abraham - Big Boom Mining Co.
Moser, H. - Big Boom Mining Co.
Monte Cristo Saloon - J. S. Wiggins proprietor
Morrow, James - clerk with Spaulding Mowry & Co.
Morse, Robert W. - watchmaker with H. H. Purdy
Morse, W. A. - miner
Mount Holly Mining Co. - A. Cameron & others
Mountain Messenger - weekly, Vaughn & Downer publishers
Mowry, Louis - Spaulding, Mowry & Co.
Murphy, Andrew L.
Myer, William - miner
Nessler, Lorentz - brewer
Newhause, J. D. - miner
Nolan, David - miner
Nolan, John - laborer
Nolan, Wm. D. - blacksmith
Noland, David L. - laborer
Noland, John H. - hostler with M. H. Mead
O'Donald, William - miner
Olsen, John - swamper China Flat Saw Mill
Orear, Horace W. - clerk with J. W. Orear
Orear, John W. - guns, books, & varieties, agent Wells, Fargo & Co. &  Western Union Tel Co.
Oro, Quartz Mining Co. - 1/2 mile S. Downieville
Osgood, L. H. - Attorney at law
Owens, Wm. - teamster China Flat Saw Mill
Palmer, Thomas F. - miner
Parent, George
Parkman, Henry - Bald Mountain Mining Co.
Patrick, Washington - farmer
Patterson, James - miner
Pauling, Thomas
Pauly, Benjamin - sawmill
Peckwith, John - miner
Peirina, Joseph
Pianezzi, James - farmer
Pianezzi, Joseph - groceries, liquors, hotel, China Flat
Pichoir, Henry - Bald Mountain Mining Co., res San Francisco
Pike, James M.
Plummer, Warren
Portman, Joseph - miner
Postmaster - William Ryan
Powers, J. F. - deputy Sheriff & Tax  Collector
Prevost, Jean
Pride, Baruch - miner
Pritchard, Thomas L. - farmer
Purdy, H. H. - jeweler
Quinn, Joseph - laborer China Flat Saw Mill
Ramsey, Lewis
Rankin, James A.
Reed, Jesse C.
Reed, Joseph P.
Reistra, Jose - miner
Ribaut, August - miner
Richards, Laurent M.
Roberts, John C. - farmer
Rocco, John
Rodgers, J. R. - blacksmith
Rollinson, T. H. - teacher music
Rosasco, Angelo - Rosasco Bros. & Co.
Rosasco Bros. & Co. - fire wood dealers
Rosasco, Carlo - laborer
Rosasco, Daneri - Rosasco Bros. & Co.
Rosasco, John - Rosasco Bros. & Co.
Rosco, Richard H. - miner
Rule, Edward
Russell, Alva - miner
Ryan, William - postmaster, conveyancer, notary public
Sailor Mining Co. - Lind & Miller  proprietors, O'Donald's Flat
Sanders, Geo. - teamster China Flat Saw Mill
Scamman, Henry - banker
Schmidt, Ferdinand
Scott, John - County Treasurer, cigars, tabacco
Scott, Philip
Seiler, Cyriak - miner
Seiler, John - miner
Shafer,, S. W. - Big Boom Mining Co.
Shaughnessy, William - teamster China Flat Saw Mill
Sheehan, James - farmer
Shelly, Thomas P. - miner
Sheridan, James - miner
Shirley, Blackwell J. - miner
Shirley, John - miner
Sierra Brewery saloon - J. A. Blohm  proprietor
Sierra Iron Mining Co. - Gold Valley Mining District
Sierra County Tribune - weekly, Calkins & Sweetmon publishers
Sierra Turnpike Co. - Peter Yore pres., proprietors  road & bridges to Camptonville, Yuba Co.
Simon, Peter
Smith, C. C. - druggist, Coroner, Public Administrator
Smith, James T.
Smith, Stanley A. - District Attorney Sierra Co.
Smith, Thomas K. L.
Snodgrass, John H. - miner
Soward, F. D. - Gale & Soward
Spaulding, Henry - Spaulding, Mowry & Co., mining
Spaulding, Mowry & Co. - groceries, provisions, mining supplies
Squire, H. H. - manager St. Charles Hotel
St. Charles Hotel - Mrs. F. A. Eschelback  proprietor
Stackus, John - furniture, sewing machines
Stackus, Theodore M. - furniture
Steel, G. W. - miner
Steel, T. W. - miner
Steel, W. H. - miner
Steelman, Henry
Stewart, James H. - saloon
Stoddard, Nellie - widow
Strange, George D. - carpenter
Strange, Harry - County Clerk, Auditor, Recorder
Strowbridge, Ed. - miner
Stumpf, Jacob - drayman
Sweetmon, Robert H. - Calkins & Sweetmon
Sweetwater Mining Co. - Costa & Watson  proprietors, 3 miles north of Downieville
Taylor, James - Taylor & Forbes
Taylor & Forbes -  proprietors Downieville Foundry
Tewes, Henry C.
Thatcher, Isaac - miner
Thatcher, J. W. - miner
Thatcher, Lyman - miner
Thatcher, Peter - miner
Thomson, James - miner
Thorp, Thomas F.
Tomas, Antonio - miner
Towle, William M.
Treta, C. L. - painter
Turner, Orrin W.
Tym, Samuel - laborer
Uncas Quartz Mine - H. Wilcox  proprietor, Hog Canon, 12 miles northeast of Downieville
VanAlstine, Ed. Mrs.
VanClief, H. A. Mrs. -  proprietor American Hill Quartz Mine
VanCleif, Peter - (Van Clief & Wehe)
Vancleif & Wehe - Attorneys at law
VanGleason, H. - photographer
Vaughn, Jerome A. - Vaughn & Downer, insurance agent
Vaughn & Downer - publishers Mountain Messenger
Vicovich, Nicholas
Vollmar, Cyrus D. - laborer
Vollmar, E. B. - laborer
Vollmar, Joseph - mason
Wallis, Alfred - miner
Wallis, H. W. -  superintendent Bald Mountain Mining Co.
Wannemacher, Peter - miner
Ward, James
Ware, Theodore
Warden, O. J. - miner
Watson, Wm. S. - Costa & Watson
Webster, Thomas D. - miner
Weedon, Daniel
Wehe, F. R. - Van Clief & Wehe, notary public
Wehlen, John S. - miner
Wells, Fargo & Co. - J. W. Orear agent
Welsh, Marshall B.
Western Union Telegraph Co. - J. W. Orear agent
Weussner, John - brewer with Ferdinand Bosch
Whitney, D. L. - proprietor Whitney's Saw Mill, China Flat, 5 miles east of Downieville
Whitney's Saw Mill - D. L. Whitney  proprietor, China Flat, 5 miles east of Downieville
Wiggins, J. S. -  proprietor Monte Cristo Saloon
Wiebourn, William - miner
Wilcox, H. -  proprietor Uncas Mine, Hog Canon
Williams, David D. - saloon
Williams, George - mailcarrier
Williams, Isaiah - barbershop, baths
Williams, Owen
Williams, Thomas - miner
Winters, Henry
Wisconsin Gold Mining Co. - P. Grant agent, 1 mile northwest of Forest City
Wolford, Eli H.
Wolford, George
Woodford, Charles - miner
Woodland, John - speculator
Wright, Jonathan
Wright, Marion
Yore, John J. - manager Sierra Turnpike Co.
Yore, Peter - president Sierra Turnpike Co.
York, Alonzo A. - drayman
York, Jerome B. - miner
York, Sidney M. - wood dealer
York, W. W. - miner
Yothers, Archie - teamster China Flat Saw Mill
Zweifel, Henry J. - bartender with J. A. Blohm

EMPIRE FLAT (See Table Rock)

EMPIRE RANCH (See Downieville)

ETTA (See also Sierra Valley)
A small post office town, situated in Sierra Valley, and one mile distant from the town of Sierra Valley.  Although practically forming one business community with Sierra Valley, Etta has, in proportion to its population, the largest share of the manufacturing interests of the locality, including within its limits a large furniture factory, a planing mill and wagon factory.  These industries are noted also under the head of Sierra Valley.

Berry, Seth - laborer
Billick, Albert - cabinetmaker
Blatchley, William L. -  proprietor Etta Wagon Factory & blacksmith shop
Blinman, Frederick - clerk
Brown, E. A. Mrs. - widow
Brown, Edgar W. - laborer
Brown, M. A. - farmer
Buxton, George Q. -  proprietor Randolph Hotel & Truckee & Sierraville Stage Line 140 acres
Case E. L. - school teacher
Cody, Benjamin F. - saloonkeeper, for the poorest cigars & worst whiskey in Etta give him a call
Curtis, Timothy - laborer
Davidson, James - logger
Davis, Charles H. - laborer
Davis, Stewart - farmer
Davis, Thornton - farmer
Deeble, Charles L. - farmer
Deeble, Charles - farmer 160 acres
Dolley, Linus -  proprietor Etta Gen Mdse House, acting Postmaster
Dolly, Rolla E. - lumberman
Etta Boot, Shoe, & Harness Shop - Henry Northrop proprietor
Etta Furniture Factory - T. M. Stackus proprietor
Etta General Merchandise House - Linus Dolley proprietor
Etta Planing Mills - William B. Rawdon  proprietor
Etta Wagon Factory & Blacksmith Shop - William L. Blatchley proprietor
Hamlen, Edward H. - farmer
Hilbrook, Charles Rev.
Himes, Henry - farmer
Johnson, Charles D. - lumberman
Johnson, Niles P. - farmer
Joy, A. C. - laborer
Linman, Frederick - clerk with L. Dolley
McConn, Owen - hostler
McKellar, Warren - laborer
Northrop, Henry -  proprietor Etta Boot, Shoe, & Harness Shop
Oldham, James - stage driver
Olson, Peter - laborer
Peterson, A. B. - farmer 80 acres
Peterson, Isaac - laborer
Postmaster - L. Dolley
Pratt, Edward - laborer
Randolph Hotel - George Q. Buxton proprietor
Rawdon, William B. - proprietor Etta Planing Mills 314 acres
Shannon, John - teamster
Stackus, T. M. -  proprietor Etta Furniture Factory
Thomas, Lucian - laborer
Treasure, Benjamin  - laborer
Treasure, Dinah - widow
Treasure, John - laborer
Truckee & Sierraville Stage Line - G. Q. Buxton proprietor

EUREKA (See Fir Cap)

FIR CAP (Formerly Eureka)
A mining camp with post office, situated in the northern part of the county, in the Fir Cap Mountains.  It was formerly known as Eureka, the name being changed to prevent confusion with Eureka Mills in Plumas county.  The principal mine, that of the Monte Cristo Mining Company, employs from twenty-five to forty men and is fairly productive.  is connected by wagon road with Downieville.

Alexander, J. R. - miner
Blake, Fred - miner
Boley, John - miner
Brennan, John F. - miner
Brennan, T. - miner
Brooks, Charles - miner
Cooper, Charles D.
Cold Spring Mining Co. - Monte Cristo
Crooks, James B. - miner
Cruchshanks, J. C. - miner
Davidson, John - hotel
Davidson, Robert M. - miner
Folsom, Benjamin F. - miner
Frank, William  - miner
Garcer, Martin - miner
Hardy, John W. - miner
Julien, Thomas J. - gen mdse, Postmaster
Lang, Joseph - miner
Lewis, Jacob - miner
Lewis, William  - miner
Lomond, Basalt - miner
Lomond, Benjamin  - miner
Lubke, August - miner
McIntyre, E. - miner
McHahon, Ed. - miner
Miller, Jacob F. - miner
Monte Cristo Mining Co. - Wolf, Robinson & Doray proprietors
Morens, Nicholas - miner
Morse, William A. - miner
Mort, David - miner
O'Brien, John - miner
Park, Earl M. - miner
Peckwith, John - miner
Polly, Elnathan N. - miner
Polley, John B. - miner
Postmaster - Thomas J. Julian
Richards, David - miner
Shanks, Henry - miner
Spanciel, Charles  - miner
Thomas, J. H. - miner
Thomas, Owen - miner
Tregaskis, Edward - miner
Vacovich, Peter - miner
Wolf, Jackson W. - hotel

This town, having post, express and telegraph offices, is situated four miles from Mountain House, the nearest point on the Downieville and Nevada City stage road, with which point it has stage connection twice a day.  Forest City is thirteen miles from Downieville by wagon road, via mountain House, but only seven miles by a clearly defined trail across the mountains.  At Forest City and in the neighborhood extensive mining is carried by a system of tunneling.  At the Rainbow Mine about fifty men are employed.  The Bald Mountain Mine and The Bald Mountain Extension (the latter is also working the South Fork claim) are very productive.  Together they constantly employ about ninety men.  The Bald Mountain Mine has been worked eleven years, over eight thousand feet of tunneling resulting therefrom.  The tunnel has a heavy grade up to its mouth, and the only locomotive (a powerful engine) used for such a purpose in the world has been brought into requisition to haul out loaded cars.  It will haul a train of thirty-five cars laden two tons each.  The production of the mine since its opening is placed at $2,200,000 and $1,200,000 has been divided among its owners.  The South Fork Mine (leased to the Bald Mountain Extension Company) has produced $100,000 in a year.  The Bald Mountain Extension has five thousand eight hundred and fifty feet of tunneling, has produced over $200,000.  It has forty men employed.  The Ruby Gold Gravel Mine has three thousand feet of tunneling, and employs forty men.  This district is undoubtedly rich in minerals and comparatively undeveloped.  Some fine prospects are in view, and every experience proves that capital judiciously invested here returns big interest.  Forest City has recently been devastated by fire, but is being rapidly rebuilt.  The population at present is about six hundred and fifty.  A short time since Alleghany, lying upon the opposite side of the ridge, has a subterranean connection with Forest City by the various tunnels worked from both sides--these are now closed.  Good hotel accommodations for visitors can be found at the Forest House.

Aird, George - miner
Akers, C. D. - miner
Anderson, William H. - miner
Andrews, George - miner
Archambault, Urgel - miner
Armstrong, John - miner
Bald Mountain Extension Mining Co. - Walter Lawry  superintendent
Bald Mountain Mining Co. - James McGregor secretary
Bayles, Watson -  proprietor Forest City Livery Stable, mail & express stage line from Mountain
    House to Forest City & Alleghany
Blackmore, Samuel - miner
Bopps, Casper - miner
Borie, Joseph - miner
Bradbury, Bert - butcher with Geo. Miller
Bradbury,  Hart - miner
Bradbury, Horace M. - miner
Bradbury, Wilbert - butcher
Brady, Robert - miner
Braun, Ernest - miner
Britton, Joseph - clerk Forest Hotel
Brown, F. - miner
Buhl, Christian - farmer 160 acres
Buzan, Robert C. - miner
Buzzell, Anson - miner
Cadman, Emanuel - miner
Cadman, Noah - miner
Cameron, James W. - carpenter
Campbell, Francis H. - teamster
Campion, James E. - bootmaker
Chavalley, Aime - miner
Church, Philip - miner
Colby, Wm. - speculator
Coleman, John -  superintendent
Cooper, Frank - farmer
Costello, Gabriel - miner
Cox, John V. K. - miner
Cunningham, James - miner
Curnow, Thomas - barber shop, baths
Culbert, Wm. - Redmond & Culbert
Daly, Robert - miner
Daniels, F. H. - shoemaker
Daver, Daniel - miner
Davis, Thomas - miner
Derickson, Benjamin F.
Devers, Daniel - miner
Dierstein, William
Downieville Brewery Depot - Charles Spanseil manager
Dudley, Tyler - miner
Edmonds, Philip - miner
Edmonds, Thomas - miner
Edwards, Thomas E. - miner
Edwards, T. M. Jr. - miner
Ellis, Thomas - miner
Feezzey, Wm. - miner
Fezzie, Thomas  - miner
Fezzie, Wm. - miner
Finane, Daniel - miner
Finane, Dennis - miner
Finane, Simon - teamster  - Bald Mountain Extension Mine
Fir Cap East - P. Grant owner, 2500 ft. Gravel Mine, Fir Cap Mts.
Fish, George - miner
Fish, Henry - miner
Fitzgerald, Thomas  - miner
Flaherty, Patrick - miner
Fore, Wm. H.
Forest House - McNaughton & Henderson  proprietors
Fortier, Louic C. - farmer
Fowler, Henry - miner
Frarnheim, John H.
Fuller, Orin - miner
Fuller, Theodore - blacksmith
Funk, Louis - miner
Funk, Luderig - miner
Garner, Hugh - miner
Garner, Wm. H. - miner
Gihocimi, Benidetti - miner
Gillegan, Michael J. - miner
Graf, Charles - farmer
Grandpre, Henry - miner
Grant, Henry - dry goods, clothing, notions, boots, & shoes
Grant, P. - clerk with Henry Grant,  proprietor Fir Cap East
Gregg, John
Hale, Oliver - miner
Hammond, Samuel X. - miner
Harp, Erastus M. - miner
Hartling, Henry - bartender with John T. West
Haskins, James W. - carpenter
Haskins, Wm. - carpenter
Heintzen, Charles - Heintzen & Miller
Heintzen & Miller - gen mdse agents Wells, Fargo & Co.
Henderson, John H. - McNaughton & Henderson
Higgins, Thomas
Hilgemann, Charles  - laborer
Hilgerman, Henrich - miner
Honald, Hermann - carpenter
Hosner, Charles  - milk peddler
Hughes, Charles A. - miner
Irwin, Leonard - miner
Johns, Evan - miner
Johns, John - miner
Johnson, Joel M. - miner
Johnston, James Y. - night foreman Bald Mountain Mining Co.
Jones, John O. - miner
Kaiser, Frederick W. - school teacher
Kaller, Phillip - miner
Kelleghan, Lawrenence - miner
Kelleghan, Patrick - miner
Kenn, Alexander - miner
Kent, Wm. M. - miner
Klingberg, Thomas  - miner
Knapp, Eli C. - miner
LaBonte F. X. - variety store
Lamey, J.  - miner
Lampman, N. A. - farmer
Larichalier, Henry - miner
Lawry, Walter -  superintendent Bald Mountain Extension Mining Co.
Lawry, Wm. - teamster Bald Mountain Extension Mining Co.
Lee, John B. - miner
Lewis, Benjamin B. - miner
Link, Godfrey - miner
LeBoufe, Frank - miner
Mack, J. S. Mrs. - widow
Magness, Walter - farmer 160 acres
Maloney, Maurice
Mason, August - miner
McCormick, Elisha - miner
McCormick, J. V. Mrs - widow
McGregor, James - secretary Bald Mountain Mining Co.
McIntyre, Hugh - brakeman Bald Mountain Mining Co.
McKenzie, Hector D. - miner
McNaughton, Alexander - miner
McNaughton, Donald - locomotive engineer Bald Mountain Mining Co.
McNaughton, James - McNaughton & Henderson
McNaughton & Henderson -  proprietors Forest House
McQuarrie Wm. - miner
MeeHan, Martin - miner
Meiley, E. A. - president South Fork Mining Co.
Miller, E. Mrs. - widow
Miller, George - butcher
Morris, Thomas  - miner
Morrow, Thomas B. - miner
Mott, Robert - night foreman Bald Mountain Extension Mining Co.
Mulligan, Andrew - miner
Murphy, Wm. - miner
Nelson, Andrew - miner
Nelson, James - saw mill owner
Newhouse, James  - miner
North Fork Mining Co. - Oregon Creek, 1/4 mi. N. of Forest City
O'Donnell, Michael  - miner
Parkman, Wm. H. - president Bald Mountain Co.
Patrick, R. W. - telegraph operator, clerk R. S. Weston
Pearson, John - hostler with Watson Bayles
Pearson, Joseph - miner
Pelon, August - miner
Perkins, George W. - secretary South Fork Mining Co.
Perry, Ebenezer P. - miner
Phillips, John - blacksmith
Phillips, John W. - blacksmith with John Phillips
Phillips, Wm.  - blacksmith
Phillips, Wm. Jr. - blacksmith
Pichoir, Henry - treasurer Bald Mountain Mining Co. res San Francisco
Pilon, Edwin - miner
Postmaster - R. S. Weston
Prescott, David - miner
Prescott, Leroy - miner
Pritchard, O. J. - miner
Prosser, John - miner
Rader, Pierce - engineer Bald Mountain Mining Co.
Rathburn, Charles E. - teamster
Raymond, Daniel - miner
Raymond, Henry A. - miner
Reardon, Jeremiah - miner
Redding, Cornelius - miner
Redding, Frank S. - teamster Bald Mountain Extension Mining Co.
Redmond & Culbert -  proprietors Antelope Saloon
Redmond, H. J. - Redmond & Culbert, deputy Sheriff
Reed, Henry  - miner
Reese, Wm. - miner
Reid, Wm. G. - teamster
Reilly, James D. - miner
Rice, Joseph - miner
Riley, P. H. - miner
Ritchie, George - miner
Robinson, John - blacksmith
Roland, Wm. - miner
Rowlands, Trevor - miner
Rowlands, Wm. - miner
Ruby Gold Gravel Mining Co. - John Coleman  superintendent
Russell, Jedediah H. - miner
Russell, Peter - miner
Ryan, Michael  - laborer
Sanford, Ed. - miner
Sampson, Wm. - miner
Saul, James  - miner
Savage Mining Co. - 2 1/2 mi W. of Middle Waters
Scalon, Vincent - clerk with Heintzen & Miller
Schaffer, Oliver - lumberman, County Supervisor
Seitze, F. W. - dry goods, gen mdse
Sheehan, Daniel W. - miner
Sheeman, Lawrence  - miner
Shepherd, George H. - school teacher
Simon, Andrew - miner
Slattery, John L. - miner
Smith, William R. - hostler with Watson Bayles
South Fork Mine - Walter Lawry  superintendent
Spanseil, Charles - manager Downieville Brewery Depot
Spaulding, Elias - civil engineer
Squires, Joseph  - blacksmith
Stafford, John - miner
Stephenson, Just F. - miner
Strand, Alexander - miner
Sullivan, John J. - miner
Tadman, M. - miner
Thomas, David H. - miner
Thomas, John - laborer
Trelour, Benjamin  - miner
Uren, John - miner
Urmstrom, Davenport - miner
VanDoren, Louis - miner
Vanzant, Amos - miner
VonHagen,  August - miner
VonHagen, John - miner
Veal, Thomas  - miner
Wagner, Conrad - tailor
Wallis, H. W. - Joint State Senator 24th District, superintendent Bald Mountain Mining Co.
Walsh, John - miner
Wasley, H. M. - miner
Way, Patrick H. - miner
Way, William  - laborer
Wayland, W. A. - cigars, tabacco, varieties
West, John T. - West & Clout, Alleghany, Forest Saloon,   proprietor Public Hall
Weston, R. S. - Justice of the Peace, notary public, Postmaster, telegraph office, druggist, etc.
Whitmarsh, E. F. - shoemaker
Williams, Daniel - miner
Williams, John - laborer
Williams, Thomas  - blacksmith
Williams, Wm. - miner
Wisconsin Gold Mining Co. - 1 mi NW of Forest City
Wolsey, Matthew - miner
Wylie, Michael G. - miner
York, Andrew J. - miner

A mining town of some considerable note, in the extreme northern part of the county, lying on the La Porte and Quincy wagon road, twenty-seven miles from Quincy, seven miles from La Porte, and seventy miles from Marysville.  It is situated on the line of the ancient gold bearing river channel, which was at one time overflowed by lava, and is the first town below the deep lava cap, where gravel is in sight from top to bottom.  For over twenty-five years this locality has been the scene of uniformly successful prospecting, many fortunes having been realized, and the yield has, as yet, scarcely tapped the original sources.  The town has the usual business accommodations of its class, a good hotel, and is the location of some fifteen or twenty mining companies, has post and express offices, and is in the enjoyment of a fair degree of prosperity.  The population is somewhat over three hundred.

Amann, Frank - miner
Barrett, Michael  - miner
Boland, Daniel - groceries
Boston Tailing Co. - P. & M. O'Donald
Brassel, Jacob - brewery
Brinckmeyer, Henry  - miner
Brindle, Henry J. - miner
Carmichal, Andrew - Kenney & Carmichal
Cook, Antro - hotel keeper
Corbett, Andrew - miner
Corbett, David -  proprietor West Hotel
Cosker, James  - miner
Costello, James  - miner  20 acres
Davis, George O. - timberman
DeNoon, J. P. - mine owner
Delahanty, Ellen Miss - school teacher
Delahanty, Thomas  - teamster
DeSpalatrovich, Mateo F. G. - miner
Diana Mining Co. - Horace Tabar proprietor
Doherty, Daniel - miner
Donahue, Dennis S. - miner
Dubois, Leon - miner
Dunn, Hugh - blacksmith
Emerton, Jacob P. - miner
Forbes, Hector - foreman Redding Mine
Forbes, Peter A. - foreman Union Mine
Fraser, Philip - miner
Frazier, David - miner
Gardner, Jonathan W. - miner
Gee, Moses T. - teamster
Gibsonville Lodge # 158 - F. & A. M., Elias G. Squier secretary
Gibsonville Livery & Feed Stables - Charles R. Spencer proprietor
Gibsonville Saloon - Jacob S. Gould proprietor
Gibsonville Water & Nevada Mining Co. - F. A. Gourlay  superintendent
Goahead Mining Co. - Clough, Lowell & Co.  proprietors
Gould, Jacob S. - saloon
Gourley, F. A. - mine superintendent
Gunther, George - woodchopper
Haffey, John - miner
Haines, John - miner
Hall, John - miner
Hall, Lemon - contractor
Halloway, Thomas  - shoemaker
Hamm, Louis - miner
Harrington, George D. - miner
Hemmann, Frederick - miner
Hennelbery, Thomas - miner
Hersem, Andrew - hotel keeper
Hewitt, Henry - miner
Holway, Thomas F. - shoemaker
Jeffries, Jacob - miner
Judge, Timothy - miner
Judkins, Silas - Union Mine
Kahrs, Gerhard - Union Mine
Kealy, John - miner
Kenney & Carmichal - meat market
Kenney, John - Kenney & Carmichal
Kunder, George M. - timberman
Kiefer, John N. - miner
Lang, Wm. T. - miner
Lawrence, Thomas F. - T. F. Lawrence Co.
Lawrence T. F. & Co. - miners
Lemmond, A. J. - boarding
Long, James - miner
Lowell, J. M. - mining  superintendent
Madden, John - carpenter
McCormack, Sol. - miner
McGrow, James - miner
McKinzie, Roderick - miner
McMartin, F. A. - Last Chance Mine 160 acres
McQuesten, C. O. - North American Mine
Meikle, Lorenzo - bookkeeper with Wolten & Bro.
Michigan Mining Co. - Lowell & Clough  proprietors
Mike, Antone - miner
Nave, Soloman - contractor
Niagara Consolidated Gold Mining Co. - Miles Schofield superintendent, Hepsidam
O'Donald, M. - Boston Tailing Co.
O'Donald, Patrick - Boston Tailing Co.
Onion Valley Hotel - A. Hersem proprietor
Ophir Mine - Wood & Williams  proprietors
Overstreet, C. E. - miner
Overstreet, Louis - miner
Perry, John - miner
Peterson, Andrew - miner
Pilot Peak Lodge #91 - I.O.O.F., J. Wilsdorf secretary
Plockberger, Henry M.
Postmaster - Geo. Wolters
Potter, William R.
Quigley, Louis T. - mail carrier
Rees, William -  superintendent Washington Hill Mine
Ross, Alexander - miner
Salter, Charles  - miner
Salter, Fred. - miner
Schofield, Mark - miner
Schofield, Miles -  superintendent Niagar Con. Gold Mining Co.
Second Ravine Mining Co. - E. G. & E. Squier proprietors
Sherman, Samuel S. - miner
Sinnott, Richard J. - school teacher
Smith, George - miner
Smith, William  - laborer
Spencer, C. R. - livery stable
Spooner, George P. - miner
Squier, Elias G. - E. G. & E. Squier, blacksmith, teacher music
Squier, Eliekim - E. G. & E. Squier
Squier, E. G. & E -  proprietors Second Ravine Mining Co.
Squier, Eugene - miner
Squier, Herman G. - teamster
Squier, Lichen - miner
Sutherland, Rod. - miner
Taber, Horace - proprietor Diana Mining Co.
Taber, Leonard H. - miner
Taber, M. C. Mrs.
Third Ravine Tailing Co. - Lowell & Kahrs proprietors
Thomas, D. R. - T. F. Lawrence & Co.
Thomas, W. B. - mine foreman
Thorn, Wm. D. - teamster
Tinnott, R. J. - clerk Wolters & Bro.
Union Consolidated Mining Co. - G. Kahn & Co. proprietors
Washington Hill Mine - Wm. Rees  superintendent
Webster, Daniel O. - ditch agent Nevada Mine
Wehrle, Joseph - miner
Western Hotel - David Corbett proprietor
Western Star Council #48 - O.C.F.
Williams, Dennis - Wood & Williams
Williams, John - laborer
Wilsdorf, J.
Winchell, Guerdon - Justice of the Peace, deputy Assessor
Wolters,  C. J. - Wolters & Bro.
Wolters & Bro. - gen mdse, post office, agents Wells, Fargo & Co.
Wolters, George - Wolters & Bro.
Wood & Williams -  proprietors Ophir Mine
Wood, Wm. W.  - Wood & Williams

GOLD LAKE (See Sierra City)

This is a post office town, situated on the Downieville road, four miles southwest of the county seat.  It has a school house, an extensive general store, two boarding houses and a saw mill.  The saw mill has already a capacity of six thousand feet per day, and its enlargement is in contemplation.  Considerable mining is done in the neighborhood, and like most of the towns of the county, is dependent upon this industry.  Population about two hundred and fifty.

Ackerly, O. F. - gen mdse, Postmaster
Adams, John - Exchange Mining Co.
Bachels, Paul - miner
Balch, H. - miner
Beaty, Michael  - stockman
Biber, Francis M. - physican,  miner
Bonney Fred. - miner
Bouther, Victor - miner
Burgess, W. H. - Justice of the Peace
Burns, Charles  - miner
Carlson, John - miner
Casserly, John D. - miner
Cowley, Daniel - fruit raiser
Crook, J. B. - miner
Cullet, Julian - miner
Delcert, Francois - miner
Duncan, George - miner
Exchange Mining Co. - Thomas & Adams proprietors
Fluke, Christina Mrs. - hotel
Fluke, J. Mrs. - widow
Grantgas, Andreas - farmer
Haible, Christ - farmer
Harris, James  - miner
Helmet, Jacob - miner
Hobby, David - fruit raiser
Holland, John - miner
Johnson, James M. - miner
Kelly, C. L. - miner
Kennedy, H. H. - farmer
King, T. R. Mrs. - school teacher
Knauf, Peter - miner
Kuder, John P. - miner
Lahrman, Fred. H. - miner
Lahrman, Henry  - miner
Malone, Edward - miner
McLaughlin, Wm. - miner
Moran, Frank - farmer
Owens, David W. - miner, farmer
Owens, J. R. - miner
Owens, Mary Mrs. - farmer 160 acres
Owens, W. B. - miner
Patneau, Joseph - miner
Pearson, John - miner
Pearson, Charles  - miner
Pearson, Wm. - fruit raiser
Polly, John B. - miner
Postmaster - O. F. Ackerly
Puchta, Fred. - fruit raiser
Schriber, John - Stewart & Schriber
Sherod, James  - miner
Stewart, Samuel C. - Stewart & Schriber
Stewart & Schriber - manufacturers & dealers in lumber,  proprietors saw mill, mining
Sunderhause, John - hotel
Thomas, Henry - Exchange Mining Co.
Webster, D. - miner
Webster, Thomas R. - miner
Young, George - deputy Assessor

GREENWOOD (See St. Louis)

HEPSIDAM (See Gibsonville)

HOPKINS' CREEK (See Gibsonville)

HOT SPRINGS (See Rocky Point)

HOWLAND'S FLAT (See Table Rock)

Post Office at Camptonville, Yuba Co.

Bliss, C. W.
Bliss, R. H.
Bornstein, Samuel
Boyer, Austin
Brennan, J. T.
Davis, Benjamin
Dulcert, Francisco
Erwin, William L.
Flagg, Mary E.
Hardy, Nora Miss - school teacher
Jackson, Thomas
Joubert & Brosseau
Ketchum, Edward D.
Luce & Co.
McKee, A.
Peterson, George
Quorilla, Peter
Quorilla, Pendola & Co.
Rolings, Sarah R.
Walker, J. S.

JIM CROW (See Downieville)

KANAKA CREEK (See Alleghany)

LOGANVILLE (See Sierra City)

A post office town, situated in the northern end of the Sierra Valley, near the Plumas County line.  It is fourteen miles distant from the town of Sierra Valley, with which town it is connected by a good wagon road-a stage line running regularly between the two points.  It possesses two hotels, two general stores and other minor business establishments.  It is one of the three principal points in the valley, and derives its support entirely from the fine farming country with which it is surrounded.  Population, eight-five.

Alby, Otis - blacksmith, wagonmaker
Anderson, Wm. - laborer
Bacon, E. W. - agent estate of C. O. Sturgeon, 400 acres
Badnoch, James F. - farmer 66 acres
Battelle, Thornton F. - Postmaster, surveyor, notary public, clerk J. Enscoe
Beach, John F. - miner
Browning, S. M. - bartender Keyes' Hotel
Burton, Beverly B. - laborer
Callahan, Ellen - farmer 480 acres
Cambron, Ed. - farmer 200 acres
Caufield, J. H. - farmer
Chamberlain, Reuben - saloon, blacksmith
Christie, J. A. - farmer
Church, Obadiah S. - school teacher
Clymer, Lewis L. - teamster
Cobb, Thomas  - farmer 160 acres
Collins, Wm. S. - clerk with D. B. Keyes
Connelly, Patrick - farmer 760 acres
Cramer, Edward - farmer
Cramer, George W. - farmer
Dooley, Jeremiah - farmer 160 acres
Doray, M. - laborer  100 acres
Ebe, Daniel - teamster, farmer 295 acres
Ebe, Joseph M. - laborer
Echus, J. B. - farmer 160 acres
Ede, Abraham - farmer
Ede, Hampton - farmer
Ede, Walter - farmer
Enscoe, Joseph - gen mdse, hotel 200 acres
Enscoe, Joseph R. - clerk with J. Enscoe
Fagg, Joseph D. - speculator  160 acres
Flint, A. J. - farmer 280 acres
Flynn, Margaret Mrs. - nurse 560 acres
Freeman, J. A. - farmer 680 acres
Gloster, D. K. - farmer 320 acres
Gloster, Daniel M. - farmer 520 acres
Hamlin, Ross G. - farmer 400 acres
Hodges, John - Attorney at law
Horten, Louis E. - farmer
Horten, W. T. - farmer 160 acres
Horton, Charles E. - farmer
Houck, O. C. - farmer
Howk, Corel - farmer
Hutchins, Frederick - physican & surgeon
Johnson, C. W. - merchant
Jones, Elizabeth - farmer 240 acres
Jones, Griffith - farmer 320 acres
Kelly, D. P. - laborer
Kelly, Joseph D. - blacksmith
Kelly, William  - farmer
Keyes, David B. - merchant, hotel keeper, farmer 250 acres
Langley, Joel - farmer 160 acres
Laughton, Benjamin F. - laborer
Lewis, Hiram - farmer 360 acres
Lewis, Spurgeon W. - farmer
Loyalton & Summit Stage Line - A. F. Turner  proprietor
Loyalton Market - Albert F. Turner proprietor
Madden, R. Mrs. - farmer 320 acres
Matthews, Thomas B. - farmer
May, Joseph D. - farmer
McEvers, Edwards Rev. - pastor M. E. Church
McKenzie, William - mill owner, lumberman
McMackin, J. - laborer
Meaker, Thomas M. - farmer 180 acres
Methodist Episcopal Church - Rev. E. McEvers pastor
Nelson, David - blacksmith with J. D. Kelly
Olin, J. D. - farmer
Parker, Silas B. - farmer
Parker, W. S. - farmer 160 acres
Patterson, D. P. - farmer 480 acres
Postmaster - Thornton F. Battelle
Raine, William S. - farmer
Rains, G. W. - farmer
Rains, J. S. - farmer 160 acres
Robbins, H. P. - farmer 320 acres
Robinson, H. H. - farmer 320 acres
Rosecrans, C. C. - farmer
Rosecrans, L. - farmer 200 acres
Rouston, J. R. - administrator estate of P. P. Rouston
Rowell, Alonzo - farmer 320 acres
Russell, David - farmer 160 acres
Schroder, John - farmer
Schroder, S. - farmer 360 acres
Schroeder, Wm. A. - laborer
Simms, J. H. - farmer 370 acres
Sitz, John L. - laborer
Sitz, Rudolph - laborer
Turner, Ablert F. -  proprietor Loyalton Market & Loyalton and Summit Stage Line
VanAiken, Orrin - farmer
West, Thomas F. - farmer 440 acres
Western, Isaac - farmer 160 acres
White, Nellie Miss - school teacher
White, William - farmer 160 acres
Witt, William - farmer
Young, John - farmer 400 acres

MINNESOTA (See Alleghany)

MONTE CRISTO (See Downieville)

MORRISTOWN (See Downieville)

This town has a post and telegraph office, and is situated on the Downieville and Nevada City road, nine miles southwest of the county seat.  It possesses a hotel a saw mill.  The elevation is about 5,000 feet, and there are accommodations for summer sojourners at the hotel.  Good hunting and trout fishing in the vicinity.  The roads from Forest City and Downieville for Marysville and Nevada City unite at this point.

Armstrong, Jackson - miner
Baker, M. C. - gardener, wood contractor
Brush Creek Mill & Mining Co. - south side Mountain House
Burns, J. - woodman
Cole, D. T. - Cole & Co.,  proprietor Mountain House
Cole & Co. -  proprietors saw mill, 5 miles from Mountain House
Cole, D. T. Mrs. - postmaster
Coyle, F. - miner
Curran, John - sawyer
Dawe, J. - Screw tender
Dunshee, F. M. - miner
Dunshee, W. - miner
Elter, Samuel - timberman
Fortier, L. - laborer
Fortier, W. L. - teamster
Gale, George H. - miner
Haigle, C. - farmer
Hamlin, William F. - logger
Hamlin, W. H. - teamster
Jones, Charles F.
Keefe, P. H. - miner
King, R. T. - Cole & Co.
Lathbourne, Edward - teamster
Mollinox, J. G. - gardener
Morris, T. F. - clerk with D. T. Cole
Mountain House - D. T. Cole proprietor
Newberry, W. T. - miner
Parker, H. P. - miner
Postmaster - Mrs. D. T. Cole
Stanton, J. - hostler
Vaughn, James H. - laborer
Worthey, Alphonso C. - miner
Worthey, S. E. - miner

MT. FILLMORE (See Table Rock)

MT. PLEASANT (See Port Wine)

NEWARK (See Gibsonville)

OAK RANCH (See Downieville)

A small post office town in the southeastern part of the county, near the southern extremity of the Sierra Valley.  It has a population of about fifty, and is connected by a wagon road with Reno, Nev., from which point it receives its freight and express matter.

Ball, William - 160 acres
Becker, John - 160 acres
Bence & Wright - 209 acres
Black, Albion - 147 acres
Blair, Samuel - 120 acres
Boca Mill Co. - D. D. Whitbeck agent 5092 acres
Bragg, C. C. - agent Nevada M. & L. Co.
Burkhalter, F. - estate of  160 acres
Dean, H. A. - 35 acres
Doan, Wallace - farmer 160 acres
Elliott, Wm. -  farmer 1314 acres
Evans, David - farmer 390 acres
Evans, J. A. - farmer 160 acres
Faller, John R. - farmer 160 acres
Freeman, A. C. - farmer 636 acres
Gashler, S. F. - farmer
Hall, A. D. - farmer 160 acres
Hankin, H. C. - farmer 480 acres
Hopkins, Lorenzo - farmer 40 acres
Hodgdon, Simon
Jones, J. - farmer 160 acres
Judkins, P. - farmer 150 acres
Lapslie, John - farmer 160 acres
Laughton, S. L. - farmer 300 acres
Lemon, F. F. - farmer 510 acres
Mason, Jacob - farmer 160 acres
McGregor, Annie Miss - school teacher
McIntosh, J. D. - farmer 160 acres
McIntosh, W. A. - farmer 532 acres
Merritt, Annie - farmer 200 acres
Morey, A. J. - farmer 80 acres
Morgan, Joseph - farmer 160 acres
Nevada Mill & Lumber Co. - 676 acres, C. C. Bragg agent
Pollock, John - farmer 160 acres
Purdy, E. J. Miss - 160 acres
Purdy, L. A. Miss -160 acres
Purdy, Solomon - farmer 640 acres
Smith, Dexter - farmer 80 acres
Smith, J. M. - farmer 320 acres
St.Clair, R. M. - farmer 160 acres
Stumpf, Jacob - farmer
Thompson, W. B. - farmer
Thompson, W. R. - farmer
Trosie, Emilio - farmer 180 acres
Truckee Lumber Co. - 4640 acres
Webster John J. - farmer 160 acres
Whitbeck, D. D. - agent Boca Mill Co., farmer

ONION VALLEY (See Gibsonville)

A mining and post office town, with a population of one hundred, situated in the northern part of the county.

Alaska Quartz Mining Co.
Alpaugh, Peter - farmer
Alpaugh, Wm. - farmer
Anderson, Alfred - farmer
Bates, Edward P. - farmer
Bond, Eliza Miss - school teacher
Bope, Martin M. - miner
Bottsford, Wash. L. - farmer
Bower, Jacob - farmer
Carpenter, George A. - farmer 80 acres
Chatfield, Solon - miner
Clerking, Phillipp - farmer 160 acres
Cordes, Diedrick - miner
Daly, Joseph - miner
DeRoza, Manuel - miner
DeYoe, Wm. A. - saloon keeper
Dick, Lewis F.
Dieter, Charles - farmer
Dieter, Gustave B. - farmer
Garcia, Manuel - miner
Goodman, Columbus - farmer
Greenbank, John W.
Greenwalt, George - miner  80 acres
Grimes, Andrew J.
Harris, A. P. - farmer 320 acres
Hay, Alfred L. - miner
Hoffman, John H. - farmer
Houghton, Robert - farmer 160 acres
Jones, Thomas W. - farmer
Ketchum, Platt - laborer
LeBlanc, Yoes - miner
Lewis, Francis - farmer
Marriott, Thomas - merchant
Miesly, Christian - farmer 160 acres
Miller, John G. - farmer
Nelson, John - saw mill
Phillips, Thomas - farmer
Porter, S. A. - farmer 80 acres
Roberts, Griffth H. - farmer
Robinson, Eliza Mrs. - tollgate keeper 160 acres
Robinson, John Jr. - blacksmith
Rose, Wm. - miner
Roza, Manuel - miner
Ryan, John H. - miner
Smith, Antone B. - miner
Smith, John D. - grocer
Spencer, Stephen - farmer
Stevenson, D. A. - hotel keeper
Sultzer, John W. - miner
Terry, John H. - miner
Wayman, George T. - miner
Wayman, Thomas - farmer 160 acres

POKER FLAT (See Table Rock)
A mining town, situated in the extreme northern part of the county.  There are in its immediate neighborhood several paying mines, and others of good promise when developed.  Population about one hundred.  It is a post office town.

Blue Gravel Mining Co. - C. Ermatinger  superintendent
Bunker Hill Mining Co. - D. Moore & Co. proprietors
Burgess, David J. - miner
Canny, John - Union Mining Co.
Cassidy, Felix
Cauney, Charles  - miner
Cauney, Cornelius - miner
Caya, Mitchell
Caya, Mitchell - Postmaster
Caya, Oliver F. - farmer
Chamberlain, Joseph  - miner
Copeland, Isaac -  superintendent S. D. Mining Co.
Cowden, Frank - proprietor Last Chance Mining Co.
Davies, John - miner
Davis, Thomas J. - miner
Davis, Shem
DeJardin, Alexander - miner
Devillars, Desire - miner
Doherty, Dennis - miner
Doherty, Owen - miner
Doray, Phillip - miner
Dumas, Shem - miner
Edwards, T. W. - miner
Erie Mining Co. - Lewis, Iseman & Co.  proprietors
Ermatinger, C. -  superintendent Blue Gravel Mining Co.
Feeny, Michael  - miner
Ferrell, Jacques - miner
Haig, William S. - miner
Harris, David - miner
Haskell, William L. - miner
Hedell, C. W. - Lucky Hill Mining Co.
Hedell, O'Neil & Miller - proprietors Lucky Hill Mining Co.
Hewitt, Henry  - miner
Highland Mary Mining Co.
Isaman, Jonathan - miner
Iseman, John - Port Wine Water Co.
Karsh, Joseph  - miner
Keenan, John - miner
Kelly, Henry  - miner
Kelly, Michael  - miner
Kelly, Patrick  - miner
Keystone Mining Co. - C. Ermatinger & Co.  proprietors
Kinman, George W. - miner
Kinman, Levi - miner
Last Chance Mining Co. - Frank Cowden  proprietor
Lewis, William  - miner
Lewis, James - Port Wine Water Co.
Liberte, O. - miner
Lloyd, John  - miner
Lloyd, John P. - miner
Lucky Hill Mining Co. - Hedell, O'Neil & Miller proprietors
McGaffigan, Charles  - miner
McLaughlin, Daniel  - miner
Miller, H. E. - Lucky Hill Mining Co.
Modglin, Prosser & Co.
Modglin, James A. - miner
Moore, David - David Moore & Co.
Moore, David & Co. -  proprietors Bunker Hill Mining Co.
Moore, Richard  - miner
Mountain Boys Mining Co. - Wm. Prosser proprietor
O'Neil, James - Lucky Hill Mining Co.
Phelps, Belle Miss - school teacher
Port Wine Water Co. - Wolff, Iseman & Lewis proprietors
Postmaster - Mitchell Caya
Prosser, Wm. - Mountain Boys Mining Co.
Prosser, William  - miner
Rudge, John - miner
Schander, John - miner
Sherman, Wm. - miner
Suffolk Drift Mining Co. - Isaac Copeland  superintendent
Swan G. W. & Co. - miners 101 acres
Tessier, Hildorique - miner
Thompson, Charles  - miner
Thompson, Thomas H. - miner
Turner, Ann Mrs. - toll bridge
Union Mining Co. - John Canny
Vaughn, Charles S. - miner
Wahoo Mining Co. - I. Copeland  superintendent
Washington Blue Gravel Mining Co. - C. Ermatinger
Washington, Beverley - miner
Western Mining Co.
Wolff, Iseman & Lewis - proprietors Port Wine Water Co.
Wolff, M. - Port Wine Water Co.

POTOSI (See Table Rock)


QUEEN CITY (See Port Wine)

RATTLESNAKE (See Downieville)


A mining camp and post office in the northern central portion of the county.

Carroll, Ann St. Clair - farmer 320 acres
Casey, Lawrence Mrs. - farmer 600 acres
Giblin, James  - farmer 680 acres
Gibson, Wm. H. - farmer 320 acres
Hubbard, Albert - farmer 320 acres
Hubbard, John E. - farmer 160 acres
Knuthsen, Jacob - farmer 720 acres
Knuthsen, John E. - farmer
Knutzen, Jacob - farmer 160 acres
McArthur, Annie Miss - school teacher
McCauley, Michael  - farmer 160 acres
McElroy, Owen - farmer 400 acres
McKinsey, William  - farmer 320 acres
McNair, James  - saw millman
McNair, John - agent Sierra Lumber Co.
McNair, Nathaniel - saw millman
Perazza, Joseph - farmer 160 acres
Rowland, F. M. - stockraiser
Soberanes, Lulu Mrs. - school teacher
Sierra Lumber Co. - John McNair agent 3280 acres
Sierra Nevada Wood & Lumber Co. - Virginia City, NV 14,122 acres
Summers, John - farmer 320 acres
Yarington, Ellen Miss - farmer 160 acres
Yarington, H. J. - farmer 280 acres

A post office and mining camp in the northern Sierra District.

Beaton, Alexander - farmer
Beaton, E. M. Mrs - farmer 160 acres
Boyle, Kate Mrs. - farmer 920 acres
Choat, F. G. - farmer 80 acres
Choat, Rufus L. - teamster
Church, A. D. - farmer 560 acres
Church, E. B. - farmer 80 acres
Church, E. E. - merchant, Postmaster
Church, Isaac S. - farmer 280 acres
Fisher, Samuel - farmer 240 acres
Fowles, R. E. - farmer 80 acres
Fowles, W. C. - laborer  80 acres
McNair, William - farmer 160 acres
Moore, Geo. - farmer 120 acres
Postmaster - E. E. Church
Toomey, John - farmer 360 acres
Turner Bros. - sawmill
Turner, H. F.  - Turner Bros., farmer 220 acres
Turner, H. K. - Turner Bros. 220 acres

A post office and mining town in the western part of the county.  It lies a little to the west of the northern Sierra group of mining camps, and, like them, is connected with the county seat only by trails.

Alley, Perez J. - C. H. Butterfield & Co.
Ariel Mining Co. - S. M. Boyce & Co. proprietors
Atkinson, Wm. E. - J. B. Sammons & Co.
Bassett, M. B. - miner
Battin, Wm. H. - sawyer
Bean, Joel - mining  superintendent
Bean, P. C. - mining  superintendent  480 acres
Boyce, Stephen M. - Boyce & Kingdom
Boyce, S. M. & Co. - Ariel Mining Co.
Boyce & Kingdom
Burgan, A. - miner
Burth, M. - Lone Star Mining Co.
Butterfield, C. H. - C. H. Butterfield & Co.
Butterfield, C. H. & Co. - gen mdse
Cleveland & Sierra Hydraulic Mining Co. -  687 acres
Cowden, Frank - Supervisor
Decker, Francis G. - teamster
Down, John - miner
Dunstone, Selina Miss - school teacher
Dwight, Hiram L. - miner
Ermatinger, Casper - farmer
Fair Play Mining Co. - E. W. & S. M. Boyce proprietors 65 acres
Full & Rowe - miners
Gibson, Joseph - hotel
Gibson, Thomas  - laborer
Gibson, Wm. W. - engineer
Grant, W. O. - blacksmith
Hamm, Moses W. - miner
Hass, Jacob - Lone Star Mining Co.
Helm, Wm. H. - miner
Hemmann, Fred. - Lone Star Mining Co.
Hosking, Richard - miner
Iowa Mining Co.
Jenkins, W. J. - blacksmith
Johnson, Wm. H. - miner
Jones, Thomas  - miner
Judson, Kingdom & Co. - miners
Kelley, Ella Miss - school teacher
Kelly, James  - miner
King, Henry  - butcher, farmer
Kingdom, Henry - Boyce & Kingdom, mining  superintendent
Kingdom, James  - miner
Kingdom, Samuel - miner
Lewis, David - miner
Lewis, Thomas  - farmer 120 acres
Lewis, Wm. - teamster
Lewis, Wm. J. - miner
Livermore, L. J. - carpenter
Lone Star Mining Co. - Hass, Burth & Hemmann  proprietors
McChesney, Boyce & Co. - miners
McMurry & Co.
Monitor Mining Co. - A. M. Phalin & Co. proprietors
National Mining Co.
Neives, Antone - miner
Phalin, A. M. - Monitor Mining Co.
Rowe, Calvin B. - miner
Rowe, Calvin E. - miner
Rutishauser, August - Rutishauser Bros.
Rutishauser Bros. - brewers
Rutishauser, John - Rutishauser Bros.
Sammons, Benjamin J. - B. J. Sammons & Co.
Sammons, B. J. & Co. - lumbermen
Scott, C. R. - miner
Scott, Wm. - miner
Skinner, Henry  - miner
Tull, A. P. - miner
Union Hill Mining Co. - Boyce & Westall proprietors
Westall, Alfred - miner

SNAKE BAR (See Downieville)

SIERRA BUTTES (See Sierra City)

This town, located almost in the geographical center of the county, is the principal mining town within its borders.  It has post, express and telegraph offices, and is on the well maintained wagon road leading from Sierra Valley through Downieville, via Camptonville, to Nevada City and Marysville, from which two last named cities Sierra City is distant fifty-three and seventy-seven miles respectively:  the distance to Truckee via Sierra Valley being fifty-two miles.  The chief mines are the Marguerite Mine and Mill Co., the Colombo Gold Mining and Milling Co., the Sierra Buttes Gold Mining and Milling Co. and the South Branch Mine three miles east of town.  The Marguerite Company have extensive works and a mill crushing forty tons of ore per day.  The company employs fifty men.  The Colombo Company's works employ sixty men.  The Sierra Buttes Company is said to employ two hundred and fifty men in its mines and mills.  Besides the above properties operated by the companies, there are many paying claims in the vicinity owned by private individuals.  The chances for profitable investment in this locality are second to none in the Sierras.  Lumbering is largely followed in the mountains of the vicinity, and many saw mills are located in the near neighborhood, chief among which may be noted that of Hagerty & Garfield's, situated five miles northeast of Sierra City.  Sierra City also possesses several large business houses, a brewery, three hotels, a large school house and a water supply that would do good service in case of fires, the natural pressure being powerful enough to throw a stream one hundred and eighty feet high.  The population of the town has been increasing very materially of late, having risen in the last three years from a little over four hundred to about seven hundred, its present figure.  Almost due north of Sierra City, at the northern boundary line of the county, is located Gold Lake, one of the most delightful bodies of water in the Sierras; it is four miles long by two in width, of great depth, and is the source of the Middle Fork of the Feather River; it is surrounded by lofty mountains, creating wonderful echoes to one on the waters, and is bountifully stocked with magnificent trout.  A wagon road to the lake from Sierra City will soon supersede the trails and wearying mule transportation now in vogue, when Gold Lake will assuredly become one of our recognized summer resorts.

Abbe, George A. - George H. Abbe & Son
Abbe, George H. - George H. Abbe & Son
Abbe, George H. & Son - livery stable & stage line to Sierraville
Adolph, Julius - Adolph & Williams res Truckee
Adolph & Williams - dry goods, clothing
Anderson. John - carpenter
Andinas, Ricardo - watchmaker
Arata, Mateo  - miner
Arata, Stefano - miner
Avalanche Hydraulic Mining Co. - Costagnetti & Co. proprietors
Avignone, John B. - C. Quirolo & Co.
Baker, Henry  - miner
Ballesteros, Cystano - packer
Barierre, John - farmer
Barnhardt, Jacob - millhand
Barrett, John M. - amalgamator
Bassett, Hornbeck J.
Bassett, J. H.
Bassett, Mary Mrs. - hotel, Howard Ranch
Bawden, Nicholas - miner
Beard, J. E. - miner
Beard, Samuel F. - miner
Becker, James L. - carpenter
Bendixon, Thomas Y. - miner
Bigelow, H. H. - capitalist
Bigelow, Orson - farmer
Bigelow House - D. N. Mitchell proprietor
Black, George S. - amalgamator
Black, John F. - miner
Blanch, William  - miner
Blue Gravel Consolidated Mining Co. - 3 1/2 mi NE Milton, 640 acres
Bon Ton Saloon - J. Giurovich proprietor
Bonanza Saloon - J. G. Ross proprietor
Bone, John - miner
Bowman, A. - carpenter
Branden, John - millman
Branden, Ole - millman
Brangata, Roscoe - clerk with Richard Castagna
Brown, Peter - blacksmith with E. H. Bunker
Buckwith, James L. - carpenter
Bunker, Ezekiel H. - blacksmith, wagonmaker, horse shoer
Burleigh, Jackson A. - carpenter
Busch, August C. - Busch & Co., Postmaster, agt Wells, Fargo & Co., Western Union Tel Co.
Busch, A. C. & Co. - gen mdse
Busch, Ernst - miner
Busch, Henry F. - carpenter
Busch, William C. - miner
Buse, Julius G. - miner
Buttes Brewery - F. L. Fischer proprietor
Canessa, G. B. - miner
Capron, William  - teamster
Casserly, William W. - miner
Castagna, Richard - gen mdse
Castagnetti & Co. -  proprietors Avalanche Hydraulic Mining Co.
Castagnetti, John - Castagnetti & Co.
Cereghino, Angelo - miner
Chapman, John - miner
Christianno, Francisco - millman
Chinelli, Frank - clerk with R. Castagna
City Market - F. J. Seitz proprietor
Cocks, William  - miner
Colombo Gold M. & M. Co. - W. H. Rodda  superintendent
Colombo Quartz Mining Co. - William Penaluna foreman,  1320 acres
Colotta, L. - bootmaker
Consolidated Gravel Mining Co. - 2 1/2 mi NE of Milton,  320 acres
Contar, John - saloon
Coperan, William - teamster
Coryell, William A. - miner
Costa, Pedro - saloon
Counter, John - saloon
Coutu, Gilbert - machinist Marguerite Mining Co.
Cox, William - Thompson & Cox
Craney, Joseph E. - amalgamator
Croce, Baldisac - miner
Crossman, Thomas  - miner
Crossman, Thomas H. - miner
Crowley, O'Keefe & Kelly - miners
Culver & Corbin - miners
Davis, Joseph - miner
Davis, William L. - amalgamator
Demartini, Antonio - barkeeper with C. Quirolo & Co.
Denner, William  - miner
Dermice & Foss - miners
Deroza, Manuel  S. - miner
Deubordier, C. & G. - saloon
Deubordier, Charles - C. & G.  Deubordier
Deubordier, George  - C. & G. Deubordier
Devine, Thos. - miner  120 acres
Donaldson, E. M. - carpenter
Dorsey, Walter - miner
Douglass, Randolph - fisherman
Doyle, Elizabeth Mrs. - widow
Dozier, William E. - physican & surgeon
Eckert, John - miner
Edmonds, William M. - miner
Edwards, William - shift boss Butte Mining Co.
Eldredge, William - miner
Ferrari, Joseph - saloon
Fischer, Alvin - miner
Fischer, F. L. - proprietor Buttes Brewery
Fischer, Frederick - shoemaker
Fischer, Frederick W. - miner
Fischer, Louis - miner
Fisher, Richard - laborer Marguerite Mining Co.
Fitzgerald, Alfred - miner
Flannery, James  - teamster
Flinn, Walter - teamster
Fletcher, George T. - contractor, carpenter
Flint, Louis - miner
Flint, L. D. - miner
Flint, L. J. - farmer 320 acres
Florence Quartz Mining Co. - Mooney, Stephenson, Hutchinson, Wilcox
Fornia, Felix - farmer
Foss, Lemuel - miner
Fraga, Antone L. - millman
Fraitaz, Antonio J. - miner
Fraitaz, Manuel - millman
Fredson, Joseph - amalgamator Marguerite Mining Co.
Gardella, Bartholomew C. - B. C. Gardella  & Bros.
Gardella, B. C. & Bros. - vegetables, fruit gardens 200 acres
Gardella, Joseph - B. C. Gardella  & Bros.
Gardella, Michael  - B. C. Gardella  & Bros.
Garfield, L. S. - Hagerty & Garfield
Gilbert, John - miner
Gill, W. G. - carpenter
Giurovich, Joseph -  proprietor Bon Ton Saloon
Giurovich, Adolph - clerk with Joseph Schiaffino
Goff, Peter - livery stable
Gonzales, Joseph F. - miner
Gorham, John M. - blacksmith
Gotjens, Henry - miner
Gotjens, Joseph - miner
Grant, George - amalgamator
Green, James S. - miner
Grondona, Joseph - saloon
Guttierrez, Marten - miner
Haas, Samuel - clerk with B. Wood
Hagerty, James - Hagerty & Garfield
Hagerty & Garfield - saw mills, 5 mi NE of Sierra City
Haines, John B. - carpenter Marguerite M. & M. Co.
Halverson, Peter - mason Marguerite M. & M. Co.
Halverson, William - miner
Hartley, Samuel - miner
Havens, C. A. - miner
Havens, Philo A. - miner  260 acres
Havens & Simprich - miners
Hayes, John - miner
Heckman, Antony - miner
Heringlake, Charles A. - A. C. Busch & Co.
Hill, James  - miner
Hobba, Robert - miner
Hooper, J. - miner
Hughes, Watt - miner
Hulme, Charles - watchman Sierra Buttes Mining Co.
Humbert, Arthur C. - bookkeeper Marguerite M. & M. Co.
Hutchinson, Joseph - butcher, miner
Hutchinson, William H. - miner
James, Francis - miner
James,  James  - miner
James, Wm. M. - foreman Sierra Buttes Mining Co.
Jenkins, John - music teacher
Jenkins, Richard - miner
Jenkins, William  - miner
Joos, Caspar - brewery
Jordan, George S. - millman
Jose, T. - soda water manfacturer
Kaiser, L. Mrs. - boarding house & saloon
Kane, James M. - civil engineer
Kane, J. W. - miner
Keefe, P. H. - proprietor Mountain House
Kendrick, L. - amalgamator Marguerite M. & M. Co.
Kichet, Frederick - carpenter
Kimball, Charles  - teamster
Kirby, James  - carpenter Marguerite M. & M. Co.
Kitto, John - miner
Kneebone, Alfred - miner
Knoll, Bernard - miner
Knuthsen, Henry  - clerk with  A. C. Busch & Co.
Kruse, A. - laborer Marguerite M. & M. Co.
Kynoch, William  - carpenter Colombo Gold M. & M. Co.
LaBonte, F. X. - dry goods, varieties
Lemers, Mary Mrs. -  proprietress Sipple Saloon
Lane, Thomas - Wilson, Lane & Co.
Lane, William - timberman
Langsworthy, Philip - miner
Langton, Edward B. - miner
Largomasino, J. - miner
Lauer, Anton - miner
Lawrence, Edward - saloon
Lawton, Lee - teamster
Leary, A. - farmer, roadmaster
Leary, John F. - miner
Leary, Thomas  - miner
Lee, Louisa Mrs. - saloon
Leffers, Albert - miner
Lewis, Antone - miner
Lewis, Jeremiah - miner Marguerite M. & M. Co.
Little Boulder Mining Co. - W. D. & J. Nolan & S. Tayne, Gold Lake District
Loeffler, O. - laborer Marguerite M. & M. Co.
Lopez, Jose - miner
Lord, George W. - Spencer & Lord
Lowney, John - saloon
Luke, Simon - miner
Magazini, August - barber shop & baths
Malthby, H. G. - engineer Colombo Gold M. and M. Co.
Manly, John T. - miner
Marguerita Quartz Mining Co. - 788 acres, quartz & placer mining land, Loganville
Marguerite Mine & Mill Co. - of Boston, MA, Robert E, Meyer  superintendent 2 mi Sierra City
Marowitch, Michael - pumpman Marguerite M. & M. Co.
Martinetti, Isaac - Martinetti & Tartini
Martinetti & Tartini - gen clothing store,  saloon
Martinez, Jose F. - miner
Martinez, Manuel F. - miner
Mata, Jesus - packer
McCarty, Wm. - foreman blacksmith Sierra Buttes Mining Co.
McCastley, George - miner
McGregor, A. H. - miner
McGregor, H. - amalgamator Sierra Buttes M. & M. Co.
McMullen, John - woodchopper
Meyer, Robert E. -  superintendent Marguerite M. & M. Co.
Mills, Thomas - steward
Miner's Hotel - John G. Rose proprietor
Miskell, Robert - timberman
Mitchell, D. N. - proprietor Bigelow House
Monaghan, Peter - miner
Montero, Aquilino - speculator
Mooney, Isaac T. - butcher
Mooney, John W. - foreman Colombo M. & M. Co.
Mooney, M. E. - engineer Colombo M. & M. Co.
Moore, A. L. - deputy sheriff
Moore, C. L.  - carpenter
Moore, James C. - carpenter
Moore, John - miner
Moore, John L. - miner
Morel, Pierre - miner
Morgan, --  - laborer
Morrison, George - teamster
Morrisrowe, James  - miner
Mountain House - P. H. Keefe  proprietor, 12 mi NE Sierra City
Myers, John - carpenter
Navarine, Vincenz - miner
Navarine, Wilson - miner
Nelson, Gustave - miner
Nicholas, Fred. - miner
Nolan, J. - miner
Nolan, W. D. - miner
O'Farrell, John - miner
O'Keefe, Dennis - miner
Oats, James  - miner
Oldham, James  - miner
Oliver, J. - laborer Marguerite M. & M. Co.
Olsen, Peter - miner
Ore, Richard - Shift boss Sierra Buttes Mining Co.
Osborne, Richard  - miner
Osterman, George - blacksmith Marguerite M. & M. Co.
Osterman, Martin - farmer
Osterman, Matthias - farmer
Palace Saloon - Al. Smith  proprietor
Parient, George - miner
Parkin, James  - carpenter
Parsons, Wm. H. - miner
Paul, James  - miner
Payton, Michael - engineer Marguerite M. & M. Co.
Pearce, Henry J. - miner
Pearce, Isaac - miner
Pearce, John - miner
Pearce, Wm. J. - constable, night watchman
Pelleymounter, Thomas  - miner
Pellow, James  - blacksmith Sierra Buttes Mining Co.
Pellow, John - miner
Penaluna, Wm. - foreman Colombo M. & M. Co.
Pergoni, P. - miner
Perkins, Wm. - blacksmith
Perry, Joseph - miner
Perryman, Edward - miner
Perryman, John - miner
Perryman, Thomas  - miner
Perryman, Wm. - miner
Peters, Manuel
Petersen, Christ.  - teamster Marguerite M. & M. Co.
Petersen, Henry  - carpenter Marguerite M. & M. Co.
Peterson, James C. - miner
Pettingell, Simeon E. - miner
Phillips, Thomas H. - carpenter
Pigotti, Joseph - miner
Pires, Frank - laborer
Pires, J. F. - M. F. Pires & Co.
Pires, Manuel - M. F. Pires & Co.
Pires, M. F. & Co. - boot, shoe makers
Podesta & Co. - proprietors South Branch Saw Mill
Pouta, Joseph - miner
Preston, Thomas  -  superintendent Sierra Buttes Mining Co.
Prosper, O. - laborer
Prout, Joseph - miner
Pucha, Eva - waitress Scott's Hotel
Pucha, Lucia - chambermaid Scott's Hotel
Quinn, Joseph F. - timberman
Quirolo, Charles - C. Quirolo & Co.,  proprietor store, saloon
Quirolo, Charles & Co. - Colombo Saloon
Rawlings, James  - miner
Reynolds, James  - miner
Reynolds, John - miner
Rich, Charles  - miner
Rich, Thomas  - miner
Richards, Philip H. - miner
Richards, Samuel  - miner
Richardson, John - miner
Rickard, Wm. - shift boss Sierra Buttes Mining Co.
Rickard, Wm. R. - miner
Rinaldi, Joseph - miner
Robinson, John - butcher
Robinson, John - miner
Rodda, W. H. -  superintendent  Colombo Gold Mining & Milling Co.
Rodgers, John - miner
Romano, Catherine Mrs. - farmer
Rose, Joseph - miner
Rose, John G. - proprietor Bonanza Saloon & Hotel
Rouse, John - miner
Ruiz, Jose Jesus - miner
Russell, William  - carpenter
Sampson, James  - butcher
Sawyer, John J. - physican & surgeon
Schelter, Julius - farmer
Schiaffino, Joseph - gen mdse, liquors
Schubert, John A. A. - miner
Schultz, Charles - blacksmith Marguerite M. & M. Co.
Schultz, Emile - carpenter
Schutt, Henry W. - miner
Scott, John A. - proprietor Scott's Hotel
Scott's Hotel - John A. Scott proprietor
Seith, Jesus P. - millman
Seitz, Anthony - clerk with F. J. Seitz
Seitz, F. J. -  proprietor City Market
Seitz, Peter - with F. J. Seitz
Serpas, Jose - millman
Sharkey, Richard  - shoemaker
Shottler, Julius - laborer
Sierra Buttes Gold Mining Co. - (limited) south side Sierra Buttes, 1 mi N Sierra City
Silva, Manuel E. - millman
Simmons, A. D. Mrs. - widow
Simmons, Christ. - miner
Smith, A. E. - foreman Marguerite M. & M. Co.
Smith, Al. - proprietor Palace Saloon
Smith, Alexander - carpenter
Smith, E. - carpenter Marguerite M. & M. Co.
Smith, Samuel  - miner
Smith, Theron B. - lumberman
Smith, William W. - miner
South Branch Saw Mill - Podesta & Co. proprietors 3 mi E Sierra City
South Branch Water Co. - A. C. Busch president
Southey, Samuel  - miner
Spencer, John E. - Spencer & Lord
Spencer & Lord - proprietors livery & feed stables
Spine, Bartholomew - packer
Stephenson, Samuel R. - miner
St. Jo Mining Co. - Williams, Treganan, Chapman, & Craig owners, St. Jo Bar
Steelman, Richard - miner
Sunderland, Oliver - miner
Swan, Wm. M. - miner
Tapia, Joseph M. - miner
Tartini, Edward - Martinetti & Tartini
Terney, John - miner
Thomas,  Benjamin G. - miner
Thomas, John - foreman Marguerite M. & M. Co.
Thomas, John W. - miner
Thomas, Wm. - miner
Thompson, Charles - Thompson & Cox
Thompson, Charles A. - miner
Thompson, Daniel - miner
Thompson, Joseph - saloon
Thompson & Cox - gravel mines, 9 mi E Sierra City
Tibbey, Lou Miss - school teacher
Tierney, John - miner
Tomachiel, Balodesi - brewer
Treat, Charles L. - painter, grainer
Trebilcox, Frederick - butcher with J. T. Mooney
Trelore, James  - miner
Trompetto, John - miner
Trompetto, Louis - miner
Trothen, Wm. T. - miner
Tym, S. - miner
Uhl, Michael  - miner
Uren, Philip - miner
Uren, Wm. H. - miner
Valentine, Mateo - proprietor Young Italy Saloon
Varick, Robert D. - miner
Wade, -- Mrs. - laundress
Ward, Varner B. - miner
Warner, Harry - miner
Watts, John - clerk with Martinetti & Tartini
Weber, C. - engineer Marguerite M. & M. Co.
Weitzell, Adam S. - miner
Wendler, Herman F. - miner
Wilcox, Adam S. - miner
Wilcox, Schuyler W. - carpenter Florence Quartz Mining Co.
Willett, Napoleon B. - miner
Williams,  James M. - foreman Sierra Buttes Mining Co.
Williams,  John - porter Scott's Hotel
Williams,  John - barber with A. Magazini
Williams,  Richard H. - miner
Williams,  Thomas W. - shift boss Sierra Buttes Mining Co.
Williams,  -- Mrs. - widow
Wilson, Charles E. - Wilson, Lane & Co.
Wilson, Lane & Co. - saloon
Wilson, Julius S. - Co.  Superintendent Schools,  school teacher
Wilson, W. A. - fruits, confectionery
Wood, Benjamin - merchant
Woodcock, Wm. B. - miner
Wyatt, Edward - miner
Young America Consolidated Quartz Mining Co. - 8 mi N Sierra City
Young Italy Saloon - Mateo Valentine proprietor
Zerline, B. J. A. - miner

SIERRA VALLEY (See also Etta)
Sierra Valley (or Sierraville, as it is commonly called) is the agricultural metropolis of the county, and the principal town of the celebrated valley whose name it bears.  It has post, express and telegraph offices, a population (town and vicinity) of seven hundred and ninety, stands at an elevation of 5,000 feet and is situated in the eastern part of the county, thirty-six miles northeast of Downieville and twenty-eight miles from Truckee, on the Central Pacific, with which place it has daily stage connection.  The valley is thirty miles long, and has an average width of five miles.  It runs from the southeast to the northwest, and in shape resembles a horseshoe.  It has about 50,000 acres of good farming land, a great portion of which is under cultivation, and yields an immense amount of hay, wheat, barley, oats, rye, dairy produce, etc., much of which finds a ready market at good prices in the lumber and mining camps of the surrounding mountains, while some of the surplus is shipped to Nevada City and Grass Valley.  A great many fine horses and cattle are shipped to the lower country.  The valley, with the surrounding hills, is a favorite pasture range for dairy and stockmen from below.  They bring their herds up here for the season every year, and find an immense improvement, besides realizing a large increase of product.  The lumber of this region is very superior.  Large qualities of sugar pine are shipped from this district as far east as Salt Lake.  The belt of choicest wood extends from Sierraville to Quincy.  Four large mills, with planers, are operated in this part of the valley.  They manufacture about 5,000,000 feet annually.  Besides furnishing the lumber two of the mills manufacture doors, blinds, shingles, etc., and a furniture factory is in operation at Etta, near Sierraville, which is kept running up to its full capacity.  Lebroke's Saw Mill, a representative establishment, located near the town, will turn out from 10,000 to 12,000 feet of lumber per day, and 30,000 to 40,000 shingles.  The town possesses a weekly newspaper - The Leader - which enjoys a large circulation in the valley, a large school house, a carriage factory, a public hall (The Alhambra, owned by Mr. D. P. Stewart) and several prosperous business houses.  The most important manufacturing business, next to the saw mills of the valley, is Darling's carriage and wagon shop.  It has all the facilities for turning out new and complete work.  During the past year it has turned out a large number of wagons, implements, etc.  Campbell's Sulphur Baths, one and a half miles east of the town, where a group of hot springs are found, has a large hotel, to which a capacious dancing hall and pleasure grounds are attached.  It enjoys, during the summer, a patronage as full as its accommodations will permit.

Abbee, Otis J. - blacksmith
Adams, Charles  - farmer
Adams, J. C. - farmer 280 acres
Albee, Alexander - farmer, teamster  200 acres
Albee, J. B. Mrs. - millinery
Alhambra Hall & Saloon - D. P. Stewart proprietor
Ambrun, Fred. - stoves & tinware
Armstrong, J. - bootmaker
Arnold, G. W. - farmer 240 acres
Atwood, Asa - graceries
Atwood, Asa C. - shoemaker
Berry, David C. - farmer
Blasdell, F. H. - teamster
Blatchley, Lafayette L. - blacksmith
Blinman, Edward - farmer
Brown, Albert M. - farmer
Burge, Wm. G. - miner
Burton, Sheldon T. - Lemmon & Burton, Postmaster
Campbell, Frank - telegraph operator, clerk with George Wood 500 acres
Campbell's Hot Sulphur Springs - D. O. & W. E. Williams proprietors
Case, Eliphalet L. - school teacher
Chandler,   E. Mrs. - farmer 120 acres
Chandler, William H. - farmer 320 acres
Church, Francis S. - farmer
Congredational Church - Rev. C. E. Philbrook pastor
Conway, John - laborer
Costello, James - laborer
Cowin, Perry - miner
Danforth, Ed. - merchant, deputy Assessor, deputy Sheriff
Darius, Christopher - saddle, harness maker
Darius, Christopher H. - harness maker with C. Darius
Darling, C. C. - blacksmith, wagon manufacturer, Justice of the Peace, livery, feed stable
Davis, Aaron - Supervisor 2nd District, farmer 320 acres
Davis, Thornton E. - farmer
Davis, Wood B. - stage driver
Daws, Frederick  - farmer
Daws, Samuel  - farmer 160 acres
Deruchie, C. A. - teamster
DerWarter, John - farmer
Doherty, Robert - laborer
Dolan, John - teamster  240 acres
Dolley, Roland - teamster
Dolley, E. P. - farmer 320 acres
Dougherty, Robert - laborer
Dyson, Joseph  - speculator  150 1/2 acres
Edmonds, Don - plasterer, bricklayer
Fisher, Charles E. - laborer
Fletcher, Joseph H. - sawyer
Fletcher, T. H. Mrs. - proprietor Sierraville Hotel
Fletcher, Quincy - laborer
Fonda, Earl V. - screw tender Lebroke's saw mill
Fountain Saloon, The - Andrew N. Johnson  proprietor
Fowles, Myrick C. - laborer
Freeman, James E. - farmer
Freeman, Joel E. - farmer
Freeman, Willis - farmer
Fuitner, Henry  - farmer
Gallagher, Michael - hostler with C. C. Darling
Garfield, Alfred S. - laborer  160 acres
Garfield, E. A. - farmer 160 acres
Garfield, Samuel  - farmer 480 acres
Gleason, John A. - carpenter
Gliddon, J. D. - agent A. L. Bancroft & Co., dancing academy, Stewart's Hall
Gogle, J. F. - laborer
Gogle, William J. - miner
Golden, Emmett - waiter Union Hotel
Guidice, Francisco - farmer
Haines, George P. - farmer 390 acres
Hall, John N. - laborer
Hamlin, E. H. - farmer 600 acres
Harden, John - farmer
Harden, Melissa Mrs. - school teacher
Harden, Meritt - farmer 240  acres
Harrigan, John - farmer
Henderson, George W. - farmer 280 acres
Henderson, William  - laborer
Heriot, David - laborer
Heselton, Ambrose - farmer 420 acres
Hiestond, Ellis - engineer
Himes, Alfred - farmer 240 acres
Howard, Joseph  - farmer 160 acres
Hubbard, Albert - farmer
Hughes, Marshall - farmer 160 acres
Humphrey, George W.  - farmer, cattle dealer
Johnson, Andrew N. - proprietor The Fountain Saloon
Johnson, Derrick - edgeman Lebroke's Saw Mill
Johnson, Samuel - edgeman Lebroke's Saw Mill
Jones, Jonah T. - farmer 320 acres
Kalamazoo Mining Co. - Frank Campbell secretary, 40 acres
Kenffeld, George C. - farmer
King, John B. - laborer
Knox, John - farmer
Lafferty, Lilla Mrs. - housekeeper with Thos. S. Lebroke
Lebroke, Thomas - saw mill
Lebroke, Thomas S. - proprietor Lebroke's Saw Mill
Lebroke's Saw Mill - Thomas S. Lebroke proprietor
Lemmon, B. F. - Lemmon & Burton
Lemmon, W. C. - farmer 320 acres
Lemmon & Burton - gen mdse, post office
Louden, Robert
Madison, Christopher  - dairyman
Martin, Richard  - farmer
Mason, H. A. - editor, publisher Sierra Valley Leader, Attorney at law
Maxwell, A. T. - farmer
McLeod, John - farmer 320 acres
Merryman, Richard  - logger Lebroke's Saw Mill
Meyers, John - swamper Lebroke's Saw Mill
Miller, Clarence A. - farmer
Miller, James  - farmer 640 acres
Moffit, David - farmer
Moffit, James  - farmer
Mondeau, Victor - farmer 240 acres
Moore, George H. - farmer
Morrison, Joseph B. - laborer
Newman, D. D. - farmer 320 acres
Nichols, A. S. - farmer 370 acres
Nichols, H. O. - farmer 160 acres
Nicholson, James  - farmer 160 acres
O'Harra, Michael  - farmer 200 acres
Oldham, S. B. - proprietor stage line
Olin, James D. - wagonmaker with C. C. Darling
Olsen, Frank - laborer
Olsen, Frank - clerk with J. Olsen
Olsen, Frank T. - teamster
Olsen, Frederick  - farmer
Olsen, Jacob - gen mdse
Paira, Charles  - farmer 560 acres
Paira, Frederick  - laborer
Pearce, Alice Mrs. - housekeeper with D. O. & W. E. Williams
Pearl, George  - farmer
Pergoni, L. - miner
Perry, Charles  - farmer
Perry, Frederick - bartender with Andrew N. Johnson
Perry, George W. - farmer
Peterson, Belle M. Miss - compositor Sierra Valley Leader
Peterson, I. W. - laborer
Peterson, J. S. - carpenter
Philbrook, C. E. Rev. - pastor Congregational Church
Postmaster - Sheldon T. Burton
Pratt, Eddie C. - laborer
Prentice, Arthur H. - teamster
Pittman, Isaac - butcher
Quigley, A. J. - carpenter
Quigley, H. E. - clerk
Rains, W. S. - farmer 360 acres
Richardson, Albert - logger
Rhodes, James  - miner
Robbins, W. A. - farmer 488 acres
Rosseau, Solomon - teamster
Routson, Jonathan R. - farmer
Rowland, Frank - farmer
Ryan, John - laborer
Sanderson, Sanford - clerk
Saunders, George  S. - miner
Schubert, Theodore - homoeopathic physican
Scott, Harry D. - laborer
Shaw, C. B. -  proprietor Union Hotel
Shurze, George F. - bartender with D. P. Stewart
Sierra Valley Leader - weekly, H. A. Mason editor, publisher
Sierraville Hotel - Mrs. T. H. Fletcher proprietor
Sierraville & Truckee Telegraph Line - Geo. Wood proprietor
Sigler, Thomas M. - farmer
Sigler, Thomas M. Jr. - farmer
Slipner, Henry  - farmer 138 acres
Smith, Irwin A. - laborer
Smith, Wm. - laborer
Stewart, David P. - proprietor Alhambra Saloon & Hall, barber shop
Stinson, James  - miner
Stinson, Walter C. - farmer
Strang, Jared - farmer 420 acres
Strange, Nathaniel N. - farmer 360 acres
Street, James M. - farmer
Symms, Andrew - blacksmith with C. C. Darling
Tait, W. D. - farmer 640 acres
Toomey, John S. - farmer
Towles, Myrick C. - laborer
Treasure, James  - carpenter
Treasure, John S. - saw mill
Union Hotel - C. B.  Shaw proprietor
Webber, D. J. - farmer
Weed, Abner - farmer 840 acres
Whitehill, Ann Mrs. - farmer 120 acres
Wells, Fargo & Co. - Geo. Wood agent
West, Ward R. - laborer
Williams, David O. - D. O. & W. E. Williams
Williams, D. O. & W. E. -  proprietors Campbell's Hot Sulphur Springs 470 acres
Williams, John - carriage painter with C. C. Darling
Williams, John M. - carriage & house painter
Williams, William E. - D. O. & W. E.Williams
Wilsey, John G. - bookkeeper
Wilsey, Michael R. - confectionery
Wilsey, M. M. - carpenter
Wilson, J. J. - laborer
Wolcott, Henry O. - blacksmith's helper with C. C. Darling
Wood, George - bank, drugs, stationary, attorney at law, notary public, insurance agent, proprietor
     Sierra & Truckee Telegraph Line

This town is one of the prosperous group of mining camps in Northern Sierra.  The work here is principally hydraulic, gravel from fifty to 100 feet deep, easily washed, and in quantity sufficient to ensure years of profit.  There is a good water privilege under control here, ample for the work.

Aldnelge, S. - Homeward Bound Mining Co.
Brown, Emanuel - miner
Brundige, C. - Clipper Ship Mining Co.
Caledonia Mining Co. - John McBride & Co. proprietors
Clipper Ship Mining Co. - Conlon & Brundige proprietors
Conlon, D. - Clipper Ship Mining Co.
Excelsior Mining Co. - McCroey, Gard & Small proprietors
Fristch, Jacob - miner
Gard, N. - Excelsior Mining Co.
Gerrickten, Philip - miner
Homeward Bound Mining Co. - S. Aldnelge & Co. proprietors
Hovey, Wilson - miner
Jenny Lind Mining Co. - John Wolff agent
Jones, George - Star Mining Co.
McBride, John - Caledonia Mining Co.
McCroey, S. - Excelsior Mining Co.
Small, J. - Excelsior Mining Co.
St. Louis Hotel - Chas. Swartz proprietor
Star Mining Co. - Jones & Co.  proprietors
Swartz, Charles -  proprietor St. Louis Hotel
Thompson, Wm. - school teacher
Tucker & Horn
Wolff, John - agent Jenny Lind Mining Co.

This post office town is located in the eastern part of the northern Sierra group of the mines at about the middle of the northern part of the county, and under the shadow of the mountain whose name it bears.  It has several valuable mines.  At Howland Flats Chittenden & Co., own a valuable water privilege, and with the other companies engaged in mining at that point have taken out some two and a half millions of dollars in the last few years.  Between this point and St. Louis is found the sears Union Water Company, possessing the water privileges in the county.  The population is about one hundred.

Ahrenholtz, Frederick F. - miner
Alturas Mining Co. - William Cameron president
Barrett, James  - miner
Bauer, Michael F. - miner
Becker, Charles  - teamster
Becker, F. X. - Virginia Gold Mining Co., brewery, hotel
Bettenger, Frank - hotel keeper
Bowers, Michael - C. R. Gardener & Co.
Brown, George - with P. Carmichael
Brown, John - miner
Brown, Mark - teamster
Broucher, Edward H. - miner
Bruckman, Frederick - miner
Burth, Mathias - miner
California Consolidated Mining Co. - James Kelleghan secretary, S of Table Rock
Cameron, William - president Alturas Mining Co.
Cannell, James  - miner
Carmichael, Peter - meat market
Carr, R. D. - miner
Cleghorn, Thomas C. - miner
Cosker, Catherine Mrs. - hotel
Costello, John - miner
Costello, Patrick - miner
Conroy, John - saloon keeper
Cox, George W. - mining  superintendent & owner
Crowley, Timothy - miner
Davis, Lemuel - civil engineer
Deisen, Charles S. - foreman Union Water Co. Mine
Donaldson, William - road overseer
Ditman, Thomas T. - miner
Doray, P. - miner
Dorsey, Andrew - miner
Duffy, James  - miner
DuZong, Tong - Chinese store
Ecabert, Joseph  - miner
Ecabert, Louis - miner
Eve, T. J. - miner
Faut, Thomas W. - miner
Fisher, George - water agent Sears Union Water Co.
Fix, Adam - miner
Furlong, John - miner
Gardner, P. R. & Co. - hydraulic mine, Illinois Canon
Gardner, Peyton R. - miner
Givalanie, Guielmo - miner
Golden Hive Mining Co. - Doray & Horn proprietors
Grant, Edward - miner
Gross, Jacob - miner
Gross, Louis - blacksmith
Haas, Jacob - miner
Haley, C. W. Mrs.
Haley, James  - miner
Hays, Thomas - ditch agent
Hellback, Andrew - miner
Hinchman, Marshall - blacksmith
Hoffher, Simon - miner
Hough, Joseph Z. - carpenter
Hughes, William  - miner
Jones, Evan -  superintendent Nebraska Mine
Kelleghan, James - proprietor Town Water Works
Keller, Charles  - miner
Klick, John - blacksmith
Last Chance Mining Co. - George W. Cox secretary
Lincoln Mining Co. - Jones, Treasure & Co. proprietors
Littick, John - constable
Lyon, Blanche S. Miss - school teacher
McDonald, David - miner
McDonnell, Michael  - miner
McGreavey, James  - miner
McKeever, Ellen Mrs. - gen mdse, saloon
McKinzie, Daniel - miner
McNeil, Patrick  - miner
Meikle, D. C. - teamster
Miguel, Manuel
Moriarity, Morris - miner
Nebraska Mine - Evan Jones  superintendent
Parker, Shem - miner
Phippen, Orlando - lumberman
Postmaster - R. P. Timson
Proseus, Wm. H. - Attorney at law
Quinn, Richard  - miner
Ritzer, Frank - miner
Roche, Thomas  - miner
Schramm, John - miner
Schrander, John - miner
Schwering, Fred. - H. White & Co.
Scott, Andrew F. - miner
Sears Union Water & Mining Co. - G. W. Cox  superintendent
Sibley, Henry - miner
Sibley, Henry Jr. - miner
Sibley, Louis - miner
Sinnot, Michael  - miner
Skinner, John M. - miner
St. Julian Mining Co. - Stout, Jackson & Co. proprietors
Stout, H. C. - Stout, Jackson & Co., tinsmith
Summit Lodge # 27 I.O.O.F. - R. P. Timson secretary
Sunnyside Place Mining Co. - Alexander, Doray, Hughes & Co. proprietors 160 acres
Thorp, J. H. - Justice of the Peace,  school teacher
Timson, R. P. - Postmaster, variety store
Todd, Aaron - miner, boarding house
Todd, Thomas P. - miner
Totman, Wm. C. - miner
Traxell, Henry  - miner
Virginia Gold Mining Co. - F. X. Becker president, Potosi Mining District
Wagner, Henry & Co. - hydraulic mine
Walls, John K. - carpenter
Wellman, Bella
Whalin, Edmund - miner
White, H. & Co. - saloon
White, Henry  - H. White & Co.
Wilsdorf, Hugo - miner
Wilsdorf, John - mining secretary
Wilbur, George C. - miner
Witzell, William  - miner
Woods, John - miner

UNION HILL (See Scales)

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History of SIERRA CO. as of 1885
This county is bounded on the north by Plumas and Lassen Counties, on the east by the State of Nevada, on the south by Nevada, and on the west by Yuba and Plumas Counties.  In dimensions it measures about sixty miles east and west by about thirty miles north and south, and contains an area of 1,171,200 acres.  As its name indicates, it is the mountain or sierra county of the State.  The different ranges of the Sierra Nevadas, broken elsewhere, seems to have converged within the limits of this county so completely as to leave nothing between them but deep and precipitous gorges and canons, scarcely any of which can be dignified by the name of valley, save the break in its fiercely grand formation made by the Sierra Valley in the eastern portion of the county.  These pronounced mountainous features, with consequent swift rivers, running through canons whose walls are for mile after mile almost perpendicular and of prodigious height, are great and deserved attractions to those who admire the wild grandeur of Nature in her most stupendous phases.  The magnificence of its rugged beauty is relieved and ornamented by richly wooded belts, with ever fresh foliage, and in almost every ravine crystal springs, perennial in their flow and of great volume, unite within short distances to form swiftly rushing rivers.  These attractions, in connection with the exhilarating air secured by its altitude-no part of the county lying as low as 2,000 feet above the sea-render it, in the summer, the paradise of tourists.

Game is found in great plenty, and the streams are well stocked with fish.  Almost all of the mining camps are located at an altitude of 4,500 feet or more, far above the snow limit, and snow shoes are in great demand during the long  continuance of the winter snows.  A feature not unworthy of note in connection with its mountain character, is the few isolated peaks found in the county, standing as advanced sentinels of the great army of ranges which they in many cases overlook, Table Rock, Fir Cap, Mount Fillmore (having an altitude of 6,500 feet), and the Sierra Buttes (about 9,000 feet).  From the top of the latter almost the entire valley of the Sacramento can be overlooked.  The broken condition of the country has made the construction of wagon roads between towns in most cases a physical impossibility, and where at all possible, only under great difficulty.  The main road, which enters the county at Camptonville, Yuba County, and runs through Downieville northeast to Sierra Valley, has been constructed and kept in condition at a great expense.  It is fifty-six miles long, and twenty miles of it is kept up under the charter of the Sierra Toll Road Co.  This portion is especially fine as compared with mountain and canon roads, and a drive over it affords an enjoyable experience of much that is picturesque.  Other roads have also been made where at all possible.  For the most part, however, the county is traversed over trails with pack mules and saddle horses.

While this character applies to the county generally, and perhaps not more than five per cent of its area is susceptible of cultivation, this percentage is still large enough to include much fertile and cultivated bottom land and mountain meadow.  The resources and possibilities of the Northern Sierras are so little known - excepting to the memory of the hardy gold hunter of early days - that the impression prevails that only the industry of mining is followed in the northeastern counties, and that calling is pursued at a disadvantage because of the distance of the market for supplies.  This impression is erroneous.  Nestling among the mountains of Sierra, Lassen and Plumas Counties are well watered valleys of remarkable fertility, whose productions supply almost everything to the surrounding mining, lumbering and stockraising populations, and leave a large surplus for shipment if means of transportation were at hand.  As it is, this surplus is generally used up by the many herds of dairying and stock cattle which visit the mountains for six months in the season.

Sierra County's principal valley - Sierra, half of which lies in Plumas County - is extensively cultivated, and very valuable by reason of its contiguity  to the mines.  And among the mountains to the north, as they roll away from the main chain, losing somewhat of their unevenness of character, are nestled many meadows of fine grazing quality, much of which is susceptible of producing the smaller cereals in great abundance.

Like its sister mountain counties of the northeastern part of the State, Sierra is especially rich in timber, possessing as it does huge forests of fir, cedar, sugar and yellow pine, which in time to come will prove to the county as great a source of wealth as the precious metals which have been extracted from its bosom.

The following statistics are subjoined as interesting:
Population (Census of 1880       6,623
Number of children between 5 and 17 years of age (Census 1884) 1,105
Same under 5 years 410
Total 1,515
Number of acres of land cultivated 3,000
Number of acres of land cultivated enclosed 50,000
Number of Horses in the county 995
Number of Cattle in the county (not including visiting dairying cattle) 2,470
Assessed value of mines $526,400
Total assessment of county $1,712,912

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