Tehama County, CA
1885 Directory
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ANTELOPE (See Red Bluff)

BATTLE CREEK (See Red Bluff)

A post office.

Allen, James - lumberman
Bernard, J. M. - carpenter
Biopham, Henry - sawyer
Butte Meadow House - I. E. Spencer  proprietor
Carlton, Levi J. - lumberman
Carter, J. E. - Sutton House  proprietor & postmaster
Cussick, Bernard - lumber contractor
Cussick, John - lumberman
Donnally, John - lumberman
Fleck, B. F. - miner
Gansen, M. - shakemaker
Gowen, David - lumberman
Griffin, Charles W. - farmer
Hall, Andrew L. - farmer
Hall, Andrew L. Jr. - farmer
Hall, Charles M. - farmer
Hamilton, Justine - lumberman
Heuser, Louis G. - laborer
Hews, Charles - mill sawyer
Holderbaum, Adam - lumberman
Kelly, James D. - farmer
Lafountain, Alexander - laborer
Litzenburg, Gilmer - farmer
Lorensen, Chris. - lumberman
Marion, Frank - engineer
Masterson, Edward K. - farmer
McCluskey, Ike - lumberman
Messer, W. N.
Mitchel, Charles - lumberman
Postmaster - J. E. Carter
Rannells, James A. - farmer
Shields, Charles - lumberman
Spencer, I. E. - Butte Meadow House  proprietor
Stephenson, John C. F. - farmer
Strawn, Spencer B. - farmer
Sutton House - J. E. Carter  proprietor
Thorp, G. A. - lumberman
Vannatta, H. A. - lumberman
Williams, George W. - farmer

CHAMPION (See Red Bluff)

A post and express town, situated on the west bank of the Sacramento River, in the southern part of the county.  It is a station on the California and Oregon Railroad, about ten miles south of Tehama.  It is one of the business centers of southern Tehama, and does a large grain and general trade.

Adgate, A. - farmer 160 acres
Aitken, Andrew B. - Simpson & Aitken
Anderson, Abraham - farmer
Barr, Troy - farmer 160 acres
Beauchamp, John A. - farmer
Becker, J. G. - shoemaker
Bennett, Jesse - farmer 71 acres
Bingham, John D. - farmer
Backburn, James M. - farmer
Bonham, H. J. - clerk with S. D. Washington
Bonham, Hugh H. - farmer
Bonham, John W. - farmer
Bowman, Solomon - farmer
Brown, Americus O. - farmer
Boyd, A. W. - district clerk
Cameron, George W. - farmer
Cannon, J. G. - blacksmith
Chambers, Joseph - farmer 712 acres
Cheatham, W. D. - farmer 320 acres
Chittenden, Albert - farmer
Clapp, John W. - farmer
Clark, A. B. - farmer 160 acres
Clark, G. W. - farmer 120 acres
Clark, J. G. - farmer 280 acres
Clark, Nicholas S. - farmer
Cockburne, Thomas - farmer 1840 acres
Davis, J. M. - farmer 160 acres
Davis, John R. - barber
Davis, Randolph M. - farmer
Dearing, William P. - farmer
Derrieux, Frank - laborer
Diggs & Co. - tin & hardware
Dopson, John S. - farmer
Donovan, Jeremiah M. - butcher
Douglass, William D. - farmer
Dunn, T. H. - Constable
Ehorn, Casper - farmer
Ehorn, Samuel - farmer
Ellis, Joseph - farmer
Erwin, L. - farmer 160 acres
Ferguson, H. C. - farmer
Fish, Lafayette - Justice of the peace,  farmer 71 acres
Forbes, James - farmer 160 acres
Fortina, William - farmer 160 acres
Gardner, C. B. - farmer 232 acres
Gardner, Hiram S. - farmer 400 acres
Garthaffner, Chris. - farmer 588 acres
Gemmill, Robert J. - machinist
Goings, B. L. - farmer 80 acres
Goings, E. - farmer 80 acres
Goodrum, A. J. - saloon
Gossett, Clay W. - laborer
Gossett, R. - gen mdse
Hachman, John - farmer
Hannan, William J. - postmaster & varieties
Hart, Wilson W. - livery stable
Hatfield, James F. - farmer
Hayes, Patrick H. - farmer 200 acres
Hearn, Thomas J. - farmer
Heidrick, George - farmer 320 acres
Heiver, John G. - farmer 70 acres
Heiver, Thomas S. - laborer
Hoag, George - farmer 3874 acres
Houghton, Frank - farmer 5687 acres
Hunt, Charles - farmer 320 acres
Hutchins, D. A. - district clerk
Jewett, William E. - farmer 560 acres
John, James F. - saddler
Jones, H. S. - farmer 80 acres
Kellaway, James - farmer
Kelso, James L. - 160 acres
Kennard, D. - farmer 160 acres
Kindle, Sylvester W. - farmer
King, John J. - farmer
Lackey, John P. - laborer
Lacroix, Joseph - warehouse agent
Lear, Thomas D. - farmer
Lee, E.Y. - laborer
Lee, George M. - farmer
Lee, William M. - farmer
Leverony, John B. - farmer
Lewis, Edwin E. - laborer
Lewis, William B. - painter
Lloyd, Benjamin F. - farmer
Logan, Charles - Logan & Simpson res Orland
Logan & Simpson - warehouse
Lown, Marshall - carpenter
Lyons, H. G. - farmer 205 acres
MaLott, John S. - farmer
Martin, James F. - farmer
McCracken, John C. - laborer
McEnespy, James B. - farmer
McKinnon, James E. - clerk
McKinnon, Robert J. - farmer
McLane, George H. - farmer
McLane, John B. - farmer
McLane, William - farmer
McPherrin, John T. - farmer
Mellon, Walter K. - farmer
Merrill, Abbott - farmer
Merrill, Frank - farmer
Merrill, Nat - farmer 1413 acres
Million, Charles W. - saloon
Millsap, Leander W.
Morrissey, James B. - farmer
Myers, John - laborer
Myers, William - farmer
Nathercott, Alfred - farmer
Newbarth, Frederick - farmer
Oxendine, Len C. - farmer
Peden, Albert O. - farmer
Pickett, Hosea D. - engineer
Pitts, Samuel - farmer
Postmaster - W. J. Hannan
Quill, Michael - farmer
Raffinsperger, John - farmer
Rogers, William B. - farmer
Schluter, Claus - farmer
Schumaker, William J. - farmer
Senter, Samuel B. - laborer
Silvy, Jacin - farmer
Simpson, Andrew - Simpson & Aitken; Logan & Simpson
Simpson & Aitken - gen mdse
Singer, W. M. - farmer 80 acres
Smith, John M. - farmer
Snaden, Henry - farmer
Snow, George H. Jr. - farmer
Speeks, Henry T. - farmer
Speeks, James - farmer
Spencer, Amasa B. - farmer
Stevens, Henry M. - farmer
Stevens, John M. - farmer
Stout, George H. - school teacher
Suhr, John - farmer 120 acres
Thompson, J. A. C. - farmer 264 acres
Tibbetts, John W. - carpenter
VanWinkle, H. - farmer
VanWinkle, John W. - laborer
Wadsworth, T. - farmer 160 acres
Waggoner, Andrew J. - farmer
Walker, Daniel B. - farmer
Wallace, Jehu - farmer
Walsh, John L. - laborer
Warmouth, John H. - farmer
Watkins, W. W. - district clerk
Welch, Martin - miner
Welch, Thomas - laborer
Weston, John - farmer 1200 acres
Wilson, John M. - farmer 880 acres
Wise, George W. - farmer
Wise, Reuben - engineer
Wootten, William W. - farmer
Worden, Solomon T. - farmer


DRY CREEK (See Red Bluff)

FINLEY'S (See Red Bluff)

FINNELL (See Tehama)

GLEASONVILLE (See Henleyville)

GROVE CITY  (See Vina)

A Post Office

Balch, James L. - farmer
Balch, N. - 398 acres
Balis, Abraham D. - farmer
Bates, Hugh - farmer
Beatty, William A. - farmer
Blanchard, E. W. -  160 acres
Blanchard, Simon A. - farmer
Bonham, H.  - farmer 434 acres
Bower, Henry - farmer
Bower, James W. - farmer
Boyd, Judson W. - farmer
Brazleton, J. W. - farmer 80 acres
Brooks, George W. - farmer
Brophy, John F. P. - farmer
Brophy, Thomas J. - farmer
Bucklew, David - laborer
Cameron, George W. - farmer
Carter, Denis F. - farmer
Chase, Byron A. - farmer 160 acres
Chase, John H. - farmer 160 acres
Cheatham, William D. - farmer
Cheatham, William T. - farmer
Clark, George W. - farmer
Cleghorn, P. M. - woolgrower  3149 acres
Colburn, Stephen - farmer 80 acres
Cole, E. T. - blacksmith
Corwill, J. C. - farmer 160 acres
Cousins, M. A. - farmer
Crooker, L. B. - farmer 160 acres
Curtis, George W. - farmer
Davis, James M. - farmer
Dawkins, Edward - farmer 120 acres
Decker, D. J. - 320 acres
Deteles, Henry M. - farmer
Dobson, Nicholas - farmer
Dolling, W. W. - farmer 389 acres
Dolling, T. D. - farmer 80 acres
Dollings, James O. - farmer
Dopson, B. - farmer 160 acres
Field, James K. P. - farmer
Fleming, G. W. - farmer 209 acres
Flournoy, G. H. - farmer 320 acres
Foster, Philip S. - farmer
Gill, J. W. - farmer 160 acres
Gleason, John - farmer
Goe, Ewing W. - farmer
Goe, John - farmer
Goe, Moses H. - farmer
Goe, William  E. - farmer
Gupton, Jacob D. - farmer
Hall, Albert S. - laborer
Hanks, Daniel B. - farmer
Harris, Edmund  - farmer
Hill, Andrew J. - farmer
Hoke, George  - laborer
Houghton, Francis - farmer
Howell, J. M. - district school clerk & wool grower 1745 acres
Hughes, Elbert R. - farmer
Hulburt, R. - farmer
Hulburt, Fremont - farmer
Hulse, J. B. - farmer 160 acres
Hunter, Abb - school teacher
Jobe, Abraham L. - farmer
Kelso, James L. - laborer
Ladue, Abraham S. - laborer
Lee, William  - clerk
Lose, Charles  - farmer
Malcolm, George  - farmer
Mayfield, Francis M. - farmer
McCampbell, William - farmer 540 acres
McCampbell, Henry  - farmer
McCrory, William  - farmer
McKassen, Mary E. - farmer 160 acres
McKinnon, Jasper A. - farmer
McKinnon, T. A. - farmer
McKinnon, Robert J. - farmer
Medcalf, John E. H. - farmer
Mitchell, D. C. - wool grower 2880 acres
Moon, George A. - farmer 160 acres
Moran, John - farmer
Muldrick, Patrick - laborer
O'Brien, James - farmer
Petterson, A. H. - 200 acres
Pettibone, Samuel J. - farmer
Phillips, Ogden B. - farmer
Postmaster - Sam'l H. Redfield
Rannells, M. J. Mrs. - farmer 120 acres
Redfield, S. H. - merchant
Redfield, Samuel H. - gen mdse, Postmaster
Rice, H. W. - farmer 160 acres
Riley, James E. - farmer
Sanders, Edgar W. - farmer
Sehorn, C. M. - farmer 1020 acres
Sharp, Thomas J. - farmer
Shellman, Andrew J. - farmer
Shules, Relief - farmer
Shull, Benedick - blacksmith
Stilwell, J. T. - 290 acres
Story, Francis - farmer
Todd, Tracy F. - farmer
Tower, C. F. Mrs. - farmer 80 acres
Warmouth, John - farmer
West, H. P. - farmer 180 acres
Westfall, A. P. - farmer 200 acres
Wilkinson, L. J. - farmer
Woods, N. B. - farmer 216 acres
Wortmott, Alexander - farmer

HUNTERS (See Red Bluff)

LASSEN (See Vina)

LOVE'S MILLS (See Red Bluff)

LOWERY (See Red Bluff)

This town, having a post office, is situated thirty miles east of Red Bluff, in the mountain section, and is the most important town of eastern Tehama.  From its location the principal interests are lumbering, and a large business is done in this line, in fact, upon this industry may be said to wholly rely.  There are several saw mills in the neighborhood, and some large and important flumes.  Among the mountains and foothills in the vicinity are also many small and fertile vallies.  Population about three hundred.

Archibald, David - farmer/stockraiser  160 acres
Boles, J. L. - farmer,  fruitgrower
Brackett, C. H. - carpenter
Brazille, Annie Miss - teacher music
Brazille, William  - farmer/stockraiser
Bridges, Mrs. - boarding house
Chase, B. F. - ox driver
Dearborn, Ed. - brakeman
Delong, S. - teamster
Dodson, Nellie Miss - teacher music
Finley, Samuel  - teamster
Fluke, Frank - sawyer
Fuller, D. - clerk
Glenn, Thomas - Constable
Gray, J. E. - shakemaker
Greer Bros. - shakemakers
Hamilton, Jack - shakemaker
Hanson, Andrew - engineer
Hardin, R. H. - shakemaker
Herman, T. C. - hotel
Hillhouse, J. C. - engineer
Kauffman, A. - farmer/stockraiser  1500 acres
Kauffman, C. F. - miner
Lawson, John - shakemaker
Layton, Albert - farmer 320 acres
Limbaugh, N. - teamster
Lyman, W. - farmer 320 acres
Maultman, James - ox driver
McCluskey, Isaac - lumber shipper
McKae, John - shakemaker
McKenzie, Isaac - logger
Meagher, N. - brakeman
Moody, Wm. - hunter & trapper
Morgan, John - farmer/stockraiser  2500 acres
Moss, W. C. - teamster
Moulton, Eli - clerk
Murphy, H. - shakemaker
Myers, Henry - farmer 160 acres
Nanney, Abner - farmer/stockraiser  2000 acres
Negus, B. - ox driver
Noyse, Hank - Justice of the Peace
Olsen, Adolph - sawyer
Owens, Frank - musician
Payne, Daniel - millman
Payne, James - millman
Pimo, W. E. - saloon
Postmaster - J. C. Turner
Price, Richard - flume  superintendent
Ream, Joseph - engineer
Ream, N. Y. - lawyer
Rickie, E. A. - tallyman
Robinson, William - shakemaker
Seymore, A. L. - shakemaker
Todd, Frank - brakeman
Turner, George - farmer 160 acres
Turner, J. C. - postmaster, gen mdse, saw mills, farmer 1800 acres
Turner, J. P. - stockraiser
Wheatley, Joseph - engineer
Wilson, James - ox driver

A post office town in the southwestern part of the county, and situated on Tom's Creek.  It is surrounded by a good farming country, and to the westward as the foothills are reached large stockraising interests predominate.  It is thirty miles from Tehama, on the railroad, with which place it is connected by stage.  The population is about two hundred.

Bacon, William  - farmer 160 acres
Bacon, Wm. D. - farmer 160 acres
Barton, C. R. - farmer 320 acres
Beall, Alfred - merchant, Postmaster, 160 acres
Beall, B. F. - clerk
Beall, David - wagonmaker
Black, Ambrose S. - woolgrower
Blake, R. J. Mrs. - farmer 160 acres
Blakesley, Chauncey B. - farmer
Blakesley, C. L. - laborer
Bonham, A. B. - farmer 232 acres
Bonham, B. B. - physican
Botkins, Wm. M. - farmer 539 acres
Bounds, J. - farmer 236 acres
Bradley, Warren - farmer
Breezee, Charles  - farmer 160 acres
Brown, Edward W. - laborer
Buckland, Bradford M. - laborer
Burt, M. - farmer 320 acres
Calder, James - carpenter  280 acres
Campbell, J. - farmer 160 acres
Carwile, John - farmer/sheepraiser
Cockburn, Thomas  - farmer 1080 acres
Cooper, G. W. - laborer
Davis, T. F. - 160 acres
Dexter, Samuel  - farmer 160 acres
Dexter, S. S. - carpenter
Dollings, F. D. - farmer
Dollings, W. W. - farmer
Ellmore, James J. - farmer
Ellis, W. J. - clerk
Fleming, William  - farmer 200 acres
Flournoy, G. W. - farmer,  Justice of the Peace
Fossen, John - farmer 305 acres
Fowler, W. D. - farmer 40 acres
Garontle, S. A. - farmer
Genot, Moses - stockraiser
Gilmann, S. S. - sheepraiser
Gridley, G. W. - saloon
Gustlierch, C. A. - merchant
Hamilton, Alexander - farmer
Hamilton, Daniel P. - sheepraiser
Hamilton, John - laborer
Hanks, H. D. - farmer
Harris, Robert - farmer 80 acres
Harris, S. F. - farmer 136 acres
Hastings, D. - 40 acres
Hayward, M. H. - farmer 200 acres
Hayward Thomas - laborer
Heavey, Michael - farmer
Heavy, John - sheepraiser
Hearn, K. K. Mrs. - 400 acres
Henderson, Charles R. - farmer
Henderson, David - laborer
Henderson, F. B. - laborer
Henry, William - laborer
Hightower, Jesse D. - farmer 955 acres
Hoag, A. E. - farmer 153 acres
Hoag, Lawrence G. - farmer
Hoag, Ladoc W. - farmer 470 acres
Husted, Robert - farmer 320 acres
James, John B. - hotel
James, William M. - clerk
Jarrard, George W. - farmer
Kohler, Harry E. F. - farmer
Langenour, J. H. - farmer 200 acres
Lantz, George W. - farmer 320 acres
Liersch, Gus - farmer
Liersch, William - farmer
Logan, A. D. & Co - warehouse
Logan, Allison R. - laborer
Logan, Jonathan - laborer
Logan, Thomas B. - laborer
Lyons, George - merchant
Maggard, W. T. - physician
Mahoney, P. - laborer  160 acres
Markham, Warren - farmer 260 acres
Markham, W. W. - farmer 235 acres
Markum, W. D. - laborer
Martin, Wm. - Wright & Martin
Masterson, James Jr. - farmer
McClure, W. H. - farmer
McCrory, Thomas - laborer
McCrory, William - laborer
McFeely, John - hotel
McKinley, John - farmer
Mecum, Charles W. - farmer
Mecum, Jonathan N. - farmer
Mecune, R. J. - farmer
Merrill, C. H. - farmer 1100 acres
Michael, J. - farmer 160 acres
Middleton, A. J. - farmer 160 acres
Middleton, M. O. - farmer 160 acres
Middleton, M. V. - farmer
Miller, E. H. Jr. - farmer 1560 acres
Miller, J. C. - farmer
Miller, Marshall - farmer 160 acres
Mitchell, D. - farmer 665 acres
Mitchell, David C. - farmer 1979 acres
Mitchell & Gilman - farmers 1458 acres
Moon, George W. - farmer
Morgan, Thomas - farmer
Morlau, Edward - carpenter
Moylan, Patrick - laborer
Mullen, John - farmer
Mullen, Joseph - farmer 320 acres
Murphy, Matthew - farmer 521 acres
Myers, George S. - farmer
Neat, H. I. - laborer
Nelson, Henry C. - farmer
Nelson, Wm. W. - farmer
Oaks, David C. - farmer 720 acres
Oaks, David J. - farmer
Oaks, James K. - farmer
O'Hair, William - farmer 80 acres
Ott, A. L. - laborer
Owens, Lewis - sheepraiser
Owens, Owen W. - sheepraiser
Owens & Williams - woolgrowers 2190 acres
Patton, David - farmer 120 acres
Percell, James - laborer
Pollard, William - farmer
Raglin, George W. - laborer
Raglin, Harrison - farmer
Reiley, Bernard - laborer
Reyon, W. S. - farmer 160 acres
Riley, James E. - woolgrower 120 acres
Riley, William - farmer 100 acres
Robinson, Frederick W. - farmer
Rodgers, Thomas - farmer 640 acres
Ruff, Andrew A. - farmer
Ruff Bros. - farmers 520 acres
Ruff, John L. - farmer
Russell, William - farmer
Sanford, James - farmer 280 acres
Scales, A. W. - farmer
Scott, Henry D. - farmer
Sebring, Cyrus - physician
Sharp, Perry - farmer
Shaw, Uriah - farmer 320 acres
Shelton, James - 1194 acres
Sherman, Austin G. - farmer
Shultz, J. J. - district school clerk, farmer 160 acres
Sidelinger, Jesse W. - surveyor
Snelling, G. M. L. - district school clerk, farmer 120 acres
Squires, James B. - carpenter
Slotenberg, John - laborer
Swena, Anson - farmer
Thomas L. - farmer 160 acres
Thompson, John - farmer 160 acres
Tony, Charles H. - farmer
Troutman, William V. - laborer
True, M. E. - farmer
Uhl, George W. - farmer 240 acres
Underhill, George - farmer
Underhill, William - farmer
Wakefield, Frank - laborer
Wakefield, H. - farmer 320 acres
Watkins, W. W. - clerk with S. D. Montgomery, farmer
Welborn, William T. - blacksmith
White, R. B. - farmer 160 acres
White, W. W. - farmer 160 acres
Whitlock, J. R. - Justice of the Peace, blacksmith 160 acres
Whitlock, W. H. H. - farmer
Wilcox, Martin - farmer
Wilder, J. E. - farmer
Wilder, J. H. - laborer
Williams, John A. - farmer 120 acres
Williams, Lewis P. - farmer
Wilson, H. W. C. - farmer 160 acres
Wilson, John R. - farmer
Wood, John F. - farmer 3 acres
Wood, N. B. - farmer
Wood, William P. - laborer
Woods, S. W. - farmer 60 acres
Wright, James S. - Wright & Martin
Wright & Martin - woolgrowers, 2322 acres
Wright, Matthias - laborer
Youree, F. M. - saloon
Zumwalt, Lafayette - farmer

PAYNE'S CREEK (See Tehama)

RAWSON (See Red Bluff)

This incorporated city, the county seat of Tehama County, is located at about the center of the county, on the west bank of the Sacramento River, and is the head of navigation for steamboats.  It is distant from Sacramento by rail one hundred and thirty-five miles, and from San Francisco two hundred and seventy-four miles, while the distance to Sacramento by river is two hundred and fifty miles.  The character of its site is such as insure ample room for development, being on an elevated plateau stretching away to the west without any abrupt changes of level, thus affording room for extension without expense of grading, while the natural drainage is perfect and ample.  Its elevation affords exemption from the miasmatic influences which affect the low lands of the Sacramento Valley, and the town is a remarkably healthy one.  In its material interests Red Bluff occupies, and is always destined to occupy, a commanding position, being the center of the first broad section of the Sacramento Valley after it opens out from the close embrace of the mountains which enchained it in the north; as a codesquence there concentrates here, the grain and general agricultural products of the Upper Valley, while its close proximity to the wealth of timber in the mountains, and the fact that river shipments, as a rule, first open up here, makes it the natural point for an immense lumber trade.  The immediate surroundings of the town are of the most fertile lands of the county.  The excellence of this feature in Red Bluff's prosperity being attested by the large area already under cultivation, as well as the increased acreage which from year to year is being brought under the control of the husbandman.  The grater part of the annual wool clip of Southern and Eastern Oregon and Northern California passing through Red Bluff, and the annual product of Tehama in this staple, reaching 2,000,000 pounds, pays its quota to the general prosperity.  In respect to its wool interests it only remains for the town to secure here large and complete woolen mills, for which there is ample water power, to derive additional sustenance from this source.  The population of the town is fully 4000.  Its various industries include flouring and planing mills, carriage and wagon factories, marble works, gas works (the town being lighted by gas) a sash, door and blind factory, etc., all of which are doing a thriving business.  Its mercantile interests are fully up to the standard, and the public buildings, including one of the finest school buildings of Northern California, take rank with the finest.  The town has also two banks, churches of all denominations, and three newspapers, all daily.

Academy of our Lady of Mercy - Rev. Mother Helena superior, High cor Sycamore
Adams, A. J. Mrs. - widow, res Main cor Ash
Adams, F. P. & J. M.  - stockraisers 960 acres
Adams, J. H. - blacksmith, res Jackson bet Walnut & Pine
Adkins, Perry - tinner with Garrett & Lyon, res cor Washington & Sycamore
Alford, J. M. - farmer 360 acres
Alhambra Saloon - M. Perry proprietor, main bet Walnut & Hickory
Allbright, Frederick H. - blacksmith with H. M. Allbright, res cor Jefferson & Cedar
Allbright, H. M. - blacksmith, Walnut bet Main & High, res cor Jefferson & Cedar
Allen, Albert - farmer
Allunt, Jesse G. - farmer
Altmark, Jacob - clerk with Alex. Cohn, res cor Madison & Oak
Altmark, Sol. - clothing & gents' furnishing goods, Main bet Pine & Walnut, res Madison cor Oak
Alvord, Charles T. - Fowle & Alvord, County Clerk, res cor Washington & Hickory
Alvord, Samuel  - farmer, res cor Washington & Cedar
Anderson, A. N. - farmer
Anderson, David G. - farmer, res High bet Oak & Pine, 259 acres
Anderson, Henry - farmer 100 acres
Anderson, James T. - bridge builder, res cor High & Oak
Anderson, Robert N. - merchant tailor, main bet Pine & Walnut
Anderson, William  - laborer Sierra Lumber Co.
Andrews, Joseph  - farmer
Annan, A. - laborer Sierra Lumber Co.
Annan, George  - blacksmith Sierra Lumber Co.
Antelope Water Co. - C. Cadwallader president, cor Main & Crittenden
Apperson, John T. - carpenter, res cor Walnut & Potter
Archibald, A. C. - teamster Sierra Lumber Co.
Archibald, David - stockraiser
Armstrong, Fanny - widow, res cor Pine & Lincoln
Ashurst, C. B. - capitalist res cor Washington & Union
Aubrey, William  - farmer 240 acres
Avery, Charles S. - carpenter
Babcock, George A. - laborer
Babcock, W. B. - laborer, res Cedar bet Main & High
Bacher, Andrew W.  - farmer, res cor Main & Sycamore
Bahney, William H. -  proprietor Red Bluff Drug Store, res Washington bet Sycamore & Ash
Bailey, D. T. - laborer Sierra Lumber Co. res cor Madison & Ash
Baird, George  - saloon, res cor Sycamore & Main
Baker, A. W. - salesman with S. D. Shoenfeld, res cor Main & Elm
Baker, David S. - farmer
Baker, Stephen P. - carpenter, res Washington bet Hickory & Walnut
Baker, Virgil P. - contractor, res cor Washington & Hickory
Baker, Wm. A. - compositor The People's Cause, res Washington cor Hickory
Bales, John L. - farmer
Balis, William  - clerk, res Cedar bet Jefferson & Madison
Ballard, Curtis D. - farmer/stockraiser, res cor Lincoln & Pine,  1440 acres
Balliet, Adam - Gongwer & Balliet, res Walnut bet Madison & Monroe
Bank Exchange Saloon - J. F. Bell Jr. proprietor, Main bet Oak & Pine
Bank of H. Kraft - Main bet Oak & Pine
Bank of Tehama Co. - Chas. Cadwallader president, W. B. Cahoone cashier, Fickert's Building
Banks, Bella - widow, res Washington cor Hickory
Banks, H. H. - school teacher 154 acres
Banks, Jerome - Attorney at law, Main bet Oak & Pine
Banness, Thomas L. - cabinetmaker with Charles W. Fickert, res cor Jefferson & Crittenden
Barham, James L. - salesman with Cone & Kimball, res Washington
Barker, H. K. - farmer
Barker, J. C. - farmer 160 acres
Barley, E. S. - farmer 1400 acres
Barnard, Barney - bartender with William Edwards
Barnard, W. W. - clerk with Wm. Edwards, res Main bet Oak & Pine
Barnhart, D. - farmer 160 acres
Barnhouse, Theodore  - clerk, res cor Madison & Union,  240 acres
Barrett, C. G. - plumber, tinner with Garrett & Lyon, res Jackson bet Walnut & Hickory
Barry, John - farmer, woolgrower 7061 acres
Bates, John - farmer 480 acres
Bates, William - McKinney & Bates res Main bet Hickory & Walnut
Baumgartner, C. H. - bar tender, res Oak cor Madison
Baylis, Daniel - farmer 435 acres
Baylis, Isaac - farmer 160 acres
Beall, Charles S. - farmer 160 acres
Beard, Alfred - foreman Tocsin, res Washington bet Ash & Willow
Beecher, Fannie Miss - delivery clerk Post Office, res cor Main & Ash
Bell, Emma Miss - dressmaker, res Jefferson nr Hickory
Bell, James F. - watchman County Bridge, res at Bridge
Bell, James F. Jr. - proprietor Bank Exchange Saloon, res Tremont hotel
Benedict, H. G. - farmer 640 acres
Benedict, W. H. - laborer Red Bluff Flour Mills
Bennett, James T. - farmer, res cor Madison & Walnut
Berger, Nancy - widow, res cor Madison & Union
Bernhard, Henry  - merchant, res Crittenden cor Washington
Best, Frank - mill sawyer, res Main bet Willow & ash
Bettis, Laura Miss - school teacher, res cor Main & Oak
Bidwell Bros.  - blacksmiths, wagonmakers, Pine bet Main & Washington
Bidwell, Edward L. - Bidwell Bros., res Pine bet Main & Washington
Bidwell, Elbert W. - Bidwell Bros., res Pine bet Main & Washington
Bidwell, Harry E. - clerk Tremont house
Bidwell, Myron W. - blacksmith with Bidwell Bros., res cor Pine & Washington
Bierce, R. H. -  superintendent lumber yard Sierra Lumber Co., res bet Elm & Sycamore
Billa, Joseph  - laborer, res Monroe bet Douglass & Breckenridge
Black, Robert - woolgrower 505 acres
Blackburn, William  - carpenter, res Hickory bet Jackson & Lincoln
Blakesly, John M. - farmer  120 acres
Blanchard, John - hostler, res Main cor Walnut
Blossom Robert H. - farmer, County Supervisor, res Washington bet Oak & Elm  20,021 acres
Boatman, William  - carpenter, res Madison bet Oak & Pine
Boca Beer Hall - Mayer & Rathja proprietors, Main bet Walnut & Pine
Bofinger, Edward H. - painter, res cor Washington & Crittenden
Bofinger, Gottlieb - proprietor Brewey Saloon, res cor Main & Douglas
Bofinger, Louis C. - cabinetmaker, res cor Washington & Crittenden
Bofinger, William F. - capitalist, res cor Washington & Crittenden
Bofinger, William F. Jr. - blacksmith, res cor Washington & Crittenden
Bolan,  Henry - dyer, cor Madison & Union
Bolles, J. L. - farmer 80 acres
Bonney, George - engineer Red Bluff Flour Mills
Boucher, A. - farmer 80 acres
Bothman, Samuel  - stockraiser, res cor Jackson& West
Boynton, Levi - farmer, res New Andress Hotel
Bradbury, J. - stockdealer, res cor Main & Union
Bradley, Frank - shipper Sierra Lumber Co.
Bradley, Mary Mrs. - proprietor Tuscan Springs,  80 acres
Brady, Charles Mrs. - widow, res Jefferson bet Oak & Elm
Brady, John -proprietor Empire Livery Stables, res Jefferson bet Pine & Walnut
Bramlett. Wm. S. - farmer
Brannan, Ned - res Main cor Ash
Braynard, Charles P. - Superior Judge, res Oak bet Madison & Jefferson
Braynard, C. P. Mrs. - widow, res Main bet Cedar & Hickory
Brazill, Mary Mrs. - widow, res cor Jefferson & Willow
Brearcliff, Abe - tinner Garrett & Lyon, res Main
Brearcliff, James H. - carpenter, res cor Ash & High
Bremkamp, Clars Miss - milliner with Morris & Campbell, res Washington bet Hickory& Union
Bressler, Henry  - teamster, farmer 41 acres
Bressler, Levi - stage line, res New Andress Hotel
Bristol, Francis H. - farmer 160 acres
Broad, A. H. - butcher with Vetel, res cor Main & Elm
Brooke, R. J. - stockraiser, res Jefferson bet Pine & Walnut
Brooke, Wm. F. - stockraiser, res Monroe bet Hickory & Walnut
Brooks, George W. - proprietor New Andress Hotel, res cor Main & Hickory
Brooks, William  - laborer, res Monroe bet Cedar & Hickory
Brown, Charles L. - bookkeeper with E. Brown & Co., res Main bet Crdar & Hickory
Brown E. & Co. -  proprietors Farmers' & Mechanics' Store, cor Main & Walnut
Brown, Elisha - E. Brown & Co., res Lincoln bet Walnut & Pine
Brown, Eugene C. - laborer, res Madison bet Pine & Walnut
Brown, Henry W. - E. Brown & Co., res Main bet Cedar & Hickory
Brown, John W. - res Lincoln bet Oak & Pine
Brown, Martin V. - farmer 80 acres
Brown, Thomas  - blacksmith, horseshoer, cor main & Cedar, res cor Jackson & Douglas
Brown, Wm. F. - farmer
Brumnett, W. - farmer, Monroe & West
Bruner, Matt. - porter Boca Beer Hall, res Main bet Walnut & Pine
Bryant, Charles O. - barber, Main bet Walnut& Hickory, res Madison bet Elm & Ash
Buchanan, William - res Monroe bet Hickory & Cedar
Bullard, Charles J. - millman, res Madison bet Walnut & Pine
Bullard, George  - carpenter, res Madison bet Walnut & Pine
Burgess, C. F. - farmer, grocer
Burgess, John W. -  proprietor Tremont Hotel
Burns, John A. - engineer, res New Andress Hotel
Burress, Charles  - farmer
Burress, O. - farmer 320 acres
Burress, V. T. - stockraiser, res Pine bet Jackson & Lincoln
Burrill, Charles  - farmer
Burrill, W. R. - farmer 160 acres
Burt, J. L. - stockraiser
Burt, T. F. - farmer 320 acres
Burton, Geo. - waiter, res Union Hotel
Burtt, Henry H. - merchant, res cor Pine & High
Buss, Chas. A. - clerk with Jerry Schoenfeld, res Jackson bet Oak & Elm
Butler, Elizabeth Miss - dressmaker, res cor Main & Sycamore
Butler, Mary Mrs. - dressmaker, res cor Main & Sycamore
Butler, Walter - teamster, res Jefferson bet Ash & Willow
Butler, Wm. - bartender Baird's Saloon, cor Sycamore & Main
Cadwallader, Charles - pres. Bank of Tehama Co., manager Western Union Tel Co., res Tremont Hotel
Cahoone, Wm. B. - agent Wells, Fargo & Co., cashier Bank of Tehama Co.,
     res Jefferson bet Cedar & Union
California Beer Halle - Oyster & Chop House, Main bet Walnut & Pine, Philip Kastner  prop'
Camacho, Pablo - laborer, res cor Jackson & Crittenden
Cameron, James F. - physican & surgeon, Main bet Oak & Pine
Cameron, Thomas  - stockraiser  160 acres
Cameron, Willis M. - laborer
Camillus, Mary Sister - teacherAcademy of Our Lady of Mercy, res High cor Sycamore
Campbell, C. A. - Morris & Campbell, res Washington bet Hickory & Cedar
Campbell, Edwin S. - res Washington bet Crittenden & Union
Campbell, John - laborer
Campbell, Wm. C. - bookkeeper, res Monroe bet Hickory & Walnut
Cannon, Lewis W. - stockraiser
Carpenter, John S. - farmer
Carpenter, W. H. - blacksmith
Carter, Charles  - blacksmith, res cor Jackson& Cedar
Carter, Henry  - farmer, res cor Washington & Ash,  80 acres
Carthy, Patrick - woolgrower 320 acres
Cason, George I. - physican & surgeon, res cor Main & Cedar
Cassin, Frank - hostler, res Main bet Willow & Ash
Cassin, Henry - laborer res Main bet Ash & Willow
Cassin, Sarah Miss - dressmaker, res Main bet Ash & Willow
Casteel, J. A. - farmer 120 acres
Central Market - Geo. G. Winter proprietor, cor Washington & Pine
Cezar, Harriet A. Mrs. - ladies' nurse, res Walnut nr Washington
Chadbourne, Jabez - Hatch & Chadbourne, res Tremont Hotel
Chamberlain & Bro. - blacksmiths, wagonmakers, cor Jackson & Walnut
Chamberlain, Dayton W. - Chamberlain & Bro., res Jackson bet Pine & Walnut
Chamberlain, James H. - Chamberlain & Bro., res Jackson bet Pine & Walnut
Chamberlain, Richard - blacksmith, res Lincoln bet Oak & Sycamore
Champlin, George - stockraiser, cor Main & Hickory
Champlin, Lester - stock dealer
Chard, Stephen - farmer, res cor Jefferson & Pine 2830 acres
Charles, Sidney - capitalist
Chase Guy H. - bookkeeper with Charles R. Mayhew, res cor Pine and Madison
Chase, H. B. - farmer 160 acres
Chaves, F. - laborer, res Monroe bet Douglas & Crittenden
Childs, S. M. - farmer 160 acres
Chipman, N. P. - Chipman & Garter, res Manzanita Heights
Chipman & Garter - attorneys at law, Main bet Oak & Pine
Chittenden, Arthur J. - salesman with John Church, res Jefferson bet Oak & Pine
Chittenden, C. C. & Bros. - farmers 1360 acres
Christian, C. E. - barber, Main bet Pine & Oak, res Jefferson cor Hickery
Church, John E. - gen mdse, Main bet Oak & Pine, res High bet Oak & Elm
City Market - Wm. Prater proprietor, Walnut bet Jefferson & Madison
Clarendon, T. - farmer 160 acres
Clark, Andrew - laborer res cor Jackson & Union
Clark, John - proprietor National Livery & Feed Stable, res Washington bet Cedar & Union
Clark, Lorenzo D. - editor The People's Cause, res Main bet Union & Cedar
Clark, S. D.  - merchant, res cor Washington & Elm
Clayman, John - farmer 80 acres
Clements, G. G. - blacksmith res cor Lincoln & Cedar
Clements, H. - mailing clerk Post Office, res cor Lincoln & Elm
Clements, Henry - laborer, res Union Hotel
Clements, John - Postmaster, proprietor stationery & new depot, res cor Main & Ash
Clendenin, George W. - farmer 160 acres
Clendenin, J. H. - farmer 160 acres
Clifton, C. M. - farmer 160 acres
Cobb, Caspar - contractor, builder, res cor Washington & Ash
Cobb, Henry W. - carpenter, res cor Washington & Ash
Cochran, Ada Miss - dressmaker, res cor Lincoln & Pine
Cochran, Rufus - gunsmith, res cor Monroe & Hickory
Cocking, George - conductor C.P.R.R., res cor Monroe & Cedar
Cofer, Charles L. - farmer
Cofer, George W. - farmer
Coffey, A. A. - farmer 240 acres
Coffey, Charles O. - laborer res Monroe bet Crittenden & Douglas
Coffman, A. B. - Coffman Bros., res cor Main & Ash
Coffman Bros. - real estate, insurance, searchers of records
Coffman, P. H. - Coffman Bros., res cor Main & Ash
Cohn, Alex - dry goods, clothing, boots, shoes, res cor Madison & Oak
Cole, John H. - carpenter res cor Jackson & Cedar
Cole, Reuben - stockraiser  160 acres
Cole, William E. - laborer, res Johnson nr Hickory
Cole, William H. - nursery 160 acres
Collamer, Geo. W. - shoemaker with Anton Lingscheid, res Madison bet Pine & Walnut
Colley, A. - res Jackson bet Hickory & Cedar
Collins, Anthony S. - overseer C. & O. R. R.
Collins, O. H. - Richart & Collins, res cor Walnut & Monroe
Colyear, Charles  - farmer 200 acres
Colyear, J. G. - farmer 878 acres
Combs, Benjamin S. - painter, res Main bet Ash & Sycamore
Combs, Charles  - teamster
Comer, James  - laborer res Union Hotel
Comstock, Charles A. - Justice of the Peace, notary public, Police Judge, office Odd Fellows'
        Building, res Tremont Hotel
Conant, Harrison M. - laborer
Conant, J. - laborer Sierra Lumber Co.
Conard, W. E. - farmer
Concordia Hotel - J. Hastenplug proprietor, Walnut bet Monroe & Jackson
Cone, Joseph S. - Cone & Kimball, vice-president Bank of Tehama, res Antelope Valley 75,523 a
Cone & Kimball - gen mdse, wheat & wool, Main bet Pine & Hickory 1040 acres
Confidence Fire Company - Jacob Hughes foreman, Main bet Walnut & Hickory
Connelly, J. B. - laborer Red Bluff Flour Mills
Coon, H. - woolgrower, res Monroe & West 160 acres
Coon, James M. - farmer 577 acres
Cogeland, James  - farmer
Cornell, Abiah Mrs. - board & lodging, cor Main & Cedar
Cornell, Herbert S. - merchant, res cor Washington & Cedar
Corrigan, Martin - blacksmith, res High bet Pine & Walnut
Corson, William H. - laborer Sierra Lumber Co.
County Hopsital - J. Fife physican, foot of Oak
Cottey, Charles - painter, res Lincoln bet Cedar  & Hickory
Cottey, Charles E. - carpenter, res Lincoln bet Cedar  & Hickory
Cowell, Samuel - mason, res Lincoln bet Oak & Pine
Cox, Nellie Miss - dressmaker, res Washington nr Union
Cox, John - laborer, res Monroe & West
Cox, William H. - Roberts & Cox, res cor Main & Walnut
Cramer, Allen S. - carpenter, res cor Washington & Union
Crandall, C. D. - harnessmaker, res cor Jefferson & Cedar
Crandall, Charles G. - harness, saddles, Main bet Pine & Walnut, res cor Jefferson & Hickory
Crandall, Lincoln - harnessmaker with Charles G. Crandall, res cor Jefferson & Hickory
Crawford, Isaac S. - school teacher, res cor Jefferson & Crittenden
Crego, Harry B. - salesman with Cone & Kimball, res Ash bet Main & River
Crego, Henry M. - farmer, res Ash bet Main & River
Creigh, A. W. H. - bus driver res Union Hotel
Cremer, Allen - carpenter, res cor Washington & Crittenden
Crocker, Nathan - wood & grain, res Jefferson bet Oak & Elm
Croney, Kate Miss - dressmaker with Morris & Campbell, res Madison bet Oak & Elm
Croney, Patrick  - blacksmith, res Madison bet Oak & Elm
Crocker, Levi A. - farmer 320  acres
Crothers, John - bartender with Wm. Edwards, res Main bet Oak & Pine
Crotzer, E. - nurseryman, res cor Monroe & Crittenden
Crouch, John - farmer160  acres
Crozier, R. C. - farmer 80 acres
Crozier, Thomas R. - farmer  160 acres
Crumbough, Peter C. - farmer, res cor Washington & Walnut
Crumley, William D. - res cor Jefferson & Walnut
Cruse, Gilbert - farmer
Crystal Palace Emporium & Clothing Bazaar - Conrad Volker  prop', Main bet Pine & Walnut
Cuddeback, John W. - laborer, res Jackson bet Crittenden & Union
Culbertson, George  - foreman Sierra Lumber Co.
Culy, George C. - farmer
Cummin, Randolph F. - chicken ranch
Cummin, Robert D. - chicken ranch
Cunningham, Charles E. - clerk with Fowle & Alvord, res cor Main & Elm
Cunningham, Howard F. - clerk, res Walnut bet Washington & Jefferson
Cushing, Charles P. - clerk with Rolla Fuller, res cor Washington & Crittenden
Cushing, E. S. - res Jefferson bet Oak & Pine
Cushing, Frank P. - foreman Sierra Lumber Co.
Cushing, Hanson P. - bartender Palace Saloon, res Jefferson bet Oak & Pine
Cushing, Susie Miss  - dressmaker with Mrs. M. Langsdon, res Washington bet Cedar & Union
Dailey, Edward - with C. & O. R.R. 240 acres
Dailey, Lewis - fruitraiser  320 acres
Dale, Clifford - school teacher
Dale, Lizzie Miss - school teacher
Dale, Milton - school teacher 120 acres
Daniels, Eugene - farmer, res New Andress Hotel
Darnsell, J. - farmer 160 acres
Darrough, Charles H. - druggist, res Main bet Pine & Walnut
Davenport, J. S. - groceries, Main bet Pine & Walnut
Davenport, L. M. - money order clerk Post Office, res High bet Oak & Elm
Davis, Katie Miss - dressmaker, res Madison bet Hickory & Walnut
Davis, T. J. - boss carpenter, res Madison bet Hickory & Walnut
Dean, Alexander - laborer Red Bluff Flour Mills
Dean, George S. - laborer Sierra Lumber Co.
Decker, Charles F. - machinist, res cor Main & Willow
DeHaven, Emma - widow, res Washington bet Crittenden & Union
DeHaven, E. - farmer
DeHaven, George  - stockraiser, res  Washington bet Crittenden & Union
DeHaven, Joseph L. - stockraiser, res  Washington bet Crittenden & Union
Delashmutt, Randolph - laborer, res Washington bet Douglas & Breckenridge
Delehanty, John - saloon keeper, res Main bet Walnut & Hickory
Delvecehio, C. H. - barber, Main bet Walnut & Pine
Depot Exchange - Gongwer & Balliet proprietors Walnut bet Madison & Monroe
Derby, Warren H. - res Union Hotel
DeShields, Edward - res Walnut bet Main & High
DeShields, Jennie - widow, res Walnut bet Main & High
Dillabough, Elijah - saloon keeper, res Main bet Pine & Walnut
Dimble, John - farmer, res cor Monroe & Crittenden
Dineley, John - bartender with Chas. D. Sheppard, res Jefferson bet Pine & Walnut
Dinkel, A. P. - farmer 680 acres
Dinneen, Cornelius - laborer, res cor High & Oak
Dodson, Dillon D. - compositor Sentinel
Dodson, W. B. H. - editor &  proprietor Sentinel
Doole, Catherine - widow, res High bet Sycamore & Elm
Dooly, Edmond - plasterer, res Monroe bet Union & Cedar
Doty, Esther J. Mrs. - dressmaker, res Main bet Sycamore & Ash
Dougherty, John - laborer, res Union Hotel
Dover, W. H. - mechanic, res cor Willow & Jefferson
Doyle, Harry - blacksmith, horseshoerer, cor Main & Douglas
Doyle, William  - farmer 160 acres
Drane, J. T. - farmer 80 acres
Drechler, Gus - clerk with E. Brown & Co., res Lincoln bet Walnut & Pine
Dugane, George - waiter, res cor Main & Walnut
Duhig, Louis J. - farmer
Duncan, Minnie Miss - milliner with Morris & Campbell, res Riverview
Duncan, William  - farmer 123 acres
Dunphy, Michael  - farmer
Duvall, G. A. - farmer 359 acres
Dyer, Henry W. - carpenter
Dyer, J. C. - saloon, bakery, deputy Sheriff
Eastman, Simeon - wagonmaker, res cor Pine & Madison
Eaton, G. W. - farmer 160 acres
Eby, J. - County Assessor, res Monroe bet Pine & Walnut
Eby, Thomas M. - deputy Assessor, res Monroe bet Pine & Walnut
Edgar, T. P. - chicken ranch 160 acres
Edgerton, Fannie Mrs.  - saloon, High bet Walnut & Hickory
Edwards, John T. - farmer
Edwards, William  - saloon, Main bet Oak & Pine
Edwards, Wm. B. - blacksmith, res Main bet Union & Cedar
Eiler, Mary - widow, res cor Washington & Crittenden
Eirl, J. A. - carpenter, builder, High bet Oak & Elm
Elam, David M. - farmer 160 acres
Elam, John N. - farmer
Elam, W. B. - farmer
Eldridge, Myron H. - laborer
Ellison, John F. - Attorney at law, office cor Main & Pine, res cor Main & Cedar
Elmore, H. F. - farmer 320 acres
Elmore, Robert H. - druggist, Main bet Oak & Pine, res Washington bet Pine & Walnut
Elorum, Peter - wagonmaker with Bidwell Bros., res cor Washington & Hickory
Emmerson, Gerdon E. - laborer, res Union Hotel
Emmons, Frank - hackman, res cor Monroe & West
Emmons, Luke J. - farmer, res cor Madison & Pine
Empire Livery Stables - John Brady proprietor, Oak bet Main & Washington
Engine Co. No. 2 - E. F. Lennon foreman, Pine bet Jefferson & Monroe
English, Samuel  - laborer, res Monroe bet Douglas & Crittenden
Enos, Manuel - hostler, res Main bet Cedar & Hickory
Epperson, Daniel  - wagonmaker with H. M. Allbright, res Madison bet Crittenden & Union
Epperson, Felix J. - laborer
Epperson, Henry B. - laborer, Madison bet Crittenden & Union
Erckert, Jacob - Van Sant & Erckert
Erwin, Wm. F. - hay dealer, res cor Main & Breckenridge
Estep, Francis M. - stockraiser
Esterle, A. M. - dentist, res Oak bet Washington & Jefferson
Etzler, Martin - farmer 160 acres
Etzler, William J. - farmer
Evans, William  - laborer
Eveland, Elias - farmer
Eveland, Thomas J. - laborer
Eves, Anna M. Miss - res Washington bet Sycamore & Ash
Exley, Ann M. - widow, res Hickory bet Washington & Main
Exley, Sarah E. Miss - school teacher, res Madison nr Crittenden
Fabre, Francis A. - miner, res foot Walnut
Facht, Michael - woolgrower 3039 acres
Fales, Alexander D. - farmer
Farmers' & Mechanics' Store - E. Brown & Co. proprietors, cor Main & Walnut
Farris, Antone - laborer, res National Hotel
Fickert, Charles W. - furniture dealer, Fickert's Building, res cor Cedar & Jefferson
Fickert, William C.- salesman with Charles W. Fickert, res cor Cedar & Jefferson
Fickert's Building - Main bet Oak & Pine
Field, James  - farmer, res Hickory nr Jackson
Field, Jonathan K. - lumberman
Fife, John - physican & surgeon, Main bet Pine & Walnut, res Tremont Hotel
Finch, John - clerk, res High bet Oak & Elm
Finley, William  - farmer 160 acres
Firlott, J. S. - farmer 240 acres
Fish, Charles E.  - bartender Baird's Saloon
Fish, Erskine - farmer 400 acres
Fish, Garrett - farmer 160 acres
Fish, George F. - farmer, res New Andress Hotel
Fleming, Frank - teacher
Fleming, Sarah - teacher
Flinn, Thomas J. - woolgrower 960 acres
Florence, Joseph  - farmer
Florence, R. H. - feed stable, res Jackson bet Pine & Walnut
Florence, W. J. - groceries, cor Walnut & Jackson
Fonda, Elizabeth  Mrs. - ladies' nurse, res Main bet Ash & Sycamore
Force, Mrs. - widow, res Jackson bet Crittenden & Union
Fordenwalt, C. E. - shipper Sierra Lumber Co.
Fortier, E. C. - proprietor Luna Corral, res Washington bet Walnut & Hickory
Foster, Charles F. - farmer/stockraiser, res Washington bet Cedar & Union
Foster, Joseph B. - laborer Sierra Mill & Lumber Co. res Washington bet Douglas & Crittenden
Foward, Walter K. - stockraiser
Fowle, Cyrus D. - Fowle & Alvord, res Madison bet Cedar & Hickory
Fowle & Alvord - merchants, cor Main & Oak
Francis, Sister Mary - teacher Academy Lady of Mercy, res cor High & Sycamore
Frank, Douglas W. - bookeeper, Bank of Tehama Co., res cor Main & Ash
Frank, John W.- salesman L. Nickelsburg, res cor Jefferson & Union
Frank, Myer J. - painter, res Ash bet Main & river
Frank, Samuel F. - forwarding merchant, res cor Jefferson & Union
Frank's Auction House - James M. Sears proprietor, Main bet Oak & Elm
Freeman, James R. - farmer
Fraser, Leonard  - harnessmaker, res Union Hotel
Freeman, S. P - cashier Herbert Kraft, res Main bet Ash & Sycamore
Freeman, Jas. Y. - laborer Sierra Lumber Co. 160 acres
French, Marion B. - woolgrower, res cor Jefferson & Elm 2240 acres
Frost, Kate - widow, res Monroe bet Union & Crittenden
Fuller, Frank N. - dentist, Main bet Pine & Walnut, res cor Jackson & Hickory
Fuller, J. Darwin - assistant  bookeeper Sierra Lumber Co., res cor Jackson & Hickory
Fuller, O. P. - brick mason, res Jackson bet Walnut & Hickory
Fuller, Rolla - groceries, provisions, Main bet Pine & Walnut res Cedar bet Jefferson & Madison
Fuller, Willis M. - farmer
Funk, Louis - laborer Red Bluff Brewery
Gaffel, Charles - horseshoer, Main bet Walnut & Hickory
Gaines, Flave H. - photographer, Main bet Walnut & Hickory, res Jefferson bet Cedar & Union
Gale, Albert W. - Attorney at law, office cor Main & Pine, res cor Walnut & Monroe
Gale, Herbert A. - physican & surgeon, Coroner, Public Administrator, Main bet Oak & Pine,
        res cor Washington & Sycamore
Galiher, Harry - fishdealer, res Lincoln bet Oak & Sycamore
Gans, Enoch S. - principal Red Bluff Academy, res cor Madison & Crittenden
Garcia, Alvena - stockraiser
Gardner, Luke - farmer 1000 acres
Gardner, Luke Jr. - farmer 300 acres
Gardner, N. - farmer 320 acres
Garoutte, Samuel A. -agent Wheeler & Wilson Sewing Machines,
     res Madison bet Elm & Sycamore
Garrett, Charles H. - clerk Garrett & Lyon, res Washington bet Douglas & Crittenden
Garrett, Edmond H. - Garrett & Lyon, res Crittenden bet Madison & Jefferson
Garrett, Eugene - clerk Garrett & Lyon, res Washington bet Douglas & Crittenden
Garrett, George C. - salesman Garrett & Lyon, res Crittenden bet Madison & Jefferson
Garrett & Lyon - stoves, hardware, paints, Main bet Oak & Elm
Garter, C. A. - Chipman & Garter, res cor Main & Sycamore
Garvin, F. H. - farmer 160 acres
Garvin, Sylvester O. - farmer
Garwood, Martha - widow, res cor Washington & Sycamore
Gates, Tandy H. - meat market, Main bet Pine & Walnut, res cor Oak & Johnson
Gault, A. J. - carpenter, res Jefferson bet Oak & Elm
Gedney, David W. - manager with Cone & Kimball, res cor Washington & Hickory
Gee, Benjamin F. - tailor with Neal McKinnon, res Jefferson bet Douglas & Crittenden
Geft, Walter A. - laborer Sierra Lumber Co.
Gemmill, John B. - farmer, res cor Monroe & Crittenden
Gernon, Richard  - farmer 160  acres
Gerstenberger, Paul - Gerstenberger & Kuhn, res Jefferson bet Walnut & Hickory
Gerstenberger & Kuhn - jewelers, engravers, Main bet Oak & Pine
Gestal, Albert - butcher, res cor Washington & Sycamore
Gibbons, John R. - farmer 160 acres
Gibbons, Robert H. - carpenter
Gibbons, William  - farmer 720 acres
Gibbs, Ezekiel - farmer
Gibson, Henry  - farmer 320 acres
Gibson, William F.- salesman with Charles R. Mayhew, res Jefferson bet Oak & Pine
Gilbert, Florence Miss - foreman millinery department Morris & Campbell,
      res Pine bet Washington & Jefferson
Gilmore, G. H. - compositor People's Cause, res Union Hotel
Gilmore, John - farmer 410 acres
Gilson, S. A. - waiter, res cor Oak & Jefferson
Gilson, Thomas - watchman, res Jefferson bet Cedar & Hickory
Glassburner, A. - farmer 80 acres
Glassburner, James - farmer 160 acres
Glenn, T. L. - farmer 160 acres
Glines, Wm. J. - woolgrower, res Washington nr Ash
Godecke, Charles A. - butcher, res cor Madison & Walnut
Goe, John - farmer 480 acres
Gongwer, Samuel - Gongwer & Balliet
Gongwer & Balliet -  proprietors Depot Exchange Saloon
Gonzales, M. - farmer 637 acres
Gooch, James - stockraiser, res cor Main & Hickory
Goodenough, Charles S. - carpenter Sierra Lumber Co., res Washington nr Crittenden
Goodrich, L. W. - farmer 159 acres
Goodrich, Samuel E. - steward New Address Hotel, res cor Main & Hickory
Gordon, Gilman H. - farmer 160 acres
Gossett, Allen O. - sheepraiser
Gossett, John H. - sheepraiser
Goult, Frank - farmer
Graffell, Charles - blacksmith, res Jackson bet Cedar & Hickory
Graham, Franklin - farmer
Graham, John -saloon, barber shop, Main bet Walnut & Hickory res Walnut bet Monroe & Jack.
Graham, R. F. - saloon, Main bet Pine & Walnut, res Hickory bet High & Main
Graupner, L. C. - millwright, res cor Washington  & Hickory
Graves, Alba H. - agent sewing machines, Oak bet Main & Wash., res Lincoln bet Oak & Elm
Graves, Oscar E. - principal Public School, res cor Douglas & Washington
Graves, Richard B. - farmer
Gray, James D. - farmer
Green, Charles - farmer 40 acres
Green, W. F. - fireman Sierra Lumber Co.
Green, William - farmer 160 acres
Greewold, -- - laborer, res Jackson bet Cedar & Hickory
Gregg, John N. - Holt & Gregg, res Madison bet Oak & Elm
Grier, Wm. M. - farmer
Grimm, John F. - saloon, barber, Jackson bet Pine & Walnut
Grimm, J. F. - dressmaker,  Jackson bet Pine & Walnut
Gross, Philip - merchant tailor, Main bet Pine & Walnut, res Madison bet Hickory & Walnut
Grows, Adolph - laborer, res Main bet Breckenridge & Douglas
Gruell, R. M. - farmer 160 acres
Guernsey, Wm. H. - farmer 427 acres
Guffy, George L.- salesman with Cone & Kimball, res cor Washington & Hickory
Gusset, Samuel - gardener, res cor Jackson & Pine
Guyre, B. - sheepraiser, res cor Cedar & Washington  1792 acres
Haas, Benjamin - res Washington bet Ash & Sycamore
Hagerman, John - blacksmith, res cor Main & Union
Hall, Eden - farmer
Hall, Frank - farmer, res Ash bet Jefferson & Madison
Hall, Mary - widow, res Oak bet Jackson & Lincoln
Halley, Oscar J. - woolgrower, res Main bet Cedar & Hickory
Halley, Wm. H. - sheepraiser, res Main bet Cedar & Hickory 4000 acres
Hamilton, James - clerk with Morris & Campbell, res Oak bet Jefferson & Washington
Hammons, A. J. - fireman, res cor Washington & Ash
Hansen & Waxelberger - bakers,  saloon
Hardy, William H. - printer. res Union Hotel
Harris, George S. - farmer
Harris, Joseph H. - farmer 160 acres
Harris, O. W. - farmer 160 acres
Harris, Simeon L. - wellborer
Harris, Wm. B. - farmer
Harrison, J. M. - farmer 160 acres
Harvey, Charles - farmer
Harvey, T. B. - barkeeper with John A. Payne, res Main bet Pine & Walnut
Hastenplug, J. - proprietor Concordia Hotel
Hatch, Jackson - Hatch & Chadbourne, res Oak bet Main & High
Hatch & Chadbourne - Attorneys at law, cor Main & Pine
Hauser, Adolph - proprietor Red Bluff Bakery, res Main bet Oak & Elm
Hazelton, N. S. - farmer 3319 acres
Hazelton, R. - farmer
Hazelton, William - laborer
Hazen, George W. - farmer 320 acres
Hazen, Wheeler E. - farmer 922 acres
Healy, John - laborer, res cor Jefferson & Oak
Heaton, John - clerk, res Walnut nr Jackson
Heavey, John - sheepraiser, res cor Jackson & Crittenden  6619 acres
Heckle, Mary J. Mrs. - confectionery, tobacco, Walnut nr Madison
Helena, Mother Rev. - Superior of Academy of Our Lady of Mercy, cor High & Sycamore
Helsley, L. A. Mrs. - widow, res cor Oak & Lincoln
Hemminger, B. K. - miner, res Washington nr Ash
Henderson, H. C. - farmer 292  acres
Henderson, Israel M. - foreman Chipman's ranch, res cor Walnut & Potter
Henderson, J. H. - farmer 80 acres
Henrique, F. R. - farmer 550 acres
Hensley, Lucinda - widow, res cor Jefferson & Sycamore
Herbst, Julius - carpenter, res cor Union & Main
Herdle, George - harnessmaker with Paul Stoll, res Hickory bet Main & High
Herdle, William - butcher City Market, res Cedar bet High & Main
Herdle, William Jr. - butcher City Market, res Cedar bet High & Main
Herman, C. V. - laborer Sierra Lumber Co.
Herman, T. J. - carpenter Sierra Lumber Co.
Herzinger, E. C. - farmer
Herzinger, H. L. - printer, res main bet Walnut & Hickory
Hesse, Charles - farmer 160 acres
Hickman, E. - farmer 77 acres
Hickman, D. S. - farmer 80 acres
Hickman, Thomas B. - speculator, res Main bet Douglas & Crittenden
Hicks, Homer - bartender with William Edwards, res Washington bet Walnut &  Hickory
Hicks, J. B. Mrs. - oysters, ice cream, Main bet Oak & Pine
Higgins, Scott - farmer 80 acres
Hill, Daniel F. - lumberman
Hinckley, Lizzie Mrs. - dressmaker, res cor Main & Sycamore
Hipsher, Harvey - farmer 80 acres
Hitchcock, L. V. - Hitchcock & Kelley, District Attorney
Hitchcock & Kelley - Attorneys at law, Main bet Oak & Pine
Hobson, Milton J. - saloon, Main bet Oak & Pine
Hoffman, A. H. - clerk New Andress Hotel, res Main bet Hickory & Walnut
Hoffman, Edward - carpenter, res New Andress Hotel
Holbert, Frank - laborer
Holbert, James M. - farmer
Holbert, John - farmer
Holman, George W. - res Main nr Willow
Holman, James - farmer 80 acres
Holman, Susan A. Mrs. - dressmaker, res Main bet Cedar & Union
Holman, William D. - farmer 160 acres
Holt, James R. - Holt & Gregg, res Washington bet Ash & Willow
Holt & Gregg - contractors, builders, Odd Fellows' Building
Holt, James N. - farmer, res cor Pine & Potter
Homan, Mark L. - farmer, res Main bet Ash & Sycamore
Hook & Ladder Co. - Main bet Walnut & Hickory
Hook, Marcus R. - real estate, insurance, notary public, County Supervisor, Odd Fellows' Bldg.
Hooper, Thomas - laborer, res Union Hotel
Horton, Gilbert - farmer, res Washington bet Cedar & Union
Hoskins, R. O. - clerk, res Washington bet Cedar & Union
House, Jacob - carpenter, res Lincoln bet Cedar & Hickory
Howard, Charles - teamster, res Washington bet Ash & Willow
Howard, E. C. - farmer 640 acres
Howell, William - farmer
Hubbard, Wm. H. - woolgrower, res cor Jefferson & Ash
Hubbs, Francis M. - laborer Sierra Lumber Co.
Hughes, Charles - clerk with Morris & Campbell, res Washington bet Crittenden & Union
Hughes, Henry C. - bookeeper with Morris & Campbell, res Jefferson bet Pine & Walnut
Hughes, J. A. - drayman, res Jefferson bet Crittenden & Union
Hughes, Thomas - carpenter, res cor Washington & Union
Hunt, James Rev. - pastor St. Mary's Catholic Church, res High cor Elm
Hunter, J. C. - saloon, Washington nr Walnut
Hunter, Samuel J. - furniture, Main cor Walnut, res Washington bet Hickory & Union
Hunter, Samuel J. Jr.- salesman, res Washington bet Cedar & Hickory
Hunt, William T. - farmer 160 acres
Hutchinson, A. Mrs. - widow, res Madison bet Elm & Sycamore
Hutchinson, Andrew M. - engineer, res Main bet Union & Cedar
Ide, D. W. Mrs. - farmer 460 acres
Ingalls, J. H. - carpenter, res Jefferson nr Breckenridge
Irving, Albert - laborer, res cor Union & Monroe
Jackson, W. C. - millman, res Concordia Hotel
James, Emma Miss - dressmaker with Kate Croney, res Jackson bet Cedar & Hickory
Jarrett, Joseph G. - stockraiser
Jeffress, George W. - physican & surgeon,  Justice of the Peace, res cor Jefferson & Walnut
Jeffries, Andrew - carpenter, res cor Cedar & Jackson
Jelley, Andrew - farmer, res Jefferson bet Cedar & Hickory 6212 acres
Jenkins, Alonzo R. - stockraiser  877 acres
Jenkins, Edward J. - molder Sierra Lumber Co.
Jenkins, L. - laborer Sierra Lumber Co.
Jenkins, Walter - road builder Sierra Lumber Co.
John, C. P. S. - farmer 320 acres
Jonathan, Starks - farmer 240 acres
Johnson, A. - farmer 4436 acres
Johnson, Henry - general jobber, res Ridge Creek
Johnson, James - farmer
Johnson, John M. - woolgrower, res Ash bet Main & High
Johnson, Joseph H. - carpenter, res Lincoln bet Pine & Walnut
Johnson, J. W. - drayman, res Madison bet Ash & Willow
Johnson, Maggie - widow, res cor Hickory & Jefferson
Johnson, Selina Miss - teacher
Johnson, W. H. - farmer 160 acres
Johnson, William R. - farmer 160 acres
Johnston, G. W. - farmer 400 acres
Jones, Charles - hostler
Jones, Charles F. - proprietor Wine Rooms, res Oak bet Jefferson & Madison
Jones, Emma Miss - dressmaker, res Jackson bet Walnut & Hickory
Jones, J. A. - woolgrower 1130 acres
Jones, J. H. - clerk with Wm. Edwards, res Main bet Oak & Pine
Jones, Luella - teacher
Jones, Mamie Miss - dressmaker with Miss Kate Croney, res Main bet Ash & Willow
Jones, M. A. Mrs. - restaurant, Main bet Pine & Walnut
Jones, Thomas J. - blacksmith, res Madison bet Pine & Walnut
Jones, W. Henry - Attorney at law, Main bet Oak & Pine, res Monroe bet Union & Cedar
Jones, William J. - clerk National Hotel
Jones, William W. - wagonmaker, cor Jackson & Walnut
Jordan, Charles - gardener, nurseryman, res River bet Elm & Sycamore
Jordan, John - steward National Hotel
Joseph, Mary Sister - teacher Academy of Our Lady of Mercy, res High cor Sycamore
Kamp, Albert D. - clerk Frank's Auction House, res Tremont Hotel
Kaskill, Norman - farmer
Kastner, Philip - proprietor California Beer Halle, Oyster & Chop House
Kaufmann, A. A. - farmer, County Supervisor 144 acres
Keeney, William T. - farmer
Kelley, James - farmer 160 acres
Kelley, K. E. - Hitchcock & Kelley
Kelly, M. - deliveryman with E. Brown & Co., res Lincoln bet Walnut & Pine
Kennedy, John D. - bartender Railroad Saloon, res cor Oak & Jefferson
Kennedy, M. -  proprietor  Railroad Saloon, res cor Oak & Jefferson
Kennedy, Thomas - policeman, res cor Walnut & High
Kennedy, William - farmer 320 acres
Kepler, Jacob L. - farmer 120 acres
Kersey, L. C. - gunmaker
Kester, Levi B. - farmer, res cor Douglas & Monroe
Kestner, Philip R. - saloon, restaurant, res cor Main & Willow
Keth, Harriet - widow, res cor Main & Elm
Kilgore, Theodore - laborer, res Main bet Union & Cedar
Killum, Frank - teamster, res cor Jefferson & Union
Kimball, Gorham G. - Cone & Kimball, res High bet Ash & Willow 960 acres
Kimberlin, John - janitor Court House
Kindlerberger, F. M. - machinist, res cor Main & Elm
King, Edward - farmer, machinist 270 acres
Kingsley, G. L. - glove manufacturer, res cor Main & Elm
Kingsley, N. L. - hunter, res Washington nr Oak
Kinsman, John - farmer 480 acres
Kirkwood, H. N. - laborer Planing Mill
Kirkwood, Hugh C. - laborer Sierra Lumber Co., res cor Jefferson & Oak
Klamroth, Louis - farmer
Knab, J. D. - laborer, res Concordia Hotel
Knauss, Henry - farmer 160 acres
Knetzer, James A. - farmer, res Jefferson bet Elm & Sycamore
Knight, Daniel - farmer 240 acres
Knight, John C. - teamster, res Washington bet Jackson & Monroe
Knight, Joseph - foreman Sierra Lumber Co's. Mill,  res Main bet Ask & Sycamore
Knox, W. T. - farmer 320 acres
Kohrumel A. - farmer 420 acres
Kraft, George H. - clerk
Kraft, Herbert - banker Main bet Oak & Pine, res High bet Oak & Pine
Krauss, John - proprietor Red Bluff Brewery, res cor Douglas & Washington
Kruse, Frank H.- furnishing goods, varieties, Main bet Pine & Hickory, res Pine bet Main & High
Kuhn, Albin - Gerstenberger & Kuhn, res cor Washington & Sycamore
Kuhn, James - jeweler, res cor Washington & Sycamore
Lachenecht, Hugo - gardener, res Ash bet Main & High
Laffoon, Thomas, R. - farmer
Lages, D. Mrs. - widow, Jackson bet Oak & Sycamore
Lages, Wm. - laborer, res cor Jackson & Elm
Lamb, George - carpenter Sierra Lumber Co.
Lamb, J. H. - laborer Sierra Lumber Co.
Lamb, J. L. - hostler Sierra Lumber Co.
Lance, Isaac M. - laborer, res cor Lincoln & Oak
Landis, Edward - sheepraiser, res Pine bet Jefferson & Madison
Landis, Jacob - watchmaker, repairer, Main bet Oak & Pine, res Jefferson bet Oak & Elm
Lane, H. J. - teamster Sierra Lumber Co.
Lange, C. W. - barber, Main bet Oak & Pine, res Oak bet Main & High
Lange, L. H. D. -  proprietor Palace Saloon Main bet Oak & Pine
Lange, L. H. D. Mrs. - boarding,  res Main bet Oak & Pine
Langheim, William - farmer 160 acres
Langsdon, M. Mrs. - dressmaker, milliner Odd Fellows' Building, res Pine bet Wash. & Jefferson
Lanham, William C. - farmer
Lapes, Miguel - farmer 240 acres
Larrimore, Robert C. - Constable, foreman Hook & Ladder Co.
LaShells, Oscar C. - printer
Lawless, John - teamster Sierra Lumber Co.
Lawson, H. D. - clerk with Cone & Kimball
Lawson, John - farmer 160 acres
Leach, Orlow A. - speculator
Leake, Joseph N. - carpenter
Lear, J. S. - engineer Sierra Lumber Co.
Lee, Bruce B. - gen insurance agent, Main bet Pine & Hickory, res cor Washington & Elm
Lee, W. W. - painter, cor Main & Pine,  res Main bet Sycamore & Elm
Leets, John - tallyman Sierra Lumber Co.
Leininger, Samuel - farmer, res Washington  bet Douglas & Crittenden
Lennon, E. F. - under Sheriff, res Jackson bet Oak & Pine
Lennox, Matthew - farmer 320 acres
Leonard, Carrie G. Miss - teacher, res High bet Oak & Pine
Leonard, George O. - gun & locksmith, Main bet Oak & Pine, res High bet Oak & Pine
Leonard, Jennie M. Miss - school teacher
Leonard, John - woolgrower 344 acres
Leonard, Susie T. Miss - school teacher
Leonard, William - realestate
Leopold, Hattie Miss - clerk with Alex. Cohn, res cor Douglas & Monroe
Leroux, George - farmer 320 acres
Lewis, Anita Mrs. - farmer 915 acres
Lewis, Edward - clerk, res cor Washington & Elm
Lewis, John W. - Attorney at law, res cor Washington & Elm
Lewis, John W. - junk, res cor Hickory & Madison
Lewis, L. L. - farmer 160 acres
Lewis, Samuel - carpenter, res Madison  bet  Oak & Elm
Lindman, William - laborer, res Union Hotel
Lingscheid, Anton - boots, shoes, gents' furnishing goods, cor Main & Pine
Link, Phillip F. - laborer
Lishness, Milford L. - teamster
Littlefield, J. A. - clerk with Martin Manasse
Littlefield, L. G. - tinner with Martin Manasee, res Jefferson bet Oak & Elm
Littlefield, Ida Miss - music teacher, res cor Cedar & Jefferson
Livingston, William - agent Singer Machines, res Main bet Sycamore & Ash
Lockwood, Alanson - farmer, res cor Washington & Ash
Logan, James D. - barber, res Cedar  bet Jefferson & Washington
Logan, P. D. - farmer, res Jefferson  bet Union & Crittenden
Long, J. A. - woolgrower 9000 acres
Long, Richardson - farmer
Long, Southey W. - farmer
Lonsdale, I. R. - farmer 160 acres
Lonsdale, O. W. - farmer 360 acres
Lonsdale, W. M. - farmer 160 acres
Loomis, Adoniran J. - res Washington  bet Sycamore & Elm
Loomis, J. W. - res Washington  bet Sycamore & Elm
Loring, A. - farmer 560 acres
Love, James T. - bartender with M. J. Hobson
Love, Lamont A. - clerk, res cor Jackson & Hickory
Lovett, Ozias A. - stockdealer, res High bet  Pine & Walnut
Lowery, G. M. - farmer, woolgrower 2836 acres
Loyd, Harry - teamster, res cor Jefferson & Walnut
Lucas, James T. - teamster
Luning, William F. - civil engineer, res cor High & Sycamore
Lunsford, Levi F. - farmer
Lunsford, Simpson W. - farmer
Luther, Charles  W. - hostler with Roberts & Cox, res High bet Pine & Walnut
Luther, Preston - harnessmaker with Richart & Collins, res Main bet Oak & Pine
Lyman, W. H. - clerk Sierra Lumber Co.
Lynch, Oscar J. - druggist, res Hickory nr Washington
Lyon, Darwin B. - Garrett & Lyon,  superintendent Sierra Lumber Co., res Oak bet Jefferson &
Maben, John - barber, Main bet Pine & Walnut
Macquart, Gus - engineer Antelope Water Works, res Main bet Douglas & Crittenden
Madden, P. B. - carpenter, res Main bet Union & Cedar
Madison, George W. - proprietor Red Bluff Soda Works, res cor Jefferson & Elm
Madison, Minnie Miss - dressmaker, res Madison  bet Sycamore & Elm
Maller, C. W. D. - saloon keeper, res cor Pine & High
Maloney,  J. - tailor, res Tremont Hotel
Maloney, J. M. - tailor, res New Andress Hotel
Manasse, Martin - stoves, hardware, Main bet Oak & Pine, res Wash. bet Cedar & Hickory
March, J. L. - dairy
Marischen, H. I. - contractor, res Jefferson  bet Sycamore & Elm
Martin, Burnley T. - stockraiser
Martin, Charles H. - bookeeper with John E. Church, res Lincoln  bet Oak & Elm
Martin, George B. - farmer
Martin, J. F. - Justice of the Peace
Martin, Joseph E. - painter, res cor Madison & Sycamore
Martin, Richard - Sheriff, res Madison  bet Pine & Walnut
Marting, E. J. - shoemaker, Main bet Oak & Pine
Mason, Ruth - teacher
Masten, Benjamin L. - farmer
Matlock, Allen R. - carpenter, res cor High & Elm
Matlock, James T. - Attorney at law, office Oak bet Main & High
Matoon, W. B.- upholsterer, cabinetmaker, Oak bet Jefferson & Wash., res cor Monroe & Hick.
Mayer, Louis - Mayer & Rathja, res Jefferson  bet Sycamore & Elm
Mayer & Rathja - proprietors Boca Beer Hall
Mayhew, Byron - laborer, res cor Madison & Hickory
Mayhew, Charles P. - sheepraiser, res Washington  bet Douglas & Crittenden
Mayhew, Charles R. - gen mdse, Main bet Pine & Walnut, res cor Jefferson & Hickory
Mayhew, H. A. Rev. - pastor Presbyterian Church, res Crittenden bet Jefferson & Hickory
Mayhew, Wm. P. - barkeeper with J. F. Bell Jr., res Jefferson bet Hickory & Cedar
McArthur, John - bakery, res foot of Walnut
McCann, Richard - drayman, res cor Pine & Walnut
McCarty, Charles - shoemaker, res cor Oak & Jefferson
McCarty, D. A. - laborer, res cor Washington & Ash
McClure, J. A. - farmer 320 acres
McClure, P. T. - farmer 120 acres
McCommons, William - City Marshal, res High bet Oak & Elm
McCorkle, James F. - farmer
McCormick, E. P. - farmer 257 acres
McCoy, A. M. - farmer 4000 acres
McCoy, G. C. - sheepraiser, cor Monroe & Walnut 3830 acres
McCoy, Leo L. - woolgrower, res cor Union & Washington
McCoy, O. P. - farmer 160 acres
McCracken, J. - teamster Sierra Lumber Co.
McCray, W. H. - farmer, res cor Washington & Ash
McCrory, John - farmer
McCullough, W. J. - teamster, res Jefferson  bet Douglas & Crittenden
McDermott, Robert - printer, res Union Hotel
McDowell, Alex. - farmer 160 acres
McGerett, John - saw filerSierra Lumber Co., res Cedar nr Jefferson
McGovern, Edward - sheepraiser, res Madison  bet Union & Crittenden
McGowen, G. W. - farmer 80 acres
McKay, Alex. - laborer, res cor High cor Oak
McKay, James - watchman
McKenzie, Isaac - farmer 120 acres
McKenzi, Peter - road builder Sierra Lumber Co.
McKinney, James - McKinney & Bates, res Main bet Walnut & Hickory
McKinney & Bates - livery stable, Main bet Walnut & Hickory
McKinnon, Henry - merchant tailor, res Jefferson  bet Douglas & Crittenden
McKinnon, Neil - merchant tailor, Main bet Oak & Pine, res Jefferson bet Crittenden & Douglas
McLean, John G.- salesman with L. Nickelsburg, res cor Main & Ash
McNett, Alexander - farmer 1280 acres
McQuillen, Michael - fireman Gas Works, res National Hotel
McRae, Nathaniel B. - carpenter, res cor Douglas & Monroe
McRae, Phelix A. - laborer
McRae, Wm. R. - farmer
McTimmonds, James - bus driver Tremont Hotel
Meadows, Frank - teamster
Merritt, John - lumberman Sierra Nevada Lumber Co.
Metcalf, J. E. - farmer 160 acres
Methvin, Thomas S. - farmer 160 acres
Meyer, August - brewer, res cor Douglas & Washington
Meyer, George - carpenter  140 acres
Meyer, Lee - teamster Sierra Lumber Co.
Meyers, Wm. - farmer 160 acres
Middleton, Benjamin - clerk, res Jefferson nr Hickory
Middleton, Wm. - butcher central Market, res Jefferson bet Cedar & Hickory
Miles, Charles - farmer 280 acres
Miller, A. H. - farmer 320 acres
Miller, Charles - teamster, res Walnut bet Monroe & Jackson
Miller, David G. - farmer
Miller, Henry - proprietor National Hotel, res cor Main & Hickory
Miller, Henry B. - farmer
Miller, J. - farmer 202 acres
Miller, J. C. - farmer 160 acres
Miller, S. R. - farmer 160 acres
Miller, S. R. Jr. - farmer 160 acres
Miller, W. O. - farmer 160 acres
Miller, W. W. - farmer, res Jackson nr Hickory
Mills, William - farmer 160 acres
Milner, W. A. - cashier Sierra Lumber Co. 153 acres
Mner, William - laborer, res Union Hotel
Minott, Edwin M. - carpenter, res Main bet Oak & Pine
Mock, Charles H. - painter, res Madison nr Elm
Monette, Louis - farmer 80 acres
Montezen, A. - farmer 320 acres
Montgomery, J. S. - teamster, res Lincoln nr Pine
Montgomery, Platt - farmer 140 acres
Moore, J. D. - engineer Sierra Lumber Co.
Moral, Mary Miss - milliner with Mrs. M. Langsdon, res cor Monroe & Hickory
Morgan, C. C. - farmer 278 acres
Morgan, Felding - farmer
Morgan, J. A. - farmer 1600 acres
Morgan, Marcus A. - farmer
Morgan, Wm. W. - harnessmaker with Paul Stoll, res Main bet Oak & Pine
Morris, A. W. - Morris & Campbell, res Yolo
Morris & Campbell - drygoods, millinery, etc., Main bet Oak & Pine
Morris, Charles E. - foreman Sierra Lumber Co.
Morrissey, M. A. - clerk, res cor Jefferson & Walnut
Moss, Washington - harnessmaker
Moulton, Eli C. - clerk
Mount, A. S. - hostler, res Pine bet Main & Washington
Mount, Arthur V. - expressman, res Main bet Sycamore & Ash
Mullen, John - farmer
Mullen, W. H. - laborer Planing Mill
Munsell, J. J. - brakeman Sierra Lumber Co.
Munsell, Matthew - clerk with J. E. Church, res cor Washington & Walnut
Murphy & Armstrong - farmers 1320 acres
Murphy, S. E. - steward Tremont Hotel
Murphy, Thomas - steward National Hotel
Murray, Emery A. - farmer
Muth, Albert - res Washington  bet Douglas & Crittenden
Muth, Hattie Miss - teacher, res Washington nr Crittenden
Muth, Jacob L. - farmer, res Washington  bet Douglas & Crittenden
Myers, Frederick W. - teamster, res cor Washington & Breckenridge
Myers, Henry - farmer 160 acres
Myers, Louis - saloon keeper, res Jefferson  bet Cedar & Sycamore
Nagley, John M. - farmer
Nanney, A. S. - farmer 320 acres
Nanney, C. - farmer
Nash, Rufus - farmer
National Hotel - Henry Miller proprietor, cor Main & Hickory
Nauman, Frank - bartender with Charles F. Jones
Nealy, Robert H. - carpenter, res cor Pine & Monroe
Neate, H. J. - farmer 160 acres
Neel, Mattie Miss - Tarter & Neel, res Elm bet Main & High
Nelson, August - farmer 320 acres
Nelson, Frank - laborer Sierra Lumber Co.
Nelson, Severt - blacksmith
Neuber, J. P. - night watchman, res Jefferson  bet Sycamore & Ash
New Andress Hotel - George W. Brooks proprietor, cor Main & Hickory
Newcomer, Lewis - capitalist, woolgrower 2084 acres
Nicholls, T. T. - farmer 160 acres
Nicholson, William C. - carpenter
Nickelsburg, Louis - dealer dry goods, Main bet Pine & Walnut, res Tremont Hotel
Nickle, F. B. - farmer 211 acres
Nies, Gustave - farmer, res Union Hotel
Nix, George M. - farmer
Noble, G. W. - farmer 160 acres
Norcross, Frank - compositor The People's Cause, res National Hotel
Nordlinger, Louis - salesman with L. Nickelsburg,  res National Hotel
Norvell, John W. - cabinetmaker, res cor Breckenridge & Washington
Norwood, Andrew J. - carrier Tocsin
Nugent, Frank J. - collector Antelope Water Co., res Washington  bet Cedar & Hickory
Nunes, A. C. - farmer 1000 acres
Oaks Bros. - glove manufacturers, Washington bet Oak & Elm
Oaks, David - glovemaker, res Madison  bet Willow & Ash
Oaks, D. C. - Oaks Bros. res Paskenta
Oaks, Frank - glovemaker, res Madison  bet  Willow & Ash
Oaks, F. T. - Oaks Bros.
Occidental Club Rooms - cor Main & Oak
O'Conner, Daniel - brickmason
O'Conner, Thomas  - builder,  proprietor brickyard
O'Conner, William H. - Vogel & O'Conner, res Washington  bet Pine & Walnut
O'Conner, William - brickmason
Odd Fellow's Hall- cor Washington & Oak
Olendorf, William D. - physican & surgeon, Oak bet Main & Wash., res cor Jefferson & Oak
Olmstead, Marcus L. - merchant, res cor Oak & Jackson
Opera Hall - Main bet Oak & Elm
Ortega, Pedro - bartender Alhambra Saloon, res Main bet Walnut & Hickory
Osborn, E. L. - laborer, res Union Hotel
Osgood, R. E. - architect, office cor Main & Pine
Osman, James M. - stage driver, res cor Jackson & West
Owens, Ella Miss - school teacher, res Washington  bet Walnut & Hickory
Owens, Lizzie Miss - dressmaker, res Washington  bet Walnut & Hickory
Owens, Mollie Miss - school teacher, res Washington  bet Walnut & Hickory
Paccard, Louis - merchant, res Jefferson  bet Walnut & Hickory
Parks, Frank - farmer, res Jackson bet Cedar & Hickory
Parra, L. Mrs. - widow, res Jackson bet Oak & Sycamore
Pate, Alpheus - farmer 240 acres
Pate, Orville - res cor High & Pine
Patten, Henry - carpenter, res cor Jefferson & Crittenden
Patty, James - teamster Sierra Lumber Co.
Payne, John A. - saloon, Main bet Pine & Walnut, res cor Pine & Lincoln
Payton, James E. - carpenter, res cor Jefferson & Crittenden
Peck, George E. - bookkeeper with Cone & Kimball, res cor Monroe & Walnut
Pendleton, Charles - compositor The People's Cause
Pendleton, Edward C. - Pendleton & Pryor, res Oak bet Potter & Johnson
Pendleton, G. - laborer Sierra Lumber Co.
Pendleton & Pryor - publishers The People's Cause, Main bet Pine & Walnut
Pener, Carl - blacksmith, res Monroe bet Hickory & Walnut
People's Cause, The - daily & weekly, Pendleton & Pryon publishers, Main bet Pine & Walnut
Perry, Alexander - hack driver, res Main bet Union & Cedar
Perry, Andrew J. - farmer 160 acres
Perry, Fannie Miss - glovemaker, res Madison  bet Willow & Ash
Perry, Manuel -  proprietor Alhambra Saloon, res Main bet Hickory & Walnut
Perry, William - laborer, res Main bet  Union & Cedar
Peter, Adalbert - farmer 320 acres
Peters, Charles - flumeman with Sierra Lumber Co, res foot of Ash
Peters, Edwin T. - lumberman
Peters, Stebbens J. - wagonmaker
Peterson, Benjamin - res cor Jefferson & Walnut
Peterson, Eugene - clerk with Jake Silberstein, res cor Jefferson & Walnut
Peterson, John - carpenter, res cor Jefferson & Walnut
Peterson, John E. - woolgrower, res Washington  nr Cedar
Peterson, William R. - painter, res cor Madison & Crittenden
Pettijohn, Chris. C. - farmer 240 acres
Petty, Julius - blacksmith, res Elm bet Jefferson & Madison
Pharo, J. A. - warehouseman C. P. R. R., res cor Potter & Walnut
Phillegreen, John - millman, res Concordia Hotel
Philliber, Hattie Miss - dressmaker with Miss Kate Croney, res Jackson bet Pine & Walnut
Philliber, Joseph - poultry raiser, res Jefferson  bet Pine & Walnut
Phillips, Joseph D. - woolgrower, res cor Monroe & Pine
Phillips, Joseph L. - laborer Sierra Lumber Co., res cor Monroe & Pine
Pierce, James H. - teamster, farmer, res Main bet  Willow & Ash
Plank, W. T. - farmer, res Madison bet Elm & Sycamore
Plantz, Jacob M. - bookeeper
Plumb, O. H. - hostler, res Pine bet Main & Washington
Plymire, David B. - James A. Plymire & Sons, res Pleasant View Ranch
Plymire, Frederick A. - James A. Plymire & Sons, res Pleasant View Ranch
Plymire, James A. - James A. Plymire & Sons, res Pleasant View Ranch
Plymire, James A. & Sons  - proprietors Red Bluff Marble Works, Odd Fellows' Bldg., cor
     Washington & Oak
Polly, Thomas - laborer Sierra Lumber Co.
Polly, C. - laborer Sierra Lumber Co.
Polly, Warren - hunter, trapper, res Main bet Oak & Pine
Pool, Robert - barber, Walnut bet Main & Washington
Poor, George A. - compositor The People's Cause
Postmaster - John Clements
Potts, James D. - capitalist, res Elm bet Main & High, 1240 acres
Powell, Thomas M. - gardener
Prater, William -  proprietor City Market, res cor Madison & Pine
Price, Elizabeth  - widow, res Jefferson  bet Cedar & Hickory
Price, Richard D. - lumberman
Probst, Frederick - bartender Fashion Saloon, res Main bet Walnut & Pine
Pryor, Joseph H. - Pendleton & Pryor, City Clerk, res High bet Oak & Elm
Pryor, Priscilla - widow
Puls, George - sheepraiser, res cor Main & Sycamore
Punch, John G. - porter, res cor Jefferson & Union
Purcell, Henry W. - farmer
Purcell, Joel - farmer 160 acres
Purcell, Morris - farmer 160 acres
Purdy, M. H. - farmer 160 acres
Quinby, Albert O. - chop house, Main bet Oak & Pine
Quong, Hing Wo - merchant High bet Walnut & Hickory
Quong, Sang Hong - merchant High bet Walnut & Hickory
Quong, Ying Low - merchant High bet Walnut & Hickory
Racord, B. B. - millman, res Sycamore bet Jefferson & Washington
Radford, S. E. - widow, res cor Jackson & Crittenden
Raglin, D. H. - farmer 160 acres
Raglin, Lewis - farmer 320 acres
Rambo, A. J. - widow, res cor Washington & Ash
Rambo, Benjamin F. - farmer, res cor Washington & Ash
Rambo, Chauncey - laborer Sierra Lumber Co., res cor Washington & Ash
Rambo, F. - farmer 400 acres
Rambo, Isaac - farmer, res cor Lincoln & Walnut
Rambo, Jacob - farmer, res cor Lincoln & Walnut
Randall, Alonzo - farmer 106 acres
Ransom, Sidney - saloon keeper Union Hotel
Ratcliff, Henry - farmer, res cor Washington & Willow
Rathja, Henry - Mayer & Rathja, res Main bet Douglas & Crittenden
Ratterson, G. W. - 214 acres
Rawson, Hiram A. - farmer, res Sycamore bet Main & High, 734 acres
Ray, Gilbert - baggageman C. P. R. R., res Pine bet Monroe & Jackson
Rayes, John - laborer, res Monroe bet Douglas & Crittenden
Raymer, John - book agent, res cor Oak & Madison
Raymond, Geo. W. - woolgrower 339 acres
Ream, John E. - engineer Sierra Lumber Co.
Ream, Noah Y. - farmer
Red Bluff Brewery - John Krause proprietor, Douglas bet Main & Washington
Red Bluff Candy Factory - Christopher Westenhaver proprietor, Main bet Oak & Pine
Red Bluff Drug Store - Wm. H. Bahney proprietor, Main bet Oak & Pine
Red Bluff Gas Works - Frank Rose  superintendent, cor Oak & High
Red Bluff Planing Mills - L. C. Graupner proprietor, east side of River
Red Bluff Flour Mills - Geo. K. Willard proprietor, cor Cedar & Madison
Redner, Harry - teamster, res Jefferson bet Crittenden
Reed, E. G. - farmer 160 acres
Reid, John N. - laborer, res Lincoln bet Cedar & Hickory
Reiser, Ellis - carpenter, res High bet Sycamore & Elm
Rempel, George - carpenter, res cor Monroe & Hickory
Reynolds, Andrew J. - barber, Main bet Pine & Walnut
Reynolds, Otis - carpenter, res cor High & Ash
Rice, Alexander C. - farmer
Rice, Wm. H. S. - violin maker, cor Cedar & Main, res cor Douglas & Jackson
Richardson, D. - farmer 240 acres
Richardson, J. H. - farmer
Richart, H. C. - Richart & Collins, res cor Oak & Jackson
Richart & Collins -  - harness, saddles, etc., Main bet Oak & Pine
Riley, Benjamin F. - farmer 480 acres
Rindelberger, Frank - foreman Planing Mill
Roach, John A. - gardener
Roberts, Angus L. - farmer
Roberts, Henry T. - tanner
Roberts, Isaac - farmer
Roberts, James B. - Roberts & Cox, res Washington  bet Cedar & Hickory
Roberts, Wm. D. - laborer, res Breckenridge foot of Main
Roberts & Cox - livery & feed stables, cor Walnut & Main
Robertson, Duncan - proprietor Palace Horse Shoeing Shop, res cor Main & Sycamore
Robertson, Wm. H. - lumberman
Robertson, W. R. - restaurant, Pine bet Main & Washington
Robinson, George B. - broom maker 400 acres
Robinson, Henry - capitalist, res Walnut bet Jefferson & Madison
Robinson, J. A. - proprietor City Express, res Union Hotel
Robinson, Philip R. - lumberman
Robinson, Robert - real estate,, res Lincoln  bet Cedar & Hickory
Robinson, William - restaurant, res cor Cedar & Jefferson
Robinson, William - farmer, res Walnut bet Jefferson & Madison
Robison, John - expressman, res New Andress Hotel
Roe, Ephriam J. - bartender Union Hotel
Roice, E. A. - school teacher 160 acres
Roice, O. F. - farmer 160 acres
Root, Orrin T. - farmer, res cor Oak & Johnson
Root, Spofford - laborer, res Oak bet Johnson & Potter
Rose, Frank - engineer gas works
Rose, J. D. - school teacher 320 acres
Ross, Catherine - widow, res cor Main & Crittenden
Ross, Daniel - laborer Red Bluff Flour Mills
Ross, Oscar - laborer Sierra Lumber Co.
Rotter, Frank - cabinetmaker cor Main & Breckenridge
Rouse, Lewis - farmer 160 acres
Rowe, Alden - laborer, res Washington nr Ash
Rowe, V. B. - farmer 240 acres
Rowley, L. E. - laborer, res Washington nr Ash
Royce, Rodericks - farmer 160 acres
Russell, Alexander - machinist, res Union Hotel
Russell, N. M. - clerk with Fowle & Alvord, res Jefferson  bet Oak & Pine
Russell, M. - marble cutter with J. A. Plymire & Sons
Ryan, Andrew - carpenter, res Jefferson nr Hickory
Ryan, John - laborer Sierra Lumber Co.
Ryan, Thomas R. - Co. Treasurer, proprietor Red Bluff Gas Works, res cor Jefferson & Union
Saffell, J. M. - architect, builder, Main opp Tremont Hotel
Saffell, S. P. - carpenter, res cor Jefferson & Willow
Salisbury, Marvin - saddler, res cor Washington & Crittenden
Samson, A. W. - woolgrower
Sanborn, Daniel B. - carpenter, Main bet Oak & Pine
Sanborn, K. C. - laborer, res Union Hotel
Sandesuy, Robert - laborer, res cor High & Walnut
Sanford, Ansel - farmer 2040 acres
Sargent, E. F. - carpenter, res Lincoln nr Oak
Savage, C. W. - clerk with Van Sant & Erckert, res cor Madison & Hickory
Savage, Louis W. - marble dresser with James A. Plymire & Sons
Sawtell, L. - glovecutter, res Johnson bet Oak & Pine
Sayre, Edwin W. - salesman with E. Brown & Co., res cor Madison & Hickory
Schade, R. A. - surveyor Sierra Lumber Co.
Schindler, John - shipper Sierra Lumber Co.
Schoenfeld, Jacob M. - clerk with S. D. Schoenfeld, res High bet Oak & Pine
Schoenfeld, Jeremiah - stationery, jewelry, etc., Main bet Oak & Pine, res High bet Oak & Pine
Schoenfeld, S. D. - jewelry, stationery, Yankee notions, Main bet Oak & Pine, res High bet Oak
     & Pine
Schone, Charles H. - engineer, res Cedar bet Jackson & Lincoln
Schoo, Charles - warehouseman with Cone & Kimball, res Monroe bet Pine & Walnut
Schroder, E. Mrs. - widow, res cor Washington & Cedar
Schubert, Eugene W. - night clerk Tremont Hotel
Schultze, Isaac - laborer
Schulz, Frederick - harnessmaker with Paul Stoll, res Johnson bet Hickory & Walnut
Schulz, Paul - jeweler with Gerstenberger & Kuhn, res Johnson bet Hickory & Walnut
Scott, H. L. - farmer 413 acres
Scott, J. C. - musician, res cor Monroe & Breckenridge
Scott, J. W. - farmer, res Concordia Hotel
Scott, P. C.  - capitalist, conveyancer 52 acres
Scott, W. B. - farmer 240 acres
Scott, William L. - blacksmith, res Washington bet Hickory & Walnut
Sears, James M.  - proprietor Frank's Auction House, res Madison  bet Oak & Elm
Sebree, William E. - speculator, res Tremont Hotel
Seddon, Thomas - carpenter, res New Andress Hotel
Sehorn, W. A. - dentist, Main bet Oak & Pine
Sentinel - daily & weekly, W. B. H. Dodson proprietor
Shackelford, H. B. - County Surveyor, res High bet Oak & Elm
Shade, R. A. - surveyor lumber, City Assessor, res Jefferson  bet Sycamore & Elm
Shell, John - farmer, res cor Madison & Willow
Shelton, John - laborer Sierra Lumber Co. 160 acres
Shelton, M. V. B. - laborer
Sheppard, Charles D. - proprietor Phoenix Saloon, res Oak bet Washington & Jefferson
Shively, Peter K. - farmer 320 acres
Shubert, J. T. - canvasser
Sieban, Adam - brewer, res cor Washington & Douglas
Silberstein, Jacob - clothing, boots, shoes, gents' funishing goods, Main bet Pine & Walnut, res
     cor Main & Union
Sierra Lumber Co. - J. S. Cone president, W. Stairley  superintendent, east side River 13686 a
Silva, Frank - teamster Sierra Lumber Co.
Silverback, Charles  - woolgrower 480 acres
Simpson, Charles H. - searcher records, res Washington  bet Hickory & Walnut
Simpson, O. P. - laborer Plaining Mill
Singer, Herman G. - druggist, res Monroe bet Walnut & Hickory
Sisson, H. C. & Bro. - farmers 400 acres
Skillman, E. A. - farmer 160 acres
Skelley, George W. - farmer
Sleeth, Mary - widow, res High bet Oak & Elm
Smart, Wm. H. H. - farmer
Smallwood, J. B. - farmer 160 acres
Smallwood, J. H. - farmer 240 acres
Smith, A. W. - laborer Sierra Lumber Co.
Smith, Albert - carpenter, res cor Pine & Potter
Smith, Cassius - farmer 320 acres
Smith, Frank M. -bookkeeper Red Bluff Flour Mills, res Crittenden  bet Jefferson & Madison
Smith, James  - farmer 240 acres
Smith, James  - hostler
Smith, J. L. - carpenter, res Monroe bet Cedar & Hickory
Smith, John - farmer 320 acres
Smith, Joseph  - woolgrower
Smith, Lowrey - farmer 320 acres
Smith, Thomas - musician, res Main bet Pine & Walnut
Smith, William - laborer, res cor Main & Hickory
Smith, W. P. - clerk Concordia Hotel
Snelling, G. M. L. - farmer 280 acres
Snelling, R. B. - Attorney at law, office, Main bet Oak & Pine
Snelling, V. C. - barber Oak bet Main & Washington, res cor Oak & High
Snively, D. - farmer 160 acres
Solomon, Moses - laborer, res cor Monroe & Breckenridge
Spear, John B. - blacksmith
Spencer, Edward C. - hostler, res cor Main & Walnut
Spencer, H. D. - farmer 544 acres
Spencer, John D. - tailor, res cor Washington & Hickory
Spingate, A. M. - Trewblood & Springate
Stahl, Benjamin F. - laborer, res cor Washington & Willow
Stahl, John F. - laborer, res cor Washington & Willow
Stairley, W. -  superintendent Sierra Lumber Co.
Stapp, Walter - farmer, res Main bet Sycamore & Ash
Stark, Thomas A. - lumberman, res Main bet Union & Crittenden
Starks, J. - farmer 160 acres
Steel, E. F. - farmer 160 acres
Steis, Adam - stockraiser, res cor Washington & Willow
Stevens, Thomas J. - lumberman
Stewart, B. W. - woolgrower
Stifler, John B. - clerk Union Hotel, res cor Oak & Johnson
Stoddard, Wm. S. - bookeeper, res cor Jefferson & Walnut
Stofield, Geo. L. - bookeeper, res cor Main & Willow
Stoll, Geo. M. - with Paul Stoll
Stoll, Paul - manfacturer of harnesses & saddles, Main bet Oak & Pine, res cor Washington & Ash
Stone, Charles -  res Monroe bet  Cedar & Hickory
Straley, Jacob - farmer/stockraiser  1600 acres
Sullivan, John - engineer, res Union Hotel
Sun, Quong Lung - Chinese merchant, High bet Walnut & Hickory
Swain, Jethro M. - engineer
Sweeny, Daniel - miner, res cor Madison & Pine
Sweeny, Edward - miner, res cor Madison & Pine
Sweeny, James R. - bookeeper with Cone & Kimball, res cor Madison & Pine
Sweeny, Michael J. - telegraph operator, res cor Madison & Pine
Taggart, John - merchant, res cor Union & Madison
Tapscott, James R. - clerk with Chipman & Garter, res cor Main & Sycamore
Tapscott, V. A. - capitalist, res Washington  bet Oak & Elm
Tarr, J. - mountian  superintendent Sierra Lumber Co.
Tarr, W. F. - foreman Sierra Lumber Co.
Tarter, Mattie Miss - Tarter & Neel, res Elm bet Main & High
Tarter & Neel - dressmakers, Elm bet Main & High
Taylor, Albert - farmer 240 acres
Taylor, George W. - station agent Central Pacific R.R., res Washington  bet Cedar & Hickory
Taylor, J. A. - farmer 160 acres
Taylor, John C. - road builder Sierra Lumber Co.
Taylor, Joseph M. - Thuresson & Taylor
Taylor, Wm. J. - junk, cor Madison & Hickory
Thackara, Isaac - farmer 160 acres
Thomas, H. R. - farmer 160 acres
Thompson, Eugene - laborer, res Union Hotel
Thompson, George - res cor Douglas & Monroe
Thompson, James J. - painter, res cor Jefferson & Willow
Thompson, Peter - laborer, res cor Jackson & Hickory
Thorndike, Larkin W. - carpenter, res Hickory bet Lincoln & Johnson
Thuresson, John - Thuresson & Taylor, res cor Washington & Walnut
Thuresson & Taylor - saloon, Main bet Pine & Walnut
Tocsin - daily, weekly, evening, H. H. Tolley publisher, Pine bet Washington & Jefferson
Todd, John - waiter Tremont Hotel
Tolley, H. H. - publisher Tocsin, res Monroe bet Hickory & Walnut
Tolley, Henry  - bookeeper, res Madison  bet Ash & Willow
Tompkins, William H. - farmer
Towsend, Alice - widow, res Jackson bet Pine & Walnut
Tracy, James Jr. - farmer 160 acres
Tremont Hotel - J. W. Burgess proprietor, Main bet Pine & Walnut
Trewblood, John - Trewblood & Springate, res Jefferson  bet Sycamore & Elm
Trewblood & Springate - blacksmiths, Washington bet Pine & Walnut
Troughton, J. C. - farmer, woolgrower 160  acres
True, J. K. - engineer Sierra Lumber Co.
Tubbs, Henry  - laborer, res cor Main & Cedar
Tucker, E. S. - shoemaker, res cor Main & Pine
Tuergens, Rosa - widow, res Ash bet Main & River
Tulbert, Herschel L. - harnessmaker with Paul Stoll, res cor Washington & Ash
Turner, George E. - lumberman
Turner, William P. - engineer
Twaddell, James - shoemaker with Antone Lingscheid, res cor Main & Pine
Tyrrell, S. E. - carpenter, res Washington  bet Ash & Willow
Union Hotel - Edward B. Walbridge proprietor, cor Main & Walnut
Valentine, Layton W. - teacher
Vance, I. W. - carpenter, res Madison  bet Pine & Walnut
Vanhorn, J. W. - farmer 480 acres
Vanhorn, W. E. - farmer 160 acres
VanNess, T. C. - cabinetmaker, res cor Jefferson & Crittenden
VanSant, J. K. - VanSant & Eckert, res cor Potter & Walnut
VanSant & Eckert - groceries, cor Madison & Walnut
Vaughn, Swan - farmer 480 acres
Vaughn, W. D. - farmer 160 acres
Vaughn, W. O. - farmer 1280 acres
Vestal, A. - Washington Market, cor Main & Pine, res Sycamore  bet Main & Washington
Vestal, Frank - butcher, res Jefferson  bet Ash & Willow
Vestal, George W. - stockraiser, res Washington  bet Sycamore & Ash
Vick, Harry - laborer, res cor Jackson & Crittenden
Vickers, Izora Miss - teacher, res cor Cedar & Jefferson
Vickers, James F. - book agent, res cor Cedar & Jefferson
Vickers, Jemima - widow, res cor Cedar & Jefferson
Vickers, John R. - mechanic, res cor Cedar & Jefferson
Vickers, Pleasant H. - stockraiser, res cor Cedar & Jefferson
Viets, Ira - teamster, res cor Douglas & Monroe
Vogel, Louis A. - Vogel & O'Conner, res Sacramento
Vogel & O'Conner - bowling saloon
Volker, Charles L. - clerk with Conrad Volker, res Jefferson  bet Hickory & Walnut
Volker, Conrad - gen mdse, Main bet Pine & Walnut, res Jefferson  bet Walnut & Hickory
Voss, Benjamin - tinner, res Jefferson  bet Sycamore & Elm
Voss, Bernard - plumber, gas fitter with Martin Manasse, res Jefferson bet Oak & Elm
Wadsworth, J. C. - farmer 160 acres
Walbridge, Edward - proprietor Union Hotel, res cor Main & Walnut
Walbridge, Frank L. - clerk with Wells, Fargo & Co., res cor Pine & Jackson
Waldroff, I. - farmer 160 acres
Walden, Thomas E. - farmer
Walker, John - laborer
Walker, William  - farmer 320 acres
Wallace, J. P. - farmer 320 acres
Waller, James W. - blacksmith with H. M. Allbright, res Madison bet Union & Crittenden
Wallin, D. H. - farmer 160 acres
Walsh, James  - laborer Sierra Lumber Co.
Walter, Herman - farmer
Walton, Alfred - dairyman, res cor Main & Union 508 acres
Wamsley, A. - clerk, res cor Pine & Jackson
Wanee, William  - clerk with J. S. Davenport, res cor Jackson & Hickory
Ward, E. H. - woolgrower, res Jefferson  bet Walnut & Hickory
Ward, F. M. - merchant, res Jefferson  bet Walnut & Hickory
Ward, Frank - bookeeper with Matthew Ward, res Jefferson  bet Walnut & Hickory
Ward, John - clerk with Matthew Ward, res High bet Pine & Walnut
Ward, Matthew - gen mdse, cor Main & Pine, res High bet Pine & Walnut
Warden, W. D. - farmer
Waters, John - laborer, res Monroe bet Union & Cedar
Webb, Theron B. - wagonmaker, res cor Johnson & Walnut
Weist, Joseph - confectionery, res cor Washington & Crittenden
Wells, Fargo & Co's Express - Wm. B. Cahoone agent, Main bet Oak & Pine
Wells,  J. B. - carpenter, res Madison  bet Ash & Willow
Wells, Lemuel - carpenter, res cor Douglas & Jefferson
Wells, Thomas  - laborer, res cor Douglas & Jefferson
Wellshons, James H. - engineer, res cor Douglas & Monroe
Wentz, Henry  - capitalist, res cor Main & Crittenden
Wentz, John - bartender, res Jefferson nr Elm
Wescott, Charles E. - gen mdse, Walnut bet Monroe & Jackson, res Concordia Hotel
West, John M. - physican & surgeon, res Washington  bet Oak & Elm
Westcott, Harry J. - clerk, res Jefferson  bet Ash & Willow
Westenhaver, Chris. - bakery & confectionery
Western Union Telegraph Co. - office Bank of Tehama Co.
Westlake, Geo. W. - physican & surgeon, office, Main bet Oak & Pine, res cor Pine & Jefferson
Westlake, Wilbur - painter, cor Pine & Jefferson
Weston, Henry  - photographer, Main bet Hickory & Walnut
Wexelberger, Joseph  - carpenter, res Washington  bet Ash & Willow
Weyman, Harvey - sheepshearer, res New Andress Hotel
Wheatley, Joseph  - civil engineer, res Washington  bet Sycamore & Elm
White, Alonzo H. - painter, res Washington  bet Union & Cedar
White, A. R. - blacksmith, Walnut bet Lincoln & Jackson, res Jackson bet Pine & Walnut
White, J. W. - farmer
White, B. Mrs. - farmer 628 acres
Whittaker, Henry H. - farmer
Wiedemann, Louis - boots, shoes, Main bet Pine & Walnut
Wiendieck, H. H. - watchmaker, jeweler, Main bet Oak & Pine, res foot of Main
Wiest, Joseph R. - candymaker, res Washington  bet Union & Crittenden
Wietfeldt, Henry C. - horseshoer, res High bet Elm & Sycamore
Wilbur, Asa P. - printer, res cor Washington & Crittenden
Wilcox, A. Mrs. - widow, res cor Jefferson & Ash
Wilcox, Charles E. - farmer 160 acres
Wilcox, Edward - farmer
Wilcox, L. A. Mrs - farmer 318 acres
Wilcox, Martin - farmer 920 acres
Wilcox, R. Mrs. - widow, res Washington bet Union & Cedar
Wilcox, S. D. - farmer 2097 acres
Wilcox, Vincent V. - farmer
Willard, George K. - proprietor Red Bluff Flour Mill, farmer, res cor Jefferson & Union 760 ac
Williams, Charles A.- salesman with E. Brown & Co., res cor Johnson & Crittenden
Williams, James - sheepraiser
Williams, John P. - laborer, res Union Hotel
Williams, John R. - U. S. Signal Service, res cor Main & Pine
Williams, John W. - butcher City Market, res National Hotel
Williams, Kenneth S. - sheepherder, res Pine bet High & River
Williams & Coffman - groceries, fruits, Main bet Hickory & Walnut
Williard, Charles  - farmer 2442 acres
Wilson, Chas. - laborer, res Oak bet Main & High
Wilson, James A. - stockman, res Oak at Bridge
Wilson, Ira H. - medicine dealer, res cor Pine & Potter
Wilson, J. C. E. - carpenter, res cor Madison & Sycamore
Wilson, James  - farmer 221 acres
Wilson, Nicolas - medicine dealer, res cor Pine & Potter
Winkleman, John - farmer
Winter, George G. - proprietor Central Market, res cor Oak & Johnson
Winters, George A. - drug clerk, res cor Oak & Lincoln
Winekle, Juan - tailor, res Union Hotel
Wood, Benjamin - farmer, res Ash bet Jefferson & Madison
Wood, Louisa - widow, res cor Douglas & Madison
Wood, Stephen - farmer, res Ash bet Jefferson & Madison
Woods, John F. - farmer 160 acres
Woodson, Warren N. - clerk with Charles R. Mayhew
Woodward, Charles W. - contractor, res cor Madison & Ash
Woolman, J. B. - sewing machine agent, res Main bet Willow & Ash
Worden, George T. - farmer 320 acres
Wornsley, Al. - clerk with Wm. Edwards, res Western Addition
Worthington, William T. - photographer, res Jefferson  bet Oak & Pine
Wright, Edmund - woolgrower 800 acres
Wright, George - stock buyer
Wright, James S. - farmer 160 acres
Wyble, Isaac - peddler, res cor Monroe & West
Yager, Myron - County Superintendent Public Schools, res cor Madison & Elm
Yager, Wellington J. - clerk with Wm. H. Bahney, res Monroe bet Sycamore & Elm
Yancy, O. H.  - laborer, res cor Lincoln & Cedar
Young, Ellen - widow, res Jackson bet Oak & Sycamore
Ziegler, George  W. - farmer, res Lincoln  bet Oak & Pine

RICEVILLE (See Corning)

SIMMONDS (See Butte Meadows)

This town, formerly known as Hall's Crossing, is located on the west bank of the Sacramento River, twelve miles south of Red Bluff.  Its location is particularly pleasant, the plain surrounding it to the north, west and south, being dotted with oak groves of hardy growth.  The California and Oregon Railroad, upon which the town is situated, crosses the river here, and the embankment made for its line along the river, serves the town as a levee against the high waters of flood times.  The industries of the town and the interests of the surrounding country depend wholly upon farming and stockraising.  The town is quite prosperous, and is making steady advances in growth equally with the continued development of the county.  It possesses two large grain warehouses, and immediately opposite on the eastern shore of the River the North Star Flouring Mill, run by water from Mill Creek, a large establishment.  It school and church privileges are ample, two public halls for general entertainments have been erected, and the hotel accommodations are fully up to the standard of the times.  The town has post, express and telegraph offices, and a population of about four hundred and fifty.

Ahrens, Frederick - bootmaker
Barkley, James F. - meat market
Barkley, Nathaniel  - butcher with J. F. Barkley
Baumgarten, Henry  - wagonmaker
Beatty, E. - saloon
Beaty, William N.- salesman with Charles Harvey
Berry, Z. T. - farmer 160 acres
Blackburne, James  - farmer 405 acres
Boyd, A. M. & Sons - farmers
Briggs, Ira J. - warehouseman
Brooks, G. W. - farmer 120 acres
Burt, W. P. - 120 acres
Bush, W. P. - farmer 80 acres
Campbell, Aaron H. - Price & Campbell
Clark, John W. - saloon
Cousins, M. A. - farmer 160 acres
Cromwell, Frank A. - teacher
Dionne, Edmond - wagonmaker
Dopson, N. - farmer 80 acres
Doring, L. - farmer
Doring & Weitemeyer - farmers 880 acres
Dungan, J. S. - farmer 280 acres
Durling, John - farmer 80 acres
Ellis, Frederick - M. C. Ellis & Son
Ellis, M. C. - M. C. Ellis & Son
Ellis, M. C. & Son - proprietors North Star Flouring Mills
Elmer, Henry  - 160 acres
Fees, Frank - coach driver Tait House
Ferguson, William P.- agent Northern & OR Division C.P.R.R. & Western Union Tel Co.
Finnell, Fountain - farmer/stockraiser  2000 acres
Finnell, John - woolgrower, stockraiser  12,665 acres
Finnell, Simpson - farmer/stockraiser  2119 acres
Finnell, Williamson - stockraiser  2000 acres
Fry, J. D. - farmer 160 acres
Gedney, A. M. - farmer 1948 acres
Gleason, John - farmer, sheepraiser 1685 acres
Graves, George P. - engineer
Green & Ehrlich - stationery, varieties
Gupton, J. A. - farmer
Gushier, A. - farmer 160 acres
Gyle, J. B. - clothing, fancy goods, groceries, cigars, tobacco, etc. near Heider House
Gyle, L. A. - S. A. Gyle & Co.
Gyle, S. A. - S. A. Gyle & Co.
Gyle, S. A. & Co. - gen mdse 18,805 acres
Hanks, D. B. - farmer 80 acres
Hannon, William  - farmer 240 acres
Harvey, Charles  - estate of, gen mdse
Haskell, George A. - farmer 160 acres
Hathaway, J. H. - farmer 160 acres
Hawkins, Thomas - coach driver Heider House
Heider, Chris. -  proprietor Heider House 940 acres
Heider, Edwin - machinist
Heider, E. F. - artist
Heider, Frank - druggist
Heider House - Chris. Heider  proprietor
Hobson, James M. - cigars & tobacco
Hobson, Jesse M. - saloon
Hopper, Charles - apprentice with Edmond Dionne
Howell, T. N. - farmer, sheepraiser  2254 acres
Ide, L. H. C. - farmer 2932 acres
Jennings, Michael  - carpenter
Karmelensli, Jacob - barber, cigars
Kelley, John R. - blacksmith, wagonmaker
Kennedy, Frank - farmer 480 acres
Knott, S. W. - farmer 320 acres
Lavine, Emil - butcher with J. F. Barkley
Lea, John - ferryman
Lee, C. Mrs. - farmer 160 acres
Lee, Perry E. - farmer
Lintz, William H. - clerk Heider House
Lose, Charles  - 280 acres
Mathews, W. P. - physican & surgeon
McAlpine, Thomas W.- tinner with John Simpson
McKee, F. G. - farmer
McLane, William  - farmer 336 acres
Mecuno, L. Mrs. - farmer 160 acres
Montgomery, John N. - bookeeper with Charles Harvey
Montgomery, M. R. Mrs. - farmer 320 acres
Mooney, Hugh - farmer 2335 acres
Moran, John - farmer 320 acres
Muller, Frank J. - carpenter
Muller, Max - carpenter, undertaker
Nangle, John H. - bootmaker
Oliver, A. - farmer 240 acres
Peden, A. O. - district clerk
Peden, Melinda Mrs. - farmer 644 acres
Peters, Edward - blacksmith with John Tait
Phillips. O. B. - farmer 160 acres
Potter, F. W. - harness, saddlery
Price & Campbell - proprietors Tehama House
Price, John R. - Price & Campbell
Radcliff, Osmond - miller
Rantz, David - farmer 160 acres
Rodan, John - laborer
Scarfenburg, John - farmer 320 acres
Shirley, S. G. - farmer 320 acres
Shone, Charles  - laborer
Shules & Masten - farmers
Shultz, J. J. - farmer 320 acres
Shultz, L. - farmer 1206 acres
Simpson, John - hardware, tinware, crockery, coal oils, paints, etc. 160 acres
Simpson, John A. - clerk with John Simpson
Small, David -  proprietor Tehama Livery Stable
Spencer, Lewis - laborer
Spiers, W. J. - farmer 320 acres
Stafford, Charles H. - machinist
Stewart, Thomas B. - farmer
Stone, Charles  - farmer 1200 acres
Story, Francis - farmer 160 acres
Tait, Charles H. -  proprietor Tait House
Tait House - Charles H. Tait proprietor
Tait, John - blacksmith, wagonmaker
Tarter, M. E. Mrs. - proprietor ferry,  120 acres
Taylor, G. W. - farmer 120 acres
Taylor, Mart - private tutor with John Finnell & newspaper correspondent
Tehama House - Price & Campbell  proprietors
Thompson, C. W. - farmer 160 acres
Tyler, John C. - farmer,  woolgrower, 3580 acres
Wade, Edgar F. - druggist, varieties, stationery, cigars, tobacco, etc.
Walcott, L. F. - farmer 480 acres
Wallace, Martin C. - teacher
Walter, H. - Wheeler & Walter
Warmuth, J. - farmer 320 acres
Weitsmeyer, George A. - mining
Wheeler, A. - Wheeler & Walter
Wheeler & Walter - dry goods
Wilburn, W. F. - farmer 160 acres
Williams G. W. - gen mdse
Wilson & Curry - farmers 336 acres
Wilson, J. R. - farmer 160 acres
Wood, C. Mrs. - farmer 152 acres
Worthington, John J. - bartender Tait House
Wright, F. M. - farmer 160 acres

A post, express and telegraph station on the California and Oregon Railroad, twenty miles south of Red Bluff and nineteen miles north of Chico.  It is the most southerly of the railroad stations of the county, and is the entrepot for most of the grain of southeastern Tehama.  Viticulture has assumed large proportions in the neighborhood.  Senator Stanford's vineyard of 14,500 acres being among the largest of the stations.  The town has two well kept hotels.

Baccala, Victor - farmer 160 acres
Baker, Edwin - carpenter
Banks, Henry H. - school teacher
Barnes, T. B. - farmer
Behrens, Frederick  - farmer, feed stable
Benner, H. E. - laborer
Benner, John A. B. - dairyman
Bible, B. Mrs. - farmer 160 acres
Bridge, Joseph E. - farmer
Britt, George L. - laborer
Bryant, John - laborer
Burk, David J. - farmer
Bush, Charles  - capitalist
Butterfield, Frank W. - farmer
Campbell, Benjamin E. - farmer
Campbell, Jake - laborer
Carter, L. O. & A. - farmer 329 acres
Castello, Isaac - laborer
Chandler, J. L. - carpenter
Clark, P. H. - agent C.P.R.R.
Cone & Kimball - gen mdse, see also Red Bluff
Copeland, J. S. - farmer 3000 acres
Coval, Henry - stockraiser
Crause, Charles  - saloon
Dougherty, Jacob - harnessmaker
Davidson, John - engineer
Delaney, Clay - orchardist 200 acres
Devin, William  - blacksmith, wagonmaker
Dicus, Charles  - clerk
Dicus, S. C. - agent Wells, Fargo & Co., gen mdse,  160 acres
Dicus, William N. - stockraiser
Dillon, Larkin W. - stockraiser
Doty, John - farmer
Drenon, John - bartender Vina Hotel
Emmerson, C. P. - pruner
Fay, George  - sheepherder
Ferren, William H. - sheepraiser
Fields, Obadiah M. - teamster
Fletcher, Cyrus - stockraiser
Folger, Harry - carpenter
Foster, A. S. - school teacher 160 acres
Frink, William R. - engineer
Gardner, C. B. - saloon, ferry
Graves, Elmor - laborer
Graves, Stanley - laborer
Gray, D. C. - farmer 132 acres
Gray, R. B. - farmer 320 acres
Grob, Henry - cooper
Hall, Enos A. - laborer
Haney, Michael - teamster
Hilderbrand, Richard  -  proprietor Vina Hotel, Justice of the Peace
Hobson, Stephen A.  - laborer
Holloway, David Z. - nurseryman
Hopkins, Henry  - logger
Hooper, Jacob - wagonmaker
Howlands, Seth - stockraiser
Hyter, Andrew T. - farmer
Jones, James D. - saloon
Jones, J. G. - farmer 890 acres
Jones, Sheridan - farmer
Kesner, Peter - laborer
Kester, John H. - farmer
Kimball, G. G. - Cone & Kimball
Lawson, John - farmer
Lebourveau, Charles  - teamster
Lebourveau, O. F. - foreman ditch work
Leinenger, J. L. - orchardist, wine grower 710 acres
Leinenger, John Jr. - farmer 240 acres
Leinenger, Obe - farmer
Lepee, George  - sheepman
Loots, James D. - laborer
Marshall, William H. - Postmaster, express agent, varieties
McCarthy, John - sheepherder
McGee, Thomas - brickmaker
McMorris, Perry - farmer
Michael, A. A. - teamster
Mitchell, John R. - farmer 160 acres
Moore, Charles  - stockraiser
Moore, James M. - farmer 160 acres
Moore, Lee - blacksmith
Pickett, Charles  - farmer
Pickett, James L. - farmer
Pope, John - farmer/stockraiser  160 acres
Postmaster - William H. Marshall
Rathray, John - farmer 160 acres
Robinson, Wm. H. - farmer
Roth, Augustus - dairyman
Scott, James B. - farmer
Scott, John C. - farmer
Scott, Richard B. - farmer
Shaffer, Rosa - hotel
Shirley, Charles  - farmer
Sherman, William  - farmer
Simmons, Charles E. - farmer
Sinden, S. D. - Sinden & Smith
Sinden & Smith - livery
Slater, C. W. - engineer
Smith, James L. - Sinden & Smith
Smith, Jesse S. - physican
Smith, Joseph R. - farmer
Smith, Wm. H. - farmer
Speegle, I. N. - farmer
Speegle, Russell L. - farmer
Stewart, John J. - laborer
Sweeney, James W. - blacksmith
Swift, Armsted - farmer
Travers, Thomas  - farmer
Tucker, B. F. - blacksmith
Turner, Wm. - farmer 160 acres
Tuttle, Sylvester S. - gardener
Tuttle, H. S. - pruner
Twambly, Chas. W. - proprietor New Hotel
Urickworth, William  - dairyman
Vettel, William  - farmer 240 acres
Washington, T. H. - farmer 200 acres
Webb, Charles B. - laborer
Welch, Martin - farmer
Wolters, John C. - blacksmith
Wright, Allen T. - blacksmith


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
History of TEHAMA CO. as of 1885

This county is bounded on the north by Shasta, on the east by Plumas and Butte, on the south by Butte, Coulsa and Mendocino, and on the west by Mendocino and Trinity Counties, and contains an area of 2,800 square miles.  It is one of the central counties of Northern California, and in its topographical features presents all of the varied characteristics which mark the physical construction of the State.  Passing from a high elevation of the Sierra Nevadas, which occupy the eastern part of the county, stretches across the broad expanse of the Sacramento Valley in its center and ascends the eastern slopes of the Coast Range which mark and crown its western boundary.

In height the mountains of both ranges are among the greatest, several noticeable peaks being included in the county, chief among which are Mount Linn in the west and Lassen Peak, an extinct volcano, to the northeast.  The latter is located properly just over the border in Shasta, but its great height, 11,000 feet, makes it a landmark to all parts of Tehama.

In the mountain sections prolific indications of that mineral wealth which has made our State the El Dorado of the world traces of the precious metals being found in almost all the gulches and streams.  While the existence of large deposits of other minerals, such as copper, sulphur, petroleum, iron, coal and mercury, has been thoroughly verified, many gold claims are being worked by placer and hydraulic processes and in numerous sections the abandoned claims occupied by the early miners are being worked over by Chinamen who make fair wages.  This quality of the riches of the county, hidden in its mountainous parts, is as yet insignificant in comparison with the vast wealth of timber which covers them.  Magnificent forests of fir, oak and pine cover the slopes and extend far up towards the summits.  The lumber business as a consequence takes front rank in the industries of the county, and nearly one-half of the people are engages in the getting out of logs and the production of lumber, the saw mills of the county turning out nearly forty million feet per annum.  Incidental to this fact has been the construction of many flumes for the transportation of lumber, involving large outlays of capital.  The Sierra Flume and Lumber Company has one V flume forty miles in length, with its dump at Chico, which is frequently called upon to carry 100,000 feet per day.

Great however as her timber interests are, they by no means overshadow her agricultural resources.  The Sacramento River, flowing through the county from north to south, here in Tehama secures for the first time that immense stretch of basin which makes it famous in its productiveness.  At the point of its entrance into the county, basaltic table lands approach the river from the east, and the spurs of the Coast Range extend to it from the west, limiting to a small compass the arable lands of the river bottoms.  As the river flows on to the south the mountains recede farther and farther until, as it reaches the central and southern part all the salient features and broad scope of the magnificent Sacramento Valley are fully developed.  The river is navigable at all seasons of the year to Red Bluff, which is regarded as the head of navigation, although vessels frequently find their way to a point thirty-six miles north of that place.  Many smaller streams flow into the Sacramento from both east and west, taking their rise in either of the two ranges.  They are all clear and dashing streams, abounding in fish, and along them are found many beautiful and fertile vallies, most of which are under cultivation.

The soil of the Sacramento Valley is here principally a sandy loam, interspersed here and there with patches of clayey adobe, which latter, under the "summer fallow" system, is found to be as productive as the best land of the State.  The principal staples are wheat and barley, although of late years farmers are beginning to recognize the advantage to the soil in the system of rotation of crops, and attention is now being given to a variety of other products.

In the foothills a large number of orchards and vineyards have been planted and all the fruits of our zone have been found to thrive well; the hardier varieties doing well as high up as 5,000 feet.  Wine making has come to be quite an industry in the county, the quality of Tehama's wines being of the finest and have already secured wide celebrity.

The county is also peculiarly adapted to stockraising, the slopes of the foothills and mountains abounding in rich and succulent grasses lasting all the year, and the numerous streams furnish abundant water.  Ranchmen are and have been for some years availing themselves of this advantage and as a consequence the export of hides, beef cattle, wool and similar products, has grown to a large annual figure, contributing largely to the general prosperity.

The California and Oregon Railroad, running through the county from south to north, together with the river transportation on the Sacramento, are the present commercial outlets.  Good roads have been constructed to all parts of the county and are well maintained.

The educational facilities are first-class in every particular and are carefully and zealously watched.

In climate the county has the same characteristics as mark the mountain counties of northern California, while the valley climate varies but little in the extremes from that of Los Angeles, the general range being from about forty degrees in January to eighty degrees in July.  Average rainfall thirty inches.

The following statistics from Census of 1880 will be of interest in estimating the productions of the county: - 792,512 bushels wheat, 48,950 tons has, 234,906 bushels barley, 28,750 bushels oats, 19,500 bushels corn, and 190,000 pounds peanuts, the latter being the crop from one hundred acres.  Potatoes yielded 100, beans 37, and onions 50 bushels to the acre.  There are produced annually 2,000,000 pounds of wool, 25,000 pounds of butter, and 4,000 pounds of honey.  There are in the county, under the head of live stock, 400,000 sheep, 13,000 beef cattle, 5,000 horses, and 9,000 hogs.  The real estate stands at $2,000,000; improvements, $1,000,000; personal property, $1,500,000 - total, $4,500,000.  The population is now about 8,500.


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