Trinity County, CA
1885 Directory
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A post office and mining camp in the northwesternpart of the county, on the Trinity River, and distant from Weaverville about thirty miles, from which place it receives its supplies.

Bush, Andrew J. - 40 acres
Gibson, G. R. - superintendent of Trinity Hydraulic Mining Co. 167 acres
Treat, Orrin - farmer/stockraiser  40 acres
Underwood, T. M. - school teacher
Wadleigh, M. N. Miss - school teacher
Waldorff, Jacob - farmer
Wallace, J. C. - miner  40 acres

CANON CITY (See Weaverville)

COX BAR (See Weaverville)

A flourishing mining camp, lying about six miles south of Weaverville, at the point where the wagon road from Weaverville to Hay Fork crosses the Trinity River.  It is the center of a considerable mining section.  A little farming is also done in the neighborhood.  There is a post office, general store, hotel and blacksmith shop located here.

Anderson, Lars - miner
Bargas, Marcalino - miner
Bath, James - miner
Butts, Joshua - miner
Clements, William - farmer 190 acres
Clement, Wm. H. - laborer
Collins, Richard - miner
Coumbs, John - farmer 80 acres
Coumbs, Thomas - farmer
Cruthis, Jesse D. - miner
Daris, Parry O. - miner
Davidson, Jessie Miss - school teacher
Dixon, Charles - miner
Eddy, William - miner
Eliasen, Peter G. - miner
Enos, Joseph - miner
Estes, Wm. C. - miner
Fonseca, John J. - miner
Fraetas, John E. - miner
Frazee, Joseph M. - trapper/hunter
Gardiner, Nathaniel - miner
Gibson, Robert K. - farmer
Gibson & Robinson - farmers 320  acres
Grant, James A. - miner
Grant, Manuel - miner  10 acres
Guptill, Bartlett S. - farmer
Hennessey, Timothy - miner
Hoskin, Benjamin - miner
Hubbard, John A. - miner
Hurst & Allison - miners 40  acres
Hurst, John - miner
Ingram, Augustus - miner
Ingram, Walker - miner
Johnson, Henry S. - miner
Johnston, James A. - miner  65 acres
Jordan, Humphrey G. - farmer
Joseph, Michael - farmer 40 acres
Leonard, Henry W. - hotel & saloon
Lobdell, Orrin - miner
Mabie, Hiram - farmer
Machado, John F. - miner
Machado, Manuel S. - miner
Maloney, Thomas - miner
Marsh, Frank - miner
Marshall, A. H. - assessor, farmer 58 acres
Mason & Thayer - gen mdse
Mason, John C. - Mason & Thayer
McIntyre, Archibald - farmer 60 acres
McKenzie, David - miner
McWilliams, John - miner
Mendoza, Innocencia J. - farmer 10 acres
Middleton, Samuel - farmer
Monahan, Daniel - laborer
Moss & Mabie - farmers 60 acres
Nieman, John - farmer 50 acres
Noyes, Laren A. - farmer 40 acres
O'Connell, Charles - miner
O'Connell, David J. - miner
O'Keefe, Martin - miner  50 acres
Prader, M. - 10 acres
Preira, Manuel - miner
Quarte, Francisco - miner
Quarte, Manuel R. - miner
Rogers, Antone - miner
Siegfried, John B.
Silcox, Richard - miner
Silver, Frank - laborer
Smith, A. W. - miner  40 acres
Smith, David D. - laborer
Smith, John H. - stockraiser  160 acres
Smith, John W. - farmer
Smith, Michael D. - miner  160 acres
Swift, Edward D. - miner
Thayer, S. I. - Mason & Thayer
Tourot, Charles D. - miner
Turman, John A. J. - farmer
Vitzhum, George - farmer 219 acres
Ward, Harry - miner
Weaver, W. J. - blacksmith 160 acres
Williams, Antone - laborer
Williams, Manuel - stockraiser

GEORGES (See Weaverville)

This post office town, situated on Hay Fork - a branch of the south fork of the Trinity - is the center of the principal agricultural section of the county, although even here the quantity of good farming land is limited.  The chief products are hay and wheat, which find a ready market in Weaverville.  Some mining is also carried on in the neighborhood.  The town has two general stores, a hotel, and the usual adjuncts of a mining and farming town.  The population of the town and tributary country is about two hundred.

Barker, David E. V. - farmer 400 acres
Barnes, George W. - miner
Bayles, Adam D. - postmaster, flour mill,  stockraiser  160 acres
Bush, George W. - farmer 10 acres
Carter, John W. - hotel & saloon 300 acres
Conlin, John - stockraiser
DeLong, George S. - farmer 160 acres
Detrick, Daniel C. - miner
Drinkwater, W. C. - farmer 320 acres
Duncan, Alfred B. - farmer 240 acres
Farmer, William
Ferinheough, William - farmer/stockraiser 40 acres
Francis, Timothy M. - farmer
Gardiner, James - laborer
George, Beriah M. - farmer 320 acres
Grigsby, Lafayette - farmer 160 acres
Grigsby, Wm. J. - farmer 120 acres
Hailstone, John T. - farmer 280 acres
Hampton, James M. - stockraiser
Hoyt, Jonathan S. - miner, farmer 180 acres
James, Walter W. - blacksmith
Kellogg, Langdon J. - hotel, saloon, 260  acres
Kerlin, Samuel - farmer 160 acres
Kester Bros. - miners
Kester, John A. - Kester Bros.
Kester, Josephus - Kester Bros.
Kingsbury, Henry D. - farmer 160 acres
Knowles, Henry - farmer 320 acres
Maynard, Charles - farmer 160 acres
McKay, Zack - stockraiser  280 acres
Newman, Edward - farmer
Olsen, James P. - farmer 280 acres
Postmaster - Adam D. Bayles
Rourke, Dennis - farmer 320 acres
Sanborn, John - farmer 80 acres
Scott, James M. - farmer, miner
Shock, Thomas M. - laborer
Stafford, Henry F.
Stafford, James A. - merchant 100 acres
Stoppel, Antone - farmer 40 acres
Trimble, John W. - farmer
Vanderhoff, John H. - J. H.Vanderhoff  & Co
Vanderhoff, J. H. & Co. - merchants 120 acres   (Young)
Vaughn, Willis H. - farmer
Vodges, Jacob R. - miner
Walters, Henry A. - farmer 320 acres
Wells, Richard B. - stockraiser  160 acres
Williams, Moses - stockraiser  160 acres
Wines, Nicholas C. - farmer 440 acres
Young, Mary E. - Vanderhoff, J. H. & Co.
Young, W. W. - assistant postmaster
Zook, Samuel - miner

Post Office, Blocksburg, Humboldt, Co.

Burgess, Edward F. - miner
Duncan, Mary F. - stockraiser  520 acres
Smith, Benjamin K. - miner
Wilburn, Edward - stockraiser  80 acres
Wilburn, Hiram D. - stockraiser  240 acres
Wilburn, James S. - stockraiser  400 acres
Wilburn, James S. Jr. - stockraiser  160 acres

HOBOKEN (See Weaverville)

HYAMPOM (See Hay Fork)

INDIAN CREEK (See Weaverville)

A post office town situated nine miles southwest of Weaverville.  It is essentially a mining camp in all of its interests and offers in its immediate neighborhood some of the best prospects of the county.  The principal mining claims are located on the bars and banks of the river.  The town has general stores, good hotel, and the other mechanical industries incident to the necessities of a mining town.  It is connected by a good wagon road with Weaverville, and its facilities for reaching commercial centers are as good as any of the mining towns located at similar distances.  The population of the town proper is about two hundred.

Anderson, James T. - mail & express carrier
Barker, Don - laborer
Bartlett, Charles H. - Evans & Bartlett
Beavers, Samuel - ditch tender
Benjamin, E. M. - mining  superintendent
Benjamin, Ruth Miss - school teacher
Bergin & Fronte - miners 40 acres
Bergin, John - Bergin & Fronte
Bergin, John W. - laborer
Bezel, Theodore  - laborer
Bolls, Joseph L. - gardener
Bunker, James S. - teamster
Burns, Henry  - laborer
Carr, A. C. - miner
Chapman & Fisher - miners 128  acres
Chapman, George - Chapman & Fisher
Christian, Frederic - laborer
Clark, James C. - laborer
Connell, John - laborer
Dacey, John - laborer
Davis, David P. - blacksmith
Dawson, Thomas F. - teamster
Day, Charles W. - Day & Todd, Postmaster
Day, James D. - miner
Day, John D. C. - miner
Day & Todd - proprietor Carter Hotel
Donnovan, Daniel  - laborer
Douglas, George F. - teamster
Durkes, Lawrence O. - laborer
Evans & Bartlett - miners 73 acres
Evans, David - Evans & Bartlett 99 acres
Fisher, James H. - Chapman & Fisher
Fisher, John - miner
Flagg, Amasa A. - laborer
Floriance, John A. - gardener
Flowers, Mary Miss - school teacher
Forcade & Nichols - 20 acres
Fronte, Louis - Bergin & Fronte
Garrity, Thomas  - butcher
George, Alexander C. - farmer
Gilzean, Charles E. - miner
Gilzean, James H. - miner  33 acres
Given, C. W. - farmer 254 acres
Given, James E. - butcher
Glover, Robert - laborer
Grant, William E. - carpenter
Gribble, Richard  - miner
Haas, F. G. - miner
Haber, Philip - miner
Ham, Joseph  - miner
Harthan, -- - laborer
Hays, A. H. - capitalist 1166 acres
Hippler, Charles  - blacksmith
Hollahan, John W. - laborer
Jacob, Barthel - miner
Jacob, John - miner
Jones, L. T. - farmer
Laws, George M. - teamster
Leibrandt, J. - Lorenz & Leibrandt
Lorenz, Joseph F. -  farmer
Lorenz & Leibrandt - miners 155  acres
Lorenz, Nicholas - Lorenz & Leibrandt
Loveridge, Merwin W. - miner
Loveridge, Orange M. - miner
Lumley, John - miner
Lyons, Patrick  - miner
Mansfields, Abram - laborer
Major, Aaron M. - lumberman
McCarthy, G. D. - blacksmith 12 acres
Meagher, Patrick  - miner
Motherwell, John V. - miner
Munster, John D. - farmer
Murphy & Matthewson - miners 26 acres
Noble, Charles  - carpenter
O'Conner, Francis - miner
Perkins, Thomas  - miner
Post, James J. - miner
Post, John S. - miner
Post, Thomas C. - packer
Prater, W. H. - miner
Price, A. G. - gardener 19 acres
Raab, L. F. - saloon keeper
Reed, E. L. - merchant
Reed, John M. - laborer
Reed, Willie E. - teamster
Ryan & O'Conner - miners
Schaffer, August - miner
Schaffer & Co. - miners
Schlomer, Herman - blacksmith 40 acres
Schneider, Henry - gardener
Schoppe, Charles  - miner
Segalia, Alexander - laborer
Segalia, Antone - miner
Sheridan Bros. - miners  134 acres
Sheridan, Philip - Sheridan Bros.
Sheridan, John - Sheridan Bros.
Simonds, Azro D. - laborer
Slattery, Patrick  - laborer
Slattery, Patrick T. - stockraiser
Slattery, Thomas  - laborer
Smith, John F. - laborer
Smith, Joseph  - blacksmith
Stadtlander, Cornelius - laborer
Sturdivant, Joseph A. - miner
Thomas, David C. - laborer
Thomas, Nathan H.  - laborer
Thompson, Sorenson T. - miner
Todd, -- - Day & Todd
Verstegen, P. - saloon keeper
Whitelaw, Francis H. - carpenter
Whitmor & Reed  - merchant, millman

A post office and mining town of considerable importance, in the eastern part of the county.  It is located on the Trinity River, eleven miles above Douglas, and is the point where the stage line from Weaverville to Shasta crosses, the river being spanned here by a substantial bridge.  The stages make daily trips each way.  There are a few good farms in the neighborhood, and is also the possessor of some very rich quartz mines, and mills have been erected.  The town has the usual business facilities and does a fair business.  The population is fully four hundred.

Abernathy, George A. - laborer
Anderline, Ferdinand F. - miner
Anderline, John J. - miner
Ash, James M. - miner
Ashburn, Hans A. - miner
Atterbury, Arthur - miner
Bagley, Charles O. - miner
Bailey, James  - miner
Baker, Thomas - dealer gen mdse, Postmaster, agent Wells, Fargo & Co.
Baker, Walter J. - clerk
Bayls, John M. - miner
Bellau, Frank - miner
Bingaman, John - farmer
Blackmore, Charles L. - miner
Blackmore, James A. - miner
Blackmore, James M. - farmer
Blackmore, John W. - carpenter
Blackmore, T. J. - miner, farmer 120 acres
Blagrave, Bannister - carpenter
Blagrave, Wm. A. - miner
Boles, Benjamin F. - miner
Brown, George W. - carpenter
Brownell, James - assayer
Brownell, Robert  T. - miner
Bukeye Water and Mining Co. - John Yule  superintendent
Casco, Manuel F. - farmer
Chadbourne, Matthew - miner
Chamberlain, Paul R. - farmer
Chamberlain, Virgil M. - miner  40 acres
Chinery, Charles  - laborer
Clayton, George H. - farmer 160 acres
Collopy, John - miner  28 acres
Collopy, Otis J. - miner
Cox, Thomas C. - miner
Cronin, Patrick  - miner
Crowe, John M. - miner
Cinningham, Benjamin  - miner
Daly, James  - miner
Daniels, James F. - laborer
Daniels, James J. - laborer
Davis, Geo. W. - Frick & Davis
Dennison, Lewis - blacksmith
Dickey, James C. - miner  12 acres
Dipple, Samuel  - laborer
Doliffe, John F. - miner
Ehrmann, Henry  - butcher
Feour, James C. - miner
Fitzgerald, Patrick  - miner
Flinn, Ledro M. - laborer
Forcade, Charles  - miner
Fox, Harrison  - farmer 160 acres
Frey Bros. - mine, ditch owners 140 acres
Frey, Frederick - Frey Bros.
Frey, Lucas - Frey Bros.
Frick, Christian - Frick & Davis
Frick & Davis - farmers 320 acres
Germiquet, Isaac - laborer
Gibson Bros. - miners
Gibson, John E. - miner
Gifford, Joseph F. - miner
Goetze, William  - farmer 170 acres
Goetze, Henry W. - farmer
Goon, Daniel  - carpenter
Gormley, James - pipe maker
Grauman, Charles - cook
Gunson, William  - engineer
Hahn, George  - miner
Hampton, Elijah P. - farmer 87 acres
Hampton, Everett P. - teamster
Hampton, Jasper H. - teamster
Hartigan, John - laborer
Hartman, Charles J. - miner
Henderleiten, Delbert H. - laborer
Henries, John - miner
Hickey, Cornelius - miner
Huelbert, Samuel O. - miner
Hyer, Christian - miner
Ingham, Charles
Jacoby, John S. - miner
Kane, Charles G. - miner
Kelly, James  - miner
Killins, Richard  - miner
Kise, Joseph B. - teamster
Klein, George  - miner
Knowlton, Purlin - saloon keeper
Lambeth, Aaron F. - miner
Lappin, William  - miner
Larsen, Iver - shoemaker
Leas, George W.  - farmer, hotelkeeper 40 acres
Leas, James G. - miner
Leavitt, William J. - engineer
Leon, Philip - miner
Lorenzen, Thomas  - laborer
Louppi, John C. - miner
Lowden, M. H. - farmer 40 acres
Lowden, M. W. Mrs. - farmer 160 acres
Lowden, Owen E. - farmer, hotel keeper 220  acres
Lutman, David - laborer
Machado, Manuel F. - miner
McCarthy, Patrick  - miner
McDonald Bros. & Co. - miners
McDonald, Bernard - miner
McDonald, William R. - miner
McGregor, Alexander - blacksmith
McKinney, Michael  - miner
McLiman, W. P. - blacksmith
Mooney, Dennis B. - miner
Mooney, Peter P. - saddler
Newman, L. H. F. - miner
Newman, Michael R. - hotelkeeper 16 acres
Paddleford, John - miner
Paulsen, Jacob - hotel keeper, dealer gen mdse  800 acres
Phillips, James W. - farmer
Phillips, L. U. Miss - school teacher
Phillips, Olney - blacksmith,  proprietor toll bridge 90 acres
Pickett, James W. - laborer
Pizey, Manuel I. - miner
Postmaster - Thos. Baker
Ralph, John - miner
Rath, Christian F. - miner
Ritter, Charles L. - clerk with Thomas Baker
Ritter, Charles M. - carpenter
Sabbern, Matthew - miner
Sargeant, George E. - carpenter
Scott, William J. - miner
Searles, Jackson - laborer
Shedd, Ed. N. - miner
Simpson, Henry H. - laborer
Slater, Henry C. - Thompson & Slater
Sutton, Newton - miner
Taylor, John - farmer 182 acres
Thompson, John - Thompson & Slater
Thompson, Reil J. - physican
Thompson & Slater - miners
Toombs, Alexander - miner
Valentine, William - saw mill
VanMatre, George  - miner
VanMatre, John C. - farmer
VanMatre, Walter G. - farmer
Watt, Charles H. - quartz mill
Weitfeldt, Fred. - miner
Williams, John - laborer
Winchell, Samuel  - laborer
Yule, John - miner, Assemblyman Fourth District

MARTINSVILLE (See Burnt Ranch)

LONG RIDGE (See Hayfork)

A Mining camp and post office, situated on the East Fork of Stewart's Fork of the Trinity River.  Gold taken in this vicinity is coarse and of fine quality.  The population is about one hundred.

Bates, Fordyce - dealer gen mdse, Postmaster, saloon keeper
Bernard, Peter V. - miner
Bowermann Bros. - farmers 160 acres
Bowermann, Jacob S. - Bowermann Bros.
Bowermann, John - Bowermann Bros.
Bowers, Frederick - miner
Cademartori, Frank - miner
Campbell, Wm. A. - miner
Chandler, Fleming - miner
Coleman, William - laborer
Cummings, James - farmer 164 acres
Cummings, John S. - farmer
Cummings, Thomas A. - farmer
Dettker, Adam H. - miner
Diner, Frank - miner
Fitzgerald, Timothy - miner
Hampton, Samuel W. - miner
Heath, John W. - Heath & Kelley
Heath & Kelley - farmers
Johnson, Oscar M. - miner
Joseph, Manuel - stockraiser
Kelley, John H. - Heath & Kelley
Kelley, Joseph - miner
Koll, John - miner
McCall, John - farmer/stockraiser
Mead, Corydon M. - miner
Miller, Thomas L. - miner
Postmaster - Fordyce Bates
Reed, Andrew S. - miner
Reed, Benjamin - miner
Riordan, James - miner
Rowles, James - miner
Schacht, Meves - miner
Sidell, Philip - miner
Skewis, Edward - miner
Skewis, John - miner
Smith, Jonathan - miner
Stitts, Jackson - miner
Tourtellotte, Jesse H. - hotel
VanMetre, Mrs. - hotel
Weeden, John D. - miner

NORTH FORK (See Weaverville)

NEW RIVER  (See Weaverville)

RUCHS (See Hayfork)

SOUTH FORK (See Hayfork)

TAYLOR'S FLAT (See Weaverville)

This town, having post and telegraph offices, is located in the northeastern part of the county, on the Trinity River.  It is the second place of importance in the county, and the only point having telegraphic communication with the outside.  It is forty-four miles distant from Shasta, and is on the main road leading to Yreka and Oregon, over which the stages of the California and Oregon Stage Line pass daily.  The prevailing interest, as elsewhere in the county, are mining, although several good sections of farming land are found in the neighborhood, mostly all cultivated and realizing handsome returns to their owners from the good prices received for their product.  The town has the usual business establishments, including a general merchandise store, hardware store, blacksmith shop, saw mill and hotel.  the distance to the county seat is thirty-two miles, and the population of the town proper is about one hundred.

Abrams, James
Allison, Asa - miner
Allison, Charles E.
Allison, Edward - miner
Bard, James  - farmer 160 acres
Bassham, A. E. - laborer
Bassham, Green B.
Beard, James S. - carpenter
Beard, John S.
Bloss & McCleary - 160 acres
Bloss, Franklin H. - miner
Bordon, Samuel - constable
Bragdon Bros. - 160 acres
Bragdon, C. H. - 160 acres
Bragdon, Edward H.
Bragdon, Hiram A.
Braggon, Edward - farmer
Braggon, Herman - farmer
Braggon, H. H. - farmer
Brincard, Arthur - farmer
Carr, George L. - clerk with James E. Carr
Carr, James E. - Carr & Feeney, farmer, gen mdse 260 acres
Carr & Feeney - proprietors Shasta & Yreka Turnpike Co.
Carter, Asa M.
Carter, Henry  - miner
Carter, John - laborer
Centre Placer Mine - Bloss & McKay proprietors
Conway, Frederick E. - laborer
Conway, W. F. - laborer
Conway, W. S.
Coral Placer Mine - Hong Sing & Co. proprietors
Coyle, Edward - laborer
Coyle, James L. - telegraph operator
Dack, John - laborer
Deacon, George  - miner
Dean, Alfred L. - bartender Trinity Centre Hotel,  superintendent Watson's Gulch Placer Mine
Diddy, John
Dodge, W. S. - 120 acres
Donnovan, Dennis - miner
Dougherty, Henry  - miner
Dougherty, Hugh H.
Draper, Thomas D.
Ella May Drifting Mine - P. Holland  superintendent
Ellery, Elias - farmer 320 acres
Ellery, Levi J.
Farrell, William
Feeney, Richard H. - Carr & Feeney, hotel proprietor, tollgate keeper  Shasta & Yreka Turnpike
Freethy, R. E. - farmer 160 acres
Freethy, William  - 80 acres
Girard, Louis N.
Hansley, Charles C.
Hartz, Anthony
Hall, Wm. L. -  superintendent Morrison Gulch Placer Mine 10 acres
Hall, Wm. P. - farmer
Halleck, William
Harrison, Wm. H. - miner
Haskins, Albert P. -  superintendent Shoo Fly Mine 64 acres
Hidden Treasure Mine - P. Holland & Co.  proprietors
Holland, P.  - P. Holland & Co.,  superintendent  Ella May Drifting Mine
Holland, P. & Co. -  proprietors Hidden Treasure Mine
Hubbell, Samuel  - Justice of the Peace, notary public
Jackson, Henry J.
Jewett, Preston A.
Johansen, Jem - miner
Jollie, John W.
Jones, Monroe - laborer
Landis, Bertha C. Mrs. - school teacher
Larkin, Patrick  - 65 acres
Larsen & Coyle - 40 acres
Larsen, John - blacksmith
Lawrence, A. - laborer
Magenat & Co. - 40 acres
Magenat, George
Mathews, James A.
Mathews, L. - miner
Maxwell, William  - carpenter
McCall, John - 95 acres
McClary, Cavid R. - miner
McDonald, R. W.
McDonald, William  - miner
McKay, Finley - miner
McNear, David - miner
Merrow, Lorenzo - miner
Miller, George  - laborer
Moore, Lewis W.
Moore, William  - miner
Moore, Frank - miner
Morrison Gulch Placer Mine - W. L. Hall  superintendent
Morton, Thomas  - miner  80 acres
Mountfort, Edmund
Murray, George N. - laborer
Murray, John E. - Postmaster, clerk with James E. Carr
Wash Deep Gravel Mining Co. - 550 acres
Nash, John T. C.
Nason, Prentiss N.
Neil, Lorenzo
Noles, Preston T. - laborer
Olsen, Louis  - 197 acres
Owens, George F. - laborer
Owens, J. F. - farmer
Owings, Chambers - farmer
Owings, John M. - farmer
Owings, McKenzie  - 200 acres
Parry, Henry - laborer  437 acres
Parry, M. F. - laborer
Peterson, Erick  - 320 acres
Pinnell, William  - miner
Postmaster - John E. Murray
Powell, Reese - miner
Ragland, John W.
Randell, Frank - carpenter
Richards, Stephen   - 40 acres
Rostetter, George - telegraph operator
Rostetter & Stoddard  - 160 acres
Rumfelt, Augustus  - miner
Schnetzer, Philip
Shasta and Yreka Turnpike Co. - Carr & Fenney proprietors
Shomaker, Howard
Shoo Fly Mine - A. P. Haskins  superintendent
Shuford, J. W. - farmer
Shurtleff, Cabel
Smith, Charles W.
Smith, Edward R.  - 77 acres
Sohm, John G. - farmer 240 acres
Stoddard, John R. - farmer
Tapie, Eugene - clerk
Thompson, William  - miner
Tinkham, Peter - miner
Trinity Centre Hotel - William Vollmers proprietor
Underground Treasure Mining Co. - 160 acres
VanAmmin, Lowery
Vollmers, William -  proprietor Trinity Centre Hotel
Waite, Nelson - painter
Watson's Gulch Placer Mine - A. L. Dean  superintendent
Wheeler, Nathan - saw mill
Williams, Charles  - teamster
Zarli, Frederick  - farmer 306 acres

This town, the county seat, is situated in Weaver Basin, on the east side of the creek of the same name, and five miles north of its junction with the Trinity.  The basin is a circular enclosure of about five miles in diameter, and in early days was mined over its entire surface, large yields having been secured from this territory.  The town itself, as is entirely consistent with the character of the county of which it is the capital, is built entirely on ground which has been - and some of which still is - good mining ground, many of the buildings standing upon lots which were worked to the bedrock before they were erected.  The construction is mostly of brick, and the residences are mostly adorned with flowers and surrounded by orchards, which are cultivated here successfully.  Its external communication for freight, express and passengers is by daily stage over the mountains through a favorable pass via Lewiston to Shasta.  The distance to Shasta being about forty miles, passengers leaving Weaverville in the morning are enabled to reach San Francisco by the evening of the second day.  The entire business of the county centers at Weaverville, saving that of Trinity Centre, and the amount of business transacted is far above the ordinary amount handled by communities of this size, , its business houses including in their list five general stores (one being Chinese), two dry goods and clothing, two groceries, variety, drug and jewelry stores, tailor shops, etc.  The Bank of the Estate of M. F. Griffin ships most of the gold dust of the county, and is an important institution to the business interests of the county.  The comfort of the travelling public is amply provided for in the two hotels of the place, and the town keeps pace with all other towns of its size in the State by supporting an energetic and thriving paper in the Weekly Trinity Journal, published by Mr. C. W. Craig.  Mr. James Morris, landlord of the New York Hotel, Weaverville, is one of the three members on this Coast of the American Devon Cattle Club.  He is one of the leading breeders of thoroughbred Devon cattle in the northern part of the State.  The public buildings are embraced in the Court House, a Catholic Church and a fine School building erected at a cost of $7,000.  The population is one thousand.

Abrahm, Isaac - Abrahm & Karsky
Abrahm & Karsky - dry goods, clothing, boots, shoes, etc.
Adams, John Q. - packer
Allen, William  - miner
Anderson, Richard K.
Arguello, Joseph - waiter Union Hotel
Armentrout, John W. - Benton & Armentrout
Asmussen, Andrew - chopper
Atherton, D. R. - painter
Atkins, George H. - miner
Baker, Edward
Baker, Richard S. - miner  39 acres
Baker, Thomas J.
Balch, James R. - clothing, boots, shoes, hats, furnishing goods
Balch & Rule - miners 107  acres
Bank Exchange Saloon - Samuel J. Hensley proprietor
Bank of Estate of M. F. Griffin - Richard W. Stiller cashier
Barkla, Isaac - miner
Barkla, James  - miner
Barleycorn, John H. - variety store
Barnickel, Anna Mrs. - proprietor Weaverville Drug Store, stationery, fancy goods, etc.
Barnickel, John - druggist
Barrett, James
Bartle, Frank H.
Bartolette, Manasses - butcher  45 acres
Bassham, Frank - stage driver
Beavers, Samuel  - miner
Bennett, Jeremiah
Benton, James - Benton & Armentrout
Benton & Armentrout - blacksmiths, wagonmakers
Birmingham, Michael  - laborer  20 acres
Black, Peter P. - miner
Blackwell, George W. - laborer
Blackwell, John - night watchman
Blake, Selden L. - physican & surgeon
Blaney, Hugh - miner
Block, Hans A.
Boles, John - miner
Botz, John - miner
Bordes, John - miner
Bowie, James  - Sheriff, Tax Collector
Bowler, Albert - night watchman
Bowles, James R.
Boyle, Henry  - miner
Boyle, Michael  - miner
Brady, Lavinia Miss - school teacher
Brady, M. A. - jeweler
Beannan, James - miner
Bremer, J. H. - deputy Sheriff
Brooks, Samuel G. - Justice of the Peace
Brooks, Smith B. - miner
Browder, James O. - laborer
Brown, Charles L. - laborer
Brown, Fleming H.
Brown, Lemuel
Brown, Philip S. - laborer
Brown, Richard  - miner
Burger, John A. - miner
Burgess, Edward F.
Bush, Henry F. - tinner with Henry Junkan
Bush, Henry P. - tinner
Butler, Allen - laborer
Campbell, Patrick
Campbell, Thomas G.
Carothers, Manuel
Carson, D. S.
Carson, James  - miner
Carter, James McC. - miner  50 acres
Casedy, Harry J. - teacher music
Cass, Charles L. - miner
Caton, Joseph
Chadbourne, Matthew - miner
Challenge Saloon - Edward Enright proprietor
Clement, Oliver C.
Clifford, Francisca - widow
Clifford, R. Mrs. - widow
Cochell, Absalom - variety store, cigars, tobacco
Cochran, James  - clerk New York Hotel
Coeur, Alexander
Colbert, Daniel  - teamster
Colbert, John - teamster
Condon, John - porter with Max Lang
Condon, William -  proprietor Empire Hotel
Conville, Michael  - miner
Cornell, Alonzo - carpenter
Costello, Thomas  - miner
Couratca, Alexander
Craig, C. W. - editor, publisher Weekly Trinity Journal, gen insurance agent, Postmaster
Creamer, Charles N. - miner
Currie, Robert
Dacy, Jeremiah - miner
Dannenbrick, August - clerk with D. Hansen
Davis, Orange F. - stage driver
Day, James L. - miner
Day, John H. - miner
Dickhoff, John H.
Dix, Henry  - laborer
Dockery, Edward - laborer
Dockery, James E. - laborer
Dockery, John W. - laborer
Dockery, Michael W. - laborer
Dockery, Patrick G. - laborer
Drake, George O. - miner
Dyer, Orrington S.
Ellerbrook, Joachim - miner
Empire Hotel - William Condon  proprietor
Enright, Edward - proprietor Challenge Saloon
Essick, Belty - miner  52 acres
Everhart, William D. - hostler
Farmers' and Miners' Store - Detlef Hansen  proprietor
Fenton, Michael  - miner
Fetzer, August - shoemaker
Flagg, Eben S. - miner
Flagg, J. R. -  superintendent Hayes Mine
Flowers, Ellis - ditch,  millman
Foley, David - miner
Foley, Thomas  - miner
Ford, Bartholomew - miner
Fox, Orson - roadoverseer
Fox, Solomon - miner
Francis, James J.
Frank, Lorenz
Franks, George
Frickenger, George  - miner
Froetiger, Jacob
Garwood, Solomon S.
Geiger, -- Mrs. - midwife
Georing, Emil H. - laborer
Georing, L. Mrs. - widow
Gilzean, Alexander - laborer
Gilzean, James
Gilzean, James Jr. - miner
Glasson, James  - miner
Glennison, Eugene - miner
Goodyear, Charles E. - clerk Union Hotel
Goso, Abiel B.
Gray, David B.
Gray, O. M. - miner
Greenwall, Eugene - miner
Griffin, Sarah E. - widow
Griffin, M. F. - estate of, bank,  94 acres
Griffith, Michael  - miner
Guillaume, Philip
Gulick, James H. - miner
Guthrie, William - Supervisor, saw mill  2 acres
Hackett, George J. - laborer
Hackleman, John
Hagleman, John - brewer
Hall, Timothy H.
Hamburger, Louis
Hammill, Charles W.
Hanna, Charles  - saloon keeper
Hansen, Detlef - proprietor Farmers' and Miners' Store
Hansen, E. Frank - laborer  90 acres
Hardin, David - miner
Harmon, Rickabaugh J. - miner
Harrington, George E. - miner
Harrison, John
Harvey, Alfred - miner
Harvey, Harry - miner
Harvey, James  - miner
Hawk, John - miner
Hedges, Job
Heley, George V. - miner
Hensley, Samuel J. -  proprietor Bank Exchange Saloon
Hilliard, Jacob
Hobart, D. A.  - farmer 200 acres
Hobart, Oliver S. - laborer
Hodgdon, Alva P. - miner
Holman, Elsie Miss - school teacher
Holsinger, Jacob - miner
Hoppe, Henry
Horstmyer, Henry  - miner
Hubbard, John W. - miner
Huber, Joseph
Hudspeth, William L.  - merchant tailor
Huestis, Theodore F. - painter
Huff, Charles E. - miner
Hupp, William I. - miner  50 acres
Huson, Cornelius W.  - millman  320 acres
Huston, John - carpenter
Huestin, George W. - miner
Huss, Jacob - laborer
Hyde, Maurice - miner
Jacinto, John
Jackson, Wilbert L. - laborer
Jacob, Henry  - miner
Jillson, Azro P. - miner
Jillson, William O.
Jones, Leonidas F. - bartender
Jones, Theodore E. - Superior Judge 18 acres
Jose, Ed. W. - laborer
Jumper, George B. - millman  160 acres
Junkans, Charles  - clerk with Henry Junkans
Junkans, Henry - dealer gen mdse, banker, tinner, plumber
Junkans, Louis - laborer
Junkans, William F. - clerk with Henry Junkans
Karsky, Samuel - Abrahm & Karsky
Kazinsky, Julius - dry goods, etc.
Keach, John T. - miner
Keefer, Harier - miner
Keenan, Michael
Kerby, Francis M.
Kingsbury, Orson - farmer
Kitchen, Benjamin F. - laborer
Klink, Jacob - laborer
Lada, Frank J. - miner
Lance, Henry
Landis, James S. - miner
Laninger, George W. - laborer
Laninger, John J. - teamster
Lang, Max - gen mdse, hardware
Lautenschlager, Valentine  - teamster
Lawton, Mary Miss - waitress New York Hotel
Lefren, Per. A. - watchmaker, jeweler
Levy, Isaac K. - clerk with Abrahm & Karsky
Lewis, W. S.
Lobdell, Charles - Coroner, Administrator
Long, Jeremiah - woodchopper
Lorenz, Henry  - miner  68 acres
Lorenz, Henry Jr. - laborer
Loutier, E. T. L. - miner
Love, Alexander N. - proprietor Tammany Saloon
Loveridge, O. M. -  superintendent Oregon Mine & Milling Co. 84 acres
Lowden, Henry L. - surveyor 15 acres
Lowden, Nellie Miss - school teacher
Lowden, William S. - surveyor 1624 acres
Mabie, Frank - teamster
Magner, Arthur J. - miner
Mahoney, Warren A. - miner
Malone, Patrick  - laborer
Marshall, A. H. - County Assessor
Martin, Henry  - miner
Martin, Henry W. - deputy Postmaster
Martin, James  - miner
Martin, John - commission  merchant
Martin, John - proprietor livery stable 220 acres
Martin, Robert
Martin, William H. - miner
Mathason, Bernard
Mathews, William  - laborer
McCarty, Gillis D.
McConvill, James  - miner
McKay, William  - miner
McManus, Patrick H. - miner
McMurry, Geo.  - bartender Bank Exchange Saloon
McMurry, John - miner  50 acres
McNairy, Michael  - miner
McNamara, Thomas J. - laborer
Meckel, Albert - clerk with Julius Kazinsky
Meckel, Chris. - miner
Meckel, Henry  - teamster
Meckel, John -  proprietor Pacific Brewery
Meyers, John - miner
Millane, James  - miner
Miller, Henry H.
Mills, William
Mitchell, William
Montague, Joseph C. - physican & surgeon
Montgomery, Blanchard A. - miner
Moor, James M. - miner
Moore, George W. - ditch owner
Morris, James -  proprietor New York Hotel, agent Cal. & Ore. Stage Line, stockraiser  40 acres
Morris, Thomas  - miner
Moses, Amos S. - millman
Mulligan, Mike - laborer
Murphy, Charles  - farmer 340 acres
Murphy, Edward - farmer
Murphy, John J. - farmer, miner  10 acres
Musser, John
Neusse, Carl - laborer
New York Hotel - James Morris  proprietor
Nichols, Harry L. Mrs. - school teacher
Nieman, Conrad W. - gardener
Nieman, Emily Miss - school teacher
Noble, Stephen
Noonan, George E. - druggist
Norcross, May Miss - teacher music
Norman, Warren
Norman, William S.
O'Neil, A. Mrs. - widow
O'Neil, Alice Miss - school teacher
O'Neil, K. Miss - school teacher
O'Neil, May Miss - school teacher
Oregon Mine & Milling Co. - O. M. Loveridge  superintendent
Osborne, Henry
O'Shea, Mrs. - widow
Osgood, H. C. - miner
Pacific Brewery - John Meckel  proprietor
Palletreau, Alex. - miner
Patterson, Moses
Pattison, William A.
Paulsen, Peter M. - proprietor  Union Hotel
Personette, Moses W. - deputy Sheriff
Philbrook, John W. - District Attorney
Pierce, John F.
Portillo, Frank - miner
Postmaster - C. W. Craig
Power, John H. - miner
Price, Archibald G. - miner
Price, Thomas B. - miner
Quinby, Charles
Ralfs, John
Ramsey, James  - farmer 10 acres
Reed, Dexter A.
Rhines, Almond - miner
Richards, William  - miner
Roach, Mrs. - ladies' nurse
Robinson, David S. - farmer
Robinson, James  - laborer
Rule, B. B. - miner
Rule, Silas - W. & S. Rule
Rule, William - W. & S. Rule
Rule, W. & S. - miners
Russ, James A. - miner
Sawyer, Humphrey W. - toll collector
Sayer, Tehil H.
Schall, J. Louis - dealer in boots, shoes
Schlomer, Charles  - miner
Schlomer, Herman - farmer
Schuler, David - brewer
Senger, Jacob - teamster
Sharber, John
Sheehy, John
Sherwood, Stephen
Shock, Thomas M.
Showalter, Umstead B. - wood chopper
Singer, Jacob - teamster
Singer, Richard S.
Slack, Oscar L. - miner
Smith, Benjamin K.
Smith, Champ. W. - County Clerk, Auditor & Recorder
Smith, Hezekiah
Smith, Jerry
Smith, John H. - farmer 80 acres
Smith, Joseph - waiter Union Hotel
Smith, Michael  - miner
Smith, Wm. F. - bookkeeper with Max Lang
Smith, Rollin
Sowden, James  - miner
Sowden, John - miner
Spratt, Charles W. - dentist
Stengel, Charles  - laborer
Stiles, George  - laborer
Stiller, Alex. A. - insurance agent
Stiller, Charles E. - deputy postmaster
Stiller, Gussie L. Miss - compositor Weekly Trinity Journal
Stiller, Richard W. - cashier Bank of Estate M. F. Griffin, agent Wells, Fargo & Co., gen insurance agent, County Treasurer
Stone, John
Stover, Henry
Sullivan, George J.
Susand, N. C. - barber
Sutton, Newton
Tammany Saloon - Alex. N. Love proprietor
Taylor, David - laborer
Testy, Joseph  - miner
Thomas, Charles - builder
Thomas, Robert Jr.
Thomas, Robert L.
Timmerman, Frederick L. - cabinetmaker
Timmerman, John - carpentder
Timmerman, Louis - cabinetmaker, undertaker
Tinnin, Wiley J. - Attorney at law 55 acres
Tinsley, Alexander J. - merchant
Todd, John - butcher
Todd, Louis - butcher
Todd, William  - butcher
Todd, William Mrs. - groceries, dry goods
Trask, Benjamin F. - blacksmith
Treloar, Thomas  - miner
Treloar, Thomas Jr. - miner
Trimbli, Pierce - packer
Turnback, William  - miner
Turner, Stephen K. - bartender Tammany Saloon
Underwood, James H. - school teacher
Union Hotel - P. M. Paulsen  proprietor
Valancia, Paul - miner
Walder, Niels - miner
Waldroff, Ernest - packer
Wallace, E. W. - carpenter
Wallace, James A. - miner
Ward, George W. - miner
Ward, James  - miner
Warren, Archalus - miner
Waters, William  - miner  15 acres
Watkins, Benjamin F.
Watrous, Joseph B. - farmer
Weaverville Drug Store - Mrs. Anna Barnickel proprietor
Weed, David B.
Weekly Trinity Journal - C. W. Craig editor, publisher
Weineimer, Henry - miner
Weldon, Christopher J. - miner
White, Charles  - miner
White, Charles W. - laborer
White, John - laborer
Whitebread, Adolph - tinner
Whitmore, John - lumber dealer 30 acres
Williams, Charles E. - Attorney at law
Williams, E. - gen mdse
Williams, George  - laborer
Wilms, Henry
Wilson, Charles A. - miner
Wood, Joel C. - saloon keeper 14 acres
Woodbury, David  - teamster
Woodbury, Isaac - miner  87 acres
Young, Mary E. - widow, J. H. Vanderhoff & Co. - Hayfork

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
History of TRINITY CO. as of 1885

This, one of the extreme northern counties of the State, only one intervening between it and Oregon, is bounded on the north by Siskiyou, on the east by Shasta and Tehama, on the south by Mendocino and on the west by Humboldt Counties.  In its general proportions it is wedge shaped, measuring about one hundred miles from north to south, and in its widest breadth in the northern part of the county not to exceed fifty-five, thence gradually narrowing to the south until it only measures about twenty-five miles from east to west at its southern boundary.  It contains an area of 1,680,000 acres.  In the geographical formation of the county regard was had wholly to the physical characteristics of the section, the water shed drained by the Trinity River being wholly included within its boundaries, the dividing ridges which separates the drainage of this stream from other systems being the lines, except in the southern part, where a lateral mountain chain crossing in a northwesterly direction throws the portion south of it into the water shed which drains directly into the ocean.  The principal branches of the Trinity, which unite to form the main river, rise in the extreme northern and southern parts of the county, unite near the center, flowing thence first in a westerly course, gradually veers around until, leaving the county in nearly a northerly direction, its waters empty into the Klamath at a point about twenty miles beyond the line.  The topographical character of the county is altogether mountainous; the Shasta Mountains on the eastern line, the Salmon Mountains on the north and another of the main chains of the coast range on the west, together with the lateral ranges and spurs which bisect it in all directions, precludes the possibility of finding within its area any considerable portion of arable land.  In fact, with the exception of those sections embraced within Hay Fork Valley and the Trinity Valley, near Trinity Centre, farming land is only found in small patches.  This scarcity, however, has the effect of making them more valuable, as the total product is required for home consumption, the demand being always equal to if not in excess of the supply.

Stockraising as an industry is, however, commencing to claim some attention in the county, the assessment rolls of last year showing 1000 head of horses and mules, 3000 head of cattle and 36,000 head of sheep returned for taxation.

The mining interest is the one absorbing and predominating pursuit in Trinity, to which all other are subsidiary.  The county was settled and prospected as early as any of the northern counties of the State, but, even more than the other outlying sections, she was difficult to reach; the greater part lying entirely cut off from the ordinary routes of travel, so that while the more accessible portions of the State were completely worked out so far as surface and placer digging were concerned, there still remains in Trinity much territory which has been comparatively unworked.  Even at the date of the present writing new discoveries have been made in the New River and Rattlesnake districts, in the extreme northwestern part of the county, which foreshadows a veritable hegira of miners to their limits during the coming season.  These localities have long been noted for their remarkable placer yields, but until recently the gold had not been traced to its matrix.  Two routes to the diggings have been organized, one via Eureka and thence by stage and saddle to the district, eighty miles, the other via Redding and Weaverville.

In the northeastern part of the county, at Altoona, cinnabar has been found in large quantities, and some mines developed for quicksilver, but the over-production in this metal as against the demands of the commercial world has practically suspended its production here.

The farming land wherever found, excepting in the two vallies before names (Hay Fork and Trinity) is almost entirely devoted to fruit and vegetables, the flavor of the former being said to be finer than that grown in the lower vallies of the State.  In the matter of roads the county still relies to a considerable extent upon trails, and pack mules furnish a large part of the transportation; still in parts where practicable, roads have been made fully up to the progress of the county's developments, included in which are 109 miles of good turnpike.

The value of real estate, as shown by the assessment of 1883, was $743,143, of which amount mining claims, improvements on same and mining ditches represent $404,368; personal property, $429,186; total, $1,172,329.  The amount of gold shipped from the county as the product of its mines has, during the past five or six years, reached fully $1,000,000 per annum.  The population is about 5500, of which about two-fifths are Chinese.

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