1910 Telephone Directory
1910 Telephone Directory
Siskiyou County
Ager, Dunsmuir, Edgewood, Gazelle, Hornbrook, Montague, Picard, Sisson, Weed, Yreka

Ager - J. A. Ager, Agent
Ager - Klamath Hot Springs Line
Ager Free --
Bogus, Bloomingcamp, J. Toll 25 Cents --
Lennox, William  Toll 25 Cents --
Klamath Hot Springs Toll 25 Cents --
Ager Local Line
Ager Free --
Ager Hotel Free --
Ager Ranch Toll 25 Cents --
Betts, John  Toll 25 Cents --
Cooley, John  Toll 25 Cents --
Foster Free --
Kegg, Fred Toll 25 Cents --
Richardson, S. R. Toll 25 Cents --
Ager - Willow Creek Line
Ager Free --
Antone, Joseph  Toll 25 Cents --
Bogus, Bloomingcamp, J. Toll 25 Cents --
Edmonds, Hall & Horn, Mill Toll 25 Cents --
Ford, G. W. Toll 25 Cents --
Frame, C. W. (Switch) Toll 25 Cents --
George, Al. Toll 25 Cents --
Herzog Brothers Toll 25 Cents --
Jones Brothers Toll 25 Cents --
Jones, T. J. Toll 25 Cents --
Kuck Brothers Toll 25 Cents --
Morton Brothers Toll 25 Cents --
Mulloy, C. L. Toll 25 Cents --
Mulloy Dennis Toll 25 Cents --
Nevil, John  Toll 25 Cents --
Rutan, U. S. Toll 25 Cents --
Teal, Aaron Toll 25 Cents --
 Picard - Klamath River Line
Picard, R. L. O. Toll 25 Cents --
Amter, Rose Toll 25 Cents --
Brown, H. C. Toll 25 Cents --
Caskey, M. W. Toll 25 Cents --
Chase, George  Toll 25 Cents --
Cleveland, George  Toll 25 Cents --
Evans, Wm. Toll 25 Cents --
Frain, Fred Toll 25 Cents --
Frame, C. W. (Switch) Toll 25 Cents --
Gardener, James  Toll 25 Cents --
George, James  Toll 25 Cents --
Hessig Ranch Toll 25 Cents --
Hoover, Mary  Toll 25 Cents --
Keeton, Henry  Toll 25 Cents --
Klamath Hot Springs Toll 25 Cents --
Lake Ranch, H. Brothers Toll 25 Cents --
Otto Station or Junction Toll 25 Cents --
Picard, Frank (Ranch) Toll 25 Cents --
Sharp, John  Toll 25 Cents --
Siskiyou Electric Power Co. Plant Toll 25 Cents --
Spannaus Brothers Toll 25 Cents --
Sylva, Joseph  Toll 25 Cents --
Picard - Topsy Line
Picard, Oliver R. L. Toll 50 Cents --
Frain, W. L. Toll 25 Cents --
Herr, Hank Toll 50 Cents --
Rambo, Joseph  Toll 50 Cents --
Topsy, Charles Elgin Toll 50 Cents --
Varnum, S. L. Toll 50 Cents --
Wise-Maxwell Mill Toll 50 Cents --

Dunsmuir - Miss Maysie Fleming, Manager
Baxter, Louis A. Res  Main-37
Bean, T. L. Res Florence Ave. Main-8x1
Branstter & LaDue -- Main-253
Brown, H. O. Res  Main-1x2
California Box & Door Co. -- Suburbn-15
Cantrell, F. C. Res  Main-3x1
Carr, P. F. Rev. Res  Main-105
Champion, J. Res  Main-33
City Hall -- Main-293
City Market -- Main-231
Clarke, C. O. Res  Main-251
Cornish, E. J. Dr. Office Main-311
Cotter, C. R. Res  Main-7x2
Counts, L. B. Res  Main-9x1
Courts, L. B. Res  Main-303
Carter, E. V. Res  Main-151
Creason, Matt Mrs. Res  Main-156
Cross, H. Dr. Ofc. Main-125
Crystal Brothers Bottling Works Main-31
Dubase & Kilborn Periodical Store Main-197
Dunsmuir Cigar Co. -- Main-43
Dunsmuir Dispatch -- Main-201
Dunsmuir Drug Co. -- Main-61
Dunsmuir Ice Cream Parlor -- Main-43
Dunsmuir Lumber Co. -- Main-38
Dyke, William  Res  Main-94
Fleming, M. -- Main-93
Foster, F. L. Res  Main-266
Foster, F. L. Res  Main-9x2
Garrett, W. R. Atty Main-221
Garrett, W. R. Res  Main-223
Gongwer, Frank  Res  Main-89
Gongwer & Beem Saloon Main-85
Haines, H. H. Shasta Laundry Main-53
Herrin, Wm. F. Res Shasta Springs Main-18
Hickerson, H. B. Res  Main-158
Hill, S. H. -- Main-263
Hollis, F. J. -- Main-264
Hollis, F. J. -- Main-265
Hutaff, G. A. Deug Co. Main-65
Hutaff, G. A. Res  Main-64
Isles, Milton Res  Main-15x1
Jordan, R. Res  Main---
Kirkendall, Henry  Meat Market Main-267
Knight, A. Res  Main-46
Koose, E. G. Dry Goods Main-38
Lea & Williams Res  Main-74
Levy, A. -- Main-191
Levy, A. Res  Main-195
Mason, W. B, Dr. Dentist Main-121
Newhart, J. W. Florence Ave Main-86
Noller Bros. Bakery Main-144
Norman, Clyde Res  Main-41
OMalley, J. H. Mrs. Res  Main-63
Pacific Improvement Co. -- Main-35
Pacific Improvement Co. Castle Crag Main-39
Palm, The -- Main-271
People's Market -- Main-233
Quinn, Father Rev. Res  Main-17
Rowe, Edward  Res  Main-87
Schandel, M. C. Res  Main-301
Scherrer, -- Res  Main-305
Shasta Mercantile Co. -- Main-95
Shasta Mineral Spring Co. -- Main-16
Shasta Springs Hotel Co. -- Main-1x1
Siskiyou Light & Power Co. -- Main-68
Snell & Pendleton -- Main-251
Southern Pacific Co. Dispatcher Ofc. Main-53
Southern Pacific Co. Freight Ofc. Main-51
State Bank -- Main-281
Talmage, F. Res  Main-273
Tetrean-Eherenman Co. -- Main-133
Tetreau & Eherenman  Gen Mdse Main-131
The Hospital Dr. E. J. Cornish Main-73
The Palace Restaurant  -- Main-83
Thompson, C. E. Dr. Ofc Main-67
Thompson, C. E. Dr. Res  Main-66
Tuckwell, W. P. Res  Main-8x2
Tupper, B. O. Florence Ave Main-261
Upton, Jack Res  Main-104
VanFossen, F. B. Power House Main-127
VanFossen, L. Mrs. Res  Main-124
Wagoner, J. C. Saloon Main-34
Weed Brothers Hotel Main-23
Weed, Horace Res  Main-24
Wells, G. W. Res  Main-154
Wells, O. R. Res  Main-87
Wendell, John  Res  Main-158
Wentz, H. Res  Main-103
Wilkins, W. F. Res  Main-84
Wood, E. A. Res  Main-241
Woodward, Herman Res  Main-44
Wright, G. E. Res  Main-79
Edgewood - E. B. Cavanaugh, Agent
Gridley & Co. Gen Mdse Main-23
Jackson, Samuel  Farm Farmers-31
Norris, H. E. Res  Main-28
The Cedar Park Telephone Co.
Alexander, Samuel  Farmer Farmers-14
Beharte, Geo. Blacksmith Farmers-1x7
Dennis, Amuel  Farmer Farmers-11
Dennis, Fred  Farmer Farmers-1x4
Dennis, Lemuel  Farmer Farmers-1x6
Dennis, Nelson  Farmer Farmers-1x3
Dunlap, Mrs.  Farmer Farmers-1x1
Jones, James  Farmer Farmers-19
Meyer, J.  Farmer Farmers-15
Miller, James  Farmer Farmers-1x2
Miller, Robert  Farmer Farmers-16
Orr, T. R.  Farmer Farmers-12
Rowe, Andrew  Farmer Farmers-18
Sullivan, Dan  Farmer Farmers-17
The Park Creek Telephone Co.
Conley, J. E.  Farmer Farmers-33
Lawrenceson, E. H.  Farmer Farmers-31
Nelson, Geo.  Farmer Farmers-34
Gazelle - Denny Bar, Agent
Berry, J. L. Farm  Farmers-71
Edison Foulke Co. -- Main-43
Edison Foulke Co. -- Main-44
Edson Foulke Co. -- Main-41
Harris Bros. Farm  Farmers-73
Kiernan, W. T. Res Main-31
Louis, John  Ranch  Main-64
Louis, John  Farmer Farmers-67
Mitchell, J. C. Res Main-21
Orr, H. W. Farmer Farmers-68
Orr, R. Farm  Farmers-66
Southern Pacific Co. Depot Main-23
Stallcup, John  Farm  Farmers-68
Wadsworth Ranch F. E. Wadsworth Main-61
Williams Solon Farm  Farmers-63
Winter, Geo. Farm  Farmers-94
Wortman, L. Farm  Farmers-74
Hornbrook - Mrs. J. L. Coyle, Agent
Fall Creek Telephone Co.
Alls, Manuel -- Farmers-11
Fennell, J. -- Farmers-1x4
Franklin, Manuel -- Farmers-13
Johnson, James  -- Farmers-14
Lowe, Wm. -- Farmers-15
ONeill, J. Res  Farmers-1x3
Otis, R. -- Farmers-1x2
Small, I. H. -- Farmers-16
Smith, A. B. -- Farmers-17
Wright, T. -- Farmers-18
Wright, T. -- Farmers-19
Yeago, Angelo -- Farmers-1x1
Hornbrook Telephone Co.
Cuthbert, A. W. Saloon Farmers-26
Hansen, W. T. Res Farmers-27
Horn, D. -- Farmers-23
Horn, H. Res Farmers-28
Jaquette, L. C. Livery Stable Farmers-2x3
Jones, T. Co. Gen Mdse Farmers-2x1
Richardson, A. E. Dr. Office Farmers-29
Roberts, W. H. Res Farmers-21
Newton, L. H.  Res Farmers-25
Newton, L. H. Co. Livery Stable Farmers-24
The Klamath Rural Telephone Co.
Cooke, R. C. Butcher Farmers-34
Croy, Jefferson Farmer Farmers-3x7
Curtis, A. J. Farmer Farmers-3x2
Desvilla, Antone Farmer Farmers-39
George, John  Farmer Farmers-3x5
Hazel Mine -- Farmers-3x4
Hegler, Tom Farmer Farmers-3x3
Hughon, Tom Farmer Farmers-3x6
Jones, T. Co. Mdse Farmers-31
Jones, T. Co. Mdse Farmers-33
Jott, William  Farmer Farmers-38
Klondyke Mining Co.  -- Farmers-35
Nelson, J. Farmer Farmers-3x8
Nothern California Mining Co.  -- Farmers-36
Nothern California Mining Co.  -- Farmers-37
Quigley, Tom Farmer Farmers-3x1
White, S. Farmer Farmers-3x9
Montague - N. V. Purdy, Agent
Algomah Lumber Co. -- Main-91
Beudroit, J. A. Livery Main-31
Dexter, Willard Farmer Farmers-23
Dwinnell, G. W. Dr. Res  Main-47
Ehret, Willard Farmer Farmers-25
Fiock, George  Farmer Farmers-24
Grenada Ranch Co. -- Main-91
Grenada Section House -- Main-95
Hudsen, H. H. Gen Mdse Main-42
Julien Ranch -- Farmers-91
Montague Banking Co. -- Main-61
Montague Hotel -- Main-51
Montague Meat Market -- Main-57
Mt. Shasta Milling Co. -- Main-49
Orr, Jean Mrs. -- Main-94
Pius, Charles  Physician Main-35
Pracher, Clarence Farmer Farmers-22
Rowe, Andrew  Saloon Main-41
Schock, Chas. Gen Mdse Main-32
Southern Pacific Depot Main-101
The Little Shasta Telephone Co.
Beaudroit, Julian -- Little Shasta
Beaudroit, Louis -- Little Shasta
Brown, George  -- Little Shasta
Cash, Harry -- Little Shasta
Davis, Henry Sr. -- Little Shasta
Haight, Henry  -- Little Shasta
Hart, E. C. -- Little Shasta
Hart, L. Mrs. -- Little Shasta
Jensen, August -- Little Shasta
Kegg, Mrs. -- Little Shasta
Long, Frank  -- Little Shasta
Long, Frank  -- Little Shasta
Martin, Henry  -- Little Shasta
Martin, M. F. -- Little Shasta
OConnor, Edward  -- Little Shasta
Rohner, J. B. -- Little Shasta
Smith, Mrs. -- Little Shasta
Smith, Frank  -- Little Shasta
Williams, J. B. -- Little Shasta
The Midway Telegraph & Telephone Co.

Goosenest -- Midway
Little Shasta  -- Midway
Meiss Ranch -- Midway
Prather Ranch -- Midway
Spalding Brothers' Mill -- Midway
Terwilliger, Mrs. -- Midway
Terwilliger, Ed -- Midway
Wetzel Mill -- Midway

Sisson - E. J. Lawless, Agent
Abrams, Z. Res  Main-44
Black Diamond Saloon Main-79
Burke, G. W. Dr. Office Main-28
Burke, G. W. Dr. Res  Main-23
Casalta, B. El Monte Hotel Main-8x1
Cassalta, A. Saloon Main-74
Davis, K. Res  Main-25
Doney, A. E. Res  Main-48
Farley & Loetcher Box Factory Main-119
Gasken & Thompson Saloon Main-8x4
Glidden, C. E. Res  Main-46
Gonquet, L. Dr. -- Main-53
Harper, Mrs. Confectionery Main-39
Hunt, Wm. B. Notary Public Main-3x2
Hunt, Wm. B. Res  Main-31
Jordan, F. W. Curtis Bros Box Factory Main-111
Johnson, G. H. Res  Main-34
Johnson, H. Electric Light Plant Main-3x1
Kaupp, E. H. Res  Main-2x2
Kiernan, W. F. Butcher Shop Main-63
Knox, M. J. Res  Main-3x3
Kohn, K. Mrs. Livery Stable Main-61
Koletzke, A. H. Livery Stable Main-84
Kuck Bros. Undertaking Parlor Main-86
Kuck, F. Res  Main-83
Lawless, E. J. Res  Main-29
Magers, F. M. Saloon Main-24
Martin, H. P. Pioneer Box Co. Main-57
McGuinness, H. Office Main-8x3
McGuinness, H. Res  Main-88
Montgomery, F. Res  Main-27
Montgomery, Frank  Saloon Main-2x4
Mugler Brothers Bottling Works Main-6x3
Mussallem, Mrs. Cash Store Main-35
Nothern Pole & Lumber -- Main-6x2
Parr & Wilson Saloon Main-33
Pepper, W. H. Del Coronado Hotel Main-8x2
Quong, Wing Chung Chinese Merchant Main-78
Ream, H. Berryvale Inn Main-4x1
Rider, W. B. Forest Service Ofc Main-121
Rider, W. B. Res  Main-37
Rogers, W. Res  Main-2x1
Roslie, Mrs Gen Mdse. Main-21
Sackville, Bernice Lodging House Main-85
Schuler, Knox Co. Gen Mdse Main-67
Shebley, W. H. California Fish Hatchery Main-47
Sisson Drug Co. -- Main-51
Sisson, L. M. Sisson Tavern Main-41
Southern Pacific Co. Depot Main-81
Spann, W. C. Printing Ofc Main-64
Spann, W. C. Res  Main-68
Sullaway Bros. Res  Main-2x3
Taylor, J. Res  Main-65
Thornton, George  Res  Main-4x4
Watson, F. Res  Main-49
Wilson, Robt. Saloon Main-33
Wong On Kee Chinese Merchant Main-71
Wood & Sheldon Lumber Company Ofc Main-54
Wood & Sheldon Gen Mdse Main-58
Wright, Chas. Hotel Main-87
Wrinkle, J. W. Butcher Main-89

Weed - Weed Lumber Co., Agent
Montgomery, Don Livery  --
Tebbe, Fred H. Ofc --
Tebbe, W. E. Dr. Office --
Weed Lumber Co. -- --
Wright, A. P. Saloon --

Yreka - Miss Tyler, Comm'l Manager
Abshire, A. C. Res  Main-1001
Ackerman, F. B. Res  Main-544
Ackerman, F. S. Res  Main-543
Aldridge, E. J. Res  Main-1113
American District Telegraph Company -- Main-51
Authenrieth, L. Res  Main-811
Avery Drug Co. F. Von Jochurnson, Mgr Main-341
Bailey, B. R. Mrs. Res  Main-733
Bakery, Yreka -- Main-1081
Bank, Siskiyou County -- Main-141
Barham, W. W. Dentist Main-331
Barham, W. W. Res  Main-333
Barnes, Emma Miss Res  Main-1093
Beard, J. S. Res  Main-853
Bee Hive, The Groceries Main-161
Bird, J. W. Res  Main-941
Bird & Grant Groceries Main-221
Boyens, P. J. Dr. Dentist Main-1191
Boyle, J. F. Mrs. Res  Main-863
Brewery, The Pacific -- Main-101
Brinzer, H. Gen Mdse Main-433
Brown, R. M. Res  Main-833
Butler, C. E. Res  Main-594
Butler, Geo. D. Res  Main-593
Butler's Harness Shop -- Main-673
Byrne, Allan Res  Main-993
Cady, C. C. Res  Main-991
California Saloon -- Main-821
Calkins, Andrew  Saloon Main-693
Capitol Chop House & Saloon -- Main-691
Chinese Restaurant Sacramento Ave. Main-521
Chung Wo Tong Co. Chinese Drugs Main-251
Churchill Company Ofc Main-453
Churchill's Drug Store -- Main-541
Churchill, J. Res Main-531
Churchill, J. P. Res Main-533
Churchill, J. W. Res Main-534
City Meat Market -- Main-41
Clarenden Hotel -- Main-421
Coburn, L. F. Ofc Main-151
Coburn, L. F. Res Main-611
Colby, Josephine Miss Res Main-643
Collar, A. J. Dr. Ofc Main-431
Collar, A. J. Dr. Res Main-933
Collier, B. K. Ofc Main-1051
Collier, B. K. Res Main-1061
Collor, L. Loyd Res Main-1251
Combrink, W. E. Res Main-633
Cooper, Geo. W. Res Main-613
County Hospital -- Main-1091
Court House --
Co. of Siskiyou - Assessor's Office -- Main-914
Co. of Siskiyou - Court Reporter's Office -- Main-463
Co. of Siskiyou - Clerk's Office -- Main-915
Co. of Siskiyou - District Attorney's Office -- Main-904
Co. of Siskiyou - Judge's Chambers -- Main-461
Co. of Siskiyou - Sheriff's Office -- Main-911
Co. of Siskiyou - Surveyor's Office -- Main-905
Co. of Siskiyou - Superintendent of Schools -- Main-903
Co. of Siskiyou - Recorder's Office -- Main-913
Co. of Siskiyou - Tax Collector's Office -- Main-901
Davidson, T. B. Res Main-1241
Denny, Nerva Mrs. Res Main-1151
Dewitt, R. H. Res Main-981
Dewitt, R. O. Mrs Res Main-973
Doggett, Richard  Res Main-471
Dumphy, Frank  Saloon Main-401
Eddy, Irving Res Main-745
Egli's Candy Kitchen -- Main-723
Elite Confectionery Co. H. H. Ling, Mgr Main-1211
Estes, Mae Res Main-111
Fairchild, J. D. Ofc Main-241
Fairchild, J. D. Res Main-243
Fairchild, John F. Res Main-891
Farraher, J. F. Ofc Main-281
Farraher, J. F. Res Main-283
Fauquier, L. W. Res Main-781
Forest House -- Farmers-1201
Forest Supervisor's Office Klamath National Forest Main-171
France American Hotel -- Main-191
Frizell, J. P. Dr. Ofc Main-201
Frizell, J. P. Dr. Res Main-121
Fry, Chas. J. Mrs. Res Main-553
Gillette, J. C. Mrs. Res 316 Lane Main-793
Gillis, Anna R. Mrs. -- Main-921
Gillis, Kenneth C. Res  Main-923
Gillis & Gillis Res Ofc Main-301
Grant, Wm. Res  Main-783
Graves, N. E. Res  Main-1141
Guilbert, L. E. Lumber Yard Main-881
Haight & VanCamp Barber Shop Main-1121
Harmon, Ernest V. Res  Main-963
Harmon, J. E. Res  Main-763
Harmon & Harmon Livery Stable Main-11
Hart, H. W. Res  Main-943
Hart & Abshire Livery Stable Main-363
Hearn, Minnie Miss Res  Main-483
Herzog & Edmonds Grocers Main-71
High School -- Main-1133
Holbrook, Franklin Res  Main-1013
Hooper, F. W. Res  Main-361
Houghton, George F. Res  Main-841
Howard, Charles B. Res  Main-1041
Iunker, A. E. Hardware Main-703
Iunker, A. E. Res  Main-843
Jersey Dairy -- Main-861
Johnson, C. E. Barber Shop Main-441
Johnson, C. E. Res  Main-831
Kappler, Emil Saloon Main-671
Kappler, Emil Res  Main-481
Kee Hong Chinese Merchant Main-1021
Kleinhammer, Ida Photographer  Main-753
Kneish, A. Miss Res Main-864
Larison, C. A. Dr. Ofc Main-501
Larison, C. A. Dr. Res  Main-505
Lawrence, M. C. Res  Main-814
Lawson, O. H. Mrs. Res  Main-1221
Lemay, Henry  Res  Main-813
Lewis, Ettrick, Dr. Office Main-531
Lewis, Ettrick, Dr. Res  Main-353
Ling, H. H. Res  Main-321
Lodge, James F. Res  Main-231
Luce, C. H. Res  Main-801
Luttrell, C. J. Res  Main-261
Magoffey, J. H. Mrs. Res  Main-1181
Martin, J. B. Res  Main-571
Masonic Hall -- Main-291
McKendrick, M. Res  Main-1011
McNulty, Edw. J. Farm Main-591
McNulty, Fred J. Dr. Ofc Main-503
McNulty, Fred J. Dr. Res  Main-504
Meamber Bros. Bottling Works Main-711
Meyer, William  508 Main Main-521
Miller, Hugo Saloon Main-721
Miller, Joe 902 Main Main-871
Miners' Home, The -- Main-1163
Mullen, Henry  Blacksmith Main-713
Mullen, Henry  Res  Main-681
Murray, Alberta Mrs. Dressmaker Main-1171
Nichols, R. Mrs. Res  Main-1071
Nolton, T. J. Res  Main-1231
Nunamaker, W. D. Res  Main-771
Nutter & Miller Saloon Main-581
ONeill, J. M. Res  Main-1003
ONeill & Butler Attorney's Ofc Main-21
Ostrom, E. S. Res  Main-743
Oyster Loaf Restaurant -- Main-381
Pashburg, J. E. Res  Main-603
Pashburg, J. & Co.  Groceries Main-181
Patterson, H. C. Res  Main-535
Pollard, Frank C. Res  Main-751
Pollock, J. E. Jr. Res  Main-561
Pollock, Walter L. Res  Main-511
Pollock & Leavitt Gen Mdse Main-1161
Powers, W. W. Res  Main-563
Rankin, Robert  Res  Main-683
Ream, D. Mrs. Res  Main-513
Reception Cafe G. H. Peters Main-81
Renner, M. Mrs. Res  Main-883
Roberts, Delore Res  Main-761
Sargent, Mrs. Res  Main-731
Schock, Henry  Res  Main-851
Schultz, Henry  Res  Main-663
Scofield & Herman Undertakers Main-391
Siskiyou Auto Co. W. S. Cooper, Mgr. Main-491
Siskiyou Electric Power Co. Gen Office Main-451
Siskiyou Electric Power Co. Sub-station Main-1261
Siskiyou Electric Power & Light Co. Gold Main-1113
Siskiyou News Franklin Holbrook Main-211
Sovey -- Main-651
St.Cry, S. A. -- Main-1223
Steele, Alden J. Res  Main-744
Steele, O. G. Res  Main-573
Stimmel, E. H. Hardware Main-91
Stimmel, E. H. Res  Main-631
Stone, W. S. Res  Main-1023
Strassier, Henry  Res  Main-815
Strother, Charles W. Attorney's Ofc Main-271
Strother, Charles W. Res  Main-273
Tapscott, James R. Attorney Main-61
Tapscott, James R. Res  Main-411
Taylor, R. S. Res  Main-773
Taylor & Tebbe Attorney's Ofc Main-131
Tebbe, George A. Ofc Main-661
Thomas, Edgar Res  Main-1094
Toggery, The C. H, Luce, Prop Main-701
Tubbs, Ellsworth Res  Main-1024
Turner, J. E. Res  Main-983
Tyler, Miss Res  Main-771
vonJochurnson, F. Res  Main-1111
Wadsworth, Fred E. Res  Main-143
Walther, H. L. Res  Main-971
Webb, Samuel  Res  Main-953
Wellons, G. A. Mrs. Res  Main-1143
Wellons, John Mrs. Res  Main-1131
Western Union Telegraph Co. -- Main-51
Wetzel, George  Res  Main-623
Willis, Blanche Mrs. Nurse Main-741
Yreka Journal -- Main-31
Yreka Railroad Depot -- Main-823
Yreka Steam Laundry -- Main-311

Siskiyou Telephone Company - Via Yreka
Advance Mine -- --
Black Bear Mine -- --
Brooks Mine -- --
Callahans -- --
Cecilville -- --
Etna -- --
Forks of Salmon -- --
Fort Jones -- --
Gilta -- --
Greenview -- --
Highland Mine -- --
King Solomon -- --
Orleans Bar -- --
Rollins -- --
Salmon River -- --
Sawyer's Bar -- --
Zarina Mine -- --
The Klamath Tel. & Tel. Co. - Via Yreka
Barkhouse -- --
Garretson Springs -- --
Gottville -- --
Granite Mine -- --
Hamburg -- --
Happy Camp -- --
Humbug -- --
McConnell Bar -- --
Nolton -- --
Oak Bar -- --
Quigley -- --
Sciad -- --
Scott Bar -- --
White Ranch -- --
White S. R. Ranch -- --

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