Moon, Joseph & Brice
I found the two pictures at a local antique store in Minnesota and wanted to find the family who they belong to.  I see that the MOON family resided in Wiley Flat, Shasta, CA in 1880, father Archibald Moon, mother Martha A. Moon, many children, among them BRICE MOON and JOSEPH MOON.
For more information contact Kathryn Berg
Uncle Brice Moon
On the back Uncle Joe Moon
 1880 Shasta Co Census
---94-10-119 age       
Moon, Archibald 53 MO TN KY head Farmer
Moon, Martha A. 44 TN TN TN wife  
Moon, Brice 22 MO MO TN son Herding sheep
Moon, Luman J. 17 CA MO TN son  
Moon, Joseph M. 14 CA MO TN son  
Moon, Lucy N. 11 CA MO TN dau  
Moon, Margaret  8 CA MO TN dau   
Moon, Charles P. 6 CA MO TN son  
Moon, Emma May 4 CA MO TN dau  
Moon, Lilley L. 2 CA MO TN dau  

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