Newspapers of Shasta Co.
Known Newspapers of Shasta County
As taken from the Book by Dottie Smith
"The Dictionary of Early Shasta County History" 2nd Edition
Permission granted by Dottie Smith

Books written by Dottie Smith
Alfa Advance. Alfa. Late 1880s-1891. 
Boomtown Gazette. Central Valley. 1938(?). 
Burney Logger. Burney. 1940. 
Burney Valley Bulletin. Burney. 1889-1895. 
Central Valley Times. Central Valley. 1939-1940. 
Copper City Pioneer. Copper City. 1864-1866. 
Cottonwood Advocate. Cottonwood. 1904. 
Cottonwood Courier. Cottonwood. 1956-1958. 
Cottonwood Enterprise. Cottonwood. 1901-1940. 
Cottonwood Free Lance. Cottonwood. 1898. 
Cottonwood Herald. Cottonwood. 1902-1903. 
Cottonwood Press. Anderson. 1972-1976. 
Cottonwood Register. Cottonwood. 1888-1893. 
Courier Free Press. Redding.1906. 
Delamar Enterprise. Delamar. 1902-1906. 
Democratic Register. Redding. 1906-? 
East Side Times. Millville. 1886-1894. 
Enterprise. Anderson. 1882. 
Enterprise. Delamar. 1906-1907. 
Enterprise-Enterprise. Enterprise. 1976-1977. 
Exchange, The, (became Shasta County Echo) 
Fall River Advocate. Fall River. 1889-? 
Fall River Mail. Fall River. 1886-1889. 
Fall River Tidings. Fall River. 1893. 
Free Press. Redding. 1883-1906. 
Grizzly City Gazette. Grizzly City. 1850s. 
Happy Valley News. Happy Valley. 1899-? 
Horsetown Herald. Horsetown. 1889. 
Independent, The. Redding. 1926-1940. 
Inter-Mountain News. Fall River. 1958-present. 
Iron Dollar. Swasey. 1889(?)-1890. 
Kennett Itemizer. Kennett. 1909-? 
Kennett View. Kennett. 1907 
Logger Tidings. Burney. 1942. 
Millville Record. Millviile. 1878-1880. 
Millville Tidings. Millville. 1891-1919. 
Mineral Wealth. Redding. 1896-1906. 
Mountain Echo. Fall River. 1977-present. 
Northern Argus. Horsetown. 1857-1860. 
Palo Cedro Times. Palo Cedro. 1977-1978. 
Reading Independent. Redding. 1877-1879. 
Record Searchlight. Redding: 1942-present. 
Redding Independent. Redding. 1879-1890. 
Redding Outlook. Redding. 1977-1979. 
Redding Record, The. Redding. 1938. 
Redding Tribune, The. Redding. 1933-1939. 
Republican Free Press. Redding. 1883-1906. 
Roberts Razzle-Dazzle Palo Cedro. 1889. 
Searchlight, The. Redding. 1894. 
Shasta County Democrat. Millville. 1880-1894(?). 
Shasta County Echo. Unknown location. 1890. 
Shasta County Index. Cottonwood. 1885. 
Shasta County Populist. Redding. 1894-1895. 
Shasta County Record. Millville. 1878. 
Shasta County Register. Cottonwood. 1888. 
Shasta Courier. Shasta. 1852-1905. 
Shasta Dial. Redding. 1936-1942. 
Shasta Dam Area News. CentralValley. 1945-1947. 
Shasta Herald. Shasta. 1859-1861. 
Shasta Herald. Central Valley and Burney. 1938-1939. 
Shasta Republican. Shasta. 1855-1859. 
Smelter, The. Keswick. 1896 
Times-Outlook. Redding. 1878 
Valley News. Anderson. 1886-1958. 
Valley Press. Anderson. 1968-1978 
Valley Post. Anderson. 1978-Present 
Valley Times. Anderson. 1958-1968 
Vigilante, The. Shasta. 1856 

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