Shasta Union Cemetery
In Shasta, CA
Now referred to as Old Shasta
One of the first cemeteries in Shasta Co.  Established about 1849
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 Pictures taken by Julie Judish June of 2001
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Abrams, R. Gordon
Apperson, Edwin L.
Apperson, Louisa
Baggs, Isaac
Barnhart, Mary
Berger, A. C.
Bicking, George J.
Bicking, Jacob
Bicking, Julia S.
Bicking, Violet J.
Black, William &  Mary
Boell, Chas.
 Boswell, Mary E. 
Boswell, W. E.
Briceland, J. M. (MD)
Brown,  Edward
Brown, Georgie 
Brown, John
Burns, Hugh H.
Bystle Plaque
Bystle, Rosanna
Carrel, Harold Joseph
Casey, David
Chapman, B.
Chappel, Louisa M.
Chase, Wm. Stanley
Chase, Dale Ray
Chynoweth, Jane
Colburn, Phoebe
Conway, Jane N.
Cooper, John W. 
Cramer, Sarah J.
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