Shasta Co. Towns
Shasta Co. Towns/Settlements
As taken from the Book by Dottie Smith
"The Dictionary of Early Shasta County History" 2nd Edition
Permission granted by Dottie Smith
Books written by Dottie Smith
Listed are all the towns settlements known of in Shasta County, CA plus places that could have been a little more than just a stopping place or a place beside the road, or a railroad siding with a little settlement and a post office, or even a district.  The date will be the established date unless otherwise stated.
A small description about most settlements is mentioned in the book.
Janie Edwards
Name Established Location/comment
Afterthought 1870s near Ingot
Agland 1894 near Ono
Aiken Gulch  1850s first known as Camp Gulch & Camp Creek
Albertson  1883 at Palo Cedro
Albion District ? near Carbon & Pit River
Alfa 1880s by Fall City near Sisson
American Ranch  1854 now Anderson
Anderson 1872 S of Redding
Antler 1898 near Delta
Arbuckle 1851 W of Redding 
Back Action Flat ? near Hillcrest
Bailey Camp ? near Copley & Kennett
Baird 1872 on McCloud river, now under Shasta Lake
Ball's Ferry 1868  east of Anderson
Basin Hollow 1857 near Whitmore
Bass ? now Mountian Gate
Battle Creek 1850s near Tehama Co. line
Bayha 1900 near Baird, now under Shasta Lake
Bayles 1884 now Delta
Bear Valley ? now Jones Valley NW of Redding
Beegum 1895 moved 10 mi. into Trinity Co. in 1900
Bella Vista 1887 Spanish for beautifil view
Bell's Bridge 1851 Clear Creek
Big Bend 1922 aka  Indian Springs, Elena, & Henderson
Blue Ridge Community ? now Manton
Bonita ? N of Kennett, now under Shasta Lake
Boomtown  ? Central Valley, now Shasta Lake City
Boralma 1901 W of Kennett, now Shasta Lake City 
Breechesburg 1849 because the men went without breeches, aka Briggsville
Brewster 1893 S of Dunsmuir
Briggsville 1849 first know as Breechesburg, now Centerville
Brincard 1879  at Centerville
Brownsville 1862 became Copper city, now under Shasta Lake
Buckeye 1849 also known as Ohio City and Pumptown
Bulgin' Gulch ? near Briggsville
Bullskin  ? at Round Mountian
Bully Choop ? mining settlement
Bully Hill 1863 near DeLaMar
Buncombe ? now Millville
Burgess 1891 N of Montgomery Creek
Burgettville 1871 aka Swasey and Glenburn, in Fall River Valley
Burney 1872 East of Redding
Burnt Cabin Bar ? location unknown
Buzzard Roost 1869 called Government Camp at Round Mountain
Camp Bailey ?  S of Kennett, later Copley, now under Shasta Lake
Camp Gulch 1850s Aiken Gulch 
Campton District  1899 Keswick 
Canon City 1848 S Redding 1st in Redding area 
Carbon 1885 E of Burney 
Cassel 1887 Fiddletown, now Hat Creek 
Castella 1880s first Castle Rock 
Castle Crags 1892  N Castella 
Castle Rock ? became Castella 
Cayton 1884 N Burney 
Centerville 1857 W of Redding 
Central Valley  1938 now Shasta Lake City 1993 
Chestnut ? railroad siding N. of Frazers siding 
Chicago 1866 mining settlement 
Chinatowns 1850s several - where the Chenese settled 
Chromite ? settlement in N Sacramento River canyon 
Churntown  1849  renamed Summit City, now Shasta Lake City 
Cinnabar 1870s Castle Creek area 
Circle City ?  employee housing for Bully Hill 
Clarkville 1856  Cottonwood Area 
Clear Creek Diggings 1849 W Redding 
Cleveland ? western Shasta Co. 
Cloverdale  ? formally Oak Highlands 
Coleman Powerhouse  1910  Settlement W of Cottonwood 
Conant 1880s  S Castella 
Copley 1886  S Coram 
Copper City 1852  aka Pittsburg, Brownsville, Williams 
Coram 1906 S of now Shasta Dam 
Cottonwood 1846 on Shasta/Tehama Co line 
Cuargo ? S Keswick 
Culp 1920s N Cottonwood 
Dana 1881 NW of Fall River Mills 
Deerhaven 1918 N of Hazel Creek 
Delamar  ? near Kennett 
Delta ? N of Redding near Dog Town 
Dog Town 1855 N of Redding 
Dolde 1890 SW of Redding 
Duncan Fork 1854 aka Duncan Creek Cottonwood area 
Dutch Gulch 1849 W French Gulch 
Dutch Gulch 1850s E of Texas Springs 
Eagle Creek/Rock 1849 moved from Cottonwood Creek to Ono 
Eilers 1895  SW of Round Mountian 
Elderton 1860 W of Cottonwood 
Elena 1890 now Big Bend 
Elizabethtown 1853 now under Shasta Lake 
Elmore ? now under Shasta Lake 
Enterprise 1966 now part of Redding 
Etter  ? now under Shasta Lake 
Eubanks 1905  N of Castella 
Eudora Colony  1885 GER colony E of Whitmore 
Fall City 1860 became Fall River Mills 
Fall River Mills 1880 in Fall River Valley Eastern Shasta Co. 
Fern 1898 near Whitmore 
Fiddletown ? what Cassel was first called now Hat Creek 
Fielding  1897 at Iron Mountian 
Fisher ? a railroad siding probably now under Shasta Lake 
Fish's Station  ? now Mouuntian Gate 
Flatwoods 1890  near Big Bend 
Fleaville ? E of Anderson known for its fleas 
Flume 1903 N of Redding 
Fortunate 1851 Wiskeytown area 
Franklin City 1852  near Wiskeytown 
French Gulch 1849 W of Redding aka Morrowville 
Furnaceville  1875 near Ingot E of Redding 
Gas Point  1875  W of Cottonwood aka Janesville 
Gibson 1880s  N of Redding 
Girvan 1872 S of Redding 
Glenburn  1892 aka Burgettville & Swasey; NW of Fall River Mills 
Goering 1879  NE of Redding 
Goldsboro ? Now Harrison Gulch 
Good Hope 1895 SW of Round Mountian 
Government Camp/City 1930s at Shasta Dam now Toyon 
Greaseville ? Parkville 
Gregory 1900 aka Baird 
Grizzly City/Gulch  1852 near Whiskeytown 
Halcyon 1882 aka Smithson 
Hall City 1895 borders Trinity Co. 
HappyValley 1881 W of Anderson aka Oak Highlands 
Harrison Gulch 1896 aka Goldsboro near Trinity Co. 
Hart/Hart Village 1890s  aka Hart's Camp and Old Diggings N of Redding 
Hat Creek ? aka Cassel & Fiddletown 
Hat Creek Colony 1887 GER settlement at Hat Creek 
Hatchet Mt.Settlement 1872 summit of Hatchet Mountian, E of Redding 
Hazel Creek  1855  S of Castella 
Henderson 1906 now Big Bend 
Heroult  1907  near Kennett now under Shasta Lake 
Hill  1857 W of Redding 
Hillcrest 1942 was Back Action Flat NE of Montgomery Creek 
Hogtown 1849 slum suburb of Shasta City near Keswick 
Hong Kong ? Chinatown at Shasta City 
Horsetown 1849 aka Clear Creek Diggings 
Igerna/Igirna  1890s N of Redding 
Igo 1866 aka Piety Hall W of Redding 
Ingot  1904 aka Silverton 
Inwood  1887  E of Redding 
Iron Mountain 1860s  Keswick area 
Jackass Flat 1850s  between Horsetown and Centerville 
Janesville 1852 became Gas Point 
Jerusalem Creek 1860  aka New Jerusalem  W of Cottonwood
Jessup ? a train station in Anderson 
Jillsonville ? Co. town of Gladstone Mine married couples only French Gulch area 
Jones Valley 1850s aka Bear Valley 
Keeran 1900 E of Viola 
Kendon 1900 near Ingot 
Kennett 1884 N of Redding now under Shasta Dam 
Keswick 1896 S of Shasta Lake
Kett  ? near Keswick 
Kilna  1852 W of Redding 
Kimberly  1907 W of Shasta Dam 
Knob/Knob Gulch 1896 near Harrison Gulch 
Lakehead  1951  N of Redding
Lamoine 1900 aka Slate Creek N of Redding 
Larkin 1899 W of Redding 
Latona 1850  S of Redding 
Latson 1891 near Big Bend
Leighton 1889 E of Redding 
Leland  1890 at Castella
Lincoln ? at Redding never was built
Lisbon 1886 S of Castella
Loftus 1944 aka Pollock 
Log Town ? suburb of Harrison Gulch W of Redding 
Lookout ? railroad siding
Loomis  1878 at Viola
Loomis Corners 1861 W of Bella Vista
Lower Soda Springs 1843  Castle Crags 
Lower Springs 1849 SE of Shasta
Mabel 1885  S of Delta
Mad Mule Canyon 1851 NW of Whiskeytown
Mad Ox Canyon 1852 near Shasta
Manning Falls ? near Fall River Mills
Manton  1889  in both Tehama and Shasta Co. S of Shingletown
Manzanita Lake  1934 on Mt. Lassen
Matheson 1922  W of Redding
McArthur 1869 Fall River Valley
McColl ? Railroad siding aka Gray Rocks
Middle Creek 1849 West of Redding 
Middletown 1850 West of Redding between Shasta and Horsetown
Midway  ? Now Shasta Lake City
Midway 1936 West of Shingletown
Millville 1860 East of Redding
Montgomery Creek/Ferry 1877 East of Redding
Moorestown ? aka Briggsville now Centerville West of Redding 
Morrowville 1849 near French Gulch
Motion ? West of Redding
Mountain Gate 1853 North of Redding 
Muletown 1849  SW of Shasta
New Jerusalem ? Jerusalem Creek W of Redding 
Newtown  1849 N of Buckeye
New Town ? Latona S of Redding 
Nutglade ? borders Siskiyou Co.
Oak 1897 now Happy Valley
Oak Bottom ? was Fortunate Wiskeytown area
Oak Highlands 1860 now Happy Valley
Oak Run 1852 aka Dry Creek mining area E of Redding 
O'Brien 1945 N of Redding 
Ohio City ? Buckeye W of Redding 
Old Diggins/Diggings 1918 near Buckeye
Old Station 1850s aka Hat Creek E of Redding 
Olinda 1890 Happy Valley area
Olney  1852 S of Redding 
One Horse Town 1849 aka Horse Town
One Mule Town 1853 aka Mule Town
One Wagon Town 1850s aka Churntown N of Redding 
Ono 1849 Eagle Rock W of Redding 
Oregon Gulch 1848 W of Redding 
Pacheco 1884 S of Redding 
Palo Cedro 1891 E of Redding 
Panorama Point ? Klotz Dump Spur Cottonwood area 
Parkville 1850s Cottonwood area 
Pawnee 1894 between Millville and Whitmore 
Piety Hill  1849 Igo area 
Pinckney  1881  W of Cottonwood 
Pine Grove  1850 W of Shingletown 
Pine Grove 1880s W of McArthur 
Pine Grove ? N of Redding now Shasta Lake City
Pine View 1885 E of Redding 
Pineland 1901 Montgomery Creek area 
Pittsburgh 1853 near Copper City now under Shasta Lake 
Pittville 1873 E of McArthur Lassen & Shasta Co. 
Plateau 1880s E of Redding 
Platina 1921 aka Noble Station 
Pollard Flat/Gulch 1882 aka Portugese Flat 
Pollock 1918  now under Shasta Lake 
Portuguese Flat 1855 now Pollard Flats N of Redding 
Poverty Ridge/Flat 1850s near Redding 
Project City 1938 now Shasta Lake City 
Pumptown ? 1850s now Buckeye 
Quartz Hill/City 1849  Keswick area
Reading ? aka Latona
Reading's Bar  1848 West of Redding
Reading's Springs 1845 aka Shasta
Redding 1872  first called Poverty Flats
Roaring River 1850s several different locations
Roberts 1885 at Palo Cedro
Rock Creek ? near Shasta
Rockland 1878 Shingletown area
Round Mountain 1872 East of Redding
Sallee ? N of Redding now under Shasta Lake
Schilling 1917 Whiskeytown area
Scobieville 1884 moving between Dunsmuir and Redding
Shasta 1848 West of Redding 
Shasta Lake City 1993 first Central Valley, Summit City, & Project City
Shingletown/Camp  1853 East of Redding
Silver City 1862 Ingot area 
Silverthorne  ? N of Redding
Silverton  1852 aka Ingot East of Redding 
Sims 1859  N of Redding 
Slate Creek/Slatonis 1880 N of Redding 
Smith Center/Smithville 1914  Cottonwood area 
Smithson  1882 N of Redding aka Pollock
South Fork 1866 W of Redding 
Spring Creek 1870  Keswick area first bridge across Sacramento River
Star City 1850s N of Redding 
Stella 1885 Whiskeytown area
Stillwater  1853 area between Mountain Gate and Loomis Corners
Sugerloaf  1859  N of Redding 
Summit City 1938  N of Redding now Shasta Lake City
Sunny Hill  ? Ono area
Swasey 1888 Fall River Valley aka Glenburn 
Sweetbriar 1880s  N of Redding 
Sweetwater 1858 N of Redding 
Tamarac ? aka Whitmore NE of Redding 
Taylor  1897 Keswick area
Texas Springs  1857 west of Redding 
Thelma ? aka Taylor 
Tower House 1852  west Redding 
Toyon 1855 Shasta Lake area, aka Seaman's Place, US Reservation
Tuttle Town/Gulch 1850 Cottonwood area
U. S. Reservation  ? Toyon housing for Shasta Dam workers
Upper Springs ? aka Shasta
Victor ? Harrison Gulch area
Viola 1888 Shingletown area
Vollmers 1909 North of Redding 
Volta  1900 SE of Redding 
Wanamina 1904  Manton area
Waugh 1880s W of Redding 
Wengler  1899 Big Bend area
Whiskeytown  1849 W of Redding 
Whitehouse 1893  N of Redding 
Whitmore 1860s  aka Tamarac NE of Redding
Winthrop  1900 now under Shasta Lake
Ydalpom 1888  at Copper City now under Shasta Lake
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