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Sheboygan County, Wisconsin Genealogy & History

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Sheboygan County Births Vital Index

* No "corrections" have been made to the original Index, it is transcribed as originally written, Variations from the Index to the record are noted in Brackets { }
* Look for many spelling variations of each surname
* This posting is not intended to be an official document
* Once your family is found, obtain an original copy of the Record from the Sheboygan County Register of Deeds Office for citations and official records

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Ibbs, {Male}March 19, 18892384-336Henry Ibbs
Dora Sloup
Ibbs, MableMay 20, 189425272-1088Henry Ibbs
Dora Slag
Ibei, JohannJune 28, 188521362-2169Johann Ibei
Mina Kapochitzki
Ibolt, AnnaApril 17, 18862285-338Wilhelm Ibolt
Ibs, {Male}Aug. 30, 190328470-2815Charles Ibs
Emma Hallwachs
Ibs, {Female}March 15, 189224311-1243Henry Ibs
Dora Slouss
Ibs, {Female}Sept. 9, 190027590-3535Chas. Ibs
Emma Halwachs
Ibs, Anna F.{rederike} W.Oct. 17, 18442110-326John Ibs
Wilhelmine M. Greisbach
Ibs, Emma M.Dec. 6, 18552111-331John Ibs
Wilhelmine M. Greisbach
Ibs, Heinrich J.May 29, 18632111-329John Ibs
Wilhelmine M. Greisbach
Ibs, Henry J.Oct. 17, 18432112-332John Ibs
Wilhelmine M. Greisbach
Ibs, IdaJan. 1, 189726569-2276Henry Ibs
Dora Slope
Ibs, Louise W.April 15, 18692111-330John Ibs
Wilhelmine M. Greisbach
Ibs, Mathilde S.{ophie Magdelena}Jan. 18, 18592110-328John Ibs
Wilhelmine M. Greisbach
Ibs, William H.{einrich}Oct. 29, 18532110-327John Ibs
Wilhelmine M. Greisbach
Ibs, WilliamMarch 2, 188521339-2032Wilhelm Ibs
Maria Buhler
Ide, Herman J.Dec. 28, 19123787 
Igel, KlaraJuly 30, 190027579-3471William Igel
Rosa Vanerblie
Ihlon, Wilbert G. A.Sept. 21, 190730155-923 
Ihlow, Arno W.{illiam} W.{alter}March 30, 190629460-2753Wm. Ihlow
Anna Gandre
Ihrst, Lorenz J.{acob}Jan. 10, 189123573-2290James Ihrst
Gertrud Yutter
Illian, AltheaJune 26, 189124147-588Louis Illian
Christine Martz
Illian, Bernette J.{ane}
{Nettie on Record}
Nov. 7, 1884122357Daniel Illian
Lydia Saemann
Illian, Clarence F.July 2, 189827262-1567Daniel Illian
Lydia Saemann
Illian, ElnoraMay 8, 189827263-1574Lewis Illian
Christina Mertz
Illian, Noah E.Aug. 5, 1880141237 
Illian, Simon F.Nov. 4, 18761957-171Louis Illian
Christine Martch
Illian, William L.March 3, 18781957-170Louis Illian
Christine Martch
Illig, Anna F.{rida}Sept. 7, 189124121-482Louis Illig
Carolina Hernberger
Illig, August R.March 20, 1868858-172Johann August Illig
Amalia Theresa Richter
Illig, Emilie T.{heresa} M.June 25, 18722196-572Louis Illig
Caroline Louise Kramer
Illig, HaroldAug. 10, 190629435-2600Otto Illig
Ida Konrad
Illig, Ida C.Sept. 25, 1870858-173Johann August Illig
Amalia Theresa Richter
Illig, Johann O.{tto}Aug. 27, 18762196-575Louis Illig
Caroline Louise Kramer
Illig, Julius R. C.{arl}April 15, 18742196-574Louis Illig
Caroline Louise Kramer
Illig, KathrinaOct. 19, 189224439-1752Reinhard Illig
Ernestine Beuchl
Illig, Louis E.{mil}June 30, 18792196-573Louis Illig
Caroline Louise Kramer
Illig, Norbart {Louis A.}Oct. 15, 189827138-826August Reynold Illig
Martha Ollman
Illig, NorbertMarch 9, 190128210-1255Reinhold Illig
Martha Ollmann
Illig, NorbertNov. 2, 189927545-3267Reinhold Illig
Martha Ahlmann
Imerman, ElmerJune 10, 18952654-216John Imermann
Anna Putzenbacher
Imig, {Male}Aug. 15, 188321199-1189Peter Imig
Catharina Bast
Imig, {Male}Aug. 16, 188421287-1717Peter Imig
Wilhelmina Bast
Imig, {Male}July 1, 189827202-1208Peter Imig
Catherina Oehl
Imig, {Female}March 29, 190529286-1712Otto Imig
Meta Steimle
Imig, AdolphSept. 24, 190730132-790 
Imig, AlfredAug. 15, 188321219-1313Peter Imig
Catharina Bast
Imig, Arthur E.{dward}Aug. 19, 18771896-287Carl Imig
Laura Stuebgen
Imig, Carl H.{ayssen}Nov. 29, 190529400-2396Arthur Imig
Hattie Hayssen
Imig, Carl J.{ulius}Jan. 27, 1867217-49Carl Imig
Imig, Charles S.Sept. 15, 191236686 
Imig, Donald O.April 20, 190966215 
Imig, Edwin J. A.Jan. 7, 187918147-440Adam Imig
Maria A. Dallenbach
Imig, Emma A.{malia}Oct. 26, 1868248-143Carl Imig
Imig, Emma A.Oct. 26, 1868266-196Carl Imig
Imig, George F.{rank}Nov. 22, 188021109-653Adam Imig
Maria Doellenbach
Imig, Henry Chas.May 21, 18702168-500Heinrich Imig
Wilhelmine Walther
Imig, Julie R.{osalia} L.{laura}June 2, 187515169-502Adam Imig
Maria Anna
Imig, Julio E.Nov. 26, 187818148-442Carl Imig
Laura Stuebgen
Imig, Laura J. I.Oct. 19, 186528-24Carl Imig
Imig, Lydia J.{ulia}July 6, 1866369-203Henry Imig
Imig, Maria O.Dec. 12, 187162-4Heinrich Imig
Mina Walther
Imig, MelittaFeb. 12, 18862279-316Charles Imig
Laura Stuebgen
Imig, Meta L.April 23, 1868236-107Heinrich Imig
Wilhelmine Walther
Imig, Minna M.Jan. 1, 1865370-204Henry Imig
Imig, Oscar E.Jan. 21, 187515172-511Karl Imig
Laura Stuebgen
Imig, Otto A.{rchibald}Aug. 14, 190529269-1611Hugo Imig
Mabel Pelham
Imig, PaulineMarch 8, 18653140-406Henry Imig
Imig, RichardMarch 25, 190730122-725Edwin Imig
Caroline Pape
Imig, Robert A.Feb. 26, 19113580 
Imig, ToniAug. 11, 1870369-202Jacob Imig
Imig, Victor H.{einrich}April 20, 18713159-461Karl Imig
Laura Stri
Imig, Victor H.{einrich}April 20, 187145-14Carl Imig
Laura Stupgen
Imig, VictorApril 22, 1871368-200Charles Imig
Imig, Virginia J.{une}April 18, 190730114-678Victor Imig
Meta Heyn
Imig, Waleska L.{ucrutia}Nov. 12, 188121129-772Carl Imig
Laura Stuebgen
Immel, PaulDec. 7, 189024136-542Henry Immel
Emma Hansen
Immerman, Lester F.Dec. 5, 189727126-755John Immerman
Anna Puetzenbacher
Immig, Thelka C.{lara}May 4, 188121105-627Peter Immig
Catharina Bast
Inackenbach, Gilbert M.Aug. 8, 191236474 
Ingbertsen, {Female}July 27, 18952680-319Ingbert Ingbertsen
Emma George
Ingels, GeraldineJuly 4, 190831202 
Ingels, Leland T.April 29, 191032431 
Ingelse, {Female}April 9, 19073031-183Jacob Ingelse
Antonie Vanderweel
Ingelse, {Female}Feb. 2, 189123585-2338John Ihrst
Girty Delysen
Ingelse, Feb. 6, 190933638 
Ingelse, AdriaanJuly 25, 189526168-670John Ingelse
Gertrude Delyser
Ingelse, AnnieOct. 16, 190966220 
Ingelse, Edna MaeAug. 14, 191034316 
Ingelse, ElizabethDec. 10, 190732428 
Ingelse, ElsieFeb. 10, 189425489-1954Peter Ingelse
Miss Kohlhagen
Ingelse, Etta NoreenAug. 4, 1905122399Peter Ingelse
Grace Melendy
Ingelse, EugeneJan. 4, 190027513-3073John Ingelse
Gertrude De Lyser
Ingelse, GeorgeApril 3, 189224444-1774John Ingelse
Gertrude Delyzer
Ingelse, HarveyNov. 16, 18962748-285Peter Ingelse
Minnie Kohlhagen
Ingelse, HelenMarch 7, 190766219John Ingelse
Gertrude De Lyser
Ingelse, JamesJan. 12, 191235937 
Ingelse, JennieMay 14, 188866217John Ingelse
Gertrude De Lyser
Ingelse, JennyJune 14, 191135603 
Ingelse, JessieJan. 24, 190266218John Ingelse
Gertrude De Lyser
Ingelse, JosiahMarch 31, 19042958-348John Ingelse
Gertrude De Lyser
Ingelse, LawrenceJuly 22, 191033637 
Ingelse, MinnieMay 10, 1868106233 
Ingersoll, EthelAug. 7, 190328471-2824William Ingersoll
Hattie Meyer
Inglese, EstherFeb. 14, 189827511-3065John Inglese
Gertrude De Lyser
Ippel, Maria E.June 22, 191236687 
Ippel, Peter Hy.Oct. 23, 19083126 
Ipping, ViolaOct. 3, 190932430 
Ipple, Eliz M.Sept. 5, 190730131-782 
Ireland, MelvinJan. 3, 189726581-2321John Ireland
Minna Fleich
Ireland, Walter J.{ohn}March 22, 189425250-998John Ireland
Minnie Flaig
Irisberger, CarlSept. 5, 189927398-2384August Irisberger
Johanna Firrer
Irrisberger, LillyDec. 1, 189727117-700Aug. Irrisberger
Hanna Bachingel
Irwin, MargaretApril 23, 186310100-301John Irwin
Anna Fletsher
Isaak, Hildegard F.{rieda}
{Issack on Record}
April 30, 190629474-2839Emmanuel Issack
Louise Pitschler
Isbrand, Harvey F.{redrick} W.{illiam}May 20, 190629451-2698Fredrick Isbrand
Bertha P. E. Graventen
Iseloth, {Male}Oct. 22, 188121115-685Christian Iseloth
Maria Lindow
Iserloth, AlfordJan. 4, 18751870-209Christian Iserloth
Minnie Tendo
Iserloth, ArthurSept. 27, 191236525 
Iserloth, AugusteJan. 7, 187818261-777William Iserloth
Auguste Mueller
Iserloth, BerniceMay 8, 190629432-2585Otto Iserloth
Anna Ullerich
Iserloth, ChristianJune 18, 18691870-208Christian Iserloth
Minnie Tendo
Iserloth, ChristianJune 19, 18691775-223Christian Iserloth
Mary Callins
Iserloth, Edwin H. J.Oct. 27, 1881110331 
Iserloth, GustaFeb. 3, 18711869-207Christian Iserloth
Minnie Tendo
Iserloth, Lina M.Sept. 10, 18791949-146William Iserloth
Auguste Muller
Iserloth, Orville A. E.Nov. 2, 190732429 
Iserloth, OttoJune 1, 18761943-129William Iserloth
Auguste Muller
Iserloth, Victor O.{tto}Sept. 20, 19002816-95Fred Iserloth
Lilly Wehmeyer
Iserstedt, {Female}Oct. 17, ??21292-1751Fred Iserstedt
Phoebe Coon
Iserstedt, AliceMay 28, 188722374-1495Fred Iserstedt
Phiebe Coon
Isserstedt, (SB)
{Twin Females}
{5-/12 mos. 1 stillborn 1 lived 3 hours}
Sept. 15, 188321202-1212Fred Isserstedt
Phoebe Coon
Ivanitsch, MaryNov. 23, 191034596 
Ivery, {Male}Sept. 29, 18751728-84William Ivery
None listed

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