carmel chapel ponlliw

 Carmel Chapel Ponlliw

 Carmel Chapel is situated in Pontlliw, near Swansea in West Glamorgan, South Wales. Most people buried here are from the village itself or surrounding area, a number are from Pontardulais, one from Port Talbot, and one or two from Swansea. Many are aged 90 years or older, and the most common names are.... Davies, Williams, and Thomas.

Many of the inscriptions are in Welsh, I sincerely apologise for changing the text into English but these details are probably going to be read by many people who consult the Archives here and abroad.It is unfortunate that a lot of graves have no details at all, three have initials only. I therefore sympathise with those who research in vain.

Addresses mentioned may have gone long ago, remember if you need further research... maps of the area are in Swansea Archives at County Hall. If you need to check on old names and addresses you can consult the Censuses from 1851-91, also Electors Lists for later dates, again at the Archives.


I apologise for any small mistakes made in typing.... I have corrected a few, please contact me if you need to clarify anything.

Sheila Francis

 If you visit the graveyard then the graves are numbered 1 - 273. To find the one you seek you will have to count them (sorry!).

Go down the wide tarmac path past the chapel's hall to near the boundary wall and a house. The first grave is No. 1 and is just a cement surround with no details, Grave no. 2 is of surname.... Sanders and so on. At the end of each row you turn up or back down as directed. From the first grave you will work your way up and down each line going all the time in a westerly direction until you reach the other boundary wall, then you will turn and come back in an easterly direction. The last graves are near the main chapel door, gate and iron railings which abound the road.  

N.B. Many graves are so weathered that they are hard to decipher, I have done my best in bad weather conditions but have failed in a few cases.

I hope you find your relative or ancestor in the table below.

( 8th Oct 2004)


Carmel Chapel

Memorial index

Carmel Chapel.The following IndeX is of the memorial inscriptions found on the 273 gravestones in The Chapel.


Grave number




42, 136






5, 97, 98, 101


21, 51, 144




74, 168




11, 12, 40, 122, 157, 159, 160, 165, 172, 266




88, 169, 196






8, 24, 28, 37, 59, 84, 88, 106, 112, 127, 128, 135, 138, 139, 152, 154, 163, 166, 173, 187, 204, 213, 220, 252, 253, 267.








39, 64, 65, 124






6, 9, 192, 256, 263


109, 121, 164, 170, 194




20, 71, 80, 81, 113, 156, 200, 207, 209, 220,  242, 243,  268




270, 271


233, 245




36, 67, 159




29, 176, 188, 237, 238


25, 136, 174, 184, 190, 258


27, 30, 31, 32, 43, 56, 85, 95, 102, 170, 239,  245, 250, 260


132, 133






16, 108, 123, 206, 216, 219, 240, 248




13, 104, 116


19, 31, 52, 60, 61, 62, 216, 247, 259


 74, 75, 90, 167, 191








46, 54, 77, 152, 203,  231, 251, 261






32, 36, 38, 103, 113, 114, 235, 241, 254




58, 93, 107, 162
















21, 22, 35, 50, 68, 70, 82, 87, 92, 100, 105, 120, 130, 131, 180, 189, 206, 208, 218, 257, 265




53, 96, 115, 117, 118, 178


14, 15, 17, 125


7, 25, 34, 49, 86, 94, 119, 141, 143, 150, 155, 167, 177, 178, 180, 181, 182, 185, 197, 222, 216, 244, 265, 268, 272





The 3 graves which only have initials are No. 146 T, 198 P, 199 W



1. Cement surround with chippings, no details.

2. Marble surround.

3.WILLIAM C. SANDERS died April 2 1964 aged 74.... his wife JEANIE Nov. 10 1970 aged 84, also GWYNETH MARGARET, their Niece....July 15 1984 aged 66.

3. Plain cement surround with details.

4. Also plain cement as details.

5. Large grave with triple black marble blocks at base with h/stone.

DANIEL BEVAN (Deacon), of 'Bryn Celyn', Pontlliw, Ffyddlon o'r Eglwyshon, bu farw Ionawr 17 1932 aged 56. his wife ANNE...Rhagfer 8 1952 aged 80, also MARY ANN wife of GWYN Ionawr 1 1986 aged 74 and the above GWYN Ionawr 29 1999 aged 87.

6. White marble discoloured. Double grave with small urn on top of pillar.

Parch JOHN GRIFFTTHS, Gweinidog y Bedyddwyr Cwmsarnau a Phorthyrwyd, Llanwrda, bu farw Chwefror 7 1930 aged 69.... also his wife ANN Gorfennaf 23 1965 aged 93.

7. Traditional h/stone with stone surround.

JOHN WILLIAMS of 'Bryntirion', bu farw Tachwedd 9 1923 aged 63, also his wife MARY, Mai 13 1961 aged 97.

8. Grey granite surround.

MARY JANE DAVIES bu farw Rhagfer 7 1952 aged 66, also her husband DAVID DAVIES, Rhagfer 30 1963 aged 84...of 'Llyn-yr-Onen', Penllergaer.

9. Grey granite surround double grave, no h/stone.

HENRY GRIFFITHS of Crwcca Farm, bu farw Mawrth 8 1939 aged 69, his wife SARAH ANN Tachwedd 14 1949 aged 69 and son TOM CLEMENT GRIFFITHS, bu farw Mai 5 1920 aged 14.

10. Grey marble with surrounds and large pillar with urn on top.

JOHN BOWEN of 'The Woodlands', Clydach bu farw Mehefin 15 1925 aged 47 also his wife SARAH MATILDA of 'The Woodlands', Pontlliw, bu farw Tachwedd 27 1972 aged 97.

 11. This grave seems to be joined to the previous one so may be a relation? 

THOMAS son of THOMAS and MARGARET CLEMENT of  'Twyn', bu farw Mai 3 1922 aged 52.

12. Grey granite with surrounds, the h/stone is a Large scroll.

EDWARD CLEMENT, bu farw Chwefror 19 1917 aged 48, also his wife Rachel, Rhagfer 21 1922 aged 56.

NB. The line ends here so please turn to the next one.

13. Double grave with large traditional h/stone.

RACHEL MATHIAS, bu farw Medi 7 1917 aged 43, also JOAN daughter of JOHN and EDNA MATHIAS, bu farw Mawrth 23 1926 aged 7, hefyd yr uchaf JOSEPH, bu farw lonawr 17 1948 aged 74, JOHN EMLYN, Medi 6 1970 aged 70 and EDNA bu farw Mawrth 10 1986 aged 82.


HARRIET WATKINS died June 10 1919 aged 62, also her husband GEORGE R. WATKINS, Dec. 10 1921 aged 71.

15. Black slate-like surround and h/stone.

STANLEY WATKINS of 'Y Bantwen', bu farw Mehefin 4 1971 aged 61, also DOREEN, daughter of MACGIE and ERNEST WATKINS, hunodd pan yn faban, (no date given).

16. Stone surround, no h/stone, green chippings.

GLADYS MAY LEWIS bu farw Mawrth 31 1977 aged 68, also daughter EDNA Mehefin 1928 aged 14. also named are...JAMES LEWIS, bu farw Mawrth 1920 aged 30 and RACHEL Medi 30 1950 aged 84.

17. Stone surround, cement base, trad. h/stone with Lilies motif.

JOHN WATKINS of  'Pantwen', bu farw Ionawr 25 1925 aged 57, also his wife LIZZIE, Hydref 16 1951 aged 76.

18. Small single grave, stone kerbs, no h/stone or any details.

19. Stone kerbs with large h/stone which has leaves motif.

JOHN MORGAN of  'Thistle Villa' Alltiago Road, Pontardulais, bu farw Ionawr 12 1931 aged 81, his son DAVID LLEWELLYN, Tachwedd 9 1917 aged 23, also his mother MARGARET, Awst 17 1939 aged 87.

20. Black marble h/stone & surround.

JOHN HARRIES, bu farw Hydref 27 1952 aged 69, also wife MARGARET Rhagfer 27 1960 aged 71 of 'Thistle Villa', Alltiago Road, Bont.

21. Large grave with white marble surrounds, it has an imposing black marble plinth and Obelisk which has an Egyptian look.

WILLIAM BONNELL, of  'Bolgoed Ganol' bu farw Medi 15 1933 aged 75, also his wife SARAH, Chwefror 1 1953 aged 90. Also named.... GLYN, son of OWEN and MARY THOMAS bu farw Mawrth 27 1936, the above OWEN THOMAS Mawrth 1 1965 aged 80 and his wife MARY bu farw Mai 13 1978 aged 85

22. White marble surround and h/stone.

WILLIAM THOMAS 1886-1965, also his wife MARY HANNAH, 1893-1974.

23. Black marble surround and h/stone.

ELIZABETH VIOLET BOWERS, died Nov.  7 1965 aged 63, also her husband STEPHEN BOWERS ...Aug. 18 1966 aged 67.

24. Black marble h/stone and surround.

GWILYM DAVIES, bu farw Ionawr 26 1967 aged 57, also his wife TILLY, Gorfennaf 21 1978 aged 64, both of 9 Swansea Road, Pontlliw.

Please turn up to the next line of graves.

25 A more unusual grave made in the form of a small square wall with flat stones for the floor. In the centre is a sort of sundial.

JAMES THOMAS JOHN, died Oct. 29 1956 aged 73, also his wife SARAH died Jan. 12 1969 aged 87, and son LEONARD Aug. 28 1958 aged 40.

26. Granite surround and h/stone.

MARGARET JANE WILLIAMS of  'The Buck Inn', bu farw Mehefin 14 1952, also WILLIAM her husband...Ebrill 16 1955 aged 81.

27. Stone surround with no h/stone, white chippings.

JOHN WILLIAM JONES bu farw Ionawr 7 1950 aged 64, also his wife BESSIE, Gorffennaf 27 1934 aged 49.

28. White marble kerbs, h/stone in form of scroll.

RHIANNON MAIR DAVIES bu farw Awst 5 1964 aged 17, also her father AMBROSE MELVILLE DAVIES, Tachwedd 25 1983, (69).

29. Granite surround and plant holder, no h/stone.

MARY ELLEN JENKINS, bu farw Awst 11 1933 aged 56, also her husband DAVID REES JENKINS, Ebrill 27 1967 aged 83.

30. Stone kerbs with trad. h/stone.

DAVID JONES, bu farw Mawrth 18 1924 aged 88, also his wife SARAH ANN, Mai 30 1929 aged 88, both of  'Nantgaredig' Waungron

31. Large plot with stone kerbs, large trd. h/stone with flowers and leaves motif.

TOM JONES, Mai 27 1920, (yn flwydd a naw mis oed = 9 mths.); also his parents DAVID JONES, Tachwedd 28 1939 aged 65, and GWENLLIAN, Ebrill 28 1947 aged 70. Also named MARGARET ANN, wife of THOMAS MORGAN 1904-1960.

32. Marble surrounds quite discoloured, also a cross and  'open book'.

MORGAN HARRY son of DAVID and CATHERINE REES of Swansea died April 16 aged 44, also DAVID BOWEN 24.5. 74 - 9.11.40, wife MARY JONES 8.5.76 - 15.12.41.

33. Stone base, no kerbs, large trad. h/stone.

LIZZIE ANN GEE, of 'Plas Isha' Waungron, died March 25 1919 aged 26, also EDITH GEE, July 3 1964 aged 67, and ARTHUR ROBERT GEE, Jan. 21 1969 aged 75.

34. Large plot with discoloured white marble surround, large oblong h/stone. At the time of writing there are two glass covered wreaths on grave.

ANNIE WILLIAMS, dau of W.A.E. WILLIAMS of 'Llwyn Deri', Goppa, Pontardulais, bu farw Hyfryd 26 1918 aged 19, also her son WILLIAM SAMUEL, Diacon Ffyddlon yn a 'Babell' Pontardulais, Tachwedd 5 1931 aged 34. WILLIAM WILLIAMS, bu farw, Medi 6 1934 aged 72, and his wife ELIZABETH, Hydref 23 1944 aged 76.

End of line next to path, please turn back left to new line.

35. Large square plot with stone surrounds and black marble h/stone in form of scroll.

MORGAN THOMAS of  'Gorslas' Pontlliw, bu farw Mawrth 19 1922 aged 62, his wife SARAH, Ionawr 31 1941 aged 83, and dau. MAGGIE Mai 24 1928 aged 44.

36. Large black marble grave with surround and large pillar h/stone.

SARAH BLODWEN REES of 'Tyllwyd', bu farw Mai 24 1927 aged 14, and her parents...SARAH bu farw Ebrill 23 1954 aged 78 and WILLIAM Mai 15 1961 aged 85. Also named is DINAM JAMES of 'Brynteg', husband of ANNIE, bu farw Chwefror 19 1991 aged 84.

37. Brown granite h/stone with stone kerbs.

MARY DAVIES of  'Blyngwyn', bu farw Mehefin 13 1927 aged 63.

38. Light brown granite surround with smaller type h/stone.

ESTHER, wife of JOHN REES, of Grovesend, bu farw Chefror 1 1941 aged 72.

39. Black marble h/stone and surround.

ELIZABETH FRANCIS, bu farw Ebrill 21 1960 aged 63, also her husband MARTIN LUTHER FRANCIS, Chwefror 14 1970 aged 72.

40. Large square plot with white marble surround and medium sized pillar.

EDWARD CLEMENT, of  'Pengelli', bu farw Chwefror 22 1931 aged 70, also JANE his wife, Ionawr 7 1945 aged 82, JOHN his son Awst 22 1946 aged 59, also his two daughters SARAH ANN, Medi 28 1975 aged 82, and BLODWEN, Mai 18 1992 aged 92.

41. Large square grave with 3 black marble posts across details at all.

42. Black marble surround and h/stone.

SARAH ELLEN AUBREY of 'Blyntirion', Pontlliw, bu farw Medi 12 1957 aged 54, also her husband OSWALD AUBREY, Medi 17 1979 aged 83.

43. Black marble h/stone and surround on a cement plinth, very well kept.

EDWARD JOHN JONES husband of ELEANOR H. JONES, 1913 - 1960, also his son WILLIAM GWYN JONES, who died April 3 2000 aged 51.

End of this line....please turn back up (right).

44. Black marble surround on cement plinth also well kept with h/stone.

MARY HANNAH OSBOURNE of 2 Bryntirion Road....1884-1944, also her husband WILLLAM JOHN 1882-1974, and Grandaughter ELIZABETH MAIR FERRELL...1955-1999.

45. Small black marble h/stone on white plinth, cement surround.

ANNIE ISAAC 1868-1942, husband LEWIS 1877-1951, sons LEWIS 1903-1961, BILL 1909-74 and dau. ALICE MAUD, 1907-1999.

46. Cement flat grave, small square h/stone badly weathered.

REES W. PHILLIPS of.....? 1885-1940, GLYN his son (unable to see date) and ELLEN his wife 1888-1965.

47. Cement surround with chippings, small white h/stone (Air Force).

C.M. GWYNN (RAF) Aircraftman 983903 2nd. C1. died September 23 1940 aged 25.

48. Stone kerbs, unfortunately h/stone has become un-readable.

49. Stone kerbs and grey stone h/stone with white chippings.

JOHN WILLIAMS,  of  'Brynbach', Pontlliw, bu farw ? 15th 1938 aged 48, also his wife MARY, bu farw Tachwedd 11 1959 aged 73.

50. Cement surround with a lateral stone as h/stone.

EDWARD THOMAS, ANN his wife, and dau. further dates or details.

51. Greyish granite surround and h/stone.

MARY ANN BONNELL, bu farw Mai 5 1929 aged 42, also JOHN BONNELL, (either husb. or brother?), Ebrill 16 1957 aged 71.

52. White marble surround with small h/stone and white chippings, well kept.

BRONWEN MORGAN of  'Hollybank', Fforest, Pontardulais, bu farw Medi 18 1969 aged 58, also her husband IVOR LESLIE, Rhagfer 5 1995 aged 82.

53. White marble surround and h/stone, well kept.

DAVID WALTERS, bu farw Gorfennaf 16 1925, also his wife SARAH, Mawrth 20 1947. MARGARET MAY SAMUEL, Fai 29 1984 aged 76 and her husband JOHN EWART SAMUEL bu farw Chwefror 3 1996 aged 88.

End of line next to path, turn back down..Left.

54. Grey marble surround and h/stone.

IDRIS PHILLIPS, bu farw Mehefin 8 1954 aged 59, his wife ELEANOR ANN, Mai 11 1991 aged 93, and dau. BETTY Medi 18 1926 mis a'r ddeg oed.

55. Grey marble surround and h/stone.

MAIR ELUNED STOKES, bu farw Mehefin 27 1991 aged 63, also her husband WILLIAM GWYNFOR, Medi 25 1995 aged 70.

56. Grey marble surround, and ditto flower holder, no h/stone.

SIDNEY HOWELL JONES of 102 Swansea Road, 1895-1974, his wife SARAH GWYNETH 1903-198?, and daughters MARY 1933-1949, and MAIR, hunodd yn faban.

57. Cement surround with chippings, no h/stone or details.

58. Grey marble surround and h/stone.

GLYN ROBERTS of Bryntirion Road, Pontlliw, bu farw Ionawr 16 1947 aged 55, also his wife MAUD, Gorffennaf 25 1967 aged 74.

59. Grey marble surround and h/stone.

WILLIAM JOHN DAVIES of 12 Heol Bryntirion, Pontlliw, bu farw Hydref 12 1986 aged 70, husband of MONNIE. WILLIAM ALAN, his son died Jan. 2000 aged 57.

60. Black marble, flat base small h/stone.

DAVID MORGAN, of Bryntirion Road, Pontlliw, bu farw Chwefror 11 1947 aged 59, also his wife SARAH BEATRICE, Tachwedd 1 1981 aged 91.

61. Black marble flat base, small h/stone.

RONALD MORGAN of Goppa Road, Pontardulais, bu farw Mawrth 11 1991, husband of EIRWEN, and father of DARYL, also baban annwyl bu farw Chwefror 1948

62. Black marble with 'open book'.

DILYS IRENE, of 95 Bolgoed Road, bu farw Hydref 23 1990 aged 67. MORGANS (Surname)

End of line, please turn up...Right.

63. Cement details at all.

64. Grey marble, flat stone h/stone.

MAGGIE ANN FRANCIS of 'Bryn-lrfon', 16 Clordir Road, Pontlliw, bu farw Chwefror 3 1968 aged 76.

65. Grey marble (as above).

WILLIAM FRANCIS husband of MARGARET of 'Glan Ynis', bu farw Ebrill 29 1966 aged 67, also MARGARET, Hydref 7 1982 aged 77.

66. Cement surround, no details at all.

67. While marble, with flat stone base cover..well kept.

REG JAMES died Sept. 14 1945, aged 35, ERIC JAMES, Jan. 29 1985 aged 63, also his wife BETTY March 7 1998 aged 73.

68. An identical grave to the previous one.

OLIVER HENRY THOMAS, died May 11 1967 aged 60, also OLIVE, Nov. 5 age or details given.

69. No details

GEORGE WILLIAM WRIGHT, died Dec. 17 1935 aged 59, his wife BEATRICE, March 30 1961, no age, and son LIONEL Feb. 15 1938 aged 31.

70. White marble, green chippings, h/stone is an 'open book' type.

HAROLD JOHN THOMAS, of 23 Ffosyrefail Tce., died Jan 5 1975 aged 70, also his wife EDITH June 30 1984 aged 73, and MAGGIE THOMAS, (poss. dau.?) Oct. 12 1931 aged 26.

71. Grey marble h/stone and surround.

DANIEL HARRIES of  'Sunny Cottage' bu farw Hyfred 8 1926 aged 27, also his parents, ELIZABETH, Ionawr 7 1934 aged 63, and WILLIAM, Rhagfer 30 1942.

End of line, please turn back down to the Left.

72. Black marble surround and h/stone, flat stone base.

ALBERT CONDE, died Sept. 24 1968 aged 74, his son ALBERT JOHN, Jan. 17 1983 aged 60, his wife DIZZA CONDE April 9 1987 aged 87, and EILEEN his dau. who died in infancy, no date.

73. Grey marble flat base and h/stone.

PRYCE POWELL, died June 3 1971 aged 72, also his wife SARAH MAY, Dec. 29 1981 aged 82, and son DILWYN who died in infancy.

74. White marble now badly weathered, green chippings.

JAMES BRENTON of Grovesend, died Feb 26 1936 aged 72, his wife MARY, Feb.23 1940 aged 76, and dau. MARGARET ANN MORRIS, JAN. 18 1949 aged 58.

75. Grey stone surround with small square h/stone

DAVID MORRIS of New Road, Grovesend, bu farw Gorffennaf 18 1948 aged 74, and his wife JANET, Hydref 29 1956 aged 77.

76. Plain grave with a surround of stone pieces in a 'barley twist' pattern, no details at all.

77. Cement surround, small h/stone with same size marble square attached. 

ARTHUR PHILLIPS of Pontlliw, bu farw Chwefror 28 ? aged 80, also his wife ELIZA, Awst 24 ? aged 80. (No Dates Shown).

78. There is a gap here...not known if a grave or not, I am numbering in case.

79. White marble, well kept, with green chippings, h/stone is an 'open book'. 

WILLIAM ARTHUR SCHROEDER, of 2, Swansea Road, 1905-1950, also his wives...PATRICIA 1934-1999, and MAY BERNICE, 1905-1975, and son DENZIL 1932-80

End of line...please walk down a few yards and turn back up to the Right.

80. Grey marble flat base and h/stone,

MICHAEL ANDREW HARRIES born Nov. 8 1966 - died July 9 1992, also his brother JOHN DAVID HARRIES, born May 10 1962 - died

August 20 1962....the beloved sons of DAVID and JUNE HARRIES and brothers of JOANNA and AMANDA.

81. Black marble surround with h/stone, grey flat base.

JOHN HARRIES, bu farw Hydref 23 1958 aged 57, also his wife ELIZABETH, Medi 18 1968 aged 62.

82. Grey marble surround and h/stone.

THOMAS DAVIES THOMAS of Bryntawel, Goppa, Pontardulais...l901 -1954 and his wife EVELYN bu farw Ebrill 13 1980 aged 75.

83. Black marble h/stone with flat base.

EVAN ISLWYN HOPKIN, (father of JEFFREY, VIVIAN, EINWEN, and baby ROBERT) and husband of NANCY RAY. who died Sept. 27 1961 aged 44. JACK VINCENT JEFFRIES, of 5 Clos Melyn Mynach, Garden Village who died April 11 1977 aged 77 and his wife NANCY RAY, July 20 1998 aged 77, a loving Mam of her children and grandchildren.

84. Black marble h/stone and surround, grey marble flat base.

HENRY JOHN DAVIES, who died July 26 1965 aged 69, also his wife GLADYS, Feb. 2 1979 aged 82, and their dau. DOROTHY EILEEN, Sept.20 1987 aged 60.

85. Grey marble surround and h/stone badly chippings.

MARTHA JONES,bu farw Ebrill 13 1949 aged 79, and her husband GEORGE, Ebrill 6 1964 aged 87.

86. White marble surround with green chippings, h/stone is an 'open book' type. Flowers planted too.

JACQUELINE WILLIAMS, cariad annwlaf ISLWYN a BERYL WILLIAMS, bu farw Mehefin 16 1964 aged 14, also ROWENA bu farw yn ei babandod.

87. Grey stone surround and h/stone,flat base with very small stone.

WILLIAM THOMAS of 'Bryn Hafod', Pontlliw, Ganed Chwefror 14 1864....bu farw Chwefror 5 1943, his wife ELIZABETH, Ganed Mai 1867, bu farw Ionawr 29 1951, also named on the small stone is their dau. MARY ELIZABETH, bu farw Mai 20 1985 aged 90.

88. Black marble h/stone and surround, grey base.

ANEURIN JAMES DAVIES of 'Llwynonen', Goppa, Pontardulais, bu farw lonawr 7 1941 aged 38. MAGGIE COSLETT bu farw Chwefror 15 1962 aged 70, and her husband TOM, Chwefror 26 1972 aged 84.

89. Black marble h/stone and surround, grey base.

LESLIE HOWARD TURNELL, of Hendre Road, Llangennech, bu farw Ionawr 18 1967 aged 59.

90. Black marble h/stone and surround with grey base.

CATHERINE MORRIS of 'Brynderwen', Pontlliw, bu farw Mai 16 1934 aged 76, her son DAVID JOHN Gorffennaf 27 1939 aged 60, also his wife MARGARET ANN, Mai 29 1965 aged 80.

91. Grey marble surround and h/stone.

DAVID THOMAS LANGHURST, of 19 Heol y Pare, bu farw Mai 18 1976 aged 77, and his wife EDITH, Mehefin l0 1985.

92. Grey granite stone on top of a stone plinth shaped like a coffin with a Cross carved into it.

DAVID THOMAS, of  'Islwyn', Pontlliw, bu farw Ionawr 16 1951 aged 68, also his wife ELIZABETH MARY, Mai 26 1926 aged 35

End of line.... please turn back down path to the Left.

93. A very large imposing monument of white marble in a  'cenotaph' style. It has a large plot with marble surround and has writing on three sides of the monument.

SARAH ELLEN ROBERTS, bu farw Mawrth 7 1931, also her husband Parch SAMUEL FOSTER ROBERTS, cyn-weinidog Eglwys Carmel. Chwefror 28 1932, also Lieut. TOM J.F. ROBERTS, son of CHRIS AND MARY of  'Gwenlais Farm' who made the extreme sacrifice at Normandy on June 27 1944 aged 23. MARY ROBERTS gynt Castelldu, wife of CHRISTOPHER bu farw Mawrth 1 1957 aged 71, and her husband CHRISTOPHER bu farw Mehefin 14 1963 aged 76.

94. Large plot, dark grey h/stone, grey surround.

BENJAMIN WILLIAMS, of 'Grove Farm' Grovesend, bu farw Mehefin 5 1964 aged 73, his wife MYFANWY, Tachwedd 8 1978 aged 84, and HYWEL bu farw yn ei babandod.

95. Grey granite h/stone, surround and chippings.

JOHN JONES of Cwmdulais, Pontardulais, bu farw Mai 11 1943 aged 76, his wife CATHERINE, Medi 14 1949 aged 83, and son EDWARD Medi 18 1964 aged 74.

96. White marble and chippings, badly weathered.

MARY WALTERS of Bryn Road, Pontlliw, bu farw Tachwedd ? 1952 aged 80, her husband THOMAS, Hydref 22 1955 aged 81, and dau.

GLADYS, Chwefror 21 1958 aged 48.

97. Large plot, grey granite h/stone, surround, and chippings, well kept.

ELIZABETH BEVAN of Maes y Coed, bu farw Mai 11 1943 aged 74, her husband DAVID a fu'n swyddog yng Ncharmel, Chwefror 4 1947 aged 76, and dau. ELIZABETH JANE BEVAN (Elsie), Rhagfer 30 1998 aged 95.

98. Grey marble h/stone, surround and chippings.

EVAN BEVAN of Bolgoed Farm, 1 879-1946, his wife HANNAH 1872-1944, their dau. ANNIE MAY THOMAS, Rhagfer 10 1970 aged 61 and her husband GARFIELD, bu farw Ebrill 4 1993 aged 83

99. Small plain grave, possibly a child's. It is constructed from thin blocks of stone made into a surround. There are no details.

100. Black marble h/stone with flat base.

JOHN THOMAS, husband of MILLIE of 'Brynbach', Pontlliw, bu farw Mehefin 14 1968 aged 50.

101. White marble badly weathered, has grey chippings.

Rev. WILLIAM BEVAN of 'Llwynderw', Bryn, (this could be Llanelli?), who died Jan. 4 1955 aged 69, and his wife SARAH, Dec. 30 1962 aged 81.

End of the line.... please turn up on the grass to the Right.

NB. The next few graves are ALL identical so only the first will be described.

102 Black marble h/stone with same flat base.

MALDWYN JONES, of 50 Heol Bryntirion, Pontlliw, bu farw Hydref 29 1993 aged 77, husband of Kathleen and loving father of Anne.

103. GARFIELD REES, of  'Coedmor' Fforest, Pontardulais. Plod cariadus Megan ac ewythr hoffus Diacon ac ysgrifennydd Y Tabemacl, Pontardulais, bu farw Awst 1 1993 aged 79.

104. GEOFFREY MATHIAS, husband of Eileen, of 16 Heol Clordir, Pontlliw, bu farw, Ebrill 7 1993 aged 69.

105. HANNAH BERYL THOMAS, of 7 Clordir Road, wife of Willie and loving Mam of Linda, and Lenore, bu farw Gorffennaf  25 1991 aged 63.

106. GLADYS ELIZABETH DAVIES, 'Tyllwyd', Pontlliw, bu farw Mai 13 1975 aged 63, also her husband JOHN RHYS DAVIES,  Ionawr 9 1979 aged 69, loving parents of Gareth.

107. EMLYN CARADOG ROBERTS, y Parchedig Gweinidog Carmel 1925-1944, bu farw Ebrill 13 1974 aged 86, of Heol y Bolgoed, Pontardulais, also his dear wife MYFANWY (B.A. L.L.B.), bu farw Mehefin 22 1980 aged 79.

108. This grave is also identical but has a surround.

ARWYN JOHN LEWIS, of  'Farm Cefn Cadle', Llangyfelach, bu farw Rhagfer 8 1948 aged 14, also his brother... GWILYM ELVED, bu farw Ebrill 30 1957 aged 14, and his parents GWILYM HENRY, bu farw Ionawr 28 1974 aged 71 and RACHEL HANNAH, Mai 2 1981 aged 76. On a flower-holder are the words...."Sweet Memories of ARWYN''.

109. Grey granite surround, no h/stone.

OWEN GWENTER, husband of Adeline, bu farw Hydref 28 1944 aged 40.

110. Reddish-brown granite grave.

DONALD LYNWOOD GWENTER, unig blentyn ac John a'r Olwen, of  'Cil Hedd', bu farw Ebrill 10 1933 aged 10, also the above mentioned parents, JOHN A. GWENTER, Diacon ac Arweinydd y Gan 1896-1971, and OLWEN MARY, 1895-1981.

Please tum down the next row Left.

111. Grey marble with flat base, surround, no h/stone .

EUNICE CARPENTER 1895-1938, her husband EDWARD JOHN, 1891-1959, and their son JAMES CLEMENT, bu farw dros rhyddid 1920- 1943.

112 Black marble with flat base, and h/stone.

MARY HANNAH DAVIES of  'Rhosf'ryn', hunodd Hydref 20 1947, also her husband JOHN, hunodd Tachwedd 14 1952, (no ages given).

113. Black marble with h/stone and surround.

AGNES M. REES of Pantglas, Llanwrtyd Wells, hunodd Rhagfer 26 1963 aged 72, also her brother HAROLD H. HARRIES, gynt o 'Gwenlais Fach', Pontlliw. Hunodd Mawrth 16 1973 aged 83.

114. Grey marble with h/stone and flat base.

WILLIAM REES of  'Lletty Gwenlais', Rhandirmwyn, hunodd Ionawr 24 1968 aged 73, also his wife FLORENCE MAUD, hunodd Hydref 6 1976 aged 80.

115. Black marble surround and h/stone with flat stone base.

KATIE WALTERS of 'Llwynhelyg', bu farw Mawrth 27 1972 aged 67, yr hyn allodd hon hi a'i gwnaeth. Also, her husband WILLIAM WALTERS yr uchod Diacon ac ysgrifennydd Eglwys Carmel am 22 Mlynedd, bu farw Medi 13 1973 aged 69.

116. Black marble with flat base,h/stone has 'roses' motif.

DAVID ANTHONY MATHIAS of 112 Swansea Road, Pontlliw, husband of EIRLYS and loving father of ENFYS a MEIRION, hunodd Ebrill 19 1983 aged 58

117. Black marble h/stone with flat base.

EILEEN WALTERS, wife of ARWYN and loving mam of EMYR a RHIAN, hunodd Ebrill 8 1986 aged 46.

118. Black marble with h/stone and flat base

DAVID JOHN WALTERS of 137 Heol Abertawe, Pontlliw, hunodd Mawrth 21 1987 aged 85, loving father of Lynwen, Eirlys ac Arwyn. Also his dear wife NANCY MAY bu farw Mawrth 13 2000 aged 90.


JOHN GARFIELD WILLIAMS, of 11 Heol-y-Parc, Pontlliw, loving father of GWENLAIS ac EIFION, hunodd Mawrth 28 1990 aged 83, and MEGAN JANE his wife, hunodd Chwefror 12 2000 aged 87.

Please turn back up to the Right.

120. Grey marble with h/stone, flat base.

GLYN THOMAS, hunodd Ionawr 8 1989 aged 75.

121. Black marble with h/stone.

LEN GWENTER of  'Lliw Forge', bu farw Mai 6 1988 aged 58.

122. Grave identical to above mentioned.

DAVID YORATH CLEMENT, of Sunnyhill Pontlliw, bu farw Ebrill 28 1986 aged 83, also his wife MARY ANNIE TEGWEN, bu farw Chwefror 22 1998 aged 89. Cofion elys amdanynt gan NINA A. HYWEL yr wyrion a'u plant.

123. Grey marble with flat base and h/stone.

GWILYM MEURIG LEWIS, 18 Christopher Rise, Pontlliw, a lovely husband and father, bu farw Medi 3 1982 aged 73.

124. Grey marble with flat base.

ARWYN FRANCIS of 70 Heol Bryntirion, Pontlliw, gwr cariadus a LENA, hunodd Ionawr 18 1979 aged 44.

125. Grave identical to above.

JOHN WATKINS of Heol Bryntirion, bu farw Medi 16 1976 aged 77, also his wife MARGARET, Mawrth 5 1981 aged 76.

126.Black marble with h/stone, cross and prayer book motif.

DAVID WALDEN ROGERS, who fell asleep May 21 1976 in his 50th year.

127. White marble, no h/stone.

MARY DAVIES wife of Trevor, of 67 Swansea Road, Pontlliw, bu farw Awst 3 1973 aged 69, also her son RANDOLPH bu farw Hydref 1 1944 aged 19.

128. Black marble, flat base. It stands alone and is next to a private house at the time of writing (2000).

KITTY DAVIES, (L.T.C.L. L.R.A.M.), of 43 Heol Aberlake, sister of GWENLAIS, bu farw Rhagfer 8 1994 aged 81.

129. Small black marble stone next to the boundary wall and a private house.

LYDLA JEAN FLOYD, beloved wife of Ron, 1929-2000.

'I'his is the end of this part of the chapel grounds, please turn to the Right to face the north boundary wall where the road is, look toward an 'outhouse'.'The first grave starts here ....

130.  Grey granite, flat base, h/stone has 'roses' motif.

THOMAS JOHN THOMAS, 1879-1921, and his wife MARGARET ANN, 1880-1966.

131. Older type of grave quite 'weathered' with traditional h/stone.

GENLLIAN THOMAS of  'Grovesend Row', bu farw Medi 16 1901 aged 57, also EDWARD MAI 20 1916 aged 74 (difficult to read so could be a mistake) .

132. Reddish brown granite with surround and small h/stone.

SARAH JOSEPH Nov. 5 1908 aged 50, and DAVID JOSEPH Feb. 11 1934 aged 78.

133. Cement surround, no h/stone but a small cross on a plinth.

WILLIAM JOSEPH of  'Grovesend Farm', died Sept. 10 1901 aged 13.

134. Plain grave against wall of private house, flat base, no details at all.

135. Large family plot, grey marble and chippings, medium h/stone.

WILLIAM DAVIES, of  'Pensingrig' Pontardulais, bu farw Hydref 23 1941 aged 76, his wife MARGARET, bu farw Mehefin 15 1942 aged 73 also WILLIAM IDWAL a fu farw yn ei babandod.

136. White marble now quite discoloured, with chippings, and a surround. The h/stone can be described as an obelisk on a plinth.

JOHN GLANVILLE JOHN, son of THOMAS and LIZZIE of  'Ffynonfedw', bu farw Ionawr 15 1900 aged 8, also DAVID THOMAS son of OSWALD a SARAH E. AUBREY, bu farw Mehefin 23 1927 aged 10, and THOMAS MELVILLE his brother bu farw Mehefin 19 1909 aged 10. Also mentioned...LIZZIE JOHN Rhag-enwyd, bu farw Mai 10 1919 aged 45, and her husband THOMAS, bu faw Tachwedd 18 1956 aged 82.

End of row..., near the 'ouhouse'.

137. Family grave with traditional h/stone and cement base.

CHARLOTTE PALFREY of Goppa, Pontardulais, bu farw Chwefror 11 1888 aged 4 yrs 11 months, also her two sisters and a brother..... ELIZABETH, Mawrth 15 1887 aged  6, THOMAS bu farw Mai 28 1895 aged 20, and ANNE, bu farw Chwefror 8 1900 aged 19. Also buried here is SARAH PALFREY, (poss. their mother? ) bu farw Mai 14 1907 aged 57.

138. Black marble, h/stone and flat base, close to wall.

MARY DAVIES of  'Gwylfa', Pontlliw, bu farw Tachwedd 30 1965 aged 75, also her husband WILLIAM JOHN, Mehefin 14 1969 aged 75.

139. Stone base and surround, trad. h/stone.

DAVID DAVIES of  'Arosfa' Pontlliw, bu farw Ebrill 17 1917 aged 51, his daughter SARAH ANN, Tachwedd 19 1903 aged 11, also ELIZABETH DAVIES, (wife?) not stated, Rhagfer 22 1931 aged 58.

140. Small grave shaped with brown coloured stones, no details at all.

141. Grey granite with h/stone and chippings.

SARAH JANE WILLIAMS, bu farw Gorfennaf 24 1943 aged 59, also THOMAS JOHN aged 9, (no date or relationship shown), and her husband DAVID, Gorfennaf 15 1958 aged 79.

142. Large square plot with deep cement surrounds and chippings. A central vase states...."From Friends and Neighbours", there are no other details.

Turn Right to near the boundary wall next to road and 'outhouse'.

143. Large familY grave, it has stone kerbs with iron railings now broken and a large grey granite Monurnent .

ANN WILLIAMS of  'Rosemary Gardens', bu farw Gorfennaf  31 1904 aged 73, also her husband JOHN R. Gorfennaf 17 1905 aged 71, and son THOMAS, Mai 12 1917 aged 40.

144. Grave against boundary wall, large trad. h/stone .

MARY BONNEL of Bolgoed, bu farw Ionawr 23 1887 aged 61, also her husband WILLIAM, Awst 31 1907 aged 89.

145. There is a tin sheet here so cannot tell whether a grave underneath ?

146. Unusual it has only 'initials' no names/dates. It has a cement flat base with small h/stone, it reads.... TT WT MT EAT KT ?

147. Small very old grave sunk into the ground.

148. Small grave with small h/stone and foot stone no details.

149. A mound of earth in shape of a grave, no stones at all ?

150. White marble double grave, h/stone is in form of a scroll with clasped hands.

GETTA, daughter of JENKIN and REBECCA WILLIAMS, of  'Plas Isaf', Waungron, yr hon hunodd Mawrth 19 1925 aged 21, also Pte. TOM WILLIAMS (East Lancs. Reg.) bu farw yn Ffraine (died in France), Medi 12 1918 aged 29, also his brother WILLIE hunodd Mehefin 25 1890 aged 7, and DAVID HENRY WILLIAMS bu farw Hydref 18 1957 aged 72 (no relationship stated).

151. Plain cement surround with granite chippings, no h/stone or details.

152.  Large imposing white marble grave, h/stone and surround with white chippings, well kept.

ANNIE MARY DAVIES, of Goppa, Pontardulais bu farw Ebrill 17 1898 aged 3, also her sister MORFYDD, Tachwedd 12 1898 aged 5, and their parents DAVID S. DAVIES bu farw Rhagfer 28 1931 aged 63 and MARY ANN, Medi 2 1936 aged 65. Also buried here are DAVID SHEPHERD PHILLIPS, of  'Gwynfiyn' 31 Heol Goppa, Rhagfer 4 1996 aged 88 and his wife ELIZABETH CEINWEN, Gorfennaf 14 1998 aged 88, (no relationship stated).

153. Small grave, possibly a child's. A very small h/stone and foot stone, the only names seen are...

RICHARD and ALEXANDER WINTER no other details.

154. Large trad. h/stone, quite weathered stone with leaf motif.

BENJAMIN DAVIES, son of John and Ann of Gorsgoch in this parish, died March 26 1898

aged 13 mths/years (difficult to see), also THOMAS, died Nov. 12 1903 aged 8 yrs., and their parents....JOHN ? 1922 aged 59, and ANN ? 1923 aged 51.

155. Grey granite, stone surround and cement base.

HENRY WILLIAMS, bu farw Rhagfer 23 1902 aged 74, also his wife REBECCA, Chwefror 12 1907 aged 81.

156. Family grave, stone surround, there is no trad h/stone but a large sort of  'obelisk' or 'market cross' type of monument, the names are around the sides.

ADA HARRIES dau. of Daniel and Jane of  'Gwenlais Fach', born Nov. 11 1886, died Nov. 12 1887, also her father DANIEL died Oct. 2 1924 aged 78, sister SARAH ANN Dec. 22 1957 aged 77, and brother ARTHUR Nov. 14 1914 aged 25.

157. Family grave grey stone with surround and oval h/stone.

MARY  ELLEN CLEMENT of  'Gwenlais Uchaf', hunodd Awst 22 1930 aged 42, also her son JOHN bu farw Mehefin 2 1910 yn flwydd oed, a EDWARD hunodd yn ei babandod. Also buried are MORGAN CLEMENT hunodd Mai 31 1913 aged 69, ELEANOR HANNAH, Mehefin 8 1946 AGED 28 and ANNIE EVELYN PUGH hunodd Mawrth 26 1957 (poss. 13) hard to see.

158. A coffin shaped stone almost on the details, so not sure if a proper grave ?

Please tum around to face the chapel hall and turn Right up the next row.

159. This grave has two high cement steps up from the path, a black marble base with trad. granite h/stone.

DAFYDD JAMES of  'Sunny Hill' Pontlliw, bu farw Rhagfer 1 1912 aged 24, (it is not clear whether his surname is James or Clement ?), also buried here are... BENJAMIN LEWIS CLEMENT hunodd Mawrth 14 1997 aged 92 and LENA MAY Medi 9 1997 aged 82.

160. Black marble surround and base, small h/stone .

EDWARD CLEMENT of 23 King George Avenue, Llanelli, hunodd Medi 13 1951 aged 70, also his wife ELIZABETH ANN, Hydref 23 1980 aged 95, and daughters SARAH HANNAH CLEMENT Mai 11 1995, and NANSI a hunodd yn eu babandod.

161. Grey marble surround and h!stone, stone base.

BENJAMIN CLEMENT, of  'Sunny Hill', Pontlliw 1864-1937, also his wife MARY ANN 1865-1938.

162. Small narrow grave with thin marble surround, very discoloured.

IDRIS LLOYD ROBERTS, of  'Carmel Hall' bu farw Chwefror 28 1896 yn 4 mis oedran.

163. Grey granite chunky type of h/stone with surround and chippings.

SARAH DAVIES aged 25, and DAVID DAVIES, Feb. 8 1923 aged 50, because of very bad weathering it is impossible to read any other details.

164. Grey granite surround and h/stone.

WILLIAM GWENTER, of  'Mynydd Lliw' hunodd Hydref 29 1921 aged 53, his wife MARGARET, Rhagfer 3 1948 aged 86, and his dau. MARGARET ANN, Ebrill 29 1940 aged 41 and ANN yn 6 mlwydd oed.

165. Family grave white marble, large h/stone with leaves and flowers motif.

MARY ELIZABETH CLEMENT, of  'Tyn yr Heol' died May 12 1894, also her parents... ANN CLEMENT June 30 1933 aged 66, and WALTER, Deacon of this chapel who died Feb. 28 1951 aged 87. Also named are...TREVOR L. CLEMENT, Aug. 5 1927 aged 32 and his wife RACHEL MARY, Nov. 16 1975 aged 76.

166. Small stone surround, trad. h/stone with 'open book' motif.

ANN DAVIES, wife of the late Joseph of  'Quiet Cottage', Pontlliw who died Feb 3 1894 aged 47, also DAVID her son, Sept. 11 1926 aged 48.

End of Row...close to west wall of the chapel, please turn back down next row.

167. Family grave, stone surround with iron railings, trad. h/stone with leaf/flower motif, cement base has sunk down.

JOHN WILLIAMS (Morris ? ) son of JOHN and ANN MORRIS of  'Grovesend Row', fu farw Chwefror 13 1896 aged 26, also the above JOHN (Diacon), bu farw Tachwedd 5 1906 aged 62, also  son THOMAS Rd., Mawrth 26 1907 aged 22 and ANN MORRIS, Rhag enwyd, bu farw Tachwedd 1 1908 aged 69.

N.B.... I am not sure whether the first surname should be Morris or Williams, and Thomas Rd. is written as shown (poss. Reginald ?)

168. Small grave with stone surround and iron railings, trad. h/stone.

JOHN BRENTON son of JAMES and MARY of Grovesend, who met his death at Grovesend Colliery on March 17 1907 aged 8 yrs. 5 mths. also his brother RICHARD who died Aug. 11 1916 aged 23.

169. Small stone base and trad. h/stone.

DAVID COSLETT, fu farw Awst 15 1895 aged 30, rhag enwyd JOHN, Tach. 30 1901 80 a SARAH, Hydref 14 1906 aged 76.

170. Family grave with trad. h/stone.

JANE GWENTER of Pontlliw bu farw Mehefin 7 1911 aged 40, also her daughter SARAH Gorfennaf 24 1895 yn flwydd oed, and DAVID GWENTER Mawrth 20 1958 aged 85. Also named are WILLIAM JONES Mawrth 10 1979 aged 81, and LIZZIE KATE JONES Ionawr 17 1984 aged 81.

171. A side grave of grey stone on a cement slab, there are names on both sides.

CATHERINE EDWARDS widow of the late RICHARD EDWARDS of 'Lliw Forge', who died July 20 1895 aged 88. (the south-facing side is very badly weathered so all that can be read is....CATHERINE EDWARDS died March 28 1924 aged 82 and JOHN EDWARDS July 30 1938 aged 87.

172. White marble base on a cement base, h/stone is laying flat.

JOHN E. CLEMENT, who died Nov. 14 1961 aged 70, also his wife SARAH ANN Jan. 11 1968.

End of row, please tum back around to the left and continue up toward the chapel.

173. Black marble h/stone and base, it stands on a high cement step.

MORFYDD COSLETT DAVIES of  'Arosfa', hunodd Tachwedd 26 1967 aged 63, also her husband D. COSLETT DAVIES, Diacon a Thrysorydd yng Ngharmel, hunodd Ebrill 26 1969 aged 72.

174. White marble with trad h/stone showing flower and leaf motif.

SOPHIA JOHN of  'Plas', Grovesend, hunodd Tachwedd 29 1908 aged 45, also her husband JOHN JOHN, Medi 18 1947 aged 79.

175. Only a mound of earth here with two lengths of stone on the ground, do not know if it is a grave

176. Red/brown granite side grave on a cement slab.

DAVID JENKINS of Port Talbot, late of Llanelly who died Oct. 10 1905 aged 65, also his wife MARY Jan. 29 1894 aged 57.

177. Trad. h/stone with a stone fleur de lys design on top, a very weathered slate slab base.

DAVID WILLIAMS of  'Pen Quar', born Feb. 17 1877, died Aug. 31 1914.

178. Large trad. h/stone with flower and leaf motif white marble quite discoloured, stone surround with iron railings.

ELIZABETH ANN WALTERS, wife of JOHN of  'Pen Quar', Gorseinon, born Oct. 31 1868 died Oct. 20 1890, also MARTHA WILLIAMS, who died Dec. 17 1910 aged 61, and her husband DANIEL who died Nov. 17 1925 aged 79.

179. Family grave, stone surround with trad h/stone, chippings, base is cracked.

SARAH LANG of Pontlliw, fu farw Rhagfer 25 1891 aged 41, hefyd y rhag-grybwylledig JOHN LANG, bu farw Ebrill 28 1894 aged 42, also their son WILLIAM ALFRED, Gorfennaf 13 1896 aged 23. Also named.... THOMAS HENRY LANG, husband of ELIZABETH HANNAH, hunodd Rhagfer 21 1941 aged 53.

180. Small white marble grave, now discloured, h/stone is a chunky stone about 2 foot high with a shield design.

DAVID THOMAS (WILLIAMS) son of DAVID and ELIZABETH WILLIAMS of  'Brynheulog', Alltiago Road, Pontardulais, yr hun fu farw Ionawr 26 1910 aged 24, (Please note...his surname may be Thomas not Williams)

This ends by the chapel wall, tum to the Right and continue back down the line.

181. Trad h/stone with cement base.

MARY WILLIAMS of 'Bryn Each', bu farw Hydref 11 1889 aged 61, also her husband THOMAS, yn fu farw Tachwedd 26 1893 aged 70.

There is a space grave.

182. White marble now very discoloured, stone surround with iron rail, h/stone is in the form of a large scroll laying flat.

MARY ELIZA WILLIAMS dau. of FRED and MARYof  'Vexau Villa', Dunvant, born April 27 1896, died Jan 16 1898.


The details are very hard to see owing to weathering therefore I can only give what I see.

Parch J.H. ROWLANDS, Eglwys hen, bu farw Mai 14 1893, aged 67 also MARY ANN his wife, yn fu farw Mehefin ? 1890 aged 61.

184. Brown granite pillar about 7-8 foot high with an iron rail around.

THOMAS JOHN, of  'Ty Llwyd', Diacon a'r Eglwys hen, hunodd Ionawr 11 1900, also his wife Eleanor, gweddw y Diweddar THOMAS JOHN, hunodd Mai 22 1901( This name is on the rear of the h/stone and could be missed by a researcher.)

185. Coffin-shaped stone base, small trad. h/stone with flower motif.

JOHN WILLIAMS of 'Ty Llwyd' who died March 25 1899 aged 79.

186. Small coffin-shaped grave with tiny details.

187. Black granite large trad. h/stone, flat cement base.

WILLIAM DAVIES of  'Ty Gwyn', Waungron, bu farw Tachwedd 24 1904 aged 55, also MARY ANN DAVIES, gweddw yr uchod, bu farw Medi 13 1929 aged 77.

188. Red granite grave on a stone plinth, inscriptions on both sides.

SARAH JENKINS, hunodd Rhagfer 2 1968 aged 105, also her husband JOHN Chwefror 13 1908 aged 45.... of 'Islwyn Villa'.

189. Black marble surround and h/stone.

ALBERT THOMAS of ' Brynderven', Bryn Road, hunodd Rhagfer 11 1967 aged 75, also his wife ANNIE, Rhagfer 7 1980 aged 86.

End of row, next to path, turn up Right to face chapel.

190. Large granite h/stone, family grave, flat base with mosaic pattern seated on a large stone step.

WILLIAM JOHN of  'Ty Llwyd', hunodd Rhagfer 17 1908 aged 33 or 38 ?, Diacon yr Eglwys hen, also ELIZABETH JOHN (no relationship given) Ionawr 22 18--? aged 42 or 47? MARY HANNAH JOHN Hydref 8 1918, and MARGARET JOHN Rhagfer 23 1901or 1961? aged 94, (inscription difficult to read).

191. Flat cement base, h/stone is an 'open book'.

DAVID THOMAS MORRIS 1902-1972 and his wife CLAUDIA 1910-1993.

192. Trad. h/stone with small cross motif and stone surround.

IARLLES MARY GRIFFITHS, wife of John of Glynllwchwr, bu farw Mawrth 30 1909 aged 24, also ELIZABETH and DAVID DANIELS a fu farw yn ei babandod.

193. Cement surround, no details.

194. Trad. h/stone with stone surround.

MARY ELLEN GWENTER of ynydd Lliw, hunodd Mehefin 10 1878 aged 7, also ALEXANDER GWENTER, Mehefin 15 1907, and EDWARD ? Rhagfer 16 1922, (difficult to read).

195. Small coffin-shaped grave, possibly a child's it has a small broken head and foot stone, no dets.

196. Black marble surround and h/stone.

DAVID JOHN COSLETT, a fu farw Mawrth 9 1928 aged 46, WILLIAM, plentyn 3 mths. a claddwyd 1862, also THOMAS COSLETT, a fu farw Rhagfer 12 1931 aged 74 and his wife SARAH, Gorfennaf  9 1932 aged 74.

197. Black/grey marble oblong h/stone with flat base .

DAVID COSLETT WILLIAMS, bu farw Mehefin 1 1941 aged 36.

198. small coffin-shaped grave with small oval h/stone. The only inscription is...CP, G, EP.

199. Small grave same as above, tiny h/stone, again, the only inscription is F.W.

End of row, near south wall of chapel, turn Right and go back down.

200. Large square family grave of white marble now very discoloured. It has a half-moon shaped h/stone and grey chippings,

EVAN HARRIES of Bolgoed Road, Pontardulais, hunodd Mawrth 14 1891 aged 50, also his wife MARY, Rhagfer 13 1916 aged 72 and son REES, Chwefior 12 1929 aged 47, also named are... DAVID HARRIS eu Hwyr, Gorfennaf 1 1928 aged 21, also CATHERINE HARRIES, Ionawr 27 1943 aged 69.

201. Small coffin-shaped grave, possibly a child's no details.

202. Same as above, no details.

203. Trad. h/stone with stone kerbs cement base cracked.

SARAH PHILLIPS, Rhagfer 7 1903 aged 74, also ANN RICHARDS, wife of John, bu farw Tachwedd 25 1926 aged 65.

204. White marble flat grave, now discoloured, on a cement base, small square h/stone.

ROY DAVIES, died Jan. 24 1970 aged 53, also MARY his wife, Sept. 29 1991 aged 73.

205. Double grave with stone surround, unfortunately the chunky-type h/stone has fallen forward so no details can be seen.

206. Black granite trad. h/stone, family grave with stone surround and flat base.

PETER ELVET STONE, of  'Pantyffa', yr hwn a fu farw Gorfennaf 23 1918 yn 6 mis oed, also MARY ANN, merch yr uchod, Ebrill 6 1919 yn 15 mlwydd oed. Also mentioned are MARY ANTHONY, hunodd Rhagfer 1 1957 aged 81, and her husband AARON, Mehefin 14 1962 aged 92.

There is an oblong stone under the h/stone which has the following inscription.... IEUAN ANTHONY LEWIS wyr yr uchod, hunodd Medi 3 1941 aged 8, and ELIZABETH MARIAN THOMAS, wyres yr uchod, hunodd Medi 23 1942 yn ei babandod.

207. Trad. h/stone of smaller size, it is of a chunky appearance with a black granite face on which is the inscription. There is a stone surround with a stone ball on each comer.

MORGAN HARRIES, yn fu farw Mawrth 18 1903 aged 38, his dau. MARY, Chwefror 13 1912 aged 14 and RACHEL his wife Mawrth 29 1945 aged 78. Also named are HANNAH JANE HARRIS of 42 Llysgwyn Tce., Pontardulais, yn fu farw Ionawr 25 1976 aged 71, and her husband THOMAS, bu farw Rhagfer 24 1976 aged 82 and son WILLIAM, Rhagfer 1 1896 aged 6 mths.

End of row next to path, please turn around left and go back up toward chapel.

208. Black marble small h/stone and base on a cement step.

HENRY ARDEN THOMAS, of 8 Bryn Road, Pontlliw (Gynt o Brynawel), hof briod of JANE, tad, a thadcu cariadus, bu yn Ddiacon fflddlon, hunodd Ebrill 4 1987 aged 83, also his wife ELIZABETH JANE, mam, mamgu, a hen famgu annwyl, hunodd Ionawr 3 1996 aged 89.

209. Large trad. h/stone black granite with designs on side,stone kerbs.

MARY HARRIES of  'Bryn Each Uchaf' bu farw Ionawr 31 1912 aged 73, also her husband EDWARD, bu farw Mawrth 8 1921 aged 78.

There is a large space here...not known if any grave here so will not number it.

210. A very small h/stone, very weathered so no details.

211. A very small narrow grave with a tiny h/stone and foot stone.... no details.

212. Very tiny h/stone, no surround, no details.

213. Trad. h/stone with pointed top, a rose/leaf design, it stands next to chapel window and has a coffin-shaped base stone.

"The Beloved Children of JOHN and ANN DAVIES of  'Manchester House', Pontardulais. DAVID EMLYN, May 2 1896 aged 18 mths., ELEANOR, Aug. 29 1886 aged 6 mths., IDRIS THOMAS, Oct. 6 1888 aged 14 days, also their Grandfather DAVID DAVIES who died March 4 1887 aged 63, 'Thine will be Done'.

End of row, please turn Right and go back down.

214. Flat ground, just a tiny bit of h/stone showing, no details.

215. Very old type of h/stone with a pointed top, too badly weathered to be read.

216. Family grave, red granite surround and h/stone, base badly cracked.

LYDIA LEWIS of  'Fal ? Mawr, hunodd Mai 24 1884 aged 68, her husband Daniel, Medi 17 1907 aged 87, also WILLIAM MORGAN, hunodd Rhagfer 24 1935 aged 78, and his wife MARIA, Mehefin 27 1948 aged 92.

217. Stone surround which has a stone ball on three of the comers. The h/stone is a stone scroll laying flat.

ANNIE MAY/MARY?, beloved daughter of Joseph and Mary Ann BABER? of The Bryn, Pontardulais, who died Jan. 8 1914 aged 12, also daughter SARAH MORWEN, Oct. 22 1908 aged 5 mths, and their parents MARY ANN April 14 1937, and JOSEPH June 8 1947 aged 88.

End of row, turn to Left and start back up.

218. Family grave, grey granite standing on a stone step, h/stone is in the form of a scroll with a support stone on each side.

JOHN DAVIES of  ' Manchester House ', Pontardulais, who died Dec. 4 1913 aged 57, also his daughters, MILLIE, Oct. 14 1910 aged 18, ELIZABETH AUGUSTA, Nov. 17 1959 aged 78, wife ANN, May 13 1944 aged 84, and son RHYDWIN, Jan. 13 1972 aged 81, mewn serchus cof am GWYNETH wife of T. HAYDN THOMAS hunodd Rhagfer 3 1959 aged 63.

219. Stone base, cracked, broken stone surrounds, a pillar has fallen.

DANIEL LEWIS, of  'Wern Tce., Pontardulais, hunodd Rhagfer 30 1907 aged 65, his wife HANNAH, bu farw Chwefror 21 1908 aged 68, and dau. LYDIA, Hydref 2 1881 aged 5.

220. Trad. h/stone which looks quite old, coffin-shaped stone base.

HANNAH DAVIES, of the parish of Swansea, (small book design) departed this life Sept. 6 1853 aged 78, also her daughter ANNE HARRIES wife of John, Feb. 4 1881 aged 40.

221. Small h/stone and f/stone, kerbs have sunk down flat, no details.

222. Large family grave with cement surrounds, and granite chippings, white marble h/stone with a

laurel wreath design.

DAVIE ELFED BASSETT, of  'Palbach', bu farw Rhagfer 31 1912 aged 2 yrs 6 mths, also his parents, BLODWEN ALICE, 1887-1960, and DAVID JOHN 1880-1964. Also named... THOMAS WILLIAMS 1845-1917 and his wife ELIZABETH RACHEL 1847-1922.

223. A trace of a very small grave, now sunk

224. Small grave, possibly a child's. It has a head and foot stone and surround, no details.

225. Same as above, again no details.

End of line by the chapel's wall.

226-230, There are FIVE graves here, very small, coffin-shaped, the surrounding stones of each are painted white. This has a stark effect and is very sad to see. Whilst I was taking details I was told the following. .. These are the graves of child Cholera victims. They were buried at night in case of contamination ! ! ! Each one has a head and foot stone and all are near the main chapel door.

231. Traditional h/stone and surround.

MARY PHILLIPS of Bantwen, Mynydd Lliw, bu farw Mehefin 21 1877 aged 72, also her husband JOHN, hunodd Chwefror 15 1878 aged 75.

232. Child's grave, coffin-shaped surround of flat stones with head/foot stones, no details.

233. As above, only foot stone, a flat stone is laying across grave, very old and hard to decipher.

All that can be read is....ANN poss HOWELLS of Nantgaredig ( in Pontlliw I believe), who departed this life April 11 1841? aged 37.

234. As above but larger, has head/foot stone, no details.

235. Again as above, but has a small flat h/stone laying on top of grave.... very difficult to decipher.

MARY, dau. of LEWIS? and ANN REES, of Rhydymardy (the old name for Gorseinon), who died May 1848 aged 9 years, also MARY REES of Gorseinon, Feb.? 1872 aged 80.

236. Trad. h/stone with a carving of lillies inset, quite weathered, stone surround.

ELIZA WILLIAMS, of Pontardulais, who died July 18 1877 aged 54. A band of stone inscription about 6 ins. wide has worn away so details, if any, are lost. Also her husband WILLIAM WILLIAMS, Mai 25 1907 aged 89.

237. Small coffin-shaped grave of grey stone, small h/stone.

JANE JENKINS, Ionawr 14 1853 aged 60, and her husband JOHN, Ionawr 24 1871 aged 78.

238. Large trad. h/stone which has fallen backwards.

CATHERINE JENKINS, dau of JOHN and JANE, bu farw Mehefin 6 1877 aged 41.

239. Large square grave with cement surround and granite chippings, it stands on a step. The headstone is in the form of an 'open book'.

JOHN JONES 1860-1932, also HANNAH his wife, 1869-1941 and daughters SARAH 1898-1919, ELIZABETH, 1905-1968, and son DAVID 1891-1962.

End of row, please tum left, there is patch of earth here, but no indication that there are any graves.

240. Trad. head/stone with stone kerbs and small foot stone.

ANN LEWIS, who died Oct. 5 1911, aged 46, her son HARRY who died in France Nov. 14 1918, and WILLIAM her husband Dec. 11 1933 aged 78.

241. White marble trad. h/stone, now quite discoloured, stone surround.

CATHERINE REES of  Swansea, March 17 1900 aged 63, also DAVID her husband April 10

1905 aged 71.

242. Stone surround, the h/stone is in the form of a cross which has been constructed in a 'rugged' fashion with a celtic design at the peak. Because of this particular construction the inscription is very hard to read, the bottom part cannot be made out.

DAVID HARRIS of Gwenlais Fach, May 12 1899 aged 75 (or 25?), REES? HARRIS ?th 1920 aged 88?

243. Trad. h/stone, grey stone coffin-shaped base.

JOHN HARRIS of Ravenhill, who died May 7 1864 aged 37, also his wife MARGARET , July 5th 1911 aged 73.

244. Trad. h/stone with Rose and leaves design.

SARAH JANE WILLIAMS dau of DANIEL and MARTHA of Penquar, Gorseinon, Dec. 15 1883 aged 11, EDITH, June 4 1880 aged 4 mths. and FIVE other children who died in infancy.

245. Small trad. h/stone, the coffin-shaped surround is formed from flat stones.

JOHN HOWELLS of Nantgaredeg, in this parish, who died July 31 1862 aged 56, also JOHN, son of DAVID and SARAH ANN JONES (Grandson of above) who died Aug 9 1881 aged 11.

246. Small coffin-shaped grey stones with head/foot stones, poss. a child, no details.

247 This trad. h/stone of black/grey marble has fallen backward and lays face up. Stone kerbs.

ANN MORGAN, dau. of John and Sarah, bu farw Mai 29 1866 aged 13, her sister SARAH Medi 7 1875 aged 3 and their parents SARAH, Ebrill 29 1906 aged 68 and JOHN Tachwedd 30 1926 aged 85.

248. Old trad. h/stone with coffin-shaped base stone .

JOHN LEWIS of this parish, yn fu farw Mehefin 14 1863 aged 56. There follows a lengthy inscription in Welsh which covers about half the stone. No other persons named.

249. Small trad. old h/stone.

ANN PHILLIP of  'Felin Lliw', bu farw Awst 12 1866 aged 37, hefyd y rhag grybwylldig DAFYDD PHILLIP, hunodd Mawrth 4 1870 aged 42.

250. Newer type of black marble grave with h/stone and base.

ARTHUR JONES of 140 Bolgoed Road, Pontardulais, bu farw Mawrth 5 1973 aged 80, also SARAH. JONES, Mai 20 1983 aged 86, no relationship shown.

251. Small trad. h/stone with coffin-shaped stone surround, unfortunately almost all of the inscription is missing, only the following can be read

.... HANNAH PHILLIPS, dau. of .....? and ANN, of Mill, ....? 9th 1866, aged poss. 2, and ANN dau of ......9th. 1866 aged ?

N.B. As they seem to have died on same day, it is possible that they were twins and were two days old ? Worth a thought.

There is a space here.

252. Large grave with stone surround and cement base and a coffin-shaped stone on the base. The h/stone is tapered and has a carved design of four points of a compass ?

EDWIN DAVIES of this parish, son of JOHN and MARGARET, Jan. 16 1872 aged 4 rnths, also his sister EMILY May 16 1874 aged 9 mths. and brother ....? who died June 6 1874 aged 20.

253.This grave is next to the chapel railings and road, it has a large square of cement, stone kerbs, and a trad. h/stone which has fallen back face-up.

WILLIAM DAVIES of  'Tyrheol', hunodd Ionawr 23 1898 aged 25, also WILLIAM JOHN ei fab, Rhagfer 19 1898 yn flwydd oed, and ANN DAVIES wife of JOHN, Rhagfer 22 1908 aged 75, and JOHN DAVIES hunodd Hydref 20 1916 aged 80.

Please tum to next line.

254. Small stone surround, a square column stands on a plinth next to chapel railings, the inscription faces the chapel door.

THOMAS REES of Pantygelyn, Waungron, bu farw Mai 21 1897 aged 68. Bu yn aelod ag yn Ddiacon yn yr Eglwys hon dros 35 oflynyddoedd. The writing on the north side of the column is very hard to read....SARAH, wife of Thomas Rees, Mai 4 1909 aged 82.

255. A sqare of rough stone containing one small coffin-shaped stone surround, and near it a flat small h/stone laying face-up, it may have come from another part of the chapel ground?

MARY BOWEN wife of David of this parish, who died May 5 1863 aged 50.

256. Stone surround with cement base, the trad. white marble h/stone has fallen back, face-up, it has a flower motif.

JOHN GRIFFITHS of  'Crwcca', yr hwn hunodd Hydref 31 1895 aged 63, his son TOM, Mawrth 3 1899 aged 26, and wife SARAH, Ebrill 28 1924 aged 94.

257. Grey granite plinth, the grave is 'barrel-shaped' (like a chest). The inscription is written in gold and in excellent condition.

JOHN CLEMENT, son of Henry and Mary, of  'Twyn Farm', Dec. 30 1852 aged 27, his father HENRY, Jan. 24 1861 aged 66, and mother MARY Feb. 21 1866 aged 73. Also named are... JOHN CLEMENT, son of THOMAS and MARGARET, Feb 16 1898 aged 35. The above THOMAS who was a faithful Deacon of this chapel, Feb 3 1901 aged 65, his daughters....MARGARET ANN, Feb 4 1913 aged 39, MARY BOWEN, Nov. 28 1920 aged 56, and MARGARET, his wife Feb 27 1927 aged 92. SARAH Dsy (poss. Daisy?) MARGARET CLEMENT, April 27 1903 aged 11 mths., JOHN THOMAS of  'quiet Lamb', died.....(no date shown) 1872 aged 48, and MARY THOMAS, Aug. 1907 aged 80.

258. Small trad h/stone with tapered top and coffin- shaped stone.

JOHN JOHN, son of THOMAS and ELEANOR of  'Ty Llwyd', Mawrth 5 1869 aged 6 mths, and MARTHA his sister, Mai 29 1871 3 mths.

259. White marble surround, now quite discoloured. There is no h/stone, inscription is around the sides. Four children are buried here.

Er cof am Blant anwyl JOHN a MARGARET MORGAN, of  'Thistle Villa', Pontardulais. MARY ANN, Mai 1884 ---, WILLIAM HENRY, Rhagfer 1885 ---, ELIZABETH, Ebrill 1887 ---, and REBECCA, Chwefror 1892 ---.

This is the end of this area, please now go to a stone facing the chapel door.

260.  A cement base with coffin-shaped stone, the h/stone is large trad.

WILLIAM DAFYDD of Clordir, Rhagfer 14 1872 aged 33, also WILLIAM his son Awst 30 1916 aged 45, and ANN JONES gweddw yr uchod Mawrth 10 1926 aged 85. It does not show surname of either WILLIAM, maybe it was DAVID as there are persons of this surname in the area ?

There is a newish cement strip of path between the above grave and the next. There is only a small trad shaped h/stone laying face-up.

261. ANN PHILLIPS of  'Plwyn.....?' bu farw, Hydref 10 1869 aged 24, a hefyd a rhag enwyd, JOHN PHILLIPS of Pontlliw, Mai 14 1907 aged 62.

 262. Trad. h/stone, kerbs are made from large square cut stones, a coffin-shaped base stone with small foot stone, the inscription faces the chapel door.

MARY MATHEWS of Ty Llwyd in this parish, who died Jan 17 1868 aged 61, also her husband THOMAS who died at Waun-Wen Tce., Swansea, Dec. 12 1871 aged 73.

Go to your left from the above grave.

263. This grave is of black marble and of a new condition compared to those around it.

PERCY GRIFFITHS of Cwmdulais, bu farw Medi 18 1959 aged 60, and his wife MORFYDD, March 7 1998 aged 90.

264. Small grave with thick stone kerbs, h/stone is a large pillar standing on two plinths.

BENJAMIN GREY of 'Bryntelych', Pontlliw, yr hwn hunodd Mai 8 1914 aged 53, his wife ANN Mehefin 15 1923 aged 67, and two sons, DAVID, Rhagfer 13 1894 un 10 mis oed, a THOMAS Hydref 19 1898 yn bythefnos oed.

265. Large grave surround with stone kerbs, cement base now very cracked, h/stone has fallen back face-up, it has weathered badly and is difficult to read.

? wife of MORGAN THOMAS, of 'Tygwyn', Waungron, a hon a hunodd Gorffenaf 14 188-? aged 56, also MARGARET their dau. Rhagfer 7 1880 aged 14, also the above MORGAN THOMAS, Medi 5 1896 aged 63. (The missing name may also be MARGARET).

266. Reddish granite grave with surround and chippings, h/stone is in the form of a scroll.

BENJAMIN WILLIAMS of  'Woodland Stores', Pontardulais, who died Dec. 12 1883 aged 32, his wife ELIZABETH, Jan. 14 1894 aged 43, also dau. MARY HANNAH, July 16 1928 aged 55.

267. Large trad. h/stone of white marble with tapered top. A carving depicts a weeping figure bowed over an urn, also flowers each side.

ANN DAVIES of  'Coed Each', Pontardulais, canwyd Chwefror 27 1862, bu farw Hydref 12 1898, also her husband DAVID DANIEL, ganwyd Ionawr 3 1860, bu farw Mawrth 8 1950, and ROY, wyr yr uchod a collodd ei fywyd, Rhagfer 20 1943 aged 24, Claddwyd yn Rosdorf, Almaen (Germany).

268. Large family grave all white marble with surround, stands on a cement step, the h/stone is a large pillar which has an urn on top. Well kept, it is next to the path.

RACHEL WILLIAMS of Castell Du (Grovesend), who died March 6 1915 aged 49, also her husband THOMAS, July 30 1929 aged 67. Also named...EUNICE dau of JOHN HARRIES and GLADYS WILLIAMS of Castell Du, June 9 aged 12 days, sons HOWELL, Aug. 30 1923 aged 18 mths, THOMAS June 13 1936 aged 12, GLADYS WILLIAMS HARRIES, Oct 19 1946 53, husband JOHN Oct. 29 1963 aged 74 also of Castell Du.

Please turn left and go back up.

269. Plain grave, cement base and kerbs, no details.

270. Black-grey marble base and h/stone on a cement step.

ROBERT JOHN HOPKINS, of 66 James St. Pontardulais, bu farw Medi 10 1978 aged 75, also his wife BLODWEN,Medi 10 1978 aged 75.

271. Black marble h/stone and kerbs, two flower vases.

CATHERINE HOPKINS, of Dantwyn Road, Pontardulais, hunodd Rhagfer 15 1940 aged 59, her husband ROBERT, hunodd Rhagfer 2 1952 aged 73, hefyd ei baban MURIEL, bu farw Chwefror 24 1915 yn flwydd oed.

There is a space here,which could be a sunken grave?

272. Narrow grave surround with stone kerbs and foot stone, h/stone is trad. with 'lillies' motif.

WILLIAM WILLIAMS, son of WILLIAM and LIZA, of Pontardulais, born April 8 1855 died May 18 1879, his brother HENRY JOHN, born Jan 21 1858, died Feb 19 1881 and WILLIAM WILLIAMS son of BENJAMIN and ELIZABETH, born April 2 1879, died April 13 1879.

273. Poss. child's grave, small head/foot stone, coffin-shaped stone kerbs, no details.

274 Plain cement surround with green chippings, no details.