BMD index page

BMD index page

These pages are a kind of One name study for the names & places listed below. By cross referencing with the census, I've been able to make lots of connections. I hope others can benefit from the information contained here. Additionally I am putting info gathered from the GRO indexes for my main surname(BRUCE).

Some as yet unconfirmed and unaccounted for.

I will add to this list as and when there is an update on the FreeBMD website.

Please contact me if you can confirm any of the entries.

  BONUS in the Downham area   MANBY in the Bourne, LIN area
BRINGEMAN in Lincs MIMMS in Southwark,Brighton, Southampton & Midlands
  BRUCE in Downham/Norwich/Ely/Derbys   NAPKIN/NAPTHAN in the Downham area
CANWELL in the Downham area ROOT in the Downham/Swaffham/Holbeach areas
CATCHPOLE/POOL in Downham/Kent/Hants  SHILCOCK in Lincs
CHAPMAN in the Downham area  SIMS in Hants
 DELLOWin Herts, Hants and Surrey  SWIFT in Boston area, Lincs
DOVE in Bourne, Lincs THORNTON in Lincs/Hunts
 JARROD/GARROD in the Downham area  WEEDEN in Southwark

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