White's 1859 Directory of Hants & IOW-Christchurch

[Transcription © SA Whittle-Bruce 2004]

White's 1859 Directory - Christchurch pgs 391-403

White's History, Gazetteer & Directory of Hampshire & the Isle of Wight

CHRISTCHURCH UNION is the extreme south-western portion of Hampshire, bounded on the south by Poole and Christchurch Bays, on the west by Dorsetshire, on the north by Ringwood Union, and on the east by Lymington Union. It comprises only the three large parishes of CHRISTCHURCH, HOLDENHURST, and SOPLEY, which contain fifteen tithings, several villages and hamlets, and many handsome seats and scattered houses. They are all in Ringwood Division and Polling District, in the Southern Division of Hampshire, and in Christchurch Hundred, except Holdenhurst, which is in Westover Liberty; and the Old Borough of Christchurch, which is a separate liberty. The whole UNION forms Christchurch County Court District, and had 8482 inhabitants in 1851. It comprises about 36,500 acres of land, and a large portion of it is now embraced in the parliamentary limits of the Borough of Christchurch, as afterwards noticed.

The UNION WORKHOUSE is at Christchurch, and was built for that parish in 1768. It has now room for 120 inmates, though it has seldom more than 80. The total expenditure for the half-year ending Lady Day, 1858, was £2064, including about £400 paid to the County and Police Rates. Mr. Henry Pain is the Union Clerk and Superintendent Registrar; and Mr. John and Miss Sarah Gould are master and matron of the Workhouse. Mr. Samuel Bemister is the relieving officer and registrar of births and deaths. Risdon D. Sharp, Esq., is registrar of marriages and A.Q.Palmer and R.S.J.Stevens are the surgeons.

CHRISTCHURCH HUNDRED is in two divisions viz., theUpper Half, which includes Boldre, Hordle, Mitford, and Milton, now forming part of Lymington Union and Sessional Division; and theLower Half which includes Sopley parish and nearly all Christchurch parish, except the old borough. Sir G.E.M.Tapps-Gervis, Bart., is lord of the Castle and Hundred of Christchurch, and also of the Liberty of Westover, which comprises Holdenhurst parish and Longham hamlet. Mr Charles Lemmon is high constable for the Hundred and Liberty.

CHRISTCHURCH, a small ancient borough, market town, and port, is picturesquely situated at the confluence of the rivers Stour and Avon, where their united waters fall into a large, but shallow tidal basin or estuary, which is only navigable for small craft, and has a narrow opening into Christchurch Bay, between the headlands projecting from the cliffs between Hengistbury Head and Mudeford, about 1 1/2 mile E.S.E. of the town, which is distant 8 miles S. by E. of Ringwood, and S.W. by S. of Christchurch Road Station; 12 miles W. by S. of Lymington, and 24 miles S.W. by W. of Southampton. CHRISTCHURCH PARISH extends over no less than 21,860 acres of land, comprising, besides the Old Borough, the tithings of Bure, Burton, Street, Hurn, Ilford, Parley, Tuckton, and Winkton; the hamlets of Hinton-Admiral, Bockhampton, Bransgore, Highcliff, Mudeford, &c.; and many scattered houses and neat mansions, extending 6 miles N. and N.E., and 3 miles W. of the town. It increased its population from 4,644 in 1821, to 6,256 souls in 1851, but in the latter year only 1,877 were in the Old Borough, which comprises most of the town and immediate suburbs. The Parliamentary Borough was saved from disfranchisement in 1832, by extending it so as to include nearly the whole parish of Christchurch, and the whole of Holdenhurst parish. It had 7,475 inhabitants in 1851. Since 1832, it has sent only one member to parliament. The right of election is now in the occupiers of houses, &c., of the yearly value of £10 or upwards. The number of voters in 1857 was 336, of whom 277 were in Christchurch parish, and 59 in Holdenhurst parish. Vice-Admiral John Edward Walcott is now M.P. for the Borough. Christchurch is not included in the Municipal Reform Act of 1835, - its Corporate Body having no magisterial functions, and consisting only of a mayor and nine self-elected burgesses. The MAYOR is elected on Sept. 14th by the householder of the old borough, from three persons nominated by the burgesses. The office is now filled by Mr. Henry T. Jenkins. The present Burgesses are Messrs. Abm. Pike, Arthur Q. Palmer, E.S. Elliott, Geo. Ferrey, Wm. Tucker, Jas. Druitt, and Wm. H. Mumby. James Druitt esq., is the town clerk; and Wm. Lockyer, crier and pinder.

The TOWN HALL, built about a century ago, stands on 16 stone pillars in the Market Place. Petty Sessions, for this part of the Ringwood Division, are held here on the second and last Mondays of every month, by the county magistrates, to whom Jas. Druitt, Esq., is clerk. The latter is also registrar of the County Court, held at the Town Hall monthly for the three parishes of Christchurch Union, Edw. Everett, Esq., is the judge; Mr. Wm. Hatchard, high bailiff; and William Young, bailiff. Hre is also a small county police station.

The ARTILLERY BARRACKS, near the west end of the town, were built in 1792, and have room for 160 men. A market is held every Monday, and fairs on Trinity Thursday (Corpus Christi) and October 17th.

The GAS WORKS were constructed in 1853 at the cost of about £2000 by the proprietors, Messrs. Stevens and Son, of London. The manufacture of watch fuzee chains was introduced here in the latter part of last century by Mr. Robert Cox; and it now gives employment to about 500 hands (chiefly females,) and almost exclusively supplies the watchmakers of London, Coventry, Liverpool, and Birmingham, as well as many in America. The town has several large breweries and malthouses; and a coasting trade in coal, corn, timber, &c., carried on by barges; the harnour being too shallow for vessels drawing more than 5 1/2 feet water; though, like some others on the Hampshire coast, it has the phenomenon of two high-waters every twelve hours. It is a creek under the Port of Southampton. The river Avon flows southward from beyond Salisbury to Fordingbridge, Ringwood, and Christchurch, where it receives the small river Stour from Dorsetshire, and falls into the estuary or harbour, which is about a mile in diameter; including several small islands and extensive mud banks. The salmon fishery id the Avon and Stour belongs to W.J.T.Walker, Esq., and is now let to Capt. Lovell and Mr. Henry Fras. Forster, for about £400 per annum. Hengistbury Mining Company was established a few years ago, and employs a number of men in getting excellent ironstone, which is sent to the Welch Iron Works.



The CONTRACTIONS for names of streets, &c., are- Bpl. for Bow place; Brd., Barrack road; Bgt.,Bargates; Bst., Bridge street; Cst., Castle street; Cht., Church street; Hst., High street; Mfd., Mudeford; Mst., Millhams street; Prd., Poole road; Pwl., Purewell; Spt., Stanpit; and Wnd., for West-end.

TITHINGS AND HAMLETS.- Those marked 1 are in Bransgore; 2,Bure; 3,Burton; 4,Hinton; 5,Hurn; 6,Iford and Pokesdown; 7,Parley; 8,Tuckton; 9,in Winkton; and the others in the town, or where stated.

THE POST OFFICE is in Bridge street, and Mr. Abraham Pike is the postmaster. Letters are despatched to all parts by mail cart to Ringwood Station at 9 p.m., and to Christchurch road Station at 9 a.m. Money Orders are granted and paid from nine morning till six evening. There are SUB-POST OFFICES at Winkton, Mudeford(or Muddiford), Iford, Newtown, and Throop; all under Christchurch, except Winkton, which is under Ringwood.


Arnott Henry, gent. Mfd.

Austin This. coach builder Purewell

Backhouse D. station master, Christchurch rd

Baker Wm. gent. Purewell

Ball Mr Frdk. Edw., Park pl

Bartlett George, farm bailiff, Hurn Bridge

6 Bates Thos., Post office

Bell Rev Jas, curate, Highcf.

Bemister Saml., relvg. officer & registrar, West-end

Berkeley Hon. Geo. Charles Grantley Fitz-Hardinge, Beacon Lodge

Best Mrs Theadosia, High st

Bingham Lady Emma Septima, Heathfield Lodge

Boggis Rev Edmund, curate of Burton

Brake George, postman

Brander George Frederick, Esq., The Priory

Brander Thomas Coventry, Esq., Somerford Grange

Bridgwood Wm. land steward to Sir George Gervis, East Close

Brown John, gent. Brook Cottage, Mudeford

6 Budden Isaac, dairyman

Buffett Mrs. Mudeford

3 Bundy Mrs Eliz. Maria

Burry Mrs Martha, Purewell

Burrows Rev Wm. Francis,M.A., vicar

Butler Fras. Wm. game dlr., carrier, &c., High st

Butler Wm. lodgings, Mfd.

3 Byron Rev Lawrence Jph., (Catholic)

Castleman Hy., Esq., Beech House

Clark Geo. tax collector, &c. Beckley

Clark Wm. Mann, veterinary surgeon, Purewell

Dalton Mrs, Bridge House

Davy Mr Augustine, Cht.

2 Dawson Baker, Esq., Cranemore Lodge

Delahay Chas. police, Bgt.

De la Tour Capt., Mudeford House

Derham John, mariner, Spt.

Dobson Rev John, M.A.incmbt. of Highcliff, Stanpit

Domone Mrs, Church st

Draper John, rev. offr. Pwl.

3 Elliott Capt., Neville Cotg.

3 Ellioo Jas. gent. Wilderness Cottage

4 Entwistle Thos. Esq.,

2 Eyre Rev Frdk. Kinneer, M.A. curate of Hinton, Mudeford

6 Farr Wm. Wymondham, Esq. and Wm. Dale, solicitor,and clerk of peace

4 Farrington Miles, keeper

Fletcher Rev Jph. (Indept.) Hegistbury House

Footner Rd. postman, Pwl.

Forster Anthy. Villion, gent. Holly Lodge, Mudeford

Gervis Sir George Eliott Mevrick Tapps, Baronet, Hinton-Admiral

Gould John & Sarah, Workhouse

Greiner Henry, professor of languages, West-end

Grove John, Esq., Sandford House, Mudeford

7 Hall Rev Simon, (Baptist)

Hannaford Mr Joseph, Brd

Harrison Wm., Gas Works

Hatchard Wm. gardener and high bailiff of Co. Ct., Bst.

9 Hayter Miss Harriet

9 Hayter Heli, Esq., Plash Bank Cottage

Hengistbury Mining Compy. (ironstone) J.E.Holloway, agent, Barrack road

Hiscock Hiram, mason, Hst.

Hodges Charles, mail cart driver, West end

Holloway John Edw. archtect, surveyor, &c., Brd.

Hopkins Miss Harriet, Spt.

Hopkins Wm. cowkpr. Spt.

9 Howe Mrs Maria

Humby Wm. Walter, railway agent and omnibus proprietor, High street

Jackson Capt. Geo. Vernon, R.N. Verno

Jeans Mr Wm. Jumper's Hs

Jesson Thos and Wm. gents. Harrow Lodge

Jones Mr Stphn., Neacroft

Joy Mrs Catherine, Cht.

King Mrs Sarah, High st

9 Laidlow Wm. postman

Lampard John, shoe stay, & fancy warehouse, High st

2 Leary Mrs Sar. lodgs. Mfd.

Lemmon Chas. constable

Lemmon John, parish clerk, saddler, &c., High st

6 McCarthy D. gent.

McDiarmid Joseph, barrack sergeant, Barrack rd

Macdonagh Rev Terence Michl, incbt. Bransgore

Malmesbury Rt. Hon. Earl of, HERON COURT

Martin Charles Wm.., esq., Belvidere

Mott Charlotte and Louisa, Berlin wool dealers, Cst.

Nash Rev Zach., M.A. curate

Netham Alex., Esq., Burton House

Newman Mr John., Church st

Nicholson Geo., Esq., White Hayes

Ozorio Colonel, udeford

Pain Hy. estate agent, union clerk, & supt. regstr. Bst.

Parsons Mrs, Millams st

9 Penruddocke Capt. Thos

Pike Abm. grocer and postmaster, Bridge st

3 Pike Meshach, gent.

6 Popham Vice-Admiral Wm. Stourfield

Preston Hy. piano-forte tuner and repairer, Stanpit

3 Price Charles Benj. gent. Oaktree Cottage

Pritchard Mr John, Stanpit

1 Proudley Wm. sexton

8 Ricardo Mortimer, Esq., Bure Homage

Roberts Miss Sophia Frances, Willow Lodge

Rose James, chair maker & turner, Purewell

Scott Mr John Thos., Pwl.

1 Selfe John, castrator

Seymour Jas. mariner, Cst.

Sharp Risdon Darracott, Esq., solicitor and registrar of marriages, Millhams st

Shelley Sir Percy Florence, Bart., Boscombe House

Sloman Mr John, Wick

Soden John, carrier, Bgt.

6 Stainer Thos. dairyman

Steel Mr Richard. Mst.

Stevens and Son, owners of gas Works; h London

Stickland Isaac, Cemetery

Stokes Henry, bank manager, Castle street

Street John, ironmonger

Stuart Dowager lady De Rothesay, Highcliff Castle

Sworn Robert, bank cashier

Tanner Jph. & Wm., Esqrs., Mudeford

Taylor Misses, Millhams st

Taylor John, Esq., Mfd.

9 Taylor Jph. Hy. glove mfr

Taylor Peter, sieve maker, Church lane

Tucker Mr Bj., New bridge

Tucker Wm. Bone,lodgings, Mudeford

Vick John, pilot & fisherman, Stanpit

Vyse Miss H., hubborn Ldg.

9 Walcott Vice-Admiral John Edward, M.P., Winkton

9 Walden Mrs Jane

Wanklyn Rev Jas. Hibbert, incumbent of Pokesdown

Waters Robt. gent. Burton

West Jane, bathing machine owner, Mudeford

Wheeler Hy., cooper, &c. Hst.

Williams Alfred, coast guard officer, Mudeford

Wright Miss, High streetWyndham Rev Thos. D.C.L. incumbent of Hinton and rector of Pimperne

ACADEMIES & SCHOOLS. (marked * take boarders)

*Bragge Miss G., Park place

Burbidge Elizabeth, Burton

Free School, Edw. Young

*Godwin Emily, Barrack rd

Independent, John Halsey, Charity Freemantle, and Edna White

*Miller Mrs, High street

National, Jas. Alder & My. Lemmon, High street; 1 Saml. & My. Sprod; and 4, Sarah Morris

*Rickard Miss Sarah, Hst.

*Sopp John, Amsterdam Hs.

Taylor Sarah, Pokesdown

2 Willis E.A., Newtown

Workhouse, Sarah Gould


Druitt Jas. (town clerk, Co. Court registrar, & magistrates' clerk,) High st

Farr Wm. Dale, (clerk of peace) Ilford

Sharp R. and R.D., Mst.

Tanner Wm., Mudeford


Wilts and Dorset Banking Co. (draw on London and Westminster Bank,) Henry Stokes, manager, Castle st


Bacon Geo., Fir Grove

Bacon James, Blackwater

Baker Benjamin, Bargates

Baker Wm., Purewell

9 Barrett Henry, senior

4 Beaton Samuel

Blandford John, Merritown

Blandford Thos., Dudmoor

9 Bolton James, Neacroft

3 Bolton Jas., sen. and jun.

3 Brinson John and Mary

Brown John, Latch Farm

Brown Richard, Bargates

Budden Geo., Hurn Bridge

Budden Wm., Hurn

Carter James., Wick Farm

Clarke Chas., West Hurn

Cook Joseph, Hill Farm

Corbin John, Bransgore

Cross Thos., Biddlecombe

Dale Richard, Tuckton

Dale Isaac, Iford

Derham Edmund and Peter, Mudeford

Derham Sarah, Stanpit

Dowden George, Middle Bockhampton

Dowding John, Hinton

Elliott John, Street

Evemy Francis, Hurn

Evemy John, Cranemoor

Evemy Mtn., Bockhampton

Fall Richd. Blackwater

Foss John, Bransgore

Golding Wm., Blackwater

Galton John, Stourfield

Grandy Wm., West Hurn

Groves John, Beckley

Groves Lemuel, Stanpit

Hayter John, Burton

Holloway John, Hill

Howe James, Burton

Humby Wm. Walter, Pwl.

Jerrard Geo., Bransgore

Jones Alexander, North Bockhampton

Jones John, Purewell

1 Jones Wm., Plainfield

4 Jones Wm., Heathfield

Lambert John, Burton

Lock Wadham, Stourcliff

7 Lockyer James

Lockyer George, Hurn

Manley Robert, Bargates

7 Marshall Andrew

Mintern Jas. Green, Middle Bockhampton

Moyle Thomas, Bransgore

Newman Arthur, South Bockhampton

Newman James, Fairmile

Newman Samuel, Purewell

Newman Wm., Burton

3 Northover Benj., Staplecross

Perry Edw. and John, Grove farm

Perry Martin, Bargates

Petty Thomas, Bransgore

Pitt Wm., Tuckton

Pittman James, Parley

Plowman Herbert, Hubborn

Pounds Stn., Godwin's Croft

Preston Wm., (and sawyer,)Pound lane

Read Wm., Hurn

Reeks Jane,Wood Town

Scott Wm., Iford

Sloman John, Wick

4 Smith Robt. Thos. John Whateley

Street Elias, Tuckton

Stuart Charles, Hubborn

Taylor James, Winkton

Taylor John, Bockhampton farm

9 TaylorJph. Hy.

Tinsley Peter, Hill farm

Tizard Wm., Iford

Trill, North Hinton

Troke Wm., Bockhampton

Tuck David, Heath Farm

Vezey Benj., Bure farm

9 Walden Joseph

Waters John, Burton farm

Watton Emanl., Boscombe

Wheeler John, Hinton

Whitcher Wm., Bockhampton

1 Whittle Js.

3 Wilson Jno.


Atlas, Abbot & Son, Bridge st

British Empire, H. Jenkins, Bow place

City of London, J. Lemmon, High st

County and Provident, Wm. Lake, Millams st

East of England Hail, Hy., Coles, High st

European, Saml. Hicks, Pwl.

Hants, Sussex, and Dorset, R.D.Sharp, Millams st

London Union, H.T.Jenkins, Bridge st

Norwich and London and Accidental, &c, Hy. Sharp, High st

Phoenix & Sun, Wm. Tucker, High st

Royal Farmers', Charles Reeks, Castle st

Sun, Jas. Druitt, High st

Western Life, H.M.Jenkins, High st

Yorkshire, Elias Lane, Cht.


Beehive, Joseph Button, Beckley

4 Cat and Fiddle, John Dowding

Country House, Wm. French, Bargates

Crispin, Hy. Strong, Pwl.

Cross Keys, Wm. Thorn, Prd.

Crown, Dd. Summers, Brd.

Crown, James Gray, Bransgore

Dolphin, Jas. Smith, Cht.

Eight Bells, Harry Cutler, Church st

George Inn, Ann Tongue, Castle st

Globe, John Pack, Newtown

Haven House, John Clark, (and fisherman) Mudeford

Horse and Groom, Ann Sparks, West End

Isle of Wight Hoy, Chpr. Vickers, Highcliff

King's Arms Hotel, (posting), N.S.Newlyn, Castle st

9 Lamb, Wm. Broom, Offlett

Malmesbury Arms, Daniel Whittle, St. Leonard's

6 New Inn, Wm. Tizard

3 Pine Apple, John Kerly

Rising Sun, Chas. Preston, Purewell

5 Rose and Crown, Francis Evemy

Ship, Edward Davis, Cht.

Ship in Distress, Geo. Head, Stanpit

Stag, Moses Banks, Beckley

1 Three Tuns, Jas. Whittle

Wellington, Sarah Pardey


Fitzmaurice James

Goddard John Bryer, Pwl.

Palmer Arthur Quartley, Bst.

Stevens Rt. Stead Jones, Cst.

Welch James Kemp, High St

AUCTIONEERS, Estate Agents, &c.

Abbott John & Son, Bridge st

Cranston Geo., Cst. and Ringwood

King John, High st

Reeks Charles, Cst.

BAKERS, &c. * Confectioners

1 Abbott Priscilla

*Barrow James, Hst

Cluett Wm., Pwl

*Cox Joseph, Hst

Dowling Edw., Wnd

2 Frampton Wm., Post off., Newtown

Goodbody Horatio Nelson, Church st

9 Hampton Wm., Neacroft, Bockhampton

1 Head Wm.

Hibberd John, Wnd

3 Kerly Joseph

7 Legg George

1 Pardy Ann

1 Selfe John

1 Shave Eli

*Shirvell John, Pwl

Stride Henry, Spt

Tamlyn Wm., Pwl

Troke John

1 Tuck John

9 Tuck John

Walden Geo., Hst

9 Walden Joseph

3 Wilson John


Britton George, Hst

Button Henry, Pwl

1 Collins Mary

Eldridge Geo., Brd

Farwell George, Pitt

French Geo., Brd

Hibberd John, Wnd

3 Jeffery Samuel B.

Manley Robt., Wnd

Martin John, Pitt

Perry Charles, Bst

9 Pound Stephen

Smith Edw. Geo., Pwl

6 Watton Emanuel


Hart henry, Bpl

Hart Wm., Bargates


3 Bell Wm.

Bemister Jas., Brd

Caines Jas. (and farrier,) Wick lane

Keffen Edw., Pwl

9 Manley John

Manley Robt., Wnd

9 Morgan Joseph

9 Munday John

Pack Wm.,Newtown

5 Pike George

1 Saunders George

7 Saunders James

6 Scott Wm.

4 Taylor John

Whitcher Henry, Spt

BOOKSELLERS, Printers, &c.

Lockyer Edw. (pubr. of Christchurch Times)

Tucker Wm., Hst

White Joseph (and binder,) High st


Argyle Mattw., Pwl

4 Broom George

9 Butler Henry

Clark Edmund, Cht

Cull Robert,Pitt

Dowden John, Pwl

5 Fall Richard

Gosling Saml., Hst

hart Henry, Bpl

hart Mdk., Purewell

1 Head Wm.

9 Hopkins John

4 Hopkins Timothy

3 Howe James

Lampard John, Hst

Marshall Moses, Pound lane

Meadus John, Spt

1 Norris Thomas

Perry George, Cht

Savage Samuel, Hst

1 Shave James

Sparks Fredk., Hst

Vick John, Pwl

2 Wallis Jesse

1 Wheeler George


Aldridge Geo. Olive, High st

Baker Benj. & Eliza, Bargates

Goulding John, Spt

King Joseph, Hst


1 Brown John

1 Jerrard George

1 Kerly James

1 Petty Thomas


4 Barrow Edward

Belbin George, Pwl

Bemister John, Spt

Davis Charles, Pwl

Davis George

Eveleigh John, Bt

2 Frampton James

1 Hailey James

Hiscock Hiram, Hst

Holloway John, Bst

3 Launder Joseph

Preston Charles, Pwl

Preston Wm., Spt

5 Read Wm.

Stone James, Hst

Tucker Hy. Charles, Purewell

9 Walden Henry (& valuer)6 White James


Britton George, hst

Domone Jph., Cst

Edwards Thos., Hst

Reeks John, Bst

Scott Wm., Church st

Wheeler Hy. (pork) High st


Abbott and Son, Bst

Verge Nicholas,Pitt


Butler Stephen, Wnd

3 Button Thomas

6 Golton Robert