Edward and Ann BRUCE - my 2x great grandparents


Edward and Ann BRUCE

(nee HAYHOW)

Edward BRUCE was baptised at Wereham church, Norfolk on 14th January 1796. His parents were John and Hannah BRUCE (formerly Goodrick nee HARPLEY)

He was attested for the 54th Foot Regiment at Swaffham on 3rd March 1813 at the age of 17. He served as a private until November 1926.He saw 2 years active service in Holland and France, and was at the bombardment of Antwerp,and at Waterloo, and at the taking of Cambray in the East Indies. He participated in the storming and capture of Arrahan in the Birman Empire in 1825(during the 1st Burma War). He served 3 and 1/2 years at the Cape of Good Hope and nearly 17 years in the East Indies.

Between 6th November 1826 and 6th Jan 1827, Edward was promoted to the position of Corporal, (62 days in all), reverting back to private for the final 12 years of service. He was discharged on medical grounds(paralysis) on 31st December 1838." **

He died in 1859 aged 63 and was buried on 30th April at Wereham.

 ann Ann HAYHOW was born in West Dereham, Norfolk in 1811 to Thomas and Maria HAYHOW.


She was a twin - her sister being Sophia. They were both baptised on 19th August 1811 at West Dereham church.

In 1881, Ann was working for the WOLSEY family at Castle Rising Watermill, as a domestic servant, aged 69.

In 1891 she was living with her daughter Sophia and grandchildren Jesse and Walter at Front St. Wereham.

On the 1901 census(aged 89) she's moved back to West Dereham with Walter and Sophia.

Ann died in 1904 aged 93, at West Dereham and was buried on 5th April.

Edward and Ann were married
on 3rd Nov 1839
at West Dereham church.

The witnesses were Benjamin BRUCE and Elizabeth BRUCE.

Edward and Ann's children:

Sarah bp. 3 Aug 1834 West Dereham (as Sarah HAYHOW). Possibly died Mar qtr 1852, Downham....as Sarah HEYHOW.
Sophia b. 1836 West Dereham d. 15 Mar 1915 West Dereham, aged 77.(Didn't marry - had 2 illeg. sons, Walter & Jesse. Jesse married Lilian STAINES and had Sidney, Reginald, Violet, George, Robert & Ada. I've now been in contact with Sidney's son and 2 granddaughters. In 1901 Jesse was in Bethnal Green. In 1911, they were in West Ham.) Click here for more about this family.
Jemima bp. 13 Sep 1840 bur. 28 Jun 1842 aged 20 months
James  b. 1843 Wereham but no baptism entry. Married Susan BANYARD in Wretton in 1866. They had 6 children: Arthur(1867,Wereham), Edith(1869,Wereham), Ernest(1872,Castle Rising), Maria(1878, Castle Rising), Agnes(1880, Castle Rising) and Ada(1885, Heacham). In 1871 they were in Castle Rising, In 1881,they were living in Heacham. In 1901 and 1911 they were in Reading. Click here for more.
 Jemima bp. 11 May 1845. Married William FILBY. Living in Wereham in 1881. 1891 and 1901. Click here for more on this family.
 Charles bp. 22 Oct 1847. Married Ann HAMMOND in 1874 & Jessie JARROD in 1896. Charles and Jessie were my gt g'parents.
Frederick bp. 11 Jul 1850. Married Mary Ann PLUMB in 1869. Living in Wereham in 1891. Widowed by 1901, living in Bircham Tofts. No children. In 1911 he was in Swaffham.
 Sarah bp. 7 Jun 1853 private, 19 Jun 1853 public at Wereham. Married Robert EASTER. Living in Hockwold in 1901. Click here for more.

census info:

click here for 1841 info and here for 1851 , here for 1861. here for 1871,
here for 1881, here for 1891 and here for 1901 and here for 1911
** Thanks to my cousin Dominic for this information
*Thanks to my cousin Angie for providing the brilliant photo of Ann 

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