Grave photos

Photographs of graves

I have been taking photographs of my family graves for many years now. Graveyards are the most
peaceful of places and I enjoy visiting them. The graves often hold important information and the photos themselves serve as a permanent reminder of the final resting place. And anyway, the writing on the gravestones will be illegible in a few years time.

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Joseph BRUCE died 1899 (buried Hilgay, Norfolk)

Jane BRUCE died 1900 (buried Wereham, Norfolk)

Charles & Jessie BRUCE died 1922 and 1960 (buried West Dereham, Norfolk)

Alfred BRUCE died 1935 (buried Fordham,Norfolk)

Joan Anne BRUCE born/died 1940

Robert BRUCE died 1942 (buried Downham Market churchyard)

Reginald Oviles BRUCE died 1944 (buried Tilly, France)

Christine BRUCE died 1948 (buried Stow Bardolph, Norfolk)

Dennis BRUCE died 1959 (buried Downham Mkt, Norfolk)

Geoff & Joyce BRUCE died 1973 & 1980 (buried Stoke Ferry, Norfolk)

Walter Henry & Doris May BRUCE died 1975 and 1990 (buried Wretton, Norfolk)

Mary BRUCE died 1989 (buried West Dereham, Norfolk)

Margaret BRUCE died 1991 (buried Wereham, Norfolk)

Cecil & Lil BRUCE died 1993 and 1992 (buried Wereham, Norfolk)

Joan BRUCE died 2001 (buried Old Hunstanton, Norfolk)

Jack and Millie TURVEY(née JARROD) died 1952 and 1963(buried Downham Mkt, Norfolk)

David and Elizabeth HARPLEY died 1854 and 1866(buried Crimplesham)

Daniel and Harriet HARPLEY died 1877 and 1887(buried Crimplesham)

William and Elizabeth HARPLEY died 1868 and 1855(buried Crimplesham)

William HARPLEY died 1885 (buried Crimplesham)

Hannah and Rebecca HARPLEY died 1860 and 1880 (buried Crimplesham)

Alice HARPLEY died 1883? (buried Crimplesham)

Sally Negus HARPLEY died 1875 (buried Crimplesham)

Ben & Adelaide CATCHPOLE both died 2001 (buried Wimbotsham, Norfolk)

Wilf CATCHPOLE died 2003 (buried Stow Bardolph, Norfolk)

Joseph WEEDEN and Ada WEEDEN both died 1923 (buried Nunhead Cemetery, London)

Daisy & Albert LAKE died 1989 and 1964 (buried Stow Bardolph, Norfolk)

Maria WHITEMAN (late CHAPMAN, née WILKINSON) died 1880 (buried Wimbotsham, Norfolk)

James & Rachel CHAPMAN died 1929 and 1932 (buried Wimbotsham, Norfolk)

Robert & Eliza CHAPMAN died 1943 and 1933 (buried Stow Bardolph, Norfolk)

Minnie CHAPMAN died 1935(buried Stow Bardolph, Norfolk)

William & Susannah BONUS died 1884 and 1906 (buried Stow Bardolph, Norfolk)

Joseph SHILCOCK died 1755 (buried Donington, Lincs)

Rebekah SHILCOCK died 1764 (buried Donington, Lincs)

Martha SHILCOCK died 1795 (buried Donington, Lincs)

Robert & Charlotte SHILCOCK died 1908 and 1912 (buried Bourne, Lincs)

John Baxter & Alice SHILCOCK died 1927 and 1937 (buried Bourne, Lincs)

John & Maria THORNTON died 1880 and 1896 (buried Bourne, Lincs)

Martha THORNTON died 1850 (buried Freiston, Lincs)

Prudence BAXTER died 1740 (buried Helpringham, Lincs)

Boaz BAXTER died 1804 (buried Helpringham, Lincs)

Frances BAXTER died 1814 (buried Helpringham, Lincs)

Sarah DELLOW died 1887 (buried Barkway, Herts)

Arthur & Eliza RODELL(née BRUCE) died 1911 and 1938 (buried Ely, Cambs)

Anthony SWIFT died 1808 (buried Freiston, Lincs)

Anthony SWIFT died 1839 (buried Freiston, Lincs)

Alice SWIFT died 1862 (buried Freiston, Lincs)

Wm. Anthony SWIFT died 1876 (buried Freiston, Lincs)

Betsy SWIFT died 1864 (buried Freiston, Lincs)

Douglas SWIFT died 1810 (buried Freiston, Lincs)

James SWIFT died 1869 (buried Freiston, Lincs)

Mary SWIFT died 1808 (buried Freiston, Lincs)

William JARRED died 1822 (buried Cockley Cley, Norfolk)

William JARROD died 1905 (buried Stradsett)

Frederick & Elizabeth JARROD died 1942 and 1963 (buried Stradsett, Norfolk)



Dear Ancestor:

Your tombstone stands among the rest, neglected and alone.

The name and date are chiselled out on polished, marbled stone.

It reaches out to all who care, it is too late to mourn.

You did not know that I exist, you died, and I was born.

Yet each of us are cells of you in flesh, in blood, in bone.

Our blood contracts and beats a pulse entirely not our own.

Dear Ancestor, the place you filled one hundred years ago

Spreads out among the ones you left who would have loved you so.

I wonder if you lived and loved, I wonder if you knew

That someday I would find this spot, and come to visit you.

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