Images of Hunstanton in postcards - the sea front and beach


Hunstanton, Norfolk

in old postcards 

The sea front and beach

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north prom

North promenade c1890.

The prom showing the bandstand. c 1895

Prom and pier c1890's

The prom


Paddling in the sea at Hunstanton 1899.

bathing ground

The bathing ground with huts c 1905


A similar scene to the one above, from the same period. This one shows the pier.


Prom at High Tide 1907

Rough sea

South beach

new shelter

The New Shelter on the north prom

looking north from pier

Looking north from the pier in 1912.

West Parade 1918

beach & cliffs

The beach and cliffs. c1920.

rough seas

Rough seas 1934

South Beach c1955

prom 1950

The promenade in the 1950's showing the pier, Kit Kat and a glimpse of the Blue Lagoon swimming pool.

Sea View holiday camp c 1950?

Multi-view " Happy days"

A walk along the prom

13 O13 Oct 2004ct 200Multi-view " Home soon-we've spent out "4

North Prom

A wonderful image of donkeys on the beach, with a helter skelter in the background, which was actually on the beach!

The prom and beach 1950's again.

Donkeys on the beach. Green & Sandringham Hotel in background.

The cliff stairway

The Pier

The Green

Buildings in the town

Boating Lake & Swimming Pool

Sea front & beach

Old Hunstanton

Lighthouse & Garden of Rest

Ringstead Downs etc