Images of Hunstanton in postcards - Buildings and streets


Hunstanton, Norfolk

in old postcards: 

Buildings & Streets around the town

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high st

High Street, Hunstanton c1910. The bank is still there on the corner.

union chapel

A very early view of the Union chapel. It was built in 1870 by John Beeton. (It's almost opposite the library today ).


The Sandringham Hotel and railway station.

c1900 (repro card)

An original of the scene on the left


Another image of the Sandringham Hotel from about the same time. Demolished in April 1967.

sandringhamSandringham Hotel 1905, showing the Great Eastern Railway emblem.

railway hotel ad

Railway advert

The Green

Lynfield School for Boys

Shelbrooke Hotel, Cliff Parade?


Hunstanton railway station looking towards the Sandringham Hotel in the 1960's. I travelled to school on the train for one year only, 1966-67. The station closed in 1969 as a result of Beeching's axe. It had survived just a little over 100 years, having opened on 3rd October 1862.

sea view

Sea View Holiday Camp

golden lion

The Golden Lion Hotel, Green and cross. c 1940. Originally called the New Inn, it was built in 1846.

The Town Hall, Golden Lion Hotel and Green. c1960

town hall

A much earlier, close-up image of the Town Hall c 1930's? It was built in the late 1890s.

high st

High St, The shapes of some of the buildings are still recognisable.

cliff terr

Cliff Terrace c1910

Cliff Terrace with view of St. Edmund's church.

St. Edmund's Terrace


The Glebe Hotel-drawing

glebe hotel

The Glebe Hotel, demolished in 1970's/80's.

conv home

The Convalescent Home c1890


The convalescent home c1916


Homefields House

rhianva college

Rhianva College


Addenbrookes Home of Recovery, built c1908.

The Pier

The Green

Buildings in the town

Boating Lake & Swimming Pool

Sea front & beach

Old Hunstanton

Lighthouse & Garden of Rest

Ringstead Downs etc