Family Trees

Family trees

living people have been omitted for anonymity

Baxter - my paternal 4x gt grandma Frances's family (Lincolnshire)

Bonus - my maternal 2x gt grandma Ellen's family (Norfolk)

Browning - my paternal 3x gt grandma Harriet's family(Exmoor, Somerset)

Bruce - my father Dennis's family (Norfolk)

Callaway - my paternal 4x gt g'mother Mary's family (Somerset)

Catchpole - my maternal gt grandma Eliza's family (Norfolk)

Catley - my paternal 4x gt g'mother's family (Hertfordshire)

Chapman - my maternal grandma Emma's family (Norfolk)

Dellow - my paternal grandma Joyce's family (Hertfordshire, Dorset and Croydon)

Hayhow - my paternal 2x gt g'mother Ann's family (Norfolk)

Jarrod- my paternal gt grandmother Jessie's family (Norfolk)

Manby - my paternal 3x gt g'mother's family (Lincolnshire)

Mimms - my maternal gt g'ma's family (Surrey/Hunts)

Napkin - my paternal 3x gt g'mother Sarah's family (Norfolk)

Root -my paternal 2x gt g'mother Mary's family (Norfolk)

Shilcock - my paternal gt grandmother Fanny's family (Lincolnshire)

Sims - my paternal 2x gt grandmother Ellen's family (New Forest, Hampshire)

Thornton - my paternal 2g gt g'mother Alice's family (Lincolnshire)

Weeden - my mother Joan's family (Surrey)

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