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Please note that I have transcribed these documents as they appear in the LDS microfilms. Names, places and other words may have been "misspelled" in various ways by those who entered the information. Additionally, some of the handwriting was difficult to read and some of the documents were damaged or quite faded.

The moral of this story? Don't rely on my interpretation as 100% true. Always check the source for yourself!

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Burial Records from the Barry, Angus, Scotland
Parish Register 1746 - 1812

(a work in progress, current status: 4 December 1798)

(individuals interred 1746 - 1798)

1746 - 1759

1750 - 1779

1780 - 1799
(in progress)

1800 - 1812
(not available... yet!)

Selected Church and Registration Records - Coming Soon!

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