Evangelical Free Cemetery Burial Chronology


Evangelical Free Cemetery Burial Chronology

This is a chronology of the burials in Evangelical Free Cemetery.

Cemetery Information

Recorded By Recorded by Michael and Michelle Sheppard on 18 Jan 2003.
Transcribed By Michelle Sheppard
Location Located near CR 111 and CR 104
Condition Well maintained.

Cemetery Statistics

Total Burials Recorded 291
Earliest Burial  Pearl Helena Lawson (1889)
Most Recent Burial Recorded  Gilbert Lindholm (2002)
Average age at death 60
Age of oldest person  Carl H Johnson (1860-1960) age: 100

People listed in the timeline

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Anderson, Adolph (1944)Bergstrom, Hilding (1984)Gustafson, Emma (1924)Nord, Bertha (1968)
Anderson, Albin (1949)Bergstrom, Jno. (1931)Gustafson, Esther (1913)Nord, Carl (1962)
Anderson, Alice (1946)Bergstrom, Mable (1896)Gustafson, Lillie (1896)Nord, Elizabeth (1986)
Anderson, Amanda (1946)Bergstrom, Rose (1965)Gustafson, Naomi (1980)Nord, Elof (1975)
Anderson, Axel (1964)Bergstrom, T.A. (1942)Hanson, Amanda (1989)Nord, Henry (1952)
Anderson, C.J.A. (1906)Birkemo, Laverne (1995)Hanson, Ashley (1989)Nord, Jenny (1914)
Anderson, Carl (1946)Borg, Kermit (2001)Hanson, Ethel (1942)Nord, Martin (1946)
Anderson, Carl (1951)Borg, Thelma (1995)Hanson, Ethwill (1984)Nord, Ora (1986)
Anderson, Carl (1917)Bowman, Anna (1967)Hanson, Richard (1994)Nord, Paul (1908)
Anderson, Carl (1962)Bowman, Anna (1934)Hanson, Tommy (1992)Nord, Ruben (1985)
Anderson, Carl (1972)Bowman, Anton (1956)Holmstrom, Walter (1908)Nord, Wesley (2002)
Anderson, Carrie (1981)Bowman, John (1961)Hunt, Ivy (1994)Nord, Will (1953)
Anderson, Christine (1943)Brogen, Hanna (1893)Hunt, Johnny (1950)Peterson, Arnold (1956)
Anderson, Claus (1947)Brogren, Anna (1927)Johnson, Agda (1959)Peterson, Augusta (1942)
Anderson, Deborah (1996)Brogren, John (1945)Johnson, Anna (1960)Peterson, Carl (1918)
Anderson, Edwin (1971)Burdick, M. (1995)Johnson, Beda (1964)Peterson, Clause (1929)
Anderson, Elenora (1975)Carlson, Alda (1983)Johnson, Beda (1900)Peterson, Cordie (1950)
Anderson, Ellen (1992)Carlson, Alma (1947)Johnson, Carl (1970)Peterson, Infants (1919)
Anderson, Enoch (1989)Carlson, Amy (1980)Johnson, Carl (1960)Peterson, Matilda (1912)
Anderson, Esther (1968)Carlson, Aug. (1930)Johnson, Carl (1977)Peterson, Reuben (1979)
Anderson, Floyd (1996)Carlson, Beda (1973)Johnson, Carl (1947)Peterson, Swen (1929)
Anderson, Gustaf (1903)Carlson, Bessie (1965)Johnson, Carl (1993)Piper, David (1993)
Anderson, Herbert (1971)Carlson, Clara (1950)Johnson, Evelyn (1998)Piper, Michael (2000)
Anderson, Hulda (1967)Carlson, Claus (1958)Johnson, Frank (1904)Rosenblad, Alma (1972)
Anderson, Hulda (1945)Carlson, Elin (1937)Johnson, Gordon (1937)Rosenblad, Anna (1947)
Anderson, Ida (1927)Carlson, Ernest (1957)Johnson, Gus (1962)Rosenblad, Ben (1982)
Anderson, Iris (1987)Carlson, Frank (1965)Johnson, Gustaf (1899)Rosenblad, Elenora (1971)
Anderson, Johan (1908)Carlson, Gus (1945)Johnson, Gustaf (1929)Rosenblad, Ethel (1972)
Anderson, Johanna (1911)Carlson, Henry (1950)Johnson, Hannah (1954)Rosenblad, Infant (1944)
Anderson, John (1974)Carlson, Howard (1988)Johnson, Hannah (1982)Rosenblad, John (1999)
Anderson, John (1982)Carlson, Leeland (1917)Johnson, Hannah (1938)Rosenblad, John (1986)
Anderson, John (1943)Carlson, Philburn (1917)Johnson, Hulda (1967)Rosenblad, John (1948)
Anderson, Josephine (1955)Carlson, Philip (1970)Johnson, J.P. (1899)Rosenblad, Karen (1995)
Anderson, Lena (1967)Carlson, Roy (1943)Johnson, John (1935)Rosenblad, Kermit (1928)
Anderson, Mabel (1977)Carlson, Ruth (1932)Johnson, John (1947)Rosenblad, Martha (1996)
Anderson, Mildred (1998)Carlson, Ruth (1941)Johnson, Joseph (1917)Rosenblad, Reuben (1992)
Anderson, Nina (1958)Carlson, Swen (1942)Johnson, Maria (1907)Rosenblad, Tom (1972)
Anderson, Oscar (1991)Carlson, Teckla (1941)Johnson, Marie (2001)Ryden, Rhoda (1962)
Anderson, Oscar (1988)Carlson, Velma (1926)Johnson, Minnie (1969)Ryden, Robert (1974)
Anderson, Paul (1977)Dahlberg, (1909)Johnson, Morris (1988)Ryden, Robert (1927)
Anderson, Roland (1965)Dahlberg, Augusta (1914)Johnson, Morris (1995)Sandberg, Eline (1987)
Anderson, Rosa (1979)Dahlberg, Gertrude (1957)Johnson, Oscar (1952)Sandberg, Hilda (1904)
Anderson, Rosalee (1917)Ekdahl, Anna (1960)Johnson, Rosie (1978)Sandberg, J.A. (1898)
Anderson, T.K. (1906)Ekdahl, Carl (1938)Johnson, Ruby (1990)Sandberg, Rueben (1959)
Anderson, Tom (1971)Ekdahl, Emil (1960)Johnson, S.J. (1909)Smith, Artie (1980)
Anderson, Zella (2000)Ekdahl, Gunnar (1994)Lawson, Adla (1911)Smith, Evan (1968)
Anderson?, Amanda (1995)Ekdahl, Howard (1971)Lawson, Dora (1897)Smith, Evan (1995)
Anderson?, Augusta (1928)Ekdahl, Linda (1972)Lawson, Hilda (1896)Thengstad, Bergthe (1893)
Anderson?, Carl (1966)Ekdahl, Loraine (1999)Lawson, J.J. (1940)Thorne, Bertil (1995)
Anderson?, Carl (1925)Ekdahl, Mildred (2000)Lawson, Paul (1901)Wahlgren, Charlotte (1906)
Anderson?, Claus (1929)Ekdahl, Naomi (1988)Lawson, Pearl (1889)Williams, Jennie (1940)
Anderson?, Ellen (1912)Ekdahl, Oscar (1994)Lawson, Ruben (1906)Williams, Tom (1938)
Anderson?, Erik (1926)Ekdahl, Selma (1992)Lawson, Walter (1906)Wolander, Carl (1914)
Anderson?, Paul (1925)Ekdahl, Wesley (1939)Lax, Carl (1962)Wolander, Eda (1969)
Anderson?, Victoria (1936)Eklund, Esther (1970)Lax, Elizabeth (1931)Wolander, Ernest (1915)
Bengtson, Edith (1968)Eklund, John (1949)Lax, Jno. (1964)Wolander, Wesley (1913)
Bengtson, Oscar (1943)Eklund, Paul (1958)Lax, John (1918)Youngblom, Ellen (1895)
Berglund, Anna (1942)Engvall, August (1899)Lax, Marjorie (2001)Youngbloom, Alice (1987)
Berglund, C. (1935)Engvall, Emma (1900)Lax, Virginia (1936)Youngbloom, Carl (1935)
Bergstrom, Alice (1894)Erlandson, Alfrida (1969)Lind, Anna (1958)Youngbloom, Edla (1945)
Bergstrom, Belle (1942)Erlanson, C.W. (1971)Lind, Esther (1919)Youngbloom, George (1991)
Bergstrom, Carl (1953)Erlanson, Ethel (1993)Lind, Frans (1894)Youngbloom, George (1973)
Bergstrom, Christina (1895)Erlanson, Karl (1905)Lind, Philip (1957)Youngbloom, Mabel (1987)
Bergstrom, E. (1981)Erlanson, Marion (1930)Lindholm, Gilbert (2002)Youngbloom, Marjorie (1999)
Bergstrom, Ellen (1994)Erlanson, Mildred (1932)Lindquist, Gustaf (1951)Youngbloom, Philip (1976)
Bergstrom, Ester (1894)Gustafson, Annie (1975)Lindquist, John (1995)Youngquist, E. (1904)
Bergstrom, F. (1969)Gustafson, Carl (1932)Nord, Anna (1918) 
Bergstrom, Henry (1906)Gustafson, Clause (1959)Nord, Anna (1897) 
Bergstrom, Hilda (1961)Gustafson, Ellen (1984)Nord, Anna (1994) 


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People for whom a precise death date could not be determined

Anderson, Gladys Rb. 29 Jun 1933 Marker Text: Mg 10 Apr 1952 Note: s/w Bernard
Anderson, Arthur Cb. 17 Aug 1901 Marker Text: Mg 19 Jan 1932 Note: s/w Mildred
Anderson, Bernard Sb. 13 Aug 1927 Note: s/w Gladys
Hanson, Irene Nomieb. 15 Jul 1909 Marker Text: Mother Note: s/w Ethwill
Hanson, Sandra Kb. 25 Nov 1947 Note: s/w Richard
Hunt, Gregory Chester Marker Text: Johnny, Ivy, Gregory listed as children of Ivy & Calvin on the back of that stone
Hunt, Ivy Diane Marker Text: Johnny, Ivy, Gregory listed as children of Ivy & Calvin on the back of that stone
Hunt, Johnny Wayne Marker Text: Johnny, Ivy, Gregory listed as children of Ivy & Calvin on the back of that stone
Hunt, Calvin Chesterb. 2 Jun 1926 Note: s/w Ivy
Johnson, Natalie Rb. 1 Apr 1937 Marker Text: Mg 14 Aug 1965 Note: s/w Carl
Johnson, Victor Note: No dates
Nord, Kitt Wayneb. 17 Mar 1965  
Nord, Charles Rayb. 28 Apr 1958  
Nord, Geraldine Sb. 1920  
Piper, Margenell Eb. 29 Nov 1932 Note: s/w David
Rosenblad, J. Lyndonb. 14 Dec 1939 Marker Text: Father Note: s/w Karen, Lois
Rosenblad, Lois Kb. 21 Aug 1940 Marker Text: Mother Note: s/w Karen, J. Lyndon
Thorne, Mariamb. 24 Aug 1912 Note: s/w Bertil


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