Presbyterian Cemetery Burial Chronology


Presbyterian Cemetery Burial Chronology

This is a chronology of the burials in Presbyterian Cemetery.

Cemetery Information

Recorded By Recorded by Michelle and Michael Sheppard on 17 Sep 2006.
Location E. 20th at Paige Street in Georgetown

Cemetery Statistics

Total Burials Recorded 405
Earliest Burial  Ellen Howell (1852)
Most Recent Burial Recorded  Edwin Dalrymple (2006)
Average age at death 60
Age of oldest person  Elpha Jane (Thomas) Risner (1891-1993) age: 102

People listed in the timeline

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[Sparks], Deal (1882)Dawson, George (1914)Johnson, Beata (1916)Rader, Eula (1897)
Anderson, E (1906)Dawson, LeRoy (1971)Johnson, Eric (1940)Rader, Franklin (1898)
Anderson, Elisa (1925)Dawson, Wayne (1958)Johnson, Ethel (1981)Reese, W.W. (1903)
Anderson, Gustafo (1918)Dean, Fred (1885)Johnson, Howard (1971)Rhea, Dorothy (1972)
Anderson, Irwin (1882)Dibert, May (1879)Johnson, Irene (1938)Rhea, Lizzie (1963)
Anderson, Marie (1917)Dickson, Cora (1982)Johnson, John (1936)Rhea, Roy (1992)
Armstrong, Alice (1896)Dickson, David (1960)Joiner, Chester (1975)Riddle, Dorothy (2005)
Armstrong, Jno. (1907)Dimmitt, Amanda (1893)Joiner, Ruth (1999)Riddle, Edward (2005)
Armstrong, Josephine (1889)Dimmitt, Birdie (1890)Keahey, Anna (1965)Riggins, Martha (1889)
Ashby, Annie (1980)Dimmitt, Clyde (1897)Keahey, George (1927)Risner, Elpha (1993)
Askew, Joseph (1893)Dimmitt, J.J. (1884)Keahey, H.M. (1899)Risner, G.W. (1949)
Askew, Josephine (1930)Dimmitt, Lilburn (1891)Kelley, George (1996)Risner, George (1961)
Askew, Susan (1900)Dimmitt, Lillie (1879)Kimbro, Ernest (1925)Robertson, H.A.P. (1898)
Askew, Tennie (1933)Dimmitt, M.L. (1929)Kimbro, Gladys (1935)Robertson, J.W. (1928)
Askew, W.J. (1924)Dimmitt, Phillip (1903)Kimbro, John (1924)Robertson, Mattie (1942)
Bader, Narcissa (1885)Dimmitt, Rosa (1894)Kimbro, John (1987)Robertson, Perry (1951)
Barron, F.L. (1895)Douglas, Lilburn (1982)Kimbro, Martha (1945)Robinson, Allen (1975)
Barron, Hugh (1937)Dunagan, Esta (1980)Kimbro, Robert (1925)Robinson, Maudie (1954)
Barron, Laura (1910)Dunagan, Ruth (1980)Kimbro, Sarah (1935)Robinson, Myrtle (1989)
Barron, W.F. (1904)Dunagan, William (1970)King, Annie (1978)Robinson, William (1973)
Beaver, Ambrose (1920)Dunn, Rosie (1999)King, Oscar (1988)Rogers, Rebecca (2000)
Beaver, Ambrose (1964)Edens, Bennie (1889)Knopp, Dora (1946)Rogers, Robert (1909)
Beaver, Beulah (1959)Elliott, Amy (1916)Knopp, Fred (1967)Russell, Daniel (1944)
Beaver, Cynthia (1954)Elliott, Clyde (1969)Knopp, Le-- (1908)Russell, Frances (1987)
Beaver, John (1911)Elliott, J.W. (1936)Krohmer, Doris (2005)Russell, G. (1999)
Bell, Ralph (2002)Ellis, Charlie (1909)Krohmer, Jack (2001)Russell, Mary (1879)
Bentley, Lillian (1918)Ellis, S.J. (1908)Leach, Donnie (1987)Russell, O. (1942)
Bollinger, (1915)Engvall, Andrew (1957)Leach, Irene (1991)Rydberg, Andrew (1941)
Bowling, Ella (1892)Engvall, Emil (1911)LeSueur, Charles (1889)Rydberg, Hanna (1954)
Boyd, (1918)Engvall, Hannah (1946)LeSueur, Charles (1880)S., R.K. (1887)
Boyd, Bettie (1969)Evans, Hermon (1957)Lindquist, Anna (1910)Scott, Alice (1956)
Boyd, Beulah (1955)Evans, Tina (1986)Lindquist, August (1923)Seymour, Maria (1890)
Boyd, Hazel (1966)Ewing, Elsie (1988)Linstrum, Lily (1958)Seymour, Sidney (1889)
Boyd, Joseph (1944)Ewing, Guy (1977)Linstrum, Oscar (1978)Sparks, Rachel (1879)
Boyd, Mary (1917)Ewing, William (1998)Linstrum, Vivian (1991)Speegle, Emanuel (1917)
Boyd, Melvin (1971)Farrell, Frank (1904)Little, James (1900)Speegle, Lee (1908)
Boyd, O.B. (1955)Farswell, Elmer (1960)Lundberg, Carl (1923)Starnes, Mary (1891)
Boyd, Rachel (1907)Faubion, Mattie (1885)Lundberg, Clara (1934)Starnes, Willie (1891)
Boyd, Rosa (1961)Fletcher, Willard (1957)Lundberg, Frans (1911)Stephens, Dorsey (1929)
Boyd, Sid (1940)Forsvall, Mary (1935)Lundblad, Ebba (1939)Stephens, Mary (1919)
Boyd, Solon (1957)Forsvall, Oscar (1941)Lundblad, Gus (1965)Stevens, Clarinda (1997)
Boyd, Valdi (1966)Frazier, Jas. (1911)Lundblad, Henry (1938)Stevens, Manson (1993)
Brabandt, Jack (1965)Frazier, Sallie (1938)Lundblad, Hilda (1939)Stewart, Leonard (1990)
Brabandt, Mary (1992)Freydenfeldt, Mittie (1958)Lundblad, Rebeca (1910)Stewart, Ruby (1997)
Bretton, Edward (1903)Freydenfeldt, Robert (1962)Lutz, Doris (1997)Stirling, Claudia (1891)
Bretton, Sally (1901)Garza, Elizabeth (1967)Lynch, Ann (1965)Stirling, Joseph (1910)
Bretton, Sarah (1900)George, Karen (2000)Lynch, Calvin (1965)Stirling, Melissa (1929)
Brinklum, Agnes (1933)Glover, Lewis (1991)Mahan, Jamie (1902)Stirling, Oliver (1904)
Brinklum, F.H. (1922)Glover, Monema (1977)Makemson, Bud (1965)Stirling, Reese (1893)
Brooking, Garland (2002)Halden, George (1905)Makemson, Rebecka (1936)Stoker, Mary (1981)
Brooks, Clarence (1897)Halden, Lewis (1916)Mason, Ansel (1993)Stump, Eolah (1925)
Brown, Bob (1999)Halden, Mary (1940)Mason, Bertha (1931)Stump, Gene (2005)
Brown, Mary (1982)Hall, Cynthia (1912)Mason, Bessie (1915)Stump, Teressa (1912)
Buntin, William (2005)Hall, Ethel (1969)Mason, Irene (1992)Stump, William (1954)
Burns, Nancy (1920)Hall, Fellow (1889)Mason, John (1962)Stump, William (2004)
Capers, Louiene (1995)Hall, James (1919)Mason, Minnie (1997)Sweden, E.A. (1893)
Capers, Shirley (2002)Hall, John (1919)Mason, Olive (1950)Sweden, J.E. (1906)
Castleberry, James (1968)Hall, Lola (1889)Mason, W.B. (1927)Swedin, Blenda (1951)
Chapman, Dennis (1983)Harrell, Maggie (1960)Mason, W.P. (1964)Swedin, John (1952)
Chapman, Roberta (1995)Harris, Elgiva (1899)Maston, Stirling (1984)Tanner, Charles (2003)
Chapman, William (1942)Harris, I.H. (1935)Maxwell, E. (1886)Taulbee, Infant (1896)
Cheek, Arabelle (1937)Harris, Neva (1981)McDonald, C.R. (1974)Taylor, John (1887)
Cheek, W.O. (1918)Harris, Viola (1957)Milstead, Clifton (1911)Taylor, Nancy (1881)
Clark, Edward (1918)Harris, William (2000)Mitchel, Virginia (1905)Thomas, John (1933)
Clark, Ernest (1925)Hellman, Rogers (1994)Mitchel, W.T. (1913)Thomas, Mattie (1919)
Clark, J.A.W. (1914)Hisler, George (1954)Moehring, Fannie (1986)Thomas, Ray (1918)
Clark, Lora (1937)Hisler, Helen (1993)Moehring, Reinhold (1986)Thomas, Ray (2004)
Clark, Rosa (1956)Holcomb, J.A. (1952)Monson, Carl (1935)Thomas, Teresa (1951)
Clarke, Rutherford (1900)Holcomb, Lois (1908)Monson, Johanna (1921)Tinnin, Millard (1897)
Cole, Mary (1888)Howell, Ellen (1852)Monson, Maria (1943)Toland, Coleta (1938)
Collins, Virginia (1926)Hoyle, Anna (1956)Monson, P.L. (1913)Toland, William (1935)
Conditt, Ann (1985)Hoyle, C.R. (1986)Moore, (1910)Tompkins, Edna (1988)
Connell, Bertha (1966)Hoyle, Henry (1944)Morris, E.D. (1907)Tompkins, James (1978)
Connell, Jim (1977)Hoyle, John (2004)Morris, Martha (1926)Unknown, Leo (1865)
Connell, John (1942)Hoyle, Mary (2005)Moseley, Hillery (1883)Vandike, Leon (1961)
Connell, Larry (1981)Hoyle, Ollie (1917)Munson, Paul (1967)Vernon, Elizabeth (1911)
Connell, Lula (1996)Hutton, Anna (1979)Munson, Wilhelm (1909)Vickers, Giles (1905)
Connell, Myrtle (1971)Hutton, Robert (1967)Olander, Anna (1910)Watson, Edward (1946)
Connell, Robert (1994)Ivey, Ella (1965)Oliphant, Billie (1917)Watson, Marian (1892)
Connell, Willie (1954)Jenkins, baby (1900)Oliphant, T.M. (1918)Watson, Mary (1953)
Crews, Thos (1886)Jenkins, D.L. (1926)Payne, Kizzie (1887)Wehmeyer, Donald (1987)
Croston, George (1988)Jenkins, Delilah (1942)Payne, Sabie (1903)Whitted, Ethel (1975)
Crowell, Clark (2005)Jenkins, Edward (1964)Perry, Fran (1998)Whitted, George (1947)
Custard, Sarah (1892)Jenkins, Ollie (1948)Peterson, Ellen (1982)Whitted, John (1940)
Daffern, M.E. (1931)Jenkins, Ruby (1964)Peterson, John (1940)Whitted, Sarah (1922)
Dalrymple, Billie (2000)Jenkins, Tom (1967)Presson, Neil (1985)Williams, Everette (1994)
Dalrymple, Edwin (2006)Jenkins, Vollie (1917)Pulliam, Frankie (1904)Williams, Nora (1978)
Dalrymple, Jannet (1910)Jenkins, Walter (1944)Pulliam, Viola (1904)Wilson, J.W. (1889)
Dalrymple, Tate (1996)Jewell, Lillie (1895)Purcell, C. (1894)Wilson, M.S. (1901)
Dalrymple, W.C. (1898)Jinkins, M.M. (1910)Purcell, Mary (1915) 


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People for whom a precise death date could not be determined

Armstrong, William Thomasb. 23 Dec 1946  
Ashby, Joel H. Jr.b. 18 Apr 1934 Marker Text: m. 1 Jun 1956, s/w Annie M.
Bell, Barbara Annb. 16 Feb 1959 Marker Text: s/w Ralph Lewis
Bowen, Mable Armstrongb. 28 May 1945  
Brooking, Gladys T.b. 1923 Marker Text: s/w Garland M.
Cadwaladr, Henry Marker Text: stone is broken and piece with dates is missing
Capers, Stanley Pageb. 26 Jul 1939 Marker Text: s/w Louiene, m. 1 Dec 1961
Croston, Dorothy Bertb. 1 Jul 1913 Marker Text: s/w George Colville Jr and Nanette
Croston, Nanetteb. 4 Oct 1948 Marker Text: s/w George Colville Jr and Dorothy Bert
Fisher, Permelia Marker Text: no dates
Fisher, Moses Marker Text: no dates
Fletcher, Ola Maeb. 1 Sep 1909 Marker Text: s/w Willard; m. 4 Mar 1933 Note: new burial on Ola's side of plot
Gholson, Russell Marker Text: no dates
Gholson, JOhn Marker Text: no dates
Hall, Lee Armstrongb. 2 Feb 1958  
Hellman, Trent Naboursb. 6 Dec 1920 Marker Text: s/w Rogers H.
Jenkins, Claude Marker Text: no dates
L., L.A. Marker Text: footstone, no dates
LaSueur, Annie E. Nowlinb. 14 Feb 1834 Marker Text: m. 6 Apr 1858, s/w Charles Marton Note: wife of C.M. LeSueur
Makemson, D.R. Marker Text: Co A Martin's Tex. Cav C.S.A. Note: dates are buried in soil
McDonald, wandab. 1949 Marker Text: s/w C.R. "Bud"
Morgan, Kate Marker Text: no dates
Mullins, Bob Marker Text: no dates
Riggins, Corpl. Wm. J. Marker Text: Co. E. 11 MO Cav.
Rogers, Fred W.b. 25 Jun 1923 Marker Text: sj/w Rebecca Martin
Russell, infant boys Marker Text: 2 Russell babies (boys), no dates
Russell, infant boys Marker Text: 2 Russell babies (boys), no dates
Russell, Millie Marker Text: no dates
Smith, Wilma Elnora Marker Text: infant, no dates
Starnes, Ka-- Marker Text: our babe, no dates
Staton, Mittie Luceb. 14 Jan 1906 Marker Text: s/w Calvin Lester
Staton, Calvin Lesterb. 13 Apr 1905 Marker Text: s/w Mittie Luce
Tanner, Nadineb. 22 Jan 1933 Marker Text: s/w Charles
Thomas, Dorthy Ransomb. 31 Dec 1924 Marker Text: s/w Ray F. Sr.
Turner, Alice Thomasb. 14 Apr 1924 Marker Text: s/w Lee L.
Turner, Lee L.b. 8 Jul 1921 Marker Text: s/w Alice Thomas
unknown, Marker Text: funeral marker
Unknown, Marker Text: cannot read name or dates Note: hand carved
Unknown, Marker Text: no dates; a Mason
Unknown, Marker Text: no name or dates
Unknown, Marker Text: no name or dates
Williams, Virginia M.b. 30 Jun 1913 Marker Text: s/w Everette L.
Bretton, Edwardb. 7 Jun 1872 d. 15 JunMarker Text: death year is hidden in grass
Robertson, Josephb. 13 Nov 1829 d. 29 Feb 1900 
Lundberg, Marthus S.b. 29 Jan 1886 d. aa Mar 1920 


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