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Our Beadles family begins with Joseph Beadles, who was born about 1750, probably in Virginia. Information found on the King William County, VA message board tells us that Joseph Beadles lived in King William County, VA in 1782, in Halifax County, VA in 1785, in Person County, NC in 1790 and Rowan County, NC in 1801. His daughter Martha married Fielding Dillard on 6 Jan 1801 in Rowan Co. Daughter Elizabeth's marriage to William Stanfield was filed in 1789 in Caswell County, NC. Joseph was in Georgia by 1805 when he is found on Tax Digest in Oglethorpe County. There is a marriage record in Oglethorpe County for a marriage between William Beadle and Sally Lester, 19 Mar 1804. Is this Sally, Sarah Harper, had she been married before, or was the marriage to Sarah Harper a second marriage for William?

We do not know who he married, but have these three children for Joseph:
  1. Elizabeth married William Stanfield
  2. Martha Custis "Patsy" married Fielding Dillard
  3. William married Sarah Harper


Joseph Beadles

Georgia - Oglethorpe County, Will Book B, page 93

IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN, I, Joseph Beadles of Oglethorpe County and State of Georgia, being of perfect sense and memory but weak in body and calling to mind the mortality of my frame and knowing that it is appointed for man once to die, do make and constitute this my Last Will and Testament in manner and form following:

Item 1st - I give and bequeaath to my son, William Beadles, the tract of land including the farm I cultivate and farm he (William) cultivates, containing two hundred and sixty two and one fourth acres, be the same more or less, together with all the appurtenances there unto belonging as also all the household and kitchen furniture and farming utensils whatsoever (except two waggons) and give likewise to him my reading chair and harness and do further and bequeath to my son (William) all my negroes, Frank, Sam, George, Ambrose, Rumsey, Daniel, Pattrick, Larkin, Willy, Fellis, Patt and Cynthia, to him and his heirs forever. I likewise give to him my corn and fodder.

Item 2nd - I give and bequeath to my grandson, Joseph Beadles my young spotted mare called Charris, forever.

Item 3rd - It is my will and desire that the balance of my property should be sold at public sale on a credit of twelve months, to wit, the lot of land of two hundred and one half acres, drawn in my name in the late land lottery in Baldwin (now Jones) County, the two waggons, the horses (except those already willed) all the cattle, sheep, hogs and all my crop of cotton and the proceeds of said sale when collected, to be appropriated in the following manner - viz: All my just debts, if any, first to be paid, and funeral expenses and then all the debts that my son William are owing to be paid out of said money, and then one third of the remainder of said money (whatever the amount may be) I will and bequeath unto my daughter Patsy Dillard and the other two thirds of said money I will and bequeath unto my daughter Elizabeth Stanfield.

Item 4th - I do appoint my son, William Beadles and Thomas Jordan Executors to this my last Will and Testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 2nd day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirteen.


Signed, sealed and acknowledged in the presence of:
Joel Barnett
Robt. Bledsoe

Probated Will
You, Joel Barnett, Robert Gillispie and Robert Bledsoe do solemnly swear that you say the within Joseph Beadles, deceased sign, seal and publish and declare the within insturment of writing to be his last Will and Testament and at the time of his so doing he was of sound mind and memory to the best of your knowledge and belief so help you God?
Robert Bledsoe
Robert Gillispie
Joel Barnett

Sworn to and subscribed in open Court, September term by the first two witnesses on the 2nd of Feb'y 1814 and by the latter interim time on the 7th Feb'y 1814.

The within will was proven in valation on the 2nd of Feb'y 1814 by two of the witnesses and by the other interim time on the 7th Feb'y 1814.
John Moore, JJC
Hudspeeth, JJC
H. Luckie JJC
Interim Time
John Lumpkin JJC
John Moore JJC
Robert Freeman JJC

Recorded the 9th Feb'y 1814; Mat. Rainey, CCO

Elizabeth Beadles was born in Virginia and married William Stanfield, their license was filed in Caswell County, North Carolina in 1789. Their children are
  1. Patsy Stanfield
  2. Joseph Stanfield
  3. Robert Stanfield
  4. William Stanfield

Martha "Patsey" Custis Beadles, the daughter of Joseph Beadles was probably born in Virginia in the early to mid 1770's. She married Fielding Dillard on the 6th of January 1801 in Rowan County, North Carolina. Fielding, the son of Thomas Dillard, was born about 1771 and died about 1818. Martha died about 1831. The children of Fielding and Martha Dillard are
  1. Joseph Beadles Dillard, b. 1803 m. Elizabeth Ann Baldwin 12 Aug 1830
  2. Susan Dillard, b. 1804 m. Jesse King 13 Dec 1825
  3. Mary Dillard, b. 1805 m. Littleberry King 18 Dec 1828
  4. Sarah Ann Dillard, b. 9 Aug 1806 m. (1)Felix Hardeman; m. (2)Cornelius Furcron 6 Dec 1830. Sarah died 20 Jan 1837
  5. Richard Dillard, b. 10 Oct 1808 m.(1)Sarah Jane Ellington [d. 7 Jan 1843], m. (2)Antionnett A. Chaffin [d. 16 Nov 1869]. Richard died 12 May 1875.
  6. Elizabeth Dillard, b. 1804, d. 1804
  7. Harriet Dillard, b. 1810, d. 1 Jan 1844, m. Mordecai Edwards
  8. Juriah Hepsibah Dillard, b. 12 Sep 1813
  9. Martha Custis Dillard, b. 2 May 1814
  10. Fielding Dillard, II, b. Mar 1815, d. 18 Oct 1896
For more about this family and the ancestors of Fielding Dillard, visit Debra J. Bragg's Genealogy Report on the Descendants of Nicholas Dillard

William Beadles was born 3 Jul 1773 in Virginia and died 6 Oct 1868 in Coweta County, Georgia. William and his wife, Sarah Harper Beadles are buried in the Beadles Cemetery, located in Land Lot 16 of the Fifth Dist. of Coweta County, Georgia, in deep woods approximately .2 miles West of Freeman Road and approximately .2 miles East of one of the branches of White Oak Creek. This cemetery was surveyed by Frank Parker Hudson and Stephen Edward Hudson on 1 August 1965. William and Sarah's children are:
  1. Lucinda married 1. ??? Stewart; 2. Robert Hudson; 3. William W. Dickson
  2. Joseph married Wiley Auston (13 Nov 1837 - Gwinnett Co.)
  3. Parathena married Thomas Colbert
  4. Harlow D. married Hugh Brewster (6 Dec 1835 - Coweta Co.)
  5. Almeada married John T. Fullilove (14 Nov 1839 - Coweta Co.)
  6. Sarah married ??? Summerlin
  7. Frances W. married James H. Graham (29 Nov 1842 - Coweta Co.)
  8. Matilda married Cicero DeMasthenes Hudson (18 Oct 1832 - Coweta Co.)

William Beadles is found on these census records in Georgia:
1820 - Georgia - Oglethorpe County, page 5; M33/7

1830 - M19/16 Georgia Coweta County Page 381 Line 18
Head of Household under 5 5-10 10-15 15-20 20-30 30-40 40-50 50-60
Wm. BUDLES ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------
MALES 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1
FEMALES 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0

1840 - Georgia - Coweta County, page 336; M740/39

1850 - M432/66 Georgia Coweta County 19th Division Page 365B
12 Nov 1850 Dwelling 1175 Family 1175 ------ ------
William BEADDLES 74 W/M Farmer $8000 GA
Sarah 62 W/F ------ ------ GA

1860 - M653/118 Georgia Coweta Newnan PO Page 769A
Several Dists Lines 1-2 25 July 1860 Dwelling 764 Family 677
William BEADLES 86 W/M Farmer $10,000 $26,040 GA
Sarah 76 W/F ------ ------ ------ GA


William Beadles

Georgia - Coweta County, - pages 273/274

State of Georgia }
Coweta County }
IN THE NAME OF GOD, AMEN, I William Beadles of said State and County being of advanced age and knowing that I must shortly depart this life deem it right and proper both as respects my family and myself that I should make a disposition of the property which a kind providence has blessed me with; do therefore make this my last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all others heretofore made by me. My Soul I trust shall return to rest with God who gave it as I hope Eternal Salvation through the merits and atonements of the blessed Savior Jesus Christ whose religion I profess:

Item 1st - I desire and direct that all my just debts be paid without delay.
Item 2nd - I desire and direct that all the property I die possessed of, go to and belong to my wife Sarah Harper Beadles during her natural wife or widowhood. She is to enjoy the increase of said property but under no circumstances to dispose of any of it by sale or otherwise.
Item 3rd - I desire and direct that at the death of my wife that the children of my Daughter Lucinda Dickson now have and living or hereafter to be born to her, shall receive one eighth part of my estate, the one eighth part to be divided pro-ratta with each of them, as they arrive at the age of twenty one years of age or marry; the one eighth part being the portion part that I design for my Daughter Lucinda Dickson. She is no wise to have any interest in or control of any of said part or parts.
Item 4th - I desire and direct that at the death of my wife (provided that she is the longest lives) that all my lands and personal property be sold and equally divided viz the children of Joseph Beadles to have one eighth part which their father Joseph Beadles would be entitled to provided he was living and Paraathena Colbert one eighth part. Matilda Hudson one eighth part. The children of Harlow D. Brewster deceased, one eighth part, it being her share, Almea Fullilove, Sarah Harper Summerline and Francis W. Graham one eighth part to be held and used by them during their natural lives and at their death to be equally divided among their children.
Item 5th - It is my desire and wish that my grandsons, William S. Beadles, Hugh Brewster and James W. Graham will act as trustees for the minor children of my Daughter Lucinda Dickson.
Item 6th - Having full faith and confidence in the interigity of my Grandsons, William S. Beadles, Hugh Brewster and James H. Graham I hereby constitute and appoint them Executors of this my last Will and Testament.

This 14th day of July 1866 - William Beadles {SEAL}
Test. or Witnesseth:
R. B. Perkins
J. A. Perkins
John M. Lundis

State of Georgia, Coweta County
Before John H. Cooke, Ordinary of said County comes in person, James H. Graham, William S. Beadles and Hugh Brewster, Executors of the last Will and Testament of William Beadles deceased late of said County and also J. A. Perkins and John M. Lundis, witnesses to said will while being duly sworn depost and say that they saw the said William Beadles sign seal and publish and declare the said instrument as his last Will and Testament voluntarily and freely without compulsion and that they signed said will as witnesses in the presence of said William Beadles.

Sworn to and subscribed before me this Nov. 2nd 1868
J. H. Cooke, Ordy
J. A. Perkins
John M. Lundis

Court of Ordinary, November Term 1868
It appearing to the court that the Will of William Beadles, deceased late of said County has this day been proved and no objections therto being filed. It is on motion or that said Will be admitted to record.
Order Granted Nov. 2nd 1868
J. H. Cooke, Ordy
Recorded November 7th 1868

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