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Not a great deal is known about our earliest Osburn ancestors, and although we have found the named spelled, Osborn, Osborne, Orsborn, Orsborne, etc. our branch seems to have settled on the Osburn spelling and for continuinity I am using that spelling when there is a doubt as to which spelling the family used.

William Osburn, was born about 1777 in South Carolina, possibly in Laurens County. He is found on the census there in 1810, but by 1820 had moved to Jackson County, Tennessee, where he stayed until about 1838 when the family began their moves to Union County, Illinois. Some time around 1800/1801 William married Sally, her last name and parents are unknown at this time. William and Sally had several children, not all of their names are known to us at this time, but census records have helped us arrive at an approximate number (children may have died between census recordings that we know nothing about). Their children that we know are

  • Henry Osburn, born abt 1804; died bet 1850 - 1860
    married Frances Cole
  • Harrison Osburn, born abt 1810; died aft 1840
  • Daughter Osburn
  • Son Osburn
  • Son Osburn
  • Daughter Osburn
  • Sylvester W. Osburn, born Abt 1819, Tennessee; died aft 1860
    married 1. Sally; 2. Elizabeth Reimer
  • Daniel S. Osburn, born Abt 1821, Jackson County, Tennessee
    died 2 March 1864,Benton Barracks, St Louis County, Missouri
    married 1. May Daws; 2. Mary "Polly" Sheppard

William and family has been found on these census records

1810 South Carolina Laurens County Line 11 Page 180 M252/61
William Osbourn xxx xxx
Age Groups Males Females
Under 10 2 2
10-15 1 0
16-25 0 1
26-44 1 0
45+ 0 1 -- a Mother - maybe?

1820 Tennessee Jackson County Page 151 M33/123
William Orsburn xxx xxx
Age Groups Males Females
under 10 1 2
10-15 1 0
16-18 1 not counted
16-25 1 0
26-44 1 1
45+ 0 0

1830 Tennessee Jackson County Page 148 M19/177
William Orsburn xxx xxx
Age Groups Males Females
under 5 0 1
5-10 1 0
10-15 1 2
15-20 1 1
20-30 0 0
30-40 0 0
40-50 1 1

1840 Tennessee Jackson County Page 254 M704/524
William Orsbon xxx xxx
Age Groups Males Females
under 5 0 0
5-10 0 0
10-15 1 0
15-20 1 1
20-30 1 1
30-40 0 0
40-50 0 0
50-60 0 1
60-70 1 0

In 1836 the county of Jackson was layed off into Districts, District 2 where our Osburn's were living was described as
"The Second District shall be bounded as follows to wit: beginning on the south bank of Cumberland River at the mouth of the Buck Branch which is a corner of the First Dstrict turning thence up the Buck Branch with it meanders and out at the head thereof to the top of the ridge between said branch and Doe Creek thence along the extreme top of the ridge between the Horse Shoe Bend and Doe Creek to the head of the Rocky Branch thence down the Rocky Branch with its meanders to Cumberland River thence crossing the river and down the same on the north side thereof with it several meanders to the bluff between the mouths of Indian and War Trace Creeks which is a corner of the 3rd District thence with the line of the 3rd District along the extreme top of the ridge between said creeks to the dividing ridge between Indian and Jennings Creek another corner of the 3rd District thence with the line of the 4th District along the extreme top of the ridge between the waters of Jennings Creek on the north and Indian, Bullards, Trace, Cub, and Hensleys Creeks on the south, to Cumberland River thence across the river to the beginning within which bounds the election shall be held at Jehu Sees." As you can see from the district map located at the TN GenWeb page for Jackson County our family was located in the middle of the county.

1850 Illinois Union County West Pt of Dist 2 Page 150B
13 August 1850 Lines 15-16 Dwelling 72 Family 72 M432/130
William Osborne 73 Farmer SC
Sally 69 xxx SC

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