The HEREFORD departed London on 17 April, 1874 and arrived in Lyttelton on 14 July, 1874,
with Captain Elsdon in command.

Transcribed from the passenger list images on the Family Search website.


Age Infant Gender County Occupation Remarks

Families and Children

PIPER Thos. D 52 A male Devon Schoolmaster

Ellen 47 A female

Ellen 17 A female Devon Gl. Servant

Alice 16 A female Herts Nurse

Florence 12 A female Herts

Edward 9 C male

GAZE Henry 29 A male Kent Tailor

Frances 30 A female

Frances 5 C female

Agnes 4 C female

Edith 2 C female

BIRD James 30 A male Essex Gardener

Lydia 30 A female

George 5 C male

Elizabeth 3 C female

SMITH Willm. 36 A male Warwick Blacksmith

Hannah 32 A female

CROFT Geo. I 28 A male Herts Carpenter

Catherine 28 A female

George 2 C male

ATKINSON Willm. 44 A male Berks Bricklayer

Ann 42 A female

Amelia 16 A female Berks Servant

Elizabeth 13 A female Berks

Henry 11 C male

Tom 5 C male

Robert 1 C male

WHITLEY William 31 A male Berks Farm Labr.

Lucy 30 A female

William 11 C male

HAMMOND Jas. 31 A male Surrey Bricklayer

Jane 29 A female

Frederick 10 C male

Emma 8 C female

Charles 5 C male

Alice 2 C female

THORN Henry 37 A male Hants Shepherd

Louisa 27 A female

Harry 10 C male

Maria 7 C female

Harriet 2 C female

James 11mo I male

BULLING Henry 44 A male Kent House Painter

Mary E 43 A female

Sarah J 19 A female Kent Servant

Martha E 14 A female Kent

Alice A 11 C female

Fredk. T 10 C male

Henry C 6 C male

William E 1 C male

TURNER Henry 25 A male Middx Mason

Mary 26 A female

EVERETT James 35 A male Norfolk Gl. Labourer

Rhoda 37 A female

Esther 7 C female

Walter 2 C male

James 3mo I male

EAGLE George 33 A male Norfolk Gl. Labourer

Harriett 32 A female

HARVEY Thos. 44 A male Stafford Farm Labourer

Fanny 25 A female

HARRISON John 28 A male Surrey Shoemaker

Anne 24 A female

George 2 A male

Jonathan 7mo I male

THACKWELL Jno. 42 A male Warwick Labourer

Elizabeth 37 A female

Sarah A 18 A female Warwick Dairymaid

Patience 16 A female Warwick Dairymaid

Mary 14 A female Warwick

John Hy. 12 A male

Emma 9 C female

Joseph 4 C male

George 1 C male

BEAMISH Chas. 26 A male Sulfolk Railway Servant

Sarah 23 A female

PATEMAN Jas. C 26 A male Kent Carpenter

Mary Ann 25 A female

Emily 3 C female

Elizth 1 C female

SMITH Joseph 36 A male Oxon Farm Labr.

Mary Anne 33 A female

Anne M 14 A female Oxon

George 13 A male Oxon

Louis 11 C male

Edwin 7 C male

Sarah J 5 C female

Mary E
C female

BEARDSLEY Elisha 35 A male Derby Moulder

Mary 32 A female

Margaret 15 A female Derby

Alfred 13 A male Derby

Millicent 10 C female

Henry 8 C male

Ada 6 C female

Annie 4 C female

PLUCK Charles 29 A male Middx Labourer

Caroline 26 A female

Sarah A 2 C female

Charles 1 C male

Caroline 1mo I female

BUTCHER Thos. 24 A male Middx Bricklayer

Ellen 20 A female

ANDERSON Alexr. 34 A male Moraysh. Baker

Louisa 29 A female

Louisa 7 C female

Alexr. 5 C male

George 4mo I male

WALTON Edward 22 A male Sulfolk Police Constable

Naomi 21 A female

FULTON William 25 A male Lancash. Mechanic

Julia 25 A female

Harriet 2 C female

Mary Ann 7mo I female

COLDICOTT John 42 A male Gloucester Farm Labr.

Silence 42 A female

William 16 A male Gloucester Labourer

DAY John 25 A male Dorset Bricklayer

Constance 23 A female

Reginald 22mo C male

HENLEY John 29 A male Sussex Tailor

Clara J 25 A female

Lilian 4 C female

Clarice 4mo I female

KNIGHT Jno. E 26 A male Hants Currier

Mary 31 A female

Jerman 5 C male

Edwin 3 C male

Elizabeth 9mo I female

WICKS Richard 24 A male Surrey Gl. Labourer

Harriet 27 A female

Charles 7mo I male

TOWNSEND Abm. 32 A male Surrey Smith

Mary Ann 30 A female

Alice 8 C female

Annie 6 C female

Abraham 4 C male

Frederick 2 C male

JOHNSON George 33 A male Essex Labourer

Eliza 31 A female

Edwin 12 A male

Frederick 7 C male

Alfred 2 C male

Alice 11 C female

Emily 9 C female

Eliza 5 C female

WHITE Perewalp 30 A male Dorset Carpenter

Louisa 20 A female

MCNEER Thos. 28 A male Donegal Farm Lab.

Nancy 23 A female

OSBORNE Willm. 32 A male Middx. Brickmaker

Rebecca 24 A female

DEWE Richd. 39 A male Berks Farm Labr.

Eliza 41 A female

Fanny 10 C female

Rose 3 C female

BETTS Dennis 39 A male Warwick Labourer

Mary 40 A female

Albert 17 A male Warwick Labourer

Frederick 13 A male Warwick

Emma 11 C female

Charlotte 8 C female

Ann M 6 C female

Dennis 1 C male

WICKES Wm. Chas. 20 A male Kent Servant

Sarah 34 A female

HANNA James 56 A male Wilts Navvy

Lucy 32 A female

Robert 24 A male Down Farming

Thomas 21 A male Down

Lizie 17 A female

Lucy 8 C female

FARRANT Robert 44 A male Dorset Shoemaker

Mary 43 A female

Robert 21 A male

Harriett 20 A female

Mary J 18 A female Dorset Servant

Washington 17 A male Dorset Tailor

Cleabour(n) 15 A male Dorset

OAKLEY Willm. 32 A male Middx. Painter

Martha 29 A female

William 11 C male

Florence 6 C female

John 2 C male

PRITCHARD Thos. 32 A male Hereford Labourer

Ellen 22 A female

George 5 C male

James 4 C male

Thomas 2 C male

SIMPSON Thos. 23 A male Middx. Tailor

Caroline 26 A female

BOUCHER John 22 A male Berks Navvy

Jane 23 A female

Charles 1 C male

John 4mo I male

HENLEY Fras. W 22 A male Middx. Gl. Labourer

Matilda 20 A female

PERRY Joseph 29 A male Warwick Boot & Shoe maker

Eliza 34 A female

Joseph H 10 C male

Rosanna 8 C female

Albert 7 C male

Julia 5 C female

Henry 2 C male

Eliza 6mo I female

WOOD John 25 A male Middx. Carpenter & Joiner

Mary Ann 44 A female

Frances E 4 C female

Edmund R 2 C male

John W 4mo I male

KEELEY Giles 44 A male Warwick Labourer

Aby 44 A female

Sarah 14 A female Warwick

Hannah 2 C female

KEELEY William 24 A male Warwick Labourer

Ann 23 A female

Giles 2 C male

Emma Inft. I female

COOMBES William 39 A male Hants Farm Labr.

Esther 33 A female

Anna S 10 C female

William 8 C male

Margt. A 7 C female

Herbert 1 C male

BOSTON Thomas 21 A male Bucks Farm Labr.

Elizth. A 22 A female

John inft. I male

JENKINS Geo. C 22 A male Hampshire Labourer

Maria 21 A female

ROSE Joseph 38 A male Kent Blacksmith

Maria 37 A female

Austin 14 A male Kent

Eliza 12 A female Derby

James 10 C male

Martha 6 C female

George 2 C male

Mary 8mo I female

FLETCHER John 33 A male Essex Labourer

Mary 27 A female

William 1 C male

NAYLOR William 28 A male Warwick Coach Builder

Charlotte M 22 A female

HOPE Arthur 45 A male Roscommon Stone Mason

Anne 33 A female

Mark 12 A male

William 10 C male

Lizzy 8 C female

Anna 6 C female

George 3 C male

SHARMAN Jas. L 23 A male Kent Pork Butcher

Harriett L 23 A female

REECE Emmanuel 36 A male Radnor Farm Labr.

Maria 36 A female

Mary Ann 8 C female

Eliza 4 C female

STONE Thomas 22 A male Somerset Shepherd

Mary Anna 26 A female

PERRYMAN Wm. E 30 A male Middx. Labourer

Ann 29 A female

Roseanna 11 C female

Clara J 8 C female

Emma L 6 C female

CLARKE John 25 A male Wilts Gardener

Emily 22 A female

STEPHENS John 25 A male Cavan Farm Labr.

Maria 26 A female

YEOMAN James 38 A male Kent Coach Wheelwright

Mary 34 A female

Edward 13 A male Kent

Mary 12 A female Kent

Sarah 10 C female

Emma 2 C female



BLACKMORE John 44 A male Wilts Bricklayer

Eliza 34 A female

Elizabeth 13 A female Wilts

Emily 12 A female Wilts

Anna Mary 10 C female

Edwin 8 C male

DICKENS Thos. 34 A male Nothampton Labourer

Alice 35 A female

George 5 C male

Joseph 4 C male

BARTHOLOMEW Geo. 32 A male Hampsh Navvy

Sarah A 32 A female

George 4 C male

Charles 7mo I male

GARDNER Arthur 31 A male Herts Labourer ?

Elizabeth 31 A female

Elizabeth 8 C female

Martha 6 C female

SAGGERS Thomas 27 A male Essex Bricklayer

Sarah A 26 A female

Thomas 7 C male

Edward 4 C male

Rosetta 2 C female

Walter 1mo I male

WATERMAN George 42 A male Surrey Leather Dresser

Emma 35 A female

Alice 11 C female

Rosina 9 C female

WEBB George 38 A male Surrey Stoker & Labourer

Ellen 34 A female

Ellen 13 A female Surrey

George 11 C male

Emma 8 C female

William 6 C male

Jane 3 C female

Bessie 5mo I female

ELSTON Robert 27 A male Surrey Gardener

Emma 31 A female

Emma S 6 C female

Robert S 4 C male

Ada E 1 C female

CONSTABLE George 34 A male Sussex Labourer

Jane 24 A female

Jane 4 C female

George 4mo I male

GIBSON Robt. 26 A male Middx. Carpenter

Ann N 26 A female

WILLIAMS James 27 A male Cornwall Miner

Mary 22 A female

AMOS Edwd, W 29 A male Kent Baker

Eliza 29 A female

Emily 7 C female

PRICE Geo. Wm. 26 A male Middx. Cellarman

Jane B 28 A female

Geo. Wm. 4 C male

Leon A 2 C male

Jane B Inft. I female

SKUDDER Thos. 41 A male Surrey Stonemason

Hannah 35 A female

Sarah 15 A female Surrey Servant

William 13 A male Surrey

Thomas 11 C male

Emily 9 C female

Harriett 7 C female

James 4 C male

Anne 2 C female

BETTS Thomas 34 A male Kent Plasterer

Mary Ann 34 A female

PARKES William 44 A male Derby Machinist

Elizabeth 38 A female

William H 10 C male

Annie E 7 C female

John 4 C male

Gertrude 2 C female

Florence 11mo I female

Eliza 68 A female Derbysh.

WHILM Thomas 27 A male Wexford Labourer

Mary 28 A female

Mary A 4 C female

Margt. 3 C female

Bridget 1 C female

BISHOP Thomas 30 A male Sussex Fireman

Emily 34 A female

Jane S 5mo I female

BRADDICK Jno. 35 A male Devon Labourer

Rebecca 34 A female

William 13 A male

Maria 10 C female

Mary A 8 C female

Sarah 6 C female

Samuel 3 C female

Harriet 1mo I female

ANSLEY Alfd. 32 A male Monmouth Carpenter

Emma 34 A female

Fredk. 8 C male

Michael 6 C male

John 1 C male

Single Men

SHACKWELL Jno. H 12 A male Warwick

THORNE Edwin 12 A male Essex

BISDEE Chas. 22 A male Somerset Farm Labr.

PRATLETT Henry 26 A male Somerset Farm Labr.

LEAHEY David 32 A male Middx. Hammerman/Sawyer

TERRY William 49 A male Middx. Charmaker

Walter 17 A male Middx. Gardener

Mary Ann 15 A female Middx. Servant

BURRIDGE John 21 A male Surrey Groom

GOODALL Willm. 25 A male Salop Gardener

JELLY Joseph T 25 A male Middx. Cabimet Maker

LOOMES Charles 29 A male Leicester Labourer

FARRAR Joshua 20 A male Wicklow Baker

CARTER Henry 18 A male Essex Watch & Clock Maker

MCMULLAN Patk. 32 A male Antrim

MCMULLIN Enos 40 A male Antrim Shoemaker

MCGIRR John 25 A male Tyrone Ploughman
MCGARTHIN Jno 20 A male Tyrone Ploughman

MCANULTY Jas. 30 A male Tyrone Ploughman

STEPHENS Fredk. 26 A male Cavan Farm Lab.

MAGILL Willm. 21 A male Cavan Farm Lab.

CROLLY Ambrose J 22 A male Pembroke ??

DAVEY George 22 A male Devon Navvy

EMPSON John L W 26 A male Surrey Plasterer

LAURENSON Ralph 19 A male Wicklow Labourer

PEACOCK Alfred 18 A male Devon Tailor

GREENFIELD Wm. 19 A male Middx. Labourer

GLUE Charles 20 A male Middx. Carpenter

Walter 18 A male Middx. Labourer

WILSON John 22 A male Middx. Labourer

DRURY Wm. Hy. 21 A male Oxford Blacksmiths Labourer

EDGINTON Thos. 29 A male Berks Navvy

SAMPSON Albert 21 A male Yorks Coal Miner

LEWIS John 26 A male Shropshire Labourer

DARLOW William 20 A male Northamp. Clicker

GINGER Edwd. W 18 A male Middx. Butcher

Alfd. I 16 A male Middx. Labourer

PIPER William 19 A male Suffolk Mason

WICKS Wm. C 43 A male Kent Plumber

Fredk. I 16 A male

Stephen 7 C male

Walter S 5 C male

Sarah E 18 A female

Ann C 13 A female

Mary A 4 C female

WALKER John 16 A male

DAWSON Thos. 23 A male Essex Farm Lab.

SMITH James 30 A male Stafford Gardener

COWLEY Henry A 28 A male Surrey Gl. Labourer

ROBERTSON Willm. 22 A male Lanarksh. Tanner

COCHRANE Thos. 16 A male Middx. Shoemaker

MOSS Thomas A 20 A male Middx. Plasterer

CHARMAN Edwd. 21 A male Oxford Plasterer

PLASTER Thos. E 24 A male Oxford Carpenter Sawyer

HULSTON Albert 18 A male Warwick Shoebinder

GEORGE Edward 27 A male Shropshire Farm Lab.

PLANK Edwd. 27 A male Wilts Gardener

TALBOT William 25 A male Kerry Labourer

WALKER Thos. F 18 A male Kent Boot & Shoemaker

CURTEIS Benjm. 19 A male Essex Carpenter

POWELL Thomas 22 A male Kent Dairyman

TUCKER Willm. 20 A male Surrey Labourer
PLANT Chs. W 24 A male Surrey

LUBY Richard 23 A male Kerry Shepherd

BOLGER Thomas 30 A male Queens Co. Labourer

NOTTINGHAM Edwd. 45 A male Hereford Painter

Emily 26 A female Hereford Housekeeper

Susan 18 A female Hereford Gl. Servant

Ada 9 C female Hereford

William 7 C male Hereford

FERGUSON Robt. 18 A male Cavan Labourer

BRADDICK Wm. 13 A male Devon

RYAN Edward 28 A male Tipperary Farm Servt.

Ellen 24 A female Tipperary Servant

BUTLER Hugh 21 A male Antrim Farmer

Single Women

HANNA Lizzie 17 A female Down

PIPER Emma 24 A female Gloshire Cook

Adelaide 22 A female Hampsh. Cook

Rosalind 20 A female Hampsh. Cook

WATTS Eleanor 20 A female Surrey Gl. Servant

WHITELEY Hannah J 19 A female Essex Gl. Servant

CAMAC Eliza 21 A female Tyrone Gl. Servant

Jane 19 A female Tyrone Gl. Servant

ROSS Catherine 27 A female Ross Dairymaid

ROBINSON Alice 18 A female Middx. Gl. Servant

SPINK Barbara 21 A female Forfarshire Nurse

DANVIR Mary 19 A female Middx. Servant

STOKES Eliza 25 A female Queens Co. Cook

MOSEDALE Ann 41 A female Derby Dressmaker

RILEY Jane T 27 A female Middx. D. Servant

Louisa 19 A female Middx. D. Servant

DRAGE Sarah 25 A female Essex D. Servant

WEARN Laurette 18 A female Hants D. Servant

PALMER Mrs 35 A female Warwick

FERGUSON Isabella 21 A female Cavan Housemaid

KIRWIN Eliza 23 A female Fermanagh D. Servant

GILROY Ann 21 A female Fermanagh D. Servant

SUMMERTON Ann 18 A female Warwick Dairymaid

QUIN Catherine 25 A female Donegal D. Servant

SPICELEY Kato 16 A female Kent Gl. Servant

BOOLISHER Georgiana 21 A female Sulfolk Housemaid

ROWE Mary A 20 A female Middx. Servant

MCCAFFERTY Cathe. 48 A female Antrim Nurse

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