The MEROPE departed London on 29 July, 1870, and arrived in Lyttleton on 27 October, 
1870, with Captain Rose in command.

Transcribed from the Press, 29 October, 1870, Page 2


This fine new composite clipper ship, commanded by Captain Rose, arrived off heads from London at midnight
on the 26th October, after a run of 89 days, having left, Deal on the 31st July. She was signalled in Lyttelton as
being outside the heads early on the 27th instant, aid preparations were made for the Moa to take the Health
and Immigration Officers and ship's agent, down to her; but as the flag was hauled down the steamer did not 
start as intended, it turning out that owing to the strong SW wind blowing she was compelled to run from the
and was thus thought to be a ship bound North. She was again signalled about 2 o'clock, and the Moa
proceeded at 3.30 pm with the officers on board to visit her, and found her anchored about two miles outside
the Heads. Upon going alongside, the usual questions being answered in a satisfactory manner, the ship was 
boarded, and all were welcomed on stepping over the gangway by her respected commander, Captain Rose, 
who is so well and favorably known in the trade to the port, and who last year had command of the Zealandia 
to this port. Mr MacQuade again accompanies Captain Rose as purser. 

The Merope is a splendid new composite ship, built by Oswald and Co, of Sunderland, in 1870, for Shaw, Saville
and Co, and intended for the New Zealand trade. She is a perfect model of a ship, and we are informed is a very
fast vessel, as much as fifteen knots an hour being got out of her.

The cabin is lofty, beautifully fitted, and well lighted. The second cabin is a deck house, also very roomy. The
tween decks, occupied by the immigrants, are nearly 7 ft in height, and a perfect picture of cleanliness, reflecting
great credit on Dr Husband, surgeon superintendent, and the officers of the ship. The Commissioners speak in
high terms of the completeness of the arrangements in all the departments visited by them. We have no 
hesitation in saying that the Merope is one of the, if not the finest ship that has visited this harbor, and we are
sure will become a favorite one for passengers. 

The following is the report of the voyage: — On 27th July embarked emigrants, and left the Docks at 1.30 am,
on Thursday, proceeded to Gravesend; the following day mustered and inspected the ship's crew and
passengers before the Emigration Commissioners, and proceeded to sea; anchored at 7.45 near the Mouse
light waiting for the tide; again got under weigh in tow of the tug steamer, which was cast off near the North
Foreland; passed Dungeness at 11.30 p.m., with a fresh N.E. breeze, and made a fine run down the Channel.
On Sunday, 31st July, the pilot left the ship off Exmouth; at noon the ship was becalmed off Brixham. On the
1st August, passed Start Point; from thence to the 4th, had light airs with thick fog, and again light variable
winds from the south and westward until the 14th, on which day Maderia was passed, distant about forty miles,
a fair wind blowing at the time, the ship going with all sails sets; again experienced variable winds until the 18th,
when the trade winds were caught in lat 27 30 N, long 22 W. The trades were lost on the 24th, in latitude
14 10 N, longitude 27 W. Again experienced light variable winds until the 3rd September, from south-west,
when we had the S. E. trades very light until the 10th September, in lat 18 20 S, long 35 30 W. From the 10th
to the 16th had moderate breezes from the eastward. Passed the meridian of the Cape of Good Hope on the
18th. From thence to the 24th experienced strong westerly winds, and again for two days light easterly winds, 
followed by westerly winds for some days. On the 21st October, bad heavy gale from the 
NE, with nasty cross seas, sighted the Snares on the 24th at 8 pm, distant about eight miles NE by E. Thence 
Thence had variable weather up the coast. Made Banks Peninsula on the 26th at 4 am, and was off Akaroa at
8 am, making Godley head light at 9 pm same day. The next morning had heavy gale from SW, and ran off
shore; reached in again, and anchored about 2 pm on the 27th two miles off the heads. The Merope was towed
up to her anchorage opposite the town yesterday morning, and the emigrants were landed by steamer, and
sent through to Christchurch by the 3.30 train.

Passenger list transcribed from Family Search website.

Family Name
Age Occupation County

Families & Children

ATTWOOD Thomas 34 Farm Labourer Kent
ATTWOOD Charlotte 33

ATTWOOD Sarah A 14

ATTWOOD Edward 13

ATTWOOD Emily 10

ATTWOOD Frederick 3

BADHAM Samuel 36 Farm Labourer Herefordshire

BADHAM Alfred 9

BADHAM Thomas 7

BAILLIE Crawford 39 Millwright Lanarkshire


BAILLIE Robert 4mo

BAKER Richard 24 Plumber Devonshaire
BAKER Mary E 21

BARRATT James 36 Farm Labourer Cornwall
BARRATT Mary Ann 40

BARRATT Ellen 16 Genl. Servant Cornwall
BARRATT William 12


BUCHANAN Robert 23 Moulder Lanarkshire

DENHAM Allen H 34 Coachmaker Herts
DENHAM Caroline 30


DENHAM Frederic 5

FISHER Henry 35 Carpenter & Pattern Maker  Somersetshire
FISHER Prudence L 32

FISHER John Hy. 11

GLANVILLE Jno. R 32 Coach Smith Cornwall


GLANVILLE Gertrude M 5mo

HANCOCK Robert 31 Engineer Fitter Hants
HANCOCK Catherine 29

HITCHINS Martin 31 Farm Labourer Cornwall
HITCHINS Dorcas 39

KENT Nicholas 50 Millwright Cornwall
KENT Caroline 50

KENT Elizabeth 21 Genl. Servant Middx
KENT Marian 17 Genl. Servant Middx
KENT Ellen G 11

CARPENTER Fanny 29 Needlewoman Cornwall
CARPENTER Caroline 6


KNIGHT Thomas 49 Farm Labourer Monmouthshire
KNIGHT Ruth 47

KNIGHT Thomas B 19 Farm Labourer Monmouthshire
KNIGHT Sarah A 17 Genl. Servant Monmouthshire
KNIGHT William 15 Gardener Monmouthshire
KNIGHT Orpheus 11


KNIGHT Harry 7

KNIGHT Bedlington 4

LENNIE John 36 Blacksmith Orkney
LENNIE Betsy 32

LENNIE David 5


LENNIE Catherine 1

MAJOR Henry 34 Farm Labourer Somerset
MAJOR Elizabeth 26

MAJOR George 6

MAJOR Mary 2

MAJOR Oliver 8mo

MOIR James 36 Tailor Stirlingshire
MOIR Ellen K 28

MOIR Cathe. J 2

MULLAN John P 45 Farm Labourer Armagh
MULLAN Mary 44

MULLAN John P 17

MULLAN Matilda 9

MULLAN Richd. 5

NEWMAN James 40 Labourer Perthshire
NEWMAN Charlotte 32

NEWMAN Mary 15 Genl. Servant Somersetshire
NEWMAN Walter 11

NEWMAN Emily 9

NEWMAN Herry 7

NEWMAN Henry 7

PEARCE Henry 38 Farm Labourer Berkshire
PEARCE Elizabeth 37

PHIPP William 25 Farm Labourer Wiltshire
PHIPP Mary C 23

PHIPP Rachel 1

RICHARDS William 30 Farm Labourer Devonshire

ROBINSON William 34 Coach Smith Lancashire


ROBINSON Elizabeth 4



ROUNDING Edward 28 Farrier Essex

RUMP Alfd. V 26 Labourer & Ploughman Norfolk
RUMP Eliza 26

SAVAGE George 28 Farm Labourer Kent
SAVAGE Sarah 26

SAVAGE Fanny 4

SAVAGE Edith S 1mo

SELBIE John 25 Ploughman Berwickshire
SELBIE Ellen 22

SELBIE James 54 Ploughman Berwickshire
SELBIE James (Jnr) 23 Ploughman Berwickshire
ROBERT Allan 22

SIMONS Charles 26 Farm Labourer Bucks

SIMONS Charles 5

SIMONS Agnes 3

SIMONS Vincent T 9mo

SMITH William 27 Shepherd Norfolk
SMITH Ellen 27

SMITH Mary E 4

SMITH James W 2

STEVENS Richard 27 Cooper Devonshire


STEVENS Francis 5mo

WATSON William 38 Labourer Berkshire
WATSON Louisa 35

WATSON William 13
WATSON Thomas 8

WATSON Fanny 6

WATSON Bessie 3

WATSON Edward 7mo

WHEELER Matthew 29 Mason Somersetshire
WHEELER Ellen 28

WHEELER Thomas C 7



Single Men

ADE George 25 Tailor Germany
BARNETT James 19 Farm Labourer Monmouthshire
BAYLEY Robert 23 Blacksmith Middlesex
BRITTON Alfred 16 Farm Labourer Somersetshire
BRITTON Edwin 22 Farm Labourer Somersetshire
BROSNAHAN Hugh 18 Ploughman Kerry
CAMERON William 22 Farm Labourer Banffshire
CHRISTY David 22 - - Down
CLARK Rob. A 24 Coach Maker Lincolnshire
CONCANNON Edward 30 Farm Labourer Mayo
CONNOR John 20 Ploughman Kerry
DASH Charles 23 Farm Labourer Hampshire
EVANS Edward 26 Ploughman Montgomeryshire
GALLAGHER William 32 Ploughman Donegal
HARRAP Henry E 17 Farm Labourer Leicestershire
HENRY David 22 Blacksmith Forfarshire
HENZLER Johannes 23 Mason Germany
HERRIOT John 26 Baker Edinburgh
HERTNAN William 19 Farm Labourer King’s
JOHNSTON Robert 20 Farm Labourer Down
LITTLE James 35 Labourer Lanarkshire
LOWRY Benjamin 24 Farm Labourer Surrey
LUSH Edwin J 24 Coach Smith Lincolnshire
MAXWELL Robert 20 Farm Labourer Orkney
McREDMOND Patk. 28 Ploughman Tipperary
MOGFORD William 30 Labourer Devonshire
MOORE John 21 Farm Labourer Monaghan
MULCASTER Thomas G 29 Farm Labourer Cumberland
PETRIE James 22 Farm Labourer Orkney
POND William J 20 Blacksmith Norfolk
RICHARDS John 35 Ploughman Montgomeryshire
ROSS John 30 Shepherd Sutherland
SCOTT Samuel 21 Ploughman Tyrone
SHAYLOR William 30 Baker Middx.
SHEARER John 20 Farm Labourer Orkney
SHEARER Peter 22 Farm Labourer Orkney
SINCLAIR Peter McG. 23 Blacksmith Forfarshire
SMITH Robert 23 Ploughman Aberdeenshire
SWANEY John 24 Farm Labourer Orkney
VAUGHAN Augustus 18 Labourer Gloucesershire
WALLACE John 22 Ploughman Fermanagh
WILLIAMS Edmund 27 Farm Labourer - first man Montgomeryshire

Single Women

ABBOTT Anne E 18 Cook Yorkshire
BAINES Clara L 23 Genl. Servant Kent
BATTLEY Elizabeth 27 Genl. Servant Norfolk
BECKINGHAM Harriet 32 Genl. Servant Herts
BECKINGHAM Harriet 8 - -
BENGIE Rachel 21 Cook Wiltshire
BOLITHO Mary 17 Genl. Servant Cornwall
BORRETT Mary A 35 Lace Maker Middlesex
BORRETT Sarah Ann 15 Genl. Servant Middlesex
BRENNING Charlotte 35 Matron to Ship Middlesex
BRITTON Fanny 18 Genl. Servant Somersetshire
BRODIE Jessie 19 Dairy Maid Orkney
BROSNAHAN Honora 17 Dairy Maid Kerry
BUSHNELL Emily 22 Housemaid Middlesex
CONNOR Mary 18 Dairy Maid Kerry
CRACKLES Eliza 20 Genl. Servant Essex
DASH Elizabeth 44 Nurse Hampshire
DASH Louisa 21 Genl. Servant Hampshire
DASH Agnes 19 Genl. Servant Hampshire
DAVIDSON Mary 23 Genl. Servant Donegal
DONNELLY Mary A 20 Genl. Servant Tyrone
DOUGLAS Ellen 15 Genl. Servant Middlesex
DOUGLAS Josephine 17 Genl. Servant Middlesex
DUNN Ann 25 Laundress Sussex
ELDER Margaret 32 Housemaid Scotland
ELLIS Esther 25 Cook Middlesex
FERGUSON Kate 20 Genl. Servant Ayrshire
GANNON Anne 26 Genl. Servant Middlesex
GRANT Eliza 20 Genl. Servant Norfolk
GREY Eliza 30 Genl. Servant Clare
HIGGINS Charlotte 28 Nurse Middx
HILLON Rose Ann 40 Housekeeper Fermanagh
JOHNSON Amelia 27 Housemaid Middlesex
JONES Mary 25 Housemaid Montgomeryshire
JONES Jane 20 Genl. Servant Montgomeryshire
JONES Martha 26 Cook Montgomeryshire
LARGE Elizth. A 66 Upholstress Somersetshire
MALLY Honora 16 Dairy Maid Galway
MALLY Catherine 14 - - Galway
McMAHON Ann 28 Genl. Servant Tyrone
McMAHON Margt. 26 Genl. Servant Tyrone
McSURGAN Alice 17 Dairy Maid Tyrone
McSURGAN Margaret 19 Dairy Maid Tyrone
MOORE Sarah 23 Genl. Servant Armagh
MORGAN Amelia 19 Housemaid Gloucestershire
MOSS Eliza 43 Housekeeper Middlesex
PENLINGTON Ann 25 Cook Middlesex
REED Charlotte 28 Housemaid - -
REEDER Mary A 21 Genl. Servant Suffolk
RICH Hannah 21 Cook Kent
RICKARD Mary J 17 Genl. Servant Cornwall
RINGHAM Eliza 27 Genl. Servant Rutlandshire
SHARROCK Mary J 17 Genl. Servant Cornwall
SMITH Elizabeth 15 Genl. Servant France
STIRLING Selina E 19 Genl. Servant Essex
TESTER Emma A 23 Genl. Servant Kent
WAIN Elizabeth 19 Genl. Servant Kent

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