The VICTORY departed the Clyde on 24 April, 1863 and arrived at Port Chalmers on 12 July, 1863 with Captain William Gibbons in command.


Otago Daily Times , 9 July 1863, Page 4


The following is a list, of assisted emigrants per ship Victory, from Glasgow on 24th April, 1863:--

Margaret Barr

Agnes Barr

Janet Wilson

Jane Telfer

lsa Atchison

Margaret Leash

Janet McGrigor

Isa Philips

Isa Henderson

Agnes Barber

Malcolm Campbell

Catherine Campbell

Mary Campbell

Charlotte Paton

Elizabeth Speed

Elizabeth Rodger

Catherine Rodger

Margaret McGavin

Jane Elder

Helen Elder

Donaldina Elder

Catherine McLaren

Isa Watson

Elizabeth McLean

Jane Shearer

Mary Booth

Isabella Booth

Elizabeth Millar

Mrs Whyte

John Whyte

Mary Whyte

Grace Stewart

James Morrison

Susan Millar

Catherine Wilson

Archibald Kennedy

Mrs Janet Kennedy

John S Kennedy

Annie Paul

Agnes Anderson

James Anderson

Janet Bruce

Mary Dixon

Sarah Dixon

John Dixon

Jane Dixon

Thomas Dixon

Jane Dixon

James Dixon

Elizabeth Horsburgh

Euphemia Craig

Mary Jameson

Agnes Fry

Margaret McColl

Sarah Graham

Agnes Biggars

Margaret Stirling

James Reid

Isabella Reid

Mary Dallas

Christina McRae

Mary Crawford

Janet Donaldson

Mary Stewart

Michael Barrett

Mary Barrett

Bridget Barrett

Eliza Barrett

Maria Barrett

Thomas Barrett

Isabella Ross

John Crosier

Ross Crosier

Jane Dunwoody

Mary Dunwoody

Mary Ann Dunwoody

Andrew Dunwoody

Jemima Forbes

Creely Mary

Margaret Millar

Eliza Duncan

Jane Clough

Alexander Whyte

Mrs Whyte

Elizabeth Whyte

James Whyte

Peter Whyte

Alexander Whyte

Mary Ann Whyte

William Whyte

Ann McDonald

Helen Baillie

Elizabeth Saunders

Helen Morris

Jeannie Binnie

Helen Smart

Susanna Burton

Rebecca McCarter

Mary McCarter

Elizabeth McCarter

Mary McNaughton

Margaret Hart

Barbara Garden

Jane Currie

Ann Currie

Robert Morton

Ann Morton

William Morton

John Morton

Agnes Morton

Mary Morton

Jessie Morton

Robert Morton

Isabella Morton

Ann Morton

William McDonald

Agnes McDonald

Mary McDonald

James McDonald

Agnes McDonald

Jane McBeath

Mary Gillis

Mary Wighton

Catherine Gillies

Margaret Cavan

Jane Baxter

Catherine Hay

Euphemia Currie

Robert Baird

Mrs Margaret Baird

Margaret Baird

Jessie Baird

Andrew Stevenson

Elizabeth Stewart

Mrs Mason

Jane Mason

Isabella Mason

Wilhemina Mason

Grace Bryson

James Yorston

Jane Dove

Jane Suttie

Mrs Marion Muir

James Muir

Elizabeth Muir

Euphemia Muir

Christina Muir

Margaret Muir

John Spiers

Jane Spiers

Margaret McVicar

Jessie Barty

Mary A Milligan

James Walker

James Kay

Mrs Jessie Kay

John Kay

Margaret Jane Kay

Andrew A Kay

Mary Beamount

Jane McFall

Agnes Milligan

Margaret Hoghny

Gibson Young

Mrs Janet Young

Marion Young

Margaret Youug

Maria Philips

James Allison

Wm Lotimer

Mrs Elizabeth Lotimer

George Lotimer

William R Lotimer

Robert B Lotimer

Catherine Kane

Margaret Naismith

Jemima Murison

Isabella Murison

Sarah Campbell

William McKinlay

John Reid

Sarah Reid

Thomas Reid

Agnes Reid

John Reid

Janet Oliver

John Kane

Mrs Margaret Kane

Esther Kane

Mary Kane

Margaret Kane

Susan Turney.


Otago Daily Times , 13 July 1863, Page 4



Per Victory, from Glasgow:

Mr Henderson and family

Mr Allan Hall

Mr James Forrest

Mr R. B. Gibbings

Eleanor J. Robertson

Catherine Dixon


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