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Hello fellow Internet user, my name is GAVIN PETRIE, welcome to my home page.
I'm very glad that you made it this far.


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My Background

I was born in Palmerston North in the North Island of New Zealand during the time of the second world war. At the end of the war my family moved to Hawera in South Taranaki, where I attended the Hawera and Ramanui Primary Schools. I did my secondary education at the Hawera Technical High School, as it was known then. In 1959 I moved to Wellington and started work with the NZ Post Office as a Radio Technician. At present I am retired and live in the city of Hamilton, which has a population of about 180,000.

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My Interests

Amateur Radio
Immigrant Ships to New Zealand - 1835 to 1910     Update 
Rotary International  
Shipping - (Non Immigrant) 
Ships Outside the Scope of my Main Database

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     ISTG - Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild



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