Ships To Napier - 1835 to 1910

Between 1835 and 1910

Port of Napier

Ship Port Dep Sailed Port Arr Arrived Days Captain Notes Passenger
Other Details
Rakaia Plymouth 30-May-1879 Napier
This list has passengers for Napier Go to URL
Gainsborough Plymouth 03-Nov-1877 Napier
. J Carter Passengers for Hawkes Bay Go to URL
George Canning London 28-Sep-1862 Napier 17-Mar-1863 . F M Harris via Nelson

Earl of Winsor Gravesend 07-Nov-1892 Napier 27-May-1863 . David Dick via Wellington

Royal Bride Gravesend 09-Jan-1863 Napier 10-Jun-1863 . Laker via Auckland. Passengers - Mr & Mrs Heckler.

Affiance London 11-Jun-1863 Napier 30-Nov-1863 172 Simpson via Wellington. Wrecked 1867 in Fitzroy Bay near Wellington.

Rangoon London 26-Nov-1863 Napier 23-Jul-1864 . Pearman Did not leave Gravesend until 4 Dec 1863, due to collision. Go to URL
Strathallan London 21-Jul-1864 Napier 24-Nov-1864 110 I Paddle . Go to URL
Strathallan London 30-Aug-1865 Napier 17-Dec-1865 109 I Paddle 6 saloon, 4 second and 17 steerage passengers Go to URL

Strathallan London 18-Aug-1866 Napier 02-Dec-1866 105 I Paddle . Go to URL
Montmorency Gravesend 08-Dec-1866 Napier 24-Mar-1867 . MacKenzie . Go to URL Another List
Echunga London 03-May-1867 Napier 16-Dec-1867 . Knight Wrecked Napier 3 Feb 1868.

Henry Miller London 22-Jun-1868 Napier 20-Oct-1868 . Dickson .

R T Turnbull London 02-Jul-1869 Napier 09-Nov-1869 . Cumming .
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Celaeno London 02-Nov-1871 Napier 02-Feb-1872 . C H Renaut via Wellington Go to URL
Ballarat Gravesend 13-Jun-1872 Napier 15-Sep-1872 92 Grant 279 passengers, including 59 Danes. Go to URL Danish Passengers
Chile London 12-Sep-1872 Napier 29-Dec-1872 108 Burch . Go to URL
Douglas London 14-Jun-1873 Napier 25-Sep-1873 . Wilson .

Queen of the North London 21-Oct-1873 Napier 02-Feb-1874 104 Montgomery Brought out 186 immigrants Go to URL
Invererne London 21-Nov-1873 Napier 08-Mar-1874 107 Foreman . Go to URL
Schiehallion London 11-Feb-1874 Napier 26-May-1874 97 John Levack . Go to URL
Halcione Gravesend 24-Mar-1874 Napier 06-Jul-1874 105 J E Croker Brought out 337 immigrants. Partial passenger list. Go to URL
Winchester London 03-May-1874 Napier 27-Jul-1874 84 Arnold Arrived with 430 passengers Go to URL
Queen Bee London 20-Jun-1874 Napier 16-Oct-1874 115 Burch Brought out a 'few' passengers

Helen Denny London 28-Jul-1874 Napier 22-Oct-1874 86 William Ruthe Brought out 258 immigrants. There were 8 deaths & 7 births. Go to URL
Bebington London 28-Jul-1874 Napier 20-Nov-1874 117 Knight Brought out 318 immigrants Go to URL
Clarence London 24-Sep-1874 Napier 05-Jan-1875 103 Emmett Brought out 324 passengers Go to URL
Hudson London 20-Nov-1874 Napier 12-Feb-1875 97 Trewyn 204 immigrants Go to URL
Countess of Kintore London 18-Mar-1875 Napier 08-Jun-1875 82 Braddick . Go to URL
John Norman London 05-Jan-1875 Napier 11-Jun-1875 153 . .

Helen Denny Plymouth 27-Jun-1875 Napier 20-Sep-1875 85 William Ruthe Brought out 259 immigrants. Go to URL
Inverness London 21-Aug-1875 Napier 28-Nov-1875 99 Courtney Arrived with 105 immigrants. Go to URL
Hudson Gravesend 23-Oct-1875 Napier 11-Feb-1876 111 G G Colville Brought out 206 immigrants Go to URL
Madeline London 03-Jan-1876 Napier 18-Apr-1876 . Morrin .

Inverness London 21-Jul-1876 Napier 29-Oct-1876 100 . . Go to URL
Waitara London 10-Sep-1876 Napier 16-Dec-1876 92 Warren F Caborne . Go to URL
Fernglen London 09-Dec-1876 Napier 20-Mar-1877 101 Walter Fraser (Frater) 228 passengers Go to URL
Mataura London 12-Aug-1877 Napier 09-Nov-1877 94 Alex Brown 110 immigrants Go to URL
Langstone London 16-Jun-1877 Napier 03-Dec-1877 . Parker via Gisborne

Renfrewshire London 29-Sep-1877 Napier 04-Jan-1878 97 Beattie Proceeded to Wellington Go to URL
City of Auckland London 25-Jul-1878 Napier 22-Oct-1878 89 George Ralls Wrecked near the Otaki river on 22nd Oct. All 256 Govt. passengers were rescued. Was bound for Napier. Go to URL
Adamant London 20-Sep-1878 Napier 11-Jan-1879 105 Thomas Bowling via Plymouth, where it left on 28/9/1878. The link is to a 'partial' passenger list ONLY. Go to URL
Warwick London 30-Nov-1878 Napier 26-Feb-1879 . Seaton . Go to URL
Mendoza Liverpool 22-Dec-1878 Napier 26-Feb-1879 . Howeson Passengers - Mrs Howeson, Mr Charles Stewart & Archibald Blair

Hudson Plymouth 21-Nov-1878 Napier 14-Mar-1879 . G G Colville . Go to URL
Celaeno London 05-Feb-1879 Napier 27-Jun-1879 142 Payne .

May Queen London 07-Aug-1879 Napier 07-Nov-1879 90 R Tatchell Carried 205 immigrants Go to URL
Mercia London 07-Nov-1880 Napier 21-Feb-1881 . T Mosey Brought cargo only

Loch Cree London 08-Sep-1885 Napier 29-Dec-1885 112 John Jones .

Laira London 28-Jun-1886 Napier 11-Oct-1886 105 Thow .

Arawa Plymouth 09-Oct-1886 Napier 21-Dec-1886 . John Stuart via Port Chalmers with passengers for Napier.

Asterion London 04-Sep-1886 Napier 05-Jan-1887 94 Collingwood .

Prince of Wales London
Napier 26-Oct-1889 124 Cumming No passengers

Lochnagar London 06-Aug-1889 Napier 14-Dec-1889 130 Sinclair No passengers

Lochnagar London 19-Sep-1890 Napier 14-Jan-1891 112 Gasson .

Pleiades London 29-Nov-1890 Napier 27-Feb-1891 90 A Moreton No passengers

Akaroa London 05-Aug-1893 Napier 13-Nov-1893 100 A J Murray Passenger - Mrs Murray

Soukar London 12-Aug-1893 Napier 10-Dec-1893 . Carden .

Margaret Galbraith London 14-Sep-1894 Napier 15-Jan-1895 123 John Collingwood .

Canterbury London 28-Aug-1895 Napier 24-Dec-1895 117 Cuthbert via Port Chalmers

Rangitiki London 12-Oct-1895 Napier 13-Jan-1896 97 Pottinger .

Indraghiri London 03-Jun-1899 Napier 20-Aug-1899 . G M Harwood via Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland & Gisborne

Indradevi London 30-Jun-1901 Napier 27-Sep-1901 . T Trotter via Auckland; Passenger - Mr F Burnside

Star of Japan London 24-Sep-1907 Napier 09-Dec-1907 . Wyatt via Auckland, then proceeded to Wellington

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