North American Tour ca 1885

North American Tour
ca 1885

Can you identify these places or these people?

Click the image and/or the text link for an enlarged detail (not all photos), or the photographer image at the bottom for the next picture.

Based on "best guess" estimates based on dress, the wooden box camera in evidence in a few photos, etc., this family group tour occurred about 1885.

The photos were grouped, four to a page as shown here, 32 pages in all. All images are round, three inches in diameter, printed on photographic paper about four inches square. Then they were mounted on 1/16" (2 mm) thick heavy maroon cardstock with bevelled gold edges and gold lines around each photo. The whole backboard is larger than the scanner bed; there are one inch wide margins outside the photo paper edges.

Not all the photos have been reproduced in this website. Mostly, I've chosen those of people and hopefully, identifiable landmarks, objects and places.   Some of the views not included are of orange groves and tropical plants and gardens. Others are of flat dry plains of cattle against a backdrop of mountains, or boreal forest climbing steep mountainsides.

Ramona has written to say she thinks some of the photos look like the area around Galveston TX, and up into West Texas, Colorado and Wyoming. Please feel free to send your comments and make sure to "cut and paste" the appropriate URL into your message.

There is at least some damage to most of the photos; scrapes and scratches, spots of something that may be mold. Some photos are in poor condition due to being left exposed to light for a long time. They're dirty and many have been water-spotted, the backboards chipped and their corners broken.   They need proper care and storage, and I'll be looking into having this done shortly.

They have taken on various degrees of sepia-toning with age, but I scanned them in black and white to reduce file size, better used for higher quality images at a higher resolution.

In the meantime, if you have some idea about the identity of the people or places, please email me using the link below. Ensure you copy the URL of the page in question into the body of the message.

You have two choices for viewing the photographs. You can click the photographer to follow the path I've set up, with clearer images about the same size or slightly larger than the originals, or you can skim through a series of pages of six 1"x 1" thumbnails that link to the same pages.

First photo

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