Unk Cooper
Unk Cooper
Unk Cooper
01  (F):
Tacy Cooper
27 Sep 1609 (1)
after 1688 in Newport, Newport, RI, USA
Samuel Hubbard
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Unk Cooper:


Before removing with her parents to the valley of the Connecticut River, Tacy Cooper lived at Dorchester, and was a member of the church at Dorchester.

  1. Franklin Dexter, The Literary Diary of Ezra Stiles, 3 (New York, NY: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1901), 3: 82.
    Quality: 3.

    A singular Gravestone.


    Samuel Hubbard aged 10 of May 78 yeres
    Ovld Tase Hubbard aged the 27 Sep 79 yeres
    and 7 mons 4 Jen. maryed 51 yeres
    1688 14 Vpsal 4, God have given us 7
    children 4 ded 3 living
    Ruth Burdick 11. I ded 10 living
    Rachel Langworthy had 10 children
    3 ded 7 living Bethiah Clark 9 living
    Great Grand children
    Naomi B Rogers 1 ded 4 alyfe
    Ruth B Phillipes 1 ded 4 alyfe
    Judah C Maxson
    Thomas Burd

    ["I took this inscription off a Gravestone in a family burying place on Bp Berkleys White Hall farm on Rh. Isld about A. D. 1763. Collector Robinson bought the Lease about 1765 and demolished the Gravestones & put them into Wall: so that all is lost. From a loose paper which I wrote 1763 I now copy here. This Sam' Hubbd was a Baptist Teacher- settled at Newp' about 1648, and made this Eben. 1688. Intricate as it seems, more is contained on this stone than can be given in others Words in so small a space. I think 1688 must be a year common to 4 dates. I shd suppose the stone erected Sep. 27, 1688 when the Wife was set. 79. & 7. m° and M' Hubbd was set. 78. on 1o May that year ; and on 4 Jany. that year they had been married 51 years. The 14 Vpsal 4 is 145"' Psalm & 4th v, one gener" shall praise thy works to another. The B and C I think a beautiful way of expressing lineal Descents. Thus Naomi B Rogers I take to be Naomi Burdick who married Rogers - so Judah Maxson was the Daughter of Bethiah Clark, & it will be read Judah Clark Maxson"]

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