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SEIBER - - Phillip Seiber & His Descendants

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Among the Seiber descendants, of which there are many, there is much concern about Phillip Seiber. He appears to be the immigrant anscestor coming from Germany. Common thinking is that he settled first in Maryland before establishing himself in Anderson County, Tennessee by the early 1800's.

My line came north to southern and central Illinois via Muhlenberg County, Kentucky shortly after the Civil War.

There are many gaps in my research and I don't pretend to have all the answers but here is what I have gathered (myself and from others) nonetheless. Again...there are bound to be many mistakes and I hope no one gets upset when they find them.

This report was posted quickly and has NOT been thoroughly checked.

My findings on PHILLIP SEIBER and his descendants.

Note: There are bound to be many errors. Please send me corrections, additions, comments, etc.

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