America's Most Beautiful CCC District
Ninth Corps Area Medford District

When President Franklin Roosevelt set into motion the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1933, approximately 300,000 young men were mobilized in 1,500 camps across the nation. It was under the direction of General Douglas McArthur in outlining the broad program, according to the Medford District 1938 Annual publication.

            Regardless of their origin, whether from city or farm, coal-mining country or cotton belt, all men benefited in having stronger muscles, healthier minds and a broader vision. All returned home at the end of their CCC life with a new and finer appreciation of the country, according to pages in the book.

            In return for the experience, the men of the CCC’s left the great forests and parks, grazing lands and irrigated deserts better equipped and developed for the benefit of the American public which owns them, according to the Ninth Corps Annual published in 1938.

            The Ninth Corp was home to many individual camps as well as “spike” camps from Red Bluff and Susanville in the south to Bend and Eugene to the north.  Medford became the Headquarters and celebrated the third anniversary of the district with the publication of an Annual Photo and History of all the camps in the District in 1938.

Ninth District Camps and locations in 1938

 468th Camp Prescott, Medford, Or.

503rd Camp Silver Lake, Silver Lake, Or.

919th Camp Salt Creek, Pollock, CA., north of Redding

920th Camp Orleans, Orleans, CA.

922nd Camp Oak Knoll, Klamath River, CA.

966th Camp Bly, Bly, Or.

978th Camp Sims, Hazel Creek, Ca. near Castella

996th Camp Big Bar, Big Bar, CA. near Weaverville

1510th Camp South Fork Rogue River, Butte Falls, Or.

1534th Camp Sitkum, Sitkum, Or. near Myrtle Point

1578th Camp Tule Lake, Merrill, Or.

1905th Camp Hawkins Bar, Burnt Ranch, CA.

1910th Camp Seiad, Seiad Valley, CA.

2904th Camp South Umpqua Falls, Tiller, Or.

3223rd Camp Juniper Flats, Likely, CA.

3431st Camp Gunter, Drain, Or.

3442 Camp Hart Mountain, Plush, Or.

3450th Camp Steamboat, Idleyld Park, Or.

3507th Camp Lava Beds, Merrill, Oregon

3558th Camp McKinley, McKinley, Or.

3854th Camp Peanut, Hayfork, CA.

5436th Camp Coos Head, Charleston, Or.

5438th Camp Hackamore, Canby, CA.

5443rd Camp China Flats, Powers, Or.

5445th Camp Big Springs, Glenburn, CA.

5453rd Camp Wimer, Rogue River, Or.

5457th Camp Bonanza, Bonanza, Or.

5463rd Camp Applegate, Ruch, Or.

5470th Camp Klamath, Merrill, Or.

5478th Camp Gasquet, Crescent City, CA.

5483rd Camp Oregon Caves, Kerby, Or.

5484th Camp Rand, Galice, Or.

5486th Camp Clear Lake, Tule Lake, CA.


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