CCC Camps

Civilian Conservation Corps 1938
5463rd Company, Camp Applegate
Ruch, Oregon

(taken from a 1938 yearbook owned by Hazel Gendron)

(Pictures at the bottom)

Names History
Aggerton, Charles E.
Algyer, Lelwyn C.
Allen, James L.
Alvis, Robert
Anderson, Dan
Anderson, Lonnie B.
Barnhart, H.
Beavers, Elisha
Benbow, W. E.
Bloodsworth, Thomas
Bradley, Ceyphus
Brown, Russell
Bruce, Benny
Burdette, James C.
Burgess, Franklin
Burke, Jimmie
Burkett, William A.
Busby, Monroe
Callihan, Mark
Carroll, Tammell
Carter, Curtis
Causey, Erma P.
Chastain, Harry
Cobb, John C.
Davenport, Fred
Dison, Alvin
Dowell, Robert
Dunlap, Floyd H.
Fair, Winfred
Faircloth, Harvey
Few, John W.
Flowers, Nimmy
Fulton, Ralph
Gayton, William H.
Glover, Glenn
Grady, Pennington
Guttery, Fred B.
Hallmark, Cecil
Harmon, Willard
Hayes, Clifford P.
Henderson, Herdie
Herndon, John E.
Herring, R. L.
Holly, James T.
Hopkins, Edward
Hughes, Buster
Ice, George
Ingram, Howard
Johnson, Hoyt P.
Jones, Coy
Jones, Woodrow
Kendall, Cecil D.
Kilgore, James C.
King, Olen
King, Woodrow
Kinnaird, Robert
Kirk, Charles
Lee, Burl
Love, J. D.
Lucas, Harvey L.
Martin, H. A.
Martin, Joel
McCullers, Junior
McDowell, Walter C.
Merritt, James C.
Mills, D. C.
Millwood, Gus
Nipper, Leroy
Nunley, Gordon
Odom, Hue
Oliver, J. W.
Perry, Bruce
Pope, James L.
Rainwater, Raymond R.
Randolph, Welchell
Rich, William A.
Richards, Howard
Rollings, E. B.
Rose, Edgar M.
Scott, Herbert L.
Seals, James A.
Sikes, John D.
Slagle, Fred C.
Smith, Felder E.
Smith, Floyd G.
Son, Andrew L.
Sosebee, Grady A.
Stephenson, David B.
Stevenson, David B.
Straw, Payne
Sullivan, L. W.
Sunday, Rufus C.
Thomas, Willie Frank
Trawick, Paul
Warren, Wilford L.
Weaver, William W.
White, W.
Williams, Earnest
Williamson, Boyce
Williamson, Marcus
Wimberley, Windell E.
Wyers, Hubert
Yohn, Issac
 Company 5463 was organized at Fort McClellan, Alabama, on May 15, 1936, but it was not until May 28, 1936, that the company left for the Fort for Promised Land Lake, Pennsylvania, under the guidance of Capt. Owen James. The company was to replace the old 337th Company which was disbanded. It was a cold Memorial Day morning when the original 147 enrollees arrived at Greentown, Pennsylvania. Lieut. Fred C. Slagle arrived in camp on the following day.

 Immediately after arriving the company started numerous projects for the improvement of the camp site. One of the largest and most outstanding features of the camp was the construction of a large recreational hall under the guidance of Capt. C. Douglas Andrews. New walks were installed, additions added to the kitchen, the barracks were renovated and put in first-class condition, the mess hall was given several coats of paint, and the hospital was repaired and put in first-class condition. From the poorest camp in the district, the camp in a short space of time became one of the most outstanding.

 On November 1, 1936, Capt. Owen James was relieved by Capt. Vincent Moore, who commanded the Company until April 1, 1937, when Lieut. Fred C. Slagle took over the command of the company. Lieut. Fred C. Slagle has thus been with the company practically since it existed. On October 1, 1937, orders were given for the company to move to Oregon. 

 Previous to departure Lieut. John Wallace Page became the Junior Officer, replacing Lieut. Toney Giorlando. On October 9 the company embarked for Ruch, Oregon, whose railhead was Medford, Oregon, arriving there on October 14th to replace Company 2702 which was being disbanded. Both companies occupied the camp site, Camp Applegate F-41, until October 15th when the old company was transferred to various parts of the Fort Lewis District, in the State of Washington.

 The company has always taken an active part in education and much as done in the Promised Land, but upon arriving in Oregon renewed interest was taken in this field. Several advantage and opportunities presents themselves in operating various kinds of machinery and in the construction of roads and in developing one of the famous camp centers of the Rogue River national forest at the McKee Camp Ground. Along with job training emphasis was placed upon leisure time instruction which was given under the well-trained supervision of the technical foreman. In academic lines the camp educational adviser has made it possible for each enrollee to graduate from the Jackson County Schools.

 The camp paper in the Promised Land was the Promised Lander and has always received national recognition for its well published sheet. Upon coming to Camp Applegate, Oregon the name was changed to the Cascadian which was suggested by the Cascadian stream which flows through the camp site.

 The company has much in front of itself to do as the present camp is one of the oldest in the Ninth Corps Area. However, one of the first things the new company did on arriving was to install a 103-foot single spar flag pole. Other plans for the development are under way and the spirit of the company is to make this camp one of the outstanding ones in the Medford District.

 The present personnel of the company is as follows: Lieut. Fred C. Slagle, Commanding; Lieut. John Wallace Page, Junior Officer; Mr. L. C. Algyer, Camp Educational Adviser; Dr. William R. Hicks, Contract Surgeon; Mr. H. Barnhart, Project Superintendent, Mr. D. C. Mills, Mr. E..E. Benbow, Mr. E. B. Rawlings, Mr. W. I White, Mr. George Ice, Mr. Herbert Martin, Mr. Robert Dowell, Mr. Payne Straw, and Mr. Russell Brown of the Forest Service Technical Service; and Mr. Robert Herring, Junior Assistant Technician.


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