CCC Camps

Civilian Conservation Corps 1938
5457th Company, Camp Bonanza
Bonanza, Oregon

(taken from a 1938 yearbook owned by Hazel Gendron)

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Names History
Alford, Jessie
Batchelor, P. B.
Bean, Jeff
Berry, Dorman
Boggs, Earle
Breshear, Ralph
Brooks, Arthur
Brown, Joe E.
Brown, Joe E.
Bunch, Tommie
Bush, John S.
Bush, Wesley
Chambliss, James R.
Clark, Joe W.
Clark, Joseph E.
Clayton, Gerald
Comalander, Coley B.
Cowart, Woodrow
Cowart, Woodrow
Crawford, Olin J.
Culbertson, Harold H.
Danley, Oscar
Davis, Ravin
Dean, Robert A.
Deer, William T.
Derrick, Homer A.
Dyal, William
Eades, John W.
Eason, James A.
Edmondson, Otis
Edwards, Charles T.
Elliott, Ernest N.
Farmer, Alton
Fitzpatrick, Frank C.
Franklin, Malion J.
Frick, Robert E.
Gibson, Legrande
Gilmore, Gerald E.
Goldman, George
Graham, James W.
Grant, James
Graves, James
Green, Berry C.
Gregory, Fred
Griner, Wesley
Hall, Sloan A.
Hall, Ulysses D.
Hammett, M. B.
Harden, James
Henderson, Fred E.
Hendrix, Greer
Hendrix, Greer
Hendrix, William
Henson, Francis B.
Hill, James
Hillis, Rasmus
Hines, William
Howell, Clawrence
Huddleston, Gerald E.
Huffstetler, Harold
Hughes, Manley
Hulion, John D.
Johnson, James W.
Joiner, Linton
Kelly, Cleveland O.
Kelly, James W,
Kelly, Oliver J.
Lariscy, Bernard
Lim, Howard
Love, Floyd E.
Lowrey, Albert
Lynch, Walker
Mann, Richard A.
Manning, Joel
Martin, Charlie G.
Martin, Charlie G.
McCullers, Marvin L.
McGowan, Edgar
McGowan, Edgar
McMahan, Evans
Metts, Julius C.
Mobley, Howard E.
Moss, William M.
Neal, James
Nelson, Roy I.
Nethery, Samuel C.
Norwood, Howard
Norwood, William D.
Odum, Wilbert
Owens, James
Peters, Seaborn F.
Pope, Charles 
Powell, Henry
Pressley, Ernest
Ray, Samuel
Rhoden, Bartow
Riley, Victor T.
Rogers, John R.
Sanders, Claude
Sapp, Emmett C.
Simpson, James E.
Smith, Harold
Smith, Robert W.
Smith, Thomas
Sowell, Sidney J.
Stahl, Clyde S.
Stamps, Rufus
Stone, Roy
Sullivan, Richard
Summers, William
Swader, Stanley
Thompson, Harrell
Tucker, Cleo W.
Vickery, Garnett
Ward, Lamar E.
Watson, Robert S.
Weed, Willie H.
Wilson, Gaston W.
Wilson, LeRoy R.
York, Elijah M.
 The 5457th Company, CCC, was the third company organized in May, 1936, at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, for transfer to the Third Corps Area.

 On May 9th, 10 members were transferred to Fort Bragg as the nucleus for this company. On May 15th, 162 new enrollees were processed and grouped in the area that became the company street. Lieut. Gardiner was briefly in charge of the entire group until Capt. Lightsey took over the remainder of the conditioning period. Lieut. Jesse M. Huggins was assigned to the company along with Capt. Hardy on the 18th of May. On May 20th, Capt. Ferguson took over command to be relieved by Capt. Cauthen on May 26, 1936.

 The official date of organization of the company was May 21, 1936, when a separate mess was started. On May 27 at 7:00 p.m., the company entrained for Glen Rock, Pa., arriving at 10:00 a.m. May 38th, 1936. Upon arrival the staff was added to when Mr. Paul B. Bordner, Educational Adviser for Company 2318 which had been located here, and Dr. J. Stuart Seizt, Contract Surgeon, were assigned to the company. A cadre of Company 2318 helped the company get located and start life in Glen Rock. The Commanding Officer was Capt. William A. Cauthen and Lieut. Jess M. Huggins, Junior Officers.

 Capt. William A. Cauthen was ordered back to duty in the Fourth Corps Area on June 5, 1936, and Lieut. Henry M. Fussell, Jr. was temporarily in command until the arrival of Capt. Milton B. Thweatt on June 19 1936. Lieut. Edward E. Pierce arrived to replace Lieut. Jess M. Huggins, who retired to civilian status on July 13, 1936. Lieut. Gabriel Zelesnick, the Medical Officer, arrived on July 18, 1936. Upon the completion of his tour of duty, Capt. Thweatt retired and Capt. James R. Chambliss, Jr. replaced him on October 23, 1936.

 Campo ScS-7Pa. is a soil conservation camp located in York County, Pennsylvania, the heart of the finest agricultural district in the entire country. The farmers are of Pennsylvania German extraction and are prosperous and thrifty. The land is hilly and fertile. Years of farming have caused some of the land to wash but the fertility remains and the men there to protect it.

 The men of this company participated in the Sub-District No. 5 Baseball League during the summer and made the best record of any of the Fourth Corps companies. Winter sports are swimming, basketball, volleyball, boxing and apparatus work. All of these sports are under the direction of WPA supervisors and are participated in at the York Y.M.C.A.

 In October, 1937, the company moved across the United States into Medford District of the Ninth Corps Area, arriving in Camp Bonanza, DG-23, Bonanza, Oregon, on October 12, 1937. Commanding Officer, Capt. James R. Chambliss, Jr., was in command of the troop train during this trip. Upon arrival the company strength was 130 men and in about a week 72 additional men arrived from Florida. Crowded conditions prevailed for another week, when on October 29, 40 men were transferred to various camps in the Medford District. The company strength then became 166 men.

 Reorganization of the camp soon was completed and all were happy in the new location.
The infirmary and kitchen were remodeled and a large electric dishwasher was installed. Three pool tables and large boxing rings were added to the recreational hall.

 Much hunting and fishing were near at hand with game in abundance. Outdoor sports, tennis, golf, horse-back riding, swimming, and baseball prevailed.

 Educational opportunities were exceptional and unusual interest was manifest in typing, equitation, academic subjects, wood-working, leather-tooling, photography, surveying, string band, basketball, and other subjects.

 During the ensuing winter much attention in the company was attracted by a string band of CCC boys, which furnished excellent entertainment and in addition, each Tuesday, this band broadcast over station KFJI, Klamath Falls Radio Broadcast Station, Klamath Falls, Oregon.

 This being a division of Grazing Camp, the work was new and different from the work in Pennsylvania. Miles of road were constructed, telephone lines and fences were built, highway bridges were built, and considerable work in surveying were done.

 The present staff of Company 5457 follows: James R. Chambliss, Jr., Capt., 309th Cavalry, Commanding Officers; Samuel C. Nethery, Second Lieut. 345th Infantry, Junior Officer; Lieut. Chester R. Smith, Camp Surgeon; Frank C. Fitzpatrick, Educational Adviser; Clyde S. Stahl, Project Superintendent; Foremen: Floyd Love, Jefferson Bean, Robert Dean, Allen Walsh, James Owens, Clarence Howell, Ralph Brasher, Fred Gregory.

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