CCC Camps

Civilian Conservation Corps 1938
5443rd Company Camp China Flats
Powers, Oregon

(taken from a 1938 yearbook owned by Hazel Gendron)

(Pictures at the bottom)

Names History
Ausbura, John H.
Bagents, Word
Baker, John
Barklow, Walter
Bateman, Voylee
Bradley, Arthur
Brandon, Floyd
Braswell, Everett
Bulman, Glover
Busch, Ralph O.
Carter, Sanford
Chaistain, Marshall
Church, Verne V.
Clark, J. B.
Cochran, Hoyt
Collins, Roy
Colson, Richard
Corn, Merlett
Cruce, Francis
Dawsey, James W.
Dingler, Melvin
Durden, Ernest
East, Titus
Fain, Osco
Fernandez, Chester
Foust, Lowell
Freier, Rudolph
Gaines, Clyde
Gamble, John
Giles, William
Goodson, Pau
Greene, Arnold
Griffis, Screven
Handrop, Jack
Hannah, Clarence
Helton, William
Hewett, Ralph
Hinrichs, Frederick
Honea, Furman
Hood, Louis
Hudson, Hoyt
Hudson, Quinton
Hulvey, Virgil
Hunter, Milton
Jones, Rupert
Keeler, Oran D.
KIinser, William
Lacey, Morris
Langford, Taylor
Lasseter, William
Lawrence, Richard
Lee, James
Lindsey, Richard
Lukers, John
Malone, Lonnie
Mann, Stephen
Mason, Edward
McBurnette, Joseph
McGhee, John
McKeehen, Charles
McKibben, Joseph
Mears, Andrew
Mitchell, Walter
Murphy, Lawrence
Newell, Randolph
Nicholson, Dewey
Norris, E.
Opstedal, Joseph A.
Osteen, Charles
Paulk, Thelma
Perry, John Jr.
Peters, Joseph
Peters, Raymond
Pilgrim, Isiac
Pinyan, Hugh
Ponder, Thomas
Poole, George
Potter, Lawrence N.
Rackford, Fletcher
Radford, Curtis
Raines, Ben
Ramsey, Clay
Rawls, James
Robinson, Charles B.
Schildmeyer, Lloyd
Schmidt, George C.
Sellers, ?
Sherk, Thomas W.
Shiver, Louis
Shook, Boyd
Shook, Boyd
Stewart, Oscar
Story, William
Stringer, C. B.
Stroud, Reece
Sumner, William
Swilley, Elmer
Tanner, Glenn
Taylor, Robert
Thompson, William
Tomlin, George
Turner, Truman
Underwood, Douglas
Valentine, Calvin
Varnes, Ellis M.
Vaughn, Allen
Walker, Halton
Wallace, William
Walton, Paul
Welch, Richard
Wheeler, James
Williams, Preston
Woods, Charlie
Woods, Herman
 It was on the morning of May 10, 1936, that the advanced cadre, which was to later form Company 5443, received the call to Fort Oglethorpe, Gas. Where they met a group of rookies enrolled from Florida and Georgia. Here the rookies were inoculated and conditioned for service.

 On the 12th day of may, Capt. Charles B. Robinson, Inf.-Res., reported for duty at Fort Oglethorpe, Gs., formerly on duty in Louisiana, and assumed command of Company 5443, also 1st Lieut. A. J. Bird, Jr., AC-Res., who remained second in command for the first six months. Relieved by 1st Lieut. John Perry, Jr., Inf.-Res, an electrical engineer, who assumed duty October 28, 1936.

 The 5443rd Company left Fort Oglethorpe at five P.M. May 25, 1936, en route for Big Stone Gap, Virginia, and arrived at five 0’clock A.M. on May 26, 1936. It was a cold and untempered morning, or so thought the rookies. The company was one of the few Fourth Corps Area groups to come to the Third Corps Area at that early date.

 The company arrived at Camp John Fox, Jr., an old camp somewhat dilapidated, hungry after the long houses on the train passing through the mountains of Tennessee and Virginia. Camp John Fox Jr. was named in honor of John Fox, Jr. who lived in Big Stone Gap, Virginia at the time of his death in 1919, the author of many mountain stories, such as the “Trail of the Lonesome Pine,” etc.

 The company while in Big Stone Gap repaired the camp until it was an outstanding company in Third Corps Area. Work on the projects consisted mainly of road building, located on private land.

 The company departed from Big Stone Gap, Virginia, for Marshfield, Oregon on October 8, 1937, travelling over some of the most scenic country in the U. S. A. The company arrived in Marshfield about 7:00 P. M. October 14, 1937, where it was met by Mr. V. V. Church, Project  Superintendent, and truck drivers of Company 2523, who were at that time occupying Camp China Flats. All company fund property was moved from the railhead during the night. The entire company arrived in camp about 1:00 A. M.

 Work began on the project after about two days of “straightening out”.

 The present staff of Company 5443 as follows: Captain Robinson, Commanding; Capt. Earl V. Andren, Med.-Res., Camp Surgeon; Lieutenant Perry, Junior Officer; Mr. Schmidt, Educational Adviser; Mr. Church, Project Superintendent; Mr. Barklow, Foreman; Clay Ramsey, Locator; L. N. Potter, Mechanic; Stephen Mann, Blacksmith; Schildmeyer, Keeler, Frier, Semi-skilled workmen.


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