CCC Camps

Civilian Conservation Corps 1938
(taken from a 1938 yearbook owned by Hazel Gendron)
5486th Company Camp Clear Lake
Tule Lake, CA.

(Pictures at the bottom)
Names History
Adams, Arley J. Jr.
Askins, Joe E.
Barnfus, Gordon
Barr, Ben D.
Barton, Coy
Bazzle, Haraold J.
Benton, James B. Jr.
Bloomingburg, James
Boothe, James P.
Buchan, Woodrow W.
Buras, John
Carter, Frank E.
Casey, James
Cater, James A.
Chambers, Jasper E.
Chavis, Louie
Clareke, Ransom
Coates, James P.
Collins, Edgar L.
Cook, Winifred L.
Craig, Leo
Davis, Fionley W.
Davis, Glenn L.
Davis, Louis E.
Deese, Horace S.
Denmark, Raythel
Driggers, Eugene
DuBois, Joseph B.
Easley, Earl W.Elsey, Ralph
Emory, Jess
Everett, Frank
Foreman, Jules
Forlaw, John M.
Glenn, Vernon C.
Goss, Carl M.
Gragg, Clyde
Hall, James H.
Hammond, Eldred R.
Harringtton, Jack
Harrison, Burl
Heflin, Gordon
Hendrix, Marvin
Heyward, Holley
Hoard, John
Hodges, Frank
Hooper, Garland
Hutton, Irving H.
Jackson, Clarence
Jackson, Lemuel R.
Jacobs, Morris S.
Jocobs, Wilbur
Jones, James W.L.
Judge, James A.
Judge, Zack
Kennedy, Ralph W.
Kirkland, Sidney
Lambert, Robert W.
Lane, Willie
Langdale, Lucas R.
Lee, Eddie W.
Lee, John H.
Lee, William D.
Leppert, Charlie
Lindsey, Frank W.
Lindsey, Leroy
Lord, Lester L.
Mangrum, Ford E.
Mathis, Ernest
McCall, Lester
McCay, Lewis
McClamma, Sam
McCutcheon, Alvin
McElveen, SilasMcGill, John A.
McGowen, Sam
Meek, George S.
Miller, James R.
Miller, John P.
Mills, Hazel
Mintz, Chester
Mitchell, Cleo
Mixson, Clarence E.
Mize, Louis B.
Moody, James C.
Murdock, Trin L.
Nunn, Hugh R.
Oates, Albert M.
Osborne, Thomas J.
Owens, Thomas E.
Owmans, Lorien
Padgett, Elzie
Palmer, Irby
Pararo, Oliver C.
Pearce, Birley
Pearce, Nathan
Perdue, Colvin
Perryman, Andrew J.
Porter, Earnest
Priester, Owen
Queen, Fred J.
Quick, Daniel Jr.
Rayner, Albert
Revels, Clifton
Rice, James K.
Roberson, Frank W.
Romanik, John T.
Sadler, Edward
Samples, Roy C.
Sandlin, Melvin
Sapp, Edwin L.
Scott, Jack B.
Sellers, Charles
Selph, Leo L.
Shaffer, Elzie L.
Sheppard, Cicero C.
Simmons, Chesley T.
Simmons, John C.
Smith, Elliott L.Smith, Reese E.
Spiva, emory F.
Spivey, Lesley
Sstokes, William F.
Starr, Horace S.
Strickland, Roland E.
Strickland, Thomas M.
Stringer, Wilburn
Stubbs, Cole
Taylor, Ermon
Turner, Herman
Tuttle, Edgar A.
Varn, Herman A.
Walker, Asbury J.
Walker, Edwin L.
Walker, William F.
Wallace, Ray
White, Henry
White, Samuel J.
White, Walter L.
Williams, Nthaniel J.
Wilson, Forrest E.
Withrock, Walter
Worsham, John
Worthy, Claud
On October 9, 1936, Company 5486 came into existence at Fort Moultrie, South Carolina, with Capt. A.D. Tisdale, CA-Res., in command and First Lieut. John F. Owen as Adjutant.

         At first the company consisted of eight rated men and a specialist and eighteen members with CCC experience. These last named were formerly members of the company at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Additional detachments of recruits arrived on October 9 and 10, bringing the company strength up to a total of 160.

        The movement of men from the Fourth Corps Area to the Third Corps Area had begun at this time. On Sunday, October 25, the company began its journeyu and soon arrived at Galeton, Pennsylvania.

          Here the company engaged in forestry work and public park construction. Capt. Tisdale and Lieut. Owens were both relieved from duty in April, 1937. Lieut. Leo B. Smith assumed command of the company, but after four days conditions at his home demanded that he be relieved from active duty.

          On April 5, 1937, Lieut. Emmette O. Huff was placed in command of the company and proved to be a very able commanding officer. On April 2, 1937, Second Lieut. William D. Lemkowitz was assigned as Junior Officer but on June 19 he received an offer for employment which he accepted. He then returned to his home state, Louisiana.

          Second Lieut. John W. Brown was placed as Junior Officer of the company on July 20, 1937. First. Lieut. Emanuel Berger, Med-Res., served as camp doctor and surgeon from the arrival of the company at Watrous, Pa., until May 5, 1937. First Lieut. Arthur O’Conner replaced Lieut. Berger as company doctor. He was later replaced by First Lieut. Phillip J. English. He served for a short while and he, in turn, was succeeded by First Lieut. Herbert S. Wolfe.  Lieut. Wolfe served in the capacity of company doctor until its transfer to the Ninth Corps Area.

         On October 2, 1937, Company 5486 was officially notified that it was to moved to Camp BF-1, Tule Lake, California. Immediately preparations were made and the company was ready to move.

          On October 6, 1937, the long journey was begun. A fond farewell was bid to “Ole Pennsylvania” and we were soon heading toward our goal in California. On October 10 we stepped off the train at Klamath Falls, Oregon. Everyone had had a wonderful time and enjoyed the journey very much.

          We were soon in our new home, Camp BF-1, Tule Lake, California. It was adjudged by all to be a very nice camp. On October 21,  Lieut. Brown returned to South Carolina because of conditions at home. On October 31,  Lieut. Jack A. Reynolds was placed as Junior Officer of the company. He served until November 20, when he was replaced by Lieut. James D. Cooke.

          On December 27, 1937, we received as a new commanding officer Capt. Lawrence L. Boyd.

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